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bradleys mom
12-07-2007, 01:32 PM
So I have just discovered coucous. Anybody know how this is counted or if it is even allowed on our plan?

I figure since I have a problem gettin' enough fiber, this may be a choice I can start choosing? Any suggestions, thoughts or ideas?

12-07-2007, 01:41 PM
My book shows it as a "Consume Infrequently" Starch

1/3 cup cooked = 1 S

bradleys mom
12-07-2007, 01:43 PM
Thanks Shannon. My COD refuses to let me off LA Express... SO I have no book with Consume Infrequently lists!


12-07-2007, 01:53 PM
Kim that's weird. Aren't you only supposed to be on Express for 4 weeks?

bradleys mom
12-07-2007, 02:04 PM
Yeah, thats what I thought. But everytime I ask about it they insist I stay on express... I am going to ask at tomorrows WI if I can nmove on to biger and better

12-07-2007, 02:30 PM
How long have you been on the Diet? I really didn't see a huge difference in what you could and couldn't have although my COD let me do some stuff off of the BLUE book that wasn't in the white book before my 4 weeks was up and they gave me both books right away.

bradleys mom
12-07-2007, 02:37 PM
I have been with LAWL since the end of July. Wayyy past 4 weeks.