Weight Loss Support - Please help me feel better :( 4 pound gain from a week-long holiday binge :(

12-25-2007, 09:25 PM
Hello everyone. I was down to 124 lbs from a starting weight of 174 pounds. I just got on the scale after a week of eating way too much food, and it said I weigh 128. I am absolutely mortified. I had it all under so much control and my new healthy way of eating was very easy to follow. I am so scared that tomorrow when I try to hop back on track, I will just be craving all of the bad and unhealthy food that I've been eating this week. Actually, I know I will be craving it. Please help. :( I can't let myself fall so far backwards because of the huge holiday meals and snacks sneaking up on me when I wasn't prepared for it. I'm so scared. :(

12-25-2007, 10:01 PM
You will crave all the bad stuff, but in my experience, if I get through one day of good eating, I can get back on track. Tomorrow will be a challenge, but you and I can do it. Try to avoid the scale for a few days. Personally, I'm not going to weigh in until Monday. If you exercise, try to do a few extra minutes a day. I'll be back in the gym tomorrow.

Congratulations on your weightloss! That's fantastic. Remember how great you feel and you'll be able to get back to your healthy eating habits!

12-25-2007, 10:09 PM
Hey jpye,

It is unlikely that you have gained 4 pounds in 1 week... it's more likely some of that is water weight.

In any case, you need to get back on your maintenance or weight loss plan right now! That means, first of all, get rid of any leftover holiday goodies before they can do you any more harm. I know that's a hard thing to do--but you may have to do it before you eat them! :yikes: If you know you'll be craving it, get away from it! Toss it, don't buy more. Get healthy foods instead.

Get back on your exercise/activity program as well! That can make a big difference if you're eating right.

Don't allow 1 week of overeating to turn into 2 weeks just because it's the end of the year! :eek:

You have done so well at losing in the past, and you can do it again. You know how! Get with it! :drill: C'mon, you know you can! :drill:

Also, you say you weren't prepared for it--and all I can say is, Christmas comes every year! So now, you know that you have to prepare for the holidays.

Good luck! Get back with it! Be strong here!


Shy Moment
12-25-2007, 10:13 PM

Think about what you said. A week of eating way to much food. This is not the end of the world. You will get back on track starting tomorrow. You may crave a bit because of all the yummys you put into your body BUT you have shown yourself, with your weight loss, you can handle that. Pull up your boots by their straps and straighten right back on that wagon seat. You didn't fall off you, just slipped to the side a bit. Look forward, never backward. You are strong, you are in control. Keep a closer eye on what you eat for the next couple of weeks. Take control, you can do it. You really know you can. I know you can.

12-26-2007, 03:17 AM
Jpye... hang in there hon!

Definitely plan out your meals for the rest of the week with calories intake in mind, and that will help you feel a bit better.

Do some more exercise than usual this week, like an additional 15 minutes on the treadmill, stationary bike, etc.

On nights when you have dinners with others that u know will bring in more calories than ur usual amount, just eat less during the day to compensate! :)

You're doing so WELL!!!!! :)

12-26-2007, 03:40 AM
yes, get back in the saddle. This is just a blip on the radar at this point. You have the strength to go back to what feels good, the way of eating and living that has brought you to where you are.

We all have moments where we stumble a bit and make less than stellar choices. It's simply a part of life. The key is to not let our stumbles become falls. One thing I've found is helpful is to think back or do a bit of journaling on how much better I feel today than when I was binging and at my heaviest. It brings things back into perspective for me.

12-26-2007, 01:26 PM

The damage you can do in one week of off-plan eating is fairly small. A pound or two at MOST, if you were REALLY eating everything in sight. You can get that right back off again.

The damage you can do if you keep the goodies around, let yourself keep indulging, and fall off of your healthy ways? It'll be a LOT more. I suggest that today, you do a couple things. First, plan your meals and snacks for this week. Make a grocery list for those things and go buy all the groceries you need. Then get rid of all the unhealthy foods NOT on your list. Second, do something physical, even if it is just a brisk walk. Doing something active always helps me to get on track.

You can do this, even if it will be difficult - get to it!

12-26-2007, 02:47 PM
Water/sodium weight tends to disappear as quickly as it comes on if you get back on track. Drink a lot of water and eat fresh fruit & fresh veggies. I don't know scientifically or anything, but I think it helps flush the sodium out of the system. I feel better at any rate when I do that after indulging. And keep up the fitness routine. I don't know if you belong to a gym or work at at home, but I went to the gym this am. This is the week to go!!! The place is practically empty and I had my pick of machines, locker and shower! I'm going to enjoy the extra elbow room before the New Year Resolution crowds come on in and tie up the machines, lockers & showers.

Also, even if you still have events (for example, I have a get together with neighbors tonight), stick to as much of your plan as possible. I had my usual nonfat yogurt & bannana for breakfast & some tuna sushi for lunch with clementines. I'm also bringing nonfat yogurt dip & veggies for hors d'oeuvres and clementines as part of dessert to help offset the cheese raviolis and drinks we're having.

12-26-2007, 05:45 PM
4lbs in one week? JayEll, thats EASY..... 14,000 extra cals. 2,000 extra a day, if only there were prizes I'd have a wall papered with the certificates LOL

Anyway, to the OP ;-)

Even if its a case of one hour at a time, it can be done. Dont think too much, take each meal as it comes and make the healthiest choice possible.

Lots of walking. Lots of water. Weigh in once a week, twice max.

Cheesy but...keep mentally active.
Hang out with people who believe in you, and make you feel good. Because hey you are, by virtue by being an alive, nice lady.


12-26-2007, 06:32 PM
Yes, cousin... I'm sure you're right... but remember, it's extra calories.

People with bingeing disorder may indeed eat that much extra in a week, but for most other folks, it would be hardly possible. I'm trying to think how I would eat 2000 extra calories in a day, outside of ingesting a pound of butter... :p

12-27-2007, 05:12 PM
Straight out emotional eating for an hour coupled with huge natural appetite :P

I have a warped perspective on this one I guess. But i'm GLAD normal people wouldnt really eat all that, that means less torment for less people

12-27-2007, 08:39 PM
Please take my advice and just go back to your regular healthy eating habits. 4 pounds are nothing. I gained 35 pounds after loosing over 70 pounds and I'm regretting every pound that I gained, but I'm working hard to loose it all. You and I both can do it, don't worry.

12-28-2007, 10:53 AM
You have done a remakable job! You are obviously over the hump, now it's just maintaining.

so you splurged a little...enjoy the expierance, cherish it and put yourself back in gear. You obviously been disciplined this far. You have to live a little, don't be too hard on yourself..you will stress yourself out.

You can burn those 4 lbs by watching your soduim alone & drinking more water. Just beware that your not addicted to the scale, your weight will fluctuate a few pounds either way. If you feel good and you look godd, Thats how you tell.

12-28-2007, 01:00 PM
Jpye, re: your 4 pounds gained, I gained 5 pounds over a rather festive week. Not only did I drop down 4 fairly soon after (within a week), I weighed in this week and that pound is gone and took a friend with it. I'm not claiming it on my ticker yet because I still have another round of holiday fare this weekend (plus a friend of mine at work & I are both January birthdays). But my point is as long as you get right back on track, those 4 pounds will go.

And set realistic goals for yourself. I didn't even plan on weight loss for the holiday season. My goal was merely to maintain/not gain. Once the holiday & birthdays are done, that's when I'm going to work more actively towards weight loss. Though I am keeping up with my exercise routine & modifying my eating behavior. For example, at the neighbor gathering I went to recently I had 2x the amount of green salad & half the amount of ravioli I normally would have had. Ravioli still tasted just as good! :)

12-28-2007, 02:12 PM
GREAT advice about the 2 x salad! I too gained 4 extra pounds last week. I need to start filling up on low cal foods!

12-28-2007, 11:44 PM
Heh - I jumped on the scale after coming back from the parents and a week long "stuff fest" and discovered to my horror that I was up about 4 pounds as well.

Like Cousin I am well able to do the mental math in figuring out how many extra calories it would take for that to be a real gain...and as such knew that the majority of it is actually water from retention. My body hasn't known a sodium hit like that since this time last year! All the ham and turkey and other sodium rich foods consumed. I had this horrid bloat belly on me as well! Argh...totally humilating lol.

BUT - during that week long binge I'd also been keeping up the exercise regime. Boxing day (the 26th) was fun - 6am and running up Evans Hill - miles of uphill running...nothing like it to get the guilts under control lol.

So come this morning when I braved the scale again it was back to within normal range. I expect it will drop further in the next few days as like the other ladies have suggested I've gone back to salads, fruits, veggies, yoghurts...all my usual foods (my body was actually craving it so bad lol)

2000 extra calories in a day - my body can take up to 1800 in maintenance, sometimes more. I would be physically sick if I tried to eat almost 4000 calories...mostly because I don't eat chocolate or icecream or cakes or biscuits (except the odd bit of mums christmas cake and trifle during that period!)...or anything similar. It holds no appeal.

You've done great to get this far and you'll be back on track before you know it!