Fitness Videos - 10 Minute Solution- Dance It Off and Tone It Up

12-18-2007, 01:30 AM
Has anyone tried this video? I bought this today along with LS's 5 mile walk. It looks intriguing- there are five workouts, all just ten minutes each segment. The segments are:

Sex Slim Down
High Energy Fat Burner
Dancers Abs
Upper Body Tone Up and
Buns and Thigh Sculpt

It also includes 2 Dance Toning Bands and a way for you to customize your workout programming the segments in any order you wish.

I'm going to try it out tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone has done this and what they think of it?

Thanks! ;)


01-17-2008, 05:57 AM
I just wanted to say, I love this DVD!!!!! There are five ten minutes workouts, and they fly right by! It's great, too, if you don't have much time in between activities and stuff during the day- just pick a ten minute workout in between dishes, laundry, etc, and the next thing you know, you manage to get your half hour workout down in three segments. There's a couple of dance workouts and a couple of toning workouts- the buns and legs workout is definitely a favorite of myself and my daughter. Things I never thought to do with the stretchy band she shows you how to do, and you feel it the next day, lol.

I hope she produces more DVD's like this- it fits in my sometimes crazy schedule during the day. :D Just wanted to give everyone my opinion on this, in case they were wondering how it is.

01-26-2008, 12:46 AM
I got a 10 minute solutions dvd for free when I signed up for the kmart new day contest - it came with 3 workouts.. the dancing one is really hard for me, I am so uncoordinated! lol. I havent tried the other 2 yet, one is abs and something else.

01-26-2008, 01:05 AM
Yes, I have both videos and I love them both. The 10 Minute Solution video is very good. I like using the stretchie band, and I love that you can pick any number of segments in any order to customize your routine.

Leslie's 5 miles are similar. She has 3 different 3 mile options if you prefer not to start with all 5 miles. Each option has 2 fast miles and a "boosted" mile using either weights, the belt, or a stretchie.
Enjoy - both videos are staples in my regimen.

02-25-2008, 01:58 PM
I'm going to bump this thread because I've been researching these dvds and I'd like 3FC input :)

03-02-2008, 09:32 PM
I just ordered 3 of these today so my body can get a bit of a change. I plan on doing them and my WATP videos together. I like videos that I can change up and do each segment in the order I want so that's what appealed to me the most.

I bought
Fat Blasting Dance Mix
Carb Burner
Dance it Off and Tone it Up

If anyone has any of these or others let me know what you think.