Support Groups - Support 3FC when you shop at

12-12-2007, 03:18 PM
I'm sure you'll all agree with me that 3FC is a priceless resource for weight loss and maintenance. Personally, I'd be lost without the support and encouragement that I find here every day. And it's all free!

If you shop at you can give a little bit back to 3FC - at no cost to you! Simply click on the 'Store' button on the far right side of the purple menu bar on the top of this page (the 3FC forum page). There's also a 'Store' button on the far right of the purple bar on the Home Page. When you click it, you go to a 3FC store there or you can go directly to from the link on that page and buy any of their products. A portion of your purchase price comes back to 3FC but doesn't increase your price at all. What a great deal!

Remember, you have to access Amazon through the 'Store' link or from the amazon button at the top of the right ad-bar in order to benefit 3FC.