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12-20-2007, 06:36 AM
Good morning ladies.
I feel like such a slacker, I haven't let any of you all know that I was ok since I was so sick last week. Whatever I had, hit me really hard and really fast. But I'm so much better now. Just trying to make it through this week (today is last day and then tomorrow starts christmas break). The kids are driving me up the wall...Monday I gave them homework because they were being so bad...then Tuesday I felt bad and said don't worry about doing it. Then yesterday I threatened them with it. LOL..They have just been off the charts. But they've been so sweet at the same time. Well I'm off to get my stuff together. I just wanted to say good morning and I hope everyone has a great day.

Fluff (Tina) :)

12-20-2007, 06:52 AM
Aw, Tina, I well remember teaching those last few days before Christmas - tired teachers and excited kidlets. You will definitely need your break. It's nice to hear that you are feeling better.

I have a ton of things to tackle today. I made a list of jobs last night and it's too darned long! As my knee is giving me a lot of grief these snowy days, I'm having to pace myself and alternate standing and sitting jobs. What a PITA! This morning we pack the Christmas baskets for the village but I think I'll just sit and write out delivery slips. This afternoon I'll tackle some more stuff around here until Hershey and I leave for pet therapy at the nursing home. My days seem over full lately but I'm having fun.

May your day be full of light and other nice things.

12-20-2007, 07:05 AM
Morning, Tina and Ruth!

Tina, I'm glad you're feeling better but I'm sorry the kids are driving you up a wall. Maybe give them some extra group work so they can get the chatters out.

Ruth, sorry to hear your knee has been achy. Sounds like you have a good plan to keep it as pain-free as you can, and at least you have that surgery date to look forward to.

We had a busy day today. I'm trying to keep on the move as I am steadily losing the battle against the cookies and candies all over my house. I lost another pound as of this morning, so my increased exercise is at least keeping the scale happy. My scale is nearly as moody as I, however, so who knows what will set it off on another grump-attack!

Off to clean up the kitchen and read to the kids. I love the evening time with them. They're so sweet at night. Right now, Connor is reading library books to Kadyn, which just about brings tears to my eyes. They love each other so much!

Be back later!


12-20-2007, 07:16 AM
I can relate with the kids. I have 300 five year olds and they are all going a little bonkers right now...we finish tomorrow. I have only 2 classes today and 2 tomorrow due to holiday programs going on at school...then I'm "free" till the 7th..but clients usually grab all the "free" time. I plan on taking Sunday off to bring my Mom to the cemetery to visit and am going to take off tomorrow night to take her out for a plantation tour and candlelight dinner ( her anniversary (would have been their 61st) Should be fun and she doesn't know where we are's a surprise. I just told her to wear her finery.

No idea what's on our menu today...will find out when I go to the grocery store.

12-20-2007, 07:28 AM
Aw, Cat. You're the best. I'm sure your mom will really appreciate all of the thought you put into the trip.

You teach a computer class, right? What kinds of things do you work on with those little ones? I've just started Connor (6 years old) on doing some e-mails and he has excellent mouse skills from playing computer games that we have. It's funny because I didn't really use a computer until college so I have no clue what's expected of grammar school age kids in that department!


12-20-2007, 07:34 AM
We pretty much concentrate on reading and math skills.
We have tons of software in the class, but as of this year can't use it. Got all new computers (took 3 years to do) and the software is just too outdated to use on the new computers. So, what I did was to make a couple of pages with links to games on the web that coordinate with skills the teachers are covering in their classes. We are doing "Starfall (" right now with 3/4 of them.
And with the other 1/4, we are doing a program called "Headsprout (", which is kind of pricey, so only 6 kids from each class work with it. It also involves a lot of "paper work" on my part, but a great program for reading.

12-20-2007, 07:39 AM
I can relate to the kids, too. There's so much excitement in the air! A bunch of us took our kids to Moonbounce Adventures after their school parties yesterday, and it was just the antidote they needed to work off all the sugar in their systems.
I have an early start time this morning since the girls are off school, and w e're going to have several of their friends over for a Cookie Decorating Party. That should be fun! Hopefully by this afternoon, they'll be ready to settle down and watch a movie. I'm taking over the old Shirley Temple classic, Heidi. I love that movie and can't wait!

Fluff, I'm glad you're feeling better!

Ruth, wise idea to find a job you can do while sitting. My ankle is forcing me to sit down more often, too. That surgery date will be here before you know it.

Kara, Isn't it the sweetest thing when the older child reads to the younger one? Maggie will snuggle up close to Audrey, and Audrey will put her arm around her while she's reading to her. It just melts my heart to look at them. How did your day at the DR. go? Did you get your medical records?

12-20-2007, 07:43 AM
Cat, that's a wonderful present for your mother, she's going to love it! That "Starfall" program is wonderful, I've been using it for Maggie, and she has learned so much from it.

12-20-2007, 09:56 AM
Good Morning, everybody! :wave:

Tina, glad you're back amongst the living...and healthy! :D I hear you on the kids. Trying to teach for these last couple days is pretty worthless, eh? Like trying to teach the day after Halloween when all of them are hyped up on chocolate and sugar from the night before. :rolleyes: Hope it's a great day!

May your day be full of light and other nice things.
Ah, Ruth, I like that a lot! :D Light sure is a nice thing...a coworker told me we're close to the winter solstice (tomorrow?), so we'll be getting more light slowly until spring. Yay!!! :dancer: I hope you pamper yourself, hon. Don't make yourself stand any more than you have to. When I hurt my leg, DH brought down a desk chair for me (like a typing chair) that had wheels and I rolled all over the kitchen! :lol: Just be careful, okay? :hug:

Kara, you're making me sniffle! :love: What darlings your little ones are! Reading is SOOOO important for them...and learning to love reading is just as important, IMHO. I'm so glad you've made it something special enough that they even want to do it on their own. :hug: Your group work idea is inspired--I never even thought of doing that! :o Do you teach besides your AWANA work?

Wowsee-wow, Cat!!! That's such a very special gift for your mom! I love that you're helping your mom continue to celebrate your parents' anniversary. :love:

A great website for reading skill development for little ones (up to at least 3rd grade, if not later, depending on skill level), is the PBS site for Between the Lions ( great show!). There are great activities there, but I especially like the videos. They are like very updated versions of the things I learned on Sesame Street or Schoolhouse Rock when I was a kid! ;) Kara, I don't know a ton about what kids at that age should be able to do on a computer, but they can do a whole lot more with the mouse than they can in the real world. It's like combining gross motor skills with fine motor...but they don't have to make their hands do the fine motor stuff...just line up the cursor or pointer. Alphabet games or games that make you use the letters and numbers on the keyboard can be a great way to introduce them to the way the keyboard is set up and make them ready to learn to type later.

Oh, I'm definitely sick again. :p It's my own darn fault. I had to send a couple of e-mails to work last night for the various projects I'm working on, but I had over 140 e-mails to wade through. I got through them all, but didn't go to bed until 2. :tired: Oy! Today's the last day of work, thankfully, so I think I'll be getting more sleep from here on out. Thankfully I'll have a week off in January before going back to work.

I'm planning on doing Christmas cards at work today. I just have to make sure I get myself away from the computer first! ;)

Have a great day, chicks! Stay well and happy! :sunny:

12-20-2007, 10:01 AM
Morning Ladies!
I have Shatzi's "voice" in my ear saying GET SOME CAWFEEE :coffee: I started my AM off with Kashi instead of a coffee protein shake. I was going to get water but Sgt Shatzi Commands! (keep telling yourself that Kier!)

Tina just take a deep breath! soon its VACATION TIME!
Ruth Another Jam-packed day for you lady! would heat help your knee at all? Since you're super snowy I think we'll trade in the cabana boy for a nordic ski instructor to come rub your knee! "Oh Sven!"
Kara That has got to be the sweetest thought for this morning! :D BACK AWAY FROM THE COOKIES you've kicked so much butt you're worth more than a cookie!
Cat OMG I want to go to that plantation! so gorgeous!! what a treat for your Mom! You're a good Daughter!
Cottage I love Shirley Temple! I wanna come over!

Me: Today's plans include Resting (bleh) finally getting to do the writing from yesterday. Readdressing Xmas cards. and Hopefully when DH gets home from the funeral Decorating. He's not been in the mood and I told him if he doesn't I'm going to put Candycanes on the tree and call it a day!

Speaking of DH I'm the most Rockingest Gift Giver EVA. (I took trumpet lessons I can toot my own horn!) I made him a customized Mug with Pics from Our IReland Trip online should be getting shipped to my Moms today I hope! and I got him a camping GPS. . .My idea and then I sought the appropriate tech support (My Joe!) And an Antique Postcard of Santa on a Ham Radio!
I'm so darn excited!
On that note! its coffee or Green Tea time depending on which I float to first! bbiab!

12-20-2007, 10:03 AM
5 Days til Christmas and I am alomost done with my shopping. Hope everyone else is getting to the done spot soon.

Tina glad your feeling better. The kids sound so excited all willbe back to normal soon.

Ruth do try and rest that knee as often as possible I know it will be kinda hard as I swear you are the busiest woman ever.

Kara :cp:Yay! on the weight loss.

Cat you always have such nice plans for your mom thats awesome - enjoy!

Morning Cottage I hope you enjoy your day

Well I'm not beating myself up anymore over the chocolates I ate yesturday cause that was yesturday - thank God for new days (new beginnings)

Have a great day ladies! I'll check back in later :)

12-20-2007, 10:04 AM
Laurie feel better hon!! I can picture you shooting around your kitchen in an office chair! I think I'd launch myself off the walls. and DH would find Kid's size 4 foot prints all over the walls!! :D

ok now I am going to Hot Beverages and Beyond!!!

12-20-2007, 10:05 AM
Laurie & KO sorry I missed you guys. I hope you both get to feeling better real soon :hug:. Get lots of rest.

12-20-2007, 10:11 AM
Hi Gonna You have a great day! What chocolates? ;)

by the by Now I'm singing school house Rock
"conjunction Junction" "I'm just a bill sitting here on Capitol Hill"
Man! I need to put the radio on before someone hears me!

12-20-2007, 10:15 AM
Good morning chicks,
DH has plugged the refrigerator back in and we are holding our breath to see if it will work now.
I have checked on my nighties, and so far nobody else has bid.
So, everything seems to be going well.
I've got to do some catching up in my online training today, and laundry and cleaning. I hope to get a lot of wrapping done too, since I've only got today and tomorrow to get it done without kids around.
I woke up with bad cramps again this morning, but no TOM (sorry Tom). This is the third morning in a row - very weird cycle this month.

Tina, glad you are feeling better. Go ahead and torment the kids. As a parent, I approve.
Ruth, LOL you reminded me of some friends I used to have. Their nickname for their son was Pita. The boy had no idea what that meant, of course. I wonder if he ever figured it out... Thanks for the wish, I would love to see some sunlight around here. I think it's been a couple of weeks of gloom now.
Kara, nighttime reading is such a special time. Even at 9 and 11, my kids would have heart attacks if I tried to cut out bedtime reading. I would miss it too, although I sometimes wish for a night off. In our case, the younger often reads to the older, though, since DD is a voracious reader, and DS has taken much longer to develop his reading skills. Computer skills have been the saving grace for him. His handwriting and spelling is terrible, and he started doing everything on the computer about a year ago. He is very smart, so technology allows him to show that to the world, for which I am very thankful. Even with a learning disability, he got straight As on his report card. We have a spongebob keyboarding game that helped them a lot with their typing. I am a very fast typer and I've never regretted taking that high school typing course. It has served me well throughout the years. Poor DH, he is a two-fingered hunt-and-peck.
Laurie, thanks for reminding me. For the solstice, every one in town got luminarias, and we're supposed to put them out tomorrow night. It'll be fun to see how many get put out. So sorry you are under the weather.:mad:
Cat, you are so thoughtful. I'm sure your mom will be touched.
cottage, have fun with your girls! Can you believe I've never seen that movie?

Have a good one chicks!

12-20-2007, 10:19 AM
Took too long to type my post as usual and missed you guys!
Kierie, where did you find the post card? eBay? DH has been a ham too, since he was a kid in France. He's no so active anymore, but still likes to do the CQ contests. Good luck with the decorating.
Yes, gonnabe, the chocolates are in the past and today is a whole new day!

12-20-2007, 10:28 AM
Bring on the weekend! I, like many others need some sleep! I feel some kind of crud working its way into my chest. :mad:

Silly Glad to hear you are feeling better! Good luck dealing with the kiddies! Even my High Schooler is wound so I can only imagine!

Ruth Don't work to hard today!

Kara I used to love reading to the kids too! It's nice to see them love each other! Mine are back to that stage again finally! You know when they are 10-16 ish they don't care for each other too much!

Cat your night out sounds like so much fun! Here is boring indiana we don't have much like that unless you want to go "cow tipping"! Ok that might be a bit of a stretch but not much!

Cottage A cookie decorating party sounds like sooooo much fun!

Laurie I'm with you on the sick thing, is it 5 yet?

KO Here's hoping you get your decorating done today!

Gonna you have the right attitude about the chocolate!

Schmoodle Your DH maybe on to something with defrosting the fridge. When ours was out we did the same thing and it has worked fine since. Turns out there was alot of ice built up where the icemaker meets the fridge part!

Me Not much else going on! The new pup is such a cry baby, he wants up, he wants down, he wants out, he wants in the kitchen, he doesn't know what he wants!

Have a great day chicks!

little chick
12-20-2007, 10:31 AM
Morning chicks what a chattery bunch you are today... Screaming kids... got some here as well, they are so excited for christmas it is giving me a headache. My own girls are starting to get excited. I still have not baked any treats so far I am holding strong, but I have found the strangest things to eat and eat and eat so I am thinking I may as well just make something and get it over with. I am almost done shopping just a few gift card and a little more wrapping and I am done. We will be delivering over the week end.
No time for personals again today my life just seems far to busy. I have next week off, so I am pretty pumped, hopfully I will get a little rest. Well gotta to dash my last wee one for the day is coming in. Have a great day chicks.

12-20-2007, 10:54 AM
10 to 10 and still no coffee (it's a record Ladies)
Schmoodle DH has been a ham almost 20 years he's 33! last year I found him a vintage 1909 postcard with Santa is a Hamradio Operator If I can find it I'll take a pic this one this year is Santa at the radio from 1907. I found em on Ebay by searching Ham Radio and wading through the sea of boat anchors and assorted whatnot. . .DH does Phone, CW and some computery thing which I forget the name of. .. he wants me to get my "ticket" but hmm we'll see. . .
Steph Have a good day surviving baby dogs!
LC try to snag some peace where you can!

12-20-2007, 11:00 AM
Thanks for the info, Cat! I just sent you a message.

Linda, you are the best at coming up with fun things to do. Even Tom said that sounds like a really great day! If a 6'2" bald guy shows up at your door, you'll know who he is!

Laurie, I was a teacher in a previous life. When Connor was born, I decided to stay home with the kiddos, but before that I taught third grade, a fourth/fifth combo, fifth grade, and half a year each in sixth and kindergarten. I love teaching and I miss having my own classroom, but volunteering at church and homeschooling have filled the cravings a smidge. I actually got my Masters in Deaf Education right after Connor was born, so after the kids are a bit older and we're settled somewhere I'll hopefully go back into the classroom. We'll see. (And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Between the Lions! It's on in Korean here and the kids watch it just like it was in English. I don't let them watch too much TV, but they can have as much Sesame Street and Between the Lions as they want!)

Kierie, you made me AWWW. If only I hadn't gotten a bellyache already from eating too many... Tomorrow is a new day. I AM better than a cookie! I really like that. And on another note (:lol:), we bought Connor the Schoolhouse Rock videos a couple years ago and he LOVED them. I had never seen that show as a kid (don't know how I missed it) but Tom knew ALL the songs by heart!

Gonnabe, you are so right. Thank goodness for new days!

Schmoo, Tom is a hunt-and-pecker, too! How do you get this far without figuring out how to type? I learned from e-mailing. No joke! I never took a typing class, just typed a lot of e-mails. I'm a bit of a gabber. I'm sure you never noticed... ;) By the way, Tom was walking through the room and saw your tracker and got all excited that you'd reached your goal! He jokingly told me to tell you he says, "Congratulations!" so I'm going to tell you, even though he really didn't mean for me to type it.

Stephanie, I'm sorry the pup is so wishy washy! Good thing he's so cute, huh?!

LC, my grandmother used to tell us that Santa's elves were hiding all around and watching us so we had to be good. She'd go to the window and look out and swear she just saw one run across the yard! I totally believed her. Jana (my next youngest sister) NEVER fell for it. Jill 100% thought it was true. And Emily "saw" them! Peter was too little to know what was going on. Too funny! (Oh, and Tom loves your dancing chick!)

I'm off to bed as soon as these birthday cakes for Jesus come out of the oven. I'll frost them tomorrow morning - won't be tempted to lick the icing then! Have a lovely Thursday all, and I hope all you "Survivor" fans don't go into withdrawl!


12-20-2007, 11:16 AM
Two work days left until CHRISTmas vacation!! Wahoo!


Tina: I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better. :hug: I'm glad there are so many teachers/former teachers around. I'm starting to see what I'm getting myself into! Hope the next few days go well!

Ruth: Sorry about your knee acting up! I hope you and Hershey are having a wonderful time running around preparing for the holiday!

Kara: Your little readers together is a sweet image. I don't know how you don't spend most of your days in tears over how cute they are! Hope your evening is going well!

Cat: Your gift to your mom sounds fantastic! You are a very thoughtful daughter. Every time you post a new link, I want to go to LA more. The only problem is that we'd have to spend a month there to see everything I want to see now! :D Have a great day with those kiddos!

Cottage: A Christmas cookie party with a bunch of kids! I'm sending you some :dust: as I'm sure the icing will be flying! I have to admit that I haven't seen Heidi yet. Maybe I should put that on my Netflix list.

Laurie: :getwell: I really hope this illness doesn't last too long for you! (Time for scolding.) :drill: You'd better get some sleep or else myself and the other beachers are going to have to come kick your heinie! :kickbutt: Good luck getting those Christmas cards done. Thank goodness mine went in the mail Monday. We almost skipped it altogether this year! Have a nice day and get some rest!! :hug:

Whoa, KO! Was the coffee protein shake a little high on the caffeine this morning! Your gifts for DH sound awesome. My DH has already received all but one of his gifts this year. I'm bound and determined that next year he'll get only surprises and only be able to open them on Christmas morning.

GonnaBe: Have a great morning - and you're right - we do get a fresh start every morning. Like this, "Chocolates, what chocolates? Oh - yesterday? I don't even recall that. Would you like a bite of salad?" :lol: Have a great NEW day!

Schmoodle: Good luck getting everything done today. Sounds like you have quite a to-do list to get through. Have a great day! :wave:

Stephanie: Your new pup sounds like a certain DH of mine. Of course, your new pup doesn't have the capability to do those things for themselves. Can 28-year-old men be taught that?

LC: Hope the baking goes well, if it happens! ;) Hope you're having a great day with those excited girlies!


12-20-2007, 11:21 AM
Me: Too much to do and not enough time to do it! Tonight is house-straightening, workout, laundry, present wrapping and I must start my lil sis' scarf.

I'm officially changing my ticker this morning, but please don't tell my scale about the taco I had for breakfast! Well, spent so much time responding that I have to get to work. Have a great day!

12-20-2007, 11:37 AM
Stephanie, feel better! Maybe some Vicks? It does seem like things are getting cold in the chill box. Maybe that did the trick!:D
Kier, when I was young and naive, and DH and i were first together, 20+ years ago, I did get my novice license. I renewed it once, then let it lapse. it wasn't my thing. He wanted me to get it so we could talk when he was at sea, but that only worked a few times. Hey, that's what e-mail and satellite phones are for now.
Kara, awww, that is sweet. Tell him thanks and I forgive him for the cramps the past few days. No, I don't really mean for you to say that!
Littlechick and Kim, have a wonderful day!

12-20-2007, 11:43 AM
I'm going to get in here and post before another day goes by and I get too busy. I've got the Wendy's Chili in my crockpot simmering away for dinner. Last night I did pork chops, apples and brown sugar Splenda in the crockpot and served it with cabbage and carrots.

Right now my weight is where I started the month and that is okay with me. I won't lose the 3 pounds I put as my goal for the month but realistically, staying the same is great for December.

Robert is upset that I wouldn't agree to go with him tonight to a new fitness club. He joined it and has an orientation tonight and he signed me up for a two week trial without asking me ahead of time. I have my own health club that may not be as nice but I have already paid for the next 3 years and I'm not going to join this one. He just doesn't get the separation thing, I guess. He was gone this morning. I'm sure he'll show up again but it is a pain not knowing where he is since Brian wonders.

12-20-2007, 12:34 PM
DEAR GAWD THURSDAY ALREADY????? Wha? Huh??? My life is zooomin by any more!

Tina: Teachers ROCK!!!!!

Ruth: Blasted Knee! As usual you are busy..Remember to take time for you and your health! :hug:

Kara: Cake??? your childruns sound so adorable!

Femme: Your mom is lucky to have you as a caring daughter! I swear when ever I get to Louisianna I'm going to think "havent I been Here before" thansk to your picture gallery!\

Cottage: The party sounds like its gonna be ap blast!

Beachie: Feel better quick!- Try not to get too overwhelmed !

KO: Myyy CAWFEE Buddy! :coffee: !!! You spoil your DH! He sounds like a keeper!
Gonna: I like yer thinkin that babalooie- Each day is a new day!!!!!

Schmoo: yer list done tired me out :faint:
Steph: Your new pup sounds like a hes gonna be a handful!

LC: Never a dull day with yer crew!
Kim: That sbow thingy made with the dishtowels was pretty crafty! Now a scarf??? Cwafty indeed!
Barb: the man is in denial or thinks the can change your mind. I wish the best for him and you and brian ..

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :woohoo: :hyper: I gotta git back to work............. then this afternoon the invisible fence people come back for a trainng session with the furkids... I'm not looking forward to my little ones getting "corrected" via a supposedly "painless" shock.
:dust: Fer One and All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-20-2007, 12:58 PM
KO, your gifts sound amazing!!! Your husband is one lucky guy! :D

Kara, you sound like such a great teacher! I hope you get to go back to it sometime soon. :D Are you having an event tomorrow for the cakes? Or will you freeze them until Christmas?

Schmoo, congrats on reaching your goal! :cp: That's awesome! So sorry about the cramps. I had the same kind of TOM last month...super emotional and weepy + cramps, but with no actual TOM. :shrug: It was weird! Happened twice when I started my birth control pills and I was a nut buying pregnancy kits and holding my breath to see what they I know it's probably just a thing the birth control does. I'm on the one that gives you a shorter period...apparently mine are sometimes real short! :lol: I totally concur with teaching the kiddos to type. My mom made me take typing in high school and it was one of the best things she did for me. I'm astounded by how many people type like a character on Peanuts...that would drive me nuts in about two seconds! Like your DS, I did poorly in school until I learned to type my papers (4th grade). Then my teacher could actually read them! :lol:

Thanks, Kim! :o I deserve that! :nono: Early to bed for me tonight...

BARB!!! :hug: So good to see you, hon! I was starting to worry... I hear you on the gym thing. Hope Robert fills you two in on his whereabouts so Brian doesn't worry. :(

Hey, Schatzi! :hug: I hear you on the shock thing...I feel like that too. A friend of mine tried the lowest setting on himself before trying it on his dog. He said it was just a bit painful, but if he had thick fur over his skin, it probably wouldn't have hurt much at all. I hope it's that way for your puppers. If they are quick learners, then this could be a great thing for them. Just think of all that space to roam freely! :cloud9:

12-20-2007, 01:48 PM
Laurie: :hug: thank you for that! I forgot about their fur offering protection. DH and I tried it and well, it felt like one of those really nasty shocks you can get from rubbin yer feet on the carpet! I "yelped" and through it out of my hands... even DH "the strong silent type" did some Indian dance and sung Yow Yoow Yow!

12-20-2007, 03:57 PM
Hey beach babes! I'm just poking my head in to give you a quick update...what I thought was a pulled shoulder muscle is actually a sprained shoulder according to the Doctor. I have to see him again tomorrow and after the holidays he's going to set up a therapy schedule. :( He said I could still walk, but no weighted exercises. Unfortunately in order to walk I need to wear the sports bras, the straps of which put pressure on the sore shoulder. I wonder if I could convince my insurance company that the shoulder pain is boob related, I'd love a reduction/lift. ;)

12-20-2007, 04:15 PM
Dixie sorry to hear about the shoulder. I hope it heals up extra quick.

Hope everyone is having a great afternoon!

12-20-2007, 04:47 PM
Well i'm not a teacher yet. I will be doing my student teaching in the fall. I'm so excited I can't wait. THey were actually good today. You should see all of the stuff I got. I havent even opened most of it...shoulda see me struggling to get it all to my car in one trip. Well I'm off to get something to eat. I am starving...been a busy day so it was snacking mostof the day (good food except i ate 1 potatoe didnt taste good to me so thats why I only ate 1). Have a great evening ladies.

Tina :)