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01-26-2002, 07:07 AM
I had read on teh 100# thread a question about exercise. ANd I think our Sue staed and I know that I have read, that for success and continued success that exercise is a must. SUe is a dedicated women working out 6 days a week I heve been getting 4-5 in a week. I know when I read success stories in teh fitness mags that is a key for them I also note that they work out for at least an hour ususally.

Exercsie for me has done so much. It has taken me a year to get there. ANd I stilll have a ways to go. But I am doing weight training along with aerobic exercsie. I can climb stairs w/o getting winded. I feel more graceful. I have more confidence. It helps me with manageing my hunger. And I don't seem ti dread it like I used to.

WHat about you others ? Any input on exercise

Don't forget to see Pam's post on #17.
Dana, That darn computer still acting up

Hi Terri and B00.

01-26-2002, 05:42 PM
Hello Buddies! problems! But here I am!

Busy and crazy are the words for this week!

Company coming tomorrow to watch the STEELER game! I am from Pittsburgh and we want to go to the Super Bowl!

I bought plenty of on plan goodies to keep me happy!

Still working on my son's room. We are painting today and the whole upstairs is torn apart as a result. It will be nice when it is finished..but, aargh!

Have a nice weekend all! (Love the exercise stuff. Again, very timely. I am about ready to take a knife to this fat!)

Dana (Hopeful and ready for a Steeler VICTORY!!!)

01-26-2002, 09:21 PM
Pat my feelings are the same as yours. I am this dedicated becasue that is a way of ensuring my continued shaping up. when i stoped exercise last year I satyed OP with eating for about 1 month then fell slowly with htat. I do not want to fall again. I also see much difference when I do go. It helps keep me focused and on goal. When i miss a day or 2 i start to feel logy and down. so it is 6 days for me as long as i can keep it up.

Dana i keep thining about the knife too. but I am upping my weights hoping that will do the trick. I am trying a bit of a different routine to working out. hoping I can see a difference when 2 weeks are done!!

Pam I have to say you are ne of the most intuitive people I know. It is wonderful. Dispite all the tragic happenings inyour life. But here is the tape!! hold on I am making it tight so you do not slip!1 I am being light on the tummy so you do not get that acting up to much . hang on!!!

Now girls as i said in the challenge thread i managed to pass everything but a small dish of icecream and i planned on having that today so i do not consider me going off plan for that. I am a bit over carbs but not bad considering what i ate today! or could have eaten!! So get the tape ready I have nothing going on for the next month and half or longer so get ready this is going to be a wild ride!!! ang tough cuz I am going to drive and Dana stand back cuz i am throwing away my drivers lisence for this ride it is going to be hard wild and a bit off road, but we will get our butt moving in the title of this thread. So all of you MOVE YOUR BUTT I want to see a loss for every one of us this week!!!


01-27-2002, 12:00 AM
Yes! Yes! You got me! I was lurking... I am looking to see a loss this week as well! I am very psyched, and ready to lose...It took me 25 days, but finally I am with it...I knew the motivation would just took a while. said that if you didn't work out for a couple days you felt "down". I read an article about a study that was done...they took people who were used to working out and made them stop, and almost all of the people reported feeling depressed and cranky..see there are psychological benefits to exercise as well!

Well Ladies...let's get our butts moving!

01-27-2002, 07:42 PM
Hi all,

Well, its Sunday night and I promise to start my exercise program tomorrow.....if I dont get up in time to do it I will walk on my lunch walking shoes are in the car even as we speak.....

I still havent decided on what plan Im gonna stick to....just trying out different things but I do know the exercising is important no matter which way I go with the eating.....

Take care and I will check back in Tues.....:D

01-28-2002, 06:25 AM
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I knew you were thare Melody!! :lol: :lol: :lol: I know it does take time to get in gear I has for me to. and yes I do feel so much better when i exercise.

Pat did you see Jeri was back On the 100's she was my running buddy last summer then i stoped running and she stoped comming. but she is back thinking of starting a running club.

I finally got my tax papaer (the right one) back from my former employer holding up my taxes a week!!! I have less in a retur but not bad! I should see it in 2 weeks!! I can really use it by then!!

Terry what ever plan you use you know that you are still supposed to be here with us!!! let us know how and what you are doing K? I wll be waiting for a report on your exercise :lol:

only kidding it is dana and pat that i expect reports from. and Pam soon!!!! well melody you to I will give you some time to get OP then i will be waiting for your reports too! :lol: boy do i sound like a slave driver or what??? I LOVE IT!!!

well got to run time to leave to get dh to syracuse for surgery.

LEE PAM DANA???? jump in Mary you too!!!!

01-28-2002, 06:44 AM
Good monday morning all!

What a great weather weekend we had here in NNY. It was 40+ degrees here and it was so nice I took myself to the river and had a nice 35min walk. On a sunday no less. I kept saying no then I realized how ticked off I would be if I didn't do it and went.
I guess the payback is this week with ice/ freezing rain :(

The scale is still stuck so I am going to mix things up a little this week with the w/o. Increase my cardio and strength training time. I realized that I have been stuck here and over since 12/28. This was when I posted my valentine goals aver at the 100# club. UGH !:mad:

Sue I hope DH is a trouper! ANd has a successful surgery. Your nursing skills will get a flex today. I did notice your running partner over there. Or I wondered if she was when she posted that question.

Dana If I understand it correctly I don't think your team won yesterday :( . SOrry how did your party go?. The mean old sclae will move this week! ( to the left) .

Terri. How goes it? I like the walking as it is mindless and I been reading the most beneficial .

Pam How are you?

Melody A big welcome!! Watch that sue, DANA had to exercise with her on her back forever LOL

Well Off to teh room

01-28-2002, 09:38 AM

Sue I hope your Dh has a successful surgery and a very quick recovery....

I stuck to my diet all weekend, and am now going through carb withdraw AGAIN!!! I should have stuck with it the first time, then I wouldn't have to do this again! Oh well, I have learned my lesson.

I have to work both jobs today, but I am planning on "working out" with my class. We go outdoors and I scream....I BEt no one can catch me! Then I have 20- 3 to 5 year olds trying to run me down, so of course I run like my life depends on it...(You would be surprised how strong 20 preschoolers are!)

I've got a headache...not sure if it's from carb withdraw or this sinus infection I have...or both?!?!

You guys have a nice day...It's suppose to be beautiful here...mid-60's and sunny all day!

Lots of Love!


01-28-2002, 05:26 PM
I guess I wll not have to be on your back for that one!! :lol: sounds like fun!!! sounds like carb withdrawl!! dh is calling

01-28-2002, 09:19 PM
Hello My Friends!

A sad day in Pittsburgh.......our Steelers lost!!! The party went well......I pigged out on bbq chicken wings and veggies in sourcream/spinach dip. On plan........and hoping the scale will move....(to the LEFT!)

Not much to share. Work has been CRAZY. I come home and crash!

Drinking like a good girl....but need to move my butt more!

Take care all!

Dana (Hopeful, too!)

01-29-2002, 06:45 AM
Good morning!

Sue hope DH is OK! It looks like you will be busy woirking out with Melody and heh did you notice that Dana says she need to move her butt too? I think she has forgotten what it's like to have you on her back?:devil: .

Actaully I am trying to keep Sue busy with teh 2 of you!!

Melody Carb withdrawel is the pits! Way to go though!

Dana, Sorry about your team!! Have you ever tried working out in th emorning?. I found that for me it always gets done and it's over with so if its a rough day elsewahere Exercise is one think I don't have to worry about.

Had a great OP day yesterday and I am off to the next!

01-29-2002, 09:06 AM
Hello Everyone!

Sue I hope your DH is recovering well

I have been doing great...I really, REALLY wanted to cheat last night...the carb withdraw was killing me! here was a kit Kat bar on top of the refrigerator calling my name...."Melody! Come eat me!" :devil: I just kept thinking how mad at myself I would be if I cheated, so I stuck to my guns, played with Trinity, and didn't cheat...Whoo HOOO for me.

I haven't got to exercise in the last 2 days...but I worked both jobs yesterday...chasing kids...and putting out I probably burned a few extra calorires....:^: I plan on walking tonight while Christian is in Karate.

Dana...sorry about trhe Steelers...

Fralick...You're right carb withdraw does suck....but hopefully the worst is over....

I have an awful cold, and now it's moving into my chest! Bummer!

well ladies...stay OP!!!:D :) ;) :p :^: :smug:

I will see you tomorrow!

01-29-2002, 12:06 PM
Melody I will get off you back till your cold is better. Take it easy, but keep that kit kat on the fridge just to keep you on the strait and narrow!! you are really rocking! Great job!!

OH PAT!!! guess what?? i am on your back now!!! and Dana's!! You have your plan under control now lets add the exercise.

Dana glad that the party went well! sorry about the Steelers. Now it is time to get off your butt and show them how to do it!! (Exercise!!! :D)

My day is getting good. DH is up and about doing well. I pull his drain out this afternoon. He should get his staples out on monday. All else is good. Kids are PIA's as usual.

01-29-2002, 12:15 PM
Good Morning everyone:)

Sounds like everyone is doing great....

melody---Hello:wave: and what willpower to walk away from the "KITKAT" good for you.....

Sue---Hope everything goes ok with hubbys surgery....sending prayers your way

Dana--so sorry about your team....I was rooting for them, and I was also rooting for the rams...that kurt warner is one hottie :devil:

Pat--hey girl, sounds like your'e doing great....keep it up...

well, I went to the mall to go walking yesterday at lunch and GUESS WHAT???? hubby cleaned out car on Sunday and took my shoes out of the back........aaaahhh welllll,, another time I today..I will get on the treadmill......never to late to start...I have decided for right now to just watch my calories and carb intake for this week only....have to help cater a party Fri night, we are taking neighbors out to eat Sat and HUGE SUPERBOWL PARTY next Mon I will officially start something?????? just not sure what yet....but as of right now I am maintaining ( this is good, right???)

Take care to ya tomorrow

01-29-2002, 07:28 PM
Hey All!


DId the Leslie Samsune tape after work today with a friend. That works well for me. It is weights and walking 2 miles in 1/2 hour. We are gonna try to do it as often as possible BUT.......regardless....I will exercise every day.


Hello to you all.
Thanks for the kind words about the Steelers. They played a lousy game... but we SHOULD be going to the Super Bowl with the great season they had.....Oh weeeeeeeell.

Take care....gotta run.

Dana (Hopeful and I MOVED MY BUTT....OKAY!!!!!! LOL!)

01-30-2002, 07:03 AM
Good morning everyone!

Well I must say that I love the energy and enthuseasm! ( i miss my spellcheck). I get so much from it!

It seems like our theme is exercise. I peaked at the scale yesterday and I think it moved to the left . I went thru all my exercise magazines and added to my morning routine. I worked out for 1 hour and 15 mins. Which is my goal for now.

Work is good.

Terri A husband who cleans out the car < WOW, Did you check out the glycemic index?
Dana What days are you getting SUe?
Sue You busy girl! I am glad DH is OK.
Melody I hope you feel better. Fast , Then iI will only have SUe 2 times a week. LOL

Well girls off to face hump day!

01-30-2002, 09:41 AM
Hello all...still going great on this diet!

The exercise is getting me though, I don't have any time! I have 3 kids, 2 jobs, and a demanding BF, and virtually no time to exercise...well, by gosh,

I am going to today!
No matter what!
Come **** or high water..
I am going to move my jiggly butt...:lol:

Hope you guys have great day!

I still got this nasty cold...but I am doing my best to fight it...

01-30-2002, 12:26 PM
Melody take it easy till you get the cold and diet under control. When you try to take on too much then you get too burned out and stop. we want you to continue!1 so take it easy and slowly work exercise in your program. buy the way i am thinking of taking up running. I was hoping to drop a few more lbs v=before i started but i am not sure if it si going to happen soon so i may just start before hand. so we can so this together!

Terri We will wait for you to start on monday!! I know how hard starting up can be when you have stuff going on. so it is best to wait till you can keep your focus and not have too many distractions. BUT MONDAY!!! check out the low glycemic links that pat gave you they are very interesting. they may help you make the best of both worlds.

Pat i will never let up on you!!! :lol: :devil: :lol: Too much fun. I will get my exercise running between all of you!!! HHHMMM maybe i should start the running thing again!! I peeked too and those 2 that i gained are trying to melt off! way to go with the sneak peek!!
Dana you are really ripping here ready to go and those lbs will start to melt off. just keep the resolve and it will happen say with it for over 6 weks and it will be a habbit!

01-30-2002, 02:41 PM

Well, Im hanging in there, just watching what I eat and reading up on all kinds on nutrional articles (read-confusing???)

Yes, I checked out the links Pat put in....very interesting, I placed them in MY FAV PLACES,,,,the glycemic(sp??) kind of confused me...I have read about those foods but the numbers there were confusing..there are 2 sets of numbers....but interesting reading anyway......

Well, its been like spring here lately and today WE GOT HIT:dizzy:

IT is snowing like crazy and shows no sign of stopping..we were supposed to go to MSU vs Michigan basketball game tonight in Lansing, but doesnt look like we will try it...not worth it on the roads...I will stay home in the comfort of my living room and watch it on tv.....

Sue--Hope hubby is doing OK....still sending prayers

Everyone have a great to ya later...:)

01-30-2002, 11:47 PM
I changed his dressing today and i am a bit cncerned the area is filled with fluid where his bursa is. I am hoping that it will go down by itself. it does not smell like it is infected nor ishe running a fever. he is up and about much better today though. thanks for the asking.

not much here just getting ready for bed. doping flylady stuff today totally cleaned my alundry room. papered my shelves so i can fold in there and bring up when the load is done!! sounds like a plan to em!!

OP al the way today. can not wait till tomorow!!

01-31-2002, 09:43 AM

Well, its thurs morning and we are covered in snowed all day and night and now it is freezing rain.....our asst. manager called this morning and said not to try to come in to work until 10 am....she will keep us girls are at their dads and they dont have school...would be nice to have another day off... I could get some more flylady stuff done......

Hope everyone has a great to ya later...I need to go get ready for work in case we have to go in ( I hope not hehe)

01-31-2002, 09:46 AM
Good Morning Ladies! I am sitting at my computer having a breakfast of water, pepperoni's, and cheese. I am very pleased with myself, as I have stuck with my diet....It is getting easier now. I just sometimes have to remind myself to think before I eat...Last night, my Mom had made a cake with homemade icing...YUM. :nono: Before I had even thought I ran my finger along the edge of the cake, and scooped up some icing...I was just about to pop itin my mouth when I thought...WHAT THE H#*@ ARE YOU DOING???? And I wiped my finger off, pronto!
That was a close one.

I did not get to exercise:( again last night. Trinity, my 10 month old baby girl, has bronchitis. I had to take her to the doctor. Then me and BF:devil: got into an argument about the house...(we close on it today)...I was so mad at him I cried:cry: which I rarely do anymore, and then was so exhausted I could do nothing but think of sleeping! And once again I will try to do better today. It is warm out...suppose to get to 67 degrees...I will probably take the class out today, and have them chase me. We are suppose to have thunderstorms January...This is some strange weather we are having!!!

Sue, I hope your Hubby is healing up well. Maybe the puffiness is just a little swelling. Keep us posted.

Everyone have an OP day!:)

01-31-2002, 12:46 PM
Melody you exercised one of the most important things will power. You have no idea how many times i have done that exact thing!! way to go!!! soon you will only think of doing it, then it will be a thing of the past!

Terri sorry you are stuck at home so am i wth all the kids and a grumpy husband/ well unfortunatly so am I so i guess i get to have the better ofhim.

I had a good work out today i did the elliptical for 15 min then hit the upper body weights, i got home and forgot that I had to shovel the drive and sidewalk so I have had twice the upperbody workout!! so good for me! right now i need to eat or i will fall. I am too hungry so i will go.

01-31-2002, 08:55 PM
WEll I just posted a grumble on the chalenge post. I got a bit carried away so forgive me!! and i will not repeat it again so if you want a good laugh check it out!! HARUMPH!! MEN!:p :p

02-01-2002, 09:09 AM
Happy February everyone!

I am so happy to report a loss of 3 pounds!!!WHoooooHOOOO! I am still sticking with my diet, so that is good. Didn't get a conventional work out yesterday, However me and BF washed walls, scraped off border, and painted our bedroom in the new house. My shoulders are a little tight this AM, because of holding my arms above my head for so long. So I did get a work out of sorts.

I am not sure I will get to post this weeekend...I will try. You guys have a lovely weekend!:) :) :) :) :)

02-01-2002, 11:32 AM
WHOOOO HOOOO that is fantastic. I am down 1 from last week but u one from the week before but tom is here so that would account for the lack of big drop????

I moved today it took a huge effort to get going! I need to find motivation or energy!! but that is all. I am OP all the way infact i just had an apple for snack and was thinking of sprinkling some cinomon and splenda for the apple taste but i just sprinkled cinomon and it was sweet enough!! MMM good next time i might microwave it for about 1 min so it will be like a baked apple! I have been way low on my carbs and with my workout i need to be higher so that is why the apple. it is a health wet carb. :D that may be why i feel so drained with my workouts. if i do to low on the carbs then i feel it with the enthusiasm but no umph!!