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12-17-2007, 07:28 AM
It's going to be a bad hair Monday around these parts, what with this gusty wind! We've been losing power off and on all night, but thank goodness it only lasts for a few minutes before it pops back on. It's driving me crazy, though, going around resetting all the clocks! :dizzy:
We had a nice time at our Christmas party yesterday, and I did pretty well as far as eating goes. I did indulge in one drink, a Hypnotic, but I nursed it all afternoon. :)
So this morning, I'm off to the mall for one last shopping. Jake and I agreed not to get each other anything, but there's a big box under the tree with my name on it, so now I have to find something for him. :( I have a few things in mind, so it shouldn't take too long. It's my late night at work, so the girls and I are going to see if we have time to bake some cookies before Audrey's piano lessons.

12-17-2007, 07:40 AM
Good morning from snowbound Ontario!

I am completely snowed in with drifts blocking three of my outside doors. Poor Hershey really had a hard time out there this morning as the snow is up to her neck. (I did some shoveling last night but it's drifted in.) It's still dark out there but I'll have to go out there once it brightens up. More snow is predicted and it's still not officially winter until the 21st.

No gym this morning. Our road isn't even ploughed yet. I imagine the workers will have to get there by snowmobile! My lane won't be done until late today so I'll be pretty much housebound today.

Stay safe and warm if you are caught in this.

12-17-2007, 07:46 AM
Good Morning, Ruth and Cottage.. Been a while. It took me 6 months to shed 80 lbs, and 16 to get it back.. ughhh.. I am doing some soul searching, and trying to find out what it is about me and my obsession with food.. I quit smoking after 20 yrs 2 months ago..Now I think if I can kick that Habit, surely I can find someway of the food habit.. Take Care..

12-17-2007, 07:48 AM
Brrrrr, Ruth! Just reading your post makes me want to crawl under the covers! How much snow do you have so far? Make sure you take your own advice and stay safe and warm!

12-17-2007, 07:50 AM
:) Hey, MsCrockett, welcome back! :hug: I've often wondered whatever became of you, it's so nice to see you again!

12-17-2007, 08:00 AM
Morning all-
I'm putting off going outside to shovel. If there's one thing I hate it's overnight snow that forces me to shovel before the coffee has even hit my brain! I don't know how bad the car is but the banks on the side of the driveway are might high. Sure looks like more than the 4-8" predicted!

Ruth - I certainly think shoveling should count as exercise! I had a friend who lived in the worst lake effect belt near Lake Ontario and they sometimes had to climb out their window to get out! Sounds like you're not too far from that. Do what you can and take breaks when you need them. Can you get away with taking all day to clear out if you need to? Good luck!

Cottage - Congratulations on making it through the party successfully! Maybe the stores will be quiet with everyone at work :) I don't know how I managed the holidays before Amazon, I hate crowds.

Crock - Way to go on the smoking! I quit 11+ years ago after 20 years and hope to lose the last of the weight I gained by the end of the year. I've never regretted quitting, wish I'd done it sooner. It might take a little time to seriously diet, quitting takes a lot of focus. If you can get through 6 months without gaining weight I think you've done really well.

Okay, it's getting light out and I just need to get myself out there.


12-17-2007, 08:20 AM
:coffee: Morning Chicadees!

Cottage: BRAVO on getting through the party unscathed !

Ruth: Stay warm and safe! It actually sounds kinda romantic being snowbound...

Crokett: Welcome back doll. Congrats on quitting smoking and glad yer back!

Cyndi -- OY :faint: shovelin before cawfee??? Gotta say I dont miss my snow shovelin days!

We managed to get most everything unpacked ... finally! It's starting to look a bit more homey but I certainly dont have near the amount knic knacks and chachkah to fill this place!

little chick
12-17-2007, 08:58 AM
Morning chicks.... I was away this week end for a girls night out christmas party... drank to much ate too much but had a ton of fun with my high school friends.... we too had a storm but not to to bad although there is no school today... so the wee ones and my girlys are laying all over the living room with blankets and pillows watching christmas shows. Pretty cute. Of course they are getting excited about christmas. I have to get a tree today and that will make me and my girls happy. Well I have to dash a dozen things to do today. Have a great one.

12-17-2007, 09:02 AM
I certainly don't envy all you snow bound chickens!! I don't think I have to fortitude to face that every winter! It is 28 here right now and that is cold enough for me without being stuck shoveling wet stuff. ick!! Hope you can all hit the roads again soon.

I spent my weekend hunched over this computer working on 2 flash files and now feel like Old Mother Hubbard...but at least I can start the week without that hanging over my head.

I bought some almond meal the other day and want to try "oven frying" some chicken today. Will let you know how it turns out and it better be good...that stuff is EXPENSIVE.

My daughter called me from the set of the movie yesterday (well actually from the parking lot, she was early) and was all exited. Seems that she will either be in an "audience" at a book signing, or she will be an employee of the book store. The scene is at a bookstore for the signing of "Carrie's" new book. I haven't heard from her since then, and can't wait to here how it went.

12-17-2007, 09:04 AM
Good Morning

As I had feared the scale is being obstinent. After being down one to two pounds all week on official weigh in day I'm down nothing. I'm thinking of choosing a new weigh in day because Mondays can be stressful enough on their own.

Cottage Good luck at the mall today. Hopefully with the windy weather and the fact that it's Monday, the crowds won't be too bad.

Ruth Stay warm and safe. I agree that shoveling should count as exercise and it sounds like you'll be getting plenty today without going near a gym.

MsCrockett Congratulations on being able to quit smoking. I'm sure you can do this.

Cyndi Stay warm and good luck with the shoveling.

Schatzi Congratulations on the unpacking finale. Now it sounds like knick knack shopping is in order.

:wave: LC & femme

Hope everyone has a great day.

12-17-2007, 09:05 AM
Sounds like it's stopped blowing finally! I need to venture out and see what the damage is to the Chrismas decor and roof slates. We always lose a couple in a big wind. Lots of folks around here without power, but we didn't lose ours. I'm not ready to face a Monday AM, but then I haven't had my coffee yet! I think DD is coming home today - if so, I'll put her to work wrapping presents for me.
cottage, do tell, what's a hypnotic?
Ruth, if I were you, I'd just stay inside and admire the view!
Good morning MsCrockett, and very pleased to make your acquaintance!
Poor Cyndi, I am shivering in sympathy!
Schatz, I've got plenty of knicknacks to spare for you! The women in my family seem to have some kind of knicknack disease. At least I'm not as bad as my mother and grandmother. Too much work to dust all that stuff! If I were you, I'd stick with the uncluttered look!

Off to phone the refrigerator repairman. Have a good one chicks!

12-17-2007, 09:09 AM
Darn simulposting again!
Cat, that's exciting about your daughter! Be sure to let us know where to watch for her. I've got some almond meal in the freezer, but I haven't figured out what to do with it yet. Please let us know about the chicken.
Thinby, sorry about your scale. I think they are on strike or something. I'm not looking forward to my next weigh in. Since I'm just trying to maintain this month, ahem, I'm thinking about not weighing again until January.

12-17-2007, 09:20 AM
Schmoo, what happened to your refrigerator??????? Hope it gets fixed soon!

Dawn, I'm so sorry. My scale must've given yours The Bug. We need to find an antidote...quick-like!

Cat, it sounds like your daughter is making the most of her time out west. You'll have to let us know exactly what scenes she's in when the movie comes out!

LC, I do hope they have Charlie Brown on. I so wanted to watch it but haven't seen it yet this year. It's my favorite!

Schatzi, you'll have to get some local specialties to fill in your empty spaces atop the tables and cabinets! We've got all kinds of crazy things from our travels and it's fun to remember the stories that go with them.

Cyndi, hope you got yourself shovelled out without too much trouble.

Crock, glad to "meet" you! Settle back in and rejoin the fun!

Ruth, don't get buried in the snow! Sounds like a good day for a nice read by the fire.

Linda, good luck shopping! I have to get something else for Tom and I'm at a loss...

I just got back from the gym and I'm feeling good, on my endorphin high. Had a go at the elliptical and got to watch the end of Survivor while I was at it, so it was a pleasant exercise session that went quickly. Tomorrow I have to go down to the hospital and see if they got my medical records yet (that I sent for a month and a half ago). If not, I have to go to the doctor on Wednesday, which I really don't want to do. I hate going when I'm sick, let alone when I'm well and have no reason to be there. Blech. So cross your fingers that my records came in and I can skip the appointment!

Off to bed with my shrinking self (despite what the scale says - now I'm going with The Power of Positive Thought!).


12-17-2007, 09:49 AM
Wow, what a storm! We need a wind-tossed smilie like this:

It's really chirpy in here today!

Cottage, it must be frustrating to have DH go back on your agreement. Glad you have some things in mind.

Ruth, you poor dear! We got some snow, but nothing like the 10-12" they promised. You and Hersh must just want to hibernate until spring! ;) Hope you don't have to shovel too can be exhausting!

:welcome3: back, Ms.Crockett! Glad to see you, but sorry about the weight returning. :hug: I'm sure if you can beat smoking (yay, you! :cheer2: ), you can figure the food issues out!

Cyndi, shoveling DEFINITELY counts as exercise! Depending on how much you do, it can count as cardio and strength training! :strong: If you got the icy sleet stuff we got before the real snow hit, it's extra heavy to shovel, so you burn lots o' calories!

Oooh, Schatzi, nothing like a reason to buy more knick-knacks and chatchkes! :D Congrats on feeling "moved in" to your new home!

Wow, LC! We got a snow day on Thursday, but everything was cleared out by this morning from the weekend's storm. Enjoy the snow day and the tree!

Cat, I would hate for it to be that cold (28?!!!) and not have the chance of getting snow. IMHO, if it's gonna get cold, we deserve snow to make everything pretty and cozy and quiet. :) Sounds like your daughter is filming Sex & The City...what's up?

Hey, ThinbyJune! I weigh myself everyday for that very weight can fluctuate so much that I'll either become needlessly upset or undeservedly excited if I just weighed once a week. :shrug: I know everyone says that's better for your diet (once a week), but it just doesn't work for me. Choosing a different day sounds smart!

Schmoodle--I have the knick-knack disease too. :o Sadly, I'm also a hoarder, so you can imagine the clutter! :rolleyes: I solve the whole dusting delimma by not dusting! :lol:

Our party this weekend went beautifully! My plans helped a lot and I was able to enjoy myself on Saturday morning and take a walk with DH and the dog, enjoy decorating the front walk (we use luminarias), etc. I was so busy during the party (and before), that I didn't eat much at all.

Not much else to report. Hope everyone has a great start to their week!

12-17-2007, 09:51 AM
Hey, Kara! Good luck with the records! :crossed:

12-17-2007, 10:26 AM
Ahhhhhh! What a busy 3 days I have had! Friday I had 2 trainees in and what do I do but break the printer! Public Service announcment: If you are printing address labels do them in a "disposable" printer! They got stuck and then wrapped themselves around the rollers! My DH spent 4 hours working on it this weekend and it works again! I think the money the boss requested for a new printer should be given to DH for fixing it!

Saturday and Sunday were spent making and baking, oh and discovering I have no will power for that kind of stuff! Weather wise we lucked out, only got about 3 inches of snow with some ice under.

I've spent my morning reading and catching up here so I am out of time but will be back later to post some personals!

Oh and the pup finally has a name. Noah! "No" for short since I think he thinks that is his name anyway cause that is all we seem to say to him!

12-17-2007, 11:25 AM
Steph I think All Printers are part of a conspiracy to exasperate their human companions!
Laurie I love Luminarias!! I wish Our neighborhood did something! I'm so glad your party went well!
Kara: Positive thinking rocks!! you're records will come in and we'll slip the scale an aspirin to get rid of the bug
Schmoodle I hope everything is ok with your fridge!
Thin Mondays should be outlawed! Maybe your scale needs some coffee so it can wake up and see your progress!
Cat that's so exciting for DD!! let us know how the chicken turns out!
LC so glad you had fun!!
Schatzi: are you sure you don't miss NJ we have a Lovely windchill factor of 10 today :) Take pics of your new place can't wait to see them!
Cyndi Stay warm!!
Cottage it's a scary hair day here too and I haven't even gone outside yet. .. I'm debating going at all. . .I might make cookies too.
Ruth you being snowed in made me think of little house on the Prairie! (the books not the show) Hopefully you and Hersh can Enjoy a slow day just relaxing.

Me- I made the pineapple Coconut Explosion Cake for MIL and Everyone including Super Thin super healthy BIL's wife went for seconds (except me). Eating was not great this weekend our schedule was totally off and T.O.M. (hi kara) was here so All I wanted was salt and crap. Got all my shopping done online and getting it shipped to where it's getting unwrapped! (PA PRessies are going to PA and the NJ pressies are coming here) the only person I have left is DH and NO clue what to get him!! There is a fiction class I want at the local CC but we'll see if that materializes.
The weather was too bad to go to my Mom's Xmas party (ice in the poconos) so we went to see the Golden Compass which was odd but good. Great Effects. I haven't read the book. But Nothing Can Supplant Harry as my #1 kids series. (Dear Santa Please give me the 2 dvd deluxe edition set of Harry 5!) My Mom got me the regular but I told Dh to get me the deluxe and we'll conveniently leave the regular at Mom's (she already watched it!)
I need to go find a sweater it's FREEZING!

12-17-2007, 12:40 PM
Good almost afternoon everybody. Sorry I am so late it's been a rough few days. I woke up on Saturday 6am to T.O.M. and a stomach bug so all I did was hang in the bed or in the bathroom it was horrible my DH was a great help to me. Now this morning mu brother & sis n law woke up with it and now I pray my 5 month old nephew doesn't get it. It doesn't help that we woke up to 29* temps this morning and only have a high of 52 brrrrr

Cottage oh a big box wonder what that could be?

Ruth poor you and hershey stay safe & warm

Hi Ms Crockett glad you joined us and way to go on not smoking anymore

Cyndi shoveling snow has to count for some exercise right? Good luck! Bundle up and keep warm

Schatzi way to go on tackling the unpacking - the homey feel has to be great

LC glad you had a great weekend with the gal pals

Cat that is sooo exciting for your daughter do keep us posted

Dawn don't worry about that scale or it will have you going crazy it sutre does me at times

Hiya Schmoodle & KO Have a great day!

Kara sure hope those records show

Laurie go ahead and pat yourself on the back for a throwing a great party - glad it all turned out

Stephanie Noah - what a strong name

Okay ladys lets stay warm, be safe and OP all the way

12-17-2007, 01:31 PM
:yikes: Looks like I'm missing all the chatter this morning!

Cottage: Congrats on coming through the party only having one drink in you! That would have been quite an accomplishment for me before being put on the Metformin. I hope the cookie baking is fun and the shopping excursion is productive!

Ruth: Stay inside and stay warm! Good grief! All that snow. I'll be honest, I'm ready for more snow, but not that much more! I still don't know how you do it every winter! I'd be a Kimsicle by now! :brr:

MsCrockett: :welcome: back to the beach! :beach: I look forward to getting to know you better! Congrats on quitting! I'm the opposite of CyndiM. DH and I quit smoking in November and applied ourselves whole-heartedly to working out and eating better. It's helped a lot! This time we feel like the healthy lifestyle is a package deal and that it's easier to do it all at once! Everyone's different, though.

Cyndi: I hope you didn't have too much shoveling to do - what a great workout, though! Whew!

Schatzi: Congrats on finalizing the unpacking! I'm sure it won't be hard to find more bric-a-brac to fill the house! (I could send you some of mine! ;))

LC: I'm wishing I could go home and lay on the couch and watch Christmas movies. We watched Santa Clause 1 and 2 this weekend and they were so cute! Good luck finding a tree! Sounds like a fun day for all of you!

Cat: How exciting for you and your daughter! You'll have to let us know what happens! Hope it warms up for you - 28* is chilly! :brr:

Dawn: Sorry about the scale. :hug: I switched weigh-in days to Wednesday for a competition I'm in, but it is such a "weight" off my shoulders. I agree, it's much less stress. I also like it because I can do a "mid-week" weigh in on Saturday and see where I am. Hope you find something that works!

Schmoodle: I hope ya'll get the refrigerator fixed! :D

Kara: I'm glad you got such a great workout in! I wonder if you're building up your muscle mass and therefore gaining rather than losing weight. Are you losing inches? Just a thought! :shrug:

Laurie: It's great that the party went well! Your party was MUCH bigger than ours, and I was really stressed! Sounds like you were able to get things done and really enjoy yourself.

Stephanie: I think Noah is a great name for the pup! How cute! DH should get a big reward for all the work he did on the printer. I'm glad he got it fixed. If you find a disposable printer, would you let me know? We seem to have a knack for breaking stuff in my office.

Kier: Sounds like you did a great job baking the cake! Good job not going back for seconds! WTG! Is the fiction class a reading or writing class? Either way - it sounds awesome! I'm kind of sad that I'm finished with all of my English/Lit college courses already. I may minor in English just to take more!

GonnaBe: Sorry that your weekend was so bad. :hug: I hope that the family feels better soon!

12-17-2007, 01:37 PM
Ooops! Forgot about me!

Well, I made my mom's scarf last night only to find that the yarn I used (chenille) falls apart if you try to do tassels out of it. So, I had to dig into my stash and find some eyelash yarn to make a new scarf for her tonight. I also need to make my sister's scarf and my best friend's scarf before Christmas. :yikes:

Other than that, still no vacuum cleaner. I borrowed one this weekend and took care of the house and hope that we'll find one while in Austin for Christmas. Also, my car has to go into the shop for a new instrument cluster. It looks like it will take until Friday to get fixed (which is just in time as we have to leave for Austin on Saturday). The other "bummer" is that we somehow ended up with a $200 deductible for warranty work. We're going to fight it, but we need the car fixed ASAP, so we'll have to pay it for now.

My mid-week (sort of) check-in was good and showed me at 210, which is another 2 lb loss. I'm again doing my best to make sure that it sticks for official W-I on Wednesday.

Well, off to work! Have a great day!


12-17-2007, 03:01 PM
Hello all! Sorry about all of your winter weather! Looks like we may have a night or two of 40 degree temps here in Florida. Not bad, can't complain. Boy I don't miss that snow. Glad to hear everyone is safe.

Starting week 2 of P1. Ugh, I forgot about the holiday gift baskets! One of the local court reporters that we do business with brought in a giant basket filled with homemade goodies. So not fair. I've been trying to pass it around the office and to all clients that come in today to get rid of it FAST! And to top it off, the water cooler is out of service today, so I only had the one bottle I brought to work. I'm dying of thirst, I think my body definitely got used to the hydration. So I'm trying to keep this day moving along. Luckily my lunch box is packed with plenty of legal foods, and it's already 2pm here.

Have a great day ladies!

12-17-2007, 03:37 PM
I'm working from home today because the startup company is supposed to be here between 2-4 to set up the diving board and teach us how to use the equipment. I scheduled it as late as possible since I know Brian wanted to be here.

I'm also waiting for them to fix our home phone that has been dead since Saturday. I called again and they should be out here sometime today.

MsCrockett - Welcome back! I remember you.

12-17-2007, 05:51 PM
What a busy monday, thank goodness it is almost over!

Cottage Hope you got your shopping done today, I still have waaaay to much to do!

Ruth Hope you are enjoying your day in! Poor Hershey! Our new pup thinks the snow is amazing! He wouldn't be thinking that if it was up to his neck though!

MsCrockett Welcome back, I look forward to "getting to know you"!

Cyndi Hope you are staying safe in the snow!

Schatzi Glad to hear you are unpacked!

LC Hope your day went well, nothing like a bunch of snowbound kids!

Cat How exciting for your daughter!

Thin Sorry to hear the scales are being a pain! I think you have the right idea though with the mid-week weigh in!

Schmoodle Hope the fridge repair shows and it is just something small!

Kara Sending positive thoughts your way even though you sound like you have it under control!

Laurie I'm with you on the no dusting! I curse my christmas village on dusting days!

KO My DD is begging for Harry Potter for Christmas, I will make sure it is the special edition, thanks for reminding me!

Gonna Hope you are feeling better!

Kim Great Job on 2 more pounds! Sounds like your fingers are going to be working overtime on that crocheting!

Rubberduck WTG avoiding the gift baskets. You are a brave woman starting P1 during the holidays!

Barb :hug: Hope your day is going well. Stay strong!

Whew! Well after a complete disaster of a weekend eating wise, I have done well today. I think I need to just stay at work til New Year! Ok maybe not, guess I just need to lock up the goodies! Have a good evening ladies!

12-17-2007, 08:23 PM
Hey night owls! I woke up this morning with a resolve to get my mood swings under control. I don't actually know how to do this, but I'm tired of being uncontrollably grumpy. Heaven help us all when I reach menopause!

The scale read 134 this morning but I didn't believe it so I only moved my ticker to 135. What is my problem? I think I have body image issues. I was looking at one of those gossipy magazines at the gym last night and there was a whole page on celebrities who were "too thin" and I thought all of them looked fantastic. Hmmmm.

Connor needs the computer to do his French, but I'll attend to personals later.


12-17-2007, 10:12 PM
So apparently the weigh in this morning was just the beginning of more bad things to come.
KO I completely agree that Mondays should be outlawed.
Schmoodle January weigh in sounds great but I'm afraid of what I would do without some kind of accountability.
Laurie I'm glad your party and your weekend went well.
Gonna I hope you and your family are feeling better.:hug:
Rubberduck Good call on the holiday basket. It's so hard this time of year.
Kim Good luck with the scarves and vacuum.
Barb Hope they got your phone fixed and everything else is going better for you.
Pacer :lol: I love the puppy's name.
Kara Everytime I read those articles I just keep saying *airbrush* Nobody looks like that in real life. I read a post of yours where you said if your tummy was a badge of motherhood you would be happy to have it because you've got three beautiful children (O.K. not an exact quote but I couldn't find it again. But I know you said something like that) I personally thought that was one of the most beautiful sentiments I had ever heard expressed. :hug: Hang in there and when you're back in the states I'll meet you at the Grand Canyon and we'll throw our scales over together.

O.K. so I've picked Friday as my new weigh in day because, well, even if that turns our crummy it's still Friday :)

12-17-2007, 10:38 PM
Dawn, you made me laugh and almost cry (I told you I have hormone problems!). Thank you for the perspective. And I will certainly meet you at the Grand Canyon some day!

Stephanie, I hope you decide to go home sometime before January! Noah is a cute name for the pup.

Barbara, did the diving board folks come??? Are you going to form a diving team? You should! When Tom was a kid, his parents (divorced when he was six and lived less than a mile apart) split custody every other day and every other weekend. He was at his mom's Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and every other weekend and at his dad's Tuesday and Thursday and every other weekend. It sounds crazy, but it was normal for them, and they got to see each parent pretty equally. (Made for a funny time in high school, as his mom lives three houses down the street from my parents, so every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night he would be at our house in the evening!) I'm sure you'll find something that works for you.

Rubberduck, great idea passing the gift baskets around! I'm getting rid of the cookies I baked by giving them away to Connor's violin, martial arts, and Sunday School teachers, and then we're taking a chunk down to an elderly couple down the street who seem to be pretty poor. Maybe a homeless shelter or women's shelter would take the baskets from you?

Kim, I can't believe you remade the whole scarf! I would've just given it to her without tassles!

Gonnabe, glad to hear you're on the mend. Hope your baby nephew stays healthy!

Kier, glad to hear the party went well! Sounds like your cake was a hit. I've been reading up on all that press The Golden Compass is getting and I think we're going to skip it for now. Maybe I'll get curious later on in life, who knows. Sounds like the series takes a pretty dark turn.

It's 11:30 and Connor is finished his schoolwork for the day! He really buckled down and got through it quickly today. We have violin lessons this afternoon and then martial arts got moved to this evening, so we'll stop for groceries on the way home from violin, grab dinner, and head right back out. I'll get a good bit of walking in today, at least!


12-18-2007, 12:14 AM
Kara, yeah, I would have liked to give it to her without the tassles. But, I'm new to crocheting and my ends weren't even - tassles are my way of hiding the flaws! :lol:

I'm going to work on a solution. In the meantime, the new one I'm making her will be beautiful (should have made this one in the first place) and done by tomorrow night. Just in time for me to start on little sister's scarf on Wednesday! I love it when CHRISTmas is down to the wire!! (Not!)