LA Weight Loss - Staying off the wagon... and losing tons of weight?

12-19-2007, 08:07 AM
Hey guys,
I haven't actually posted anything in a long time. Life has been crazy lately... been working full time hours, and it's finals in school, and of course it's the holiday season, so I haven't really had time to breathe. I fell off the wagon weeks ago, and just told myself I would wait until finals were over to get myself back in gear. It all started when I got sick... but then I just never got back to it. However... I have been losing weight. How is this? I have eaten without reserve (loading up on carbs... like really bad... like bread at every meal and Corn Pops as a snack every night) and I haven't been to the gym in at least 2 weeks. So how am I losing? I weighed myself today and I am down to 153- and that's with clothes on. It's not like I am not absolutely thrilled... but I can't understand why. The only thing thing I can think of is that me working more hours (I stand, walk and lift a lot at my job) has kinda taken the place of the gym. So I am left with a question- should I be eating more calories? I feel that I have been more successful during this stretch than when I was eating much fewer calories (between 1200 and 1500 a day). Any insight?

12-19-2007, 09:27 AM
Great! It sounds to me like if your body is reacting better to higher calories, there's no reason not to up them - if you find you plateau, you can always go back down, but why deprive yourself if you don't have to?

12-19-2007, 02:11 PM
You may have stumbled onto the knowledge that your body requires more calories...ultimately, this is good news!

If you want to start being more careful again, maybe track what you're eating for a few days to get a calorie level. Eat at that same level for 2 weeks and see if you're still losing. If so - you've found your new level! If not, adjust upward or downward as necessary.

This is all a massive experiment! Unanticipated results are just part of the equation.