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12-10-2007, 11:53 AM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. :gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

12-10-2007, 11:54 AM
Here you go, ladies. I'll bbl. :wave:

12-10-2007, 01:51 PM
Ill BBL also..Just wanted to say I got in a 2 miler again today and it is colddddd out there. Would love a little sunshine.

12-10-2007, 07:40 PM
Hello Ladies,

This will a quick one just to check in. Yes it will be nice when I get the laptop and can check in here more often. But DH said "Don't open the box when it comes, it will go under the tree". :(I have to wait till Christmas when we open presents. So I will have to come in here to wrtie, but not as often as I will once I get the new laptop.

I think I told y'all about me getting my new book on Intuitive Eating. Agree with most of it but I was eating too much junk for a while there. Read on an IE site that a lot of people can't eat hoping to tire of certain foods. So a lot of them read the books and take what fits them and design their own way of eating and doing thing. They say don't use the scales so much. I know that is a good idea and try, I am addicted to seeing what is going on. Haven't been successful giving them up. I want to make Sunday mornings my weigh in day. I was back up to 225.5 once during the week, but my Sunday morning weigh was 223.5 and I'm kind of staying there. I think that is a 10 lb gain which they say happens some time. I just can't keep gaining so I began reading other ideas of eating. I went to the Whole Foods Lifestyle group on this website and read some of their stuff and decided I want to do IE, but I want to do it healthy so I've settled into what I call WFL/IE. I believe it is very doable for me. Weight may come off slower, but even if I didn't lose but 1 lb a week that would be 50 lbs in a year and almost to goal. I got realistic and decided for my age etc that I was setting my goal too low so upped it 10 lbs to 130. DH always says I would look good at 150 and thinks that would be a good weight, but I think I would rather go down to 130. But we will see when I get to the 150 lbs and then decide. Right now I just want to get a good start and stay with it. So once again, thanks again Jane for telling me about IE.

Well that is all for now. I will check back as soon as I can. Y'all stay dry, warm and happy. Hope all is well with all of you.

Jules - I can't remember. Or we at the point of any day now for that precious GB getting here? Hope you are feeling better.


12-10-2007, 09:33 PM
2 weeks left until Teri's due date for little Dominick. That means two weeks until Christmas Eve!! This year has flown by. I am feeling better but still not 100%.

Katie--purple hair....I remember those days......

Trish--good luck with the waiting..sometimes knowing what you are getting is worse

Well hi to everyone else...I can't remember everything everyone posted so I will just say good night!!

12-10-2007, 11:12 PM
Oh Jules how sweet. A Christmas eve baby. DH was born on Christmas eve. I have a son whose birthday is the 30th of December. The only thing is trying to always figure out what you give for birthdays. DS always said he knew we were always saving one present for his birthday 5 days later. Since DH birthday is the night before, I'm talking him out to dinner and give him his BD gift then. Sad thing for me :( is he doesn't care to open presents until the afternoon of Christmas day. I understand he has always done that. Un usual for me who grew up opening presents on Christmas eve and did that with my family and late hubby's family. Oh well.

Hope things go easy for Teri. Dominick is a beautiful name. I know you can hardly wait and I'm equally sure Teri is getting ready for the big event in more ways than one. LOL

Glad you better and get to 100% soon.

It was nice to see someone else who couldn't remember all the posts to answer. Many times I do that and when we get to a new thread I am lost to comment on things on the old one.

See y'all tomorrow.


12-11-2007, 12:54 AM
Hi Chicks.

This is just me rambling away, so if your just not in the mood or too busy, you can skip over. I didn't do Individuals because well I'm too lazy to go back to the old thread. lol........

Well tonight has been so far amazing! I came in and Dayshift actually WORKED and I did not have a lot of work leftover from them to do!! Now what do I do? lol. **Knocking on Wood here** lol. I sooooo wish that I could go home at Midnight.............That would be awesome..........but that would never happen unless maybe I was dying or something. lol.

Oh and my Job Angel? Broke his leg!! Poor guy, this defintely has not been his year!! A few months ago he broke his jaw and he had his mouth wired shut for like two months.

I'm hungry and I brought lunch, but I don't want it. Ever had that happen? But there was really nothing else to take.........Just nothing sounds good to me.................Well what sounds good to me is fattening and bad for me so I can't go there. Luckily I have no transportation and I don't get a lunch so can't really go anywhere anyways. lol.

I also found out that someone from the dayshift is leaving our team. Going to somewhere else within the co. She was hired on when I was. So that is another person leaving that I started with. That will leave only one left that was hired on with me.......Kinda scary. I feel like I should move on, but I'm just too afraid! lol.

Thank you all for your kind comments about the house. Dunno if we'll go for it or not. I think DH was looking and this is a good deal and the location isn't that bad either. But depends on DH, sometimes he is all "gung ho" about something then other times he drags his feet and I'm tired of trying to convince him that we need to move. Its not just my decision.

We have looked at so many houses in the last few years........I don't want to go looking unless he is absolutely sure he wants to do it this time. lol.

I think honestly he is afraid, just like before we bought our car. He drug his feet on that too, until our old car broke down and we HAD to get a new one. Don't think our apt is going to totally break down, it is falling apart, but don't think its going to totally go and that is probably what it would take to make him move...........I am trying to tell him, "My mother is moving up here in the summer time and I really don't want to be crammed into this little apt." But he still drags his feet. I understand about being cautious and all that, but there is a point where you just got to do it.

Anyways..........I am rambling

Have a Good One!


12-11-2007, 01:53 AM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Tommy called me after he got out of work to see if I remembered where he spent $39.67 at. I said “well, I can check on the account on the bank site and then let you know when you get home.” So I did that, and found a charge at a gas station not that far from here for that amount. I showed/told Tommy when he got home from work and getting gas, and we went through the receipts and nothing! So he called the bank and the person that he talked to went over it with him on the phone and then told him that he had to go to a local branch and fill out a form disputing the charges and the guy that he talked to at the branch told Tommy that he had a legitimate case, and they will investigate it and get back to him. When he talked to the guy on the phone, the guy told him that the charge was made at 4:28pm on Sunday……Tommy went to pick up some stuff for the kids and then Meijer. He was sitting on the couch watching Ray, and the card was in his wallet on the bar.

Things are going GREAT on this end after the bank issue!!! Tommy called and talked to the lady from the school that he is interested in. She has been trying to send him the information about the financial aid and co-signer stuff. Well, he called her and she told him that all he needs to do is get a co-signer and he will be back in school!!!!!! He called his mom and she said that she would be his co-signer! So, as of January 7th, Tommy will be a student!!! It should be a really rough ride for the six months that he will be in school, since he will be working still, then going to school for 8 hours and then having to do roughly 12 hours of homework through out the week. Plus, being a daddy and a husband on top of it all. I told him that if the boys keep acting like they have been then he is going to have a drunk wife while he is in school!

Sassy~ I hope your DH will stop dragging his feet and want to move soon! Sorry to hear about Job Angel…, it really hasn’t been his year!

Trish~ I will have to look into the IE. I have a whole bunch of website that I was sent and then just bookmarked them and haven’t gotten a chance to check them out yet.

Jules~ I can't wait to see pictures of little Dominick!

12-11-2007, 10:34 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Marti - a cake taker is a piece of Tupperware that keeps the cake fresh, and has a removable handle, so it's easy to take from one place to another. How was Jhanai's program? I bet it made you so proud! Share pics, if you have them.

Katiecat - purple hair, lol. My bff and I used to iron each others hair to get that straight, hippy look. I wore an army jacket, with the sleeves cut out, and my bell bottomed jeans. I had a pair of paisley bells that were the bomb! Of course I had my Peace symbol necklace on at all times. About the gift cards, at least they'll be cheaper to mail than books, lol.

Mindee - sorry about the gas charge. Do you think Ray took it? The after Christmas sales are great, if you don't mind fighting the crowds. YAY for Tommy going back to school. Hope the kiddos are feeling better today.

Sue - it's all foggy and rainy here, and has been for days. I need some sunshine, too.

Trish - I take notes on who said what when we have a new thread, because I can't remember a thing anymore, lol. I read that dieters who formulate their own programs are much more successful than those who don't. The best I ever did, dietwise, was when I combined the teachings of Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and Weight Watchers. That's what I'm doing now, too. Yikes, you have to wait until C'mas afternoon for the computer? Oh well, at least you know it's there.

Jules - 13 days! :carrot:

Sassy - awww, sorry your job angel broke his leg! Hugs to him. Neal is much more cautious than me. That can get aggravating at times, lol.

Neal's party was lots of fun. The kids and grands were here, and we all spoiled him. He always chooses an angel food cake, which doesn't tempt me, so that was good. I did have 1/2 cup of ice cream, but that's not too bad.

I'm going to the doc with Katie today. She's had some unexplained leg pain, so we want to get that checked out.

Have a good one, ladies! :hug:

12-11-2007, 02:22 PM
I'm running late today (what's new w/me besides that?!)
Choir was great.....all the kids look so grown up!

Here are a couple photos:
They kept moving so the one of her and her friend is blurry!!
DD is in the white and black checked dress. (Her strap broke so she's standing a little hunched because she was worried!!)

My sister took some also so I'm hoping those aren't so blurry.

Gotta go!

12-11-2007, 03:10 PM
Hello ladies...

Nothing much going on.

MARTI...those are great pictures, thanks for sharing. Jhanai is looking so grown up!

SASSY...poor guy, geez. Lots of hugs to him.

MINDEE...glad to hear about Tommy and going to school! :woohoo: Hope you get the charges figured out. A little scary thinking that someone has your info and is using your card.

JANE...glad the party was fun. Hoping all is well with Katie. you all are so excited! Maybe little Dominick will make a surprise entrance and come sooner! My niece has a Christmas Eve BD and has always hated never really is celebrated, poor thing. Not sure why my brother & SIL never really did.

TRISH...sorry you have to wait so long for the laptop! But hey, it'll be here before you know it.

MARYKATE...I would love to return the favor/gesture by sending Erik a gift card for some books. If you would like to share his address or have me send it to you let me know.

Hello to everyone else!

This weather totally sucks! Had an ice storm last night and may lose some trees, ugh! Just raining now but supposed to freeze later and possibly snow, messy, messy, messy. Lost our electricity last night, thank god for a fireplace! It was out for only 2 hours, again, thank God! I was worried it would have gone into a full day or two. Anyway...just getting some laundry done and my exercise. WI was today and I am the same, which is fine-better than a gain for sure. I know I ate too much this past week so going to do better this week.

Hoping all is well with everyone. Have a great day!

12-11-2007, 03:41 PM
just popping in to see how every one is doing!

Jane~ Tommy was watching the movie "Ray" on the dvd player when the charges were made. The only person that he can think of that could have made the charges was a new guy at the dollar store when he had taken his card to swipe it when he was there. Tommy is hoping that they signed the receipt when they used it.....if they did then he is going to have them trace the signature to find out who used it and then pressing charges on them. The bank froze that account, and they are going to get him a new card with a new number on it within a week. What did the doctor say about Katie's leg pain?

We are hoping to get some Christmas shopping down after the first of the year, but with him going back to school now, we will probably wait until he has a great job. (and I am hoping that by this time next year, we won't have to worry about where our money is coming from)

I do know that now since he is going to be going to school, we will be staying in the apartment (hopefully getting into a 3 bedroom here in the complex). Tommy asked Brandon last night if he wanted to live out here and go to school out here. Brandon said very enthusiastically "yeah!" He found this big wheel type bike at Wal-Mart that he likes, so we told him that if he starts to go potty by himself on the potty and starts to talk more, then he will get it for his birthday. And then his bike that he has now, will then go to Logan. But I told Brandon that if Logan watches him go potty on the big potty that he will then want to start going potty on the potty.

Marti~ Those are some great pictures!!! The first thing I said after I saw the pictures was "my goodness! Jhanai is so grown up!"

Cristina~ Sorry to hear about the sucky weather. We have the same thing going on over here. We are suppose to go over to a friend's house for a Christmas get together. My sister emailed me asking when we were going to be in here area since she has the kids' presents under her tree already. I told her that we would be over in that area tonight as long as they are going to be home.

the boys are watching a circus dvd right now. neither one of them took a nap today. and they were both up and WIDE awake at 1:30 this morning! so they both got a bath and then back to bed they went. Logan fell back to sleep on his own....Brandon fell asleep in bed with me.

12-11-2007, 07:15 PM
I'm back for a minute....

Marti - oh my gosh, what a beauty she is! And yes, the kids do look so grown up.

Cristina - thank you for the Christmas card. Our temp reached 63 degrees today, and now winter weather is supposed to be here by morning. No wonder so many people are sick, with these highs and lows!

Mindee - HAHAHAHAHA :rofl: I thought Ray was one of Tommy's buddies that he wanted to keep an eye on, lol. Speaking of dvds, we bought Ratatoullie, and the DGDs have borrowed it, but Neal and I haven't watched it yet. I've heard it's really good.

Angie - the Christmas card you made is beautiful! I didn't know you were into stamping. You sure did a good job with it. Thank you!

Katie has had leg pain, as I said earlier today, and the doc had her do some blood work for rheumatoid arthritis. This was before she even knew that Mary, her sister, has RA. The doc also ordered an xray of her swollen ankle.

I made it to the post office, finally, and luckily there was only 1 person in front of me. :carrot:

Neal's mad at Penney's. He ordered me a gold chain for Christmas, and they put my name on the package, so I opened it. The thing is, I told him what I wanted anyway, so it's not a big surprise. But it's the wrong one, even though his receipt shows he ordered the right one, so now he's upset that I might not get it before C'mas. I told him that was ok, though. As long as I know it's coming, it's all good. :)


12-11-2007, 09:19 PM
Jane--Jerry's fave is angelfood cake too. Hope Kate's leg is ok.

Mindee--hope everything gets worked out on the bank card charge.

Cristina--I was watching the news about that ice storm and wondered how you were doing--stay safe!!

Marti--Jhani is such a cutie--it looks like she has a great friend--is that the one that comes to your house??

Sassy--your poor job angel!!

Trish--We have lots of Xmas bdays--hubby's step mom's is the 1st, his sisters is the 13th, her daughter's is the 24th, my dad's is the 15th, mine's the 16th & my mom's is the 21st (she turns 75 this year)

Teri says that her belly feels like it is hanging to her knees today. She felt weird all day but nothing yet....

12-12-2007, 01:51 AM
Jane~ We hardly ever get visitors to our apartment besides his parents and the kids godparents! We lived 2 hours north of every one and they would visit pretty regularly, we move back down to the city and nobody comes to visit!

Jules~ I hope little Dominick decides to come soon!

12-12-2007, 02:17 AM
Hello ladies...

back again for a few minutes. I have been staying up way too late lately.

JANE...YW for the card, and you don't have to thank me, none of you ladies do. :) Hope they find out what is wrong with Katie soon and it's not RA. wasn't too bad here...the streets were icy but not bad where we are. Now the streets are wet and so they will freeze tonight...thank god V is only 5 minutes from work, if that. Lots of December BD's for your family! Well, maybe Teri will have little Dominick sooner than expected. careful out and about in this weather.

I watched the weather this evening and now it says there is snow possible this weekend, ugh! Jason's ceremony is Sunday and Josh is coming home the same day, of course he will miss the ceremony. His GF will pick him up from the airport but they are coming over for dinner and cake. Just not ready for this kind of weather. Anyway...

Nighty, night ladies.

12-12-2007, 03:01 AM
Hi Chicks.

I think Mother Nature is going through the Change. lol. Cuz today it was 64 degrees! It is still in the 50's!! Tomorrow/Today/Whatever is supposed to be warm too, almost 60. Then Thursday it goes down to 41 and chance of snow and Friday down to 38! Geesh. lol

My Job Angel (J.A.) came to my rescue again today! I got an email from my boss, I made a boo-boo and so I asked my J.A how I should respond. So he IM'd me what to email to my boss! lol. So I still have not gotten him his chocolate yet, but I gave him a home-made pb cookie that another agent here made and insisted that I come and get some, she said, "It is the least we can do for all the things you do for us." I thought that was sweet, so I had DH run down to get a couple. A couple -- he came back with a plate full! lol. But never fear, I shared with my co-workers. I only ate 2 cookies. :)

I was thinking I may just send my J.A. a nice email, thanking him for everything he has done for me and our team. I still plan on getting him some chocolate as well, but I just want to let him know that he is making a difference, at least to me! I know we all like to hear that "hey your doing a good job and I appreciate you." It makes you feel good.

I really really wish I had requested tonight (Wed. Night) off, but oh Still not sure on Christmas Eve & Christmas yet. He put out the Christmas Schedule and I'm not on it, but nobody is on my shift, so I think he's waiting to talk to my counter part first. But I have no idea about Christmas Eve. I told DH if I have to work Christmas Eve, I may as well work Christmas and See if I can just get the day after off instead. But we'll see....

Mindee -- that is scary about the bank, I hope it gets worked out. WTG to Tommy on going to school! I know it will be a very tough 6 mos for all of you, but like you said, it will be worth it when he is finished. I even told my DH that I posted the link to the house on here and you all said you liked it and thought it was a good deal. All he said to that was, "yes it is a good deal".......:rolleyes:

Jane -- TY. Yeah we all say that this year is just not my J.A's year. lol. But he still keeps a positive attitude. ;) Glad Neal had fun at his party. I hope Katie's Leg is ok. Awww you got to open your Christmas Gift early. lol. I hope they get the right one too ya in time! :)

Marti -- Great Pics!

Cristina -- UGH you need some of our weather we've been having. Its been in the 60's here. I hope your sucky weather passes!!!

Jules -- Hoping the little one comes soon......:)

Big :hug: to all.

12-12-2007, 03:19 PM
Hiya Sassy! :wave:

I think the e-mail is a good idea, I think he would appreciate hearing how sweet it is and thanking him for all he does. And I WILL take your weather...just had to rub it in eh? It's actually warmer today, a whopping 30 I think, lol. But it is snowing. Don't think it will amount to anything but we will see. Geez, are they going to wait until the day before Chirstmas eve to let you know, good grief!

Nothing much going on today...slept until 11, yikes! But then I was up until after 2 a.m. Had planned on getting up early, oh well. This weather does a number on me because even though I was up late 8 or 9 a.m. would have been enough sleep fo rme.

Doing some baking later...making lots of goodies to send to my mom and dad, along with their gifts, gotta get that mailed tomorrow...they love the sweets and no one makes any for them. First I have lots of walking to do. Wish I could go out and walk...guess I could brave the cold like MS Sue has been doing...okay, no, not that brave. Anyway...

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Have a good day and stay warm!

12-12-2007, 04:13 PM
Hi ladies,

Jules - tell Teri that you'll find her a sling for her belly, lol. Poor girl - I remember that feeling!

Mindee - someday when Neal and I go to Houghton Lake, I'll visit you. Don't hold your breath, though, lol.

Cristina - of course I want to thank you for the card! It's cool that Josh will be there for Jason's party, even if he does miss the ceremony. It's sweet of you to send goodies to your mom and dad.

Sassy - happy birthday to your sweetie. I think your JA would appreciate a heartfelt email. :yes: Since you aren't on the schedule, I hope you and DH get to stay home and have fun for Christmas.

Hello to all that read this. :wave:

I've been getting day-before stuff done for the party. Mary came and cleaned all the floors for me - what a big help! She needs a little extra money, and I hate to do floors.

Not much else to tell... see you later. :hug:

12-12-2007, 05:05 PM
Oopsie! Sorry SASSY, it slipped my mind that today is DH BD...a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him! :bday2::celebrate:

JANE...guess I missed that you guys were having a party. My mind has definitely been elsewhere the last few weeks for some a mood for some reason. I think it is just the holidays even though I have everything to be grateful for it's like something is missing. That is sort of in reference to your pm. Anyway, have a fun party and try not to over do it today, or tomorrow.

Okay, going to go finish up my exercise. Took a break from teh comptuer for a few minutes and did part of my walk, I have to break up my walks on the treadmill otherwise I get too bored! The most I've done was 40 mns. at a time but I think that was an exception...30 mns is good, lol. Anyway, probably repeating myself, I tend to do that for some reason. Happy walking to me, lol! And a good day to you!

12-12-2007, 07:40 PM
Hi Ladies,

Missed yesterday never got here. DH had to go to urologist to get test results for his resent PSA test. In August, his numbers were too high and he had biopsy and was diagnosed with very first stage of porstate cancer. After talking to doctor and much research and because we had a lot on our plate with trips and DD wedding, we decided to do an experiment we heard about actually through the doc although he couldn't advise us to do it. It is using lycopene and Vitamin E. They know it prevents lots of cancers including prostate, but have no data to prove it will cure. They say it looks promising as a cure and that is what the ongoing tests are trying to find out, but the results of the test to prove it won't be in for a few more years. Since we had plans and doc said to go ahead seems we have 12 to 18 months before we have to do something, DH decided to do the experiment on his own and have another test done in 4 months and pray for God to heal him through it. The results of the first 4 months showed that the number dropped from a 4.8 to 2.04. That is good news because 2.5 is considered normal for someone never diagnosed with cancer. Although the doctor can't say it is gone, we could tell he was very excited because he says it means it is still there, but it is not active. It was decided to do another 4 months and take another test in April. So that was a very big Christmas present in itself.

Sassy - Sorry to hear about your JA breaking his leg. Hope he recovers quickly. Hope you get off work Christmas eve and day. Hope DH has a great BD. And WTG girl eating only 2 cookies.

Marti - You have a beautiful DD and the choir did look so grown up. Is that the friend who spent the night recently?

Mindee - So sorry about the gas charge. Hopefully they will be able to find who did it and get it all straightened out. Glad Tommy's Mom came through for him and he will be in school. I went through that once with late husband when our children were young. It is worth the sacrifice. We did so much better financially afterwards.

Cristina - Glad your sons will get to be together. I agree staying at one weight in WI is better than gaining. Sorry about the electricity outage, but glad you had the fireplace to keep you warm. Hope you are able to keep power and things don't get too bad for you. I know a lot of people are having ice storms.

Jane - I wondered if IN was getting some of that ice and snow DH DS and his family live in Columbus. You have fun getting ready for your party and don't work so hard so you enjoy your party.

Jules - It is getting close for Dominick to make her appearance into this world. I have a precious DGGD back in TX. I talk to her, DGD and DD there 2 nights ago. I've only seen her a few times as I married DH 5 mos after she was born and left TX. She was born 2 days before my BD. She is 5 now and realizes I am her Great Nana and she will talk to me now. She talks a mile a minute and she didn't want to stop we couldn't get her off the phone to hang up. What a pleasure they are. Thank God for free long distance so I can keep in touch with her.

Probably missed some one so I hope all is well with the rest of y'all have a great evening. Got to go spend time with DH. He sure is changing. He wants me with him almost all of his waking hours. Come on laptop.


12-12-2007, 08:31 PM
Jane--you know her baby doctor did suggest she get a belly sling!! If she wears the bella bands I bought her she is more comfortable

Trish--I am definitely excited to be a grandma!!

Cristina--we are gettting something tonight after midnight & then again on the weekend--depending on who you talk to and what news channel you listen too it will be rain or sleet or ice or snow.......

sassy--happy bday to hubby--you two could have celebrated with Jane & Neal if you lived closer

well--no baby yet--still waiting!!

12-12-2007, 11:13 PM
Hi ladies,

Cristina - the party is for my scrapbook group, so Neal isn't invited, lol. Mary's having him over for dinner, then he's going to his office. Even though he's retired, he's going to teach two labs next semester, so he has some prep work to do. Thank you for an explanation re the PM. That means a lot to me. I wish that "missing" feeling would go away for you. :hug:

Trish - yay for your DHs PSA being at a normal level. Neal has to keep an eye on his, too. So far, so good. :crossed: All of the ice and snow went north of us, but they're saying we MIGHT have a white Christmas. :carrot:

Jules - I tore a ligament in my groin area when I was carrying Katie, and they gave me this sling-like thing to wear. Sure did make a difference! I remember Neal saying he'd carry the baby for me, if he could. Jules, you're going to make such a wonderful grandma. :yes:

Hi to everyone else. :wave:

I've got most things ready for the party tomorrow that I can do early. The house is clean - I'll just have to spiffy up the bathrooms. The food is as prepared as it can get a day ahead. I'll press the Christmas tablecloth right before I put it on the table. I store tablecloths clipped on skirt hangers, so it shouldn't be too bad, anyway. Need to get some wood brought in for the fireplace.

Can you believe it's less than 2 weeks until Christmas??? Where has the time gone?

Have a good one, girlies. I'm not sure if/when I'll be here tomorrow. So, take care. :hug:

12-13-2007, 02:51 AM
just popping in really quickly.....

we are taking the kids to see Santa this coming Saturday and Sunday. So, it should be fun to see how Marissa reacts to seeing Santa for the first time! She had to get the rest of her flu shot on Wednesday night, and one of the nurses was playing with her legs and saying "oh boy, she isn't going to have any trouble getting at these." Marissa looked at her and then started crying. She didn't stop until we got back into the van to come home! Her next appointment is on January 24th and she will not get any shots then!

Jane~ If you guys ever make it up there, please let us know! Tommy has been wanting to go up there because his godmother has a house there. (the same godmother that passed away recently) Her son still lives there, and we are not sure if he is going to stay up there or move back down here.

12-13-2007, 01:17 PM
Good morning ladies!

Expecting company any minute so I'm making this yet another quicky! :dizzy:

Thank you for the comment on my daughters photo. Not very good quality but you can still see. Her friend is another friend of hers that she's always with, but hasn't come over yet.

I'll have to find a photo of her and her friend who is always here......

Company's here, gotta go!

Hugs to you each! :hug::hug::hug::hug:

12-13-2007, 02:39 PM
Hello ladies...

Man, I am tired, actually sleepy. Was up until 2, then couldn't go to sleep until about 2:45 for some reason and then was up at 6:45. Wanted to get an early start on the day and get part of my exercise done before leaving. All errands are done as is grocery shopping. Almost done with the Christmas shopping...just have to get DD her gift card from Amazon today and then Jason a gift card from Old Navy and it's all done! Yippee! Gotta love the internet...that's where I do most, probably 90% of my shopping...nothing like having things delivered to your door ;)

MARTI...enjoy your company!

JANE...enjoy your party today! Sounds fun. And no! I can't believe Christmas is in 2 weeks, yikes! Josh will be home until Jan. 2 and I know the time will just fly by. It will be weird writing 2008!

MINDEE...miss the days of Santa photos, sort of. When the kids were the ages of yours they were afraid of him, lol. Especially DD...if I wanted her in the picture I had to hold her. Have a picture where I am sitting on Santa holding her...poor Santa, I know his leg was hurting, lol!

TRISH...glad for DH's normal level. :hug:

JULES...hope you guys don't get any of that awful weather. I feel for all who are still without electricity...that has got to be hard. I was worried we would be without for days, kind of scary. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow sometime into Saturday, ugh. Hope you are feeling better. are you doing missy?

Guess I better get going and finish up the exercise. I've got 30 minutes of weights and the bike to do and then another walk. And, I am sure a nap will be in order. My body won't function on just a few hours of sleep.

Have a GREAT Thursday ladies!

12-13-2007, 05:06 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end......just dealing with two boys that went without it means early bed times for them! Marissa decided today that she is ready to take the next step to becoming a big girl. She decided to start getting up on her hands and knees and then she goes backwards! We have to lower her crib tonight....since we have been meaning to do it since last week.

Marti~ It is good to hear from you!

Cristina~ I went to bed at about 3am, I think and was up at 8am with all the kids! We seem to get some progress if we walk up to Santa with the kids backs to Santa and then put them on his lap. That way, by the time they realized what was going on we had gotten a picture of them (probably crying of course). So that will be the attempt with Marissa this weekend.

12-13-2007, 09:02 PM
Mindee--good luck with the Santa pictures!!

Cristina--we didn't get the ice overnight so I am hoping it misses us this weekend too.

Marti--have fun with your company!!

Jane--ouch!! Teri is carrying really low--we will se what they say in the morning at the doctors appt!!

Teri got her cell stolen today--she said what kind of person steals a phone from a very pregnant girl....she has insurance so she will have a replacement sent but that doesn't replace hers with all the pictures and numbers she had stored...

The girls gave me a grandma shower at work was really nice..they had all kinds of "baby" foods, baby carrots and corn & tiny pickles, mini muffins & brownies, little pretzels & mini ritz crackers & the little cans of was fun!!

12-14-2007, 12:59 AM
Jules~ Thanks for the good luck with the pictures! I can't believe someone stole her phone! That sounds like a nice enjoyable time at your shower!!!

12-14-2007, 03:48 PM
Hello ladies...

It's Friday! Whatever that means, :lol:

JULES...what a sweet thing to do, the party sounded like lots of fun! Sorry about Teri's phone being stolen. I don't know what is wrong with people. Glad you guys didn't get the awful weather, we are expecting snow, ugh! Already tired of winter and it officially hasn't begun.

MINDEE...I was actually in bed at a decent hour last night...the late nights are killing me and messing up my schedule, lol. Don't really have a schedule except when I have errands to run. But I like to have my exercise done in a timely manner, before 3 anyway, :lol: Have fune with the Santa pictures! The kids will be adorable and you must share!

I am officially done with the shopping! :woohoo: Had to run to the mall and pick up a gift card and that was it. Then went to pick up a few things at the grocery store...I couldn't find any frozen carrots at Wal-Mart yesterday, weird. So found some at the grocery store while there to pick up Jason's cake. It took him a while but he is finally getting his Bachelors, not just one but TWO! Getting one in International Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, very proud momma indeed!

Before I left this morning I got half my walk in, 2.5 miles and made my chili sort of. Cooked the beans for two hours and then cooked the ground beef and thru the whole mixture in the crock pot to finish it off. So dinner is done and is perfect for this cold weather. When I got up this morning the sun was shining and when I came out of the store the temps were dropping and it was cloudy...big puffy, snow filled clouds! :lol:

Oh, almost forgot...JANE, thank you for the card, made me smile it's cute!

Have a good day ladies!

12-14-2007, 06:04 PM
Hi ladies,

Mindee - Neal used to go up there every June, for 2 weeks. But the place he liked to stay got sold, and the new owner won't call me with availabilty, even though I've called twice. Neal says that's where the fish are, lol, and doesn't want to stay somewhere else. Men! Have fun with Santa this weekend.

Marti - I'd like to see a pic of Jhanai's friend, too. I bet she's a sweetie.

Cristina - you're welcome for the card, and I'm glad you got a smile from it. Yes, it will be weird to write 2008! Thankfully, I don't write many checks, since I use my debit card a lot, and pay utilities on line. Yay for Jason! What an accomplishment. And a big woohoo for you being done shopping.

Jules - how'd the doctor's appt. go?

Hi Trish, Kelton, Mary Kate, Tammy, Angie, Sue, Sassy, and anyone else I forgot. :wave:

The party last night was lots of fun. I ate too much, but not as much as I wanted. They asked for my recipes, which made me feel good.

Today I went to town with Mary, and we got a lot done, and had fun, too. Tomorrow I plan to sleep in, and then make some sugar cookies to freeze for the DGDs to decorate closer to Christmas.

Hope you have a good weekend. :hug:

12-14-2007, 06:22 PM
Hi all.

Well as far as I know I am off on Christmas. He put out the schedule and I'm not on it. Although I wish now that I could work, we could really use the extra $$. But don't think he will let me now. He has a skeleton crew and I doubt he'd want to pay an additional person time and a half when he doesn't have too.

I think DH is gonna ask the guy who is on the schedule if he would like the night off and he could work. We're just really really tight in the financial area right now. I know there are people who have it A LOT worse than us, so I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. ;)

Anyways. TY all for your Bday Wishes for DH. He was really really bummed though. Nobody remembered his bday except for my mom, his parents, our insurance agent, our car dealership and me. None of his friends. He was really bummed because our insurance agent and car dealership remembered and his friends did not. So whenever we ever do get caught up financially, I think we are going to have to have a night out together, as we haven't been out since my bday in September.

I feel really bad for him because he was so worried about our finances and bills that he couldn't sleep today and so he has to work 14 hours tonight with no sleep. For once I did not worry and he did. I mean I am concerned, but we have been in a lot worse places financially than we are right now and I know we'll get through it, just have to be patient, but I know with this time of year and all, it bums DH out.

Plus I think it goes back to that thing with men and the "providing" thing, even though this is the modern ages and women have contributed financially for many many years now, I think deep down some men at least, still have that "providing" thing.

Oh I did email my J.A., just a simple thank-you email, I haven't checked my work mail, my DH has and I don't think there was anything there, but I'm sure my J.A appreciated it.

Well anyways, I hope you all are doing well and are ready for the holidays.

Big :hug:

12-14-2007, 07:17 PM
Good Evening Ladies

Actually did check in yesterday and wrote a quick note and did something and lost the whole blasted thing. Yesterday was kind of a down day since I had not slept much more than 5 hours a night for 3 nights in a row so I was just too tired to re-do it.

Jane - Thanks for the card. I am glad your scrapbook party was fun. I have a couple of DGD's who would love that. In fact I got 3 of them art type things for Christmas. Not sure how one of them feels about it, because she is so young still but big DS loves to do the craft type things and so we couldn't leave the little one out.

Sassy - Glad you got off for Christmas. Sorry you and DH are having such a hard time financially right now. Been there done that. Hope things get better really soon. I agree that it is hard for some men not to be able to do the provider thing like they think they should. Those days went out with
70's. Kind of started with the 60's.

This is just a quick fly by to say hello and to wish everyone a great week end. I hope everyone is doing fine.


12-14-2007, 09:16 PM
Jane--thanks for the cards! I am way behind on getting mine out..I need to address them this weekend!! The doctors appt went great!!

Sassy--I have been helping Teri out and it has made things tight for me. I usually spend ALOT on Christmas and this one won't be much compared to previous years. The kids both have told me not to stress about it.

Trish--I hate when I lose a's so aggravating!!

Cristina--I told the girls that I didn't want anything special for my bday--so they did this instead! It was fun. The one lady always makes hooded towels so she made that abd the lady that just joined our group makes flannel receiving blankets. She di one in snowmen and the other in a light blue with stars on it. Our retired lady came back and joined in too. I really didn't know how much I was going to miss her.

Update on the phone--she found it--not sure what we are going to do, this phone was a replacement for a brand new phone she got last Christmas that had the screen malfunction after less than 4 months. The replacement phone has always had roblems with reception and when we complained we were told there was nothing we could do about it. I think I am going to have Teri try out the new one that is being sent and see if it does any better before we decide to sent one back.

Teri is having some contractions today. Nothing real hard or even regular. I told her to start writing them down. Hubby says watch her have him in the middle of the ice storm that is suppossed to start tomorrow afternoon. He teased me that he will drive me the 25 miles to the hospital on our tractor!!

12-14-2007, 11:05 PM
Good evening ladies, We also are expecting a storm. It is supposed to start early in the morning and continue through Sunday. Yikes...I have heard anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of snow. Then Mom came in and said she swore the guy on t.v. said 6 to 10 inches. Jane...I just know you will be happy as a lark out there making angels. :)

I got my shopping finished except for a few candies for stockings. Got out for a few hours today and just did it. I was afraid it would snow and I would be caught off guard. Of course, I had everything finished except DH and Mom. Plus our boys' gift cards. Came home and wrapped stuff already. I just have a few little stocking things to wrap.

The best thing is that DH went grocery shopping for me while I went out. He also took me to lunch first. So, it was a win, win day. He bought most everything I need to use up through New Year's. haha.. Except what I need to make HIM some peanut butter fudge.

Now, guess what that sweet man did for me? He made a rack for my bicycle so I can pedal it inside his workshop and the best part is warm and I am not fighting the wind. BUT, it is also in front of his 36 inch tv. I can watch while I ride. I did 25 minutes yesterday and my legs felt like mush since I hadn't ridden for awhile. Shooting for 30 minutes every day starting tomorrow. Then I have also walked some each day, but that is about to stop. I can't stand the cold.

So, I hope you all have a wonderful week-end and think of me knee high in snow...(actually, very warm inside in front of the fireplace.)

12-14-2007, 11:44 PM
Hi all.

TY for all your kind thoughts. We will survive, we've been through a lot worse. But DH just told me that MIL called him crying, I guess FIL is not doing well. Dunno if I told you or not, but he has been having lots of problems with is leg, well they found out he broke it and he was walking around on it without knowing it was broke, so of course that made it worse. Well he is a very bad Diabetic as well as other health probs and he now has really bad sores and of course they aren't healing as quickly since he's a Diabetic and all, MIL is concerned and thinks they may have to amputate his leg. That is probably the extreme, but my MIL is a retired ICU nurse, so its not like she doesn't know what she is talking about, even though yes it is her husband and all. So we're just praying that everything heals well and he gets better.

DH told MIL we will come there for Christmas since they really can't get out. FIL can't drive and neither can MIL and we wouldn't want them too. I told DH to tell her that we can even stop by the grocery store and just pick up a meal there from the Deli or something. I just don't want them to think they have to cook a big meal or anything.

DH wants to go over next Thursday to visit with them a bit. FIL is getting cabin fever, so DH thinks a visit from us may help a little.

My mom has to work Christmas Eve and Christmas, so we probably won't get to see her until Springtime now. :( Oh well hopefully by next summer she will be living with us anyway!!! :crossed:

Well that is all from my end. I know I am just a bundle of joyous news, aren't I? lol. I even added "Blue Christmas" on my myspace page. lol.............Dramatic, aren't I? lol.

Big :hug: to all.

12-15-2007, 12:54 AM
Hi ladies,

You're all very welcome for your Christmas cards. :)

Sassy - big :hug: for you! Keep us up to date on FIL, ok?

Trish - my DGDs love to scrapbook, too. The little ones use so many stickers, the photos barely show, but it's all a learning process, right? LOL!

Sue - yep, I'll be glad to get the snow, if it actually gets here. They had said tonight, then changed it to tomorrow. :dizzy: What a great idea your honey had by making you a stand for your bike. And putting it in front of a big tv is even cooler!

Jules - let us know if those contractions get closer. Maybe little Dominick will arrive on your birthday! The grandma shower sounds so neat - I've never heard of that before.

It's nearly midnight here, but I can sleep in tomorrow. I got a couple more scrapbook pages done, but didn't get the cookies ready. The butter needed to soften, so I'll do that tomorrow.

What's everyone doing this weekend? We were supposed to go to a party, but it's cancelled, so we might see a movie - any suggestions?

da fat n da furious
12-15-2007, 02:32 AM
Hello all,,,
What a busy busy couple of weeks....
Jane,,hopefully you are asleep now...its closer to 1 am now for you.
When will Katie get her results? I did the card,,,at a stamping party 2 weeks ago. Loved it!

Marti,,,DD is so beautiful.

Sue,,,you hubby is a Sweetie.

Jules,,,,just 10 more days,,,well more like 9...or possibly sooner if those contractions take on a real power to them.

Tanner is doing a play,,,so I was busy 4 days a week driving him. Scrapbooking takes 1 day...geesh thats pretty much my week.
Had our Christmas party for work last week,,,right after the fashion show.
So my hair and make up was done. I found a top and skirt that was just so pretty.
I got new glasses...everyone says I look smart now...ha ha (hmmm didn't I seem smart before?)
We are planning to go up north and do some Gift exchanging with Monte's family. Im hoping to get in a hair cut sometime this week...And color...OMG I am streaked with grey.
I have a new pic,,,that I am hoping I can put on as my avatar

well I should get to bed,,,,night all!

12-15-2007, 03:03 AM
just a busy post from me right now.....we are suppose to bed in bed, but of course Brandon decided that he wasn't tired. I think he is really excited about seeing Santa! I will most definitely share the pictures that we take of the kids on Santa's lap.

Tommy got a call from the lady from the school, and for some reason, his brother wasn't able to be a co-signer for him and the lady wouldn't tell him why. His brother is always on time or early when paying his bills and what not! So, now he is on to looking for grants. I will have him call and ask the lady at the school if he could use grants to pay for the schooling.

Jane~ I agree with the men! comment. Tommy is the same way. He doesn't remember peoples names, but he will remember what kind of car they drive or where they live or something weird like that!

12-15-2007, 10:38 AM
Just a quick pop in, ladies, gotta leave for the airport in an hour to go see my sister. I'm really glad I can go see her, but I feel really really sad that it may be the last time. This is so hard.

I will be back before Christmas, but probably won't be able to check in until I'm home on the 20th and will have to catch up on all you write until then! Jules will probably have her new grandbaby by then :)

I've been so stressed and scattered trying to wrap things up here and at home before this trip, running around like a chicken with my head cut off, as my mother would say. I paid all my bills last night, hope I haven't forgotten to pack anything. No one got a card this year except the one I put in Erik's box when I mailed it. Cristina, I will PM you his address if you want to send him a Christmas card -- I'm sure it would make him smile! He said his whole unit has been working 12-14 hour days, lots of weekends, and may have to work on Christmas, poor guy. :( And he is trying to get everything ready before he gets deployed in late January -- I guess he has to put all of his stuff in storage and he will lose his apartment.

OK, gotta hop in the shower before I head to the airport. See you ladies in a few days.


12-15-2007, 01:36 PM
Morning ladies...

I'm getting ready to head out to shop at a place that only has a 5hr sale going on. And one item is something I want to get hubby! So I'm needing to rush.
It's a busy time of year, we had a luncheon/meeting w/one of our clients, then the company had lunch (another day) provided for the employees.....I expected a gain this week.

I lost a measly .2lbs. That's POINT TWO POUNDS. :lol:
At least I didn't gain. I'm hoping after the holidays and all this celebrating to lose more than that.

No time for indi's, not sure when I'll have more time but I'll try to at least pop in w/my quick hello's. :wave:

Tonight is the company Christmas party. Theme is Polar Express. Not sure if we're suppose to dress for the theme??? Not even sure what to wear! Must buy control top panty hose so the tummy is all tucked away! :D

Gotta ends in an hour and half! many hugs for you! :hug::hug: I will be thinking of you!

12-15-2007, 01:49 PM
Marti--you will have to let us know how the party went

Katie--hugs to you!!

Mindee--Teri and I sat near a family I have worked with for awhile, the dad still works at our company (his bday is today--same as my dad's), the mom had to quit due to medical reasons and the daughter worked for me before getting a promotion to a different spot in the company and then quitting to be a SAHM, the 2 year old granddaughter was excited about going to sit on Santa's lap but her mom wasn't sure if she was going to actually do it.

Angelia--I love the new glasses, I got my haircut Thursday and am coloring it today.

Jane--the contractions stopped :( for now. The grandma showers are something we started a while ago--the gifts are suppossed to stay at grandmas!!

Sassy--hugs to your hubby!!

Sue--your hubby os so handy!! Is there snow there yet--the storm is suppossed to hit us around 4 this afternoon to start. Teri has to work this afternoon--the town she works and lives in is pretty good at keeping the roads clear and salted.

12-15-2007, 02:57 PM
Snow started this morning here. DH has shoveled, but it started coming down again. Not 2 inches yet, but close.
Stay safe if you are experiencing snow/ice storms ladies.
Prayers to you and your family MaryKate.

I will BBL.

12-15-2007, 06:40 PM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Well, today started out as a good day!

Today was the kids Christmas party for the campground that we met at. We took the kids, and they had a blast! Well, Logan did until it was his turn to go and sit on Santa’s lap. (if you want to see the pics I will post them) Brandon got a bug vacuum from Santa, Logan got a T-Ball set from Santa, and Marissa got a spinning ball toy and a little phone from Santa. We have another kids Christmas party tomorrow, but Tommy is worried about what will happen tomorrow!

On the way home from the party is when the day went down the tubes! We pulled out of the gas station after getting gas, and basically got T-Boned by some stupid lady! She claimed that she was pulling into the Big Boy that is right there, and then once every thing got cleared up with the police, she pulled out of the parking lot and off she went. So, she lied about where she was going! The police officer asked Tommy to explain what happened, and once he took a breath, the lady opened her mouth and basically told the police officer that it was all Tommy’s fault! She claimed that Tommy pulled out without even looking in the turn lane. She wasn’t even in the turn lane at the time to turn into Big Boy! She turned into the turn lane to bypass every body that was sitting in the lanes. She had to have been doing at least 45, because she hit us so hard that it knocked us out of the turn lane and into traffic!

She told the police officer that she stepped on the breaks, and then “slid” into us. I will post some pictures and you tell me if she “slid” into him or not. Tommy got a ticket for failing to yield to oncoming traffic, but the lady was no where in site when he pulled out! I didn’t even see her until the last second when I told Tommy to watch out and before he could she plowed into us. She was in the turn lane long before she needed to be, she was using it to drive past the other cars who had been waiting for the traffic light to change.

So, the police officer told Tommy that since he hasn’t had any tickets or accidents on his record that he could see, then to call the court and to make a court date to fight the ticket. He told him to fight the ticket and since his record has been clear for the past three years or more, that he has a very good chance that the judge will just dismiss the case. I told Tommy to make sure that we have a sitter that day, and I will go to court with him since I was the only witness that stuck around.

We are doing good……Tommy is taking a nap right now to calm his nerves. The kids all seem to be good. Nobody has complained of anything hurting them. My back and neck are hurting them, but I am so thankfully that nobody in the van was hurt badly.

12-15-2007, 10:03 PM
Good Evening Ladies!!

Wow, I tried to catch up to do individuals but there is so much to read!! Work has been extremely busy with so much RSV going around. We have at least 3-5 babies admitted every day with it. After dealing with all that snot for 13 hrs, it leaves little time to hang out here, but I'm always thinking about ya'll!!

Mindee, I'm so happy to hear about Tommy going to school and glad that no one was seriously hurt in your accident. Thanks to all for the Christmas cards!!

I'm all finished with shopping. Everything is wrapped. Started some baking this evening and will make all my cookies batters tomorrow so all I have to do is drop and bake next weekend. I will have a 5 day stretch off from the 21st till 25th and then have to work the two days after Christmas. I just can't wait to get through this week with work and then I can relax, bake a few cookies and enjoy next weekend. I'm having my family over on the 30th for a big dinner and gift exchange so Christmas day will only be DD and DS and their future spouses.

We are watching Saturday Night Live's Christmas's hilarious!! I keep pausing to watch it.

Take care ladies!! If I'm not here, I'm here in spirit!!

12-15-2007, 11:06 PM
Hello ladies....

JULES...a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you tomorrow! :hat::yay::hb::woo::bday2you::bday2you::bday2you:: bday2::gift::woo:

MARYKATE...keeping you and your sis in my thoughts. :hug: :hug: Thanks for Erik's address...I will definitely get him a card and a little something in the mail Monday. I remember when Josh went thru the packing stuff and losing their place. Have a safe trip sweetie.

TAMMY...all those poor little babies :hug: It's terrible seeing the little ones sick, I don't know how you do it...takes a special kind of person for sure! And thank you for the card!

MARTI...wtg on the point two pound! It all adds up in the end so any loss is a good much better than a gain for sure! Try to not get too stressed with all the parties! hubby is such a sweetheart! Now you can get your workout in the warmth of your home! I'm with you on the snow...not sure how much we got...but places around us got about 10-14 inches, yikes! I think we only got about 2 or 3 I don't know for sure.

JANE...hope you got some sleep! Glad you enjoyed the party. Hope you enjoy whatever movie you go see.

MINDEE...sorry to hear about the accident...glad no one was hurt. But be careful just in case. Jason was in an accident a while back and refused to seek medical attention but I took him to the emergency room anyway, just in case.

SASSY...hugs to you missy, and your in-laws. As Jane said. please keep us posted. I am sure though that a visit from your hubby would definitely make their day! Sorry your mom can't make it for Christmas.

As far as what I am doing tomorrow...going to get up early and do my Richard Simmons, straighten the house and get a couple of cards ready then get ready for Jasons Bachelors ceremony. Going to pick up a few pizzas on the way home and Josh and his GF are coming over for dinner and cake. Busy day indeed!

I got in 85 minutes of exercise today feel good about that. Doing good with the water and food too! Anyway...

Have a good rest of the weekend!

12-15-2007, 11:32 PM
Hi Ladies.

Well we got some snow, not a lot but some and its supposed to continue along with Ice and all that lovely stuff. DH is going to see how the weather is and if it is looking bad then he is just going to stay in a hotel room. (Our co. provides hotel rooms in inclement weather) I packed him a bag so he'd have clean clothes in case he has to stay. My mom is staying at her work, she doesn't like driving at night normally, but with this kind of weather, she'd rather not risk it and I'd rather her be there with people anyways than be alone in bad weather.

DH got a call from a family member while he was at work, asking him help with a broken computer, DH explained to them that he was working, but they kept on going with their computer problem. Eventually DH just hung up, but it really ticked him off and me too. Its one thing to call someone while they are working, not knowing they are, but after they tell you, all that has to be said is "oh sorry, just give me a call when you can." But no he just kept talking. Just annoying really. That is why it totally stinks to be known as the "computer guy" or whatever profession you do because that is the only reason people bother to call you. Infact my cousin asked my husband a computer question at my grandfather's funeral! I am like come on people! Geesh. lol. Okay I'm off my :soap: now. Sorry. lol.

Well some good news, I know amazing, right, good news from me? lol. DH came home this morning with two gifts from our friends, they did remember, he just was so pouty thinking people forgot his bday and didn't go over their house, so they had to wait until they saw him yesterday at work. He got a Tommy Hilfinger Wallet and some cologne that smells good, its called Grey Flannel? Never heard of it before but it does smell good.
I told DH I hope our friends did not get us anything for Christmas because we couldn't afford to get them anything. :(

YVW all for the ecard. It wasn't much, but as I said before limited fundage so I took advantage of the little program I have and used it. :)

Mindee -- I agree with Katy, get checked out, even if you feel okay now. That is what happened to me too. I got hit head on and after wards felt okay because I was still in shock, when I got to work, it hit me and I felt like the car ran over me personally. I never did go to the ER like I should have and now I have the spinal injury that I will have forever from that accident and I was young and stupid and didn't get any respsentation and basically got screwed big time. This guy had a history, a bad one, later after it was too late, my uncle found this all out. If I had taken him to court, he probably would have had the book thrown at him, because he had several DUI's and accidents from that. So I say even if you just make an appt with your family dr or go to a medical clinic, get checked out.

Cristina -- Wanna hear something funny? When my friends and I were still in school, we created this "group" to work out together and to talk about our problems too. Well we would alternate houses and whenever we went to my one friend's house we always did Richard Simmons and it was always so fun. Her brother would watch us and make fun of us. lol.

Jules -- Sharing in some of our crappy weather?? lol. I hope its not too bad for ya. Happy Early Birthday!!! :bday2you: :bday2:

Marti -- Like you said, at least you didn't gain. ;)

Jane -- TY, will keep you updated. :)

Tammy -- As Cristina said, it definitely takes a special kind of person to take care of sick little ones. :hug:

Ang -- Good Luck to Tanner or shall I say, "Break a Leg"?? lol. You know I'm kinda jealous, everybody talking about their work having holiday parties and ours is a big ole scrooge! lol. We don't get one thing!!! lol. I wonder if we can get those ghosts to visit the Higher Ups??? lol.

Mary Kate -- Big :hug: and have a safe trip!!

Sue -- TY and that was sweet of your DH to make a rack for your bike. :) Our "hatches" are battened down too. lol. People are acting like its the end of the world here. lol. Lets hope its not that bad. lol.

Well chicks I have not been good. :no: I had Tater Tots lastnight and I had Chips and Dip today. lol. What is wrong with me? lol. I have healthy meals in the freezer but just do not want them. Wed. night at work a co-worker offered to buy pizza and I ate 3 slices of that! :fr: I think I need to go shovel some snow for people or something and burn all this crap off. lol!!! :snow4:

Well I hope you all are keeping safe and warm. :flame:


12-16-2007, 03:18 AM
Tammy~ We are very thankful that no one was hurt majorly in the accident.

All the lady was worried about was that her driver’s door squeaked now.

Jules~ Happy Birthday!!!

Cristina~ When I had Brandon, they had to give me the epidural twice because the first one went into a vein instead of the area where it should have. So ever since then, I have had back issues. When we had gotten into the accident when I was pregnant with Logan, it hurt after that one for about a week or so and then it was fine. I had taken Tylenol when it was hurting and that helped it out a lot.

12-16-2007, 03:35 AM
here is the way to get to the pictures from the Christmas party: (

and here is the way to see the damage done to our van:

you will more then likely be asked for a guest password.....type in brandon and you will be on your way

12-16-2007, 01:45 PM
In honor of Jules birthday, and Mindee's pics, how about we let this thread go on until tomorrow?

:bday2you: :bday2you: Happy Birthday, Jules!! :bday2you: :bday2you:

I hope your day is a wonderful one, dear Julie. :hug:

Angie - I love your new avatar! You look great in your new glasses! Wow, you've been a busy lady with the fashion show, and Tanner's rehearsals, etc.

Mindee - tell Tommy to not give up. There must be programs out there to help a dad finish his education. Yay for trying the grants. Then, after he gets his, you could go back and finish yours, too. So sorry about the accident! Thank goodness noone was hurt.

Mary Kate - I don't know if you'll see this before you go, but I want you to know that I'm thinking of you, and hope your visit with your sister will be good, in spite of her health. I, too, want to send mail to Erik, so please PM me his address, ok?

Marti - at least you lost, and at holiday time, that's saying something! I'm trying to maintain now until Christmas is over. If I lose any at all, it will be a blessing. (miracle??)

Sue - stay warm, friend.

Tammy - thank you for the Christmas card! Our town is full of sick kids, too. This crazy weather doesn't help any. :dizzy: Your Christmas plans sound like a lot of fun. SNL usually does a cool Christmas show. Remember Eddie Murphy's Mr. Robinson? HAHAHAHA!

Cristina - your plans for today sound great. Have a good time!

Sassy - aww, I'm glad your DH got remembered. As far as the eating, nothing is wrong with you. :hug: Sometimes the urge overtakes us, is all. You'll get past it, ok?

Trish - hope you're doing ok.

We got more snow, but it's so windy, I can't play in it. :tantrum: I do like looking out the window, while enjoying the fireplace, though.

We're snowed in until the snowplow goes by, but I don't need anything, anyway. I'm just hoping the internet stays on.

Have a good one, ladies. :hug:

12-16-2007, 02:32 PM
Jane~ We are snowed in as well! We were suppose to go to another kids Christmas party, but we can't even get out of our parking lot!

good thing we don't need anything from the store. Tommy went to the store last night before it got too bad.

12-16-2007, 03:36 PM
Hi Everybody

You guys with snow enjoy it for me. We just got 1/4'" of much needed rain here. We would love to have snow. It is suppsed to get cold here again for a few days down in the 20's. I know that isn't as cold as some of you have, but it is very cold to me after ling 4 years in sunny south FL. Still love it here though. Get a blanky and snuggle up to DH and watch a Christmas movie.

Jules - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a great day.

Mindee - Pics were good of the kiddos & Santa. Sorry about the accident and Tommy's backing for school. The grants sounds like a good idea. I don't know too much about them, but I have a nephew who got his education through grants and now makes great money. I have a grandson who is doing it. Hope Tommy can do the same.

Jane - I am fine. I was sick yesterday and we couldn't out like we had planned. Just read the posts, but didn't feel like saying anything.

Mary Kate - Sorry your sister is so ill. I'm glad you are going to be able to visit with her and you have a safe trip. You two are in my prayers.

Marti - I weighed today and I gained .5 lbs so I must have got your .2 +.3 LOL. Glad you had a loss. Better than a gain.

Sorry if I missed any one. Catch y'all later. Got to run feed DH. Y'all stay warm.


12-16-2007, 04:18 PM
Trish~ Where in SC are you from? A friend of ours' mom lives in Greer. Thanks for the encouraging words about the grants. We are hoping that he gets into this college and can get his classes for culinary arts.

Tommy just decided to venture out and somewhat unpack the snow from around the van so he won't have that much to do tonight before he goes to bed.

12-16-2007, 04:21 PM
:bday2you: :balloons: Jules :balloons: :bday2you:

12-16-2007, 04:43 PM
:bday2you: Jules, Have a good one. :woo::gift::woo:

Hope everyone is indoors and nice and cozy. It sure is nasty here. We got about 3 inches of the fluffy white stuff yesterday. That was topped with a little freezing rain last night. DH managed to shovel twice and had it cleared off when we went to bed. Overnight we got between 4 and 5 inches. It is soooo cold, only 24 degrees right now at the highest for the day. Needless to say we are not venturing out, except, I have taken Baby out to do her business. She was none too happy about it either. Hasn't "spoken" to me since.

DD called earlier to say SIL would go out to the store if we needed anything. I told her we were set after DH got groceries Fri. No problem so far. There has not been a plow in our neighborhood, but I imagine they are clearing the main streets.

I did go out and clear off the bird feeder and fill it for my feathered friends. Then I went in the shop and rode my bike for 25 minutes while looking out the window at 2 of the most beautiful cardinals. Also saw a red bellied woodpecker and several nuthatches. DH had to turn my feeder away from the tree it was near...darn squirrel took a flying leap and landed on the feeder, ate all the seeds. LOL After it was moved the squirrel came and sat there for several minutes looking at the feeder and thinking "do I dare jump that far?" He eventually decided it was not worth the risk.

I haven't done much today: read the papers, fixed french toast for breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, mopped the bathrooms and picked up around the house. That is as energetic as I am getting....until time to make a chicken pot pie for dinner.

Stay warm chickies....wouldn't we all like to fly South for the Winter?

12-16-2007, 04:46 PM
Mindee- Thank goodness you were all okay after your accident. Whew!
Jane- Sorry it is too cold to play in the snow.

Take care all the rest of the JL's.

12-16-2007, 05:58 PM
Mindee I live Rock Hill, SC just about 20 miles south of Charlotte, NC. We go to NC to shop at Costco in southern Charlotte and little town at Sam's in Pineville, NC. I am originally from Waco, TX and never thought I would ever leave TX.

I got a call from my babysister a little while ago. She broke her left leg a few weeks ago and the doctor who is treating her isn't really doing anything for it. She lives in GA. She went home to TX to be with her older boys and their families for Christmas. Friday when she got there it was raining really bad. All her grandchildren ran out and swarmed her with hugs. In the process she slipped and fell and broke her other leg. She had already planned to see her old primary doctor while there for him to help her get something done about her left ankle that is broke and now she will be seeing him to send her to a specialist about both. She said her boys aren't letting her do much for herself. She has 5 in all. They carry her just about everywhere she goes. Said that was making her feel old. The whole thing is really crazy. Our other sister is taking her a wheelchair that my BIL used last year when he fell at work and broke his foot.

Well that is the news around here for now.


12-16-2007, 09:55 PM
Trish--wow--your poor babysitter--one would be bad enough but both...

Sue--we got the ice, but it all melted pretty quick today and now we have terrible winds. Some gusts are up to or over 60 mph.

Tammy--thank--I had a good one..

Jane--we got your wind right now--it's terrible!!

Mindee--glad you and all the family are ok--Watch your neck--I ended up not being able to move mine at all within a few weeks of an accident.

sassy--yes as you can tell--we got the crappy weather!!

Cristina--you are doing so good on exercise!!

Thank you all for the nice wishes--I did have a good day. The kids came over. Dave made me cheese manicotti & cheesecake and baked a cake--we kept a little and sent the leftovers back to their house. The kids burned me some cd's--it's fun listening to them. I have to say my son knows me really well. Teri does too, the best song she downloaded was Heath Ledger signing "Can't take My Eyes off of You" from the movie "10 Things I Hate About You".

The bad part is I am starting with a scratchy throat again--It's so frustrating!!

12-16-2007, 10:53 PM
Just wanted to pop in and add that I rode 25 minutes on the bike, did the mini stepper and a 1 mile WATP. Yay!
The pot pie was yummy with lots of veggies. So I wasn't too bad today.

12-17-2007, 03:03 AM
hello ladies....just a quick check to see how every one is doing!

Tammy~ How are you doing?

Sue~ That sounds like our weather! We only had snow however.....we got so much snow that Tommy was using his shovel to help dig people out just so they could move their cars so the snow plow could plow the parking lot!

Trish~ My aunt, uncle and grandma live in Texas! We have yet to make it down there for a visit. My goodness! Is your babysitter going to complain about the first doctor that did nothing?

Jules~ I have a scratchy throat, when it is dry, but on top of that, I have a cold and a voice that comes and goes when it pleases.

Sue~ Great job on the exercises!

12-17-2007, 12:19 PM
See you at #281. :wave: