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12-17-2007, 12:21 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. :gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

12-17-2007, 01:19 PM
Just another quicky: (Promise I will stick around more after the holidays are over!)

Got most of my shopping done now...just need to finish up w/my hubby.....kind of hard to do that when he was with me! So my plans are to set my alarm early and head out and shop BEFORE work. Crazy isn't it?

Right now, I need to scoot and get moving. It's Monday and work is at it's busiest on Mondays.

Many hugs to you all! :hug:

12-17-2007, 01:20 PM

I'm sorry I'm a little late......

:bday2you: :gift: :balloons: Happy Birthday! :balloons: :gift: :bday2you:

I hope it was a wonderful one!! :hug:

12-17-2007, 02:54 PM
A quick fly by. DH has a lot of shopping and running planned for today so we will be out most of the afternoon. Eating out not too thrilled about that as I want to stay OP.

I don't really know what my babysister is going to do about the other doctor. She wanted him to do an MRI because her food wasn't getting better and she thinks it is worse than the doctor thinks. He told her to walk on her foot and they would do an MRI in about a month. It isn't like she doesn't have insurance. DD worked for orthopedic for 10 years and said that was stupid. I don't know what the man's problem is.

Well I'll try to catch y'all later.


12-17-2007, 06:41 PM
Had some excitement today--Teri thought her water broke, but it was a false alarm...

Trish--I think she needs to go to another doctor--if her foot is messed up--walking on it will be a bad thing. Maybe she could go see a physical therapist for some ideas too.

Marti--have fun shopping!!

12-17-2007, 07:47 PM
hello ladies.....just a quick note right now....

We just got a call from the lady that hit us on Saturday. (how she got our number is beyond us) But she called for our insurance information because she is going against our insurance. She told Tommy that the police reports claims that Tommy hit her. She claims that she called the insurance company and they told her that if Tommy doesn't give her the information (they screwed our last slip, so we had to have them redo it) and she told him that the insurance company told her that if he doesn't give her the information it is considered a hit and run accident.

12-17-2007, 09:38 PM
Mindee--that's terrible!! I would keep date/time track of all the calls from her and what she has said--maybe even tape all conversations--she seems like she may cause you problems.

12-17-2007, 10:45 PM
Good Evening Ladies!!

Wow, what a day (and night) I've had. Our power went out last night around 6:30 p.m. Luckily I had made an early dinner and was finally settling down for the night to watch a movie and to celebrate DD 21st b-day. We had extremely high winds about 65 mph and a transformer blew. We figured it would probably be out till about didn't come on until 12:45 this afternoon. My house was in the low 50's and I was about to freeze. I had triple layers of clothes and walked around with a down throw over my shoulders!! I tried to keep warm by straightening up the house a little, putting laundry away, but I was still so cold. I refused to go to work. I had a two day bedhead, didn't have an ironed uniform and it's a little difficult to put on makeup by candlelight at 5 a.m. so the hospital gave me off after I boo-hooed a little! I was standing on a metal ladder ready to take a baseball bat to our house security alarm, which was beeping like crazy from the power being off for so long, wondering if I would get electricuted, then thinking...well the power is off, started to take a swing at it and magically the power came on!! I don't know what made the alarm go off, must have a battery in the dang thing, but the dogs were going balistic. I was so relieved to get the heat back on, the alarm off and the feeling back in my fingers and toes that I baked the rest of the day. It's amazing how much you take for granted when you have heat. I never realized how cold a toilet seat gets at 50 degrees!!!

Well, I'm warm, tired and feeling a little too stuffed from nibbling...Ok, not nibbling, I ate a few too many cookies that I baked!;) I think I'll settle down to watch a little TV till bedtime and pray that the power stays on.

I swear the next time I have about five thousand dollars with nothing to spend it on...:D....a generator will be put in my house....oh, how I dream!

12-17-2007, 10:45 PM
Hey all.

Hope your all well. I had my review at work today, it was ok, getting a raise, nothing to get excited about, but better than nothing. I asked my boss about Christmas Eve & Christmas. Christmas Eve I have to work my normally scheduled shift even though my co-worker who works nights opposite me said she'd work it. So I am having her send him an email stating she can work it. I am off Christmas. So if I have to work Christmas Eve then I may ask for the day after Christmas off, all he can say is no.

Thats about it. Been really cold here. DH could not get our car started this morning when he got off from work. It was -11 with the windchill. It finally did start, we went ahead and made an appt to get it serviced. Its due for its oil change anyhow.

Hope your all keeping warm.


da fat n da furious
12-18-2007, 01:29 AM
Good evening all

Jules happy belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Trish,,,I feel for you babysister,,,that must be fustrating for her. Perhaps the first break wasn't set right?

Mindee,,,exactly what Jules said about keeping a record. Did the police tell Tommy that he hit her or vice versa? Better get that settled ASAP.

Tammy,,,can you get a cheaper gas power generator?

Marti,,,yay! for the shopping,,,Im just having to return a makeup case,,(never noticed that the handle was broke) and I am done. And of course Monte's birthday gift.

Sue,,,too funny watching the squirrel. And Baby giving you the cold shoulder...ha ha Skittles does that too.

Jane,,,thank you for the compliment about the glasses...would you believe Monte picked them out,,,all in 5 minutes? Seriously I was in the shop for 15 minutes total and that is also paying for contacts then paying for the glasses. Monte picked them out cause I was wearing my old glasses and with trying on glasses I couldn't see,,,I even made nose prints on the mirror trying to get close enough to see.

Sassy,,,Love the Christmas email card..that is just beautiful.

well nothing new,,,went to my scrapbooking class tonight. I now have a few more pictures to work Im itching to get going on getting some pages done. My theme is Tanner. I would of went with Brandon being the first born but his girlfriend (so talented) made him a book,,,shes been scrapbooking longer then me. So I will do Tanner's then perhaps Monte,,,then Brandon. I eventually want to make Monte's brother a book too,,,since we have alot of his baby and younger year pictures.

I have decided against cutting my hair,,,just going to get some color in it thou...what do you think of red? BRIGHT red.

I think I have my menu set for Christmas dinner,,,its the four of us and my brother for dinner. (my brother is going throu a divorce-I know I mentioned my SIL Heather)

well need to get to bed,,,
night all

12-18-2007, 01:43 AM
hello everyone! how are you all doing?

Jules~ I had already started a call log to keep track of it, but didn't think about writing down the conversations. I just got a bigger piece of paper and wrote the conversation down. I will have to have Tommy read it in court (which I am sure that this will end up) since if I read it, it will be hearsay since he talked to her on the phone.

Tammy~ That sucks that your power went out....but I am glad that it is back on! We had nights like that.....but it was because our furnace was being stupid! Sounds like you did a lot of baking! I have been thinking about making some things, but haven't really been in a baking mood. Maybe I will be in a good mood on Tuesday!

Sassy~ That sucks about having to work on Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, but like you said, at least you got Christmas Day off.

Angelia~ I have my running log of what has happened so far. The police officer looked at our van numerous times, so he knows that there was no way that Tommy could have hit her. We were told by the police officer himself, that the report wouldn't be ready by Tuesday at the earliest. So, we think that she is just trying to bluff him to see if he will cave under her bullying. Tommy is going on Tuesday after work and he is picking up a copy of the police report. I am going to get a file folder and start keeping every thing in it. I am all set to send the pictures to Wal-Mart to get them printed out, which I will do once we get a court date.

12-18-2007, 11:46 AM
Just a quick one today. I've got to get busy! I've got some batter ready to make Neal's oatmeal raisin cookies, except I was waiting on fresh raisins, so I need to make those this morning. Also I am finishing up laundry, and have some ironing to do. Thankfully, I don't have to go to town today.

Thank you to all that have sent cards by snail mail or email. I love them all! :hug:

I'll try to bbl,

12-19-2007, 02:06 AM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Tommy got a copy of the police report on Tuesday. NO WHERE on it, does it say that we hit her, like she claimed on the phone Monday night. It doesn’t even say that she hit us, it says that we pulled out in front of her! (Needless to say, she convinced the police officer on the scene that what she said was what happened)

Last time I checked, didn’t the police officer have to ask every one (that can talk) what happened in the case of an accident? If that is the case, which I am sure that it is, then he didn’t do his job! He never asked me what happened, all he asked me was for my information to put into the report since I was in the front seat of the vehicle at the time of the accident. And if he had, then he would have given her the citation instead of Tommy! He even has our insurance company name on the report wrong!! If you look at the drawing that he did on the report, it clearly shows that she was in the wrong and that she hit us!

Jane~ I have been wanting to make some home made oatmeal cookies, but I don't know how to. So, I am going to search for some recipes on them.

As it looks right now, Tommy will be off next week. He asked his boss if they usually work the week between Christmas and New Year's and his boss told him that they don't unless they are super busy.

12-19-2007, 04:22 AM
Hey all.

Hope you all are well. Soooooo tired. :tired: Only 3 and a 1/2 hours to go! lol.


12-19-2007, 09:41 AM
Hi ladies,

Mindee - there's a good recipe on the inside of the oatmeal box lid. Check for it, and if you need mine, I'll send it. Yikes, sounds like the officer wasn't doing his job very well! You can point all that out, in court.

Marti - did you end up finding something for James?

Trish - wow, sounds like your babysitter needs another doctor! Just a few days now, and you'll get your computer! :carrot:

Tammy - oh dear - what a dilemma! Out here in the boonies, we often lose power, too. When you do find that $5000 with nowhere to spend it, let me know, and we'll plan a Jaded Lady meetup, lol.

Sassy - yay for the raise! I'm glad to know they appreciate your worth.

Angie - your scrapbook sounds cool. I've got an on-going one for each of my kids, then one for Neal and myself. I have plans to do one of old family pictures, when I was a kid, and am going to do one of my group of friends I meet yearly. Yikes, I better get on it, lol. Tell Monte he did a great job with the glasses! You truly look beautiful in your avatar. Matches your voice!

Jules - I LOVE your new avatar pic, too. Love the smile! No news, yet, on the baby? All his cyber Aunties are waiting!

Hi to all that read this.

Not much going on in here, huh? We've all got so much to do, and the time is winding down. Only 6 days til Christmas! My agenda for the day is to have lunch with Carol, visit my xmil in the nursing home, (I've got photos for her, of her bd party last week) and then do some grocery shopping. I know the stores will be a madhouse. :dizzy:

Did you see that Sue Grafton's newest book is out? I forget the name, lol, but she is one author I buy in hardback. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I just hope Walmart has is, since that's our only "bookstore" in the area.

Have a good day, ladies!

12-19-2007, 11:53 AM
Hello ladies...

TAMMY...ugh! Sorry you guys were without electric for so long! :hug: We were afraid it was going to happen here so had the fireplace going just in case. Although, there are thousands in neighboring towns who are going on two weeks without it...poor people! I feel for them. I was just talking to DH too about a generator and what they cost...didn't realize they were so much. But for about $1500 I think he said you can get one to use for a few things rather than the whole house. Hope you finally got warm and toasty!

JANE...I didn't know she had a new book out...will have to see what it is about. Although, I aready have lots of reading to catch up on.

JULES...I too LOVE your avatar and yes, you have such a pretty smile! I see where Teri gets her good looks!

MINDEE...I would definitely get a lawyer and tell the lady that. Looks like you may be in for a lawsuit by her...what a pain. I hope not though but I am not sure why she is wanting your info now, just curious why she didn't request it at the time of the accident. Just be careful missy.

MARTI...happy shopping!

HIYA SASSY...-11, YIKES! And I thought it was cold here! YAY for the raise and getting off for Christmas! :cp:

Hi TRISH...I definitely would get a second opinion. I think "we" in general know our bodies better than anyone it's hard sometimes trying to get doctors to listen to us. I hope she can find some relief soon.

MARYKATE...thinking of you and your! Lots of hugs :hug: :hug: :hug:

I just got back from the doc myself. Had to have a lesion/mole cut off...well, I didn't have to but I didn't like it and it was growing I have three stitches and it is throbbing! It's on my forehead by the hairline so no problem and I wear bangs so. I would rather have a tiny scar than that thing that was growing.

Exercise is good, eating...not so good. Me, V & DD went out to dinner Monday, and are going out tonight as well. Going to meet Josh and his GF for dinner at my fav-Olive Garden. I gained almost a pound, which I was disappointed but...with the way I have been eating it's very understandable. I do plan on getting back on track tomorrow and for sure the day after Christmas. What's going to be hard there is V will be home for 2 weeks starting Friday. We tend to run around a lot which means eating out, ugh...will just have to make better choices. I ordered the Turbo Jam Maximum results package a few days ago...a Christmas present to myself and am very excited about getting that. Just received an e-mail and it was shipped yesterday yay!

Anyway...have a good day ladies!

12-19-2007, 12:16 PM
Just a quick peek in before I run to town. Errands, you know. Glad everyone is okay after the snows and storms. All power back on and no injuries. We are okay here and hope to stay that way. I just have a few things to pick up from the store and then I am going to bake today and tomorrow. We have new neighbors and I want to go buy a pretty Christmas plate to fill with goodies for them.
No time for individuals...but..Mindee- Just a note. I would not worry too much about the lady. That is what you pay insurance for, they take care of claims and will even go to court for you if need be. Just stay in contact with your agent or rep. from the insurance and make sure you have a good line of communication with them. IF she calls again tell her to take it up with you ins. co. Your agent would probably tell you the same thing..that is what you pay the big bucks for. (my disclaimer is that I have nothing to do with ins. cos. but a DH who is knowledgeable and he gave this advice to our DGS. The agent agreed.)

Off I go......later chickies.

12-19-2007, 09:14 PM
Just a quick pop in--the phone is baby yet...sick again...hubby says I am stressing myself out to much and lowering my immune system..I am having problems sleeping too...well..either I sleep way tooooo much or not enough.

12-19-2007, 10:23 PM
Hi all. :wave:

Well I feel mucho better today! :D I got my sleep that I so desperately needed and I have my friend Caffine here today. ;) lol.

I am getting excited, even though I am not off on Christmas Eve (so far anyways) I plan on enjoying Christmas the best I can. No since being a "Gloomy Gus or in my case a "Sad Sassy" for things beyond my control. May as well make the best out of it.

Jane -- Thanks but our raises are never that great, but I will take whatever I can get! lol. I hope you get everything accomplished. I guess that is one good thing I have going, everything is already done, gift wise. Except one small gift to DH to open on Christmas.

Cristina -- Yeah it was cold here. :brr: Today though it was in the 40's or something. I had DH get some plastic for the big drafty living room window and boy has it made a difference!! Its been warm as toast in the apt now without any heat!! :cp: Glad your got your mole/lesion cut off. Those things are nothing to mess with that is for sure.

Your not alone in the eating dept. lol. Tonight was "Pizza Night" here at work. I paid back my co-worker for buying pizza last week, which I only had 3 pieces of and probably will only have that many tonight!! lol. What is the Turbo Jam? Never heard of it. I hope you get the results you want from it!!!

Hi Sue -- Hope you got all your errands done alright. I agree w/ you about the Insurance with Mindee. When I had my accident, I got screwed in the deal. The other guy's insurance adjustor came to my house and offered me a settlement and I took it like a dummy because I was well young and stupid. So yes Mindee- let your insurance agent do the work or contact a lawyer. Better to be safe than sorry!!

Hey Jules -- Get some rest hon and take care of yourself -- pretty soon your gonna be busy being a new Grandma! :D

I hope you all are doing well!!!


12-20-2007, 12:32 AM
Couldn't resist showing you all this funny.

12-20-2007, 02:11 AM
just a quick fly by since I am hoping to get to bed early tonight.

the lady hasn't called since Monday night, thank goodness! I honestly, and maybe it is partially wishful thinking, don't think that she will take us to court, since she didn't receive a ticket out of it. She wouldn't really have any backing as far as a case.

The boys got up at 5:30 on Wednesday morning and they were blowing snot bubbles at me. So, they have caught what I have. Marissa started in with it Wednesday night, but I think hers is also attributed to her trying so hard to cut some teeth.

I managed to make some peanut butter cookies, and then within the next couple of days, I will be making some sugar and chocolate chip cookies for the kids' godparents.

I forgot to mention to Tommy about consulting a lawyer, so I will right a little note to remind myself to mention it to him. other then that, nothing else really going on.

12-20-2007, 10:36 AM
Good morning, ladies. This is a quick one. Terry is coming over to spend some time with me - says he wants to play Sorry. Not sure what brought that on, but I like it!


12-20-2007, 01:32 PM
Quick hello from me! :wave:

I need to get to work early to deliver candles a co-worker ordered from my sis. She bought a lot, so I'll look like Santa!

Keeping up w/my exercises, but going a little over board in the food department. Darn the holiday treats! (not really complaining though)

I'm still needing to do LAST MINUTE SHOPPING! :eek: Can you believe that? I had a whole week during Thanksgiving to shop and here it is only a few days before Christmas and I'm not even close!

My work hours make it hard.

Gotta run.....:running:

12-20-2007, 02:23 PM
Howdy ladies...

Just a few more days until Christmas! Woohoo!

Did my grocery shopping this morning, man too many people out for sure! Josh was going to go do his shopping today, crazy kid!

Did get part of my workout done before I left and I got to sleep in on top of it...later than usual, but late none the less, lol. Getting ready for round two in a few minutes. Today is weight day but my back is feeling like it wants to go out so I am going to have to be very careful...else we will be having KFC or pizza for Christmas dinner, lol.

SASSY...turbo jam is's a set of dvds and I can't wait to get them. Also bought a jump rope this morning while at Wal-Mart. I had one but can't seem to find it. Glad you are feeling chipper! :D

MINDEE...I will be making more cookies too!. I say more because I made peanut butter ones for V a couple of days ago. Going to make some more sugar cookies, oatmeal raisin-my fav, and some more peanut butter. Supposed to be for Christmas Eve dinner but I always eat a few while I make them, lol. Glad the lady isn't bugging you guys more. I said above, Josh hasn't done his shopping either! I bought groceries today and don't plan on going anywhere near a shopping center until after the first of the year!

JANE...glad you are spending time with Terry.

JULES...I think I have to agree with DH, does make sense. Hope you feel better soon! And Teri has her baby soon too! mom sent that to me in an e-mail once and I printed it out and put it on the fridge...everyone gets a kick out of it! Thanks for sharing it.

Anywho...better get, have some more reading and posting to do and loads of laundry! Always with the laundry :)

Have a good day!

12-20-2007, 07:12 PM
Just quick one Ladies to say hi and will try to say more later. Sure be glad when laptop gets here. DH so possessive right now. He wants me in the room with him all the time. This will be the first year without his kids around at Christmas time so I think he is feeling it although he would never admit to it. Kind of making him clingy. I'll be able to do be with him and be here too when I get the laptop. Hope it gets here for Christmas. It's suppose to be in transit.

Hope everyone is doing well. Catch ya later.


12-20-2007, 10:33 PM
Trish--mine is like that too, but he's not clingy he's controlling. Most days I can handle it pretty well...

Cristina--I have a sticker on my fridge that says "I really like it when people roll their eyes and ignore me, so I became a mother". The kids failed to see the humor in it when they were teenagers....

Marti--I did a little shopping tonight and I have just a few more things to get and I am done. It was crazy tonight--not happy about the idea grocery shopping or finishing up the last little bit this weekend.

Jane--hope you had a great time

Mindee--Maybe the lady will leave you alone. Sorry the kids are sick--it's no fun!!

Sue--too funny

Sassy--I am excited about little Dominicks arrival!!

I went back to several Hallmark stores but they were all out of the "new parent" champagne bucket & blocks ornament. I should have bought when I first saw it. I am happy with another one that I bought though. It's a "special delivery" on that is a stork carrying a little blue bundle with the 2007 tag on it. I got Teri & Dave an "our first Christmas" together. If the baby is born on or before the 25th I will go back and get a "baby's first christmas".

We are taking my mom out to eat tomorrow for lunch. She'll be 75. It's so hard to believe. She volunteers and is on a bowling league and doing really great.

12-20-2007, 10:44 PM
Another quick peek in..where does the time go? I baked 3 different types of cookies today and will make fudge tomorrow. Took a nice plate full to our new neighbors.
I made my first quiche tonight, awesome. Or I should say mini quiches, but now that I know how to make them I am going to experiment with sizes and ingredients. These were muffin sized (not the mini) and very easy. I had always thought the crust would be hard, but it wasn't. Trouble is they are NOT for the calorie conscience. That is the next thing I am going to work on...lightening it up. Probably won't have them again unless I need a nice brunch dish. We just wanted something new. I feel like I cooked all day.
Mom goes to the Dr. tomorrow for results of last weeks tests. She has been sick all week. I go. Hope you all have a good evening and a good day tomorrow. I shall return.....

12-20-2007, 11:33 PM
Woo-Hoo, I'm officially off for Christmas!!

Yes, I'm off till the 26th. Busy day running tomorrow. Going to the Amish Market to buy sugar cookies. I don't make them anymore after I tasted their's. Not worth the trouble. But I do, and will finish up on Saturday, peanut butter, oatmeal, choc chip, double choc gooey butter, thumbprint cookies and mexican wedding cakes. I destroyed my kitchen last Sunday making all the cookie batters, baked some on Monday after I got my power back on and just need to finish up the rest. I'll pick up a cheese ball, some fresh sausage, fruit & veggies at the Amish Market. Then I need to put a wreath on my Dad's drawer. (He's not in his final resting place and the cemetary still has him hanging out in that dang mausoleum drawer that I have to climb on a ladder to reach him) We still call it the drawer, sounds like he's in the morgue!! Gotta find some humor in it!! Anyhoo...speaking of morbid things...after all our running tomorrow, we have to go to a viewing of a friend's mom who died on Wednesday. I'm all finished shopping and wrapping and after the baking, I need to get my nails done, do a little grocery shopping and then just wait till the big day arrives. My cleaning gal comes tomorrow so I'll come home to a clean house :D

Oh, as for the generator thingy...if I ever venture out to get one, I would only buy the whole house one. It would come on instantly if the power went out and is much safer than a gasoline powered one. Only problem is they are very expensive. But I figure it would be a nice plus on a re-sale when the time comes. Just need to win that Lottery!!

Only 5 days till Christmas!!!

12-20-2007, 11:41 PM
Tammy- My DH is trying to justify the cost of one of those generators. SO far in our new home our power has not been off for more than a few minutes. If it ever goes off for a longer period of time I know he will be first in line to buy a generator. LOL We also were thinking about the re-sell value. But man the cost!!! One house in the 11 house neighborhood has one. So I doubt if the power has gone out much here.
Sounds like you have lots to keep you busy safe and have fun.

12-21-2007, 12:05 AM
Hi all.

Just a hello to all and hope your all well. :wave:

12-21-2007, 02:16 AM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end. Tommy works a half day on Friday and then we have some errands to run. we need to pick up some things. My mom sent us a check for the kids for Christmas. So, we have to get that into the bank and then will possibly get the kids things on Friday or wait until Sunday. we do however need to get the cd's to do the picture disks, which will be my main task on Friday!

Jane~ How did your game of sorry go? Brandon noticed that we have some kid board games in our closet and he has been wanting to play them. (which reminds me, I have to clean up the Candyland game that he dumped all over the floor in our closet)

Marti~ How did your shopping go?

Cristina~ I made peanut butter cookies the other night. And wouldn't you know it, all three boys ate most of them! (although I did make sure that I had gotten some before they ate them all) Brandon took one bite of his and looked at me and said "mom" so I turned around thinking something had happened. When I turned around he caught my eye and gave me a thumbs up. I must be doing something right then! I am going to make some sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies for Saturday night when the kids' godparents come over.

Turbo Jam? Aren't those the exercise dvd's with......crap! what's her name again? I have been watching that infomercial and have been intrigued about them! You will have to tell me about them and how you like them once you get them!

Trish~ I hope you get your laptop in time for Christmas!!

Jules~ Thanks for the nice words. They seem to be a little bit better. But I will continue on with the medicine round the clock, tissues while they are awake, and upping the fluids. Marissa seems to be pushing her tip canines through, so that is why she is crabby at night.

Sue~ You have been a busy bee!! I have seen Rachael Ray make mini quiches in muffin pans, but I never thought about making them. Now, I have an urge to make them.....maybe for New Year's Eve. Tommy's mom always makes a quiche on Christmas morning. So, there should be one or two over there when we get there on Christmas morning.

Tammy~ That is great news about being off on Christmas!! I have heard of them, and seen them before, but can you remind me again what thumb print cookies are? I might have to go looking for a recipe and make some of those specifically for the godparents with the kids' thumb prints on them!

12-21-2007, 09:58 AM
A big hello to all you Jaded Ladies! I have nothing planned for the day, so I'm going to enjoy it before the rush starts tomorrow. The Sue Grafton book I'm reading was available at Walmart (a big woohoo, since we have no bookstore!) and is T is for Trespass. So far, it's very good!

Have a great day, ladies. :hug:

12-21-2007, 11:51 AM
Morning all!

Getting ready to hit the stores once again before work! I pick up Jhanai after work so I need to make sure I get everything I need/want today!

I'm tired, oh so tired. I was busy last night, went to lay down on the couch to "rest" a bit and woke up at 4:00! That's just not right. Can't wait to sleep in!

Ok....I GOT to move, talk to you all soon.

12-21-2007, 05:12 PM
MINDEE...that is soo cute! A thumbs up for your cookies :lol: What a cutie and such a great compliment from the ones who matter the most to us. My peanut butter cookies didn't last long either. I told V that no one likes them anyway so they will all be his...I was wrong! Me and DD ate more than he got. So I promised him another batch.

JULES...the Hallmark here was out of every ornament I wanted, lol. I was looking for a family one and one for Josh & his GF, no such luck! But those sound cute! Hopefully you & Teri of course, only have a few more days to go. Is she nervous? A very HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY to your momma! :celebrate::bday2::hb::balloons::gift:

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Nothing going on today...had some errands to run and that's about it. Going to do some exercise later today, after Jeopardy.

Have a good one!

12-21-2007, 07:31 PM
Hi All :wave: --- Hope your all Doing well.


12-21-2007, 10:17 PM
Some good news..Mom had no malignancy from the biopsy, nor bacteria or anything in her stomach and intestines. So, why is she still having nausea? Even the Dr. is unsure. Next week is a colonoscopy and then hopefully the vascular Dr. for her leg. Poor lady has just run from one Dr. to the next and is still sick. I am still leaning toward the pain meds being the culprit making her sick, but she can't stop it is a vicious circle.

I tried another new recipe today. Corn chowder. DH asked for it and I thought it would be "yuck." But he didn't care for it and I loved it. :)

Didn't make the fudge, so that is what I am doing tomorrow. That and going out to eat with DH. We haven't been out for awhile together. He did make reservations to take me to French Lick, Indiana for our anniversary in Jan. He booked 2 nights. Jane...I am sure you know where I mean. We didn't book the West Baden, but the other hotel. I don't know anything about it...but will sure enjoy anyway.

Sounds like everyone is busy baking and preparing for Tues. I have things to do ahead on Sun. for our Mon. get together. It isn't too stressful and so far I have everything under control. I hope you all can take it slow and enjoy the experience. DGS lost another tooth, and imagine, right before Christmas, so he can sing the old song. All I Want For Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth.

12-22-2007, 12:39 AM
Adding on here -- I got BIG news here. BIG BIG NEWS. If your not sitting down, you better do it now. R U sitting? Ok, go get your drink, but HURRY IT UP! lol. K, got it? Sitting now? Comfy?? lol

I just now found out that my boss approved me off for not just Christmas, but Christmas Eve too!!! :yikes: Can U freaking believe it? and he just approved it TODAY! :rolleyes: lol. Now I talked to DH about it and we both agree that I am just going to go ahead and work my normal hours on Monday, because I will get paid double time and a half + holiday pay for working on Christmas Morning. (From Midnight - 7 am) And right now we can truly use the $$. So I'm working Christmas Eve and just taking off Christmas. I know after I have complained and B@!$ed about it, it just comes down to the $$. Plus this way I won't have to use any of my personal time. Because I get paid for Christmas Day (at night), whether I work or not. But hmmmmmm just thought of something, guess I do have to use 7 hours of time for Wed. Morning.........Its confusing I know. But with my shift, it runs into the next day, 7 hours at least. Oh well better only to have to use 7 hrs than to have to use 21 hrs. (14 hrs on Monday + 7 hrs on Tuesday would be 21) Oh Sorry don't mean to confuse anybody here. It is confusing unless you work it every week, then you understand it. lol. I work 5 PM - 7 AM on Mondays and 6 PM - 7 AM on Tues & Wed. So there you have it.

Also DH had an interview today. He applied for a Supervisor Job and we are 90% sure he got, because the hiring manager called our boss at home asking about DH and about when our boss could let DH go. But we don't want to get our hopes up. So keep your :crossed:

Ok that is all, just had to share. You can go back to drinking your Rum or whatever it is now. lol. If you don't have Rum, you might want to go get some now after reading about my hours I work. lol.


da fat n da furious
12-22-2007, 01:39 AM
Sassy,,,fingers crosses! Im glad you are going to be off for Christmas in a round about way. My oldest son is working nights and gets off work at 2 am Christmas morning. He said he will be coming to our house and crashing. Im happy,,,my babies will be in the house with us.
Jane,,,I saw that book I think in passing and didn't look,,,I saw Sue Gra... and figured she had another new one out. I bought Monte a Piratology book,,,he's just loves Pirates and ships,,,I figure in another life time he must of been a So for his birthday I got him the book and *sigh of all things. A deep fryer. I don't eat anything deep fried but he loves it...and the old one was gross,,,,hated cleaning up after he has used it.
Marti,,,I hear ya on the treats.
Sue,,,I would say those pain killers are it,,,does it have codeine in them? They are a trigger for me and being sick. Is there an alternate relief? I have used demerol in the past.
Sue, your DGS is down right adorable,,,ok I want to squeeze those little cheeks...(I hated when people did that too me when I was younger,,,and yet I have this urge,,,perhaps its a thing, once you turn 30?)
Our power has flickered and gone out, but for a minutes. I could never justify buying something that expensive. But I guess if ever you were out for longer then a day,,,it would be worth every penny.
When I was growing up we had a wood stove to heat our home. And out on our back porch we had another wood stove that we could cook off of.
I was so thankful it was Friday today. Im exhausted. Just trying to get all my stuff in since I am only having 2 days of work next week. Not sure how Im gonna get it all done.
Got totally spoiled at work. One of my bosses asked me what was going on at my desk...ok it didn't look good. I had 3 wine bottles and boxes of choc. piled up on my desk. Felt like a teacher and all the students bringing in
I even got a candy flower arrangement,,,looks like a topiary thing. Crazy. It had to have been 3 feet tall, and had choc wrapped candies. I should of taken a picture of it. So my boss is amazed at home many gifts I was given. I hadn't even told him about the gift certificates in my purse.
This is my first Christmas with this company, and learned today that Christmas eve is just a half day. The rest of the day is drinking...ok. Was told to wear my drinking shoes...hmmm ok well my drinking shoes are sandals...cause I hold my liquor as well as sandals do.
So I have't baked 1 thing. Big plans to...but *sigh just don't think I want to have any more treats in the house.
Well I need to get to bed,,,,want to get my last grocery shop in early tomorrow. Clean the house and relax. Bought the newest Sandra Brown book. Big plans to snuggle up and read.

night ladies

12-22-2007, 01:57 AM
Just dropping by to say Hi...

SASSY...woohoo! Glad you get the days off! Even though you will work, lol. And keeping my fingers crossed for DH :crossed: Now I can get back to my rum, lol ;) :D

SUE...well, sorry there is no news for your mom. Poor woman has been thru the wringer, hope they can find out what is wrong soon. No one should have to endure what she is. And your GD is adorable! Now that song will be stuck in my head, lol.

Supposed to get snow tonight, ick. 1-5 inches possible...wish it would just pass us by but I know it won't. Have to run to Sams tomorrow to get a couple of things, especially water.

Oh, I got my Turbo Jam today! Woohoo! I am ready to start it but will wait. I am going to be doing the Biggest Loser challenge in January so I am going to start it then. They have a menu to help with weight loss and I am going to give it a try. Did get some exercise done today...45 mns. better than nothing I guess. Anyway...

Nighty night, chat tomorrow sometime.

12-22-2007, 02:08 AM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Well, we got some good news on Friday! I am sure that I had posted about our bank issues. Well, Tommy had gone to the bank on Friday to deposit a check, where he talked to the gentlemen that took his claim about the card being used without his permission. The guy told him that the guy investigated the claim had told him to tell Tommy that who ever used the number, had punched it in. Tommy said “that definitely wasn’t me because I ALWAYS swipe the card, and then I ALWAYS get a receipt when I use it.” The gentlemen said “that is what I thought you had told me. But I was told to tell you the next time I saw you that that is what they have found out so far, but they are also still investigating it.” So, it is really nice to know that about our bank! Especially now when we live pay check to pay check and every penny is needed!

I really should be working on the godparents’ gifts….but alas I will get to it eventually! I know I can’t procrastinate for too long since I have to get them done before they all come over.

Cristina~ Brandon has been doing that a lot lately! I got a new pair of slippers as a Christmas gift, and Tommy saw that I had put them on. When Brandon noticed that I had them on, he looked at my feet, then at me and said "mom...." and then gave me yet another thumbs up!

My other part of my Christmas gift, I am more then likely going to get it done next week. Don't flinch......but I have been wanting to get my tongue pierced, so hopefully we will have the extra money for that. Tommy had read online that for an entire week, I will only be allowed to drink cold beverages and eat soft foods. So, it should be an interesting week for sure!

Sorry for cutting this short, but I haven't gotten through all my email and I really need to get my butt on the ball with the godparents' gifts.

12-22-2007, 02:16 AM
Mindee...OUCH! A tongue piercing eh? Let me know how bad it hurts if youdo it. Not that I want to do it. I've just seen people with the tongue piercings and just imagined how bad it would hurt. Brandon sounds like a cutie least he is giving you the thumbs up. And good deal with the bank. I know years ago I had problems with a bank-I won't mention the name-but they just treated me like crap, even the manager. Needless to say I have never done business with them again. But I hope they find the person who used Tommy's card. Crazy world out there today I swear.

JULES...any news on our Miss Teri and the baby?

Okay, I am headed to bed now. Plan on getting up early and doing 45 minutes of exercise before leaving the house.

12-22-2007, 04:38 AM
I know I should be sleeping.....BUT I am just NOW getting to the disks. I should have done all this already......but I was getting caught up on my email!

GREAT NEWS!! I had gone onto our bank's website to see if the online account had been updated, and it had! It even got updated with the money that was taken out of the account! So, they did find that it was I hope they nail the sucker that used the card!

Cristina~ I will definitely tell you how it goes. I talked to the guy, who works at the shop that I will most likely get it done at, and he told me that it doesn't hurt at all. He told me that I will talk funny for a little bit and I will have to learn how to talk again, but other then that it won't hurt. It will swell, naturally, and after a week or two I will have to go back so that they can put a smaller barbell in.

Jules~ I am guessing that Mister Dominick has made his entrance into this world since we haven't heard from you in a couple of days!

12-22-2007, 02:04 PM
Good Morning!

Another fly by for me! :running:

So much to do, family gathering tonight and dinner tomorrow , then it's work Monday and then CHRISTMAS.

Then I can rest. :)

Mindee, I had my tongue pierced years ago, and I was eating and drinking the next day. No problems or anything. A week is a bit extreme! As for the pain.....didn't hurt, it's the one place that is the easiest to pierce. Crazy isn't it?

Now that you all know a little more about me,,,,, I go! :lol:

EDIT: I forgot to WI yesterday so today I weighed....down, yep read that right DOWN .4. Almost half a pound but gosh darn it with all this crazy snacking and taste testing, I'm really surprised. Happily surprised! 145.2lbs. Next week, if I see 144 I will be dancing a little jig!

12-22-2007, 02:56 PM
Neal and I are headed to Evansville, but I wanted to pop in and say hi. :wave: Hopefully, I'll read about a new baby when I get back......

12-22-2007, 05:09 PM
Marti~ I guess it all really depends on an individuals pain threshold, right? Tommy said "you have had three kids, and a tubal ligation after Marissa and you were fine. you can make it through this with no problems." Great job on the weigh in!!!

Jane~ How are you doing? She hasn't posted on here for a couple of days so I am sure that little Dominick is here!

12-22-2007, 05:28 PM
Hello ladies...

MINDEE...glad to hear the good news from the bank! Hope you got your CD's made. You know, not meaning to sound mean or snotty...I guess I just don't get and never have gotten the deal with the tongue piercings? Seems silly sort of sonce no one can really see it...just something to play with in your mouth? I know DD and DH talked about wanting to do it at one time, never did though.

MARTI...wtg on the almost 1/2 pound

Not much going on with me today. Did get my exercise in before DH and I went to Sams this morning, despite the weather. It is horrid out to say the least but I needed my water. Now I am getting my puter time in before some cookie baking. Tomorrow I will be doing the pies and some prep work for Monday.

Have a good day!

This is what we are dealing with today, ick! If the wind weren't blowing so bad it wouldn't be as bad but that wind is blizzard crazy.

12-22-2007, 05:54 PM
Almost forgot, and can't remember if I did already but...I wanted to thank Jane and Tammy for the Christmas card and Sue and Sassy for you Christmas e-card...thank you! :thanks:


:coolsnow: :present: :santa: :hohoho: :mrsclaus: :xcheer::brr: :gift::rudolph: :wreath: :tree: :ginger: :clause: :candy: :snowglo:

Of course this is at the end of page four so no one will probably see it!

12-22-2007, 06:57 PM
Hi All

The first day of winter and it is 55 here! lol. I have the window open!! lol.:beach:
Haven't yet heard back from my boss yet about if its ok to work on Xmas Eve yet or not, I'm sure it is, but I'm not going in unless he says its okay cuz he is a bit stingy on overtime or anything like that and this won't be overtime, but it will be double time & half for me, for 7 hrs at least, so just wanna be sure. lol.

So no news here. Sorry to be so boring, but nothing. lol.


12-22-2007, 09:03 PM
Sassy--It was in the 40's today and tomorrow it will be a high of 56 degrees..then back to the 40's. I guess we won't be having snow for Christmas.

Cristina--TY for the card, I didn't get mine done. They are still in the box...maybe next year or maybe I will still send them when Dominick decides to arrive and include a picture!! We had such a good time with my Mom. It was a buffett so I ate a HUGE salad first. We were all suprised at how well my Mom ate. SHe usually eats like a bird, but she ate more than even the guys did.

Mindee--both my kids have thought about getting their tongues pierced but they have friends who have had it done and one thing to think about is it sometimes will chip a tooth.

Jane--Have a safe trip...Dave's ex just had her baby today, early...SHE was suppossed to be one of the two half brothers to Lily this Christmas...oops. Teri on the other hand is still waiting and actually working tonight. did get some good gifts. I picked up the newest Carla Neggers paperback book myself. I went grocery shopping and finished up my Christmas shopping today. Boy was it crazy out there!!

Sue--that picture is priceless!! I bet he will be singing that song for the next couple of days

Hi to all I missed!!

Still waiting for the grandboy to come!!

Hope everyone is having a great night!!

da fat n da furious
12-23-2007, 01:43 AM
Wow I did I ever do a sweep of the house! Clean! Ok not the computer room/craft room.

Jules,,,is Master D waiting for Christmas too?

Marti,,,you wild and crazy woman! ha ha I always wanted to get my brow pierced but with needing waxing or plucking it makes me shudder. There are about half the woman in my office that have piercings in places other then their ears. Lots in their noses, lips, tongue and cheeks...(manroes) There is a couple of guys that have the stretched ears,,,and piercings in their lips and tongue too...eyebrows...its crazy. I had my ears pierced when I was small,,,but I don't wear earings.
The weather here has been insane...warm! Im walking around with a lite jacket or sweater.
Is there anyone else being bombarded with zwinky popups? I put my blocker up on super high...hopefully that helps. I also had to go and buy a new rotar the other one had a problem. Ended up buying a new monitar..bigger and Im going to bring this old one to work,,,cause the one at work is the worst. Its on its last jiggles alot which makes me feel dizzy.
Monte and I went to a movie tonight after a nice romantic dinner. He ordered a large soda,,,walking along he drops it! soda and ice all over! Embarrassing him so bad. Well they gave him a refill and we went into the movie. half way throu I asked for a sip...and OMG I kinda dropped it all over him and me! The lid was faulty....I swear! So I sat in the movie with a soggy arm.
Ok so I don't have to bake,,,both sides of our neighbours brought over tins of baked goods...and a bottle of wine each. All I gave them was GC to the local coffee shop...
So I am thinking Im going to go to the mall tomorrow,,,I had ordered Get Smart (the old tv show with the agent and his shoe phone,,,anyone remember him?) anyways I ordered it months ago from Chapters and they called to say it was in. Arghhh why did I get it sent to the mall? Well I saw a flyer from a leather shop so I think Im going to go and check out a coat for of my drivers gave me a $100. GC for that mall. The coat I saw was on sale from 400 to 149.00.

Well I should get to bed,,,
night Ladies.

12-23-2007, 03:45 AM
hello is every one doing?

nothing new on this end......just trying to get through my email and what not quickly since Brandon had me up until 8:30 Saturday morning! I did however get the disks done, which is what I was majorly trying to do!

We had a blast with two sets of the kids godparents. The one that we have had issues with didn't come over because she was "sick." she says that they (her and her boyfriend) will come over after the holidays.

we are going on Sunday to do some shopping with the kids with the money from my parents for them. Tommy was going to do it while he was out on Saturday, but Brandon didn't want daddy picking out his underwear!

Marissa started to shake her head no while their godparents were over. It is really cute! I am also going to switch my avatar picture to a picture of the banner that we got done for my parents and Tommy's parents. It turned out really cute!! And I can't wait to give it to them!

Cristina~ I just think that they look cool. Of course, I have heard most guys say that all girls that have them loved to use them for other purposes.....but I just always wanted to get it done, and never got around to doing it. Actually, while it is healing, you can't play with it. Other wise it won't heal properly and could get infected. the boys would love all the snow! The snow that we got last week is melting now, and we are suppose to be getting rain.

Before, I forget.....MERRY CHRISTMAS LADIES! (And for those in Canada, happy Boxing Day)

Sassy~ I hope your boss lets you work on Monday! Tommy is off, but the guys here at the complex have to work until 2pm. Which I guess really isn't that bad once you think about the pay.

Jules~ I have heard about it chipping teeth as well. But a good thing about it is that when you go back a week or two later to get the bar switched you can pick what you want. I have found out through research that if you get an acrylic tipped barbell they won't cause as much damage. So, after I get it done, I will be getting one of those. Tommy always told me that if I got it done then he would get it done. I don't honestly see him getting it done, but who knows!

Angelia~ That is a great deal on a leather jacket!! We got a GC from our friends to Olive Garden. So, we are thinking of making it a date night for me and Tommy. Or getting a sitter and then meeting up for dinner with some friends.

12-23-2007, 03:12 PM
:present: Merry Christmas to the Jaded Ladies. I am wishing a very happy
and healthy holiday for you all. May you share it with someone you love and feel all the warmth and Joy of the season. :snow4: Have fun!

In the midst of all the preparations I thought I would pop in and say hello. I made peanut butter fudge yesterday and DH made chocolate walnut today. I also cooked and diced chicken and diced celery for my hot chicken salad. I think everything is pretty much ready now.

We went to eat yesterday morning then did a little shopping. Came home and I wrapped the gifts for our neighbors. It was so nice outside, we walked all of the gifts around and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Tonight is windy and terrible, as was all night long. We had some limbs down and lots of rain. The power was out for 2 hours. DH got up and turned on the fireplace so the house would not get cold. More talk today about a generator. haha..

We made our plans to go for 2 nights (Jan. 7th) for our anniversary get away, then a week to Vegas the end of the month. This is all depending on how Mom feels. So far so good on the new med. but we have had that happen before.

Probably won't be back in here until Wed. I wanted to take this time to say thank you to you all. Such nice ladies and good friends!

12-23-2007, 05:49 PM
Hello ladies. :wave:

Won't get a chance to get back on until after the holidays so wanted to wish each and every one of you a

:clause:Very Merry Christmas!:tree:
Many hugs :hug: and good wishes to each of you!

12-23-2007, 06:36 PM
I am sure I will be out and about around the online community.....but figured that I would post this now......


12-23-2007, 08:10 PM
:present::hohoho::santa::gift2:Merry Christmas Chicks!!!:tree::snowglo::ginger::candy: (

Christmas :hug:

12-23-2007, 09:44 PM
Hi all on the Eve of Christmas Eve.

Teri worked again today, no sign of little Dominick being ready. She's finishing up her Christmas shopping tonight with one of her girlfriends. I had to rescue her this morning. She went to Walmart and locked her keys in her trunk so I had to drive the 1/2 hour with her spare key. We were going to go to the mall but there wasn't enough time to go before she went to work, but it is open until midnight so she's there now.

Ry and I went for a few hours, he has a Christmas party with his coworkers tonight and then off to a party with his friend that was in Iraq. He is going to leave again before the New Year and be stationed in Washington state.

(Quick question for you Oregon girls--is calling the state of Washington "Washington state" an eastcoaster thing since we are so close to Washington DC if we don't people assume we are talking about the capitol? -- just wondering...)

Hubby was being a big grump but seems to have calmed down a little this evening.

Well, I off to do a couple of things before bedtime. I am working in the morning. We might leave before the end of the day at 6 though since everything is closed by then.

12-23-2007, 10:40 PM
Since we have so many Christmas wishes, let's just let the thread go until after Christmas, ok? Those of you with slower computers, please just bear with us for the holidays. We'll get back on track soon, I promise. :)

I am worn out, but have everything done ahead that can be done for our big celebration tomorrow, ham ready to cook, potatoes peeled, vegetables are cleaned, eggs are deviled, pineapple sauce started, etc. Christmas Day is going to be vegetable soup and chili when I also got done today.

See you Tuesday, since tomorrow will be so busy. So....

Merry Christmas, Jaded Ladies!

12-24-2007, 01:38 AM
Jane~ You have been one busy lady! We are suppose to go to Tommy's aunt and uncle's house but it all depends on how he is feeling.

Jules~ Is Teri ready for little Dominick to be born?

12-24-2007, 10:29 AM
Happy Christmas Eve Ladies!!

I'm all ready for the big day with the exception of some food prep. I'm having some family over in the morning for brunch and then will make a small dinner of ham and side dishes for dinner. Not sure who will be here for dinner, probably just a few. My big family celebration will be on the 30th when my sister from WVA visits and I get all my siblings together. Gotta run to the grocery store today, which will probably be a madhouse. Somehow I miscalculated how much shredded cheese I needed. Hopefully, dh will hover the car so I can just run in to the store without trying to find a parking space. Dh and I will exchange our gifts this evening and maybe with DD when she gets home from work. It will be seafood for christmas eve dinner tonight. Usually a Maryland tradition with our abundance of seafood. Ok, heading to kitchen to start making sausage balls and quiche for tomorrow. I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful Christmas with their family and friends!

:hohoho: MERRY CHRISTMAS :hohoho:

:gift2: :xcheer:

12-24-2007, 05:00 PM
we were going to go over to Tommy's uncle's house but since we are all sick and Tommy's cousin's little boy starts chemo on Wednesday, we are just going to error on the side of caution and just stay home. not really sure what we are going to make for dinner since every thing is frozen......

12-24-2007, 10:03 PM
Hey all......Happy Christmas Eve........

Well I'm at work....Yippee.........I wanted to back out of it, but my boss made it so I couldn't......:p Oh well just got to think of all that $$ I'll be making after

Hope your all well.


12-25-2007, 12:44 AM
Hello Ladies,

I've lost message in cyberspace before, but never had one I couldn't get rid of. So I'll just let you know I got my laptop and DH is working to get it going so I can go on line. Y'all have a great day. I'll read and catch up on everything with y'all in a few days.


12-25-2007, 12:48 AM




12-25-2007, 08:42 AM
Merry Christmas everyone!!

I thought I would pop on real quick before I start cooking today!! Ry spent the night here with us. Teri and Dave spent the night at his parents, they had his daughter last night for Christmas Eve and they are going to his grandma's first and then here and then to his aunts. My Mom and maybe my brother will be here too.

12-25-2007, 06:03 PM
Wow, nobody has posted all day. My house is finally empty except hubby & the dogs and I am wishing that I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. It was a really great day!! No signs of baby yet.

my step sister was really into horoscopes and would always buy one of those little scrolls you see in the grocery store checkout. The day she had her son it mentioned something about a new person coming into her life. On a whim before Thanksgiving I bought one for Teri. It does mention something exciting happenning on the 27th. We will see....

12-25-2007, 08:06 PM
Jules, I'll make sure you are not the only Christmas day poster!! The last of my family just vacated the house. We had a huge crew for brunch and half the group left to visit others around 2. Then we had a quiet dinner with my mom, dh, dd and her fiance. Dh and I surprised each other with jewerly gifts that neighter expected. Dh bought me a 1 ct. diamond three stone necklace and I bought him a bracelet that he has been eye-balling for about 9 months. I played on his symphathy and told him that I cashed out my credit union savings that I was planning to use for plastic surgery just so I could buy him that gold bracelet. Little did he know that I only had about $400 in that account. I had just started it. The whole family was like....Oh Don...we know how much she wants to get her eyes done and now she has spent all the money on you. I'm so sneaky, I'm sure to get him to agree to the surgery soon!! Just gotta wait till he gets his bonus in the spring.

Other than that, not too much excitement today. Just a nice enjoying day with the family. Ate too much, watched Hairspray on DVD and jumped out of my jeans and into a comfy pair of yoga pants as soon as the first crew of family left. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their family and friends!!

12-26-2007, 02:56 AM
hello are you all doing?

I took a ton of pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that it isn't even funny! I am in the process now of uploading them onto myspace.....but it is taking a while to get them on there!

the kids had a great Christmas! they got some really cute things! Tommy's aunt and uncle got all three of them a tent and a tunnel to play in from Ikea. Another set of tommy's aunt and uncle's got the boys their own RC Silverados and got Marissa a little Chinese outfit. (it is really cute, I think she is going to wear it on New Year's Eve)

other then that....nothing really new! we are meeting my dad on Wednesday afternoon to pick up my sister and then probably walking around the mall for a little bit. besides that, we aren't really doing much, just gearing up now to host New Year's Eve.

12-26-2007, 06:14 AM
Hi All. :wave:

Well Christmas was good. Dinner was good and my inlaws got me way too much stuff. I felt totally stupid giving my mil a stupid candle. lol. I know its not all about $$ but still made me feel bad. :(

But I guess we're sorta giving her a present today, DH is taking her and FIL to the dr and doing shopping for them since they are unable to drive right now. Not much, but it helps, even though DH is a big huge

Well that is about it. Back to work tonight..........then my normal 4 nights off.......I was thinking about emailling my boss asking him if I could possibly get off an hour early tomorrow, but not sure if I should.....its only an hour, but they say that right around the normal time I get off sleet is supposed to start, so if I could leave early, avoid the morning hr rush, etc........I guess all he could tell me is no or just totally ignore me. lol.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


12-26-2007, 10:02 AM
See you at #282. :)