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01-25-2002, 09:26 PM

Hello! My name is Yvette and I joined WW two weeks ago! I am so pleased with the program so far. first week lost 8.4 and my second 5.4 I was just to excited I have about 80lbs to loose and know that it will not be easy. I started by cleaning out my refig. and getting rid of all that fatty butter, sour cream and buying low fat dressing. I have been big all my life and am ready for a thinner new me, I don't know what I would look like if I weighed less then 250lbs. But am anxiuos to find out! I am married with Two handsome boys one 7 and one 5. My husband has no weight problem and can eat anything, makes me sick. He has never said anything about my weight he loves me for me. Well my journey has begun and I will keep you posted.

Senoia Georgia

01-26-2002, 01:05 AM
Welcome to 3FC's. Congratulations on your great start.
There are many WWers here in Support but they also have their own Forum. When you go to the MAIN board just scroll on down and you will find tons of WW topics.

Whether you go there or stay here... just read all the threads and when you find one you want to share in just jump right in.
Be sure to hit "Post Reply" to join a group. If you hit "new thread" it will begin a totally new topic.

Good luck !!!