Support Groups - Weighty Issues #58: Get a Jump on January

01-03-2008, 04:49 PM
:welcome2: to the :crazy: January Weighty Issues Thread. We got through the Holiday madness didn't we? So maybe we put on a few pounds or lost focus on our weight loss journey over the past few months. Let's help each other through these first days and weeks of the NEW YEAR to get back on track and get healthy again. Let's help each other out and get back to "sexy" :belly:.

Hey newbies out there, need some new inspiration? We're a group of wonderful women from different walks of life, spread out from the East Coast :coolsnow: to the West Coast :shocksn: and the sunny Pacific :sunny: :rain: .

We support :cheer2: :congrat: :cheer2: each other through the highs :high: and lows :( of every day life--it's not just about weight loss ( :goodscale , it's about LIFE :dunno: . If you have something to say :gossip: or need a shoulder to cry on :cry: , come on in, :comp:
grab a chair and stay awhile :cofdate: . You'll be glad you did.

01-03-2008, 04:57 PM
Happy New Year ladies! How's your 2008 so far? I came back from Las Vegas on New Year's day, then went to my 1st weigh in the next day--I came back 2 lbs heavier. But it could've been so much worse! I remember gaining 5 lbs on previous trips, and not even bothering to try and lose them. But this time, I am back to my counting points and journaling all those bites, licks and tastes.... I so want to lose this weight this year. I'm tired of carrying it around and feeling miserable. How about you?

How did you all fare? Are you all on board with me? I hope so. I look forward to making this an AWESOME 2008. :goodvibes:

01-03-2008, 05:40 PM
Hi Noelle. I am going to go grocery shopping this weekend and then I plan to start my whole family back on track Monday. We dont have anything in our house that is healthy at the moment since getting back from vacation.

I didnt tell you but while traveling through SC we saw 4 poor dogs running along the interstate, One was a SKINNY little beagle and I wanted to cry for the next 3 hours just thinking about him. I didnt know what to do since we were towing a 38 foot fifth wheel and had no way to stop quick and we had Rebel with us. I didnt know where the shelters were or even how to go about helping them. I still could cry thinking about it. We dont see that sort of thing up here very often. I have never seen a dog abandoned on the interstate here. It is so sad.

Did you get my pics? I loved the sunsets there. Your trip to Vegas sounded so fun.

Well, I should go do something. Hi everyone else.

01-03-2008, 06:32 PM
Hello everybody!! And Happy New Year to all! I plan to get on the those dreaded scales tomorrow and know that I will be moving my ticker upwards!! But that is OK -- things have been really hectic for the last few months and now I'm ready to get serious again and lose these extra pounds this year! And I really don't want to find them ever again!

Noelle, sounds like you had a great time in Vegas! And only up 2 pounds--- you can't beat that! And I know those will come off and then some in no time at all.

Angie--- you sound like me--- I hate it when I see dogs running like that. Gosh, I have been know to even stop and pick up terapins that are trying to cross the highway!! We had a terapin years ago that we stopped in Kansas and picked up. Brought it home and put it in the backyard and gosh it lived about 9 years out there. It would bury itself in the Winter and then be there again in Spring. Was pretty interesting.

Well, guess I'd better get moving around here. Been kind of a lazy day and I have to much to do to be lazy!!

Have a good day!!

01-03-2008, 09:02 PM
Hi everyone & Happy New Year.
I know it's been a very long time since I've been on. I started working in the mornings, and not spending so much time on my computer. I know, excuses, excuses. As for my weight, in November, I was at an all time high. I can't stand the way I feel, I can't move, and I've even been having back probelsms. I'm down about 8 pounds since then, however, it was time before my trip to the coast.

I don't know if I told you, but I have a new grandbaby. He's so cute. I'm not being partial, he really is a pretty baby. His name is Aiden, which is the #1 name for 2007. Needless to say, he won't be the only Aiden in his class.

Noelle, I love your picture. You look great, and I'm so happy for you that you're consistent in counting those points. I' haven't been to WW since I started working. I need to get back. I'm with you, I'm tired of carrying it around. My biggest problem is exercise. I just need to get off my lazy butt and get with it.

Angie, I went grocery shopping today. You can tell everyone must be on a diet, because all the romain lettuce was sold out. I had to settle for spinich. I just need to get more of the junk from the holidays out of the house. I'm glad you had a great vacation. There's a lot of people that throw away their animals around here. Just last week, there was a dog that showed up at my parents' house. My dad was starting to like him, but he smelled really bad. They went to remove his starp around his neck (that actually looked like the strap ripped) and it was so tight, that it was imbedded in his neck, and that's where the smell came from. He had to call the pound. It know it really bothered him. On a happier note, my husband runs the animal shelter in the city he works for, and the girl he works with works so hard at finding animals a home. They haven't had to send any of the animals to the pound since my hubby's worked there the last year and a half.

Karen, are you still trying to sell your house. How's that going. The market is finally starting to pick up a little, but the prices have dropped. I hope everything goes well for you.

Well, I pray that 2008 is are year to be the biggest losers and get healthy and fit.


01-04-2008, 12:54 PM
Well, this is going to have to be a quick fly by this morning. But I did get on those dreaded scales this morning and I ended up gaining back 9 pounds since the last time I charted any weight loss! DARN IT! But that's OK this is a new year and I plan to work hard and get those 9 off and 31 more!! The holidays are over!! I changed my ticker but I really didn't want to!

I'll be back later this afternoon to post more. I'm getting ready to go to town for groceries this morning.

Have a good day everyone!

01-04-2008, 11:22 PM
Hello ladies :wave: I took the kids (Michael and his cousin) to the zoo today, it's their last free weekday before they have to go back to school on Monday. The weather was great, nice and cool and a bit overcast so we didn't get sunburnt at all. Then they were begging me (ok, not that hard) to take them to a place called Teddy's Bigger Burger which has delicious burgers and fries.... so I had one too. So that's my transgression for the day. I counted up my burger and fries as 17 points? So I have 4 points for dinner. Thank God for 0 pt. Progresso soup! :lol: I did get a walk in this morning plus the walking around the zoo so this day is not a total bust.

Karen, bravo for you for stepping on the scales again. You will get those 9 off plus the 31 this year :cheer2: I keep forgetting to ask you, how do you get the weather ticker on your signature line? That is neat. I know I read about it somewhere on another thread, but it escapes me now. As I'm looking at your siggie now, it says CO is 33 degrees.... BRRRRR!!!!! That's cold for me!

cw, welcome back!! :hug: It's so nice to see you around. Congratulations on your new grandbaby too. He must be a sweetheart. I love the name Aiden. That's OK if it is one of the most popular names--at least your son/daughter had the sense to spell it correctly. One of my biggest peeves is when parents take a perfectly normal name and twist it's spelling all around to get fancy. You know what I mean? Hey, don't feel down about your weight gain, the important thing is you are down those 8 lbs and we will cheer you own the rest of the way. You always have kind words for us, let us do the same for you.

Angie, yes I did get the pics on my work email. You took some fabulous shots and my goodness, your kids are so big now! I know they are teenagers for gosh sakes, but I remember when they were still... well, kids :lol: I hope you and Jay can get out there again for a relaxing vacation alone. I love taking Michael along on our vacations, but sometimes Rick and I just need to sneak away by ourselves. :devil:

I know I've already told some of you but we are planning on traveling to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We will be going to the Garden District for more family friendly viewing of the festivities, so I hope I don't have to worry about us exposing Michael to some X-rated sites :eek:. We are meeting Rick's cousin and her husband and daughter. I am looking forward to this trip, it's been 9 years since I last visited New Orleans. I'm hoping Kempy comes around to give me some tips on what sites to see. Kempy? :listen:

Cal, if you're around, I hope you enjoyed your New Year's Eve birthday. Is school starting up again on Monday for you?

I've got to get a move on if I'm going to get dinner started. Have a great evening everyone.

01-05-2008, 12:12 PM
Good Morning! My goodness it is windy here today!! It's not to cold though or it wouldn't be if it wasn't for the wind blowing!

CW- Yes we are still trying to sell the house. We listed it with Keller Williams the last of November. There is a couple that is very interested in it but they have to sell their house first. I know they were supposed to be having some kind of meeting this past week about something (the other people and their realtor) so hopefully something good will come of it. I've started packing up stuff that we don't really need right now. I figure whatever I can get packed now is less that I have to keep clean and less to pack when we get a contract!
Noelle, sounds like you are already for Mardi Gras! I think that would be a lot of fun to go to. But like I said before there are still a lot of places right here in Colorado that we've never been too!! We really need to just go for drives on the weekends and just LOOK!!
Well, guess I'd better get busy. I just had a phone call and some people are coming to look at the 5th wheel this afternoon. They are coming from about 3 hours away so maybe that is a good sign!
Take care and I'll chat later.

01-07-2008, 11:55 AM
Hi guys. I got food poisoning again!!! YUCK! :barf:

01-07-2008, 02:19 PM
Happy New Year everyone!!! Finally, all the vacations are over, the holidays are over.. and I am back. The girls went to Texas for a week and came home on Saturday... so for that week, I was barely at home!

Today... I am starting back on South Beach. I've got to do something. I did order my wedding dress today... I was going to order it in a size 10, but decided to play it safe and order in a 12. If I do such a fantastic job of losing, I can always have it taken in.

Yesterday I ordered the material for my daughter's dresses... I will be able to start on those in a few weeks.. and my Matron of Honor's dress was ordered last Thursday... so, it's been a great week for dresses!

Angie.. I hope you start feeling better! Food Poisioning sucks!!! (((HUGS)))

Noelle.. LOVE the picture! Enjoy NOLA.. that is one of my favorite places ever. I haven't been back since the hurricane... but it holds a very special place in my heart.

Karen.. good luck with selling the house... hopefully your buyers can get their place sold soon! Did you get hit with the snowstorm that most of Colorado got hit with on Sunday? (or was it Saturday?)

Hi CW!!! I am an old poster myself... and have just come back into the fold recently!

Well.. I need to get busy here with work.. we had some more HR personnel changes that are in the works that I was told about this morning, so I have lots to get taken care of!

I'll be back later!!! Let you know how my first day of SB is going!

01-07-2008, 02:38 PM
Happy Monday ladies. I'm back at work and hating it already :lol: I am writing a letter to Michael's school to excuse him for a week next month for our trip. I hate to be taking him out while school is in session but this is kind of a special trip as we'll be meeting Rick's cousin and all... anyway, that and I'm planning a sort of last minute 9 year b-day party for Michael at a bowling alley. He'll be 9 in 10 days!!!! OMG!!!

Hey, I am trying to start fresh again this Monday, this weekend was pretty hard and I ate a lot of cookies that were around from Christmas. They are all gone now (thanks to me :ink: ) and went grocery shopping this morning so I am all stocked up with good healthy things for me to eat instead of big ole fat cookies. I need to give myself a big kick in the pants--and remember that I am still weighing in on Wednesday. Oh boy, that should be interesting.
Angie, get better soon. At least you'll lose some weight fast right? Just kidding, you know I love ya :hug:

Cherie, how exciting about the dresses. Are your girls back in school yet? Have a good day at work.

Karen, thanks for the link for the weather ticker, I really like it--and it's really neat to see what the temps are where other posters are. How's your day going today?

I have to get going if I'm ever going to get into the groove of work today. Hello to all and hope you all have a great day.

01-07-2008, 02:51 PM
I would like the link to the weather ticker too!!! LOL I think that is neat too.

I am feeling better today but still quite nauseous (sp). Yesterday was **** though.

01-07-2008, 03:33 PM
Angie, I sent you an email with the weather ticker info.

Glad you're feeling better. Here's some virtual Pepto Bismol :)

01-07-2008, 11:41 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick note to say that I am back to school today. It rained all day, but I really enjoyed it. It's nice to be back, but I've realized that there is a lot to do this quarter and next. I think it will go by fairly quickly. 8th grade is a busy time for students and teachers.
I'll try to post more a little later. Right now I have to finish some lesson plans for tomorrow.


01-08-2008, 10:50 AM
Good Morning everyone! Day 2 of SBD. So far... doing OK. I tried to make eggplant last night... interesting vegetable.... it didn't turn out bad.. but it didn't turn out good either... so I will look for a different recipe next time.

I was late to work today because I tried to cut up a salad for lunch today... guess I will have to start doing that at night.

Angie... hope you are feeling better today!

Hi Cal!!! My girls went back to school yesterday too.. and they are already busy with homework and such again.

Noelle... I took the girls out of school last year for a week in March... and their school didn't have anything to say about it. Hannah caught up on her homework, and everything was fine... I am sure Michael's school will be OK with it too!

I'll check in later... I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

01-08-2008, 06:46 PM
Hello ladies. I think I've got my head screwed on straight now since going grocery shopping for good things to eat. I actually hit my points allowance dead on yesterday, and earned a few activity points which I didn't use. Today is going good so far although I had a late breakfast which means I'll have a late lunch... I went to Starbucks this morning (thanks for the gift card Angie!) and grabbed an Americano (0 pts!) but before walking in, I went into Borders where they had a lot of CD's on sale for $9.99 and DVD's for $13.99? or 14.99? Anyway, I picked up 4 different CD's--and I didn't even intend to walk into Border's in the first place, but it's connected to Starbucks and I just walked right through.... so anyway, I've got Ky-Mani Marley (Radio); Mariah Carey (#1's); Pearl Jam (rearview mirror, greatest hits 1991-2003) and Eric Clapton (Complete Clapton), which was $19.99, not 9.99 but worth it! There were a lot more that I would've gotten but I'd already spent over $50 so I had to stop myself. What a great sale! I guess the CD business is losing money due to people w/Ipods and Mp3's? I still don't own one and don't know how to use one anyway... :blah: boy I can ramble can't I? :lol:

Cherie, I like eggplant usually. What was the recipe like?

Cal, how are you? Any plans to go to the Super Bowl? I'm not much of a football fan but if the Super Bowl was going to be played in my town I'd definitely be there.

Hi Karen, Angie, Kempy, cw, Dips and everyone... :wave:

01-08-2008, 09:04 PM
Hello everyone!
Noelle, Way to go on your points! I'm back to trying slimfast/combination points this time. I had to laugh this morning when I checked out the site. . Your Temperature was 61 and mine was 16!! Quite a difference!! Plus we have about 7 inches of snow on the ground and more to come tomorrow! It sounds like you got some good deals on CD's... I don't have an ipod either.. although I got the grandkids mp3 players for Christmas. I'll bet they know how to use it!

Hello to everyone else and I will try to get back to everyone soon. Still have a few things to get done and I want to watch the "Biggest Loser Couples" tonight.

Take care and have a good night!

01-09-2008, 02:52 PM
Hello ladies. I just got back from my morning walk. Lucky is such a scaredy cat dog... there's a homeless guy that lives near a park and he has a Golden Retriever/mix dog that follows him where ever he goes without a leash. We were passing the park and they were walking in the opposite direction. The "homeless" dog just stopped and looked at Lucky, not even making an attempt to smell her or anything, he kind of just stopped because we were coming along. Then Lucky jumps about 3 feet in the air and yelps like someone's trying to kill her. They were a good 5 feet away! So crazy my dog I tell you. I have a WI today and am hoping to have lost those 2 lbs I won in Vegas :lol:

Hi Karen, how was the BL couples show? I haven't watched in so long, I should though, it's so inspiring isn't it?

I gotta run and eat some breakfast. Have a good one.

01-09-2008, 04:34 PM
OK.. I have a moment to check in... payroll is ran. Yesterday morning, I think after I logged on here, I got a call from Hannah, she was sick and wanted me to come pick her up from school. Little stomach bug I think. Anyway.. I got home, checked on her and tried to work a little.

My MOH's dress came in yesterday, and it was the wrong color... so I had to take it back to Ann Taylor's and reorder it again. Hopefully they will get the color right this time!

Noelle.. the eggplant really wasn't a recipe. I sliced it up, salt and peppered it... added some olive oil into a pan and tried to fry them up with some added italian seasoning. Well... since I am totally clueless about eggplant.. I didn't realize it would be a sponge and soak up all the oil... so that experiment turned out not so well. Last night we had stir fry which turned out better.

I finally got my Christmas tree down last night .... its all stacked up in the garage now.

Tonight, a sewing machine repair guy is supposed to drop by and service my machine. I've had it for years.. and haven't ever had it serviced.. and now the reverse won't work. That's what I get.

Anyway.. back to work... talk to you all soon!

01-09-2008, 06:55 PM
Hello Everyone! Just a quick fly by here--- I just got home from having a bone density test (never had one before) and the good news it is all in the normal range! YAY!!! The bad news ---- I always thought that I was 5' tall but now I'm 4'11" short!!

When we left here about 11:30 this morning it was nice ouside, blue skies and sunshine. Coming back up the mountain 2 hours later we were traveling in a blizzard!! Always glad to get back home when it is snowing so much!

Noelle, I really like the Biggest Loser Couples but it is a bit different this time since there are couples. I imagine there is going to be some drama here before too long!

Anyway, need to get some supper started and just kick back for a little while. Take care.

01-10-2008, 02:24 AM
Hey everyone, just had to share my joy. Back from my weigh in and lost 3.8 lbs--so the 2 lbs I brought home from the Vegas buffets have gone and taken 1.8 with them :dance: I have entered the 180's! :belly:

Karen, glad you got home safely! Stay warm! My sister watched BL couples yesterday and told me about the room with the food.... I dunno if I could handle it. :lol:

01-10-2008, 10:58 AM
Good Morning! I finally got around last night to watch the Biggest Loser - Couples first episode.. and it cut it OFF right at the weigh ins. I am not sure what happened.... but I was cursing my DVR. I guess I will try and see if I can find it online or something.

Karen.. I heard it snowed a lot in Colorado yesterday... wow... your weather changes about as quickly as mine does here. Thankfully, we don't have to deal with snow very often. Today.... it looks nice outside.. but we have a strong wind and the wind chill makes it so much colder.

Noelle.. CONGRATS... you are the losing machine! That is great!

So far, the South Beach diet is going OK.. I am having a slight headache.. but that may be because I have stopped the diet coke... well, I am having one a day... everything else is water. Last night, the girls and I went to the Y, and Hannah got to work out along with me. They have a children's area next to the regular area that have weight machines set up (almost as main as in the main area) and bikes set up that are attached to a video game... so they have to pedal to play the game.. it's pretty cool. Anyway.. she is wanting to go back this afternoon... I guess I have a workout buddy now... she will make me go!

I got my MOH's dress in last night. It first came in on Tuesday, but they had ordered the wrong color... so they sent me out a new one.. and it looks great with the shirts the guys will be wearing!

Anyway... I need to get off here ... talk to you ladies soon!

01-10-2008, 02:59 PM
Good morning ladies. I just had an impromptu meeting with an old boss of mine... he offered me a position back with his company in another department since the gal in the position is leaving to take care of her elderly parents. It is a tempting offer and it is not credit and collections so it is definitely a plus. I'm gonna give it a go in a month or so. Now I have to go and train someone to take over for me here... should be an interesting month or two.

Cherie, thanks for the cheers! It is great that Hannah wants to work out with you. My sis gave me a one-month trial certificate for the Y right near my house and I may go check it out with her this evening. Whew, the dress coming back so quickly must be a relief for you.

Hey Karen, are you having to dig out from under the snow to get on here? Just kidding around.

How's everyone else doing? Angie? cw? Cal? Kempy? Hope to see more of you around.

I invited a gal from Hawaii to join us here, hope she takes a peek in. :wave: Gotta get back to work.

01-11-2008, 12:34 AM
Hi everyone! Well, we didn't get as much snow as I thought we were going to get. We just ended up with a couple inches but it was sure snowing hard when we were driving up the pass yeserday!

Noelle, Congrats on your weight loss!! :bravo: That is awesome! :) I know you must be doing the :dance: for sure! Tomorrow is my weigh in and I hope I can be as happy as you! Got to get that ticker moving in the downward direction again!

Cherie, I changed to Diet Rite Pure Zero which you still probably aren't supposed to have on SB but after the first couple ones I had I have ended up liking it better than diet coke.

Angie, I hope you are feeling better now. Food poisoning is no fun for sure! Be sure to let us know how you are.

Hello to everyone else-- sure hope everyone is fine. Take care.

01-11-2008, 01:17 PM
Good Morning!!! TGIF!! I am so excited its Friday!!!! Boy I am sore today. Hannah and I went to the Y last night, and I had a great workout. I am trying to get Alan to come with me, and I think he will starting this weekend. I booked a condo for us for Feb 1st in Pagosa again so that we can go skiing.. and after our last trip, and him realizing how out of shape he was, I think he is ready to use the next three weeks wisely.

Oh.. I got my shoes in for the wedding.. wanna see??? They are the green shoes. I wanted something fun, so I am going to dye my crinoline a green color to match the shoes... this is going to match my daughter's dresses and Alan's shirt.. so I am very excited! :-) Right now, the UPS guy has them.. and he is outside the building, so I am waiting for him to bring them to me!!!!

Busy weekend planned... girls go to Parent's Night Out at the YMCA tonight... that means a date night for me and Alan, the sewing machine repair guy comes tonight to fix my machine. Tomorrow, I get to pick up the fabric for the girls dresses... working out at the Y, and meeting some coworkers for sushi tomorrow night. Sunday... working out and laundry!!!!!

OK.. update.. shoes just came in, I just opened them.. and OMG.. I LOVE THESE SHOES!!!!!!! Perfect for the wedding!!!!!

OK.. that is my rant for today! Talk to you later!

01-11-2008, 01:19 PM
That was the wrong shoe.. I got those too.. and they are much cuter in person.. but THESE are the real shoe!!!!

01-11-2008, 07:53 PM
Va-va-Voom!!! Sexxxxxxyyyy shoes Cherie! I love the flats too, so cute.

I have a shoe story. I went to an indoor swap meet in Las Vegas and found a cute little Filipino lady with a booth selling the coolest platform shoes and sandals. I just wanted a rather plain slip-on sandal with a twisted leather strap across the stop. She had me try on 6 different pairs of sandals and these outrageously high platform shoes--think Kiss in their hair and makeup heyday... anyway, I declined all of the super high shoes because there's no way I could handle those with my funky knees. So I finally decide on the one pair that I really wanted, she tries to cajole me into buying two pairs to get a "good price". I declined. I show her the one I really want and she says OK. I pay her and leave. I go back to my hotel and later in the evening I go to open the box and there are TWO DIFFERENT SHOES. The right side was the style I wanted, the left was the other one she was trying to sell me. I am pissed! :mad: I can't call her because the "store" is only open on Fri/Sat/Sun and it is late Sunday night. There is no option to leave a message and I was flying home in a day and a half. I had to bring the two different shoes home and send her an email-thank God she gave me a business card. After a couple of days, I get several phone calls from the lady and her husband who own the store, all apologizing and saying they will send the correct shoe to me and can I send the wrong one back? Anyway, it all worked out in the end and I got my correct left shoe on the following Monday. I really love these sandals because they give me about 2.5" in height without being really bulky and heavy. I've worn them 3 days in a row and love love love them. :lol: That was long and boring wasn't it? :lol: Sorry.

Oh yeah, I didn't get to go to the Y yesterday since there was a Parent/Teacher guild meeting. I'm going to work it in for Monday. :strong:

Karen, good luck on your WI tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.

Angie, how ya feeling? I emailed Kempy again, just asking to pick her brain for ideas while I'm her old neck of the woods.

Gotta go and pick up the boy from school. Chat later! Have a great weekend.

01-11-2008, 09:42 PM
Hello Ladies!! Well, I got on the scales this morning and I lost 1 pound this week. Not much but it is a start in the right direction!! I'm sure that I will keep that ticker moving downwards now! In fact I refuse to gain anymore!! :)

Cherie--- Loved those shoes!! The flats are really cute and the others ---- well they are just plain sexy!!!

Noelle, That shoe story sounds like something that would happen to me!! I'll bet you were beginning to wonder if you had 2 half pair of shoes!! ;) It's probably funny now but I can imagine how mad you were. And I would have been too!

Well, I just wanted to pop in and say Hello to everyone. Noelle, I'd like to have some of your temperature here!!! ;) I'm tired of the cold!

Take care everyone!

01-12-2008, 10:22 PM
Noelle & Karen:carrot::cb::bravo::cp::dancer::dance: on the weight loss.

Cherie, cute shoes. When's the wedding?

Just thought I'd stop buy and say hi. I have to go next door and watch the grandbabies now. Hope you're all having a great weekend .

01-14-2008, 01:32 PM
Good Morning Ladies, Just thought that I would say Hello! They are predicting lots of cold weather and snow for us starting tomorrow night! Like the high temp. of 7 and a low temp of -10!! Too cold to do anything outside.
I did pretty good on exercise the last couple days. I started out with 15 minutes on the ab lounge (300 crunches) and then did 15 minutes on the treadmill and then 20 minutes on the Gazelle. Then I tried the elliptical again and did just 5 minutes! But at least I kept moving! Just want to keep it up and keep adding more time!

Everybody Have A Great Day!!

01-14-2008, 09:44 PM
Hi everyone, just a really quick flyby. It's been a really busy day and it's cold! :lol: It only got up to 73 degrees where I live... I know, I know, big deal! I just talked to my niece in AK and she said it was -33 so I'm not complaining :lol: It's my sis' b-day today so I know there may be cake involved, I gotta go out for my walk.

Karen, good job on the exercising and congrats on the weight loss! :carrot: Stay warm!

cw, how did your visit with the grandbabies go?

Hope everyone has a great evening. Gotta scoot for now. Chat more tomorrow.

01-15-2008, 10:45 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!

I was MIA yesterday due to some work issues. We fired three people yesterday, managers .... so it was a bit stressful here. I also went to my orthodontist.. for a 2+ hour appointment.... and the good news is... in 12 weeks... from TODAY... I will get my braces off! :carrot: I am so excited! Only three more months of this crap... I can do it. Its been two years as of the end of this month that I've had them.. so I am so ready to get them off!!!

South beach diet is going well. I am down 6.5 pounds since 1/5. Working on the next 6.5 pounds to get me out of the 160's. I am still in phase one.. so the food choices are starting to get a little dull, but hey.. it's working, so I won't complain too much!

CW.. wedding is May 31st. I have four months to shape up for this thing. I picked up the fabric for my girls dresses this past Saturday... and I got my sewing machine serviced.. so I am ready to start on theirs.

We are supposed to have a nice day today... get up into the 50's.. however, tomorrow, cold front and a chance of snow. Ick. I don't like that like of weather here.

Back to work!

01-15-2008, 07:07 PM
Hello ladies, I'm back at work counting down the minutes til I can leave... still have to get my payroll numbers figured out but that's about it. I got all the party favors figured out, just have to put them together into bags, I'm still trying to figure out the food though. I'm thinking the kids will of course devour pizza, but I want to have something halfway healthy--maybe sandwiches? I'm not particularly keen on bowling alley food (wings, fries, burgers, etc.) I have to make some calls. I'm getting a cake w/Michael's pic in a bowling ball so that should be fun.

Cherie, great job on the 6.5 lbs! :bravo: :cp: And how exciting about the braces, your smile will be even more beautiful. How are the kiddos doing?

Oh, I almost forgot...the other day my 2 sisters and I took our 4 dogs walking. We came upon this man walking his 2 medium sized dogs. One of his dogs broke away from him, dragging it's leash behind. The man yells "grab her", to us, I guess... I turned around and by that time he had gotten ahold of the leash. But the dog was intent on coming toward us and slipped out of her collar. I wasn't really worried because the dog looked totally friendly. Anyway, the man is getting really agitated and he starts yelling at the dog to "come!" The dog seems afraid of him and just crouches down, but everytime he gets close the dog jumps away...go figure! By then, the man is down on his hands and knees on the wet grass trying to get the dog back, but the dog keeps running away. We are standing on the sidewalk trying to continue on our way. Then he yells "just get the f :censored: k out of here before she :censored: gets hit by a :censored: car!". My 2 sisters just look at each other and keep walking. I was behind them, closest to the man--when I realize he was talking to me--at first I thought he was yelling at his dog. Then I got pissed! :mad: So I yelled back at him :censored: you! You're the one who can't control your dog, there's probably good reason she doesn't want to come back to you @-hole!" :mad: I was so upset--because he yelled what he did, and that he was probably a bad pet owner. But can you believe that guy? We weren't doing anything but walking in the opposite direction. What a JERK! <end rant>

But anyway, hope all your days have been better than mine.

01-16-2008, 06:07 PM
Hello again... how's everyone doing today?

Did any of you watch American Idol last night? Good stuff!!! :lol:

I have my WI tonight but I don't expect anything good :(. I'm not quite 100% w/the program but I did get all my walking in. I'm hoping for a maintain :crossed: I'll let you know how I do. Have a great day all.

01-16-2008, 06:14 PM
Hello everyone!! Wednesday is almost over!! Working towards my weekend.

Noelle... what a jerk... I can't believe how rude and hateful some people can be.. I am glad you and your sister are OK however... I could just see a "road rage" type incident from him. Lousy pet owner.

We had an overnight guest last night... I got home, and there was a strange dog in my house... seems my daughters "found" it, and it was LOST. He only had a rabies tag on him, and by the time I got home, it was to late to call the vet. He was a cute little thing, but boy did my girls get a lecture on bringing home strange animals without asking permission. We found his family this morning and they came and picked him up... they were missing him!

Today.... I am going to the YMCA with the girls... Hannah is going to work out with me. I've already walked 3 miles at lunch, so tonight will be a little more on the treadmill and the weight machines!

Oh.. I ordered my veil today! :-) Chapel length, diamond white, plain.. should go nicely with my veil. I also ordered some hair extensions today.. I want to play around with them some. I would love to have my hair half up and half down, but my hair isn't as long as I would like it to be.. so... I may do some extensions!

OK.. almost time for me to go home.... hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

01-17-2008, 04:51 AM
Well, my WI wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, I was only up .2 of a lb so I'm grateful! The leader says that it's basically a "maintain", plus I did drop quite a bit last week... I accept what she said, but in my mind I'm thinking "you don't have to rationalize for me, I do quite a good job of it myself, mostly denying the fact that I actually ate quite badly during the past week :lol: ) I'm gonna really try and stay on track this week to get some good results for next Wednesday. I had really wanted to be 5 lbs down before our trip on Feb. 1, but I'm kind of losing my grip. The good thing is that I have you gals and my 2 sisters for support--that really helps, so thank you! I have about 2 full weeks before I leave so there's a slim possibility that I may make it...

Cherie, it's really sweet that your girls have a soft spot for strays, I think we all do on this thread. I'm glad the dog found you guys to keep it safe, and that the owners could be found too. Oh, and great job on rocking those workouts! :strong:

01-17-2008, 12:49 PM
Just a quick note.. I'm about to go meet Alan for lunch. He is flying to LA today for a music convention, NAMM....

Noelle.. great job on maintaining... we have 2 weeks til the 1st, and I too want to lose 5 pounds.. so I am right there with you! South Beach is really working for me, cause I am down another pound. I've lost 8 since 1/5... and I am going to really work hard to do my best between now and the 1st. We are going back to Colorado for a ski weekend, so I would love to be out of the 160's.

Today, it's COLD here. currently 25 degrees. Cold front moved through yesterday, right at the time I was going home from work. I have a 20 minute drive and the temp dropped 10 degrees before I got home. BRRRRR... but I still managed to go to the Y and get a full workout in. Today, I am sore! :-) Going back tonight and doing the same thing. Since I am meeting Alan for lunch, I will miss my 45 minute walk at lunch.. sacrifices. :D

Hope everyone has a great day today.. it is Thursday.. one more day til the weekend!

01-17-2008, 01:26 PM
Good morning! My goodness it is cold here! When I got up this morning at 5:00 it wa -20 degrees!! And now we have really heated all the way up to 7! Brrrrr!

Noelle, Sorry you had to run in to such a pain in the butt like that guy!! Some people shouldn't own pets at all! I can imagine how he treats them when no one is around! Plus -- how does he treat the people around him! Grrrr! Yes, I have been watching AI again too! Last night was just too funny! Love that show! Congrats om your weigh in! That really is pretty good and maybe you weren't quite as bad as you thought you were during the week.

I got a note from my son (on mypace) that their big Boxer dog isn't doing so good and they really don't think that he will make it much longer. They got him from the shelter when he was already 5 and have had him for about 9 yers now so he has had a good long life. BUT it is still hard. We're hoping to get down to the Springs to see them this week and also our other son. Our oldest just turned 35 on the 15th but it was just to miserable cold weather to get down there. Hopefully this weekend!

Cherie, I guess you really like the South Beach diet... do you like all the fish they really want you to eat? Tim doesn't like fish at all so it is hard for me to find something that works for me without having to make two different meals. Tim will eat a tuna fish sandwich but that is it! Good job on getting your workout in. I need to get that done today too. It is so cold it is jsut much nicer to sit on the couch wrapped in an afghan!! Don't burn to many calories that way though!

Well, guess I'd better get going. Have a great day!

01-17-2008, 02:58 PM
Karen... its not that I LIKE the South Beach diet, hahaha, but it is working for me.

As for the fish... I like fish, only if it's really fresh. That is normally my choice if we go out to eat, we will sometimes make it here at home. Swordfish, Seabass ... stuff like that. Alan can't stand tuna like chicken of the sea or starkist.. but we both love ahi tuna, so we have that when we can.

I've been eating more grilled chicken, chicken sausage, turkey, tuna out of the packets, and very lean hamburger. We've tried other things too.. pork loin, shimp and we are also loving beans and lentils. I pair that up with a huge serving of steamed vegetables and I am pretty set. Throw in some low fat cheeses and some nuts and that can get me through the day.

Again, it's not that I LIKE it... I would much rather have the pasta tortillini that my coworker is currently having, or the big banana nut muffin that is in the fridge, however, I am staying motivated by the progress I am making on the scale.. Oh.. and I have a wedding to go to in four months.. so I have a definate goal in mind.. and I can do this until I get down to where I would like to be... then I will just have to slowly start eating "normal" again.. but make sure I continue to exercise. As long as I exercise, I can eat anything I want. Right now, I need to lose weight for the wedding, so that is why I am dieting.

I'm sorry to hear about your son's dog... that is really hard. Hope you get to see your kids soon! Stay warm today! I would much rather be at home curled up in a blanket as well with my doggies! Much more fun than this!

01-17-2008, 03:19 PM
Good morning ladies, I've got around 63 degrees currently but it's gray and drizzling outside. It's Michael's 9th b-day today and I had to go out running around and hop into traffic really early to get him cupcakes at Sam's to share w/his class--I just barely made it before they entered the classroom. I had him walk to school w/my sister today, just so he could get to school on time.

Karen, I'm so sorry to hear about your granddog :( It is so hard to lose a pet, but sometimes it's even worse when you know they are suffering. :hug: Be safe on the roads out there if you do traveling around.

Cherie, I love your motivation! You will be too skinny for your dress come May ;). Ha! As if there is a thing as too skinny right? What's the saying? You can never be too rich or too thin... hehe, but I digress... OK, back on track, let's LOSE THOSE 5 LBS!!! :running:

Angie where are ya??? Give us a shout out!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day. :lucky:

01-17-2008, 06:38 PM
Happy Birthday Michael!!!!!!! Wooo Hooo 9 years old!!!!

You are such a good mom.. getting cupcakes. I have been making no-bake cookies for Hannah's class.. and then letting Megan take some in for her class at the same time since her birthday falls on New Years Eve.

I hope he had a great day!!!!!!!

And yes.. lets work on those next 5 pounds!!!!!!

01-17-2008, 11:39 PM
I'm still here.
I went to the orthopedist yesterday about my knee. He first wanted to give me a cortisone shot, but I had to explain to him the reaction I had to one of those once. He decided that it wasn't a good idea. So, we are going to try therapy for a few weeks. I go back to the doctor on Mar 17, unless there's problems before that. Hopefully, no surgery.

Noelle: I can't believe Michael is 9 years old. I still picture that little boy at Disneyland. They grow up too fast. We're getting cold weather here as well, but no rain. It's so dry that with the wind today there was sooooo much static electricity.

Karen: I can't imagine how cold it is where you are. I agree with you: nothing like curled up in a blanket in a nice warm house. I, too, am sorry to hear about your son's dog. Be careful if you go anywhere.

Cherie: The shoes were beautiful. You are going to make such a beautiful bride. I wish we could all be there. (We could really have a great bachelorette party if we all got together, couldn't we?) Could you verify your address for me? I sent you a couple of things, but one of them came back.

Hello to everyone else. Hope everything is well with everyone.


01-18-2008, 02:44 AM
Whew, the birthday dinner and cake and ice cream is over!!! I had a small serving of spaghetti w/some steamed spinach, and a slice of garlic bread. I did have a slice of chocolate cake and a serving of ice cream.... I may be paying for that tomorrow, I can feel my stomach rumbling already. We got Michael the game "Rock Band" for the Xbox 360. It is a lot of fun to play! It has the drum set, a microphone and the electric guitar controllers. Michael is really good at the guitar portion since he plays the Guitar Hero game a lot already, but he is having a blast doing the singing portion--I'm here on the computer and he is sitting directly behind me singing like BAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD karaoke and Rick is banging off-beat on the drum kit :lol:. OMG, it's hilarious.

Hi Cal, I got the calendar/planner today, thank you so much! I love looking at those beautiful pictures of Arizona, and I needed to replace my planner so it's just what I needed. :hug: I'm praying that therapy will help your knee and you don't need the surgery!!!

Cherie, Megan's b-day is the same as Cal's, I'm pretty sure.

I think I am having a sugar crash already, I am beat! Anyway, have a good night all, hope to chat more tomorrow.

01-18-2008, 11:01 AM
TGIF everyone! I love Fridays!

Alan left yesterday for LA.... and this morning I find an email from him, he sent me a picture. Totally MEAN. :-) It was a picture of the order board from In and Out Burger!!!!!!!!! ARG... we don't have those here, and they are the best hamburgers ever made. He sucks. :D

Last night, the girls and I left the puppy dogs in the laundry room while we went to the YMCA so that I could work out. (I got a great workout, btw!) Anyway.. we came home, and Maggie, the boxer, had gotten Megan's backpack down, and had chewed up her reading book, all her crayons, and the baggie that had her LOST tooth in it (she had lost her tooth at school yesterday). What a drama that was. All the crying from Megan... I had them go and clean up every single piece of debris, and finally, she found the tooth. The book is beyond repair. I had to send a message to her teacher today, asking how much I need to pay for the book... That dog. If she wasn't so damn cute she would be in a world of trouble all the time. (This is the same dog who chews up my bushes and killed my pear tree, she chewed off the bark)

Cal... which address do you need? Email or home? I'll PM you with both.

Noelle.. YUM.. spaghetti! Something I can't have at the moment. But the birthday dinner sounds YUMMY! Rock Band sounds like a fun game. Alan's boys have Guitar Hero.. and it's funny watching Hannah and Megan try to play it. Kids are great.

This weekend, I am supposed to take the girls (and a sleep over friend) to a hockey game tonight. Tomorrow.. after my Y workout, the girls and I are coming home and cleaning house and it will be an all day affair. My house is a bomb. Since Alan moved in, there just isn't enough room for everything, so things get piled up, and I am sick of it! Sunday, I am going start on the girls dresses.

Anyway... time to get back to work. Hope you all have a great weekend. I will try to check in sometime this weekend... :-)

01-18-2008, 04:13 PM
Hello ladies, I got a short walk in this morning but still am planning to do more later. I still need to get to the Y to try it out. Life gets in the way sometimes :shrug: I went over to talk w/my old boss again about the job he has offered, it really sounds exciting and challenging and although I'm excited about it, I'm a little know, the usual "can I really do it? What if I suck at it?" I mean, the gal who's leaving has been doing it for 20+ years so I've got some big shoes to fill ya know? Plus I'm thinking about all the freedom I'll be losing :(, and not being able to pick up Michael from school or just to hang out w/him for a couple of hours before Rick gets home...that part makes me sad. But I guess in a way, it's a really good opportunity both financially, and for Michael to be a little more independent while doing his homework and stuff. I know I'll be happier using my brain a lot more often too. I may eat these words later on down the road, and if you gals stick w/me you know you'll here it :lol: Anywho... enough rambling.

Cherie, oh gosh, dogs can be such a handful. I'm really glad Megan got her tooth back though, can you imagine if the dog ate it? At least you didn't have to excavate later :lol: Hmmm, the rainbow crayon-colored poo should be interesting too :lol: I remember when my dog ate a blue frisbee, that was really weird afterwards. Sorry, don't mean to be gross :kickbutt: Enjoy your full weekend!

I guess I should get back to work. Have a great day all :wave:

01-18-2008, 09:17 PM
Hello everyone! Just a quick pop in here tonight! I weighed this morning and was pretty happy to see 2 pounds gone! YAY!! I didn't exercsie as much as I wanted to this past week --- still trying to get some kind of a routine going that doesn't include wrapping up in an afghan on the couch!!;) But of course since it has been so cold here that is always good to do!

Noelle, the birthday party sounds like it was a lot of fun! And remember you can't give up everything to lose weight-- you still have to be able to have your treats once in awhile too! The job sounds real nice. And I know you will just do wonderful at it!

Cherie-- I had to laugh thinking of you telling the teacher that the "dog ate her homework"! That was too funny NOW! I'm sure it wasn't at the time.

Well, I need to go and get the kitchen cleaned up. We haven't had internet service today for most of the day so I wanted to pop in and say Hello.

Everybody have a great weekend!

01-18-2008, 11:52 PM
Karen.. WTG on the great weight loss!! Sounds like you are doing something right!! Right now I am doing the "curled up on the couch with the afghan" workout. I just got home from taking my girls and their friend to the Blazer's hockey game... I first took them to McDonald's and then afterwards, I got them ice cream at Braum's.... but I was strong.. I didn't have anything!! I came home and had a small bowl of chili.

Oh.. yeah... that homework the dog chewed up is going to cost $21 to replace. darn dog. If she wasn't so cute... she would be in trouble.

Tomorrow... cleaning house.. so i guess I better go and get some sleep. Gonna let the kids have the run of the house, while I go and lock myself in my room!

01-20-2008, 02:03 AM
Hello Everybody--- Just a quick pop in here--- it is almost 11:00 pm and I was just reading some posts--- and I noticed my time and temp. deal said that it is 73 degrees here!!! Well, I don't know where it is being measured tonight but it is defintiely not 73 degrees here!! More like 10!! I'll check it tomorrow and if it isn't correct then -- I'll take it off!!! That is just too funny as I sit here freezing!!!

01-21-2008, 11:20 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!! Monday... ick. It's going to be a busy week. I have payroll to run at the end of the week, since they fired the three managers that I normally work with, I am having to train 6 others to show them what payroll stuff I need.

Oh... I have an interview on Wednesday. Out of the blue last Thursday, my old Ceridian rep asked me if I was still looking. I am always open to opportunites, so I said sure. She sent my resume to a company that is 9 miles away from my house, so much closer.... and they called me up on Friday. So, I have an interview set up for Wednesday... I am not sure about it yet... it just depends on what Alan and I have planned. We would love to go to Colorado, and if we really want to do that, then I should stay at my present job. Just cause of the wedding, and my really don't do alot ... so it's nice not having the pressure of learning a new company... however, if we don't move (he has been sending out resumes to different companies there... just no bites yet. So... if we do stay here.. this would be a great job I think.. so we will see.

Ok... I've said it before.. but I'll say it again.. I LOVE south beach!!!! This weekend, I was busy, so that helped. I got in two really good hour and a half workouts at the Y.. one on Saturday and one on Sunday... and for the rest of the weekend, I spent cleaning my house. So I was on my feet moving til about 7 every evening. Well, as of today.. I have lost 10.5 pounds!!! I am so excited! Now, my next small goal is 2.01 pounds to get me out of the 160's!

I hope everyone has a great day today, and that you had a really nice weekend. Alan was gone all weekend long (that is how I got my house clean!) so I was ready for him to come home last night... he got home really late... but I will get to spend some time with him tonight... After the Y of course! :-)

Back to work here.

01-22-2008, 11:12 AM
Good Morning! Is it Friday YET?????? This seems like this week is dragging!

I went to the Y last night and had a good workout. I ran three miles. That was pretty tough, but I am happy that I am getting back into my running.

Tonight, I get to go see Van Halen in concert!!! :-) Woo Hoo!!! Alan went to see them back in October up in Kansas City, and wanted me to go, but at that point I really didn't want to go and make arrangements for the girls... so when they set a date for OKC, I told him I would go! Next week, we are taking his boys to see the Foo Fighters... and then in March, I get to go see Matchbox Twenty and Alanis Morrisette.. that one I can't wait to see!

OK.. found the perfect wedding song.. my coworker just told me about it.. Brad Paisley's "I want to check you for ticks" song. Yee Haw! :-) Do you think I could persuade Alan to use that as our first dance??? :D

OK.. back to work... Oh, weather update. It is 19 degrees here, with a windchill factor of 4 degrees. Brrrrrrr.. makes me wish I was in Colorado, where at least I would have a mountain to ski down!

01-22-2008, 04:37 PM
Hello Ladies :wave: I dunno why but I am so tired this morning. I woke up OK and got Michael to school, then went out for my walk. I am at work right now, but am just yawning and can barely keep my eyes open! I may just take a quick nap on the couch. Maybe it's because everything is over and done with (b-day party-wise), or maybe it's too much junk food that went into my body (I don't want to lay eyes on another hot wing for a long time!) and I'm trying to exercise know, trying to get premium mileage on the cheap gas kind of analogy? :lol: Anyway, something's not right... I really need a nap.

Cherie, that is exciting about the job opportunity, but you do have a lot of variables to think through. Either way, :goodluck: Have fun at Van Halen! I saw them in Vegas and will see them again in New Orleans... they were AWESOME, David Lee Roth's still got his voice and Eddie can still rip on those guitar solos... you have quite a lineup of shows to see.

Anyway, I should try to get some work done before I fall asleep :lol: Hope everyone has a good day.

01-23-2008, 12:17 PM
Hello ladies. Did you guys hear that Heath Ledger was found dead in a Manhattan apartment yesterday? Hearing that made me so sad. He was a really good actor and it's just so tragic. :( Why couldn't it have been a really cr@ppy actor? :shrug:

Anyway, I'm getting ready for work. I'll be back later.

01-23-2008, 12:46 PM
Hi Noelle, yes I heard that too and it made me sad. I feel so bad for his family too. Need to get busy be back later

01-24-2008, 03:10 AM
OMG, I am down 2.2 lbs this week, bringing my total loss to 35 lbs :strong: :dancer: Perseverance pays off! Chat more tomorrow!

01-24-2008, 11:43 AM
:carrot:WOW!! Congrats Noelle!! :dance: You are doing great!!! Do you find the WW program a fairly decent program to follow? It is definitely working for you! Have a Great Day! :flow1:

01-24-2008, 04:19 PM
Good morning ladies, I'm still knee deep in paperwork right now, but working my way toward the weekend. I was so tempted to stop and buy some malasadas (Portuguese donuts--deep fried and rolled in sugar) this morning, but I thought about my good weigh in last night and stopped myself. I did a quick 40 minute walk this morning, and that donut would've been more points than the walk was worth so I did myself a favor. Anyway, just slogging through the morning waiting til lunch time :hun:

How's everyone else doing this Thursday? Don't desert me now girls...

01-25-2008, 06:24 PM
Hey ladies, TGIF!!!! :carrot: I am actually doing a dry-run and doing a half-day at my old (but new again) company. I am on my lunch break and just ran around the corner to my "real" office to check my mail, emails,etc. It feels good to be feeling productive, ya know? Anyway, don't know when I'm starting up there full time yet, but it will be in the next month.

Karen, you asked about the WW plan being easy to follow? Well, it fits into my lifestyle and even though the honeymoon stage is over, I'm finding that I actually can follow it--it you follow it, it does work. I love that I can eat pretty much anything I want, as long as I count the points honestly and accurately. If you follow the plan, even with minimal exercise, you will lose weight--maybe not as quickly if you're not exercising, but it did work for me that way when my knee was really wonky. So yes, I do like this plan because it works for me.

What did everyone have for lunch today? I am having a Lean Cuisine chicken club panini sandwich. I tried the southwest panini yesterday, and it was really tasty. Anyway, not much time to chat, but just wanted to pop in and say hello :wave:

01-26-2008, 11:25 AM
Hello Ladies,

I've had trouble with the keyboard of my computer so I wasn't able to post online. Got it fixed and am up and running again.

Ashley was sick last week with a horrible cough. I took her to urgent care on Monday then to the doctor on Wednesday. She had an upper respitory infection and a cough that the doctor said sounded like pneumonia. She still has a cough, but not nearly as bad; both of us were able to go back to school yesterday. I can't believe how often she has gotten sick this school year.
We're getting some rain this weekend and I am so glad. There's been so much static in the air that everytime I touched the light switch I got a jolt.

Noelle: You are doing so great with your losses. :carrot: You are such and inspiration and model for me. I've plateaued, but feel good about not gaining any of the 9 lost pounds back. My brother and his family are going to HI in two weeks. I'm going to have him bring me back some items from Pearl Harbor that I can use in my history classes next year. I'm still planning to go, but I don't know when yet.

Karen: I hope you are keeping warm. I think about the pictures you've shared of where you live. While it is cold, with the snow it is absolutely beautiful.

Cherie: Thank you for your address. I did not have the correct one. How are the girls doing in school? I laughed when I read about the dog eating the homework. I've actually gotten that one a few times; I've also gotten a few about siblings spilling on homework, eating homework, drawing on homework, etc.

Hello to Angie, Kempy, Dips, etc. Hope to hear from everyone soon.


01-26-2008, 01:19 PM
Hi Cal :wave: Glad you got your keyboard up and running again, I know I go through computer withdrawal if I can't get online :lol:. I'm sorry Ashley has been ill, that must be a little scary and frustrating for you, especially if you had to take her to urgent care. I'm sending virtual :chicken: soup and lots of :hug: for both of you. I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful snow globe and calendar day planner, I love them both!

How long is your brother visiting HI? When he visits Pearl Harbor (if it's on a Wednesday/Sat or Sun), make sure he visits the Aloha Stadium flea market as well. It's across the street and just a little ways from the AZ memorial, etc. It's the best place to buy Hawaiian souvenirs and try some snacks w/local flavah :lol: -- I'd recommend the Lin's market booth for all kinds of asian dried snacks, macadamia nuts, trail mixes and fresh pineapple... so many things to try and so many gaudy aloha shirts to buy! ;)

Karen, I hope you hear back from the couple that looked at your house recently :crossed:

Cherie, hope you're enjoying your weekend w/Alan and the kids. How was Van Halen??

Angie, how are you girl? I hope you're doing well. I miss your posts

Kempy, if you're lurking, I hope you're doing great as well.

Hi to cw, Dips and everyone. Have a wonderful weekend.

We are going bowling this morning and bringing along two of Michael's friends. This should be fun or at least very interesting. :lol:

01-28-2008, 11:04 AM
Happy Monday Everyone!!! Sorry I went MIA for a little while... Last Tuesday, I got a call from Megan at her school that she was running a temp... I left to go get her, and she ended up actually having the flu! I stayed home with her on Wednesday and Thursday... worked from home part of the time, and then came back to work on Friday. I tried to log in here on Friday, but I couldn't get to the website.. something was wrong, so I waited til this morning to try again.

Van Halen was great. I didn't know half the songs.. but I really enjoyed watching Dave. For a 53 year old man, he was HOT. Talk about ripped abs.. and he had that little "V" thing going.. hehehe... it was NICE. :D

I had my job interview on Wednesday afternoon, and a second interview on Friday evening... so not sure what the outcome will be, but I think it went well.

This weekend, we ate out way too much, but I was always careful with my choices and didn't go overboard. I did however, finally break my diet, and got a mini ice cream sundae on Friday night, but that has been the only break in three weeks. My weight has stalled out at 10.5 pounds loss... I've been here for a week, so I am going to try to really buckle down this week. It's going to be a little hard to get my exercise in, but I am going to try. Tonight we will go to the Y, but tomorrow night I am going to see the Foo Fighters, Wednesday is dinner with Alan's folks, they are moving to North Dakota to work for a few years.. and then Thursday is my PHR class. Friday, we are getting up early and driving to Colorado.. so from now until then.. it is going to be busy!

Noelle.. GREAT JOB on the weight loss! 35 pounds is so awesome!!! You should be so very proud!!

Cal.. sorry Ashley was sick. I know something is going around here.. I just hope I don't get it.

OK.. well, I need to get back to work. I just wanted to do a quick check in. I hope things are going well for you all! I'll talk to you guys later!

01-29-2008, 10:55 AM
Good Morning... It's Tuesday. Tonight was supposed to be the Foo Fighter's concert, but due to illness, the band has postponed the concert to a later day.... oh well.. gives me more time to get ready for my ski weekend!

Tonight, we are going to dinner with Alan's parents. That will be a challenge. We are going to an italian restaurant, and I LOVE all the stuff there that isn't good for me. Moderation right?

I will be doing my 3 miles today on the treadmill. I did that yesterday and then went to the Y and did 30 minutes on the elliptical and about 20 minutes of weights... even though I am doing great ... my weight is up a pound today. Irratating.

How is everyone doing? Nothing much is going on here. Everyone around me seems to be sick, so I am trying to stay healthy!

Anyone here watch LOST? I can't wait for Thursday... (not that I will get to see it then, we are recording it to watch over the weekend). Alan and I are almost done with Season One. I didn't watch that one all the way through.. more sporatically.. so it's been fun going back and watching this season. When we went to Hawaii last May, we got to go find several of the places where the filmed the show. We saw a couple of the places last night (watched four episodes) where we could recoginize exactly where they were.. it was pretty cool. Anyway... I can't wait for it to come back!!!!

Now... back to work!

01-29-2008, 06:16 PM
Hello all. It's a crazy hectic day for me. I'm working a full day at my "old" office, worked my first payroll for 94 employees--which is a big change from just 5 people I tell you... anyway, I'm on break for lunch and am just checking on things over here. I don't know how long I can keep this up--the back and forth thing-- but I will do it until I can't take it anymore I guess. I love working with people again, but it's a bit noisy! I didn't realize how much I like silence! :lol:

Cherie, that sucks that the concert got canceled, but hopefully rescheduled for later right? Don't sweat that 1 lb., it could be anything like a little too much sodium or whatever. You will get it off. Enjoy your dinner tonight, moderation is key.

I am not weighing in on Wednesday, but will wait til Friday morning so I won't technically miss any meetings while I am on vacation. I have to buckle down yet again. I am PMSing so I am craving sweets and junk food. :mad:

Hi to all. I better eat and then run back. At least I'm getting a bit of cardio walking up and down the street between offices :rolleyes: Chat later.

01-30-2008, 11:12 AM
Good Morning... Its Wednesday. Feels like a Monday to me, I am just dragging this morning.

Noelle... are you going to continue doing both jobs? That would be exhausting! I hope things settle down for you a little!

Yesterday at lunch I did 3.28 miles on the treadmill, about halfway through I decided to start running. I am not going to worry about how I look after my lunch, so I will be running now instead of the walking. Something has got to kick in and make my weight change. I am up again today.

Last night's dinner was good.. I had a salad, and grilled salmon, with one glass of wine. So, not sure why my weight is up.. but it is. SUCKS. :-)

Today I am going to run at lunch, and then go to the YMCA this afternoon for weights and some more cardio. Tomorrow all I will be able to do is run at lunch because I have my PHR class tomorrow night. Then it's Friday! YEAH!

I guess I should go back to work... I am sitting here so sleepy... wishing I could crawl back into bed.... oh well.... in two days I'll be driving to Colorado.. I can sleep then!

01-30-2008, 05:54 PM
Hello people :wave: Just a quick fly by. I am jamming and cramming and trying to get all my month-end bills posted and paid. I do not plan on working at all on Friday so I can just concentrate on getting my bags packed and all the other little things that need to get done.

Cherie, hope you're feeling a little more perked up, I hate it when you're at work and just want to snooze! :lol: You are AWESOME for RUNNING at lunch!!! :high: That is totally inspirational to me.

Karen, how are things going for you? I know there are storms aplenty going on in your area. Hope everything is OK. Stay safe!

Did I tell you guys about the ragged little dog we found on Sunday? I will try and post pics later, but the short story is that we found a little white dog who was really neglected w/matted hair and my sis the dog groomer just shaved all his hair off and gave him a bath and he was such a great dog. He was a total cutie pie. We surrendered him to the pound afterward, hopefully he will get adopted out. He was the perfect size and had a great temperament.

Then on Monday, my nephew was driving his car near his friend's house and it was pouring buckets of rain. He saw two large dogs--a golden retriever and a yellow lab just running in the rain in the middle of the road--no collars or ID. So he picked them up and brought them to our house. They had to go to the pound as well, but the owner picked them up the very next day. We are just the animal lost and found in our neighborhood :lol:

01-30-2008, 09:05 PM
Hi Everybody! Sorry I haven't been around for a bit -- guess I just got in a "dumpy mood" with the house deal and all. I have watched 3 different moving vans go up to the houses that are behind us. :( But I guess I shouldn't let that get to me--- I don't know what their circumstances were --- if they sold, foreclosed on, rented or leased with option. Still haven't heard anymore from the people that just showed up a couple weeks ago either. So between that and just really getting tired of cold and snow--- I've just been feeling kind of down.
Cherie, you becareful driving here- Up here where we are the roads aren't really bad (right now but it has started snowing again now) But they have had some of the higher mountain passes closed several times in the last weeks.
Noelle, I had forgotten that you were going to go to the Mardi Gras--- Sure hope you have fun, I know that you will!! ;) The little white dog sounds so cute--- If I had the room I would probably have a dozen!! I know I would never be able to work in a shelter!!
Well, everybody take care and I need to get going and get out of this funk that I'm in. Guess I really need a good "Pick me up" and then a good swift :kickbutt: Talk to you later.

01-30-2008, 11:46 PM
Hi Ladies, ----- Cherie I just wanted to let you know that we have got about 6 inches of snow in the last 3 hours! They are saying the visibility is 0% just south of Pueblo. I thought that I would send you the link to the local TV station and they have really good updates on their all the time. It is: I know you are anxous to get out here to go skiing but please be careful and drive safe!!

01-31-2008, 12:23 PM
Happy Thursday Everyone!

Karen thanks for the updates and link. I will be going and looking at the TX, NM, Southern Colorado links to see what the weather is doing right now. We are supposed to get up tomorrow morning at 4 AM (that is what, midnight for you Noelle?)

Noelle.. have a fantastic time in NOLA! I LOVE that place. I have heard its nothing like it was before the hurricane, but that they are trying to rebuild. Stay safe and have fun! Have some great food for me!

Well, I officially lost 10 pounds in the month of January. I am STILL at 162.50. I have plateaued for the past two weeks, so I am really hoping that this ski trip will help jump start the weight loss again. I did lose 17 inches from all over, so I am VERY happy about that. I hope I can make some strides in the month of February.

Well.. this is my last day of work for this week, so I need to get busy and clear off my desk and get things organized..

Oh.. and it's snowing here right now. Nothing major... light dusting, just giving me a taste of what is to come!

Talk to you ladies next week.. I should be back on Tuesday or Wednesday! Have a great weekend!

02-01-2008, 04:50 AM
Good night ladies......

Cherie, have a fantastic weekend and yes, be safe out there! Hey, 10 lbs for a month is WONDERFUL progress. I know you will burn some major calories with skiing. Again, have a great time!!!

Karen, thanks for the shout out. Sorry to hear that you are feeling down in the dumps. I know you will get your groove back and your house will get sold! It is a beautiful home and the right person will come along. For now though, you get to enjoy the CO winter :^: I wish y'all could come out and visit and enjoy some sunshine--well, to tell you the truth, we've had a lot of rain, but still! I wish I could send you some heat. :hug:

I've got to finish packing. Michael will have a full load of homework since he is missing 1 week of school so I need to keep on top of him for that. I don't want his whole vacation focused on books! :lol: Anyway, you ladies have a great night and I will chat w/y'all later.