Support Groups - Royal romp to Valentine's Day: Loving ourselves all the way to success

01-03-2008, 03:14 PM
:love: :encore:
Let's maintain the festive season within our hearts, if not within our tummies. It doth occur to me that loving ourselves properly, taking care of ourselves and seeing that our real needs are met will keep us merrily on track, all the way to those goals shimmering up ahead.

We've got about six weeks to V-Day -- let's devote them to self-nurture. Establish a plan to love and call your own, at least until Feb. 14. Be sure to include frequent visits to the Palace, for the love and support of your Royal cohorts.

Let's do this thing -- in style! :encore:

01-03-2008, 03:50 PM
:snowglo: Hmmm... nobody said anything about a snow storm but it sure looks like one out there. Maybe we've gotten to the point that they're only going to announce it when there's NOT going to be a storm. No wonder hibernation sounds so appealing! :yawn:

But no, I have to stay awake and more-or-less functional. I did get my rest yesterday and a good night's sleep but still tired today. Walked for an hour and 10 minutes this morning, which might have been a bit too much. Seemed like a good idea at the time...

I've come to the realization that I need more accountability, which translates to ... journaling. :eek: And keeping my journal on the table so that there's a constant record, viewable by DH. The "If nobody else sees it, it doesn't count" theory has not been working for me.

So... my goals for the V-Day challenge:

3L water
Daily aerobic exercise
Daily mind-body exercise (yoga, tai chi, etc.)
Daily meditation
Daily FUN
Daily self-pampering of some sort

That's it for me -- how about you?

01-03-2008, 05:04 PM
What a loverly idea - loving oneself is so underrated. I'm up for the self-pampering (at least in theory - practice is another matter but I'm working on it).

So I pledge to love me (in the best sense, of course) and take care of me and make everything as blissful as I can in my own little corner of the world. And to reward me in other ways than food and to try to get my sleep situation back to at least satisfactory.

Today's good so far and I think I'm going to take a quickie trip to the store for some "good stuff". Have some but bored with what I have - need something different..

So off into the bitter cold, I go, but no snow - sent it all to Arabella ;)

Oh yeah, I'm going to work on that FUN thing too.

01-03-2008, 09:17 PM
Don't forget about me!

What a great challenge idea! Really perfect timing for yours truly! Thanks for such great inspiration Wood Nymph!

Anagram-- if you are going to the store because you are bored then I know you are making real recovery progress!

Ceara--I'll send you some wax for your shovel! Just let me know if you need it!

So, here I go again.... on the wagon, smiling brightly, wishing everything tasted of chocolate.... but... things will improve....

In fact, things will be great in 2008!

Keep smiling!


and Happy New Year!

01-04-2008, 01:40 PM
Self nurture... hmm...this is a hard concept for a lot of us. I know it is for me. I always seem to be trying to get stuff done for everyone else: getting the house in order, buying groceries, making dinner, putting away Christmas stuff, etc, etc. There is always, in the back of my head, an idea for what I'd like to be doing, and it gets shuffled to the bottom of the priorites list til there's no time left for me. This is an excellent way to readjust and refocus and plan to do the things that make me happy!

So...looking ahead to Feb 14 :val1:
...I'd like to be 10 lbs lighter than I am right now. I can accomplish this by continuing at WW, daily exercise, lots of water, sufficient rest and putting myself higher up on my list of those who need my care!

I just went back to find my vows from the last post so I could keep them handy:

Walk daily, to the point of obsession, as though my life depends upon it. It does.

Eat well. Stop clogging my system with unecessary junk. Fresh. Unprocessed. Pure.

Rest. Getting enough of it.

Spiritual sustenance: Read more. Take time for me. Enjoy life. Don't sweat the small stuff. Realize that this is it and make the most of the time I have

Anagram, I want to go take a peek at the Prevention you follow it at the website? PS, thanks for sending the snow to Arabella! Although, it would be somewhat warmer if we had gotten snow instead...good grief it's cold!

Your words about getting enough rest really resonated with me Arabella. I know that "I'm tired/can't rest/hmm, what can I eat?" scenario very well... :lol:

Speaking of eating it's time for lunch...and since I slept through breakfast, I am really HUNGRY! Lots to choose from, I took myself shopping to stock up on good stuff yesterday. This time around, I did not buy the "goodies" that I think the rest of the family wants...cookies, chips, etc. They don't need it either! Made a big pot of vegetable soup and cut up some melon to have ready in the frig. There's a start...

Hi to everyone else, come on out and tell all about how you'll navigate your way to 2/14! (I need all the help I can get!)

Have a great day :queen:s! Keep warm! :shocksn:

01-04-2008, 02:06 PM
Still wiped, but in good spirits and totally determined. I've already walked to the gym and back, did the circuits there and ran my stairwell on the way home. I'm up to 8 flights running (not all out, but running) and two flights staggering the rest of the way up. Home for 40 mins :yoga: and even some meditation. Now I've got to scoot out and do the shopping, get the recycling together (read: dig it out of the snowbanks -- thanks, Anagram ;) ). I'm thinking that vacuuming is probably going to have to wait for tomorrow. Ah well, when the lights are dim and the tree lit for its last huzzah the carpet foofs won't be visible :s:

Kat, me too! I think there's no reason I can't lose 10 pounds by 2/4. :dancer:
Aiming for a little under 2 a week... totally do-able.

Re: the fatigue/push on/binge syndrome -- one of the most ironic things about it is that I probably spend as much time stuffing my face as I would getting that rest that I "don't have time for." :dz:

Anagram, yay for being able to run out to the store for less boring fodder whenever you want! Here's to a radiantly healthy and vibrant 2008 :cheers:

Kaylets, we could never forget you! :hug: Let's keep that kettle on in the Palace! Who's for a cuppa?


Off I go then. Have a triumphant day and a glorious evening, :queen:lies!

01-05-2008, 01:05 PM
I'm fresh from a gym visit, myself, faire Arabella! I didn't walk there, although, that wouldn't be a bad's about a mile and a half from home. I have taken my bike there in the past. :chin:

It was great! I went right from work, all ready with my sneakers and my iPod. New treadmills have the TVs built right into 'em with an iPod connection...I just may get DH back there with that kind of lure! I did about 35 minutes on the treadmill, and 30 minutes on weight machines...scoped out the new classes and really felt great about being back there. I really love going there; it's a great gym, close to home, has a nice mix of clients, old, young, fat, skinny... great WHAT is it that gets into my head and causes me to ... just... i don't know ... d r i f t a w a y...

That's the question. Must ponder while I'm in gung ho mode and keep reminding myself that THIS IS WHAT MUST BE DONE if I want to, once and for all, lose this excess baggage.

Yesterday I treated myself to a massage (loving myself!) ...which is always nice, even if the masseuse was less than stellar. The girl that I really liked to go to no longer works there, so I just picked a random name they gave me. Turns out the woman used to work where I work and felt the need to chat/gossip for the first half of the massage. :rolleyes: Finally, I just stopped answering her and she got the hint. :lol: BUT! Before I went for that, I took a nice brisk walk at a local park. Fourth walk this week...significantly higher than total number of walkies in the last I don't know how many months!

Am hoping that all this newfound motion will yield positve results at tomorrow morning's weigh in... :crossed: :goodscale:

Arabella, your words could have come straight from my mouth: of the most ironic things about it is that I probably spend as much time stuffing my face as I would getting that rest that I "don't have time for." How true. :yes:

BUT NO MORE! Time to pamper and spoil as we strengthen and nourish ourselves, for we are worth it!

Anagram, Kaylets...Since I missed the last fandango, I'm hopefully looking forward to a possible "Spring Fling" for us no'easterly types...what do you think?

Andria...hope you're enjoying the in-laws! :devil:

ceara, wsw, Eydie, Amarantha... :wave: I hope I didn't miss anyone...

Have a grand weekend, something nice for yourself!

01-05-2008, 01:05 PM
Happy Saturday, :queen:lies! Gorgeous winter day here, bright sunshine and not too cold. :snowglo: Had a nice hour-long walk this morning and a little yoga. The plan is to complete yoga later.

I came across a chef's recipe for what he called his "energy juice" -- a mix of fruit and veg. juiced or blended. I was actually inspired to get ingredients and make some. I've been hearing so much about the benefits of raw food and it occurs to me that such concoctions might be an easy way to get them. For some reason I'm finding this idea kind of exciting :broc: :carrot:

So. I readjusted my tracker to reflect true post-holiday weight. 3 up from the low point, which, truth be told was a flukey, probably inaccurate 1 pound below my "real" low WI. Anyhoo, 2 pound bump up. It occurred to me that if I didn't adjust my tracker that I'd have to relose the two before I could start counting anything on the current challenge. Which I don't want to do.

Ok, I am officially boring myself now. Can only imagine what it must be like for my royal cohorts! :lol: I have to get some work done this aft. and the sooner the better. Have a lovely Saturday, Queenies!

01-05-2008, 01:10 PM
Hey Kat! Simulposting to the minute. :cool:

Loving the new enthusiasm in the Palace! Huzzah! (and where beith Amarantha?)

01-06-2008, 08:11 PM
And so we come to the official end of the festive season. Kind of hated to see my big green friend go but he was getting pretty dry and pick-up starts tomorrow. One year we missed the date and had the tree waiting there on the lawn for a very long time, until DH took it for a walk to the park.

I went to a party for my sister's 50th today. Another of my many, many sisters was hosting and got a cousin's band to play. It was really good -- they're quite accomplished musicians. Apparently, he's an up and coming classical guitarist but they played a mix of new and traditional folk and some bluegrass. Some interesting arrangements of familiar tunes, guitar, mandolin and violin.

And. Not a single glass of wine or illicit item -- I did have one cup of mulled cider. Used a few points but nowhere near what I've got saved up from walking an hour this a.m. and doing 40 mins. yoga. :dancer: I think I've finally shaken off whatever kind of bug I had that was making me so exhausted. I noticed that my cheeks had that bright red feverish look at one point so maybe I was burning out the last of it.

People were talking about how many pounds of chocolate they'd eaten over the holidays, including my skinny sister. I just can't get away with that kind of thing and I feel okay with that I guess at this moment.

Hope all :queen:lies are having a lovely, restful Sunday. See you tomorrow on Fresh Start Monday! :wave:

01-07-2008, 10:24 AM
:coffee2:Well, I too braved the scale this am...not as bad as I thought..only up three over the holidays...but up a lot from last September. :yikes: That being said, I am firmly planted back on the wagon :yes:

I managed 8 glasses of water yesterday...prolly due to the fact that cold mediction dries you out...and that is my aim for today. I am going to have some oatmeal and then off for a walk. :drill: Food was OK..nothing too horrendous. I made a chicken pot pie last night...the worst part was likely the oil based one but rolling.

So, it is great to see the enthusiasm in the palace...and welcome to Andrea! :cheer: Hope all went well with the in-laws!

OK...must be off. This won't happen by :wizard:. I hafta do it!


01-07-2008, 11:15 AM
Tired and snuffly again today -- probably did too much yesterday. So will try to be gentle with self today and get a little more rest, in keeping with the self-nurture theme. Tonight's the first choir practice for Mozart's Requiem, which we're performing on Good Friday. And a busy week in general so I'm going to have to take this "looking after myself" thing seriously.

I seem to be intrigued by the "raw food" idea, thinking how to incorporate more into my diet. It seems increasingly do-able. I made a green smoothie with kelp, watercress, parsley, cilantro, apple, lemon, grapefruit and ginger. It was actually pretty good, I swear! I keep thinking of other easy possibilities: gazpacho, for example. And I'm thinking I could switch to raw muesli for brekkies inst. oatmeal... I'm highly unlikely to ever go totally raw but I can imagine getting about half-way there without disrupting life at all.

Did the gym/walk/yoga routine this a.m. Glugged at least a liter of water so far. So ... meditation and some fun and I've got it wrapped! :smug:

Yay, Ceara, we're on for the ride. Even if we must expend effort rather than leaving it up to :wizard:

Have a good day, Goilies! Step up and be counted, wontcha?
:broc: :broc: :cb: :carrot: :carrot:

01-07-2008, 12:17 PM
Count me in...I'm here! Already been out for a walk, seen the eye doctor, made a few phone calls and now I'm ready for my coffee. :coffee:

Light bulb moment at WW yesterday...I stepped onto the scale waiting for my "reward" for all my hard work of the past week. "Congratulations! You're down 1.6 pounds!" the receptionist chirped cheerfully. 1.6? That's it??? The disappointment on my face must have been quite apparent, because she asked me if I was happy with that. My immediate thought was NO! I'm not happy with only 1.6 lousy lbs, but I stopped. I caught myself and realized that that attitude is such a HUGE part of my problem, and I laughed and said "yes, I AM happy with a loss," and left it at that.

:idea: I am in this for the long haul. Whatever the scale says, I need to just keep doing what I need to do. Eat well, Move more, Love myself.

So...there's that.

Time for coffee...See y'all later!

01-07-2008, 09:39 PM
Hello all....

Well, it does feel so homey in the palace..... sorry you have all the snow WoodNymph but..... I don't miss it.

DH and I both shook on gettting back on track and somehow that handshake
made it all real.

I experimented with having a chicken breast with Pepperidge Farm light bread for breakfast to see if I could last longer. I was also, super, super busy at work sometimes works for me too. Sometimes the deadline motivation keeps me focused on working.... When I got really starved I ate the apple I had and realized it was only 20 minutes before my usual lunch time so I will call that success.

No chocolate or sugar all day .... and I am on the way to shower and bed so I know I will have a solid day 1.


What kind of water bottles is everyone using.? I am ready to cut back and hopefully elminate buying as much bottled water as I can. I really feel guilty about a, getting caught up in the marketing of "healthy"
and b, the recycling problems..... here in this area, recycling is very limited....
but my guess is, not so tough if some royal attention be focused.

Yes, Kat, I can relate to small losses being hard to appreciate. Try to enjoy the journey. I know for me, I polished up my patience skills.

Ok all.....

even though it feels like spring outside, I will say it......


01-08-2008, 10:25 AM
I was just finishing up a post and the page disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving notification that the "page has expired." GRRRRRR! Right out of the blue. I hadn't even been lollygagging writing the post.

Brief recap:
Have walked and done yoga, will walk to sound yoga at lunch. Ate raw muesli for breakfast and it was quite good, easier and every bit as tasty as oatmeal. And I've got a green smoothie in the fridge that I intend to chug before I head out. Toying with the idea of doing a few raw days to see how I feel. Proponents say they feel fabulous and have cured themselves of all sorts of things.

Kaylets, good for you and DH! Always so much easier when they're on board.

Ceara, congrats on braving :devil: scale and seeing there was no need to fear. I can get myself into serious trouble if I don't weigh in.

Kat, high fives on the loss and the 'tude! Bet you have a big loss next week :yes:

Anagram, WSW, Amarantha, Eydie: Yooooooo-hoooooo!

K, Goilies, gonna post before I lose this. Let's make this a good one!

01-08-2008, 10:27 AM
Kaylets, I got a stainless steel water bottle for Christmas. I don't like the idea of chemicals leeching out of plastic into my water.

01-08-2008, 12:40 PM
Hello! :)

I made it back safely and only half a pound heavier from our mini vacation! My MIL is such an amazing cook; it was hard work to keep that gain to 1/2 a pound, I swear. She did show me how to make a couple of Vietnamese dishes (my husby is Vietnamese), and with a few minor changes, they are even pretty darn healthy. Still, I'm very glad to be home. Now I just need to figure out how to get rid of all the leftover road trip goodies without eating them all myself. We NEVER have this much junk food in the house!

I started reading posts last night to get all caught up, and I have to say that I love the idea of loving ourselves as part of a challenge. You couldn't have hit the nail on the head any more accurately for me and what I need. I've always been able to diet when I hated myself. I used dieting as a form of punishment, and I could never see the weight loss at the end as a reward. No matter what I lost, it was never good enough, and therefore, I was never good enough. Well, I've done a lot of work on myself, and while I can't say those days are far behind me, I still don't want to revisit them anytime soon. The thing is, I don't know how to lose weight and love myself at the same time. I've been working at it, though, and with some support and accountability, it feels like I can get there. :hug:

I came up with this little mantra for loving myself about a year ago, and it seems like this is the perfect time to dust it off and get back to work:

I am smart and beautiful, and I deserve good things in life.
I deserve to be happy, I deserve to be healthy, and I deserve to be thin.

So, that all said, I'd better go change my shoes and get out the door to the gym before I talk myself back down the stairs to the kitchen instead.

Have a great day!

01-09-2008, 10:38 AM
I like that mantra Andria! Now to memorize it! :yes:

A bit of a stressful day yesterday...having a head cold/sinus thing going on doesn't help. And the hydro went out...for 4 hours...dicey with the sump. So today eventhough it is windy, I am going to bundle up and brave the outdoors for a walk. Will wrap a scarf around my brow to protect it! Quite the fashion vision!

Bye! :coffee2:

01-09-2008, 10:52 AM
Hello to all you royals this morning! :)

Just popping in to say that yesterday turned out really well. I haven't been to my gym since October, but I did push through that embarrassment and went anyway. I had a great time, and it felt so good to be back.

Today I've decided to focus on loving myself by making sure to incorporate fruits and vegetables into every meal. Since I don't have a job lined up, I'll also be working on drinking a minimum of 64 oz. of water. I love water, but ever since my student teaching in the fall and now substituting, I just got out of the habit of drinking enough. A teaching position should come complete with a bladder of steel. Maybe that was too much info...

Speaking of water... Arabella has a good point about the stainless steel water bottle--not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is also body friendly. Kaylets, I'm still a slave to my plastic bottles, but I clean mine out and reuse them for about a month at a time. I finally live in a place that has curbside recycling, so I'm able to recycle the bottle after I'm through. I like the stainless idea, though. I'll have to look around and see if I can find one small enough to fit in my lunch box to take to school with me.

I'm going to post this and then see if I can get a ticker set up for my Valentine's goal. Have a great day, all!


01-09-2008, 11:02 AM
Good morning, Ceara! Didn't see your post when I started mine. Wow, I am definitely too long-winded. :o Sorry about your stressful day yesterday. Hope the cold/sinus thing clears up as well as the other problems. And if I were you, I'd wear that scarf over your brow the same as you would a tiara. I personally love your universal fashion statement: "See how brilliant I am to get out here and exercise even though the weather isn't perfect!"
Reading your post reminded me that I didn't put exercise on my To Do list for the day. I'm going to add it right now just so I can check it off later. The things that make me happy... :dizzy:

Bye again!

01-09-2008, 11:55 AM
G'morning, Goilies!

I'm still snuffly and tired -- I think it's going around. :dz: Sure doesn't make life easier but at least I've managed to stay OP nevertheless. Gotta keep goin' or I'll never get there, hey?

Did the walk/circuits/qi qong this morning. Now just work to do. Feh. I want a vacation. A long, long, long vacation.

First writer's group meeting of the year is this evening and I will go even if I feel like going back to bed right now.

Ceara, hope you're feeling better soon. Loving the image of you with scarf around your royal brow -- quite dashing!

qsilver, welcome back from inlawland, and congrats on your triumphant return. Wow -- interesting stuff about dieting to punish yourself and the problem of trying to love yourself and lose weight at the same time.

Here's to meeting our real needs instead of substituting with food :cheers:

Hope all is well with our missing :queen:lies!

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho...

01-09-2008, 12:13 PM
Just occurred to me -- that is one hefty butterfly in my tracker. Maybe I should see if I can find a rolly-polly pupa...

01-09-2008, 07:12 PM
Looks like I've been missing. That's a clue I'm not doing well. I'm on and off the wagon - doing better but not yet securely fastened down. I'm trying really hard to be good to me tonight so I don't eat the house down. It seems like I don't know what to do to take care of me right now.

Glad to see all doing well except for the sniffly stuff. Yes, seems to be the season for that. PT going well and I'm getting back to more things every day. But I think I'm going to just curl up on the couch for a while.

I love the giganto butterfly, Arabella. Don't change a thing. Sorry about the frustrating post loss. I didn't ever see an expired post message and my essays take a long time. Maybe a new restriction, eh?

01-10-2008, 08:54 AM
I went to my writing group last night, despite feeling like I should be working instead. Crazy busy day today and I have to work late tonight in any case. And then didn't sleep well, so I'm getting a late start. Ah well, I'll get through it. And I'm going to be proud of myself for going back to sleep at 5 rather than getting up anyway. Fits with the mandate, don't you know. :yes:

I had a strange experience yesterday afternoon. My head was in binge mode -- I thought about ice cream, chocolate chips that could be made into sauce, a candy cane that could be crushed for garnish. I made it, I ate it, thinking about making another one as soon as I finished but then... I got the feeling that it had been enough and I didn't WANT any more.

I'm not sure if that's the result of some new and wonderful corner turned or because I took 3 fiber tablets beforehand (that's a trick recommended by the glycemic index guy to lessen any ill effects of the occasional treat). Anyway, though, if the former -- well, that's fabulous! And if the latter, a darn good trick and one I'll use again in that situation.

Anagram! :hug: So glad to see you back in the :ginger: Glad to hear PT's going well. How about making a list of things that you could do to treat yourself? (Sounds good to me, I think I will!) And then focus on that first? Food will fall into place, then, I'm thinking.

I think my issue with the lost post was that I lost my connection to the corporate network although still online. These things will happen!

K, :queen:lies: Let's make it a good one!

01-10-2008, 12:59 PM
Good morning!

Yesterday turned out pretty well, despite a bout with half a sleeve of whole wheat Ritz and a tub of sharp cheddar cheese spread. I did get in all the water I promised myself, and I ate lots and lots of fruit and veggies. I also remembered that loving myself means doing positive things like setting appointments for yearly exams. I called, and they actually had an appointment early this morning. I've been there, and I'm back already! I even had a chest x-ray, set up my mammogram appointment, and made arrangements for an echocardiagram (sp?). Yeah, I've been putting off stuff for a significant period of time. It feels really good to have it all in the works, though. :)

I also decided yesterday that if I'm going to be serious about losing weight and getting healthier, I need to journal my food and exercise. I wrote down all my food and water yesterday right up until the cracker/cheese binge. Yeah, there was a bit of a meltdown about then... But journaling keeps my awareness levels up, and if I don't want to write it down, I'd better not be putting it in my mouth. Essentially, that would be another way of loving myself, I think.

Arabella, I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous you have a writing group to attend! Sorry going meant working late, though. I'm glad you balanced it with taking good care of yourself. Hopefully the sniffles will be gone soon. Also, thank you for posting the healthy way you dealt with a craving. You planned ahead by taking the fiber pills, and you didn't deprive yourself and just do a mega-binge later on. Definitely behavior I'd like to see myself modeling. :)

Anagram, Glad your PT is going well. It feels good to be getting back to doing things again, huh! Still, as I recall, it can be pretty exhausting, and maybe curling up on the couch for a while is the best way of loving yourself. :)

My plans for the day:

72 oz. of water minimum
fruit and/or veggies with every meal
journal, even if it doesn't look pretty on paper

That should do it for now. Have a great day!


01-10-2008, 04:57 PM
Hmm loving myself means overcoming alot of things. I dont know if I'll be able to do that by V-day. How bout I just love the little things about me??

btw, my hubby turns 24 on Valentine's Day!! :carrot:

01-11-2008, 05:26 AM

I just had a wonderful, long, chatty post that was gobbled up by the "you're not logged in" screen...even though I WAS logged in! *#@%#%!)*(?~&%$

Suffice it to say, Hi Y'all! :wave:

Now I have to get back to work... :(

01-11-2008, 11:10 AM
Good Morning!

Just reading through the thread this morning has envigorated me! I will go for a walk shortly...and then boogey out to do other stuff...groceries, banking etc. Hubby is on afternoons with 4 overs so life is tough. He's still sleeping :s:

So, a quick brekkie and off to the road!

:wave: Shopaholic1204. How romantic a birthday is that?

Andria...good plans...reading yours help me solidify mine....
8 waters.
Journal every morsel that crosses these cheating.
Be kind to myself....I still feel yucky.

On the getting things done front....laundry, grooming, shopping, banking, and maybe tackling the tree...I may decide to enjoy it a bit longer though....


01-11-2008, 11:58 AM
I'm happy to say that I have some goals for today!! Which I hardly never do. I went to bed at a decent hour (1am) and woke up a few mins ago (its almost 8am). So I'm pretty excited.

~I'm gonna finish checking all the message boards I belong to.
~Clean the bathroom & kitchen
~wash some clothes
~get ready to work out with my hubby
~drink 8 glasses of water
~start a new journal


Ceara: It is a romantic bday, but its also sucks because he hates Valentine's Day sweets and anything to do with Vday, lol. But he feels special because his bday is on a holiday, lol.

01-12-2008, 12:07 PM
A damp but mild day here. There were rumours of the sun but it hasn't appeared yet. I was kinda waiting to go for my walk but I may be wiser to get out there -- can't wait all day and miss out :no:

We went out for dinner and a movie with DH's sister and her DH last night. We made reservations at our usual spot but they were late and the restaurant was really busy so we ended up going next door to the Indian buffet. It was good, except that a piece of chicken I got wasn't fully cooked. :eek: Still alive today, so I guess I didn't get poisoned. But I may not go back there for a while...

Then, got to the cinema to see "Love in the time of cholera" and it was sold out. So we took a spin out to the larger cinemas and saw "Charlie Wilson's War." All in all, nothing went as planned but it was fun anyway. I always like Tom Hanks -- how could one not? -- and Philip Seymour Hoffman was fantastic. As he always is -- I adore him. (Interesting when you go to spell things. Never occurred to me that I didn't know how to spell "Seymour" and in fact, I got it right but had to look it up to see that I had.)

The weather was wild -- windy and hailing on the way over, freezing rain and then rain.

I've had a few tumbles off the wagon. I ended up working 14.5 hours on Thursday, until about a quarter to twelve :tired: And grabbed a big hunk of fruitcake out of the freezer -- seriously, it must have been a pound -- and ate it while I worked. Gotta reinforce that no food except at the table thing again. But. I've continued to journal my intake and have it right out there where DH can see it (High five, andria!). I WILL persevere. I WILL succeed. :dancer: :dancer:

And then yesterday I was a perfect on-the-wagon poster girl, despite little sleep. I enjoyed the day so much more that way, too. Where's that "patting self on back" smiley?

qsilver, yes, I love my writing group. Nine truly amazing women and so much love and support. We do write but we're all about the group. I've been very blessed to be a part of it. :)

Ceara, you go girl, hanging onto that tree! Mine would have been a big stick standing in a pile of needles by now. Although years ago, I nursed one through to March in a chilly room.

Kat! :hug: :cry: I feel your pain! And also mine, being deprived of that nice chatty post. When I logged onto the site I saw you'd been in and thought "Oh goody!" Here's hoping you get another chance to pop in! Have things eased up since you finished your course?

Shopaholic, welcome! Looking over your spouse's issues with V-Day, I can see the problem right away: You are married to a man. (Got the same issue here, so easy to diagnose.)

Anagram :wave:

Any other :queen:ly personages lurking? I'm going to go hunting for Amarantha and WSW and Eydie if they don't show up soon. Incidentally, speaking of the long lost, I found our Cerise on Facebook. Trying subtly to entice her back to the charms of our collective bosom.

Love, love, love! Let's make this a good one. :)

01-13-2008, 08:29 AM
Good Morning!

I am typing one-handed with an 8-week old puppy in my arms...he was feeling abandoned up there by himself....screaming his fool head off! Poor DH is still sleeping I think.

I did do all the things on my list a couple days ago, except the tree and the grooming. Yesterday was spent at a grooming was good...I opted for the bunless sloppy joes, and no cookies, but only made 6 waters for the day. I actually made 8 on four days last week!

So an open slate. I do have to walk...and I'm sure I'll keep mself busy!

Have a great day!

01-13-2008, 01:35 PM
...I could have sworn that I posted yesterday! I remember responding to previous posters....and... :shrug: I must have gotten interrupted mid-post, and completely forgot about coming back to finish up and hit "submit reply."


Last week was fairly dismal, diet-wise. Not sure why. So much, in fact, that I debated with myself about going to WW this am. "What's the point?" thought I. :chin: Then I remembered my VOW to myself that I would go to each meeting, come what may. I am determined to NOT follow my usual path of "Oh, I did poorly, must be time to stop wasting everyone's time here..." fall off the wagon, eat everything in sight, and gain 20 more pounds.

"Nay!" I thought, "I will go to the meeting, but I won't weigh in!" I figured that the trauma of the massive weight increase would throw me into such despair that inevitable bingeing would ensue...but just being there would help to lead me back down the path that's straight and true...

Once I got there, however, I thought, "aw ****, I'm facing this head on and getting on the scale. Time to face my indiscretions and move forward." I gingerly stepped upon the dreaded scale and announced to the weigher that it wasn't going to be pretty. (like she hasn't heard that before!) She very kindly pointed out to me that just being there, no matter what the scale says, is half the battle, and then told me that I had gained 1.4 lbs.

1.4! :eek: That's it? I had myself so worked up and so convinced that I had gained at least 5# and was ready to chuck the whole thing in desperation!

Moral of the story... Reign in the imagination. I will just follow the plan. I will go to every meeting, no matter what. I am in this for the long haul. I can do this.

It's beautiful outside today, if a little windy. We're supposed to get some bad weather later on, there's talk of snow, but I doubt that. My mother gave me a box of flower bulbs not too long ago, I've been thinking of getting them into the ground (since it actually hasn't frozen yet) and hoping for the best. Won't the neighbors think I've gone 'round the bend, seeing me out there doing a wee bit o' gardening? I can also do some yard clean up, what with branches blown all over the place this past week. My favorite kind of exercise!

Well, let me get out there while the sun is still shining...

:wave: to all, have a great Sunday!

01-13-2008, 05:38 PM
We had a beautifully sunny, not-too cold day here today. Walked an hour and we were considering another stroll later but am thinking that's not going to happen. Anyhoo, I'm at 8509 steps for the day + 40 minutes of yoga, so ... not bad.

I got my mom to the library and have her all stocked up again. Hate to see her out of books.

I'm feeling a little deprived that I can't have a glass of wine without suffering hot flashes. Seems like the perfect time for it -- sunset, some mellow jazz playing. But I know I'd be flashing, wouldn't sleep very well, would be tired tomorrow and so on. Y'know, this is reminding me of skirmishes with food when I ever get as far as thinking about the consequences before I pop the bonbon into my face.

Which reminds me, sugar seems to make me flashy too :rolleyes: Gosh, I need some new vices...

Trying to get going with this "loving myself" thing. Missing meditation, fun, pampering... And I do think those things are huge for me in helping me keep a healthy focus and, well, just enjoy myself.

Three perfect diet days down now, a couple of glasses of wine last night but had the points for them.

Kat, kudos to you for going -- wow, you remind me of me when you talk about the way you can talk yourself into trouble. But you're right -- the only thing we have to do to ensure success is to keep going. Let's do that, shall we?

Ceara, what kind is the pup? Besides sweet and snuggly... :)

Have a lovely evening, :queen:ies -- fresh start Monday's coming up!

01-14-2008, 06:21 AM
Hello all!

Hope everyone is doing well....

I am doing well. Not perfect but on two occaisons, actually pushed the plate away on the first serving as I started to feel full. The instinct was to go ahead and finish but I didnt. Its something unusual for me to feel full and I will take advanage as long as I can.

We expected snow this morning but we missed it. Instead, its raw and windy.
Snow sure wouldve been prettier. At least till about 5;30 am.

My goal for today:

Eat well.
Post again here this evening.


01-14-2008, 09:39 AM
A New Week!

Well, I hate to say it, 'cause sayin' it may jinx it, but I think I'm on track! That is why I'm typing it! My head is in the right space at the moment, and I'm planning on staying here.

Things I would like to accomplish today..

Walk...40 ish minutes.
Calories and portions in control. least 8. Managed that 4 times last week, and hit nine yesterday!
Work after 4 this pm, and I should go in and do some paperwork this am...that takes care of the day!

We have a dusting of snow here too Kay...and it is damp.

Bouvier pup who hasn't had a hair cut...he looks like a little bear!

OK...must be off to brekkie and start the day!

01-14-2008, 12:08 PM
Hey! I think I'm on the same track, ceara! Feels good. Yesterday was stellar, food-wise, even with my celebratory "I passed my exam!" dinner last night. Sushi and seaweed salad, one small spring roll, two small dumplings. :T I dipped into extra points, but not by much, and it's all written down and accounted for. Oatmeal this morning. I've already done some upper body weight work as I caught up on email. Hoping to get the hub to accompany me to the gym...maybe get a swim and a steam in.


Yesterday I never got my bulbs planted, but spent a good portion of the afternoon picking up the sticks and twigs all blown all over the yard and burned them in the chiminea. Filled up the bird feeders, even picked up a substantial amount of dog poo! All in all, it was a good day to be outside. Good timing because today is kind of miserable. No snow, just drizzly and gray.

So, yeah, I passed my exam! :cp: Now I need to start looking for a job or at least an externship that could lead to a job. Been working on that for a bit this morning. One step further away from the god-awful, soul sucking job I currently have!

Kaylets... I know that instinct well...finish what's on your plate! It does take some doing to ignore it, so, Good For You!

Arabella... maybe you can earn some 'activity points' from all the flashing! :hot: Shame to let them go to waste!

Hi to everyone else...

whoa...I just actually got dh to agree to a gym date. This is BIG! Gotta run!

01-14-2008, 03:28 PM
Why oh why oh why! I know I was tired today and just felt like going back to bed. Which is what I should have done. And I've got to get something in the house that I can eat in this kind of situation.

Oprah's got the Best Life Challenge show on today, some people with 300-400pounds to lose. Oh Gawd -- they're looking at supersized coffins now. Wow, tough love. I am so ready to hear this. I vow, no more back and forth on this thing.

Ok. It's done. Two big pieces of cheesecake.I've got to regroup and get on with my life.

Gah. That's my report for the day. (I did exercise, though)

Let's do this thing!

01-14-2008, 06:26 PM
Hey everyone :)

Sorry to not have been here for a few days. I didn't post Friday because I got a 5:55 a.m. call to substitute for a 6th grade art class. It turned out to be kind of fun, but I have to tell you that 6th graders only have one volume--loud. I think since I got home Friday evening I've either been shopping, sleeping, playing a game with the husby, or eating. Eating should move closer up to the top of the list; I've done a significant amount of it the last three days. I did manage to get in more veg than I have been, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.
On the very positive side, though, my sweetie and I were talking last night, and we both decided that we need to cut our simple carbs (we eat a lot of white rice) significantly and replace those with vegetables. This is a huge step for my lovable carnivore, and it will be so much easier to do with him rather than around him.
I had a half day job today substituting for the English class I did my student teaching with. It was so good to see all my students again! Because I knew about this job ahead of time, I had the benefit of thinking ahead about my meals and snacks, and I packed pretty carefully. I made it home just after 1, and even though I had eaten breakie and a snack, I was really hungry. Normally what happens at this point is that I try to eat something reasonable, and then I end up snacking my way through several hundred calories of whatever is around. Today I tried a new tactic. I cooked up about two cups of frozen mixed veggies, and I ate all of them after finishing the main portion of my lunch (a lean frozen dinner thingy). It is now two hours later, and I'm still feeling really full and happy, and I haven't been snacking on anything. Maybe this is the sort of thing I need right now--lots of guilt-free food so I don't feel deprived or get anxious about the "D" word.

Arabella, why is it so much harder to make good food choices when we are tired? The show sounds like it was really interesting, if incredibly painful to watch. I'm living vicariously through you and your exercise regimen right now, hope you don't mind. I thought I had myself up to walking 1.5 miles, but my right knee and my feet have informed me that I am sadly mistaken.

Kat, you passed your exam! Wahoo! I am so excited for you! :bravo: Also, congratulations are in order for being on track with your food and getting DH to go to the gym with you. Impressive stuff. :)

Ceara, Wow, you really do sound on track! Here's to great attitudes and state of mind :cheers: Oh, and the puppy sounds so cute! We got a new kitty this weekend from an awesome used bookstore/cat rescue here called 9 Lives.

Kaylets, sounds like you are making progress as well. Grats!

My eldest just called and reminded me I promised to take her to a play tonight at her school. I'd better get outta here and finish doing some things around the house.

Take care!


01-14-2008, 10:09 PM
Hello all!

Nice to meet you Silver!

So far, not a bad day.

Glad to hear so many Royals are taking real pride in what their accomplisments!

We're doing great in 2008!


01-14-2008, 10:19 PM
Congrats, kat, on your passing! The good passing, that is! What a threshold. Welcome, shopaholic. Good work on getting DH to cut carbs w/you, qsilver.

Oosh, Arabella. I too need to get something ACCEPTABLE in the house to eat in those moments so I'm not eating the woodwork (nah, that's too low in calories).

Are there fresh start Tuesday cards? Ws in Princessville o'er the weekend and did better than my usual there but still not able to feel constrained much. Same problem - do well all day but blow it all in the evening/when tired.

Saw surgeon Fridy - doing well. Yes, PT is tiring and the surgeon says it will get more so. Still a lot I can't do too and that can be frustrating. But lots to be done that I CAN do so must concentrate on that. Last couple of days hard as it's two years since I lost DH. I think often of what a onetime friend said some years back after losing her DH 'If eating the bags of candy I have every night would bring him back.............." She has since lost a lot of weight but not right at that time.

PT is about the only exercising I've been getting except for housework/laundry, etc. so it's inspiring to see all the goals and successes listed.

I saw Charlie Wilson's War last week too, WN. Enjoyed it more than I expected to. I need to do more of that - and everything else. Do have a mani/pedi scheduled for Wednesday - the one I won at the Fashion Show in September. Also had a good haircut the other day and bought two new blouses (on sale, of course) today on my way home (I go right past the Outlets at Gettysburg and, of course, always need a lunch or a bathroom break and hit one of the places I usually find something). So I think I've been doing well on the "reward" part - just need to do the work that goes with it.

Hi, ceara and kaylets!

I think I'm going to turn in soon. Did sleep well at DDs but sure had not been here. Want to turn that around as I think it's the start of the whole process sometimes.

One month to go - this challenge is running wild........................

01-15-2008, 09:01 AM

H E L L O !

Kudos to Kat for the exam and the loss! And the great attitude the next week!

:grouphug: for Anagram....

It snowed! YEAH! I like snow...believe it or not. Today is my first Toddlertime of the new year. And I need to go prep it so this will be short!

:frypan: moments. I know. When I am tired it is like a graze monster resides in my head....and I can't decide what to graze on! Good coping there Andria...I'm incorporating more veggies into the diet too...I eat a lot of fresh salad...but I'm getting back into the cooked varieties of veggies. This week the comfort food of choice has been red-skinned baked potato topped with salsa. Hits the spot. I also use brown rice, and whole grain pastas....they fill you up better. When I cook rice, I use it in combos like 1/2 C rice, 1/2 C black beans, 2 T salsa and freeze small containers...when I'm having an attack, I can re-heat and add cheese and black olives...and I have a real quick 250 cal or so snack! Or a good start to a supper/lunch!

Well I must fly....have to log my food and then make it and prep that programme....I hope to get a 30 minute walk in today, plus the usual calorie and water goals. I have a class tonight, so that will keep my evening busy!


01-15-2008, 10:01 AM
YOINK!!! I'll take one of those cards. Enough with the maintaining, time to actually lose some weight. I know, what a concept! :lol:
Well, I woke up about 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep and I am just about to head back to bed to see if I can't get a little snooze in. I'll be back later.

01-15-2008, 10:57 AM
It rained! Ok, that isn't anywhere near as cool as snow, but I'll still take it. :)
The day started off really well. I got on the scale, showed a loss, and was feeling pretty darn good about things. I was planning on heading out to the gym as soon as everyone left for work/school, but when I hopped in the car, it just made a clicking noise at me. I went back and tried it again a few minutes later, and it clicked once and then decided to start. I'll check the battery connections in a little bit, and I already called and set up an appointment at the service center for tomorrow, but I think working out is going to occur from home today. Just cross your fingers that Sephie (my car) will start up when I need her to so I can get to my half day sub job.

I'm stressed, and it is making me think about eating. I'd better get up and get moving before that becomes reality. Setting some goals for myself would also be a positive thing... here goes.

Water: minimum 64 oz.
Fruit and Veggies: at least one serving with each meal or snack
Exercise: get it done, at least 20 minutes total
Attitude: concentrate on the positives, let go of negative, betraying thoughts.

Ok, gotta run now. Take care!


01-15-2008, 01:11 PM
hi royals! missed you!

welcome andria and shopaholic!

kat-congrats on passing your exam! woo-hoo!

ceara-the royal puppy sounds very cute.

anagram-glad you had a good time in princessville and that shoulder continues to heal well. pt is indeed tiring, and i think it should count as exercise, since it sure feels like it. the anniversary of losing your dh must be very rough. be sweet to yourself.

hello to kaylets, arabella, amarathna, eydie, and to all our lovely royals, one and all, mentioned or -un. i am thinking of you.

had a little relapse of that pesky bronchitis, but seem to be back on course again. didn't gain or lose, so back on the losing trolley once again. definitely like the idea of being kinder to myself, and learning how to love myself. still don't do too well in this area, and one of my goals for this year and this challenge. back to tried and true basic food plan and regular exercise routine, which for me does include some of my pt too. had my heater go out a couple of weeks ago, which was a mess. they don't make my unit anymore or the parts for it. took 4 days for repairmen to even figure out what the problem was. brrrrrr! there has been a bandaid (a very expensive bandaid, i might add) repair made so it is working at this moment at least. it really does need to be replaced, but since can't afford that, am really hoping it will run on a wing and a prayer at least a bit longer, anyway. well, take good care, all.

01-16-2008, 08:55 AM
Good Morning!
Bright and Crisp Out There!

Well, today I want to assemble that lasagna (I made the sauce a couple days ago), walk at least 40 minutes and just hang in there with the calories and food portions. I have to do something quite sad I middle-age girl has lympho, and she isn't doing so well this morning. A total switch from yesterday...but that is how that disease goes.

So I'm off to face my day....and mr. fuzzy screamer is up there lamenting his dare I leave him for an instant?

:coffee: take me away!

01-16-2008, 08:57 AM
So, I finally got in a decent day. Hope it's a step in the right direction.

Ooh, those expensive bandaids can really blow a budget, can't they? Hope it holds as it looks like winter''s getting serious.

Must off as heading for mani/pedi this a.m. and have all those pesty do-every-darn-day things to get past.

Wishing all a Wowser Wednesday..

01-16-2008, 08:58 AM
Oopsies, did it again, ceara. Hi there!

01-16-2008, 11:12 AM
I'm apparently having one of those epiphany mornings, and as much as I want to sit here and write about it, I know I have to get up and DO something about it.
Promise to be back later. Lots of responses to be made. :)


01-16-2008, 01:16 PM
Hello, all you best and most beautiful of :queen:ies!

Woke up at 4:15 this morning for no known reason but I feel pretty much okay. Just as I did yesterday, I actually went and laid down for a 15 min. rest/meditation and feel much better able to cope as a result. Still feeling a bit low-energy but not going to convert to high-calorie. :nono:

Did the walk to gym/circuits/yoga this morning. I'm hoping to get in another walk to try to hit the 10000 step goal. We shall see...

WSW, oh dear! Darned old bronchitis. It's horrid! Hope you're feeling better and that funds appear for your heating issues. :wizard:

qsilver, YAY! I love epiphanies. Looking forward to hearing more :)

Ceara, sorry to hear about your middle-aged girl! :hug:

Those sound like some great snack/dinner starter ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Kat, huzzah, huzzah for passing the test! :balloons: When your new job finds you, I bet you'll find everything a lot easier. Working nights is for the... well, some kind of nocturnal animals. Rats, maybe...

Anagram, sheesh! We're supposed to be paralleling again but I haven't managed to get my hair cut or buy new clothes, which I really would like to have done before I go to Boston next week. Congrats on both, anyway! :)

K, I'm off again! Let's make this a good one!

01-17-2008, 12:05 PM
I'm not quite sure what has happened since yesterday, but it feels like I've finally turned the right corner in a maze, and I can see my way through to the end. Yesterday I called it an epiphany; today, I can't quite give you the word to describe how I feel. I feel light. Not just buoyant, but light--as in glowing in a dark room type light. But that isn't quite right either. Light isn't something you can hold on to, and I feel solid. The word resolute comes to mind, but that sounds a tad negative. I'll keep working on that one, but it will do for now. I feel resolute. And I feel good. There is so much energy flowing through me, I can feel my fingertips practically buzzing against the keys as I type, and I'm frustrated that I can't type fast enough for the thoughts spinning through my head. I know you all don't know me very well yet, but I really want to share how I feel!
Yesterday morning I was ready to get through another day. I was going to do the little things I do, and I was going to be okay with that. I sat down to write a post here, but one of the goal sections caught my eye. The title to the thread was something about having lost 162 pounds, and I was drawn to it. I can appreciate all the "I've met goal" posts from people who have lost 30, 40, or even 50 pounds, but those goal postings aren't my reality. Losing 162 pounds is. I read the post and was pretty wowed by this woman's dedication. It reminded me of two other posts I read last week from women who had lost significant amounts of weight. They all had the same message for me: 1) Find what works for you and do it. 2) Don't stop until you are there. 3) You don't have to have it all figured out first, but you do have to do something, and you have to begin now. For some reason, it just sunk in. I've done enough preparation for a lifetime of dieting; now is the time to do the work. I can't wait any longer. All I have is now.
So many things clicked into place yesterday in my head. I even voiced a fear and frustration to my eldest daughter about having time to write for the first time in years and not being able to come up with anything to write about. She, in her 17 year old wisdom, told me to write what I know. I grimaced, but I knew she was right. And this morning I came up with my subject. Wow, I feel good. I feel beyond good; I feel like a goddess.
Oh, and one odd side note to the epiphany thing--I realized I need to change my 3FC login. qsilver is a name from another lifetime, and I need to start fresh, but I also am not willing to give up all the history behind that name quite yet. So, I'm going to think about a fitting name for the new me while I go take a spin or ten on my recumbent.

Arabella, I've been waking up 4'ish as well. Good point about fitting in a nap. That might help me avoid the late afternoon into evening pitfalls. I've been meaning to ask--what kind of pedometer do you use? I can't find one that is reading successfully on my waist. They all work well on my shoe, but so far I haven't found one that is quiet enough to wear all day. Hope you hit your 10000 steps!

Anagram, how was the royal treatment yesterday? Thank you for the Wowser Wednesday wishes. It certainly was!

Ceara, I had to look up lympho because I wasn't sure what it was. Sounds like a lot to deal with. Hope your day (and your daughter's) went well. Our little fuzzy was outside the bedroom door meowing plaintively this morning. She doesn't get why we didn't want her in the room last night for a replay of the "love me, love me" game at 2, 4, and 6 in the morning.

Ack! I was planning on saying something to WSW, Kaylets, and Kat, but I just looked at the clock, and I have to be at my daughter's school in fifteen minutes. Time flies, but I don't!


01-18-2008, 06:39 AM
Hello all! Happy Friday!

I am behind on posts but did see a few...

WSW!~ Sending lots of good vibes your way for a speedy recovery. I've been wondering how you were doing, glad you felt well enough to check in.

Anagram!- Good for you making sure to take pamper yourself! You inspire me!

Andria- You are right, you are SO right..... about everything in your post.
I too, often go against my better instincts and then years later, remember....
"Oh, I remember now that I do better when I..... "

WoodNymph--- How goes it in your realm? Are the royal shovelers busy?

Ceara--How are things your way? The screamer sounds hsyterical.

Kat--how goes the job search in your kingdom?

Welcome Shopaholic! Lookiing forward to getting to know you!

And a royal Happy Friday to Eydie, the Empress, and anyone else I am forgetting!



Thought of the day:

"Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain."

- Dave Matthews Band

Question of the day:

'Where were you born?"


01-18-2008, 07:35 AM
Well, at least the QOD is simple - Philadelphia.

We're slippy, slidy this a.m. but should be good after the sun is up a few hours. Had a couple of inches of the white stuff but still not much for this time of year.

Was doing ok but last night (again)............................. So back at it. It's that night time thing.

The mani/pedi was good enough. It was actually using a prize I had won and it was a new place to me. It was not terribly relaxing because the sweet young thing wanted to talk to me about her love life and she talked and talked and talked and I just wanted to say "no, honey - that will just be trouble for you in the long run". But then sometimes it sounded like they just could make it - ah, youth! Anyway, nails feel better but it wasn't as relaxing as it should have been - usual place also gives a better physical vibe too but "free" is "free" and in that sense I really enjoyed it. And then I went and had my hair done again yesterday. More because I can't reach well to do it yet but, you know, I'm getting to enjoy this little treat. Hmm, who knows? But then you have to take the time to do it and once I'm back full steam ahead, time might be in short supply (hopefully).

Your post resonated w/me too, qsilver. I am in dire need of a revelation or an inspiratory moment of any kind. I KNOW but I'm not currently translating. It's strange - I had one about 5/6 years ago, lost close to 50 lbs. But can't remember now what that moment was. Probably wouldn't do it again if I could. I'm in a different place now so would need a revelation that fits the current me.

FRIDAY again. They seem to come so close together with little accomplished in between.


01-18-2008, 11:33 AM
Good morning one and all...

So much to respond to... I've had a rotten cold these past few days and I haven't kept up til this morning, whilst sipping me tea. You know I'm sick when you find me drinking anything but coffee in the a.m.!

Cloggy head aside, I must comment on Andria's post...especially the words, now is the time to do the work. I spend every day planning, plotting, buying stuff, scheming and dreaming about LOSING WEIGHT and manage to do everything but just that. Oh, I skirt around it...stick to a diet for a few days at a time, backslide, wallow in self pity, backslide some more, recover, repeat.

I know what to do. I know about calories, carbs, fat grams, points, exercise, yada yada yada... What I DON'T know is how to actually re-wire my brain to obliterate the self-defeating negative thoughts that constantly undermine all of my very good efforts and intentions.

I do believe that, just doing the work, consistently, will help to do that necessary rewiring. Just keep going. If I stumble, I start again. If I stumble again, I just start again, again. I like to think that's what I've been doing so far, and that, in itself, is more progress than I've made in a while.

...just keep swimming...just keep swimming...just keep swimming...

Anagram... This has to be a rough time of year for you... I wish I had words to make it better. :hug: Keep pampering yourself when you can!

Kaylets... No place exotic: Elizabeth, NJ. Love the true, and it gets truer the older I get!

Andria... Thanks for sharing your epiphany, it spurred on one of my own! :hug:

Arabella... You've given me my mantra for the week: Mustn't convert low energy to high calorie! :yes: I will repeat that often!

ceara... I have to thank you for some great food ideas... Soon as I'm done here, I plan on doing up a pot of brown rice and portioning off bits to freeze with the beans and salsa. :T So sorry to hear about doggy. :(

wsw... Glad you're feeling better, that heat business could not have helped being sick. Heater issues STINK! :stress: I'm hoping your "bandaid" holds out and the weather cooperates!

Hi to everyone/anyone else!

Thanks to all for test congrats! I'm still waiting for "official" paperwork, but I have attempted to secure some info via email for various answers yet. hmmph.

I may just drag myself back to the gym today for a good long swim and maybe a steam. The day dh and I went, we kind of went our seperate ways once inside, but I was just glad he came with me. He's been back since then, too. I haven't, due to lovely cold, which I probably picked up there! Silly isn't it? I work in a hospital, surrounded by all manner of disease and bacteria, never get sick. The first time, in ages, I get over to the gym and I'm sick the next day!

No matter! I will persevere! Taking one step at a time, I CAN do this!

With that in mind, let me go find my gym clothes...

Happy Weekend, :queen:s!

01-19-2008, 10:51 AM
Oh, kat - my story exactly. I think I could give all sorts of lessons in calorie counts, good-for-yas, bad-for-yas, etc., etc. It's the rewiring of ME that I can't seem to manage enough of. Although, in small truth, I have managed some in small ways. Just not enough!

Was walking through WalMart last night and was truly almost nauseated by some of the "goodies" as I passed by them. THAT is a tremendous improvement over years ago when DH and I would have picked up a cartful. Plus many, many small things.

This morning I did come up with a thought I might explore for motivation. I was so sick of my clothes but I have more than plenty so I'm wondering if just the plain, simple thought of new clothes because I'm a new size would be enough to get me started. Not one I usually use because I use health, etc. But maybe I just want the thrill of something smaller - it's been a while since I went down any sizes. Will peruse.

Yes, kat, ironic - I'd say. Of course the old cold bug can be picked up just about anywhere but I'd say your resistance is higher than most because you are exposed to so much regularly.

Enjoying the warmth of that gas fireplace yet, WN? Sounds good as we're to get VERY cold here tomorrow.

DD and crew coming in a few hours so must get to it and hit the showers. And rest up a little beforehand ;)

01-19-2008, 01:06 PM
At the last minute (is there another way of doing things?) I popped into a store to see if I could find new clothes for my trip. I mostly shop second-hand but then when I have to be in a business environment suddenly everything looks pretty ... second-hand. So. Braving the change room, bright lights and up-close and personal with my body is not something I do often and as always was a bit of a shock. Seeing what everyone else sees... Bulges, flab, etc. Well, it all makes sense. Knowing what I weigh I should realize I'm significantly, noticeably overweight but somehow I so often manage to think I can hide it. Not so -- there it was, my avoirdupois, large as life. :dz:

Thinking that ability to fool myself is the same thing that allowed that woman on Oprah to get to be over 500 pounds. Now, here I am feeling like I'm heading off to these meetings where I feel self-conscious... Going to have to pep talk myself up. And see about grooming to the nth, which does help. I did find a couple of pairs of pants that will help.

In any case, it's Saturday in the Palace. :ginger: Beautifully sunny and not too cold. :snowglo:

It was a heck of a week last week, way too much work. Still doing the maintain thing :rolleyes: But I AM gearing up for a major effort that WILL see me through to GOAL THIS YEAR. :yes:

Six a.m. on Monday I'll be on a plane for Boston. I'm going to get myself into "vacation" mode even though it's actually work. But definitely not an "all-you-can eat" cruise, more of a self-nurturing spa. The hotel has a pool, sauna, steam room, gym. I'm thinking I'll try to do the repeated sauna/pool sequence every day if I can. It feels so good, and is supposed to be a good detox/ immune system booster.

Andria, you'd asked me what kind my pedometer was -- it's Omron ( Totally silent and seems good. You can also connect it to the computer to record stuff automatically.

I'm loving your epiphany! Send me some of that "feel like a goddess" mojo! For surely we are all divine -- but we need to feel it! :)

Oh, Kat, yup, yup, and yup: Doing everything but losing weight. Man, the energy I put into it! Constantly on my mind. You know, it just occurred to me that it's when I'm actually doing well that I think about it less and have the mental space for other things. Wow. :chin: That bears some thinking about.

Hope your cold is going, going, gone!

Anagram, your evenings are my afternoons. Evenings I'm good, because DH is home :rolleyes: But the afternoons are when things can get iffy. Yesterday it was 8 or nine triskets with my hummus instead of carrot sticks. I thought about the frozen cookies in the freezer, too. And, truth be told, if I wouldn't at some point have to explain to DH what had happened to them, I quite likely would have gotten into them. And -- more truth -- I probably would have told him that I fed them to DS and DGS. :o

I've really got to get a start on this self-pampering challenge before it's over and I haven't budged...

Kaylets, WSW, Ceara, Shopaholic (anyone else out there?) :wave:

Oh, let's make this a good one!

01-19-2008, 08:40 PM
Oh, Arabella...I wish Boston was closer to me! (five hour drive is a bit too far!) Do you ever have to come into New York? We could really get a queenly confab going then! Sounds like you have a nice plan laid out for yourself...tricky part is sticking to it, I find! I'm sure that you will do well. :yes:

I had to laugh about your "TRUTH" telling: "Honey, I have NO IDEA what happened to those cookies... kids must have eaten 'em!" :crossed: :o

(Not that I would know anything firsthand about that sort of thing...) :no:

I found myself nodding vigorously in agreement with your talk of the dreaded dressing room. Generally, I think I keep myself looking decently turned out. That is, of course, until I get an accidental look at myself in a mirror. Or in a dressing room. Lots different from the carefully positioned, from the shoulders up, softly lit view I see in my bathroom mirror. Seeing what everyone else sees

WHO IS THAT FAT OLD LADY staring back at me???? :yikes:

Although, for clothes in a smaller size makes that trip to the dressing room a much more pleasant experience! Have fun with that!

Amazing, the blinders we put on...the ability to fool ourselves... Facing stark reality is what I find to be so demoralizing. When I actually do see what I'm up against, I feel so daunted by this HUGE task, and yet, what choice do I have?

None. So I'll get myself to WW in the a.m. and rack up another .7 loss (hopefully!) and keep plugging along.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends, :queen:s!

01-20-2008, 12:57 PM
:snowglo: I'm getting ready for my trip -- never ceases to amaze me how much preparation it seems to take but then I'm thinking things like "I want to vacuum and clean the bathrooms because I don't want to come home to it being even more of a tip than it is right now." And of course the clothes issue, figuring out what I want to wear, making sure things are clean and unscruffy. Downloading some music and guided meditations to my MP3 player. I really need to be just about entirely ready. I do not like 6 a.m. flights at all, but at least they only make us get there a half-hour ahead here when it's that early.

I'm liking my new pants -- they look better than my old ones, which seemed to be too big, too small or two short. And also lots better than they looked in that pitiless, evil dressing room.

DH and I walked for an hour and then I did 40 mins. yoga. I've done pretty well getting back into doing it every day. My body really needs it, more and more as I get older. I get achy and stiff. Here's to rejuvenating! :cheers:

Kat, I wish Boston was closer to you -- it's just close enough to make it tantalizing :rolleyes: And I've got a whole afternoon we could have hung out, too! I haven't had to go to NYC for work, but you never know... :)

Ah, yes, self-deception. And then I deceive myself about the fact that I'm deceiving myself. It's incredible. This is it, though, Baby! We're sticking with it, getting there this time -- all Royal folk. :yes:

I am going to imagine that the whole trip has been planned for my entertainment and amusement and will work with it ;)

K, :queen:lies, have a good one. 'Spect I'll be in touch from Boston.

01-21-2008, 09:39 AM
Safe trip, Arabella. Cold there too, I guess. But surely some fun to be had once all the prep is taken care of. And the pants to enjoy even after you're home.

Glad TV told me today's the day we're Most Likely to be Depressed. Just when I was telling myself it would be a good day. Still very brrrrr here. TV also said only 60 days or so until spring and only 49 until DST returns. Both to look forward to. ?????is do I look forward to being "new" me or still same "old" me.

Princesses here over weekend. Enjoyed but exhausted and then didn't sleep well last night. Would like to get that sleep thing back where it needs be. Surgeon brought it up when I saw him - said not unusual until shoulder totally heals. I don't think that's my only reason but it'll do for now. Did sleep well Saturday night when all were here (as I usually do at their home). Wondering if it somehow relates to being alone?

So off I go to another "FRESH START". Saw Bob Green on TV talking about six foods to banish (nothing new to we :queen:s) - he makes it sound so easy. If it sounds like it's been a TV morning so far, it has. But that's ending now. Yes, it is, yes, it is.

So off I go. :wave:s to all Royals straggling back into the palace this frigid morning.....

:val2: :val2: :val2:

01-21-2008, 01:13 PM
Quickie fly-by post...I'm off to do some food shopping...after a trip to the gym. WW weigh in was a delightfully surprising -2.6 lbs! Not much, but I'll take it and run! Feeling rejeuvenated today, despite the frosty temps.

anagram... I think you should look forward to being the "old" you in a "new" frame...anagram v2.0!

Bon voyage, Arabella, enjoy your trip!

:wave: to everyone else...I need to get moving!

01-21-2008, 04:55 PM
anagram-glad you had good time with princesses in town. hope your sleeping improves overall as quickly as is possible.

hope your trip is a good one, arabella.

hi kat, ceara, kaylets, and to all our lovely royals, mentioned or -un. very cold here and ice by my condo has meant i am not able to get out the past several days, so getting a little cabin feverish. the past couple of days have been pretty good food-wise, and really feeling like i am more motivated and inspired than i had been in a while, and that feels good. i am very ready for spring. my heater can't get above 60-65 in here with this cold(and its being on its last proverbial leg), so i am bundled up inside, but have plenty of sweters and blankets, so except for the fact that all the layers cause me to move a bit like frankenstein (added to what ms does to me in the cold, also), i am doing ok. have been pretty productive while stuck inside too, so can't complain. i am counting the days til sping, though, when it is easier for me to be able to get out among 'em. hearing the number of days until spring feels quite reassuring, anagram. ok, off to be a bit productive. take care, all.

01-22-2008, 12:20 PM
:devil:Glad you're able to be productive, wsw. Trying for some of that myself. I guess I did have a fairly productive day yesterday but need something to feel even more so. To be nasty here later today too. And cold, cold, cold. I'm sorry you have to deal with so much unpleasantness but you seem to be rising to the challenge. Layered sounds fun too. I was that way yesterday, esp when I had to go to PT - that was my only time out and have none planned for today. Hoping for lunch w/friend tomorrow. Been feeling cabinfeverish too. Realized difference is that last year I was going to tai chi and to pool at least occasionally. thank goodness for phone and internet.

Took care of some nasty business this a.m. Much more paperwork stuff to get done and laundry calling. But I think when I'm done here I'm going to find some JOY for the day. You know, a WANT TO DO or (better yet) A SHOULDN'T DO ;) Something lazy, maybe a little decadent - but a non food decadent. Needing a little WILD :devil: today - hoping WILD :devil: is allowed in the palace. Maybe some WILD :devil: music............some WILD :devil: tea.........a WILD :devil: salad (wow, those are some pretty TAME wilds). What a challenge~

Anyway, wishing a WILD day to all :queen:s - even if only in your thoughts!!!

:val1: :val1: :val1: :val1: :val1: :val1: :val1:

01-22-2008, 03:46 PM
Here's to wild :devil: :cheers:

I'm just off to meeting but wanted to pop in and say :wave: I'm behaving very well here in Boston (for a :devil: ): Getting in my 10000 steps, eating well inst. ordering the monster nachos. ;) Hope to get a chance to post soon...

Let's make it a :devil: one ;)

01-23-2008, 09:22 AM
So glad you got to pop in, Arabella. Not the same w/o you. You're in a nice position to be :devil: ish. We're not paralleling on that. I didn't even really go out at all yesterday. Thinking one big difference between last winter and this is that I was going to tai chi and to pool, at least occasionally. Going to PT does not seem the same. But it's working and I think a month more at most and I'll be on my own.

So a decent day yesterday and two good nights of sleep behind me. Had forgotten about full moon when I oft have sleep trouble. (No howling though.) The wildest I got was the salad part. It was fun and delicious. But still prowling for a little :devil:

So, off to showers and then a good try at being productive before early lunch w/friend. Fortunately last two days have been relatively productive and tomorrow looks to be so if I don't slack off too much today, things might look better.

A week since qsilver's WOWSER WEDNESDAY. Whose turn today?

:val3: :val3: :val3: :val3: :val3: :val3:

01-23-2008, 02:25 PM
hi all royals! well, due to ms technical difficulties and the cold weather, i have been stuck inside for 4 days now, and i am cabin-fevered-out at this point. i am going to try and get out a little this afternoon even if it is only a little romp to and from parking lot with my walker. hopefully, i can even get some errands done too. will play it by ear. another ice/snow storm is due again tomorrow, so it may be a few more days+ til i can get out again, if i don't try for my great escape now. so think that is exactly what i will do. well, food stil going ok. every little bit counts and i am counting it, believe me. hope all is well in the palace today. take care, all.

01-23-2008, 04:55 PM
Hail :queen:s, and good afternoon to all...

Just popping in to report some seriously good behavior on my part. :?: I'm happy to say that I have several good, nay, GREAT days under my belt! Food points all within range, even with some 'treats' that are all accounted for. Exercised each day this week so far...well, not yet today, but that's my destination after I'm done here. I have already had somewhat of a workout though, between vacuuming, and washing floors. I look forward to my swim as a 'reward.' Imagine that!

wsw...I do hope that you were able to get a bit o' sunshine today, it does do wonders for morale amid the wretched cabin fever. Hang in there!

anagram...You little :devil: you! Wild is always allowed in this palace! As long as it makes you smile and doesn't make you fat! Only one more month of PT? You'll be out and about well in time for SPRING! Which, according to you, is now only 58 days away...

ahhh...Spring...let me just daydream for a moment...
:flow2: :bubbles: :beach: :kickcan: :goodvibes:

Okay, I can continue with Winter now...

Arabella...hope you're enjoying your trip. You are an inspiration, getting all your steps in and eating well. :cp:

Hi to everyone else, come on out and post! Share something great that you've done for yourself this week. Or how about a nice new recipe? I'm always interested in what other people make for themselves. I'll tell you what I had for breakfast today...really good, surprisingly filling, and only 5 points: 3/4 cup Fiber One cereal, a banana and a cup of chocolate soy milk... :T Lunch was a serving of eggplant parmesan that I made myself, lightened up by baking the eggplant after dipping in egg white and bread crumbs...only 6 points/serving. That was accompanied by a salad with lite balsamic vinaigrette. Lots of points still left for dinner, but I'll probably just have the same thing I had for lunch (since it's already made) and some fruit for my snacks.

Okay, time for me to hit the bricks. I'm back to work tonight. :(

Enjoy what's left of your day, :queen:s!

01-23-2008, 05:04 PM
How's this for :devil: : I'm playing hookey! :s: That's right. They flew me here, arranged all sorts of presentations for my benefit, are feeding me for a few days and putting me up in an okay hotel. And I skipped out after the first presentation of the afternoon. Also skipped the whole group lunch to go somewhere quieter with my director... Eh. I'm a remote worker -- I can only take so much of this interactive stuff.

So I've got a couple of hours before I have to get ready for this evening's festivities. And I was sitting here feeling vaguely guilty and then I thought "the heck with it -- I'm here, I've given myself this gift of time and I'm going to enjoy it, darn it!"

On the :angel: side, I've gotten 10000 steps every day (or very, very close). Today I'm already at 13711, mostly because after I'd already gone for a goodly walk I had to walk another few miles to get to an ATM because the one in the hotel was out of order. And then the first one I got to went down when I put my card into it.

AND I've been as good as gold food-wise. Made good choices, ignored the :devil: desserts. Last night the food at the all-company meeting was pizza, corn dogs, etc. So I went to the dining room and got a bowl of clam chowder instead.

On the :devil: side again, I have had a few drinks both nights and will tonight for sure. But I'm thinking of doing the Ultrametabolism plan starting next week, including not drinking at all. :cheers:

WSW, I hope you managed your outing today and managed to get out and about a bit! You're such an inspiration to me :)

Anagram, :devil: apart, it really feels good to be productive, doesn't it. I mean as far as I recall, of course... :rolleyes:

Kat, congrats on the good WI! That's a darn good loss for a week. :balloons:

Ceara, Andria, Kaylets :wave:

Okey-doke. Think I might do a facial and a little lie-down, iron my blouse and jacket for ce soir. Hope all :queen:ly folk be well!

01-24-2008, 12:08 PM
Hey all :)
Will someone please boot me in the backside for not getting a flu shot this year? I've been down for a few days now, but there finally seems to be an end in sight. I have discovered something about myself the last few days as well. I still want to eat even if I can't taste my food. Weird. You would think that would sort of nip the old appetite in the bud. Nope. I'm still fighting the late afternoon FeedMe beast.
So I don't have anything all that inspiring to add to the mix, but at least I can do replies today. :)

Arabella, your hookey sounds more :angel: than :devil: to be sure! Awesome number of steps per day, and a total kudos for avoiding the desserts. Glad you are enjoying yourself. :)

Kat, you are so incredibly on top of things! The eggplant parmesan sounds lovely and light. I've been making a salad dressing lately with balsamic and a raspberry chipotle sauce from Costco. Very nice if you are into fruity/smokey dressings with a bit of zing. Grats on the 2.6 lbs! I about choked though when you said it wasn't much. Silly Kat... :)

wsw, I do hope you got outside! Loved the bundled up description, but sorry for its necessity.

anagram, I haven't been to a pool in so long, and I miss it! I really need to find out if there is one near me. Did you end up finding anything truly :devil:ish? I think I'm in need of some wicked fun myself.

Well, that's all for those showing on the Topic Review. I know there are others, but my sludgy brain isn't helping me out. I think I'm going to go make a nice big mug of tea, eat an orange, and head back to bed.

Take care :)


01-24-2008, 10:25 PM
Hello all!

I am so impressed by the the Wood Nymph's walking on her trip, WSW's walking with the threat of bad weather, Anagram's "wild ways" and Kat and Silver and Ceara too.....

I am at a interesting fork in the road.... I am craving, craving craving all sorts of dangerous and decadent things... I go to the cafe and don't see them so I wind up with something very right and don't go crazy stuffing trying to "kill" the craving.... I have iniated a very interesting habit however.....
3 days in a row, red licorice... used to be 3 pts.... So far, its working...
Its a first for me to "plan" to spend on candy but it does satisfy and doesn't send me in tailspin like so many other unnamed chocolates do....

I am also trying to limit myself to 2 cups of coffee. But I am drinking a very delicous coffee, worth every penny ( I make a pot and share with some coworkers )....

Guess I am on a "go for the gusto " plan. Trying to enjoy every mouthful.

I think I had a touch of something last week and I was definitely not a pleasant human being to be with. Trust me, I couldnt stand myself!!
But I feel more myself and its much easier when I am not wanting to strangle
all of the Royal Court with my bare hands!


I hate to say it but its true.....I saw the perfect Christmas presents for 3 people ....Its a very pretty tea pot with Hydragenas painted on it.
If you buy one, you get the 2nd 45% off. Why they don't say 50% is beyond me but since some folks drink tea or collect tea pots and love hydrangeas, its perfect. And of course, I plan on buying one for myself too.....
Of course, it could work for birthday too....
Only saw them in a catalog so far...Let's hope I like it when I see it in person as much....

Time for me to hit the shower too...


01-26-2008, 11:25 AM
And not a pound in the difference :dz: I had the wild notion that I might actually have lost some over the week but, nope, scale said not. I think maybe I was just comparing my behavior with how bad I COULD have been (really, really :devil: ) and using that to consider how good I was being. No, when I think about it, I really was pretty good. Had eggs and potatoes most mornings (even crispy bacon) but lunches and dinners were extremely virtuous. Ah well, on with it in any case :dance:

:snowglo: Another one of those cold and sunny winter days, -16 with a -24 windchill. (4 and -11, respectively in F scale) I've got clothes in the washer, bread rising for the oven. I'm going for a walk around the harbour and downtown later. We've got a dinner and jazz performance date tonight with our best friend couple, which we'll walk to too -- so 10000 steps should be easy for today. I'm going to step up the effort -- so to speak :rolleyes: -- and aim for at least 10000 steps in addition to whatever else I do.

I keep coming across these references to 10000 steps a day being the magic bullet that will really make the pounds melt off. And I was thinking last night that most days I'm around 7-8000 steps. The difference works out to about 100 calories. So, at 100 calories a day... that works out to a little over 10 pounds in a year. Hmmm... I can see how if you were sedentary and got up to 10000 steps it actually would be pretty dramatic. If you averaged about 3000, the difference would be upwards of 60 pounds in a year. Holy smokes! Maybe I can ramp up to a goal of, say, 12k a day...

Kaylets, is it possible that the :devil: is made of red licorice? Pls. resist urge to strangle me :lol: but I know that if I'm having sugar on any kind of a regular basis I crave sweets every day but then if I can stay off sugar for a few days it gets much, much easier. And, eventually, it seems like I can have the occasional thing without totally losing it.

You're so right about good coffee! To paraphrase Andria, "Life's too short for bad coffee." I'm still working on some I got special for Christmas with hazelnut added. Eventually I'll get sick of it and want my coffee to just taste like coffee but now it seems pretty good. :)

Your tea pots sound lovely. I've got a little collection of small ones for my own personal use besides our big Brown Betty that does every day service.

Andria, sorry you've been attacked by the flu bug! Hope you're recovering nicely. Re: wanting to eat anyway -- I too have been "blessed" with a very resistant appetite. I'm actually more likely to overeat when I'm feeling illish, esp. if fatigue is a factor. In fact I think that fatigue is my #1 enemy in this battle. It makes my resolve so weak -- when i feel well I can be strong but things fall apart when I'm tired.

Rededicating myself to giving me what I need when I need it. :yes:

Kat, hey! We were simulposting :) Kudos to you on that stellar behavior --have a banana! :cb:

Oh, I am daydreaming right with you:
:flow1::genie::cloud9::flow2::sunny::encore: :goodvibes:

Let's all be feeling fabulous by Spring!

WSW, hope your heating issue is better :grouphug:

Anagram, I often don't sleep well around the full moon either. I think it's because we're supposed to gather together and stay up all night celebrating. :)

Ceara, how's the weather in your part of the realm? And all else?

I'm about ready to head out with the St. Bernard and keg of brandy for Amarantha...

Hope all :queen:ies are well and thriving. Let's make this a good one!

01-26-2008, 01:08 PM
Ahhh...the weekend! And I'm off til Monday night! Last night I went to a huge craft show with some friends, walked around there for about 2 hours. (not many calories burned, browsing, but I didn't eat at all, so that was a bonus!) I didn't buy much, but I got lots of ideas for refurbishing a few areas of the palace... Today's mission is to start researching/planning for our anniversary trip this summer. (25th! :love: ) We've always said that we would go to Ireland for that particular anniversary, so I'd better get workin' on it...

Welcome home, Arabella! No gain, no pain! :cp:

Andria, I sure hope that you are feeling better... Hey! Put that cute doctor of yours to work on your cure! ;) :getwell:

Kaylets... I'm with you on the coffee as an indulgence... I LOVE good coffee, and since I drink it black, it loves me too! :coffee2:

Anagram...Being somewhat sleep deprived myself, I'm hoping that you've caught up on your sleep... :sssh:'s the cabin fever? I hope that you've been able to poke your head outside occasionally! :brr:

Ceara! What's up? :?:

:wave: to anyone else lurking out there!

Time for me to get busy... If anyone has been to the

Emerald Isle, I would appreciate any and all suggestions!

Have a great weekend, y'all!

01-26-2008, 03:10 PM
I'm serious! I was planning on coming home and doing a post, but the dog dug up the cable line while I was out and chewed it to pieces. No phone, no television, and no internet made for a nice quiet evening around here. I'm feeling a whole lot better, but my lungs weren't feeling quite up to anything aerobic yet. I did get in a little bit of exercise though, and I'll try some more today.
Talking about exercise reminds me of a couple of cute things my husby has done for me this last week. First, he ordered an elliptical for us! He says this way we can work out together. I thought that was pretty darn adorable of him. :) Second, he surprised me by bringing home a 20 lb. bag of brown rice. We've been talking about making those sorts of dietary changes, but actions sure speak louder than words.

Kat, Wahoo for 25 years, and an even bigger cheer for celebrating it in Ireland! I have absolutely no suggestions to make along those lines, but if I see anything, I'll send it your way. :)

Arabella, I know what you mean about the 10000 steps and how they are touted as some sort of ideal for weight loss. The first time I heard about that "magic" number, they were saying it was the average number of steps an active and healthy person walks in a day. I wonder if the number has been a bit *******ized from that original meaning. BTW, I'm sorry you didn't lose weight while on your trip, but it does sound like you had an awful lot of fun, and you were also incredibly good about both exercise and food. Sounds like a great combination to me. "Life's too short for bad coffee." Hehehe :) And I totally agree with the fatigue issue being tied directly to eating. I spent the last 3+ years working nights while finishing school, and as the sleep deficit built, my food choices steadily went down the toilet, no matter how hard I tried otherwise. I lost 15 lbs. the first few weeks after quitting without consciously changing a thing I was doing.

Kaylets, bravo for finding your own way through the cravings! Obviously, I'm all for the "go for the gusto" concept. If you are going to eat something, you might as well make it worthwhile. We all deserve the really good things in life and shouldn't be wasting our time on anything beneath our :queen:ly selves.

That brings up a thought I have been running around in my head. A few of you mentioned about a week ago that you have learned a lot about dieting and exercise through trial and error, and I really do believe we are all experts on losing weight and getting healthier by now. Heck, I've even written a healthy eating/food column for a magazine with the information I've picked up over the years. The thing is, I tend to forget the small things that make sense and work for me when the overall portion of a plan isn't working anymore. I was thinking that we all have this kind of information in our heads, and it would make sense to put it together in one list we can read over on a regular basis. I'm just so tired of waiting for that ultimate lightbulb moment when everything comes together and I start to lose weight because the timing is perfect. My timing may never be perfect, and that lightbulb moment may never happen. What I want to do is everything I already know, and just keep working it until I'm done. So, I'm going to start writing up a list of all the common sense things I can think of. I'll post it here as I go. :)


01-27-2008, 08:18 PM
Hello all....

Its nearly the end of the weekend when you can say without guilt "Well, too late to start any projects" .....


Silver-- Are you really writing for a magazine?? How wonderful! I am so jealous! As for 'diet' Tips: Remember that most of it's just marketing.....
Except the common sense stuff of course.... Mindful eating, moving more.....

I thought one of my beagles had an insatiable appetite but she never tried to dig up and eat our cable lines.... That's just wild....

Anagram! You're right! Clothes that look good are great but there is no motivation like knowing you are wearing a smaller size!
Too bad lately, I've been buying the larger ones!

WSW! Don't despair, warmer temps by the end of the week! And I saw some of the stores are stocking spring shades of yellow, green and peach....
Even if Mother Nature isn't sure, the Retailers are positive, SPRING IS COMING!

Ceara--I know, I know, I know.... I can talk, talk , talk but can't walk the walk.... at least not the way I used to.....

Which has me thinking, when folks I worked with see me pass up things, etc, etc, they would say " You are too hard on yourself"....
Now I hear what they were saying in a different light....maybe I was....

Kat, I am so jealous about your plans to go to Ireland! Maybe I should do the same for a meaningful anniversary too!

Who am I missing? Only because of menopause stuff ... Yes, where is our Empress? I wonder!

Time for that Sunday night show.

FRESH START Cards for all......



01-28-2008, 10:17 AM
Wow, it's a beautiful, COLD, sunny morning and I've already gotten a walk in! Dropped Sonny Boy off at school and just drove right over to the park without thinking too much about it (if I do, I'll think of a million reasons why I don't have time to walk this morning!) and I walked for 30 minutes. I would have gone longer but my iPod ran out of juice, AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, my legs were freezing! Sweatpants way too thin for the chilliness. All right, SOME planning is good, I suppose!

I plan on hitting the pool later for my swim too. Last week I did Mon, Wed and Sat...I'm going to try for three days again this week. I am really enjoying these swim sessions. Oh! And! I bought a new (another!) DVD. I know, I know...I could open up a video store (do they even call them that anymore?) what with all the workout dvds I own! I was killing time at Best Buy, browsing through the fitness section, and came across a Leslie Sansone dvd, 5 Mile Walk. What the heck, I had a gift card I found in a drawer, I'll give it a shot. I LOVED it! It took me a little over an hour to do the full five miles, it was a good, sweaty workout, not too much to think about, and she wasn't as annoying as I thought she'd be! I'll try to get her in on the days I don't swim.

I had an epiphany of sorts at Weight Watchers yesterday morning. After my weigh in, which yielded a whopping pound off, my first thought was to groan, "ONLY ONE POUND?" But I quickly realized that I really have been victorious...Not only have I lost 3 weeks in a row, I have BEEN THERE every week for the past five weeks. I have made it a habit. Something must be sticking, because, although I haven't lost much, I am losing. I have improved my eating--not all of the time, but more often than not. I have increased my exercise. I am not depressed. I feel good.

I'm not seeking perfection, just improvement. Perfectionism leads to disappointment. Any change for the good is improvement.

So, it's a new week, I'm in a good place, and I hope that all of you are too!

My coffee is done and I'm off to read the Sunday paper... better late than never!

01-30-2008, 10:28 AM
I'm here! (Sorta)

I'm fighting off a mental funk. Still. Work is the pits. Another position has come up...supervisor, larger branch than the one I currently supervise. 8 more hours/ week...I just took a 4 hour decrease hit...every other Fri, every other Sat...and real day shifts...5 or more hours at a time rather than these 3.5 hour shifts I do. Now I need to balance this against 1 in 3 Sat, every Fri off...and the flexibility of my current position. Plus do I want to drive 15 minutes one way when I currently go 8? I know, IHAVE a job!

Weather has gone from warm and muddy to cold and breezy. As my husband informed me this am, the poop freezes fast today. TMI, I told him!

Middle aged girl hanging in there. Little squeaker is so sweet...and doing well. I am busily grooming my BIS showgirl....she was with a handler in FL, a professional, who re-groomed her. It will take me months to grow this coat back!

So my life in a nutshell...upheaval. Right now I must be off....need to clean up the kitchen, and go for a walk before my shift. Maybe that will clear the is quite windy. Maybe I'll end up in Kansas with Dorothy!

....Andria...deep stuff. Arabella...maintaining whilst away is good. Kat...great work...slow and steady wins the race is just going backwards right now :shrug:. Brrr...wsw.... Kay, I guess your job is going well? you have snow still? Ours disappeared the last 2 days!

:wave: to all!

01-30-2008, 02:06 PM
So bad - I've missed a whole week - take lots of time to catch up.

Welcome home, WN. Good losses, :queen:s. Great resolve. I'm in 3rd good day FINALLY. More anon.

Kat - we went to Ireland for our 25th too - though we actually went the year of our 24th because that's when we saw a good trip - but it was planned for our 25th and we w ent because of that. I'll pm you at some point with some detail though that's been 25 years ago already and I'm sure much has changed - but not the charm of the place. Always intended to go back.

Anyway, off to PT yet again. But at least I'm on day 3 - trying to go back to what worked for me years ago - I'm running out of patience with me. Pt is providing more exercise and I've been adding a lot of leg work. Looking forward to getting out in spring time. Loving the "look aheads".

But first - VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!

:val1: :val2: :val3: :val1: :val2: :val3:

01-30-2008, 05:47 PM
I spent half my morning mentally beating up on myself because I stepped on the scale and didn't like what I saw there. Thank goodness I wasn't working today and had time to get online to read posts here! After a few minutes or reading, I was able to remind myself of the challenge and that I wasn't loving myself. Besides, there is no way to have a true 3 lb. gain overnight. I know that, but until getting in here, it was hard to remember to be kind to myself, drink a lot of water today, get in my veggies/fruits, do my exercise, and wait until tomorrow to step on the scale again.
I have to run take care of some more errands, but I'll try to make it back in later on tonight.
Oh! The elliptical arrives tonight! We have to assemble the booger, but that doesn't matter. I'm still excited!


01-30-2008, 09:59 PM
hi royal ones! it's been a while again. i had some ms"technical difficulties" as well as some computer ones. just a quick hello to check in. the past couple of days, i have been doing quite well with food choices. i even cooked some very yummy and healthy soup to freeze today, which for me is quite a big deal, because i rarely cook. just wanted to let you know i am thinking of 'ya even when i am not able to post. take care, all.

02-01-2008, 08:56 AM
And I completely forgot to lose any weight :dizzy: Hah. Well, I haven't given up or anything but have been struggling this week. Sunday I hopped off the wagon at a party, Monday I dove off the wagon (I think it was that "While I'm off-P, might as well have some..." Even though I hate to admit that I STILL do that. Tuesday and Wednesday were good but then yesterday I gave into the wheat :devil: and found myself standing at the counter cramming crackers into my face late in the afternoon. I was on deadline for a job that I didn't want to do in the first place that turned out to be very difficult. I ended up working until after 8 and was back at it by 5:30 this morning to finish up.

But. Whatever. I'm taking this day and making it work for me. BIL and SIL are coming for dinner tonight and then we're going out to see "Atonement." I'm going to make a lovely and healthy meal, skip the more indulgent components myself :yes: I've got to run out in a few minutes and do the shopping before the store is crazy (It's Friiiiiiiiday!) And I'll get some housework done so it will be presentable this evening and nicer to wake up to tomorrow.

Did the walk to the gym, circuits and yoga routine already, had my muesli. Between shopping, vacuuming and going out tonight, I should be able to get those 10000 steps in. I downloaded the data from the past month and saw that I'd only been averaging a little over 7000 steps a day. So there's some room for improvement. I need to build more walking into my day, cuz typing isn't registering on the pedometer. :dz:

Sorry for the me-me-me note but I gotta get. I'll get in for a longer visit later today or tomorrow.

Love to all -- let's make this a good one!

02-01-2008, 09:07 AM
I have about five minutes before I should be getting ready for the day, and I wanted to come spend it here. :)
The 3 lb. stress the other day really was nothing. I was right where I belonged the next morning. Wahoo for letting off beating myself up! We did get the elliptical, but it is still sitting in a huge, scary looking box in the front room. :( Husby is on call today and won't get off work until after noon tomorrow, so I'm guessing it won't be put together until Sunday. Yes, I could try it myself, but... you have no concept of how bad an idea that would be. :lol: I have no idea how an intelligent, grown woman can be so bad at following assembly instructions, but I am. They make no sense to me!
Food has been pretty darn good here. I still have some serious adapting to do, but I'm making good decisions. My husby really loves eating out, which is difficult for me, but he has also been willing to help me find better choices on the menu at places we both love but only appear to sell breaded, fried, unhealthy fare. He has also been kind about staying away from the multitude of barbecue places here that sell mostly high fat items with no vegetable in sight unless it has been coated and fried and then drowned under some sort of fatty sauce. It is so nice to have someone supporting me along the way, and I think he is really getting it that I'm serious about doing this for the long haul. I think I'm getting it as well. :)

wsw, Good to hear from you! I keep hoping the weather has let up and you are able to get outside. The soup is a good idea. I haven't made any to freeze in a long time. It would be a nice change from those usually blah frozen entrees I'm taking for lunch now.

anagram, Grats on 3 days in a row! Why is it so hard to get back to what we know works? I'm still fighting some of that here. My biggy lately is regular exercise, but it sounds like you have that part under control. :)

ceara, Hope you are winning the battle against the mental funk. I can feel for you on that one; been there too many times myself. You raise show dogs? Does BIS stand for Best in Show? What breed? Yes, I think I am always this full of questions. :lol:

Grrr... I've stretched my five minutes into 10, and I'm still not done with replies. I'm sorry! I really have to go. :(


02-01-2008, 10:48 AM
Good grief, it's a grizzly gray day here, in my neck o' the woods! Perfect day for sleeping in, but I'll save that for tonight, before work. :(

I've had a mixed week so far: First two days, STELLAR...then, Tuesday and Wednesday? Not so much. Not horrible, just not controlled. Coincidentally, or not really, both days followed the nights I worked this week.

Hmm...that was a lightbulb moment. :chin:

I need a better plan for those days <nights> that I work. I usually bring something good to eat, but rarely get a chance to eat it til around 5:30 or 6, at which point I'm ravenous. Then I stress-eat when I get home, oftentimesstanding at the counter cramming crackers into my face. :yes: Then I feel as though the day's been "blown" anyway and I will forage for whatever I can find to eat that will make me feel better. But I feel worse. You know...that old chestnut.

On the plus side, I have exercised every day this week! :cp:

We have a Super Bowl party to go to on Sunday at my brother's house. SIL is also a Weight Watcher, so we were discussing healthy snack options. I'm bringing taco dip, lightened up with fat free refried beans and soy crumbles instead of ground beef. I'll also make some guacamole. :T The tortillas could be a problem (for me) but I'll try to find the baked ones or even make my own. decisions, decisions...

Okay, I need to get moving here if I'm going to make it to the 10:30 "Power" class!

Happy Friday, all...

02-02-2008, 11:30 AM
Sometimes the epiphanies are so small or so obvious that I try to avoid them. :lol: Yeah, it doesn't usually work that well.
The small epiphany of the morning is that even though I had a cold or the flu, or whatever, and I got off track because I couldn't exercise, I have no excuse now to not get back to everything. The second part of the epiphany is that I need to forgive myself for the excesses, and it is time to move on. I had a really bad day all day yesterday, and when I couldn't seem to shed it, I tried to eat it away. In retrospect, I didn't try all that hard to slough it off; I went almost straight to my old comforter. Well, the comforter didn't feel so good (it never really does), and it didn't really satisfy me. Being real and honest with myself is much more satisfying and much more comforting.
So, that all said, I am going to go make a healthy, if awfully late, breaky, and then I am going to get on the recumbent bike and test out my lungs to see if they can handle it. I will do these things because I love myself.
Forgive me for writing yet another Me, Me, Me post. I just need to have a success before I lose the impetus.


02-02-2008, 01:02 PM
Crazy weather here - woke up to windows coated in ice from freezing rain and a slick of ice over everything, wild winds battering the house. Then it went to rain and we had torrents and now the sun's out. :sunny: I did a mini-trampoline workout followed by yoga.

I'm starting a detox-y Ultrametabolism/Ultraprevention diet -- no white stuff, no gluten, no alcohol. I keep feeling like it's a little drastic but ... you, know -- I'm pretty sure it'll give me a good kick-start, which I really need. Plus I know I need to get sugar and gluten out of my life anyway, so it's not a case of doing something for six weeks and then the swan dive off the wagon. Or belly flop or cannonball...

I'm easing into it a bit. Our dinner last night was postponed to tonight because of the weather. It's all good but for the baklawa for dessert :ziplip: which I shan't indulge in. I'll have a glass or two of good red wine (and may very occasionally have a glass throughout the detox period) but no more :nono: Only on veritable occasions -- parties, special dinners. And I may manage to give it up altogether for six weeks and then make it an occasional thing... we shall see.

Anyway, a good day yesterday and another one today :yes:

Kat, I noticed we were alternating earlier in the week -- I took care off the off-P duty Monday and Thursday while you handled Tuesday and Wednesday. :dz: That's enough of that!

Nope, no coincidence that your less-good days followed work nights. It will be grand when you've got a nice, fresh new job!

Superbowl plan sounds excellent! :cp:

Andria, life makes things difficult sometimes, doesn't it. You just had your epiphany and then were struck down by the flu. Just work at making yourself feel good again (love, love, love!) and it will get easier. That's my plan, too.

WSW :grouphug: Life sure can be full of challenges, can't it! I need to remember to be grateful for times without anything especially awful going on. Working on that gratitude thing -- it's so transformative. Have you been meditating these days? I'm trying to get back into it. Don't know why it's so hard to make myself do something that makes my life so much better... :chin:

Ceara, this winter just seems particularly hard on a homey. I'm feeling very doldrumsy, chasing that elusive groove. I know I just have to try harder but... it's hard to try harder. :rolleyes: What's your gut feeling about the job decision?

Kaylets, I am not the biggest fan of all that menopausal stuff (imagine that!). And I had to make a stab at explaining it to DGS the other day. :rolleyes: He really wants a baby sister desperately and is evaluating all options. When i was driving him to school the other day he said to me "Nana, you should make a baby." And I had to explain to him why I could not.

If I haven't told you wimmen the cutest baby sister story ever (I'm not sure if I did or not, menopause dontcha know) let me know and I'll tell it next time...

Anagram, I'm starting to get excited about spring, too, despite the fact that it'll be at least a couple more months here. Whatever. It'll come :yes: And as soon as we bag this challenge we'll be on to the beloved vernal equinox -- it always sounds so springlike to me -- I envision a soft and newish moon, the fresh air with all those heaven and earth scents, things coming to life :)

Hmmm... going to put in an extra self-love effort for this last push towards V-Day, I am.

Sending so much love to all, incl. all wandering :queen:s... Let's make this a good one! :dance:

02-02-2008, 04:32 PM
I'm back, and I'm feeling so much better! Arabella really hit it with this comment: "Don't know why it's so hard to make myself do something that makes my life so much better..." Exercise makes me feel better about myself, and I actually do like doing it, so why is it so hard to just get it done? I made it 20 minutes on the recumbent with stops every five minutes to catch up on breathing. Baby steps, but steps, nonetheless.

Some fun, positive stuff to share since my morning post... We have baby fish! I probably shouldn't be so excited since this is the third breeding in this tank, and we don't have anywhere to put the new babies, but they are so much fun to watch! The second cool thing is that I have tomato plants, mint, and basil sprouting in my kitchen! Wahoo! I just couldn't wait until spring. The tomatoes in the stores here are barely even pink, and they have NO flavor. I can't make myself eat one. They are also prohibitively expensive, so I wouldn't be buying them if they actually did look edible. They are actually spendy enough that my honey decided buying LED grow lights wasn't such a bad idea. The grow lights aren't here yet, but we decided to go ahead and begin sprouting things anyway. This is going to be fun, plus it is good for me. I'm excited!

Arabella, Wow, that really is some crazy weather! The diet sounds like it will do some serious detoxing work. My youngest was on a gluten/casein free diet for years. If you need any ideas or help on going gluten free, let me know. There are also tons of websites; the ones for people with celiacs disease usually sport tons of gluten-free recipes. But then, you probably already know this. :)

Kat, I can hardly wait for you to find a day job. It doesn't make the bad or rough food days go completely away, but it sure does make things easier. Working nights and being constantly sleep-deprived just works against everything we are trying to do. The fact that you do so well blows me away. I think I decided there is more than one reason they call it the graveyard shift. Nice planning ahead for Super Bowl! I have a super low-fat and yummy spinach dip recipe I made up if you want it.

Kaylets, I didn't get a chance to respond to your questions the last time I was on. I don't write for a magazine any longer, but it was great fun while it lasted! I had to quit when I hit the last semester of school. Things just got too insane with graduation, wedding, and a move all coming at the same time. And thank you for the diet tips. You are 100% correct about most of the plans out there being all about the marketing. The common sense stuff is where it's really at; I need to think about what I put in my mouth (and why), and I need to move. When I'm doing both those, I lose weight. Which of course takes me back to that big question... if it is that easy, why aren't I doing it? Well, today I am. :)

Time for this :queen: to take off. We've been doing some Winter Cleaning around here, and the princesses are going to revolt soon if the queen mother doesn't rejoin them before lunch break is over.

Have a great rest of the day!


02-02-2008, 06:57 PM
There's no such thing as a me-me post in the palace because we all share so much in the same ups and downs, we could almost write about the same thing at one point or another.

Ihad the three good days, then three mediocre days. Same with sleep - about three decent, three not so much. Gee - a connection? I agree with the "sleep deprived" need to comfort with food.

It's sort of doldrumish here too though I start out bright and chipper with each new day. By evening though, esp. on the gray days, the chipper gets chopped down pretty much. Just took a nice walk as weather changed a bit by the last of the daylight and it was fairly pleasant. Yesterday we had more than two inches of rain = but they say it would have been 20 inches of snow - which is our usual lot. I noticed in the walk how nasty the yards look and the trees show lots of damage from ice storms, etc. So I'm happy to be back in my cozy place, cluttered as it is again with paperwork. Bain of my existence.

Have been loving me a bit too. Meditating, listening to light jazz station. I haven't had a drink in ages and am thinking it might not be bad to sip a Scotch now and then.

All that soup talk has me thinking I might have some this evening but in this case it will be canned. All my frozen ahead stuff is gone and I have not been in the mood to cook much either.

I did see "27 Dresses" last weekend and it's a hoot. Better than I thought it would be. Actually had a very good and healthy meal that day too at a new restaurant. Ate out Thursday too - had a " salad pizza" which was a lot of lovely greens on a thin, crispy pizza crust drizzled w/oil and parmesan cheese. Yum, yum.

Looks like next week will be the last for PT. I'll be expected to continue at home though and I'm not always that disciplined. Guess it's time I get so.

Have a great Super Bowl weekend, :queen:s, whether you watch or not. I may try to catch a few commercials. That's about it.

:val1: :val1: :val1: :val1: :val1: :val1: :val1:

02-03-2008, 12:27 PM
Feeling ever so much better today :) :yes: Last night was fun. "Atonement" was beautiful to look at and very romantic, if maybe a tad melodramatic compared to the book. And dinner was very good, esp. the pasta with asparagus and smoked salmon in lemon/tarragon cream sauce. Not exactly a diet dish, though, what with 1 c of cream and 3 T of butter... wonder if I could adapt that somehow that it would be almost as good... :chin: Ditto for Thai mussels in coconut milk with coriander and lemongrass (had to substitute lemon zest, but it worked pretty well).

Walked 'round the harbour with DH this morning and back through town. I'm already over 8500 steps for the day so my 10k steps are a shoe-in (sorrrrrry for bad pun) and did some qi qong when I got home. Beautifully sunny today if a little on the frigid side :snowglo:

Ok -- here's value-add. I felt compelled to look up shoo-in and found the following:

"Shoo in" was originally a racetrack term, and was is applied to a horse expected to easily win a race, and, by extension, to any contestant expected to win an easy victory. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first use of the term in print dates back to 1928. A "shoo in" was originally a horse that was expected to win a race, not by virtue of its speed or endurance, but because the race was fixed. The sardonic "subtext" of the original usage, now lost, was that the designated horse would win even if it were so lackadaisical in its performance that it simply wandered somehow up to the finish line and had to be "shooed in" to victory.

QSilver, wow, fresh tomatoes and herbs in the kitchen! :cloud9: How lovely! I've got a space in my kitchen that I keep envisioning with staggered shelves of herbs and greens growing under LEDs... Maybe someday. Actually, we're getting an artist friend who also works as a carpenter in to put floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in DH's study and the shelving wouldn't be a big deal... Hey, this could actually happen :D Thanks for the inspiration!

Anagram, jazz and scotch -- now you're talking! :devil: I swear I am going to meditate TODAY! Thanks for the plug for 27 Dresses -- I thought it looked like it might have possibilities. That salad pizza sounds wonderful -- is it a fork-and-knife kind of thing or do you sort of roll the slices up?

K, Dollings -- I'm off! Hope all are having a wonderful day in the Palace. Let's kick some Royal butt in this last sprint to the line. In the most loving way, of course ;)

OMG, I just hit "submit" and got the notice that I can't post because I'm not logged in or whatever. Thanks be, I hit the back button and found my post intact (I HATE losing posts :mad: ). K, now, let's see if I can post this time -- after carefully C&Ping.

02-03-2008, 12:29 PM
Just a note on the above -- I got the same notification again, logged in on the notification page and my message posted then.

Here's to no lost posties :cheers:

02-04-2008, 02:51 AM
You would think that the girl who frequently complains about her lack of sleep would be doing just that on her night off, now wouldn't you?

I'm just not ready yet.

We went to my brother's house to watch the Super Bowl. They're all big GIANTS fans, so you can imagine the hoopla. I couldn't care less either way, I'm just in it for the party, myself! SIL put out a HUGE spread, with all kinds of lovely nibbles and noshes, but I pretty much stuck with that which wouldn't interfere too much with weight loss: veggies and dip, shrimp with cocktail sauce, and my taco dip, which was a big hit. Two beers and then I switched to coffee. One :cookie:... okay, and a handful of Hershey's kisses. :chockiss::chockiss::chockiss::chockiss: I had more fun down in the basement with the kids, watching them play "Rock Band." My sister was trying to convince me to go with her to the ticker tape parade in NYC on Tuesday. Gee...let me think.... uh... no thanks! L O N G gone are my days of being a part of a drunken throng. In the cold. And rain. :no:

So much good stuff here to respond to, but now the sleepies are finally getting a hold of me... :yawn:

I'm all for that final push to Vday! :val1: Shooting for 100% compliance this week and next. NO EXCUSES.

Nighty night, all...

02-04-2008, 06:58 AM

Glad you didn't lose post, Arabella. So frustrating that way. Food sounds so good. Anything with asparagus and/or salmon is high on my list. I've been putting a little canned asparagus in my salads from time to time lately just for "difference". Fresh better, of course, but can do canned more on a "mood hits me" basis.

Salad pizza was SO loaded w/greens, I forked it down a bit and then carefully balanced pieces and ate w/fingers. Crust too thin/crispy to roll. Knife and fork may have been more genteel but it was a lot of fun w/fingers and I forked up any greens that fell to plate onto next slice.

Kat, you little night owl, you. Doesn't seem like a LOT of food for being at a Super Bowl party. I watched for some commercials. No preference except SonIL is happier, I assume, that the Giants won - since he's a New Yorker. (Long Island, kat, so you could practically :swim: across :s: )

My week wasn't perfect but it was certainly better than I'd been doing. Going to give myself another Slimfast start this week.

Going to a meeting today re health insurance changes which have me spouting off, sulking, perplexed, and all that good stuff. Keep reminding me a :queen: rolls with the punches and does the best her Regal Self can. It's been slipping my mind with all the gunk floating around in there.

Tonight I'm stepping out of my comfort zone a bit. Came across a group for divorced, widowed, singles who meet for dinner once monthly at various restaurants. This month happens to be very close and a divorced friend is going to go with me. It's basically a DINNER group - not a DATING group and I do miss going out to eat as much as I had w/dh. Friend expects it will be mostly women and I expect he same but that's comfy for me as I'm basically looking for new friends (one apparently loses so many when spouse dies). And I think I just need to leave my comfy nest a bit more. So :crossed:

A little more jazz, a teeny bit more Scotch again last evening. The bottle will go back downstairs today. Not a habit I want to get into but I must say I did enjoy both. I'll stay with the jazz station, I think.

So, up much earlier than I wanted to be but had some good sleep and a good stretch the night before. Postponed today's PT until tomorrow so I could come home after morning meeting and have a quiet time before dinner tonight. To be rainy off and on today and pour again tomorrow. Tomorrow to be very warmish though so seems it should feel springlike. Just the thought is making my juices flow. Should go force a bulb or something. Maybe some forsythia. Normally I think it'd be a bit early but I think I'll go take a closer look at them anyway. :


02-04-2008, 09:06 AM
Checking in really fast because there is potential that I'll be too exhausted by this evening to do anything. I'm stressed about my sub job today. The teacher warned me ahead of time that she has one class that is made up entirely of students who have all been on the wrong side of the law, alternative school, drugs, gangs, etc. She says it can get pretty rough at times, and that is with her working with them every day. I'm just going to remember to keep my cool about me.
Since I'm already stressed, I got up early to pack a good, healthy lunch and snacks. I tend to head straight to food when I'm stressy, so I made sure the foods I will have on hand aren't ones that will give me grief afterwards. Other than that, there isn't a whole lot left that I can think to do. Actually, this might be a good thing for me. If I'm not picked up by any schools for next year, I have seriously considered applying at some of the alternative schools around here. I spent over three years working with girls in a youth treatment center, and this might give me a clue how I would do with the boys as well. Yes, I'm searching for the silver lining. :)


02-04-2008, 12:57 PM
Bright and sunny and cold again here. DH and I woke up at 3:30 for some odd reason and couldn't get back to sleep. Still more than 6 hours, though because we went to bed early and I'm okay I think. I did have a nice long lie-down Reiki session and I'm going to take myself off for a Migun massage this afternoon. I love me! :val1: Tee-hee.

I got in my 10000 steps yesterday :cp: :cp: This morning we walked over to the gym, did the circuits, yoga when I got home. Did my stairs on the way -- 8 flights running, 2 staggering up and 10 down. Huzzah.

Kat, sleep is like that sometimes, isn't it. I think it's pretty hard to adapt and sleep normal hours on nights off when you work graveyard shift. Hope you got a good sleep in last night, anyway!

Anagram, good for you doing the singles thing! And I bet it gets comfortable pretty quickly. It is awfully nice to go out to dinner -- one of my very favorite ways to socialize. And no cooking or cleaning up! :hat:

Stepping a bit out of the comfort zone is so empowering -- must try to think of some way to do that myself, in some little way...

Andria, my hat's off to you -- subbing! Wow, that's a tough gig. Takes a very special type of person to manage it for the higher grades. My sister used to sub grades 8 and 9 and would regularly be in tears.

Ceara, WSW, Kaylets -- hanging in?

K, must do a bit of work and then pop out to Migun. Let's make this a good one!

02-04-2008, 02:33 PM
This whole health insurance thing is wearing out my mind so now I'm going to do some physical stuff. I knew that most of the plans included some kind of gym/wellness program but today I learned the one I'd automatically transition to (if I make no conscious choices) would include some WW up to a certain dollar amount per year. Interesting. I won't choose a plan on that basis but $$$$ conscious me would certainly take advantage of any such benefits.

It was your stepping out of your comfort zone a year or two back, Arabella, and enjoying your singing so much that has kept me looking for something different for me. I'm really not into a lot of things I used to do yet (and may never be, i.e., golf) but there's still a lot out in that wide world.

Subbing is tough at best, I'd say, albeit interesting. A young friend called this weekend who has been doing that for a while and mostly lately at a detention center for troubled youth. Actually she was doing that and working a full time evening shift job and quit the regular job w/benefits when they changed her hours so that she couldn't keep subbing. She seems to like it a lot and would do only that, I think, except she doesn't get benefits. She told me once she takes in lots of treats ;)

Well,off to the physical for a bit to clear out all this coverage stuff. So far, it's Slimfast drink for brekkie, a Slimfast bar for lunch (in the car on the way home), there'll be a mid afternoon treat and then the dinner tonight. Should have a little leeway there. Hope, anyway. No Scotch today either. :s:

02-05-2008, 09:30 AM
Two pounds (re)lost. And, really, this is as low as I've been in years. The single pound below that was a fluke from staying up late dancing the night before. So, now, onward. I could possibly hit 215 by V-Day and that would be quite thrilling (yes, I'm easy ;) )

Had a good night's sleep last night which always makes for a better day. Did yoga this a.m. and will make sure my pedometer's at 10000 by the end of the day.

Anagram, I'm so thrilled to have sparked your drive to find more new interests. :D It's a revelation, I think, to explore what it is that we actually want to do. And when we're coupled, we often have "interests" that we're not all that interested in.

The choir's practicing for Mozart's Requiem preparatory to Good Friday. I've gotten practice CDs with separate parts performed. Oh, my goodness -- what a difference! I might actually be able to do this. :)

How was the dinner last night?

Okey-dokey. I must get some work done. Off to sound yoga at lunch. Ommmmmmmmmmmm... :yoga:

02-05-2008, 06:20 PM
Congrats on the loss (or re-). Food was good last night but more salty than I usually have and today I had a huge bump up for my dr visit. Oh well, it will look like a big loss next time - maybe. More importantly, I enjoyed myself a lot. It's been a long time since I mixed it up with a lot of new people and I was wrong about the men part. Almost half were men - almost everyone was younger than I (isn't most of the world?) - the friend who went with me enjoyed it as well and was on board for going again next month even before I was. Yes, I felt good when I came home and when I got up this morning so it was something I needed. I've been feeling that for a while (and had a clipping re this group on my fridge since at least last September). I think I'll need more though but not jumping in or committing to anything else just yet. Just looking - and looking. This was a start.

Too true on the interests, though dh always encouraged me to have a lot of my own. But I've noticed how little interest I've had the last two years in a lot things I used to be up on, etc. Life is a never ending round of "CHANGE" - and, no, that's not a political statement ;)

Hey, NSV. Was in a store today where they had bags and bags of fresh baked Fasnachts (Fat Tuesday donut type things) - not even tempted, didn't think I was required to have at least one and/or DESERVED to have any or the world would stop spinning if I didn't observe that tradition. Progress..

02-05-2008, 11:02 PM
Ok, I just have to point this out... Look at my ticker! I know I didn't set a big goal, but it feels so good to hit it!

Today has been a really good day. I was subbing, but it was for the classes I worked with during student teaching, and basically it was one huge love fest of a day. It definitely went a long way toward making up for yesterday. *shudder* Those were some seriously evil 9th graders. BTW, the planning ahead worked for me. The day was so draining that I desperately needed an afternoon snack to get through the rest of the day, and I had something good to reach for. Even with a snack my blood sugar levels felt bottomed out, I had a huge headache, and by the end of the last class period I couldn't even make my eyes focus properly. As much as I disliked yesterday's experience, I ran into a couple of the students today, and they informed me that their class decided I was "the most crunk sub ever." Yeah, I had to ask my teenager what that meant. :lol:

My sweetie is down off his feet because of tendonitis for the next three days, so I'm busy helping him out. Doctors don't make such good patients. I'll be back tomorrow though. :)


02-06-2008, 06:14 AM
Still dark out but we're almost out the door to the gym. I've done the first part of my :yoga: and will finish when we get back. I've got DGS coming over for a sleepover tonight :) Lots of work, as you all know, but so sweet. :cloud9: We'll pick up my mom and take her to the library. Noah loves to put the books in the slot. He's a good helper!

Anagram, yay for the good times! Re: interests -- I feel like we're always constructing our lives as we go along. Sometimes we don't have so many options. And nice that there were a good number of men at the gathering, too. Even if we don't necessarily want to match ourselves up, we might like a lil' interaction, huh ;) The age thing -- pish tosh, as my Nana used to say -- who cares! :)

Andria, WHOOO-HOOO for you! :balloons: Wow -- that's fantastic. Gee -- meeting a goal. What does that feel like? Been a long, long time since I did anything like that.

And it sounds as if you must be pretty darn crunk as a teacher. Now, Darling, can you 'splain to me what "crunk" means? Sumpin' good, I know. :yes:

Okey-doke. DH is ready to dash and I must dash along. Let's ace this one!

Post-gym NSV update: NINE FLIGHTS, BABY! YAAY-US!!! I thought I felt a little more energetic and then found that I had it in me to run up the ninth flight. One more and I'll have to start in the basement... I envision myself, eventually, running up and down the 12 flights several times before I'm so much as out of puff. Just imagine what that'll do for my running and hiking abilities... I've always hated not being able to keep up with DH and our best friend couple when we went hiking.

Just in the interests of full disclosure, though, I'm running up at an easy pace, not full out. But someday... :)

All right. Time for brekkies now. Love ya! :val1:

02-07-2008, 02:12 PM
Not a wink of sleep last night :tired: I got close a couple of times but didn't quite make it under for one reason or another. I don't feel too terrible today, I guess because I stayed in bed all night anyway. But hope I manage to sleep tonight. I don't often have trouble sleeping but once every few years it seems like I have a totally sleepless night.

Diet's still good but I haven't exercised. I'm going to go do the shopping and then will walk over to walk DH home from work. Not a lot of exercise but better than nought.


Let's just do our best with this one, k?


02-07-2008, 03:27 PM
I have started to post so many times in the past few days and for one reason or another get sidetracked. I WILL complete this post!

This has been a great week, I've exercised each day, food has been completely within points. I'm seeing a loss, but it won't be *official* til Sunday. Trying to prove to myself that if I actually stick to this healthy lifestyle, I will EVENTUALLY lose weight... :chin:

I had gained (?) 2/10ths of a lb last Sunday... My face fell and I kind of groaned and the weigher asked what was wrong. I guess I want it to fall off in 10lb chunks each time, I said. A few days later, I received a little postcard in the mail from her, just to say, "Hang in there!" I can't say how much that meant to me! So I've been hanging in, and doing very well.

I will be attending a meeting tonight with the local chapter of the AAPC (coding organization) I'm hoping to do some networking and get on with the business of finding a new job! :cp:

Okay, too many people hovering over me, waiting for their time on the computer... :rolleyes:

I shall return!

02-08-2008, 09:21 AM
I read the first line of Kat's post and had to laugh. I've been on here four times at least to post, but I keep finding one reason or another to not just get it done. Sounds a lot like my exercise this whole week--lots of good intentions, no real action. I've got to get moving. I'm so tired every night after subbing that I can barely make dinner (we even called out for pizza one night!), and exercise is on my mind, but that is about it. The thing is, I know that if I can get moving more, I'll have better stamina to get through the day. Right now, I can barely creep up a flight of stairs. I read Arabella's post about 9 flights, and I found myself craving that exhilaration so deeply. I want to be able to do it too! I won't get there without work, though. And sometimes that work is going to have to happen when I'm really tired. I think that is loving/caring for myself and not being abusive of my body. I'll just have to stay tuned in carefully to myself and see what my body is really capable of doing.

Kat, I am so proud of you, and I am glad you decided to not only hang in there, but really work it!

Arabella, 9 flights is so impressive! I don't care if you were running them full tilt or crawling, it is an accomplishment. Oh, and the crunk thing... apparently it means something along the lines of beyond awesome with doses of really cool added in. My daughter informed me that I am NOT allowed to use the word myself. :lol:

Anagram, The group thing sounds like it was a lot of fun. I'm glad it was a good mix and that you enjoyed yourself. :) Congratulations on passing up the Fasnacht donuty things without pause! Somehow, from the sound of things, I'm glad I've never even heard of them before. Oh, and I did take in treats to the sub job yesterday. I had them the day before and the students had pretty much completed the work for both days in one. Uh oh. So we played a test review sort of game that involved Starbursts for correct answers. A little bit of sugar and they were absolutely in love with me. Silly teenagers. :lol:

That's as far back as I can go without being late for my job today. It's 9th graders again. Send out a prayer for me if you get a chance!

Have a great one!


02-08-2008, 11:01 AM
I'm a little tired today, probably still because of that sleepless night. Slept okay last night -- DH said I was entertaining him with a medley of whistles, snortles and gruntles as soon as I turned out my light. I didn't mention the echo-ey huge bear in a cave snoring that I was treated to for most of the night before :angel:

He's off today so we walked around the harbour to the gym instead of going directly. And then the stairwell (only managed 8 flights today :sad: ) and yoga. I'm planning to sneak in some house-cleaning through the day today. Not tremendously motivated but it always makes me feel so much better when the house is clean(er).

I ran into an old friend at the store yesterday. We used to be very close -- DH worked with her DH and we saw them fairly often. I've always loved her to bits but she's emotionally fragile and gets into phases where she doesn't see people. When I run into her she's often on the verge of tears and sometimes even just says she can't talk because she's having a bad day. She was behind me at the checkout -- I think she didn't recognize me from the back but then I saw her when I turned around. We caught up a bit and then I left without suggesting we get together because it hasn't worked out in the past.

Well, the point of this is just, I guess, that I feel a bit strange about it. I'm not good at letting go of people that I've been very close to. Ah well, I may email her and say I'd like to get together.

Kat, sounds like you're steaming along. Huzzah! And, of course, .2 of a fluffy up is simply a maintain. Bet you get a nice drop this week! I know what you mean about wanting it to fall off in 10-pound chunks, though. When I was younger I used to be able to drop 30 pounds in six weeks. :chin: Of course, I could gain it faster. And guess I did. Ah well, we'll get there, even if we can't do it at the pace we'd like to. :wizard:

After all, what's the alternative? :dz:

Andria, thanks for the good definition -- sounds totally accurate :) The stair-running is a pretty good example of something you can start at whatever point and improve incrementally. I started thinking about doing it quite a while ago when a study came out that said you get really significant improvements in capacity from going full-tilt for a single minute every day. I'm only doing the stairs 3 times a week and it's probably a couple minutes in before it's the maximum effort possible. I am always looking forward to each improvement, though, and it does feel pretty good to be able to do more.

Oh, but that darn fatigue makes everything so much harder. Hope you get rested up this weekend!

K, I'd better get back to work. Even if I feel like goofing off all day :cloud9:

Let's give this last week of the challenge a good push!

02-08-2008, 05:50 PM
My dear :queen:s, you never cease to amaze me. Nine flights of stairs - I must drag me up one. I remember Kaylets doing stairs as well to build up her stamina.

Doesn't take much to get those kids going, eh, q? Sounds like some good teaching to get that much covered in a short time.

Same old struggle here. But I am finished with PT - at least the going out part. Doing some at home. I think it's helping my "overall" since I'm lifting tiny weights, etc. I don't feel quite as rundown as I had been feeling.

But old scale is still annoyed with me for the night out (yes, it's nice to talk to some men even though I'm not looking). I've made a salad for dinner. I'll add some canned tuna and a baked sweet potato. Lots of Slim fast again this week but each oz. is holding onto me for dear life.

Have fun with Noah, arabella. Hope you get some good sleep. I've been doing fairly well on that after my few bad nights. I think the two nights w/Scotch helped.

Those g-kids keep us young. I'll have to try out the crunk word on someone. If they hear me say it, kids would never use it again ;)

02-09-2008, 07:12 AM
If I end this quickly, it's because someone came along and startled me. There's like only ONE computer around here (i'm at work) :devil: that has an internet connection at night. (They block it at night because it was discovered that someone was hitting some porn sites!) :o I'm in between admissions right now, but I was just informed that there are four more to do in the next hour... *sigh* This night can't end quickly enough for me.

BUT! I have exciting news! Last night at the coder's meeting, I inquired of my former instructor about a position, any position, right here in this hospital. She let me in on an upcoming position and said she'd love to give it to me! We do have to go through proper channels and do things like in-house bids and such for it, so who knows how long, but still! :cp: The light at the end of the tunnel is burning a little brighter...Oh, I can't wait to get off the night shift!

I have my gym bag packed and I'm heading over there as soon as I'm outta here! In a mere fifty minutes... I'd better go grab those last charts...

Happy Saturday, all!

02-09-2008, 11:12 AM
Well, I am almost at my 10,000 steps already, thanks to walking around the harbour to get to choir practice... and around the harbour again on the way back when we found the doors locked. Turns out we were an hour early :rolleyes: Should have rechecked that email. Ah well... I'll get in some practice at home. By the time we got back here and checked email we would have been late.

We're going to a party tonight for DSIL's birthday so I'm going to need to keep my wits about me. Last time with these folks caution went out the window. It was fun, but not very conducive to weight loss. And it sure seems like one has to fight hard for every ounce. You know, here I am with a week of good behavior logged and I feel like I should have lost a few pounds, huh. :shrug: Maybe by Thursday? :crossed:

Anagram, yes the g-kids keep us young on the one hand but also remind me that I'm not really young. Lots of work -- Noah is a very active boy. And I complicated things this past week by trying to combine the visit with taking my mom to the library and exchanging her books and then having her in to dinner. So more running around than strictly necessary.

It's funny -- my mom was beside herself because she was going to visit my brother in Ottawa and was frantically baking goodies to pack and take to him. By the time I got there to pick her up she was so wiped she just had to sit a bit before we left.

And then I offered my niece a ride to her friend's place to save her cab fare and it turned out she didn't really remember the way there and we ended up driving around the area for three-quarters of an hour. Long story short -- we didn't make it to the library.

I was a bit frustrated, I must say. I've got her books in the trunk, anyway and I guess I'll exchange them for her and drop them off.

Kat, that's fabulous about the job possibility! I really think that getting off the night shift -- quite apart from anything else you don't like about your job -- would give you a new lease on life. You'd be ready to take on the world, I'd bet :yes: I'm often amazed at how well you cope.

I've got beans and rice cooking for a minestrone soup -- time to go add veggies. Hope all :queen:ly folk have a lovely, self-nurturing Saturday. :val1:

02-09-2008, 06:35 PM
I feel like such a WOMAN at the moment! I'm not normally the assembly inclined one in the house, but I couldn't wait any longer for the elliptical to be put together; I decided to do it myself. :D The eldest of my two princesses did help with some of the positioning; technically, that means I didn't do it all by myself, but it is close enough for me! And yes, I got on it and managed an entire six minutes of exercise before I was good and winded. :o Hey, we all have to start somewhere, and I'm willing to call this good. Six is better than zero any day of the week. I'll try a few minutes later on, and I'll do the balance on the recumbent.

Arabella, that is an impressive amount of walking for so early in the day. Good luck with the party tonight. Maybe filling up on your delicious sounding soup first will pave the way for a healthy evening.

Kat, Way to work your connections and make your life happen! I can hardly wait for you to be back on day shifts. Your body is going to thank you, trust me.

Anagram, Wish I had no clue what you meant when you said every ounce is holding on for dear life. I guess we keep fighting for each one until we get there, eh? You'll have to let us know how the grandkids respond to you using "crunk" in front of them. I love the shock value inherent in those moments.

All rightey, time to run away, back to my :queen:ly duties. The eldest has her first sleepover since we moved here, and you know we can't be late for that. Duty calls! :)


02-10-2008, 01:38 PM
Another longish walk this morning around town and back around the harbour. I actually thought it might have made the full 10000 but I'll be able to get another 1000 pretty easily just puttering around the house. Which is the plan for the rest of the day. :yes: I also got in my :yoga:

There was a guy kiteboarding on the harbour -- looked like so much fun and lots of exercise, too. The wind kept picking him right up. Maybe some day...

Well, I drank too much wine last night and had a piece of birthday cake. I could feel it on the way out there, that I didn't feel like being ultra-controlled. But the cake was the only off-P food that I had and I refused a second piece (I KNOW! Such forebearance :rolleyes: ) Anyway, it was a special occasion, I didn't overeat and I'm right on-P again today. So, all things considered, okay I guess. Onward!

Andria, HIGH FIVE, SISTAH!!! You rock on with your bad self assembling that elliptical! :cheers: And I bet you'll be able to go a lot longer when you haven't just expended all that energy putting the freakin' thing together.

Anagram, I just read about a woman doing 25 flights of stairs on a daily basis to get ready for Carnaval. Guess I'm not likely to be parading in a skimpy costume shaking my behind all the way. :chin: Nope, not any time soon. :lol:

:queen:ies, enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I intend to! :val1:

02-10-2008, 02:24 PM
I'm going to enjoy my Sunday too. Did a little PT so far, cold and windy but looks pretty - maybe later. First , have to do a little more "work" reading - I'm so tough on me ;)

So great, kat, that you got yourself up and out to that meeting. Yes, life will be so different. Good vibes to you on that job and that it will be accomplished soon.

Yes, Andria. Six minutes is a LOT to me. But assembling it is a LOT-ER.

Arabella - we parallel again. I find so often my simple good intentions lead me into more situations/byways than I expected and and my (never too solid) plans get way thrown off.

A halfway decent weigh in today - it took me six days to get back to where I was before eating out on Monday. I was maybe 2 pounds lower two months ago and the strange thing is I don't think I gained it over the holidays but rather during the Month of January. Maybe it was hanging around waiting to jump back on in December. I went looking for the calendar where I thought I had written numbers down. Nope not there. Now, where? Maybe I imagined it. OK I wrote today's down though it's not my "official" day.

Well, I'll never get my reading done if I don't get to it. And I think I want to do a little baking later (for a trip to P'ville next weekend). I don't usually give up chocolate for Lent but I have this year as I recently (January) seem to have developed a craving for it. So if I bake chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I won't be able to eat them. That's the plan, anyway.

Off I go..................... :belly:

Ok that's the virtual me. The real me agrees with Arabella above. No skimpy costumres and I jiggle more than I shake.

02-11-2008, 10:43 AM
:snowglo:We've got that "Winter Wonderland" thing going on again. Lots more snow, schools closed for the day. I know one little boy that must have been very happy this morning. Sad that he's already getting up and not wanting to do what he's got to do all day. I've been giving him pep talks to try to get him more into it. :rolleyes: Then I have to start on my own pep talks.

We walked to the gym, did the circuits, nine flights of stairs on the way home and yoga when we got back. :yoga: I've got laundry on the go and am starting to declutter between work. I'm planning to take next week off and hope to not feel like I've got to spend the time cleaning up the house. I should make some appointments to interview people for the book. :yes: And I will, too. I've got one guy who used to work for Parks Canada here and says Green Gables is haunted :eek:

So. Going to have to be efficient. I've also got choir practice tonight so I need to practice. I've downloaded the music to my MP3 player so that makes it easy to practice while I'm doing other things.

Anagram, you said it! I was thinking that if I'd had a month wheat and sugar-free I never would have succumbed to that cake but as it had only been about a week I was easy prey. But... I dunno. Seems like the occasional piece of cake might happen and as long as that's all it is, we're doing well.

Funny (not really) how long it takes to get off one of the li'l bump-ups sometimes. Depends on what I eat -- if I eat much wheat/ salt, it can take a week.

I love your costume -- seductive without being vulgar! ;)

K, :queen:ies, let's hit it! :val1:

02-12-2008, 07:48 AM
The little changes are really starting to feel like they are paying off! I've been making sure to do all the little, practical things we know we are supposed to do. I've been eating more fruit, lots of veggies, cutting back on easy to avoid fats, cutting back simple carbs, replacing them with complex carbs, and making sure to move more. Nothing has been huge, and nothing has felt like something I can't keep up for the long-term. I'm doing things I feel like I can live with!
And yes, I still get jealous of people who are doing bigger, tougher diet plans and are losing weight quickly. Of course I want this all gone now, who doesn't? But I also know myself, and I can't keep up anything more stringent for the long run and be happy; I get obsessive, and eventually I realize it isn't mentally healthy, and I give it all up and gain back the weight--again.

Ok, got to run get ready. Another day, another set of new faces--at least I'm familiar with the school. :)

Have a great day!


02-12-2008, 09:50 PM
Hmm...I thought I had posted yesterday. I remember typing. I remember sharing, excitedly I might add, the news that my weigh-in this week yielded a whopping 4 lbs off! :cp: I remember discussing Arabella's stair climbing and how she has inspired me to suck it up and just start using the stairs at work instead of endlessly waiting for elevators. Which I did last night...against all cries of protest from my inner fat chick. She did NOT want to use the stairs!!! :no::no::no: But I did anyway, and you know what? It wasn't bad. I kind of enjoyed it once I realized that I didn't have to run up the stairs, I just purposefully planted each foot and boosted myself up those stairs! Like a bunch of mini workouts all night long. I felt good at the end of a long night and I was rewarded with today's weight showing an <unofficial> 3 more lbs down since Sunday!! :goodscale

So, Andria's post is all about right where I'm at too. Little changes paying off. Maybe not as quickly as we'd like at first, but it does happen. Consistency is the key. Incorporating changes that we can live with comfortably and just doing what works over and over.

I had planned on getting over to the gym for my step class, but I woke up too late to navigate through SNOW REMOVAL first. If I could have just jumped into my gym clothes and raced over, I would have been a minute or two late....but the blanket of white that was not there when I went to sleep this morning stopped me in my tracks! :shocksn::snowglo::coolsnow::brr: I'll pop in a dvd and do something as soon as I'm done here.

Quick job update! I put my bid in today, and got a callback right away. I need to take a test Thursday, I guess I need to show them that I actually do know how to code charts. Based upon that, I'll be scheduled for an interview. So... :crossed:

Oh! And! We booked our trip to Ireland! :luck2you: Next August. Six months away. Just think of what can be accomplished in six months time! :chin:

All righty, I'm off to sweat for a bit, hit the shower and get back to work...and the stairs!


I changed my stats below to reflect a total picture of weight loss...before even starting WW. From my highest weight til now. I realized that I need to account for all weight loss, not just that which I have "paid" for! Looks better too!

02-13-2008, 07:45 AM
Thought I'd best post before any icy branches fell any power lines. Our pristine snow of yesterday is now covered by a blanket of ice and fingers are crossed that the temp goes up two more degrees so it turns to just rain before power outages. Good thing I like my own company :smile: as I've had plenty of it. Have not been out of house since last Saturday. Of course, it wasn't planned that way but :wow:

Holding onto everything. Very frustrating. I'm impressed, kat, with your stair climbing and also that you remembered so much from your lost post. Also delighted to hear Ireland's been firmly ensconced as a circled date. Really something to look forward to.

However, NSV. I did make the cookies Sunday and ate nary one chocolate chip nor any cookies. And I've had a dozen peanut butter Easter eggs (one of my all time favorite things) in the freezer for a few weeks now. All is not great but all is not lost either.

Have I mentioned I'm sleeping better since I've switched to decaf tea after the morning cuppa? But I was drinking a lot of green tea so I guess it was adding up. Not totally the problem but apparently contributed. Are there no pleasures left to be had?

I admire you, andria. I think it would be hard to go to a different classroom every day but you sound like you welcome the challenge.

Ah, the pep talk to self, arabella. I have so many variations but I know them all by heart. But yes, DGS is so young to need to be urged on. Hate that we have to curb the natural enthusiasm (though I do my share of trying to curb when the n.e. level gets too high for me).

So speaking of pep talks - here I go. Waiting for nice neighbor to put newspaper in door as he's done all winter. Another nice one cleared snow fromdriveway ( a sheet of ice now) so rain will work quickly on that when it gets here. I could say I don't want neighbor to brave all that but that wouldn't be true. I'd love to have my paper with my tea.......

02-13-2008, 11:03 AM
You have good neighbors, anagram. I hope your paper wasn't frozen to the driveway! All of our snow was/is being washed away by rain, rain and more rain. :rain: Perfect day for sleeping...that is, if you worked all night! But I can't sleep for too long. I'm off tonight and it's my son's birthday. Speaking of whom, he got his driver's license this the pouring rain...what a trooper! (only took me THREE tries to get mine--on perfectly sunny summer days....hmmph) I asked the boy (boy! He's 17!) to tell me what he wanted me to make him for dinner...anything at all. His request? Cheeseburger pie. Made with Bisquick and ground beef and cheese. :?: That's it? Really? He assured me that's what he wants. A man of simple tastes. Just like his dad, I guess, who always asks for pot roast on his birthday. :p I'm shooting for lobster when I'm asked the same question!

Gotta run...If I'm not back later, I'll report in tomorrow, after my "test" for my (potential) new position. :crossed:

02-13-2008, 11:28 AM
They're forecasting a storm and I definitely believe it from the sunrise this morning, flaming red sky way up.

Red sky at night, sailors delight;
Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.

Maybe special for Valentine's Eve? I've got writing group scheduled for this evening and am supposed to be facilitating. Oh -- the woman whose house we gather at just sent a message cancelling. I'm glad to have the decision made. I hate it when the weather threatens but is indecisive. Nothing happening outside yet but it could be any minute.

We walked to the gym, did the circuits. I MADE 10 FLIGHTS THIS MORNING! Next time I have to start in the basement. Or run faster... I wonder what I could do if I was running all out? Probably about 3 flights.

Had a minor spill off the wagon on Monday. It was pretty weird - I'd actually been having those "I've got this thing licked" feelings :smug: Seriously! :lol: And then a few work frustrations and I was nuking baklava out of the freezer. They're very tiny but I had six or seven pieces.

But. Right back on the wagon again. It could have been related to the birthday cake the other night though. Better to be off the wheat and sugar :yes:

Andria, you're wise! :encore: That's the way to do it -- make changes you can live with. That's the only way it'll be permanent, if you change your life.

Anagram, I love hearing about your neighbours looking after you. That's like a whole bunch of valentines :val1:

Kat, yay for you on the stairs! I bet you get a fair number of flights in in the run of a night. "Oof! Oof! and Away!" as my son used to say. When he was about 3 we were out lying on a blanket in the back yard. I got up to go in and went to pick up the blanket with him in it. "Oof!" I said. "Oof oof and away, Mummy!" was the reply.

K. Better get some work done. DH will be home for lunch in no time.

02-15-2008, 03:19 AM
Things are rather quiet 'round the palace today... Well, we've royally romped our way to Vday!

How did everyone do?

I'm very happy with the changes that I've made and managed to stick with thus far. That is the best Valentine's day gift I could ever have given myself. I feel good. :val1:

I went for my test today...which turned into an impromptu interview, and it sounds like, barring any glaring errors that I possibly made, ( :no: )....I HAVE THE JOB! ~i think~ I was told that I would hear from them by the middle of next week, but they discussed salary (more $$$! :cp: ) and benefits and the fact that much of my orientation will be unneccessary seeing as I already work there! I'm still crossing my fingers til I get "official" word. :crossed:

It's funny, and I didn't even realize it til today as I was blathering excitedly to my mom; when I started nights eight years ago, it was because I needed to be here mornings to get my son off to school and not be continually arranging rides for him. (I was working then from 7-3 and dh worked/still does, crazy, ever-changing shifts) The position I work at now opened up just when I really needed it. I remember saying that I'd work nights til he could drive himself to school, and lo and behold! He got his license and I got my new job! I think Timing, eh? :chin:

This afternoon I went to the gym, thinking I'd be taking my new favorite Step class. Come to find out it was cancelled, *sigh* so I figured I'd do the treadmill or bike for a bit. Realized I didn't have my ipod with me and thought, ugh, that is torture without tunes, so I took the Kick boxing :boxing: class in the next studio instead. (I do have Billy Blanks at home in my vast, dusty reservoir of workout tapes, and have actually done his workouts, so I wasn't a total chump) At the end of the class, she had us, dear lord, jogging... Now, I often dream of running. Not jogging, mind you, but flat out running...for just seems wonderful and exhilarating, but I don't do it because I feel like I'm too heavy, I'll kill my knees or whatever, but I gotta felt pretty good in that classroom! Now, it was for, MAYBE, two minutes, but I did it! :running:

All right, I'm off to bed. I hope that all :queen:s are well and busy with your various pursuits...all things that make you happy!

02-15-2008, 08:56 AM
Sounds like full steam ahead for you, kat. Isn't it wonderful sometimes how things work out (hopefully anyway). As you said, timing. But also because you made yourself go that meeting.

I'm afraid I've done terribly at the challenge. Making changes and staying with old changes. Feeling better BUT..............Yesterday I was up 4 pounds since last week. Now I'm sure it's not real pounds but this time cannot figure (as I could last time) why I bulged so much. I seem overall the last month or so to be on a "gain" cycle after holding so well through so many different things/cycles.

The only thing I can think of is that it's been so long since I've done much real exercise. Yes, I'm still doing PT at home and have added some extra exercises but it's NOT walking, not tai chi, nor water exercising. Will have to do more analysis. More changing, more water, etc. Not a happy camper that way.

Did your storm come, Arabella? Yes, I hate the indecisiveness of waiting to find out if things are cancelled. Had it yesterday re luncheon. Got up, dressed for it, etc. Several phone calls back and forth w/friend. She finally decided not to go. But when it was just about time, I checked again and ice had melted from my driveway and it looked like road was improving. So I took off and found the world outside my development was good so I hit the luncheon (first time out of house in five days), grocery store, etc. But the back and forth of it all is tiring.

So back to the surgeon this afternoon. Slimfasted again this morning and trying to work out what I can eat that will help get rid of this four pounds. Grrrrrrrrr.

And spring only a month or so away.

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's day.

Missing you, ceara. And flower too. Wondering how much you've enjoyed your life in FL this winter while some of us are shivering.

Hi, wsw, Empress, Eydie and all.

02-15-2008, 04:34 PM
I've been running all day, but for the hour and a half or so that I spent waiting for the doctor for the consultation for colonoscopy. No immediate danger signs so I'll be booked for some time in the fall. I guess I can wait :lol:

Did the walk to the gym, circuits, yoga. :yoga: Also walked back and forth from the doctor's office, so I'm at 12,276 and counting. :dancer:

I managed to run 11 flights today -- :eek: That's almost the whole thing. One more flight. Then I guess I'll see about running them faster...

And I rejoined WW this morning and weighed in 1.4 below the last time I was there before Christmas. Coulda been better, of course, but coulda been lots worse.

Kat, WHOOOOO-HOO! :balloons: That's fantastic -- interesting the way things are falling into place just as you planned :chin: Wow, time to make some new long-range plans :) Yay for the kick-boxing and jogging, too!

Anagram, may those 4 fluffies vanish as swiftly and mysteriously as they appeared! Good for you getting out into that big world beyond the development. I find the more I stay in the house the harder it is to get out of it but it really is not good for me AT ALL to stay in the house too much. We did get our storm and I am sick, sick, sick of snow and ice.

So, :queen:lies, I guess it's time to move on to the next challenge. Spring, anyone? :love:

02-16-2008, 09:44 AM
Spring sounds good to me. :)
Sorry I haven't been here really the last week. I'm doing fine on the eating and all, but I get really depressy around this time of year. It doesn't help that the skies have been all gray and cloudy here. It finally opened up and rained last night, and I felt like knots tied around my soul released along with all that moisture. Thank goodness. I went ahead and cried this morning, did some writing, and then cried some more. Feels like time to move on now.
So... about that new challenge. What's next?


02-16-2008, 12:32 PM
Wowzer to running 11 flights - even if you ran them slowly. Eleven flights is one big bunch.

Hope you're feeling better and brighter today too, Andria. You're doing so well but I think winter gets to everybody. We've had so much gray I'm appreciating today's (very cold) sunshine. Supposed to have showers/rain tomorrow afternoon into Monday afternoon. But I'm still going to Princessville so I'll have my sunshine.

I'm feeling a bit better,too, because those pesky four fluffies have indeed gone and I'm down .2 from the week before. However, I think I've still put on a pound or two somewhere in January after holding so well through the holidays. And haven't figured out the +4 yet. My swings aren't usually that much but the last two weeks they've surely been.

However, we all know spring is coming and we ALWAYS do well in that great time of year, don't we? I've been calling peoples to come do some work on my arbor vitaes and I'm also going to call painters and get estimates on my kitchen. Maybe the LR and maybe one of the bedrooms. The hall/foyer needs something too but let's not get carried away. Also want to get two b.r.s refloored. Well, I don't WANT but they look rather atrocious and really need something. Two projects is enough for a start though. Can't wait to hear what that bad news is. That's what happens when you let too many things go for too long. $$$$$$$

Sleep really messed up again last night so expect to crash eventually. However, I'd been doing pretty well so it's the first really bad night in a while and I can usually manage to get through if it's just one.

:welcome3::flow1::flow1::flow1::flow1::dancer: :dancer::flow2::flow2::flow2::flow2:

02-16-2008, 03:28 PM
Beloved Queenies, the Palace staff has been prepared for us, all fluffed up, full of flowers, a cozy fire for cool spring evenings and the kettle on for tea. Shall we sashay thither? ;)

I'm down another pound, so that was three for the last challenge. Not fabulous but, you know, better than a kick in the butt with a frozen mukluk.

Speaking of freezing... COLD here today :snowglo: I walked around the park to choir practice. Practice was very good today -- think I might actually be able to do this :yes:

Andria, I know exactly what you mean about the rain -- it's so cathartic! I'm sure if it rained a lot I'd get very sick of it (as a matter of fact, I know it) but once in a while a good rain is like a good cry. Hope you're feeling better! :hug: Winter IS hard!

And one other thing I noticed the other day, when I successfully fought off the diet :devil: -- I was in a foul mood by the evening. Victorious but not a happy camper at all. And it occurred to me that it might have been because I was deprived of my drug of choice. Thank goodness I felt better the next day!

Anagram, you're so right -- we do great in the spring and even with the approach of spring and all that coming back to life. Violets will bloom!

You know, a pound or two up over the winter is much better than what the average person does, right? I know perfectly slender people that have gained 7 or 8 pounds since before Christmas. So be proud! :encore:

I knew those four fluffies would melt away in an instant. And their friends will follow! :yes:

K, Queenies -- ready to hit the Spring Palace? C'mon!