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01-04-2008, 09:06 PM
HI, I have been on kinda a 5 year healthy plan. My first year i spent working out and I went from about 190 to 158. Now my plan was to lose the weight so i could start the next years part of the plan. Stop smoking. I realized I would need to do whatever it took to stop. I was hospitalized twice in one year (once for a week hooked up to oxygen) due to breathing problems. What got me through all my smoking cravings was ice cream.

So now i start year three at 170.

Now last time i lost weight was by working out all the time but not changing my diet alot. I know that isnt the right way to do it and this time i want to lose the weight the right way.

I am online alot due to school and would like to do a online program that i can log in what i eat and my exercize and all that stuff that will do the math for me. Possibly even a site that already has the cals for the foods.

Anyway. I was just wondering what all was out there that would be good. I dont mind paying for quality service, however i dont really want to spend alot.

01-04-2008, 09:23 PM
The most popular sites that I see touted by successful folk on 3FC are thedailyplate and Fitday. I use Fitday's PC version. Although the food database isn't as extensive, I like the layout and the reports. The online version is free. One word of caution - you can't export the online content to the PC version, so if you want to use the PC version, purchase it soon so you don't have to re-enter a lot of data.