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12-04-2007, 08:07 AM
Sorry I'm so late this morning! ;) I got hit with a nasty headcold yesterday, and was up most of the night just trying to breathe!

The wind is still kicking up around here, there have been a lot of power outages from downed wires and trees. I think it's supposed to ease up somewhat as the day unfolds. December seems to be coming in like a lion!

I'm just going to stay in this morning, drinking gallons of hot tea and staying off my ankle. At least that's healing well. :) The girls and I are going to make marshmallow treats for their snack day in school tomorrow, and work on crafts this afternoon.

little chick
12-04-2007, 08:20 AM
Good Morning Cottage, sorry to hear about the cold, I feel for you I am just getting over it and I have had it for a month. I hope you get better soon. Glad the ankle is doing better as well.

Me- I have been so busy, between sick kids, sick me, trying to clean house, xmas shop, dance shows...... and the list goes on and on. Which is why I have not been around to much. I am starting to stress as I am usually done shopping and wrapped by now, so this week end is finshing up week end. But I did get the girls their Wii, so if nothing else gets done we atleast have that. Hopefully I will get back soon.

12-04-2007, 08:22 AM
Cottage, a quiet day seems like a good idea for you. That ankle needs to get better and you need to shake that coldso it doesn't interfere with holiday fun!

Little Chick, you sound busy as usual. There's still lots of time so you will get it all done. What the heck is a Wii?

We have 16ºF this morning with "snow mist" according to the report. When I look out the window it sure looks like more than "mist". :shrug: I think they make up these terms - is "snow fog" next? It's going to be a very cold winter according to predictions so I'm going to review my winter outdoor wardrobe. My legs are still cold from the shovelling I did yesterday so warmer pants are in order. Ski pants or lined jeans?

My house is messy :( so today will be spent being Fly Lady rather than Martha - the quilting will be set aside for tidying and laundry. I do need to wrap and send a gift to my DD and do pet therapy late in the day but the rest of the time will be spent on the house. Donna comes to clean tomorrow and after that I can decorate and get into Christmas mode.

How does your Tuesday look? Come and chat for a bit before you leap into it.

12-04-2007, 08:25 AM
LC, aren't you over that cold yet? I hope you saw a doctor to make sure you don't have an infection or something! Don't stress about not getting things done, it will happen. Your girls are going to be so excited to get their Wii! Lucky girls!

12-04-2007, 08:31 AM
Morning, Ruth. I love the flannel-lined jeans that LLBean sells. They're perfect for working outside in the cold. A Wii is an inter-active TV game. It's really popular, all the kids (and adults) seem to want one this year.

little chick
12-04-2007, 08:33 AM
Cottage, no I didn't go to the Dr. it was one of those things like when do I have time and now I am starting to feel better. Take lots of vitiam C.
I do hope my girls will be thrilled, they have never asked for a game system before. Last Sat they had 12 and when I got there a 7 an hour before the doors opened they only had two tickets left. I got number 11. Whoot Whoot.
Have a great day.

12-04-2007, 08:48 AM
Good Morning and to the Frozen Chicks of the North...stay warm!!! BRRRRR.
It got down to freezing here last night and I didn't realize it till I heard it on the news at 10 last night, so I had to go scrambling to put blankets on my potted herbs. I'd cry if I lost them! Too late for the banana trees...I wanted to wrap them in bubble wrap. They'll come back in the spring after they turn to mush. Speaking of bananas, I bought the cutest little ones the other day..maybe 3 inches long. I've never seen "baby" ones before in a grocery store.

Made some meranges last night that turned out pretty good..very "airy". Used coconut extract, vanilla, pecan pieces, cream of tartar, a little salt, some splenda and 3 egg whites. Not bad at all. I also made some "hoppin' John", but with quinoa and turkey bacon along with the black-eyed peas. Also pretty good.

12-04-2007, 09:12 AM
Hello all, have afew extra minutes so I thought I would stop by and say hi. Very busy for the month of December. Still trying to get into the holiday spirit here maybe this weekend. Hope you ladies get well soon so you can enjoy the season. Stay warm, stay safe, and have a great day.

12-04-2007, 09:12 AM
Good morning!

Linda, I hope your ankle continues to get better! I had ankle issues in my gymnastics days and never enjoyed hobbling around. Half my senior year in high school was spent on crutches, which is never fun of course.

LC, I can't believe you usually have your presents wrapped by now! Isn't that what Christmas Eve is for??? At least I broke out of my dad's habit of shopping ON Christmas Eve! He still asks me to go out with him when I'm in town because he NEVER has anything for my mom. He's some sort of magical, though, because he always finds the perfect gift. Why mess with what works, I guess...

Ruth, I'd go with the ski pants. Jeans are so uncomfortble when they're wet.

We got our oil this afternoon but then the boiler wouldn't work so there was still no heat until about 9:30 tonight! I'm sitting at the computer wrapped in our "mink" blanket (Korea's famous for it's "minks"!) because there's still a bit of chill in the air. The kids are in three sets of jammies each. Hope they don't overheat by morning! I figure they'll kick off the covers if they get too hot, and we don't have the thermostat set too high anyway. I sure am glad we have heat back! It was ten degrees Celsius in here this morning, and it only warmed up to twelve!

Have a lovely Tuesday!


12-04-2007, 09:13 AM
Hey Phoenix! Good to "see" you around!


12-04-2007, 09:17 AM
Morning chicks,

Good job on the Wii littlechick. I'm sure your girls will be thrilled. My kids bought one with their Christmas $$ last year and they have really enjoyed it. So has DH.
Poor cottage, you have had a rough week, haven't you? By the way, the banister is indoors. I went out and bought some lighted fake pine garland yesterday to add to it, so I'll be playing with it some more today.
Ruth, I've never heard of snow mist either. I do think they invent new terms to try and make the weather seem more exciting. Here they're big on "wind chill" and " humidity factor". It annoys me, just give me the temp and tell me if it's going to rain, sleet or snow.
Cat, meringues are a good idea as a Christmas cookie alternative.

It's the usual around here today chicks... Laundry, work, piano lesson for DH, and she has a Christmas show tonight at school. She's nervous because she has a solo - Silent Night in German. Have a great day, all chicks, and feel better, sick chicks! I'm still in jammies and bedhead and have to walk the kids in about 20 minutes, so I'd better scoot. BBL.

12-04-2007, 09:20 AM
Schmoodle, good luck to your daughter on her concert! I'm sure she'll sing beautifully (I assume she's singing as you noted it's in German and it would be hard to *play* something in German!).


12-04-2007, 09:32 AM
Thanks Kara. Yes, she's singing. I just realized I've got to come up with a costume - they're supposed to dress for "Christmas around the World". Sorry I missed you earlier, I guess we simulposted. Glad you've got your heat back.

Poor DH, he worked on the outside lights over the weekend, including a couple of trips to the store to replace bulbs, get connectors, etc. He finished up yesterday afternoon (on the ladder in that wind). We lit up last night and it looked beautiful....for 10 minutes. Then a fuze in one of the strands burned out and it all went dark. He is very disgusted. Very National Lampoon Christmas here this year!

12-04-2007, 09:55 AM
Well aren't we just a chatty bunch this morning? Our first snow is supposed to move in tonight, we are right on the line for rain/snow mix yuck!

Cottage Take care of yourself, that cold and that ankle!

LC Glad to hear you are finally kicking that cold to the curb.

Ruth Bundle up and keep warm!

Cat I wish I could spend a week with you and get some good cooking lessons, you are just to darn creative!

Phx :wave:

Kara glad you got your heat back! Boy do I remember the days of Christmas Eve shopping! Now I manage to finish at least a couple of days before! Oh someday I will be organized.

Schmoodle I feel for DH on the lights, when I put up the prelite tree this year there were two branches out, I messed with that thing forever and never did find the problem, just threw extra lights on!

Me Same ole, same ole! I have noticed my veggie consumption is not the best so my goal for this week/month is to get back on track there. Been throwing some spinach in my eggs on on my SB friendly pizza and just trying to do a better job in general.

Keep warm chicks!

12-04-2007, 10:08 AM
Good cold morning to ya. I am not a cold weather person.

Cottage I hope you get to feeling better, do try to have a restful day

LC I have been searching for a wii for my DH but no luck yet

Ruth your day sounds busy as usual - I hope you at least enjoy it

Cat your so busy with all your cooking

Kara glad you got heat. You guys stay warm

Schmoodle Good luck to your daughter. I know what you mean on the christmas light situation as my DH will get a section working and then another will go out.

Hi PHX & Stephanie have a great day!

Going to take a look around the site so I'll catch yall a bit later

12-04-2007, 10:12 AM
Stephanie, I put spinach in everything...soup...taco, I love spinach! And it's SO good for you! My kids gobble it up. We go through about six frozen blocks a week, plus fresh bags of baby spinach, too!

Gonnabe, I just saw how close you are to your halfway goal! You rock!

I'm off to bed. Have a nice day and keep up the chatting so I have something to read when you all hit the sack!


12-04-2007, 10:14 AM
Happy Tuesday Beach Babes!

We had frost this morning - that's cold for here. DSS was convinced until about 3 years ago that frost and snow were the same thing. Poor kid has never seen real snow.

Cottage - I have a bum houlder to go with your ankle, so no exercise for me either. I hope you cold is better soon. Do you use Zicam? It works wonders for us to stop/abbreviate the cold.

LC - I love our Wii. In January they are coming out with a fitness board to go with it, so that's on my wish list.

Ruth - At least when you're cleaning inside you'll be warm.

Cat - I was given some pecans yesterday, they are still in shell, but I'm thinking of trying your idea. Could you post the recipe?

Kara - Glad your heat is back on.

Schmoodle - I still haven't managed to get the outside lights up, it's the first year where I can decorate outside, so I'm thrilled, but I hate the idea of climbing up a ladder.

Pacer - I always end up not eating enough veggies. I'm thinking about buying that book by Jessica Seinfeld about how to sneak veggies in to your meals.

phxsunflower - I hope you hae a great day too!

12-04-2007, 10:16 AM
Get the book at the library, Dixie, and then report back to us! I read a review on it that raved about it!


12-04-2007, 10:31 AM
Morning, chicas! Lots of chatter going on!

Cottage: I must have missed your ankle incident. I'll have to go back and read about it. I hope it and the headcold heal up soon. I'm sure you must really miss going to curves! Have fun with the treat-making! :D

LC: I'm glad it seems your swinging back from your illness. I'm going crazy being sick and it's just me, DH and two dogs in this household! I admire your strength! :) I bet the girls will LOVE their Wii!

Ruth: I agree with Cottage, those flannel-lined pants at LLBean are great - and stylish too! Hope you weren't out in that cold too long...can't have you getting sick as well!:brr:

Cat: I'm glad you were able to get out to save those herbs!! :cp: I'm planning a rather extensive herb garden next spring and I might need some tips! Those little bananas are great - we don't get them out here, but my grandma used to fry them up in tempura batter for us. (Sorry for the food porn!!)

Phxsunflower: :goodvibes: Sending you some Holiday vibes right now! I don't know what it is, but I always seem to get into the spirit on Nov. 1. Is it wrong to decorate that early?? ;)

Kara: :yikes: Sounds like a cold evening for all of you! :brr: I'm sitting at the computer with my bathrobe and two blankets wrapped around me. I picked the worst room in the house for my computer room; north-facing and no heating. Bummer. Hope everyone gets a warm night sleep!

Schmoodle: What a nightmare for DH! I hope it all gets worked out soon!! Hope DD isn't too nervous about singing! I still get nervous singing in front of DH! :lol: Good luck with her costume!

Pacer: You and I are in the same boat. Not enough veggies for me either. Want to be buddies on this and keep each other accountable? I'll send you messages badgering about your veggie intake and you'll get so sick of it you'll just go eat a salad!! :rofl:

:wave:, GonnaBe! Have a great day!

Dixie: How old is DS? My older sister was 7 before she saw real snow and DH was in Jr. High. We just weren't used to it in San Antonio and Corpus Christi!! Now, if it doesn't snow twice a year in Alpine, we all get freaked out!! :yikes: Have a great day!!

I'll be back to post about me later, need to start some laundry!


12-04-2007, 10:32 AM
Good Morning Everyone
Cottage I hope you have a nice relaxing day. They say zinc with your vitamin c is supposed to cut the cold in half. Don't know if it works but probably couldn't hurt.:getwell:
LC Glad to hear you're feeling better.
Ruth O.K. instead of new pants I vote for hibernation.
Kara Glad to hear you have heat again. I have this mental image of adorable children wearing so many p.j.'s that they can't bend their arms :lol:
Femme I'm glad the herbs were saved. You recipes always sound SOOO good. Now I just need to find some time to try them all.
Pacer I hear you on the veggies. Since I restarted Ph1 I've been trying to get even more and I think I may start to sprout any day now.;)
Dixie I love what you said about DSS. Yesterday as I was driving to work there was a layer of frost on everything and I thought to myself "California Snow" it's so pretty. :lol:
:coffee: Gonna, Phx, Schmoodle Have a great day

Well I'm running late this morning but I did manage to get in 40 minutes on the treadmill. I decided work will still be there when I get there. Hope everybody has a great OP day. BBL.

little chick
12-04-2007, 10:37 AM
dixie, a fitness board, do tell, I am so new to this game thing. My girls are 17 and 14 and this is the first time they have ever asked for a game thing.

12-04-2007, 10:45 AM
ThinByJune: Bravo on getting your workout done in spite of running late! I can't jump up and down for you in my current condition, but how's this: :carrot:?


Well, where to start? Dh and I went to the craft sale Saturday and it was a huge disappointment. We ended up walking out empty-handed. But, with the cash I had taken out for that, we decided to buy some new outdooor Christmas lights. We got those great big ceramic ones. I love those! My grandpa in San Antonio has used those since I can remember. Well, they went up in about 1.5 hours since we used clips, and it looks really nice. DH was rather relieved. Too bad for him I've already got plans for next year's display and it's much more elaborate! ;)

Went to the doc finally and she said to take it easy and not go to my conference (which I would have left for already). The conference thing is fine, I wasn't really looking forward to that anyway, but if she wants me to take it easy, she'd better come do my laundry and clean my house! :lol: I'm on more meds than I have been in a long time. I'm pretty disgusted with this bout with asthma as DH and I quit smoking completely and have been eating MUCH better and working out. Oh well, must just be something in the air!

The other thing is that this illness has put me behind on the bills. Nothing's late, but it will be if I don't get it into the mail today. I'm going to have to teach DH the system so that this won't ever happen again. Only good thing about it is that our checking account looks more full than it usually does this time of the month! :lol:

Well, I need to go make a list of what MUST be done and what can wait until I'm better. Hope you're all doing well today! Stay warm!! :wave:


12-04-2007, 11:41 AM
Dixie, I love Zicam, I've been using that for years! It does seem to work better than other cold remedies. I used up the last of it last night, in fact, and just ran over to the store for more.

Cindy buys those tiny bananas for the girls. They are just the right size, and they seem to taste better, too. Ooooh, I bet they would be good as fritters, Kim!

12-04-2007, 12:02 PM
Thanks Kara! My dh thinks I do to much as far as exercise and I don't give my body time to rest. I'm on a mission so I gotta keep at it.

Hi Dixie hope your day is great

Dawn way to start your day - exercise is a great eye opener and makes for a great day

Kim do get to feeling better :hug:

My legs are feeling a bit better today my left one still bothers me a bit so it will be another slow pace workout at lunchtime