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Bionic Beach Babe
01-02-2008, 03:39 PM
What do you think of the couples? I was disappointed with the father not caring enough to want to stay in and help his partner (daughter). Was surprised that the youngest couple did so poorly and only in their 20s.
Wow. They really get pushed with the exercise. :carrot:

little chick
01-02-2008, 03:55 PM
I really love that show. I really just got into it the last one. I felt bad for the daughter/father team. I will be interesting to see them at the final show. And see if he does it at home.

01-02-2008, 04:03 PM
I watched too and I also watched the austrailian marathon (off and on) yesterday.

I liked the austrailian season 1 because Bob abd Jillian worked together with the contestants to help them all around. they swiched off a lot with the trainning tasks working with each trainners strength.

I too was upset for the daughter and kind of annoyed with the pink team mother. I think Jillian said it best. She did not like this set up because these people all brought their worst enemy with them, baggage I think she called them.

i felt the most for the mother and son with the mother that took full responsabiltiy for making her son fat. I"i drove him to the fast food and bought him the video gmes" I pesonally stuggle with that issue daily as I try to keep my kids fit and then drive to the store to get new games.

it should be interesting to see how they modivate eachother, but the father/daughter team is most likely the norm of how we sabatoge the ones we love to keep them big to make ourselves feel ok about ourselves. Maybe this is what jillian ment.

Anyway I like the show, I hate the advertisments and I tend to watch on my tivo to skip all the repeat stuff and comercials.

01-02-2008, 04:40 PM
I don't know, on another thread I posted that I think the Jenni (the daughter) was too hard on her father, and more occupied with his progress than her own. After all, he did fantastically well losing 17 lbs the first week, and she lost only 7. Still a great loss, but the lowest loss of all the contestants, so it's hard to say whether it's the most her body could do, or whether she focusing more on dad than herself and ended up using him as a scapegoat. In the six weeks at home he lost 30, she 20 and she's still griping that he's not motivated enough (to suit her). Losing 30 lbs in six or seven weeks for a 60 year old, is pretty darn impressive, and does show commitment. It will be interesting to see them both at the finale.

Bionic Beach Babe
01-02-2008, 04:43 PM
I agree with you about the too many Ads...How about that Ad with all the Candy falling off the shelves for the Doctor Pepper Drink...And how often do they tell us on Biggest Loser not to drink pop...but water.
Lil Chick: I am willing to bet the father doesn't stick with it. The daughter will do good to prove to her father she can do it.

I agree with Jullian to that couples are not a good match because we love to see the other person bigger than us, and it is often our partner who Sabatoges us...Time will tell about this season...I like the ex couple so far...

01-02-2008, 08:55 PM
I've become re-addicted to that show. Watched Season 1, then life got in the way and didn't watch it again until last season (which had an awesome group!)

So far I'm not too impressed with the couples, to be honest. I did feel for Jenni, though, because her father reminded me so much of mine (he's in his 60's too - guess it's the generation). I give her a lot of credit for dragging him on the show, though. I know if it were me, no way would I have agreed to do something like that with my dad (and he needs it!)

Poor Bob, though! He's such a sweetie (so is Jillian, though) and people just kept piling up behind Jillian. I can see how they might think he's not as tough, but his manner is just very different. I would have gone with him, mainly because I'd be too chicken to go with Jillian :D.

One interesting thing, though. I was reading another forum that was talking about the eating plan that Jillian prescribes and a few people were commenting that it was very similar to SBD...


01-02-2008, 09:28 PM
I am not liking this one too much but then again, I usually Tivo and only skim through the first episode. If the 2nd episode doesn't catch my attention, I usually don't finish the season.

01-02-2008, 09:30 PM
I love the show and have been watching it since season 1 - these lasttwo seasons really have my attention as I am loosing with them. I don't have a fav yet - I do want them all to suceed

Tammay I heard the same about Julians eating plan

01-02-2008, 09:33 PM
Gonna I am a huge fan of the show too and I also don't have a favorite yet. I kind of like the comraderie between the two ex-football guys but pretty much anyone who throws up on national T.V. and keeps going gets points in my book ;)

01-03-2008, 01:07 AM
I LOVED the show! My favs are the divorced couple (OMG I could NOT do it), the mother and daughter (they will be a hoot) and the mother and son. I think the son will have a dramatic weight loss/make over.

I too was sad about the father not supporting the daughter. They were the most non-threatening being that his age would have been a factor and I am sure they could have snuck on by...

But some don't think strategically I suppose!

01-03-2008, 01:25 AM
Personally I think it was the daughter not supporting the father. He did great, while she lost the least of the contestants. It makes me wonder if she was so busy looking over his shoulder that she wasn't paying attention to what she was doing. She also spent so much time griping about him to the other contestants (or so it appears) that it no doubt influenced their opinion, and I think it also increased dad's anxiety about being there as well. Her hounding him probably did make being there a living ****.

I have to say, that I would have rubbed it in more than he did about how SHE was the person that put them under the yellow line, not him. He didn't really complain that much - it was the daughter that griped all of the time about how much he didn't want to be there - maybe she was projecting her feelings onto him.

The thing that does sort of annoy me is that I am so interested. I believe that this is going to be the best and worst part of this season. I suspect that the casting people know what they're doing. I think they even know which of the contestants are likely to be the first to go, because I think they pick people intentionally because of their ability to annoy each other and the audience that is for their entertainment value rather than their chance of success. That's one thing to remember is that this is by no means a "fair contest" in any sense of the word. The smallest contestants and now the smallest couple have absolutely no chance of winning. At first glance, it seems that couples have a better chance, until you realize that the lightest and heaviest teams weights vary by over 300 lbs). Someone who weighs over 400 lbs can feasibly lose 60% of their body weight. The 220 lb contestant doing that would weigh 88 lbs, not only unlikely, but dangerous.

Bionic Beach Babe
01-03-2008, 01:49 PM
We need to remember Men lose weight faster and more than women . It seems to just melt off them.

I went to their site and they want something like 67 cents per day to be able to get their input on what you should be doing and eating.

I love the program and agree the mother and daughter team is going to be a hoot....She (the mother) speaks up...I think she will do good, fighting all the way...

I just will hate it all once they start picking on their partner. I hate fighting !!!

01-04-2008, 12:06 AM
I agree with kaplods.

Jenni kept saying how much she wanted to be there and was so worried about her dad. Maybe if she would have spent her time working out instead of complaining she would have lost more than 7 pounds.

Unfortunately it isn't a fair contest. As long as the football partners don't get voted out they will win. They have the most to lose. The couples with the small girls, I think the newlyweds and the couple that couldn't get health insurance, aren't going to be able to lose as much percentage wise.

I will still keep watching though because every season gets me more inspired to get this weight off.

01-04-2008, 12:53 AM
I sometimes do feel guilty for watching, because some of the tactics I do think are accidents waiting to happen, and I know profit is the motive, not people's health. I do think some less intelligent, less mature, or more naive viewers may get really messed-up ideas about weight loss. I wouldn't let a child of mine (if I had one) watch the show without explaining that this is not a healthy way or "realistic" way to lose weight. And if someone does die or is severely injured on the show I will feel partially responsible.

HOWEVER, with all that being said I will keep watching. For a couple admittedly very selfish reasons. First, I am extremely selfish (and finally realize I have a right to be on this issue) and watching anyone else try to lose weight is very motivating, whether they fail, or succeed, whether they're doing it in a way I consider healthy or not. I do get caught up in the drama at times, and so again selfishly "it's entertaining." The only thing that keeps me from feeling like a horrible person is that these people are adults and have the right to make these decisions (even if I think they're idiotic). Like the parents leaving the small child. BOTH parents, leaving for possibly weeks and weeks. Having a graduate degree in developmental psychology, that makes me twinge, especially since the kid appears to be in that 11 month - 30 month year old period which is a critical period for parental bonding. According to what we were taught (with some fairly strong experimental evidence) they could be doing their child permanent psychological harm. I know they probably are not thinking of only the money, and are thinking they're going to be "better parents" for having lost the weight, but I think that is flawed thinking unless you believe that going on a reality tv show is the only possible way a person could ever lose weight.

The show is a bit of a moral dilemma on several grounds, but I think that's also part of what truly makes it entertaining - it makes you think not just watch, and that is rare in tv programming today. I tend to believe that "sanitizing" television could possibly make a "nicer world," but I think that it is more likely to just produce a dumber world.

01-04-2008, 12:54 AM
Remember, they don't show the entire taping and they show us what they want to. We can all make our own judgments but we won't know what happened -- that's between Jenni and her dad.

Bionic Beach Babe
01-04-2008, 05:02 PM
Yep. They only show us what they want us to see. The thing I don't understand is how these people can be pushed into this much exercising and not have heart attacks, etc.

This program does make a person think...I think its unfair that the ladies are all in shorts and bra tops and the men march in with tee shirts on....I know the men take their shirts off to weigh but they put them right back on....I could never be on this type of show....I hate weighing in front of people and for the whole nation to see...No way.