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12-05-2007, 07:09 AM
Now, I KNOW I am only supposed to step on the scale once a week, but.....

After week 1, I had lost 6 pounds! Yay! :carrot: Here I am, Wednesday morning, week 2 of induction, the scale shows me as GAINING 2 pounds! :(
I'm not eating any differently than week 1, except that Sunday night I bought bratwursts and made sauerkraut. I do always rinse sauerkraut, could I still be retaining water from that by this time?
My meals look like this:
Breakfast - tea with cream, 3 eggs and a serving of meat
Snack - small piece of cheese, small serving of some sort of meat (generally lunchmeat, would be turkey breast or ham or roast beef, yesterday it was a few homemade chicken wings made with Tabasco)
Lunch - salad veggies with meat, oil and vinegar or blue cheese dressing in small quantities
Supper - meat and veggies
Snack - piece of cheese

I failed to take measurements before I started but my clothes are fitting better. I have been drinking diet sodas, I am going to see what happens if I cut them out for a few days (would save me $ to boot....)

12-05-2007, 03:20 PM
Hi Michele, Congrats on your loss so far!
Sometimes those sausages contain carbs and are high in salt too. I wouldn't wory to much about the gain it is just water fluctuation, Most Lunch meats are also high in carbs and sodium.
Aside from that your menue looks realy good!