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12-21-2007, 07:47 AM
Good Morning Chicklets!

I've been a little MIA in here. I tried to ignore a headache that was developing all day yesterday, and by the time I got home, it was a MAJOR thing. The drive home was excruciating, I thought I'd never make it home! Poor Jake was totally ignored, I headed straight to the bottle of Advil, which hardly took the edge off it. I am feeling a bit better this morning, but my head feel very fragile. I'm going to take more Advil before heading out this morning.
Our Cookie Party was a huge success, the kids had a blast. But it lasted all day, and they never got around to watching the movie I had planned. So much for some "quiet" time! Today, we're meeting some friends for lunch and going to the matinee to see the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas move.

Everyone have a great day. I'm going to sign off for now, as I'm really not feeling too well at all.

12-21-2007, 07:50 AM
Hope the headache heads out, Linda! I can't imagine listening to the Chipmunks with a headache...

We had two holiday parties today. I didn't do awful, but wasn't perfect. Tomorrow night will be the big test - Tom's squadron Christmas party. We have a sitter so it will be a fun evening out. I'm going to try to get some exercise in in the morning so I at least feel like I have a leg up on the day. Tom's working all weekend so I won't be able to get to my yoga class, but I'll do one of my videos that I have here at home.

Tom found a new website with TV shows on it so we're getting caught up on CSI now. The other site didn't have CSI, and we LOVE CSI!

Hope everyone's Fridays are fantastic!


12-21-2007, 08:32 AM
Cottage Hope you're feeling better soom.
Kara Enjoy CSI and espescially the party tomorrow night. You deserve a night out.

I had a really bad case of the blues yesterday and it looks like they followed me into today. General problems with DF (after 9 yrs to gether you think ' know better by now). Of course the scale didn't move. That probably has something to do with the 1/2 bag of candy I gave in and ate yesterday. I should be grateful I didn't gain. Hope everyone has a nice day.

12-21-2007, 08:39 AM
Cottage, I do hope the headache disappears completely for you. It's the wrong time of year for the damn things! Don't they check the calendar.

Kara, your Tree and Kidlets picture is just adorable. No wonder you are having trouble deciding which is the cutest. I love CSI too - especially Grissom with his beard. Horatio reminds me too much of my ex-DH but then so does Dr. Phil! I guess I have a faulty memory!

Today did not get off to a good start. Poor Hershey had the runs in the night! I know - TMI! Nothing like washing your back room floor at 6 AM on a day when Donna comes to clean at nine. The garland over the mantel fell off during the night too. I wonder what the third thing will be. :shrug:

The rest of the day WILL be better.

I have some cooking to do once Donna is finished in the kitchen and will finish the outside decorating while she cleans up the sparkly bits in the rest of the house. Of course I still have some sewing to do and gifts to wrap but the end is in sight.

How is your TGIF looking this fine (and frosty) Friday? :cofdate:

12-21-2007, 08:41 AM
Good morning, Thin. I joined you in candy transgression yesterday! No wonder you're feeling a bit blue. :hug: May the rest of your Friday get better and better.

12-21-2007, 08:48 AM
Thank you Ruth. Give Hershey a hug from me. It's no good to be sick at the holidays and that goes for furbabies too.

12-21-2007, 09:05 AM
Sounds like the pre-Christmas stress is starting to get to everyone...even Hershey who got the hersheys!!

I did a cheat yesterday too. I was making a batch of pralines (pronounced PRAHLEENZ!!!) and had to sample when I poured them. I ended up taking about 4 tablespoons worth of samples. Oh, so yummy. Unfortunately it was way too humid to be making pralines and they didn't get I ended up with some very yummy praline sauce. I just put it into little jars and decorated them and will bring them to school today for little holiday gifts for some special friends.

I'm thinking about doing a phase1 for a few days after the holidays...I really have been pretty good, but feel kind of "lunky" although no weight gain...just feel kind of bloated and sluggish.

12-21-2007, 09:35 AM
:hug: Dawn! Why don't men just *know* what we expect of them? It would make life a whole lot easier.

Sorry for your morning clean up, Ruth! Our Reese has a very sensitive stomach and can get the runs from anything from eating ANY people food to being distressed about something. I always sniggered at people who went on and on about their dogs having anxiety issues and then we ended up with one. The vet offered to put her on anti-depressents but it was just too expensive and, seriously, anti-depressents? For a dog??? That's why she's still in New Jersey with my parents. We didn't think she'd fare well on the cross-global trek.

Cat, you should definitely label those jars "Gourmet Praline Sauce" and make like you intended to create that lovely confection!

Waiting for the laundry to finish and then I'm off to bed. I've had a headache all day - I think I've been eating too much junk. I *know* I've been eating too much junk; I just think all of that sugar is being rejected by my body. Thank goodness for exercise or I'd be back where I started weight-wise. I've got to get back on track. All that Phase I work shouldn't go to waste!

'Night, all!


12-21-2007, 09:56 AM
It's Finally Friday! Still trying to fight off getting this cold. Broke down and got some zicam, our little wally world only had the "rapid dislove". Let me tell ya, they are GROSS! First rapid disolve is WRONG! And second I ain't never had no cherry taste like that! (Yes all you teachers out there I know that grammer is wrong!) This stuff better work like they say!

Cottage Hope you get to feeling better. I have seen the previews for the Chipmunk movie (if you are talking the new one) and they look so darn cute!

Kara Your tree is almost as cute as the kids! Enjoy your party and don't beat yourself up to bad, I have a feeling we are all going to be doing some serious P1 in January!

Thin Hope you get to feeling perky, this is no time for the blues. My DH has turned into a grinch and I refuse to let him get me down.

Ruth Poor Hershey! I praised our new little one all morning cause he actually behaved himself, well except waking DH up early by chasing the other dog around the bed and using DH as a landing strip.

Cat I know the feeling of "lunky" and bloated. I will probably be right there with you in january.

Oh I have so much left to do in the next couple of days! The kids are leaving for their dads today so I will have some time to myself to wrap things up and clean before they come back the day after christmas for our official day with them! It has taken 10 years to get used to not having them there Christmas morning but now it is tradition and I am ok with it!

Have a great day chickies, I have a feeling it will be a slow one here at work and I will be back!

12-21-2007, 10:05 AM
whew, I don't even want to think about what's on my list for today. I will just start doing things and hope I get pretty far. Cleaning is at the bottom of the list because I'm going to make everyone pitch in tomorrow morning and help me get it done. It's my holiday too! DH just left with the kids for school, and I got teacher gifts wrapped in the nick of time! Today I will wrap, wrap, wrap.

DD's girl scouts party last night was lots of fun. All I ate was some fruit salad that I couldn't resist because it was gorgeous - strawberries and blackberries, and red grapes. It looked like a bowlful of rubies. I was busy most of the time getting the cookie sales forms filled out. But I baked some cookies for the party, and there was some left after, so I did eat a couple when I got home. My first cookies of Christmas, and not even my favorite kind. So unnecessary.

The refrigerator is working fine (hurray DH!), so I need to make menus and plan my baking so I can get to the store later and restock. Everyone gets to choose their favorite cookie, and those are the only ones I'll bake. Fortunately DD1 and DS have the same favorite, so I think I'll only end up doing 5 kinds. We have a mother-daughter cookie party to attend on Sunday, and for that I need 5 dozen each for me and DD! The next few days are going to be tough!

cottage, make sure you take earplugs. I agree, A&tC with a headache sounds like torture. Kinda sounds like torture even without the headache!
Kara, I think the best we can hope for over the next few days is just to keep an even keel. It is Christmas, after all... I definitely plan to eat a few things. And drink a few things... But hopefully only a few. Love your tree! And your babies are adorable! Poor DD2 and DS, we still call them the babies, as they're the youngest of 13 cousins. At 9 and 11, I think they're getting tired of it. Finally, the nieces and nephews have started having kids, so there are some real babies around. I think we can finally promote ours to big kids.
Thinby, I'm sorry to hear you're blue. Hope your mood brightens. Get rid of the candy! It won't help anything.
Ruth, doesn't your company arrive tomorrow? Hope you have a wonderful visit.
Cat, join us on the Ph1 train! I am kind of looking forward to it and getting back into the groove. But I'm not positive I can actually do Ph1 again, so we'll see how it goes!
Morning Stephanie! We just change my DH's name to Scrooge for the holidays. It's actually part of his charm.

Apparently I've been a topic of discussion among the scout moms recently, as quite a few of them last night wanted to talk about how much weight I've lost and how I did it. There are several that are considering starting SB after the holidays, so I told them I'd get all my favorite SB recipes together for them. Maybe I'll have my own SB club!

DH is so funny, he dropped a Christmas hint the other day, and apparently I didn't give much of a reaction. So he keeps mentioning the item, and if I were going to get it, how to be sure I got the right one (he's worried, since I didn't ask any questions). Of course I ordered it immediately and picked it up on Wednesday, and I got the right one and it's wrapped and ready to go. He's like a kid and he'll drive me crazy with questions until he gets to open it. On the other hand, I made his life easy by picking out my own present and ordering it, and handing it to him. to wrap. He said I should just keep it. Then he said he'd just stick a bow on it. I had to insist he wrap it and put it away until Christmas. I mean, really, how much easier can I make his life?

Have a great Friday chicks!

12-21-2007, 11:04 AM
Poor DD2 and DS, we still call them the babies, as they're the youngest of 13 cousins. At 9 and 11, I think they're getting tired of it....

Schmoodle, my Mother and I STILL call my sister "The Baby". ie "Did The Baby call today?"...the "baby" will be 47 in January. She was the youngest of all the grandchildren and as far as I'm concerned, she's still my baby that I could not wait to get. I still vividly remember my parents bringing her home from the hospital. I have to admit I was pretty upset when I finally got her...I was 5 and thought I'd have a fun playmate. All she did was eat and poop..not my idea at the time of a built in buddy. I remember thinking "That's it? That all it does??"
She's a lot more fun now.

little chick
12-21-2007, 11:56 AM
Morning chicks. I can say that cause I am squeaking in under the wire. Just like everyone else things are really busy, trying to get the last what nots picked up, and I ran out of wrapping paper so I need to make a trip to the store to some so I can finish wrapping.... I am getting excited, I love Christmas..... ph 1 a definite for me. Have a great day chicks.

12-21-2007, 12:17 PM
:wave: Hello everybody! Sorry :( But I have no time for personals had to go to the doc and now they think I have namonia (sp) :shrug: so have to do chest xray - the good news is i am back down three lbs this week :woohoo:

I'll try and get back later to check in - Have a great day! :)

12-21-2007, 01:45 PM
Fly-by for me today! I've got to get through 98 more properties before the end of the day. I was hoping to get them done before lunch so I could start the end of the month paperwork, but it didn't happen. One "Yahooie" is that I got my car back today and everything seems to be doing great. I'll try to come back for personals this afternoon, but we'll see how much work I can get done!

Have a great day!


12-21-2007, 08:40 PM
Ooooh, I think it's the last crunch before Christmas!!!

Kim, good luck getting your work done! I have no clue how long it would take to get 98 properties finished, but it sure sounds like a load of work!

Gonnabe, I hope they finally figure out what's wrong with you so they can treat it and you can be done with it!

LC, you reminded me I should get to wrapping to make sure I don't run out of paper!

Cat, Connor went through the same thing when Kadyn was born! He called her "Passenger Seat Baby" the whole time I was pregnant because he thought she'd be able to ride with him in his Power Wheels Jeep as soon as she was born. He, of course, would be the driver, being the all-important big brother and everything, so that made her the passenger. So cute! He was crushed when she came out all tiny and helpless!

Schmoodle, I got Tom a really great present and he's been trying to guess what it is since he got out of me that I had bought him something. He has NO clue! All of his guesses are so far off! I can't wait until Christmas so I can show him his gift. He's going to go bonkers over it! My grandmother used to tell a story about how my grandfather got her to wrap her own present one year and she didn't even realize it until Christmas day!

Stephanie, Tom swears by zinc and echinacea when he is starting to feel bad. It's gotten him through quite a few winters without any sniffles! When he was in school back in '04, his whole class got pneumonia and he didn't!

We're off on another day here in Korea! Time for breakfast.


12-21-2007, 09:25 PM
Everyone sounds so busy.
Kara Have a great day
Kim Hope all went well at work
LC I couldn't find the Chistmas paper for a while and thought about putting everything in Easter bags and saying I was early. I finally found the paper though.
Gonna DF just had pneumonia and the doctor said alot of people are getting it. Take care of yourself.
Schmoodle Good luck with the cookies. And you're right candy doesn't fix anything. I threw it away.
Pacer I TOTALLY agree about the Zicam. I've tried those and they are awful. I do tend to agree with Kara's DH Tom. Zinc and echinacea and if I feel a tickle I throw in 500 mg of vitamin C. The best part is no wanna be fruit aftertaste.

So the blues have somewhat passed. I got to work and they had organized a surprise early birthday celebration. Of course, this morning that made me cry. But there were flowers and balloons and confetti and presents... Oh and 2 cakes. Why we needed two 1/2 sheet cakes for 8 people I never did understand but I had a very small piece from each. Then the potluck I was trying to avoid all day turned out to be unavoidable. I had 1/2 a deviled egg and 1 spoon of potato salad and ran for the hills. The best laid plans.... Anyway I am now nursing a sugar hangover complete with headache and tummy ache. Can you do Ph 1 the first of Dec and again the first of January? The worst part is my birthday isn't officially here yet and neither is Christmas AAAGH!!! I thnk I may be losing this battle but I'm not going down without a fight :)