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01-30-2002, 06:40 AM
Thru Thick & Thin is a group that was formed to give and receive support on our journey to take off the excess pounds and to keep them off. No matter who you are or where you are from, you're welcome here with us. We'll stand with you while you're losing and stand by you if you're not. We all have ups and downs and we need support in both.

01-30-2002, 07:21 AM
Hey Hey, another day!~~Boy what a difference a day makes, it's cold here this morning. I got back on the treadmill again yesterday. Have I told you yet that I hate that thing! I also hate being fat, choice's, choice's, we all have choice's to make. Today...it's the treadmill. Somehow I forgot to sleep last night. Maybe it's a good thing and I can sleep tonight although I will have Brett in the bed with me. Yep...He's spending the night. I won't get him until about 5 and he will go home about 8 in the morning. My new blood pressure meds aren't working at all, not at night anyway. I don't know what it is going to take.

Moonstone~~That is a different name. It's those hiatus times that gets us in trouble. I've had a lot of them and I'm in big trouble.:D But if you have kids, your still young and there is a lot of hope and life left for you. Go for it. WW has a good food plan, and it works, if you work it. I'm wishing you all the luck and fortitude you need to go all the way this time. You'll love yourself for it. Friday will be a big turning point for you. Looking forward to getting to know you and hearing of your losses every week.

Tobey~~Sorry your weather is going south too, it went right past me. Must have ended up in Texas. I have many years on you, but your light years a head of me on cooking. I'm getting muffins down pat though. I'm not real adventurous in cooking, I would have to eat it all, hubby is not much on trying new things.

Jo Jo~~I noticed yesterday that my daffodils are trying to come up. I've never tried to take care of them and they will not die. The things I want is the ones that dies. Girl if I sent my hubby to the store for food, I'd get something like pigs feet back. In the 40 years we've been married he has gone to the grocery store with me exactly once, and that was enough. He can do the working and I'll take care of the buying. It's worked well that way.:D

Jen~~Oh my God, you mean to tell me that with a job and school to take care of, you drive 70 miles one way to school. Girlfriend you are under a load. I hope that schooling lands you a good job. OPPs...Now lookie there, I've gone and called you girlfriend, I should have said, "My sweet child." My dh drives about 55 miles one way to work and has been doing it since 1971. We've burned a lot of gas over the years. We like where we live!!! Your the only one that mentioned the Challenge. Last time we challenged other groups in a weight loss contest. It run for so many weeks and we devided the weight each group lost by the numbers of girls in the group that entered to make it come out fair. Any ideas would help. The only thing I can thank of is for the support board groups that wants to get in a challenge could challenge the Buddy up board. What do you thank. It puts pressure on you to day the least. I made that larger so the others would read it. Ha Ha

Make this day count, be good to yourself. See ya tomorrow.

01-30-2002, 07:30 AM
Hi Marlena! Not so young - 45 - I had all four kids between 31 and 36! They're 9, 11, 13 and 15 right now! The "baby fat" I'm trying to get off is 9 years old!!! As I"m new here, who is Brett? As you mentioned your husband, I'm assuming it' not him -- also that you guys aren't doubling up!! Is he a grandchild?

I love the idea of a Challenge - any incentive is good! I know what you mean about the treadmill - mine has been acting as a clothes horse for the past year BUT I have been on it (albeit for 25-30 minutes and NOT fast) for three days in a row now!! Even last night when I was bagged as I worked two 12 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday, two 10's on Monday and Tuesday and today a 9! Between homework duties (which, with my guys, ends around 9:30 at night), supper, etc, and I am up at 4:45 am to get to work, I was bagged but pulled it down and used it for 25 minutes.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone! Have a "fruitful" day!

01-30-2002, 03:34 PM
Hello Yíall :wave:

Well I am happy to report that I had a 4.6-lb. loss yesterday! :smug: I was so surprised by the amount. So that revamping really paid off and Iím going to keep it up! Today we are to be in the mid-70ís again and could tie or break a record. Well it was way to nice out to exercise in the gym so I went out on the trail here in the Office Park, what a difference those hills make!

Tobey, thanks for the web sites Iíll have to check them out.

Moonstone, believe me when I started back on the treadmill I was happy just to finish 20 or 30 minutes. Your speed and distance will come back before you know it, it has for me. Keep at it is the best thing.

Marlana, I like the challenge idea of one board against another. I also think how we tracked it was the only way a challenge could work. How about pounds loss between Monday February 4 and April 1st. Thatís the Monday after Easter and is 7 weeks. Given its Thursday, we may have to drop it back to 6 weeks and start February 11th.

Well got to go to our propaganda meeting on the new companyÖI love corporate America :lol:


01-30-2002, 05:19 PM
Hi All

It has been a busy day at work so this is the first chance I had to get in today. We handed out our company sweatshirts today and they were well received by everyone. In fact I am thinking about throwing mine on right now Ė I think someone jacked up the a/c in our office and Iím freezing Ė Iím a delicate flower you know :lol: The weather has started to take a nasty turn here. You would think it was winter or something. In fact we have a storm warning in effect (for either tomorrow or Friday Ė I missed what they said). They are expecting up to 15cm (about 6 inches). Blah!

Jojo: I bet your days just fly by at work! I used to have a job that sounds very much like yours in now. I know how stressful it can get some days. The only thing that made it worthwhile was my boss and co-workers. They were great Ė everything else sucked! Including the $$. I hope those daffodils donít freeze. Some areas outside of the city had freezing rain. My bossí daughter fell in their drive this morning it was so slippery. Glad there was nothing around our house. Dh used to get sick at the ideas of sushi as well. Then he tried to veggie sushi and liked it and has now progressed to fish (yuck!). However, I think he favourite is still avocado. Glad to hear that everything should be okay with unemployment. Guess you will be able to breath again!

Jen: So what did the day have in store for you today? Did you make it to class? I donít think I could eat raw fish either (even if I wasnít a vegetarian) but cucumber or avocado and rice go soooo well. There is actually a place downtown that makes 80 different varieties of vegetarian sushi. I have been there yet but it is on my list. I have also heard that about pedometers. Here is a link to an article that you might find useful: http://walking.about.com/library/gg/aabybpedometer.htm

Marlana: Sorry to hear that the new meds are working. What a tough time you are having. You should get in some good exercise tonight chasing Brett around. :lol: It too bad that you hate the treadmill so much. Although I totally understand. I donít find it very exciting either Ė it just doesnít beat being in the outdoors! When I have to do treadmill workouts I normally play games with myself and listen to really loud music. Have you tried reading a magazine or watching TV while you walk? At least you are sticking with it. Who knows Ė maybe it will grow on you.

Moonstone: Wow thatís a lot of wee ones in a short period! Yikes! :lol: What do you do that work such crazy hours? Thatís great that you were able to muster up the energy (and motivation) to exercise. Good for you!

Mb: CONGRATULATIONS What an amazing loss! You arenít kidding that the revamping paid off. Wowee! It is sooo much nicer to exercise outside, isnít it? Now that the weather is becoming so blah here, I am extra glad that I ran an extra day when it was so nice out. Let us know how that propaganda meeting goes Ė good luck!

Well thatís all for now. Have a good one and think warm thoughts!

01-30-2002, 06:19 PM
Hey everyone. :wave:

We have another beautiful day with the a/c running. I cleaned all my fish tanks today and then started playing with the digital camera that my friend gave me. This is the friends that we helped move and we also have kept their 4 wheeler through the summer for them. They feel like they want to pay us and we won't accept anything so they try to find things that they think we want as gifts. I love this camera. :lol: I think that with some practice, I might be able to get some pictures of my fish to post.

Marlana~Maybe another challenge is just what we need. Valentines' Day is too soon but we can go for Spring or April Fool's Day. We could come up with a cut name like Spring Fling or April Fool's Face-Off....... I watch too many movies don't I. I still have a lot going on through February 10 but after that, there are not excuses for my bad eating. My sunburn is getting better but is starting to itch a little. Winter burns are much better than those summer burns but I'd rather not have either. I wore that sleeveless blouse because it was so warm and I wanted to get a little color on my arms. Red was not the color that I was looking for though. :D The camera was still in the package with all the papers and the CD to install the software on this puter. I hope to take some time and really learn how to use it correctly. My first attempt on my fish was better than a whole roll of film with my regular camera. :lol: I like Marybeth's idea of starting on Feb 11. That should give all the groups ample time to gather their participants and their weights.

Moonstone~We are so glad that you decided to join us. It is amazing to make such good friends from all over the world here. I feel closer to some of these gals than some of my friends in the flesh. Actually, some of us have met in person after meeting here. One of our former members of this group has been to my house and is coming again next week. She and her husband winter in Florida and visit a relative that lives close enough for them to spend a day with me. I also plan to make a trip to Oklahoma one of these days to visit and fish with Marlana. I have also been a successful member of WW and now am just a once in a while participant. :) I hope to change that really soon and start taking some of this blubber off. WTG getting on that treadmill 3 days in a row. That is a wonderful start.

Tobey~My husband just loves it when someone praises his sticks. He actually sold another 5 last week at a campground not far from us. A neighbor/friend works there and sells her crafts along with hubby's sticks. She is the one that I went to the craft show with in October and hubby sold his first sticks ever. He had always given them away for years and then decided to make this a hobby that he could recover some of the costs. I'm glad that he has found something that keeps him from watching TV all day long. :nono: I am going to have to try to find someplace that sells the vegetable sushi so that I can try it. That sounds good to me.

JoJo~I think the name of NoMore was cute too and it was definitely a hint but Tobey had the answer to that, JustOneMore. I love it and I have a feeling that I will probably use it before this is over. I just can't resist the pastel colored ones. I really think that I might have to find a help group for bettaholics. These 5 fish, a parrot and my two poodles keep me very busy. When my friend goes back to New York, she is leaving #6 betta with me. And to think that I was worried about being bored after we retired. :lol: Donating platelets is very new to me. I know that it is the clotting factor of the blood and is used mostly for cancer patients. I give enough each time to help three people. It is very yellow and creamy after it is separated and they shake it up.
It 's weird to think that all that is in my blood. It doesn't hurt and there are no after affects, it is just time consuming.

Jen~I really miss seeing some snow once in a while. I have my winter screen savers that are snow scenes to help remind me that it is supposed to be winter out there. All my bushes are blooming and plants are poking their heads out of the ground. It will be disastrous if we have another freeze now. I asked hubby to start laying my pills out every day again and he is doing that for me. I just forget to take them any other way. He always remembers his pills in the morning. Let's hope that taking mine daily brings my iron up for the platelet donation in the morning. I have also been eating a lot of salad and I had spinach for lunch today. I am going to have some more with my dinner. My gosh but you drive a long way to school. It's good thing that it isn't every day.

Marybeth~WTG on such a great loss. That is amazing. I want to do that too. I need to figure out what I do wrong when I follow the WW 123 plan. I never lost like that. Feb 11 would be perfect for me to with the challenge. Maybe you could send me a sample of your journal so that I can see what I was doing wrong. Or I could send you a sample of mine and you can tell me where I am going wrong. I'll be glad when all my busy days with company and special functions is over and I can get back OP on a daily basis. On again, off again is at least keeping me from gaining any additional weight.

It is now time to plan a good healthy lite dinner. I think a Lean Cuisine with spinach and a salad sounds scrumptious. Y'all have a good evening.

01-30-2002, 08:40 PM
Hi Everyone. Another busy day at work today and I'm really tired tonight. I'm going to finish this up then I'm getting off here and putting on my warm nighgown & robe and I'm going to sit in the recliner and either watch tv or read, or both.

We've been getting rain since yesterday and it looks as if it will rain thru tomorrow to. They were calling for freezing rain tonight, up to 1/4 of an inch accumulation but they've since called that off. Depends on how cold it gets during the night. I know north of us, they are getting freezing rain and snow. I'd be happy to get a couple inches of snow.

Skeeter, I love the name Justonemore. Thats so cute and I'm sure you will get the opportunity to use it. I told you way back when you started buying those fishies you'd soon be needing a betta support group. :lol: Oh!!! Your talking about running the a/c and I'm freezing my fannie off here. I've got a tiny digital camera to but I don't use it much and I wish I'd never bought it. It doesn't have a flash on it and I can't use it in the house unless its bright daylight. DH got me a nicer one for Xmas that has a flash on it. I've not got all the programs loaded on the puter tho and I need to do that.

Marlana, sounds like you might need to explore the dr's idea that maybe you have sleep apnea. That can be serious especially if that is what is causing your bp to raise during the night when you are sleeping. They have to do a sleep study on you to diagnose it tho. I know they say snorers have a high rate of having sleep apnea. I have to make a list for dh when he goes to the store or he'd forget everything I wanted him to get. He does pretty good. Last time he only got everything on the list and nothing else.

Tobey, usually the day flies by when I'm really busy but sometimes even when I'm busy, it creeps by. Seems like that is when I'm feeling bored with what I'm doing. But I've got so many different things to do these days, I haven't been bored. I, to, am a delicate flower.:lol: DH would crack up if I said that. I may just have to tell him that tonight and see what kind of reaction I get.

Marybeth, WOWOW!!!Way to go, girl. 4.6 lbs is wonderful. Whatever you are doing is working so keep it up.

Moonstone, I love your name. In fact, I am looking for a ring that has moonstone in it. I've seen some on one of the shopping channels but I'm waiting for one that really "grabs" me. I really go for the different type of stones. I've seen moonstone in a couple of different colors. You and I are the same age. When is your birthday? Mine is August 13th.

Jen, have you had to get out and shovel snow today? This is one wet weather front thats coming thru. One of the inspectors at work said that the snow was wet and heavy. Gosh, you have a long day when you have classes. I'm not much for driving long distance and I'm so glad I dont live far from work.

Well, I think I got everyone. I am going to get off here and go fix something to eat. Take care.

01-31-2002, 10:36 AM
Hello All

Well winter is official here! I walked out the car this morning and there was all of this white stuff everywhere!! I am looking out my office window right now and can see that it is really coming down. It looks like a good olí fashioned Canadian winter storm. BLAHHHHHH. Dh was sweet and drove me to the subway station this morning. Iím not that crazy about driving in the snow. I did enough of that last winter. I was doing a fairly long commute to my last job and last winter we had some nasty storms. One time it took me over 2 Ĺ hours to get home. If it does end up being a treacherous storm today, I told him that I would just take the bus home from the subway. But hopefully it will have stopped by then and everything will be ploughed and sanded. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Skeeter: Mother Nature has flipped on our natural a/c here! Sounds like you have some really great friends. I love doing stuff for people when I know that they truly appreciate it. I bet youíll have a great time with your camera. Canít wait to see some fishie pics Ė especially NoMore. I think its great that you hubby has started selling his sticks. They are really super. Veggie sushi is good as long as it is fresh Ė nothing more than a day old. I wish I could just pop over to your place and make you batch. Especially with this weather! I am glad I planned to make soup and toasted tomato sandwiches for dinner. This is perfect soup weather. Hey you might actually appreciate this soup Ė it is a homemade cream of broccoli soup that you make entirely in the microwave! I got it from a friend a few years ago. It is one of my favourite all time soups!

Jojo: Hope you did get a chance to kick back and relax last night. Sounds like you could really use some down time. You would be happy to get a couple inches of snow?!?!?!? I would be more than happy to send you some of ours! :lol: There is nothing worse than having a pile of ďboringĒ work to do. You are right that the time just crawls by then. At least you have a variety on the go right now.

HmmmÖ. Looks like Iím done posting already. Hey where is everybody? I hope you arenít snowed in!


01-31-2002, 12:42 PM
OOPPPSSS - just realized we are will over 30 posts so I have started #133.

01-31-2002, 12:44 PM
Duh!!! I think I have snow on brain! I thought that the number of views was actually the number of posts!

We can conitue here. I will delete 133.

Sorry 'bout that!!


01-31-2002, 12:50 PM
Hi everyone!
I'm with you Toby, here is winter with a passion! I msut be geting old - I loved the snow when I was younger, now I dread it - Toronto drivers don't help I lived in the Matitimes for several years and the winters were much worse down ther and I didn't mind them as much ... but I was younger too! Luckily I am home today as I work Sunday to Wednesday so that helps although I still had to drive and then later pick up the guys.

Tobey - I think our salters and sanders are raring to go as they have been so bored so hopefully your ride home will be ok - hopefully you'll be home before it turns into freezing rain!

Skeeter - what are the sticks you guys are talking about that your husband makes?? Good luck with your fish and figuring out your camera - they're really great and one of these days I would like to get one. One of my sisters lives in LA and sends me pics of my newphew and twin neicees so I really think that is one of their best features! I am a "Canada Day" baby - July 1. My ma always said we were meant to immigrate here because of that! We came from Ireland when I was around 5. I'm happy with the name too - I love those stones as well and love the moon!

Marlana - I agree that you should get your sleep checked out - sleep apnea can be serious but can be treated - also I take ST. John's Wort before I go to bed each night - apart from the benefits in terms of my perimenopause and mood swings, it has a slight sedative effect and I have noticed in th epast month since I have been taking it my sleeping is a LOT better.

MbG - FANTASTIC weight loss!!! You must be thrilled! How much is that in total now? I agree about the treadmill and am doggedly keeping to it - despite a crazy evening - I didn't get to catch a breath from the time I walked in until 9:30 p.m. (and I had been up since 4:30am) - but I pulled out the treadmill and did 25 minutes - my calves aren't aching quite as badly and I actually jogged for 3 minutes (pathetic but I was thrilled ).

Starkeeper - hope you had a relaxing night, - sounds like you needed it after work! But it is better to be busy than not - I HATE it when it is slow at work as time drags and I think of all the things I COULD be doing at home!

Jen, hope your commute is going well and the weather is cooperating - what are you taking in school? Do you enjoy it? I loved school when I was there (I took a couple of degress in an earlier incarnation (BK=before kids) - any education is a joy - there is something quite wonderful about stretching your mind.

I am definitely up for the challenge! I haven't told anyone my weight in (gulp) 10 years but anything that will help get me on track I'll do - was going to join WW Friday but that's off as my husband's car is in and he has mine - will definitely join next week and at least have started the exercise bit. I have also thought about Jenny Craig - anyone have any comments on it?

Have a great day, guys - for those of you fighting the winter weather, be safe and talk soon!

01-31-2002, 08:04 PM
Hey everyone. :wave:

We spent another long day in town today. My iron was back up after starting back on my vitamins and we donated platelets today. They all acted so excited when we walked in and were treating us like royalty. After getting us started, all the nurses seemed to make it a point to walk over and say hello and then one came over and called me their Super Donor. It seems that there aren't many like me with so many platelets that are also able to fill the bag up so fast.

Marlana's computer crashed last night. She called me by phone to let me know so that I could tell y'all. She was going to make some calls today to try to find a place for repairs. It isn't going to seem the same until she returns.

JoJo~Going crazy over the bettas was a little scary at my age. I know that I am already insane from menopause, or at least using that as an excuse for my crazy actions, but the feelings for the fish caught me off guard. :lol: They're so cute. It has been up to the low 80's the last two days but the weather forecaster just predicted patchy frost by next Tuesday. That will sure be a disaster on all the budding and blooming plants and trees here. We can only cross our fingers and pray for a mild finish of winter here.

Tobey~Just can't imagine the snow and cold from here when it got so warm here today. I do remember what it was like though because I grew up in southern Ohio. I don't miss that bitter cold and ice but the slow soft snowfalls were really nice. The broccoli soup sounds good. Did you already post the recipe on the other board? I am anxious to try some pictures of my fish this weekend. We are going to the flea market tomorrow with our friends so it will be Saturday before I get the chance to experiment with the camera. This is my time of year to be out and about and enjoying the weather. I spend the major part of summer indoors away from the almost unbearable heat and bugs. Our winters just aren't long enough though.

Moonstone~I think that WW is the best and healthiest choice. I had a friend that tried Jenny Craig and it sounded a lot like Nutri System that I was on at the time. Both worked to take the weight off but all of it was gained back as soon as we started eating "normal" food again. Both of those programs sold prepackaged foods and drink mixtures. Within a few months I almost died from complications with gall bladder surgery and my husband had a kidney stone (he drank those powdered drinks by the gallon). Now that might be a coincidence but it really happened with us. WW is all regular food with nothing that you have to buy from them. It is also just changing a lifestyle with a healthy way of eating for the rest of your life. Now if I could play as good a game as I talk one. :lol: The sticks are walking sticks and canes made from the short needled pines in the the forest where we live. There is a "knot" in some of them that makes it unique. I'll attach a picture of a small assortment of some of ours. Some of them were enhanced by friends or ours by carving some faces, etc. He doesn't sell those but keeps them as his own personal treasures.

Hope y'all have a great evening. It gets a little slow on this board during the weekend and will seem even lonelier with Marlana temporarily out. I'll try to be back tomorrow evening.

02-01-2002, 01:03 AM
Good evening gals. I thought that I'd pop in here before I hit the sack. I have to say, I think I really like working this part-time schedule. People think I'm nuts, only 4 hr shifts (they are more like 5 by the time I'm done), but it's nice to have all morning to myself, work 3-7 (or so) and get to bed at a decent time. Some days I have to work the 7-11pm shift, but then I get the entire day to myself. I really am glad that I've gotten myself in a financial position to be able to afford to work only part-time. Lucky for me.

Officially we got 9.2 inches of snow. It was a very heavy, wet snow. Perfect for building snowmen, if I wanted to. My back is aching now, but it was good exercise while I was shoveling. I was actually sweating pretty good out there. I'll sleep good tonight anyway. I skipped school yesterday. I decided one day wasn't worth the risk. I've emailed one classmate, it doesn't sound like I missed much. I also emailed the instructors, one cancelled class, one is letting me turn in stuff next week, and I haven't heard much from the third. Glad I didn't risk my neck for it, that's for sure.

Skeeter- Good for you for getting your iron up. I forgot to get mine ready. Maybe before bed tonight? What part of Ohio are you from? My dad grew up in Fairfield, and there are still many relatives in that area.

Moonstone- Are you a nurse? Just kidding, but your hours you work sure sound like it. I'm working on myl bachelors in nursing at the University of Iowa. Hopefully I'll graduate in May. It'll be nice to "just work" again, but I'm afraid I'll soon get bored. Right now it's not too difficult, but alot of busy work.

Tobey- Sounds like you're getting part of that same lovely winter storm we are. Isn't that sweet, we all got the same snow?!

Jojo- How much of the snow did you get? I'm sooo glad that I got it shoveled up. The worst part is where the plow buried my moms car up to the windows. It does sound like Marlana has sleep apnea. She doesn't need a sleep study to find out, just one night with me. Ohhh, that sounds bad, doesn't it.

Marybeth- Congratulations on blowing past the plateau. Wow. Maybe I should jump on your coattails and be inspired and motivated. I think that the challenge sounds good, but I vote for Spring Fling. That just sounds like alot of fun.

Marlana- Mama, are you ok? Your poor puter. I hope it's nothing major. Come back soon.

I suppose it's time for me to curl up in my bed, warmed up with my electric blanket, with my policy and politics in nursing book. Sounds great, doesn't it?


02-01-2002, 07:44 AM
Morning Ladies!
Did you all forget me again??? I'm still around (and still round).:D Jeff pinched a nerve in his neck Monday, so he was laid up from work til today; actually he was sitting at the computer for three solid days, except to moan his way to bed at night; for some reason this computer chair was just SOOOOO comfy to his little neck. So I couldn't get to the puter to post--I didn't have the heart to shove him out of the chair, with a bad neck and all. Anyway, he moaned his way out the door this morning, so I jumped to the chair and discovered I can't keep up with all I missed. I guess you all have all reached goal now, without me....:s: That's okay--I'll catch up!! I figure I'll be at goal before my first SS check comes.
Mama's puter is broken, I see; I hope she gets back soon. I wonder if she got the ice & snow stuff the last few days. Did she say how the weather is for her, Skeeter? It's still hot here--67 right now, but supposed to get breezy and cooler as the day goes on. Not that cold, though, considering the time of year. I think our low will be 33 tonight. Makes me wonder if it's going to snow in April this year, since we seem to have skipped winter.
Jen, looks like you got some snow, didn't you? I've always had nurse-envy. I think since I was about 4, I wanted to be a nurse. I don't know why I didn't major in it in college--I had a full scholarship so my education didn't cost my parents a penny....so I majored in English! I loved it, and still do, but can't do much with it, except teach, and I don't have the constitution for that. I tried it one year, and didn't last. Here, the nurses with BSNs make a lot more than ones without degrees. Will you get a nice big raise when you graduate?:cool:
Hi Skeeter! How're the animals? Our bettas are doing great; they seem to build nice little bubble nests all the time, so I guess they are happy little guys. I wish I could donate blood or something; I'm always anemic, though; even on iron pills. Maybe after menopause, I'll have some blood left to donate!:lol: I'm thru having kids, this stuff can quit working anytime it wants to, as far as I'm concerned. I told my ob/gyn to take it out since I was done with it, but he declined, for some reason. :lol:
Moonstone, I'm so glad to meet you! Always nice to have new folks. I'm a late mother, also--I had my two when I was 34 and 35; they are now 8 and 9. I figure they will turn into teens about the time I hit menopause, so there could be bloodshed in a few years. They are good little mutts, though, all in all. I love Moonstones, too! My very first pierced earrings when I was 15 (only ten years ago:devil: ) were moonstones. Such a pretty color!
Hi Tobey Girl--your winter came back with a vengence, didn't it? Hope you made it home okay; I remember we had a snowstorm (well, for us) one year and it took me 8 hours to get home from downtown, which should have been a 20 minute drive. We don't plow here, obviously:lol: and I think we have one sand/salt truck, but they never have any sand/salt to put in it. In other words, we just stay home. My hubby grew up in Buffalo, and he gets real puzzled when it "snows" here and the world stops.
JoJo, how's it going? How's hubby doing? Hope it's going okay for you all. I gave Jeff a digital camera for Christmas last year; he loves it, but I've never learned to work it! It confuses me. I'm not real mechanical, anyway. Stay warm!
MaryBeth, my Zilla sister! You've done so wonderful!! Our WW at work group has dwindled down to nothing (and I don't mean weight-wise!) . I bet they don't have another one after this 10 weeks ends. But I still have all the materials, so I will carry on at home. I hope your job works out the way you want it to.
I've been on here toooooo long, folks; better go get the mutterinas up for school. Love you all, and I'll try to get back over the weekend but you know how that goes!
I'm up for another challenge too, if you all want to do one; we need something, I think; let me know!
Love, Sally

02-01-2002, 11:06 AM
Hi guys! Hi too, Mommy2girls - another "late" mum - I have figured out there are positives and negatives to having them early/late - I'm just figuring out one of the negatives - my two older girls are hitting puberty with their hormones taking off while mine are going wacky winding down ... it is hormone **** in our house at a certain time of the month as needless to say we all hit that time within a day or two of each other ... my husband says he is going to start taking our son and get involved in ANYTHING which will take up about a week per month ... especially when my youngest hits that time (although only 9, my older 2 hit puberty at 10 and 11, so it might be sooner than you think).

Well we're enviious of all those of you with nice temperatures - although being a hardy Canadian I really don't mind the cold and snow - it didnt' seem right this winter was so mild - I kept getting a creepy feeling (I REALLY think global warning is the culprit).:( Hope your bubby's neck is better - they really are painful.

Dolphin - I'm not a nurse, believe it not, but I work for a large corporate law firm downtown TO - they have 24 hour staff - have been doing this since my first kid as the hours are flexible - they have allowed me to be a "stay at home" mum while pulling in a salary (which is needed!). I know what you mean about school - if you're in your final year you are definitely ready for a break but you will miss it. My university years were fabulous and all these years later I look back on them as some of the best!

Marlana - hope your computer up soon!

Skeeter, the sticks sound great ... a labour of love and unique ... thanks for the advice about Jenny Craig - I know in my heart WW is probably the best way but I was thinking of JC as a "quick" start then switch .. I'll have to think about it. My habits are so bad I thought being limited to a very simple, straightforward, eat this and that ONLY would help me jumpstart. We'll see.

I agree that "Spring Fling" would be a GREAT name for our challenge!

Salut to everyone else! - have to get off as I have 3 of 4 kids home for a "snow day" - OK, I realize today really isn't bad here - just wet and slushy mostly (freezing rain predicted happend in the middle of the night only briefly) BUT I believe it is an inalienable right of EVERY Canadian child to have at least TWO snow days a winter - it should be written into the constitution. So when we all got up, I told them it school was off!! We all went out and shovelled the driveway and path and are now heading up (shank's mare as hubby has my car) - to the video store - popcorn and "Persuasion" for me and they can pick what they want!

02-01-2002, 11:25 AM
Good Morning All

Wow winter is here!!! We had quite a storm yesterday and today we are supposed to get a freezing rainstorm. It is apparently come from the Midwest so I am sure that some of you have experienced this as well. All of the schools are closed in the area that my boss commutes from. So her hubby had to stay home to look after the kiddies! Did anyone see the pictures on the new of the Detroit highways yesterday? It was one big skating rink Ė looked like bumper cars! Today would have been a good day to stay home in some flannel jammies and curl up with a good book and hot cup oí tea! But here I sit at my desk. :( All of our plans for the weekend ended up being cancelled so I think we will just stay home and watch some movies. Of course tomorrow we have to watch ďGroundhog DayĒ. We have this silly tradition of watching that movie every Groundhog Day. I also have an 8-mile run planned for Sunday. So I am hoping everything is cleared by then. If not Iíll have to do it in the gym Ė yawn!

Moonstone: I guess snow was okay when I was a kid. I grew up in Thunder Bay so I know what serious cold, snowy winters are all about. But I have become VERY wimpy since I moved to southern Ontario. Where did you live in the Maritimes? My BIL used to live in New Brunswick and his wife is from Moncton. Guess you are happy to be off right now. I think a lot of people took today off. The subway was very quiet this morning. Oh your store of hormone **** made me laugh :lol: I can just picture it! Oh can I come over? Your snow day sounds like soooo much fun! Iíll make the popcorn!

Skeeter: Congratulations on being a Super Donor! I think that is such a sweet story. It must feel good to know that you are so appreciated. Glad Marlana got in touch with you Ė I was starting to worry. You are right Ė the slow, soft snowfalls can be very peaceful and wonderful. But unfortunately they donít happen very often. I donít blame you for getting away from it all! Mind you, you have other weather concerns that we donít have here Ė so I guess it all evens out. ??? I havenít posted the broccoli soup recipe yet. Maybe Iíll do that this weekend. If I do, Iíll post a copy here. You just made me laugh! :lol: I donít think I have ever heard anyone say ďwinters just arenít long enoughĒ !!!!

Jen: Iím glad you are enjoying your PT work so much. I know that my mom loves it as well Ė for the exact same reasons that you mention. Yikes Ė thatís a lot of snow! I think you may have even gotten more than us! Of you just reminded me of something. My MIL sent us a snowman kit for Christmas. It is soooo cute. It comes with button eyes, carrot nose, glasses that fit into the nose, and charcoal button Ė all made out of wood. Maybe if it is nice this weekend, Iíll hubby to the park and we will make one. Iíll have to make sure we grab the camera. I canít remember the last time I made a snowman! I donít blame you for not making the treck to school. Dh is also sore today from shovelling. It was all done by the time I got home. :D

Sally: Glad to hear from you. There must be something magical about the computer. When my hubby isnít feeling well, he sits in front of it for hours Ė like it is some sort of therapy :lol: We are luck though because we also have a laptop. Some evenings we look like such nerds Ė dh will be at the desk using the computer and Iíll be 10 feet away sitting on the laptop. Good quality family time! Going home yesterday wasnít too bad. I have never experienced an 8 hour delay Ė Thank Goodness! Canít even imagine! Iím with your hubby Ė I couldnít imagine the world stopping for a few flakes. Although some days I wish it would. I would love to have a ďSnow DayĒ now that Iím ďgrownupĒ

Well I guess I should get back to work. Iím really not motivated to do anything today. Just another 90 minutes until I hit the gym Ė that should lift my spirits. Unless I step into a pile of slush!!! I actually had to wear boots this morning! YUCK! Anyway enough of my Canadian complaining.

Hopefully Iíll be in over the weekend. Take care and have a good one!


02-01-2002, 05:28 PM
Hey Gang

I have been searching out some good articles - I have found that my food choices haven't been the best lately :nono:

I came across this one and wanted to share it in case anyone else was interested. If not - just skip this post.


Nutrition - Think Before You Endulge

If one of your new year goals is weight loss then start putting equivalents of how much exercise work it will take to burn what you are eating, especially desserts and high-calorie foods. Reaching for the Oreo cookies or high-fat, high-calorie choices could easily negate your last trip on the treadmill. To lose weight you must create a caloric deficit to be successful. Think before you endulge and make wiser choices more often.

Don't Be A Nutritional Roller Coaster
Poor eating habits and meal skipping will decrease your metabolism and slow down your fat burning ability. Erratic blood sugar levels cause late-day sugar cravings and can put you in a situation where you do not make good food choices. Start your day with a healthy breakfast and fuel up often with healthy between meal snacks to stay sharp and energize your day.

Let Your Brain Catch Up With Your Stomach
Did you know it takes your brain about 20 minutes to figure out that you are full? So if you are inhaling your meals in less than 20 minutes, you may be over-consuming calories your body has no physical need for. Slow down your meal time by eating slower and half of everything on your plate first before determining whether you are full. Drink plenty of fluids with your meal and engage in conversation so your brain has a chance to register that you are full. You may find that you don't have to eat nearly as much to be satisfied. Afterall, controlling your portions is one of the keys to successful weight loss.

Stock Up On Ready To Go Snacks
Half the chore of eating right is making sure your pantry is stocked up with quick and easy snacks to keep you fueled up for your workouts and increase your metabolism (ability to burn body fat). In fact, snacking can be the best thing for you if you make wise choices. Here a few easy, between-meal snack ideas with a good mix of carbs and protein:

Peanut butter crackers - Don't fear the fat! A good source of protein that sticks to your gut and cuts down sugar cravings.
Cheerio & almond mix - You loved them as a kid and they still are a nutritious, low sugar snack. Add some almonds for a shot of protein.
Low-fat cottage cheese & Pinapple - Get in a serving of fruit and a great source of calcium and protein.
Apple & mozzorella cheese stick - How many times have you nibbled on fruit and cheese at a party? Just as easy during the day and just as nutritious.
Low-fat/low-sugar yogurt - All the nutrients you need and easy on the go.
V-8 Juice - Emergency carbs and an easy way to get your veggies in. Beats a Coke hands down!

Are You Eating Too Low Fat?
If your diet consists of lots of fat-free items your body may be rebelling and not allowing you to let lose of your own stored body fat. Keep the animal and dairy based saturated fats low by eating red meats in moderation and choosing lower fat diary alternatives like 1% milk or low fat cream cheese. Don't be afraid to eat plant based foods that contain some fat like peanut butter and high protein nuts like almonds. Healthy fats fill you up and reduce your sugar cravings so you aren't tempted to snack on high sugar foods. Always be searching for a way to cut out 100 or so dead calories a day by reducing your sugars (carbonated beverages, candy, cookies, excessive fruit juices).

Breakfast: Very Important!
What does your breakfast look like? Did your mom tell you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day? She was right! Skipping breakfast can slow your metabolism drastically and set you up for overeating late in the day. Try having a semi-balanced breakfast. A breakfast made up totally of carbohydrates may cause you to have low blood sugar mid-morning. Try having whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a glass of 1% milk, or how about egg white scrambled eggs on an English muffin and a small glass of juice! The best breakfast is the one youíll have!

Make one change!
Did you know that making one small change to your diet can result in big changes in your body? Try switching from full fat to low fat dairy products, this can save you lots of calories and loads of saturated fat, the kind linked to heart disease. Or maybe you need to increase your water intake. Make it your resolve to drink 8-10 cups of water per day. This change alone can result in weight loss!

How much water are you drinking?
Did you know that our bodies require water for many functions including metabolism, digestion, cooling and yes even to burn fat. The recommended intake suggests drinking a minimum of 8- 8 oz glasses of water per day. You need even more if you exercise often. We suggest getting in a habit of drinking water with any other activity. For example, every time you sit down to surf the web, go for a walk, jump in the car or head to the gym, grab a bottle of water and make it part of your daily routine!

Studies show that most Americans go to the same seven locations inside the grocery store.
Eating the same foods everyday means you're missing out on lots of beneficial nutrients. Try experimenting with your diet. Buy the fruit that's on sale....it changes every week!

Small changes equals big results!
You can shave about 100 calories by not adding butter or mayonaise to your sandwich, 140 calories by skipping the regular soda and a whopping 300 calories by choosing a hamburger instead of a "Big Mac"! Over time this equals big weight loss. Small changes mean big results!

02-01-2002, 10:34 PM
Hey everyone. :wave:

It was hot here today. We spent most of the day at the flea market trying to find a cool breeze. I found a vegetable stand with fresh greens that were already cleaned and chopped, ready to cook. I bought 2 bags and put them on as soon as we got home. I washed them really good again because sand is a problem here in Florida and I won't eat "crunchy" greens. They turned out really good. I also got some vine ripe tomatoes from southern Florida that are very tasty too.

Marlana~It doesn't seem the same without your daily words of wisdom. :D I hope you get that puter fixed real soon.

Jen~It is strange to be talking about how hot it was today and you are talking about shoveling almost 9" of snow. I wish we could trade locations for a day. About one day in snow would satisfy my winter fantasy. I grew up about an hour north of Fairfield in a little town called Tipp City, home of Spring Hill Nurseries. It was a really great town with a good school system. Other than my children, all of my relatives are either in that area or in the Lexington, Ky area. I have been in Florida for 30 years.

Sally~Maybe it's a male thing, my husband woke up with a very stiff neck Monday and didn't move around much all week either. It finally got a little better today. I was going to make him go see his doctor if it didn't get better soon. Marlana said that her weather was very warm on Monday and Tuesday and got very cold by Wednesday. We are supposed to have some more cold weather on it's way here too. All of my critters are doing really good. I tried another picture of NoMore this evening and will post it. He is actually a bit lighter in color than the picture. I am getting better but still have a long way to go with that camera. :lol:

Moonstone~All of this strange weather also has me thinking about global warming too. The summers here have been so unbearably hot for me the last few years. I don't know if it really is that hot or if I'm just getting too old and fat and feel the heat worse. If I could get serious and get some of this weight off, I might find that answer.

Tobey~I am so looking forward to staying home tomorrow even though I have a lot of laundry to catch up on. I have gotten used to staying home a lot the last couple of years and all this running about is getting to me. My dogs hate it too. :) I really like green vegetables and will probably like the broccoli soup. Gosh, I forgot about Groundhog Day. What were the results, is it 6 more weeks of winter or not? That is a very good article that you posted. I've already gone through it twice and found some very good tips. I better print it out so that I can keep it handy.

Hope you ladies have a great weekend. I am going to try to hang around the house all weekend. Our Ellie is coming for a visit next week. She is always asking about you girls and I keep her posted. I'm attaching a picture of NoMore that it not real great but will give you and idea of what he looks like. He is a softer, lighter color than what I captured in this picture.

02-02-2002, 12:40 PM
Good Morning.

I don't think I even got on-line last night. Hmmmm, that doesn't happen very often. We went out to eat dinner and then I came home and read the rest of the night.

This weekend I need to get groceries and I may go out to the mall just to look at the crafts and see if I can get any ideas.

Its so funny how the groundhog prediction is predicting 6 more weeks of winter when we havent had much of a winter yet. I guess we're going to have it now.

Skeeter, yum, a vine ripened tomato sounds so good. Seems like the only time I really want them is in the summer. I had to laugh when you talked about going crazy over bettas at your age. I'm still ga-ga over teddy bears and my 45 year old brain keeps telling me I should of out-grown that by now but my ole heart still goes pitter-pitter when I see those cute little teddies. I just can't help myself when I get around them. Most of the time I just look cause I really don't know what to do with them anymore. I saw that cute "kissing bear" commercial that Hallmark has out and I want those bears. Next time I see the commercial and dh is around I'm really going to go on about them and hope maybe he'll get them for me for Valentines day. :lol: If he doesn't pick up on my "hint", I'll just have to get them myself. Sometimes it takes alot for a man to pick up on those things.

Tobey, I'll have to copy that article to read in length. This last week I've been craving chocolate really bad. In particular, the dark chocolate MilkyWay candy bar. That article mentions drinking 1% milk, well, even when I'm following my food plan, I still drink the 2%. I can't get dh to drink anything less than that and we waste to much milk when I buy 2 different kinds. We kept getting predictions of freezing rain here the other day but it never did get cold enough. We got lots of rain tho and there is some mild flooding going on in one of the rivers that runs thru a big part of the state. We definetly needed the moisture tho. We had cracks in our yard from it being so dry. Maybe we'll even get lucky and get some snow. Yikes, can't believe I am saying that.

Jen, wow, you got a lot of snow. I didn't even see a flake. Dang!!! 9 inches would of kept me in my driveway tho and I'd of had to take a day off from work. That is a lot of snow to have to shovel. Shoveling that much snow is definetly a rigorous workout and I'm sure you burned alot of calories.

Sally, dh & I are hanging in there. Everything seems ok with the umemployment as far as his last job goes but in the last letter, there was one more question that he is supposed to wait until next Wednesday to clear up. Its so stupid to cause it is over this $100 military disability check he gets each month and he told them about it from the start and was told it was no problem. Well, apparently it is. Sheesh. I'm sure it will go thru. When does all this crap you've had to deal with you Ex go to court? Does he have much to do with his kids? Just curious. Sounds like he just wants to make your life as miserable as his is.

Moonstone, I agree with you that kids should have a couple of snow days at home each year. I remember how excited I used to get when that happened to us. I don't have any kids, just a dog and a cat, my furbabies.

Marlana, if by chance you happen to get in here, I just wanted to say hi and I hope your puter is fixed soon.

Take care everyone.

02-03-2002, 05:02 PM
Hey everyone. :wave:

I guess that it is a busy weekend for everyone. I am going to watch some figure skating as soon as I am finished here and of course the Super Bowl this evening.

I called Marlana yesterday morning. Her computer might be down as long as two weeks. The repair shop would only tell her from one to two weeks for repairs. She said that she would try to make it to the library one day next week and visit with us. I guess we will have to postpone our involvement in a challenge unless one of you ladies would like to take command. :lol:

JoJo~I guess our 6 more weeks of winter started today. Our temps have dropped a lot here. I closed all the windows yesterday and they are still closed. I had to wear a sweater to church this morning and might have to turn the heat on tonight. I feel better knowing that there are others that go a little nuts over different things. At least you don't have to clean and feed your teddy bears. :D I thought that my soft spot was for poodles but I quit at two. The last thing that I want is another dog to groom. I do enjoy these fish though.

I hope that all you ladies are having a great weekend.

02-03-2002, 07:15 PM
Hi guys!

Sneaking in a "break" from work -

Tobey, I used to live in New Brunswick but am pretty familiar with most of the Maritimes. My all time favourite city is Halifax in Nova Scotia - I lOVE that town - have tried to talk my husband into moving bu the employmetn down there is bad so no go. I can't believe you watch Groundhog Day every Feb. 2!! So do we!! We're big fans of having different movies which we only watch at the "correct time" - Christmas of course is way up there -- I have THREE cartons of Xmas movies. Also have movies just for Easter and Hallow'een - it's silly but fun! By the way, great article - have printed out a copy and will read it properly later.

Skeeter - your fish is beautiful! Also, while I agree my weight doesn't help things - the weather is just too weird for that to be the only issue - I am a huge believer in the negative impacts of global warming -- hopefully the world will wake up but I am not optimistic. Consensus between two Canadian groundhogs and two American is 3 to 1 for an early Spring!

Starkeeper - I agree about "hints" - be blunt! Like, "Oh, aren't they adorable - what a PERFECT Valentines gift for someone like me who LOVES bears!" Star, if you're only craving chocolate for teh past week, you're ok - I crave it ALL the time! I have the 4 kids, 1 smelly dog (but I love her to bits) and 5 cats - that isn't too bad for us, actually, this time last year, we had all that PLUS a guinea pig and a rabbit! Poor Elvis (guinea pig) and Mr. Bunny went to rodent heaven before the summer - we miss them but I nixed any more - I think my husband will divorce me if I bring anymore animals in - and they're ALL foundlings - I never actively went to get any of them!

I vote we wait for Marlana before starting the challenge but I'm easy and will go for whatever everyone wants - Also what kind of poodles? Standard or toy? They're very bright affectionate dogs, from my acquaintence with them!

See you guys later, it's busy and I have to get to work!

02-04-2002, 10:18 AM
Happy Monday!

Okay not really Ė it is disgusting outside! It snowing and blowing! On our way to the subway this morning, we hit sections that were almost white outs. Blahhh. At least the roads werenít too slippery yet. Well it looks like I wasnít the only one who played hooky this weekend. :lol: Saturday was pretty busy with chores and then at 4:00 we went over to a friends for what was supposed to be coffee but we didnít get back home until after 11:00! Sunday was a nice lazy day. I did an 8-mile run but other than that, I didnít even leave the house. We did some dishes and made a nice curry dinner but other than it was just kicking back. I read and we watched a movie. We tried to stay awake to watch the hour long Malcolm in the Middle special after the Super Bowl, but it started at 11:00 and I was sound asleep by 11:15. I think Dh only made it about 5 minutes longer than I did. Oh well.

Skeeter: I am trying to picture my day being like yours on Friday. It sounds sooo nice. I enjoyed staying home Friday night. Since I knew dh was going out, I through on my Winnie the Pooh flannel jammies as soon I walked in the door from work! It was great. I will try and get that soup recipe posted. Our groundhog did not see his shadow so spring is on its way. Although when I look out my window, Iím not so sure. I really like your picture of NoMore. He is really beautiful! Glad that Marlana is keeping you posted. If you talk to her again before she gets on, please tell her that I say and miss her.

Jojo: Yep Ė we are definitely having winter now. I canít wait until spring. You would think that I would be tougher being a Canadian girl Ė plus growing up in Northern Ontario Ė but nope. Iím as wimpy as they come :lol: I am lucky that both dh and I like skim milk. Although it doesnít matter now, as I have to buy lactose-free milk so we still ended up buying two different kinds anyway! We never did get that bad freezing rainstorm. Whew! But we did get a bad windstorm. In fact it knocked over one of those huge exit signs on one of the major highways. It blocked all lanes of traffic. It was amazing that no one was hurt or killed! Glad you got some of that much need moisture Ė although some flooding is excessive. As for that snow Ė be careful of what you wish for!

Moonstone: I havenít had a chance to visit Halifax but it is definitely on my list! That is so funny, we have movies that we watch for all of the holidays is well. My favourite is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for Thanksgiving. I donít think we have an Easter movie. What do you watch? Our Halloween movie is Nightmare Before Christmas Its nice to know we are the only ones! :lol: Hope you are able to hibernate today away from this snow. Right now my hubby is working from home 4 days a week Ė so today I am very jealous.

Well I guess that is all for now. Hope everyone has a great day!


02-04-2002, 12:09 PM
Wow, I haven't been in here for a few days. Not for a lack of trying, I couldn't get the site to load all weekend. Not that I have any earth shattering news or insights though. The weather here has been pretty good since the snow storm. It's been warm enough everyday to melt a little snow. You can even see some grass in my yard! I am a disappointed though, the white all over sure was prettier than the brown dreary stuff.

I did sign up for the American Heart Association Heart Walk, so if anyone wants to donate, let me know and I'll send you a message with my address. It's a 3 mile course, I plan on running it.

Tobey- Maybe I'll have to go to Canada to get spring a little sooner. We have to wait 6 more weeks here. Did you ever get a chance to build a snowman with your kit? That sounds really cute. What kind of milk do you get. I found something you'll love. It's called "Silk", soy milk, I love the chocolate. Yummy.

Moonstone- You sound just like me, except for the kids. I have a collie, and 7 cats. Well, 6 right now. Dear bf took one "to see what it was like to have a cat". He's had her for a week now. Surprising.

Skeeter- Oh my gosh, 2 weeks for Marlana's puter. I would just die. We should wait for her. It's just not the same. NoMore is really pretty. I like his colors. I'm gonna get one yet, as soon as I find a safe bowl for him.

Jojo- I go for anything with a cat on it. They are all over this house. Oh, a fresh tomato, yum. I can't wait to get out into my garden this summer. I didn't do it justice last year, with all my surgery, and school. I'm going to enjoy it this year.

Sally- I should encourage you to go back to school for nursing, the shortage is crazy. You could have 10 jobs your first day. I don't think I'll get a huge raise, if one at all. The motivating factor is advancement and opportunities.

Well, I guess that is about it for today. I need to get my butt in gear for the day.


02-04-2002, 10:35 PM
Hey everyone. :wave:

Someone must have left the door open up there. It got chilly here again and it's going to be really cold tonight with a chance of frost. It will be a shame if all these pretty bushes that are blooming get frostbitten. Y'all get that door closed. :lol:

Jen~I agree that we should wait for Marlana. I just wouldn't be the same without her in the challenge with us. That is so cute that your bf borrowed a cat for the experience of having one. :) I have friends that fell in love with my parrot and have asked to baby-sit her when we go on vacation. It is very unusual for both a husband and wife to fall for her that way. They haven't heard her loudly imitate a squeaky wooden drawer yet. That might change their minds. :D

Tobey~Well I guess you won't feel sorry for me with the 50 degree weather, will you? I'm not sure that I could handle really cold weather anymore. I've been in the south too long and have a problem with anything lower than the 40's. I expect Marlana to check in sometime this week from the library. I sure miss her too. :cry: I am loving this digital camera. I hope to get better at using it. The picture of NoMore is okay but he is actually a lot prettier than the way he looks there. I just need to take the time to practice with it.

Moonstone~I don't think that we are going to see any changes for the better regarding global warming in our lifetime. The major contributors to the problem are companies with only profits as #1 on their agendas. I'm afraid that changes will come too little too late. My boys are toy poodles born of the same parents but different litters. The bigger one,Snuggles, is a great squirrel hunter and has killed 3 in the last year. I'm not very happy about that because I have raised and released squirrels but I don't want to break his spirit. He is not mean about it but thinks that it is the reason that he was put on this earth. My parrot can walk all over this house and only get smelled all over as her torture. They wouldn't think about hurting her, but squirrels have always been open game for Snuggles. Other than that, they are both very friendly loving dogs and of course, very smart. :lol: Of course, I just happen to have a picture to attach.

Y'all have a good evening and stay warm. I think that I am going to turn my heat on tonight too.

02-05-2002, 07:41 AM
Morning Ladies!
Goodness, I miss Mamalana too!! It's just not the same without our Mama. Hope she gets back here soon. I think we should wait til she gets back to do our challenge too...especially since today is my anniversary (and Jeff's:lol: ) and we're going out to dinner tonight. :love:
Skeeter, let us know if you hear from Marlana, and tell her hi for us; your doggies are adorable!!! How cute! We have five, but my little Maltese I found at the animal shelter is my little fellow...we can't take him to Disney World in June, since he would have to stay in the camper; it will be air conditioned and everything, but we're afraid he'd howl til his people came back in the evening; so my Jeremy has to stay with the neighbors who feed our big dogs when we're gone (my Jeremy will be in their house, of course:smug: ) But I'm already worried about him being away from Mommy so long....what if he forgets us?? What if he doesn't want to come home?? What if he LIKES it over there??:lol: :lol: Something else to worry about. I already have to write out instructions for the three cats and three betta fish. Life is very complicated when you run a zoo.
Jen, I've thought about going back to school, actually; I just might in the fall. I was thinking of getting my masters, but I also was thinking about going to the local community college and taking something medical---I've always been a frustrated would-be doctor, even though my BA is in English. Jeff has a good shot at a new job, and if he gets it, he can take over the health insurance for the family, plus he'll be making enough for me to either quit or work part time....soooo, I may just go back to school.
Tobey, how's the weather?? Ours is supposed to be dicey tomorrow. Supposed to have a mixture of rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow. If so, I will be sitting at home with two bored children! The schools close at the first flake (along with the disappearance of the last loaf of bread and gallon of milk
:lol: ) We have plenty of food, but I just hate wasting vacation when I could saving it for REAL vacation. Maybe we'll get nothing, though; a lot of times that happens here. I was going to watch that Malcolm in the Middle, too, but we didn't even make it thru the whole Super Bowl! Jeff went to sleep at halftime and me shortly thereafter.
Moonstone, you have a zoo also!! I'm so glad we're not the only ones. I keep saying as they pass away to their reward, they will not be replaced, but I bet we never "downsize" much! I haven't said anything to Jeff about today being our anniversary--I wanted to see if he remembered or not! He did, but I'll have to wait and see if roses or presents are forthcoming! He usually sends roses to work, so we'll seeeeeeeeee. May be a silent dinner tonight, folks!
JoJo, come tell us how you and hubby are doing! Hope you're okay, and our Marybeth checks in soon, and Carol, and MAMA!!
Love you all, and talk to you tomorrow.

02-05-2002, 11:10 AM
Hi All

It is definitely a Canadian winter out there this morning! It is only 2F with the wind-chill (18 without). Got into the car this morning and the seat was hard. That is always a sign to me that winter is here. At least they are not calling for any snow today Ė just strong winds again. I guess I shouldnít complain. After all, it is February. Also my mom has it much worse where she lives. A good day to stay bundled up inside.

Jen: Glad you were finally able to get in. You shared your other weather with us, so you can now share this too! Thatís great that you are going to run that 3-miler. Good for you. When is it? Are you able to accept credit card pledges? We havenít had a chance to build our snowman yet. It has been too cold so the snow is all hard and icy. When it does warm up, we are going to sneak over to our friends house and build it on their lawn. I drink regular milk which just has the lactose removed. The 2 most popular brands here are Lactaid and Lacteeze Milk. I like certain soy milks but they are hard to find in low-fat versions. We had a great LF Soy Eggnog at Christmas. Even dh liked it better than the ďrealĒ stuff

Skeeter: I think someone left the doors and windows open here! :lol: 50F Ė ah that would be paradise right now. I understand why so many retired Canadians become snowbirds. (Thatís what we call the Canadians who take off to live in their Florida timeshares for the winter). Iím sure that you will get great with your digital camera. I think the trick is getting used to lighting for it. I love you pooch pic. They are such sweethearts! Ohhh donít tell them that though Ė you can tell them that I thought that they looked very brave and tough! :lol:

Sally: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY How many years has it been? I didnít realize that you had 5 dogs! What kinds are they? I just love animals. Oh kitties and fish too! Sounds like a busy place. Last night they were calling for another storm Ė but as of this morning it doesnít sound like it is going to hit us after all. If your girls are like most, they wonít mind a few flakes to play. Freezing rain and sleet however are no fun. Iím sure youíll get your roses. If not, just think what he will have to get in order to make it up to you :lol: Hope your anniversary evening turns out to be very special Ė enjoy!

Well my tummy is telling me it is snack time Ė so I will end it here. I have an Ontario McIntosh with my name on it.

Have a good one!

Sally ~ this attachment is for you:

02-05-2002, 12:44 PM
Good Morning gals. I guess it's pretty chilly here too. Yesterday, after I posted, I went out to run. I thought that it was warmer than it really was, but it was only 15F, before the wind chill. No wonder my fingers were numb! What a ditz! I ran 2 miles (I know Tobey, just an easy day for you), and today I don't even feel sore from it. That must be a good sign! :D Anyway, I think today will be strength training day, it's still cold out. And tomorrow is school, and then I signed up for a yoga class Wed evenings for6 weeks. At least it's something.

Tobey- I looked over the form, I don't think I'm able to accept credit card donations, but that would be nice if I could. I never thought of that before. Maybe I'll check in with the "people" about that. I think the walk is the first Saturday in April. I have plenty of time to get ready. It's on the path along the Mississippi. It's going to be really nice. I missed out on the soy eggnog. I just got some of the lite regular stuff.

Sally- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! If you went back to say, community college, got your RN (it's only a 2 yr degree), you probably could get into something pretty good since you have a BA. At my hosptial, for management, all you need is a bachelors, doesn't even have to be in nursing, as long as you have an RN. You would have tons of options!

Skeeter- I would love to have a "chilly" 50 degrees. That sounds wonderful. I want to be a snowbird! I bet it's funny to hear your parrot try to be a squeaky drawer. Especially since I can't hear it here. My bf called me the other night to tell me that the cat (Chickie) was loving stuff, rubbing and purring. How funny.

Wow, I guess that's it. I probably should start researching a topic for my concept paper, it's due in 4 weeks!


02-05-2002, 04:42 PM
Hey everyone. :wave:

Brrrrr........it was 35 this morning. Our sprinkler system made some ice in the shaded areas this morning. The sun has been out most of the day though and is 60 degrees out now. Tonight and the rest of the week is supposed to be warmer.

My mom and dad were supposed to meet us in Orlando this weekend to visit my children, then go to the east coast for the remainder of the month. They called this morning to let us know that they didn't want to go to the coast on Monday but want to come back here instead. So they will be with us all next week again. We are all going to follow a "leaner" diet while they are here this time and do a lot more walking.

Sally~Happy Anniversary. I'm sure your dh is going to surprise you with goodies as he usually does. He seems like a real sweetie. Do you remember Ellie coming to visit with me last year? She and her husband are coming here again on Thursday. I'll try my new camera again with a picture of us. We are going to grill a steak and talk nonstop for hours. :lol: I will sure tell Marlana that you miss her when I hear from her again. Thank you....we are very proud of our boys. Our friends are amazed at how well behaved they are and what tough little guys they are. No painted toe nails and bows for these guys. :D We have to limit our vacations because of these guys. My husband refuses to leave them with anyone and NEVER in a kennel. Thank goodness my mom enjoys them in her house and two of his sisters have invited us with the dogs. Did you know that Disney has a really good kennel that you drop the dog off and come back and feed and walk yourself. A friend of mine used it and thought it was wonderful. Her little dog is as spoiled as mine.

Tobey~Snowbirds is also the name we use for all the displaced northerners here for the winter. A lot of them really love Ocala and these woods too. The campgrounds are very busy this time of year. I don't blame them for wanting to get away from all that cold weather. I would love to spend my summers up north with them though. I wonder what they call us southerners spending the summers up there. We are going to do that as soon as we win the lottery. :) I told the boys what you said and they said "woof", which I'm assuming means thanks. My dh and the boys came charging into the bedroom the other day while I was making a new announcement on the answering machine. He had them barking and it turned out kind of cute so I left it that way.

Jen~I don't know how you northerners can stand temperatures that cold and actually go outside. I know that I spent my early life up there but it was so long ago. I got cold yesterday with temps in the low 60's and my bones felt like they were aching. It drives my dh crazy because he wears shorts year round. He was out there early this morning looking at the ice wearing shorts and a jacket. My bird is an African Grey and can still fool us after all these years. My husband is always searching me out to ask "what?", only to find out that it wasn't me that called him. She never fools the dogs though. She calls them all day long in my voice and they ignore her except when she whistles for them. They stop and listen but must detect a difference. It can get a little crazy around here sometimes. :D

Hope y'all have a good evening and stay warm. I think I will talk hubby into a fire in the family room tonight while we watch TV.

02-05-2002, 06:48 PM
Hi Everyone

I just got home from work and thought I should get in here or otherwise I may not make it back in later. I started a novel that is keeping my attention so I'll probably end up with my nose stuck in the book all evening.

I'm still really busy at work. I've got all the end of the year stuff done but now I'm still playing catch up with the 2002 stuff, a months worth. One lady is helping me with one part of it but I still have to keep up with the weekly billings which seem to have doubled the past 3 weeks.

Skeeter, well, since I consider 35 degrees cold, we'll let you get by with saying your freezing. :lol: Just kidding. It was 21 degrees when I got up this morning and I had a hard time getting out of bed cause the heat gets turned down so low during the night and the house is so cold first thing. Your dogs are really cute. I was watching this show dog championship on the Animal Planet channel the other night and I just can't get over how they do up the poodles for shows. Their hind quarters were shaved to the skin except for the balls of fur around their feet and tail but on their low backs were like 2 or 3 "balls" of fur. It looked dumb to me. I guess thats the show standard but I didn't like it. We had a poodle when I was a teenager, some old ladys that died and his name was Bill.

Jen, You be sure to take your gloves with you the next time you run. I very seldom wear my gloves. I just don't like them for some reason. I put them on in the car cause the steering wheel is so cold. Other than that, I don't wear em much.

Tobey, I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather to but its gotten to where I can handle the cold better than our hot and humid summers. My mom had to buy lactose free milk but I've never had a problem with it, knock on wood. What kinds of problems does it cause if you have lactose intolerance. My mom used to complain about bad gas from it.

Sally, dh and I are doing ok. He finally got a check from unemployment so that is a big relief. Plus he has an interview tomorrow. I've got my fingers crossed. He "thinks" he wants to be a truck driver but I just don't want him in a job where he does long hauls. He has to many health problems and I'd worry so much about him. We kinda had a little "discussion" about that this morning.

Moonstone, you can call me Jo Jo if you like. I'm so used to that that when I see Starkeepr, it just goes over my head. :lol: I think guinea pigs are so cute and have thought about getting one. Maybe when my cat is gone. She's about 11 yrs old now.

Marlana, just wanted to say hi just in case you can get in here sometime soon. Hope you get your puter fixed soon.

Well, I've got to get going. Take care everyone.

02-06-2002, 10:52 AM
Hi All

It is much warmer this morning. In fact I got off one subway stop earlier just so I would have an excuse to go for a short walk. Iím not feeling so great this morning Ė think I have the winter blues. :( I have just felt like I donít know what to do with myself lately and all I end up doing is sitting in front of the TV or computer. Iím starting to feel like a slug. I thought I might check to see if there was any interesting classes or something go on in our community. I thought it would be fun to take a cooking class or something to do with crafts. Just to get me out of the house! Or maybe Iíll look into becoming a volunteer somewhere for one night a week.

Jen: That was a chilly run for you? My only advice for running in the cold is to dress properly. I would say the most important thing is to dress in layers and NEVER wear cotton (i.e. a regular t-shirt). I think that book that we both have has some good advice on how to dress. I bet it felt invigorating! I bought myself some low-cal organic hot chocolate for a motivational treat. I only allow myself to have some when I come back from a cold run. Strength training is good. Are you using the routine from the book? I find it quite good. Yoga sounds good. I have 2 different friends who take it and just swear by it. Maybe I should look into that as my extra-curricular activity. It is really quite reasonably priced. In fact if I go on the weekends, I think my gym might even offer a free class. Your run/walk sounds like it will be really nice. Too bad they donít accept credit card pledges Ė I know most donít. However, Iím also in one in April (10K for MS) and they are accepting credit cards. They make it easy buy allowing people to sponsor via credit card on the net. They also have individual pledge forms for each sponsor (as opposed to one long sheet) so that people can put down their card number and no one else will see it. This is my favourite charity event. It is so well organized and lots of fun. They have a lot of big companies who sponsor it so there are a lot of freebies for the walkers/runners as well. They even have a complimentary breakfast and lunch. It is a huge event. Have fun working on your paper!

Skeeter: 35F? That was what our temperature was this morning (and no wind!). Hope it does warm up for you. I love to hear stories of the a/c in February :D Wow your parents must have had a great time during their last visit if they want to come back already. They sound like great people. I guess that would be the perfect life Ė south for the winter and north for the summer. Maybe Iíll kick a little extra in to my retirement fund this month :lol: If you ever win the lottery, come to Toronto and we can paint the town red together. I bet your answering message is very cute Ė Iím sure people who really know you get a kick out of it. Hope you enjoyed your fire. I would have loved to have had one last night Ė but I donít think the landlord would appreciate it (we live in an apartment!).

Jojo: What book are you reading? Since I have decided to take some time off school, I have started reading fiction again. It is so nice read something besides a text book! Right now I am reading a book by Fannie Flagg. I really like her style. We used to get the game show network and I loved watching her on Match Game. I have to admit that I still really like that show. :lol: I would much rather have hot and humid than cold. Dh, however, is like you and can handle cold better than those sticky days. Lactose intolerance affects people differently. Some people get really bad stomach cramps. Iím just like you mom though. It just causes REALLY bad gas. So I drink lactose-free milk for the people around me! :lol: Dh was really happened once we figured out what was wrong. What is your hubbyís interview for? We had a friend of the family who was a truck driver. Personally, I think it is just awful. Driving all those hours and being away from home so much. :( I guess he just has to find what is going to make him truly happy.

Well thatís all for now. I guess I should get some work done. Iím in a bad mood and think I may have been a bit short with my boss. Better go make nice. :D Good thing we get along so well and more like friends than employee/boss.

Have a good one!

02-06-2002, 08:12 PM
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