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12-14-2007, 04:33 PM
Getting back to you from the previous post where you were offering your help.

Ok so i was on a gold plan about 2yrs ago and i'm not on anything right now. I had my baby about 5mo ago and i want to get started again losing weight but i havent started yet because i didnt know where to begin since my center closed. I've been trying to have my last meal at about 7pm but i usually go to bed at about 1am and i'm so hungry in between that time. Anyway here are my specifics.

I am breastfeeding and i am babys sole source of nutrition.

i am eliminating dairy from my diet

I havent used any lites since before i got pregnant and i dont want to use them anymore.

I am 5'2 165lbs and my goal is to be 135lbs.

Thank you so much for you help.

One other thing, i'm trying to get my husband to diet with me. He's 5'7 175lbs and he wants to lose about 20lbs. Could you tell me what plan he should be on also?

Thanks again.

bradleys mom
12-14-2007, 05:03 PM
Hey debbie! You may want to look under this forum, "Ex Trainer and Employee. Expert in Pure" I think thats where she started her personal forum! :) Good Luck with figuring out your plan!