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bradleys mom
12-16-2007, 11:38 PM
This came in the LAWL eNewsletter and I thought it was very cute!!!

You Know You're a Total LA-Lover When...

* You think the city of Los Angeles should be sued for stealing "LA" as a nickname.

* Your secret snack drawer at work has been restocked with LA Lites.

* You go to Dunkin Donuts just so you can say you don't want one, then leave with only a cup of coffee.

* You smile adoringly at the supermarket produce aisle.

* You stop licking postage stamps when you realize they count as 1 starch.

* The divisions in your vegetable garden are an exact replica of a Right Portions Plate.

* You're talking to your counselor about the program and she says, "Wow, I never knew that."

* Instead of carrying an armful of things through the house, you intentionally make several trips to get in an extra 20 steps of walking.

* The snacks you put out at your husband's next Super Bowl party are 683 individual bags of LA Cheese Curls, Popcorn, Soy Crisps, Mini Cookies and Bar-B-Q Twists.

* You're so into stabilization that you find yourself standing perfectly still for hours.

* You keep a can of Controltrim powder on the baby's changing table for sprinkling.

* You cycle your old jeans in the dryer on HIGH for 12 hours, trying to shrink them enough to fit!

* You're at the train station and absent-mindedly ask for a ticket on the LA Express.

* You're so "lite" conscious that you use new spellings for words like THRU, NITE, and B-4 because they have 20% fewer letters.

* You like stepping on the scale just so you can stick your tongue out at the high numbers.

* You've replaced all the family photos in your wallet with your own "Befores and Afters."

* You always wear those green janitor shirts because they say "Maintenance" above the pocket.

* Your child can get an A for turning in your diary as a book report.

* You notice that typical restaurant serving sizes are large enough to feed 3 of the old you.

* You're favorite pop song used to be "I Want Candy" by BowWowWow and now it's Justin Timberlake's "I'm Bringing Sexy Back."

12-17-2007, 12:36 AM

12-17-2007, 01:20 AM
I like it!! :lol:

12-17-2007, 01:03 PM
So that's what our $$ buys us?? Haha, it's very cute though!