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01-03-2008, 06:40 AM
Rise and shine chickies!
DD had a bad dream and woke me. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I decided to get the day started. How is your Thursday shaping up? I think I deserve a medal, since I have not had even one of those Lindt chocolates! I was hungry last night and had a few too many peanuts and a little NSA ice cream, which is probably not okay for Ph1, but all in all, I consider it a successful day. Tonight I'm making Taco Bake, which is always something to look forward to! I'll go get the coffee on, stop in and visit for a while!

01-03-2008, 06:56 AM
Hey Schmoo! What was the poor baby's dream about? I had a weird one last night about having a knife stuck in my side that I could take out because I'd bleed all over the place. Probably just too much CSI on my part, though...

I'm not feeling so hot today. I'm achy all over and feeling just blah. I believe in the power of positive thought, however, so I am going to say I feel better and then maybe it'll happen. Here's hoping!

Have a great Thursday everyone! Can you believe it's almost the weekend already?!


01-03-2008, 07:05 AM
She was mumbling something about a box of wasps and one really big wasp that was stinging her through her jeans. Dreams are so crazy sometimes.
Is it the SB flu? Are you still doing Ph1, or are you done with that? I remember you were doing it before Christmas. Day 3 for me, and so far I feel okay.

01-03-2008, 07:18 AM
Good Thursday morning and pass the coffee.

I am off to the city this morning for pre-op stuff and need to hit a grocery store. My company sure could eat! My dear Cousin Cathy will be here for lunch and I really don't have anything to feed her except shrimp and she's allergic to that! My sister and BIL have invited themselves for dinner while Cathy is here. I'm planning Shepherd's Pie and cole slaw - WASP soul food as my BIL calls it. We have all declared a moritorium on dessert but I may put out a bowl of walnuts and clementines.

Have as thrilling a Thursday as possible. I'm off to do some updating of stickies.

01-03-2008, 07:21 AM
Oh, no, I finished Phase 1 before Christmas. I think I started the first of December. The whole rest of the family (but Connor) has been sick for the past week so I think I just caught it from throwing away all the snot rags and washing all the throw-up clothes. Tried to keep my hands clean, but you know how it is being Mom. Honestly, though, I feel a ton better now than I did this afternoon so that's good. Especially because Tom has to work tomorrow through Sunday so he won't be around to help with the wee ones. I'll take it easy tomorrow and then hope for full form on Saturday.

My sister Jill (the one who just found out she's pregnant) once had a dream about a witch eating off her toes. She sleeps with her feet covered to this day!

Ruth, good luck with your appointment! Clementines are big around here nowadays. In fact, I may go grab one right now...


01-03-2008, 07:26 AM
I really need that coffee this morning! Thanks Schmoodle. One of the kitties decided she just had to have some love at 4 am. I need to find a cat therapist!

Kara - I'm sending lots of Vitamin C filled positive thoughts your way! Love the new pic :)

Ruth - Hope it's all smooth sailing with the pre-op. Is it Thursday? I'm so confused this week!

Well it's below zero out there, so I'm just not thinking about it. Have to get out early for PT then off to work for a staff meeting. Can this day be any more exciting?! Must not spend the day researching vacation things. Really, really must not ;)

Stay warm out there!

01-03-2008, 07:33 AM
:coffee2: Good morning girls,
I was wide awake at 4 when Jake got up. But I snuggled deeper into the covers when he was telling me how cold it was, and fell back to sleep. :) Our trusty weather station says it's 18*, which I guess is nothing to you Canadian friends!
Day 1 on Phase 1 was a breeze yesterday, thanks to my planning every detail. I wasn't the least bit hungry in between, and didn't feel deprived at all. Of course, that was only day one, too. I always start off gung-ho. ;) A friend wants to go out for lunch today, but I think I'm going to decline all lunch invites for the next two weeks, just to be on the safe side!
The girls are back in school today and since I helped Cindy take down her tree and decorations yesterday, she said to take this morning off. We don't have anything planned for the afternoon, maybe a trip to the library. Right now, though, it's time to refill my mug!

Schmoodle, how's your DD? Did she go back to sleep? That's always so disturbing to wake up with a bad dream! I hope you both have a pleasant day. :hug:

Kara, :hug: to you, too! It sounds like you've caught that bug that the rest of your family had. :( Feel better soon!

01-03-2008, 07:37 AM
Cyndi, I went to the gym on Tuesday and picked up the monthly calendar and they had used 2007 instead of 2008, so it said that the first was Wednesday. I was SO confused! I *thought* it was Tuesday but then wondered if I had just missed a day somewhere in the craziness of life. I was so glad to find out they had the calendar wrong.

Thanks for the compliments on the picture. We were by the East Sea (They do NOT call it the Sea of Japan here - "No one owns the sea!" - as they are VERY bitter about the Japanese trying to take over Korea!), up in the northeast of South Korea. It was a gorgeous trip!

Good luck finding a cat therapist! :lol:

Thanks for the hug, Linda! I must have had the twelve hour version because I'm feeling better by the minute! Way to go on your first day. Keep up the great work!


01-03-2008, 07:41 AM
Good morning, Ruth. I guess you're counting down the days til your surgery, it won't be long now! Have a nice visit with your company, and drive safely.

Cyndi, a nice morning snuggle with a kitty sounds lovely! It's too bad you have to get up and ready for work, though. Dress warmly!

little chick
01-03-2008, 08:32 AM

It is sooooo cold here this morning..... I feel bad the the kids we have so much snow outside to play in and there is no way they can go out, they will be frozen in no time.:( And I am going to be :dizzy: in no time, they are wound up already and it is only 8:20. They have not been together for weeks now and they get so excited when they get back together. But I feel bad for my dd's cause they don't get to sleep in.

Schmoodle- thanks for starting us up. Hope DD got to go back to sleep. I hate bad dreams. I think I am going to make the taco bake on the week end. I have not made it yet. Can't wait to try it. Have a wonderful day.

Kara- Glad to hear that you are feeling better. You rocked on the exercising this month, you inspire me.

Ruth- Is it cold in your neck of the woods as well. Good luck with the pre op stuff. Enjoy your company. Hope you get to take a minute for yourself. Like a nice bubble bath or something.

Cindy- Hope you enjoy your exciting day.:joker:

Cottage- It is so cold here, I wish I could have snuggled back in bed. It is going to be an indoor day for us today. Which is sad cause we have so much snow that is just waiting to be played in. I think the craft box will have to come out this afternoon. I finally took my tree down yesterday. My sweet dd's help. Enjoy your morning.

Me- Day one was a sucess. Not feeling too badly thank goodness. Just sitting enjoying my tea while the kids are snuggled up on the couch under blankets and enjoying the tv and video games. they only have a few minutes left of that. Today I think I will re organize my dresser drawers. I vow to throw out or bag up all the stuff that does not fit or I don't wear.

Have a great day chicks. :hug:

01-03-2008, 08:49 AM
Schmoodle Great job with the chocolates. I hope DD gets a better night sleep tonight.
Kara Glad you're feeling better.
Ruth Have fun with your guests and good luck with the pre-op stuff. It won't be too much longer now.
Cyndi:wave: Stay warm.
Cottage Have fun at the library and stay warm.
LC Good luck on the dresser reorg. When you're done there you want to come do my closets?

Me Well, apparently the headache liked it's new environment because it stuck around all day yeserday and is back today. Aargh!!! I'm goiing to try that positive thinking (and more Excedrin) I'll be completely happy if it is gone by the weekend. For some reason I don't mind feeling less than 100% at work but not on my own time :lol:

01-03-2008, 08:54 AM
OMG I'm so freaking cold. It's 12 degrees here in Florida. Will someone lend me a winter coat? I don't think I own anything heavier than a sweater.

Good news on the diet front, Phase 1 is going well, but since today the dreaded day 3, I'm expecting a turn for the worse.

I'll be back in later, I've got to coax the dog outside to potty.

01-03-2008, 10:00 AM
Good cold morning to ya. It's 26* right now and I just keep wondering why it couldn't have been cold last week while i was off.

Schmoodle I had the taco bake lastnite - delish!:drool: I hope you get a chance to catch up on your rest today

Kara it must have been a nite of weird dreams as I think thats all I did was dream. I hope your not coming down with something. Be sure to get lots of rest and :getwell: That comment you made about your sis is to funny

Ruth yeah the shrimp isn't such a good idea. Rnjou your day!

Cyndi heres an xtra cup :coffee: to keep you warm

Have a great day Cottage[/B

[B]LC good luck with your organization project. My :crossed: that you get it done.

Dawn heres some :dust: to fight off that headache

Dixie what part of fla are you in? I live in Jax and it was suppose to go to 19* but never did :cheer2: I know what you mean about the dog situation as my lil 5lb yorkie only seems to want to stay wraped in his blanky.

Doing very well on phase 1 - feeling great about myself. Lastnight dh had me start this 8 week workout program with him mine isn't as intense as his - he is already fit & in shape. Wish me luck

Have a great day ladies and stay warm.

01-03-2008, 10:13 AM
good morning all,

Just a normal Thursday planned here. I have laundry started and I have been on my walk already. I feel for you ladies that are freezing.......I don't know how you do it. I would rather take the heat in the summer. Right now it is 56* outside. But just remember I live in what my BIL affectionatly calls the litter box of the U.S.:rolleyes: I am on day 3 one phase one and seem to be doing o.k.

Everyon have a great day and a safe one too :)

01-03-2008, 10:19 AM
Good Morning!!!

I'm a little late checking in this morning. Had a ton of work and wanted to get it out of the way before I could "play".

I swear I don't know how those of you who have consistant freezing weather during the winter can handle it. Guess it depends on what you are used to. It's in the 20's here and I just looked and my sugar kettle pond is frozen solid! I'm glad I thought to remove the solar founntain out of it last night, or I'm sure it would have cracked. I really hate cold weather and the heater dries my skin out even though I slather myself with both olive oil when I get out of the tub and with heavy cream before I get dressed. Think I'm going to add some flax seed oil tablets!

My Mom is under the weather with a cold, so I think I'm going to make a big pot of chicken noodle soup today (haven't ever tried it with WW noodles) Her sister (87) is coming to visit in 2 weeks and I want her well by then. They haven't seen each other in person for 12 years (and that was for their brother's funeral, so not a happy time for them) Both were caring for very ill husbands for all of those years and could not leave them. My aunt lives in Seattle and Mama was in New Orleans. They are both so exited about this visit (my cousin is coming also) and we plan on having 2 weeks of wonderful fun before they have to go back to Seattle.

01-03-2008, 10:33 AM
Cat, I'm so excited for your Mom. At Thanksgiving, my grandmother had a visit with her sister. My grandma is 92 and lives near us in Md and her sister is 88, and lives in Fla. It had been years since they'd had a visit, and it was so cute. They were so happy and excited. Unfortunately, they only got one day together. What a great thing to look forward to after Christmas. The chicken soup should fix her right up!

Yes, it is in the teens here. I don't mind some cold in the winter, except we are going through that $500 tank of oil too fast. But it's supposed to warm up some next week. I'd like to have at least two good snowstorms for the kids to play in. Then I'll be ready for spring.

Day 3 Ph1 has hit and I feel like crap. Headache, nauseous, tired, and generally cranky. Ask DH, I just yelled at him for knocking things over when he carried out the tree. :(
Ick, add dizzy to the list. I feel like I'm about to fall out of my chair. I think I'll go make some hot milk.

01-03-2008, 10:41 AM
Good Morning! :brr: Yet another cold one here, although it is supposed to break tomorrow and we are supposed to see the 40's with rain.

Schmoodle You guys are making me hungry for taco bake! Good job avoiding the chocolate!

Kara Glad you are feeling better, it stinks when mom's get sick cause our work doesn't stop just because we are under the weather.

Ruth Hope all goes well with your pre-op, can you pick a few things for me while you are grocery shopping? My cupboards are in sad shape!

Cyndi Ah cats! They do have a mind of their own! Ours will go for weeks where she wants nothing to do with us and then drive us nuts for a couple of days wanting love.

Cottage Enjoy your morning to yourself!

LC I would say poor kids for not going to be able to play in the snow but it is more like poor you cooped up with them all day!

Dawn Hope your headache lets up!

Dixie Will power dust for day 3!

Gonna Same Will power dust for you!

Phx :wave:

Cat I am excited for your mother and her sister, sounds like a great time!

Me It has taken me forever to type this, work keeps getting in my way, how rude! I think I am going to have to take a go at P1 starting this weekend, thought maybe I could just go back to a strict P2 but I feel like eating my desk so that isn't going to work! First I have to goto the store unless Ruth is going to deliver!

Have a great day chickies!

01-03-2008, 10:59 AM
Thank Goodness it's Thursday!!

I'm so glad that it's such a short week. I need to get some stuff done this weekend!

Schmoodle: Sorry that you're feeling so rough. I hope DD was able to get a decent night's sleep after her bad dream. I think you should just lay down on the couch and watch some tv!

Kara: I'm sorry you're not feeling well either! :hug: I hope that you're able to get some rest with all of the kiddos running around. Are they all feeling better?

Ruth: Your dinner sounds delicious. DH loves shepherd's pie, but I don't make it that often because if he's going to eat it, he doesn't want me to make it healthy! Men! :shrug: I hope the pre-op stuff is going well! 22 days and counting, huh?

Cyndi: I'm feeling the same way about my day. I don't think there are enough things online to fill my hours today! I wish I could take the day off and get some things done around the house, but I'm short on staff this week. Stay warm - I've never been in below zero weather before! :brr:

Cottage: Today would be a great day for a trip to the library. It's chilly (in the 30's) and misty here today and I'd love to curl up with a good book. I hope that you have a nice, peaceful morning!

LC: Yikes! :yikes: All those kiddos must be running wild! Hope you have a great day and that maybe it will warm up a bit so that you can send them all outside!!

Dawn: I'm the exact same way! Who wants to be sick on the weekend?! Hope your headache moves out quickly! :hug:

Dixie: Good grief! You must be freezing! I hope that it warms up for you soon! (Although, I love shopping for new coats, so this may be a good excuse for a shopping trip! ;))

GonnaBe: Good luck on your program and congrats on doing so well with P1 so far! I really enjoy being able to talk to my DH about working out, eating right, etc. and the fact that he understands me and we're on the same page! I bet you and your DH will have the same thing happen!

Phx: I like the heat of summer, but to me there's nothing better than cuddling up on the couch while it's snowing outside. Now, if it would just snow again, we could do that!! Hope you're having a great day!!

Cat: How wonderful for your mom and her sister! Sounds like a fun two weeks for everyone! I'm sure your soup will get her feeling great in no time! Give her a hug for me!! :hug:

Stephanie: Your desk?! :lol: I've been in the same boat before! I hope you have a great day - hope work stays out of your way!!

01-03-2008, 11:08 AM
Me: I'm beyond glad that it's Thursday! Work was SO boring yesterday and today and tomorrow are going to be more of the same. I'm expecting a new pair of boots and a new knife set this week, so maybe those will add some excitement to my day.

Tonight is more laundry and some straightening up. We're having crockpot chilli for dinner with zucchini and cauliflower. I worked out this morning, so I can scratch that off of my list. I think that I'll have a good bit of R&R this evening after dinner.

Yesterday I got in the new quilt/pillow shams and sheet sets that I ordered. We painted our bedroom "cowboy tan" and a blue color for the focal wall our bed sits against. I got the blue flowered sheets so that the bed was masculine and feminine to appease both DH and I. My next big task is to find a bed skirt and some curtains and then we'll move on to new furniture. I just have to keep the dogs off the bed now that we don't have hand-me-down bed linens!

01-03-2008, 02:18 PM
Quick question--what is the recommended minimum veggy servings per day?
I'll get out my book, but I thought one of you chickies might be quicker!

01-03-2008, 02:21 PM
It's 4.5 cups.

01-03-2008, 04:13 PM
:tantrum::ebike:Grrrrr! I can't seem to get in here early in the morn --seems I get up and head right to work--just so busy between that and still unpacking but I'm movin as fast as I can! :ebike::ebike:
Kim: your quilt and colors are darling!!! Its so much fun making a house into a home!

Schmmodle: What a lovely story!I bet they were like 2 school girls together!

Femme: I wish I could cook like you.. I make the basics.. "Is it edible" :chin: is my test.. :rofl: Whats a sugar kettle pond?

Pacer: Too funny bout eatin the desk... :hungry: sigh I have days like that!

Phx: I keep telling my DH to remind me how much I like the 10 months of the year here when it gets so bloody hot and humid in the summer

gONNA: Good Luck doll! JAX was like a second home to me for a few years.. Prudential/Aetna has a fairly big Service Center there and I was always flyin down for some reason.

Dixie: I feel yer pain! Whats with this cold weather! We're suppose to be "southinahs" I guess its only in places like SanDiego and Miami where it stays one season all year: Hot :hot: :flame:

Ruth: We'll be thinkin bout you! :hug: I want to come for supper- sounds yummmalish!!!!

Kara: What a great avatar! Stunnink!

Cyndi: my furbaby was like that last night. She couldnt get close enough to me and all she wanted was to be constantly petted!

LC: thats the way to start the new year..PITCH it!!!! I just sent I think 7 bags of stuff to the goodwill store here... honestly hangin on to things from the 80's!

Cottage: hows that ankle behavin today?

Once again, gotta run...........................later gaters! :wave:

little chick
01-03-2008, 04:41 PM
popping back in for a second, it warmed up enough for us to go outside and play..... I shoveled. A little exercise. Now just waiting for pick up time. Not sure what I am having for supper dh is having seafood chowder. I think once the kiddos go I am heading for the tub I have cramps and pains in my lower back. TOM must be just around the bend, could be why I have been a bit short tempered.... lol. Well enjoy your eveing chicks.

01-03-2008, 04:53 PM
Afternoon chickies.

Schatzi I think the saying goes "better late than never". I know exactly where you are talking about in Jax I live 10-15 mins from downtown

LC try and rest that back

Kim I jost love the comforter you picked. Be sure to show pics of the finish product

01-03-2008, 05:02 PM
GonnaBe: I will be sure to do that, but I have to clean my room first!! :yikes: I may wait until we buy our new mattress set and bed, though.

01-03-2008, 08:09 PM
Cat, you're so sweet to make soup for your mom! I'm sure the whole wheat noodles will work fine. Maybe boil them separately and then add them later in the simmering process so they don't get "gummy". You should try the Neutrogena lotion that comes in the little container (kind of looks like a pyramid - sits on a circular top and the other end is crimped). That's what helps my dry skin. Sometimes my hands get so bad that I lather on the lotion and sleep with cotton gloves on! Luckily, we have radiant floor heating here, which has helped with the dry skin issues this winter.

Phoenix, does your brother-in-law call your city a litter box because it's full of sand? We were to Tuscon a couple years ago for a vacation and loved it!

Gonna, good luck with your workouts! Glad Phase 1 is going well!

Dixie, layer up today! Hope you survive the chills!

Dawn, I'm sending positive Headache Going Away Vibes to you today!

LC, hope you got your dressers organized!

I'm feeling a ton better this morning. I've got a sore throat and I woke up a ton last night, but somehow I must have gotten enough to help me. Here's hoping it keeps going up and up! I think half the reason I'm feeling so great is that I had a whoosh this morning - I think it was my first one! Four pounds! :goodscale Now to keep it up.


01-03-2008, 08:15 PM
Stephanie, don't eat your desk! You'll get splinters!!!

Kim, your new sheets are really pretty.

Karla, good to "meet" you!

Schatzi, thanks for the avatar compliments! You guys are making me blush!


little chick
01-03-2008, 10:23 PM
Just popping in to say good night. Had a long almost 2 hour soak in the tub and finished my book. And then took an advil, hopfully the cramps will go away. Now if I would just get this TOM started it. Well I am off to bed good night chicks.
ps. Kara- dressers and closet is all organised.... yeah me.

01-03-2008, 10:31 PM
I tried to get back on all day to sy "Hi" but for some reason they actually expected me to work today ;)
Kara I too love the new picture. Congratulations on the woosh. My mom was just telling me that they were talking about being sick at her WW meeting and there is a theory that your body won't let go of anything if it is sick, trying to heal, or stave off infection. It waits until you are good and healthy and then lets go. Makes since in my head :chin: Thanks for the positive vibes because the headache seems to have left for now.
Kim I love the pictures. Also forgot to mention, but you and your DH are adorable in the pictures from New Year's. I'm with you on the cleaning the room thing. The only reason I make my bed everyday is I found out you actually burn a couple calories doing it.
LC Hope you are feeling better and more relaxed tonight.
Schatzi Slow Down. I'm tired just reading you post. Go sit in a bubble bath and leave the boxes for now. I'm sure they'll still be there tomorrow and if I'm wrong you won't need to worry about putting them away anymore :lol:
:wave: Karla
Schmoodle Hope the SB flu is quick to leave. Feel Better:hug:
Femme Hope your mom is feeling better. I'm sure with chicken noodle soup she'll be back to 100% in no time, but just in case I'm sending feel better vibes her way.
Dixie & Gonna I'd send warm weather from my coast but we don't have any. It's supposed to be in the 30's and we're supposed to get 10" of rain tomorrow. If it keeps up like this I'm going to build an ark just in case.
Phx I live in the CA desert so I was cracking up about your BIL comment.
Pacer Hope you didn't eat your desk.:lol: I was feeling REALLY hungry today too. It seemed the more I ate the more I got hungry. It was very weird. I'm blaming it on the headache.

Hope everyone had a great day. See y'all tomorrow.

01-03-2008, 10:40 PM
Dawn: Hahaha! What a great motivator for me to make the bed every day! Thanks for the nice compliments. I'm pretty partial to us as a couple! ;) I hope we don't have to work as hard tomorrow as they made us work today!

01-03-2008, 10:59 PM
I just found the MOST amazing thing.
WARNING For those who do not have easy access to SF products read no furthrer. I don't want to make anyone mad ;)

I found DaVinci SF toasted marshmellow syrup. I put it in my NSA hot cocoa and OMG it's like a tiny little piece of heaven.

Kim According to fit day it burns one calorie per minute. :lol:

01-03-2008, 11:05 PM
Dawn, that's hilarious! I wonder how much typing burns????


01-03-2008, 11:09 PM
You just had to ask Kara :lol: Assuming we are talking a computer or electric typewriter that is also 1 calorie per minute. So I guess if I make the bed for 10 minutes and the type a realy looooooong post for 10 minutes I could have an extra tsp of cool whip and feel O.K. about it right??

01-03-2008, 11:57 PM
:lol: Sounds about right to me!