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12-03-2007, 11:42 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. :gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

12-03-2007, 11:59 PM
Hi ladies,

Tammy - I started this new thread just for you, lol. When there's a new thread, though, I think we each go back and read the last one from where we left off. It's easy to do that here, since we have our own little world, and the old thread doesn't move down very far. Anyway, please tell us about your trip, and your birthday.

Trish - do you ever check out songs on iTunes? They'll let you hear a 30 second cut of them for free. I do that before I buy one, just to make sure it's what I wanted. Hope your computer gets fixed! It was nice of your sweetie to let you have it early. I gave my laptop to Mary recently, and she gets free internet from our service, since she lives so close and has WiFi on the laptop.

Cristina - I made labels for my cards this year. My hand hurts when I try to write too much, maybe arthritis? Also, my handwriting is awful, as you know, lol. I haven't bought Christmas stamps yet, but I'm in no hurry, since it's just the 3rd.

Sue - yikes, the winds here last night were so scary, and didn't let up until sometime in the night. If I get any snow, I'll for sure keep it, lol. Don't you just hate picking out new gym shoes? I have really good luck with Nike Airs, but the styles are so limited! I'll have to get a new pair next spring before we go to Florida.

Hello all others. :wave:

I had a meeting tonight, and that went well. Also went to Walmart and bought a paper towel holder for the sink in the guest bathroom. I thought this could help prevent germs from transferring from one DGD to the next during cold and flu season.

Gotta run - I'm bushed. Nighty-night! :hug:

12-04-2007, 01:10 AM
Back for a few minutes...getting sleepy.

JANE...I should have done labels for as many cards as I did but I didn't. It took a few days to get them all done and man was my hand hurting. The new stamps are cute, I think.

TAMMY...yes, please tell us about your trip. Bet you guys had a GREAT time! Sorry for you losing your long post, hate when that happens.

I am up late, not sure why because I am about to fall over, lol. I did get in a 4 mile walk. That's good considering I wasn't going to do anything today. Tomorrow is WI and I am not looking forward to it. WEnt out to dinner with V and DD and didn't eat so good on Sunday. Anyway...

Nighty, night ladies.

12-04-2007, 01:16 AM
Nope :( little laptop couldn't be fixed. Have to send it back to QVC. Girl at the company says there's something wrong with the hard drive. Hubby already has it back in the box ready to go. Have to send it back wait for them to put money back on credit card and then look to purchase another one some where else. Probably be January some time before I will have it replaced. I have my regular pc in the office so I'm still here just not as often as when I used the laptop. Not even sure I should have one since I stay on it way too much and don't get any reading done. Have a lot of books to read after Christmas day.

Jane - No I never checked into itune. I'll have to look it up and listen. You always have such good tips for us.

All of you who are having bad weather and outages y'all stay safe and warm. Thinking of you. It feels so cold here tonight, but not as cold as most of you are experiencing. I think it is colder here in SC than I remember it back home in TX. Or else I got spoiled with the weather in So FL. Couldn't be because I'm older. LOL But I still love being here with the 4 seasons.

Sue - Was it you who had the tree fall across the way? Sure glad it wasn't in your yard and I know you are.

Well it is late and I'm calling it a night. Talk to you tomorrow.

Good Night Ladies


12-04-2007, 01:45 AM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Well, I have some good news on this end! Tommy got a call from the lady in charge of the computer training test that he took over this past weekend. She told him that the national average for the first part of the skills challenge was 70% and he got 85%! Then there was a second part of the skills challenge and the lady told him that the national average was 20% and he tripled it and got a 60%! She said that was awesome because the second part of the skills challenge were questions from the curriculum that they teach! So, he goes on Wednesday night for a 90 minute overview basically about the program. He will take it for 6 months and by the time he graduates, he will already have a job! There was a guy that took the class and started out at a job for $13/hr, then he jumped to $15/hr, then $17/hr….then he signed a contract making $71,000 a year! And after his 90 days it will go up to $77,000! So things are really looking up on that aspect!!!!

We are having the heating and cooling specialized maintenance guy come over in the morning. Our power went out at about lunch time on Monday….when it came back on the furnace wouldn’t come back on. It took me shutting off the switch in the closet AND the thermostat to get it to start back up after 10 minutes or so. Monday evening, it decided to do it all over again! So, we got it back up and running…..and Tommy called the office manager and told her that he thinks the furnace is on the outs and explained it to her. She said that she will send the guy over in the morning to check it out, and to call her back tonight if it goes out and she will bring over the space heaters.

12-04-2007, 01:49 PM
Quick pop in again--I am coming down with a flu/cold again. Hope everyone else is well!!

12-04-2007, 02:48 PM
Jules - Sorry you are sick. Get well soon. Prayers coming your way.

Mindee - Great news for Tommy and your family. What a nice Christmas present for y'all. So glad things are looking up for you.

A day with lots of running to do. Mailing all Christmas gifts today to family in TX, FL and IN. Got to send bad pc back to QVC. :( So this is a quick fly by. Hope everyone else will have a great day. See ya later.


12-04-2007, 03:08 PM
Hello ladies... can also do that with the music at's a record store and online. Was just there again yesterday, lol. Sorry about your laptop happy tp hear the GREAT news about Tommy and the job :woohoo: I know that makes you happy, and him too! Hope you don't have to go long without heat, especially with three little ones. In the other house our heater went out one morning and man if it weren't for the stove and fireplace we would have frozen.

JULES...sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Get plenty of rest if you can, and liquids and meds! Nip that sucker in the bud, lol.

HI to everyone else :wave:

Ah, I was out and about this morning and forgot to mail the rest of my cards, darn it. I haven't sent them out this early before but I had them made out and ran out of stamps and now I just want them off the table, lol.

Well, today was WI and I was worried...with Sunday being a bad eating day, and too much candy, ugh! Then to top it off going out to dinner last night. All in all it wasn't as bad as I expected, yippee! I was worried but I am down 1.6 pounds, woohoo to me! :lol: But I keep thinking, if I had eaten right Sunday it may have been more...oh well, I am happy with what I have so...

Went to Target this morning to pick up a few things. Spent way too much time in there. Not because I was doing a lot of shopping but as I was getting ready to go check out Josh called. So talked with him for a few minutes instead of heading to the check out line. I did get in my 2 mile WATP video before leaving though and am getting ready to walk 1 mile and do my weights and bike. Later this evening I am going to do the Denise Austin strength...I need to firm, lol. I think that is only 15 minutes. So depending on how long my mile walk is I will have about 90 mns. in today.

Have a great day ladies! Off to change my stats/ticker :)

12-04-2007, 07:05 PM
Hi ladies,

Cristina - I use labels a lot anymore. For people that I send cards and notes to on a regular basis, like my sister who lives away, I print up a whole sheet of just their name. Yay for being down 1.6 pounds! :cp: That's great, and all the exercise you do probably helps a lot. WooHoo!!

Trish - aww, I'm sorry your computer had to be sent back. Mary just told me today that she's having trouble with the one I gave her. I hope it isn't serious, because she's addicted to the 'net, lol. (Like her mama!) Btw, I like have 4 seasons, too.

Mindee - yay for Tommy's good news! That's great! Did they get the heat fixed? Hope so - this is no time of the year to be w/o it! Thank goodness for space heaters, right?

Jules - hope you're feeling better by the time you read this. Seems like you've been sick too often lately. Maybe you need vitamins? Or less stress! Just my 2 worth. Hugs to you. :hug:

I've been doing piddly things today, and take care of Neal. He goes in for a colonoscopy in the morning, so he's awfully weak right now, due to the meds he had to take today, and a liquid diet. Poor fella!

Food and water are good. Exercise is so-so.

"See" you tomorrow. :wave:

12-04-2007, 11:25 PM
Just awaiting the snow here...NOT excited about it like Jane gets. It looks like it won't get down as far as she is though.
Had to go do a little more shopping today...wanted to be stocked up in case of bad weather. Also was going for a bird feeder that could hold suet cakes and sunflower seeds. I have had 3 different sizes of woodpeckers on my suet cakes and still have the nuthatches and a few cardinals. I want to attract the cardinals all winter, so needed a feeder the squirrels can't get into. Got it and saw the small and large woodpeckers after we put it up and one nuthatch.
I was proud of myself...I walked 2 miles and it was 35*. My face and legs got a little cold, so I need to do heavier pants and dunno what for my face. Maybe I just need to get those darn shoes so I can exercise inside. LOL
I even managed to eat OP, which for me means portion control and no "grazing" in the kitchen all day. I bought walnuts and almonds in the shell and had a few of those for my evening snack. Can't get any more natural than that. (and cracking them probably makes me eat less)
Talked to DS yesterday and he is doing finals this week. He said it was quite a jolt back to reality after being home and being spoiled. (lazy and overeating...) Starts his new classes already on Mon. with no break due to the time they missed during the big fires out there. He is seeing the light coming up at the end of the tunnel. Yay!!

Okay...that is all I have from here and I am sorry to not do individuals. Hope you are all staying safe and warm. Mindee- hope the heat is fixed and your babies are cozy!
Hugs and kisses to you all.

12-05-2007, 01:25 AM
hello is every one doing?

we are doing great!! The furnace was needed a new line of some sort. But the guy said to watch it for the next 24 hours and if it should happen to go out again then to call the office manager and she will bring over the space heaters, and then he would return in the morning to find out what is wrong with it. He has been working ever since......he had turned it up to 88* in here to make sure that it was going to work, so I felt like I was getting cooked like Sassy was about a week or so ago.

Trish~ Thanks for the nice words. That is a great Christmas present for us! It really does mean that things are looking up for us!!

Cristina~ We are so excited and can't wait for him to go to the class on Wednesday night! Keep your fingers crossed that it means more great news!!! WTG on being down 1.6 pounds!!!

I am up 1.2 pounds this week....but AF is due this coming weekend, so I already knew to expect an increase on the scale.

Jane~ Thanks for the nice words! Yup, the heat did get fixed....thank goodness! We had to use the space heaters a couple months ago when all of a sudden it got really cold in here. (the switch in the closet had gotten turned off......but it took that to happen for us to know to check that first if it starts to get cold again!)

Sue~ How much snow are you suppose to get? We are suppose to get I think a light dusting around our neck of the woods. Great job on the exercising outside and the staying OP! I really want to get some walks in again like I used to at night.....I just might have to use that as my "me" time as long as the kids are in bed.

12-05-2007, 01:33 AM
Hi Girls.

Lastnight at work was not a pleasant one. lol. I am feeling better tonight, so far anyways. The night is still "young" for me. lol.

Anywho I did scope out some job possibilities. One was working for a Salon, being like the receptionist person and the other is for a Chiropractors Office, doing the same thing, one thing good about the Chiropractos Office is they said that you get free treatments. I am sure its the same at the Salon too. Just not sure if I am the type of person to work in a Beauty Salon. lol.

DH also spoke to his old boss from our college about me and he is looking into seeing if there are any available jobs. So I'd say that is pretty good progress for 24 hours. lol.

Not sure if my mom will be coming up this weekend or not, guess it depends on the weather because if we get what we're supposed to get, we're not going anywhere that isn't necessary and I'm sure my mom wouldn't want to be out in that stuff either.

No news yet on if I am working Christmas or not. Email was sent out today asking for Volunteers to work. Lets hope they get some. lol.

If you would like to receive a holiday e-card from me (sorry but we don't have the $$ to buy cards and postage this year) :( Please PM me your email addy, if I don't have it already. ;)

Well that is about all from end of the world.

Take Care All,


12-05-2007, 04:00 AM
Sassy~ I would have to say that that is awesome progress for a 24 hour period!!

12-05-2007, 10:25 AM
Hello ladies :wave:

Been crazy-busy here. Working, then come home and start my second shift -- cooking, laundry, dishes, you know how it goes, I'm sure. And when I'm not at work, almost every single night and weekend DH and I are babysitting now, since Shayla works. Which is great that she's in school and working, that's what we want, but we are pretty much hostage to the house watching a three-year-old. Love her to pieces, but we really need some time NOT working and NOT babysitting. Hope her mama finds a sitter who can work nights and weekends soon, because we really need a break. We had talked about trying to get away this weekend, but since there is no other babysitter on the horizon, doesn't look like that is going to happen.

We are escaping tonight for a few hours to go to a concert, "Irish Christmas In America", so that should be fun.

Mindee, sound like things are looking up for Tommy for school/work! Hope your furnace is fixed. If you are having to use space heaters until it is, you might want to keep track of the days in case your electric bill goes through the roof. I work for an electric company and know that those things use HUGE amounts of electricity. Don't know what things are like in your state, but here if a tenant has to use space heaters, or if their apartment floods and they have to run fans 24/7 to dry things out, anything like that, the landlord usually has to work something out with them, especially if their electric bill is way out of line for what they normally bill.

Cristina, you asked about Erik a little while ago (I read it but haven't sat down to post in a while). He is supposed to be deployed to Qatar in January for 6 months, but I don't know any details beyond that. He asked for Borders gift cards for Christmas so he can buy books to take. I have Christmas cards to send, but no stamps yet...

Sassy, hope things get less stressful for you at work and/or a new, better job comes up for you. I work at a call center too, so I understand -- although now I'm in the admin/clerical area since I injured my arm.

Sue, I liked your idea for almonds and walnuts in the shell as snacks. I can see that would definitely slow me down, rather than just dipping into a nice convenient bag of shelled nuts -- eek! :eek:

Marti, very cool that James is helping you with your workout. I am of the camp that really doesn't want to exercise around other adults, even my husband. There is a small gym onsite where I work, and the price is very reasonable, but I just can make myself go in there and bounce and jiggle in front of my usually much fitter co workers. Maybe if I wore sweats and just used the treadmill? :woops: Now, I can dance all I want in front of my granddaughter -- Tallie is only 3, and she tells me I am a beautiful princess, so that definitely is a self-esteem booster. :dance:

Jane, my cat DOES roll her eyes at me. All the time. With great disdain. :rofl:

Jules, hope you feel better soon! Some nasty colds and flus have been going around here, too.

Patty, too bad about the laptop -- I hate it when things can't be fixed. When our fridge wasn't staying cold enough, I called out a repairman, and he said, well, it's the compressor, but to buy the part and replace it would cost more than a whole new refrigerator! And the stupid thing was only about 7 years old, grrrrrrr.... Hard to imagine that people used to fix everything -- even shoes!

OK, gotta get ready for work, hi to everyone else.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but 12/15 I am going to Idaho for a few days. My sister has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and I need to spend a little time with her.


12-05-2007, 01:59 PM
A quick hello this morning...I haven't even started getting ready for work and I have less than an hour to get there!

I'm scheduled to work the early shift on Thurs & Fri. Will be nice coming home early, but I'm dreading the early hours when it comes to waking up!

I'll check back in later on! Have a wonderful day.

12-05-2007, 05:37 PM
Ok Ladies...round two of my post!!

The winds have died down but we are in the middle of a little snow. Hopefully my power will not go out on me!!

Sassy--I was going to say the other day to not beat up on yourself for being a little naughty with your dieting. I was eating a piece of b-day cake as I was typing.....probably the little devil on my shoulder watching me eat the cake that japped out my electric. Good luck on your job hunting.

Jane--Thanks so much for the b-day card and starting the new thread.
Congrats on your continued weight loss. You are an inspiration.

Mindee--Thinking of going back to school? I didn't go to college immediately after high school. It took me a year or two to figure out what I wanted to do and I also needed to save the $$ because my parents couldn't afford the tuition. Took me 4 years to go to a 2 yr college part-time and work at the same time. I'm also a closet exerciser, don't like anyone around when I'm on the elliptical. Hope you are staying warm.

Cristina--I appreciated the b-day card so much. Thank you! Did I read that Josh may be going back to Iraq?? :( I applaud you for all your walking. Yikes...4 miles is more than I have ever tried.

Jules--The countdown in on!!! We shopped at the Hagerstown Outlets recently for the first time and I love that place. Took us about 1hr 20 min to get there but well worth it. Hope you are feeling, fluids, rest, fluids...

Sue--How much snow did you get. We are getting about 2" but you would think it was a foot with the Maryland drivers. I would bet that all the milk, bread and toilet paper flew off the grocery shelves last evening!

Marti--Your wind storm is what knocked out my long post the other day. Next time, please send the winds to the west!! :^:

Well, I've still managed to stay on-line!! Big hugs to all that I missed, Trish, Patty, MK and all those MIA.

My NYC trip was a blast. Took Amtrak for the first time. I usually fly everywhere but the train took only 2 hr vs over 3 hr on the bus and the train pulls right into Penn Station which was only a few blocks from where we were staying. We did it all, shopped at Macy's, Bloomingdales (all I could afford was a xmas ornament), FAO Swartz, Dyland's Candy Store, ToysRUs in Times Square and rode the ferris wheel in the middle of the store. Saw the tree lighting in Rockefeller Plaza, heard Carrie Underwood sing and had dinner at Junior's Restaurant (they are famous for their cheesecake) and had HB sang to me by the waiters. We became pro's at navigating the subway and made our way to Little Italy, SoHo and Chinatown. Ate pizza at the first pizza place in the US and desserts at a fabulous Italian bakery. We went to the "Top of the Rock" which is a lookout on the top floor of Rockefeller Plaza and you could see from midtown, clear past central park to Manhattan. I overate, walked miles and saw very little overweight people. New Yorkers walk everywhere!!! We must have heard "you know you could walk that far" a half dozen times every time we were in the subway, looking at the map, trying to figure out where to go, and a NY'er would ask to help and then tell us to walk instead!! We finished up our trip with a limousine ride to Penn Station for our return trip. I didn't take my camera but others did so I'm hoping they send the pics my way.

My dd threw me a surprise B-day party Sat. night and I got alot of gag gifts. It was tons of fun. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. My cards are on the counter but I haven't started them yet. I also need to print out my address labels. I'll wrap gifts this weekend, bake the following weekend and hopefully have it all done by the weekend before Christmas. That's the plan....but you know how plans go!!

Did anyone notice that I said nothing about being OP ;) Gotta go get ready for dance tonight. This little bit of snow is not keeping me home!!

12-05-2007, 07:45 PM
Hello ladies,

Sue - well, we might get snow :carrot: - I keep looking out the window for it. Yay for DS seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope he comes back to Indiana when he's finished. Any more news about your mom?

Mindee - glad your heat is working, sweetie. I think you shouldn't worry about the gain until after AF is gone. It will all even out.

Sassy - I think you'd be great as a beauty shop receptionist. I'd love to have that job and think it would be so much fun. Plus you'd get a discount on your hair and nails, lol. You'd be great for the chiropractor's office, too, though. I hope your mom makes it to your house this weekend.

Katiecat - aw, hon, if I was your neighbor, I'd watch little Tallie for you. She's right, you know, you DO look like a princess. I know this 'cause I have your scrapbook pages! I'm so very sorry about your sister. :hug: We're here for you, when you need to talk about, ok? Call me anytime. We're due for another long chat!

Tammy - YW for the card. I hoped it would get there in time. NY cheesecake? Mmmmmm!! Your adventures sound like so very much fun, and I want to go there some day, and do those things, too. I've always wanted to buy a hat on 5th Avenue, not sure why. I can totally understand why you were unable to stay OP, my dear. Let's just get through the holidays, right?

Jules - hope you're feeling better. :hug:

Hi Marti, Angie, Cristina, Trish, and anyone else reading this. :wave:

Neal got through the colonoscopy ok, and is fine. I haven't accomplished much today, and need to get in gear. Lots of cleaning to do before my little dinner party next week. I did make some dough to chill for Christmas snickerdoodles, Mary's "gotta have" Christmas goody, lol. I'll try to bake them tomorrow, then freeze them.

Later, taters

12-05-2007, 10:16 PM
Hi Ladies,

I've been rather quiet today. Got the book on Intuitive Eating, so I stayed home. I've been reading and trying to stay warm. Sure hope those of you in the freezing and snowing weather are staying warm. Just checking into say hello and and hope everyone is doing okay. Catch you tomorrow.


12-05-2007, 10:57 PM
Brrrrr. It is down to 13* already tonight and going lower. We got about 2-3 inches of snow last night. So, we stayed inside and lazed around today. Will probably do the same tomorrow. Actually, I have laundry and sweeping to do tomorrow....darn!
Mom is not doing so well. She has an appt. with a gastro. Dr. on Fri. The new medicines are now making her nauseated. She didn't eat anything today but did drink. I am trying to keep her hydrated, but she is stubborn at times. I know my posts say she is better, then she is worse, then better, etc. Actually she has good days and bad days, but continues to go downhill. All 3 of her Drs. have said there is nothing else they can do, just make her comfortable. I can't see that vomiting is very comfortable...but what do I know. I think I am about to get really pi**ed off at these Drs. if they don't do something. We have tried 3 different anti-nausea drugs now and they work for a few days then stop working. SO frustrating!

Sorry for venting, but this is not even the tip of the iceburg on how I vent to DH and DD. ha!
Still watching movies and reading...staying warm. I am thinking of doing some baking over the week-end.
Stay warm and healthy ladies and I will see you later....

12-06-2007, 03:32 AM
just a quick pop in post from me!

MK~ Our furnace did get fixed, so we didn't have to use the space heaters this time, which i was happy about! We had to use them when our furnace was being a pain about six months ago. So, I was really hoping that the furnace would remain working because I didn't want to have the heaters in here at night time especially with the cat and the kids.

Tammy~ Thanks for the reassurance that I am not the only closet exerciser! I waited until Tommy went to bed tonight to do them my Wednesday exercises were done after midnight....but oh well! I am really thinking of going back to school.....but now that Tommy has this great opportunity I am thinking of still looking but not jumping into it yet. Since we definitely won't be able to afford both of us going back to school at the same time!

Jane~ I was expecting it to go up....which it normally does around AF so I knew that it is only going to be for a short time. But in that short time, I am going to continue to knock the exercises out of the park!

Trish~ Who writes that book? And what is it about? (I can tell from the title, but what does it entail)

Sue~ I am so sorry to hear that things with your mom's meds are not working. I would definitely lay into the doctors about the meds. They need to do something in order to help make her more comfortable. She can't possibly be comfortable when she is throwing up.

12-06-2007, 04:04 AM
Hi Chicks.

Been Busy, Busy, Busy here at work. I am hoping that is starting to slow down now........(keeping :crossed:) Oh and the guy here at work who listened to me when I totally broke down here at work? He is really looking into what is going on with Dayshift. So I feel like I have a person to go too now and he is sorta our "Sudo Supervisor". He isn't in title or anything, but he was moved to Days and since then has been doing A LOT for us, because our actual boss is WAY too busy and doesn't know one iota about our job. lol. This guy does -- he used to do my job. ;)

Tammy -- Thanks. I am trying to not beat myself up, esp since next week is my hubby's bday and of course the holidays coming up. I'm just going to try to not go overboard. ;) Sounds like you had a lot of fun in NYC. DH & I and my in-laws want to go sometime, as my mil's dad was born and raised in the Bronx and so we'd love to go and see where he grew up, etc. (maybe not sure if the Bronx is a great place to site see or not!) lol. Plus see all the sites. Unfortunately I doubt my in-laws will be making that trip unless a miracle happens, their health isn't the best.

Jane -- Thanks. I just can't see myself in a Beauty Salon, that just isn't me, at least anymore. When I was young, that would have been perfect as I colored my hair all the time. lol. I could definitely see myself working in the Chiropractors office, for one I definitely could sympathize with people's pain! lol. But we'll see. I may get a job at the college, who knows......

Hi Trish, Hope your enjoying your book. Share with us any tips you find! :)

Sue -- Sorry to hear about your mom. I know that being nausious all the time is definitely not fun! I've been there many times myself. Has she tried ginger? I heard that is supposed to be good for nausea. Maybe some ginger tea or something? I hope she feels better!

Well we got snow. Lastnight and some today. Didn't amount to much, but of course everybody here **flips out** over a few flakes. lol. DH drove me in, the roads were just fine, but he was concerned about when I get off in the AM. Isn't he sweet? :love: He did the grocery shopping. He got me more of my light meals and some other things I wanted. He is also making his lasanga, he makes a lot so we can freeze it and have it later on. So yes I am splurging on that and probably not worrying too much about eating with DH's bday being next week and the holidays coming up. Will just try to not over-do it. ;)

My mom and I decided that we'll just wait to have her come up, maybe for Christmas, depending on the weather and if we're off or not. If not then, we'll get together eventually. Meantime there is IM, email and Phone! :)

I had a co-worker help me with some of my workload, so I'm all caught up -- for now! :D I am just amazed, he volunteered to help me, without me even asking!!!

Also -- ITS MY FRIDAY!!!!!!! :woohoo:

Our power keeps flickering!!! :o

Big :hug:

12-06-2007, 02:44 PM
I'm really on a roll cleaning today, but wanted to say hi! :wave: I'll be back when I can. You know how it is when you're on a roll, if you stop for long, it's all over!


12-07-2007, 02:55 AM
just a quick pop in to check on every one!

nothing new on this end......just really excited about it being FRIDAY!!! We should find out today if Tommy was approved for his financial aid.......AND then it will be off to our date night!!! I can't wait!!

12-07-2007, 03:08 AM
Hi this is a Post By..........Ha ha...........

Started watching Pirates 3 and was really lost so we watched Pirates 2 to "jog" our memories. lol. DH is cooking his Lasanga.

We haven't gotten any snow -- yet, we are supposed to get in the AM, around 7 or 8 am........So luckily I am home and won't be out in it! ha ha!

That is all for now, more later...............

12-07-2007, 10:19 AM
Morning ladies.....

Today is WI day. I'm down .8 ! Almost a pound but not quite! I was thrilled to see 145.8 on the scale. I haven't seen 145 anything for so long!!

I've been doing my walks and an hour of floor exercises which consist of lifting weights and using the exercise ball. Came home to a membership to the gym....hubby went and got me one. Now to manage my time and get in there so it's not a waste of money!

Sorry that I don't have much time to post....I have to be at work in less than an hour! (gotta be there by 7:30) So I better scoot...still need coffee!

Hugs to you all! :hug:

12-07-2007, 12:41 PM
Hello, ladies!

Marti - a big WOOHOO for you! You're doing great! :cp: I've been eating too much, and am facing parties, etc from now until New Year's! Yikes!

Sassy - mmmmm, I can smell the lasagne! Smells great. Do you ever buy the frozen raviolis? Mary does, so I put it on my menus for next week. She boils them, then puts marinara sauce on them, and says they're really good.

Mindee - here's hoping Tommy gets the financial aid. :crossed: Since you're a SAHM, I bet he gets approved. Have fun on your date tonight. Where are you going?

Trish - I'll be glad when you get your own computer back, and I imagine you'll be ecstatic, lol.

Angie - how'd the fashion show go?

Katiecat - how was the concert? Bet it was awesome!

Tammy - don't you think the way thing are done on Private Practise are very unreal? No way would a real office operate that way. But for some reason, I'm still drawn to it, lol. I take it you watch Grey's Anatomy, too? It seems very real at times.

Jules - hope you're feeling better. :hug: About 2 weeks, and little Dominick should be here! Woohoo!

I got so much done yesterday, and feel good about that. There's still a lot to be done, though before Christmas. I guess we can all say that, though, right?

I've had too many points and not enough exercise, and too many parties yet to get through! :dizzy:

What's everyone doing this weekend?

12-07-2007, 01:30 PM
I meant to ask this in my post. Do you have a favorite childhood Christmas memory? Mine would be the year I was 8 and got a doll with a cloth body. That was something new back then since dolls were usually all plastic. Anyway, she felt like a real baby, and I cherished her for many years, since that was the last year I got a baby doll. I also got a big chalkboard on legs that year, and thought that was too cool!

Do you other Jaded Ladies have a special childhoold Christmas memory?

12-07-2007, 04:39 PM
hello is every one doing?

Sassy~ Great to hear from you.....through your post by!

Marti~ Great job on the weight loss!!!!! I would give my left arm and leg to be down at 145.......but I am getting there......slowly but surely!!!

Jane~ I had checked his email since the lady said that she had resent the student loan information, and sure enough he got an email from them regarding his co-signer information. So, I am taking that as being a GOOD thing to see!!! Our date tonight will consist of doing some Christmas shopping for the kids, and maybe our parents and the kids' godparents.....and then going to a Christmas party thrown by own of Tommy's Lodge brothers.

As for any childhood Christmas memories, I have tons! The main thing that I always remember is generally being sick around that time of year because my parents would always insist on getting real trees, until we figured out that me, and at least one of my younger sisters was allergic to them! (hence why we can't have a real tree) The other memory that really sticks out to me is before we even get any kind of tree, whether it be real or fake, my mom would always go outside and get a long branch off a tree, and that was our Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We would always decorate it just like we would a regular tree, and then right before Christmas a real tree would appear on the front porch!

12-07-2007, 05:00 PM
Jane my favorite memory of Christmas was when I got my Easy Bake Oven!! I wanted it for two years and finally got it on the second Christmas that I asked for it. Yes, in those days, kids didn't always get what they wanted the first time. Sure made you appreciate things more. We couldn't afford the extra mixes that you could buy to make more treats so my mother bought canned biscuits and those little cheap boxes of Washington cake mix and my brother and I would bake for hours. We'd make cinamon rolls, pizza, jelly rolls out of the canned biscuits. I also remember fondly all the cookies baked. One year I was sitting under the wall phone sprinkling toppings on sugar cookies and the phone rang and you guessed it....scared me to death and the sprinkles went everywhere. We were still finding sprinkles throughout that kitchen till Easter.

Going to dh's Christmas party tonight. His company rented out the ESPN Zone in Baltimore for a more casual party.
I get tired of the black tie events they have every year. This should be a lot of fun.

Have a great weekend ladies!!

12-07-2007, 06:13 PM
Hi Ladies

Jane - Yes I will be glad when I get another laptop. I have been trying to decide if I really won't one and decided this morning that the answer is YESS!!!!! DH likes for me to be in the room with him while he watches tv and I can do that and be on pc at the same time with a laptop. I just don't come in here to be on the regular pc as often as I would like.

To answer the question I about best remembered Christmas, I guess was the year I got both my bicycle and my skates. Remember those crazy skates we had to wear with our shoes and a key to make them fit? Wow kids don't know how easy they have it. My favorite memories of all of our Christmases was how Daddy and Mama would always get us 3 girls into the car on Christmas Eve and we would sing songs and go look at all the Christmas decorations in town. Then we would come home and open our presents. Santa had a lot of gifts to deliver all over the world you know so we were lucky to be one of the first houses he came to. Remember arguing with Daddy about Santa being real... they made it so real for us. While we were excitedly getting into the car, he was busy putting all the gifts out so they'd be there when we got back. Really have always loved Christmas... as a child, parent, aunt and grandparent. Isn't it a lovely time of the year?

Enough of that. I know everyone is busy getting ready for the big day. Remember in the process to be good to yourselves.


12-07-2007, 08:02 PM
Hi Ladies.

Well we got snow but DH said it has melted already and the roads were fine when going to work tonight.

My mom got her results from her Doppler Study done -- she is normal!!! :woohoo:

Also my DH said our boss was still there when he came into work tonight and said he is looking for coverage for Christmas so I can be off. Well I better be getting off since I put my request in back in Sept. but of course nobody wants to work my shift plus the fact that I have worked every single holiday this year so far!!!

Anyways.........I am hungry so I'm going to go eat and I'll be back later to NOT gripe and complain about my job, I promise!!! lmaoooooooooo.


12-07-2007, 11:16 PM
I also have so many memories of Christmas as a child. My Mom was a single Mom raising us with no support. To this day I don't know how she put on the nice Christmases that she did. I know I always got at least one of the best things I had asked for. Usually more. I remember one year we traveled out of state with a friend to visit her family for the holidays. I was at the age of almost not believing in Santa. SO, I checked out the luggage and looked for gifts. Never found any, but we had many things under the tree Christmas morning. Made me a believer for awhile longer. :)
One year I got a huge teddy bear and a baby doll that wore clothes of a one year old. Jane, it had a cloth body and was so neat. Had much fun getting used clothes from family members and garage sales. Best dressed baby in town. LOL.
Oh, I could go on and on...and hey, don't get me started about the great years with my own kids. So much fun.

Christmas shopping tomorrow if the roads don't get too icy. Target is calling my name....ha. Then Old Navy and Kohl's. Doing a few things by phone and have those all ready to go too. I should get it all done in a day...with luck.

Hope your week-end is fun whatever you do.

12-08-2007, 03:13 AM
I also have so many memories of Christmas as a child. My Mom was a single Mom raising us with no support. To this day I don't know how she put on the nice Christmases that she did. I know I always got at least one of the best things I had asked for. Usually more. I remember one year we traveled out of state with a friend to visit her family for the holidays. I was at the age of almost not believing in Santa. SO, I checked out the luggage and looked for gifts. Never found any, but we had many things under the tree Christmas morning. Made me a believer for awhile longer. :)
One year I got a huge teddy bear and a baby doll that wore clothes of a one year old. Jane, it had a cloth body and was so neat. Had much fun getting used clothes from family members and garage sales. Best dressed baby in town. LOL.
Oh, I could go on and on...and hey, don't get me started about the great years with my own kids. So much fun.

Christmas shopping tomorrow if the roads don't get too icy. Target is calling my name....ha. Then Old Navy and Kohl's. Doing a few things by phone and have those all ready to go too. I should get it all done in a day...with luck.

Hope your week-end is fun whatever you do.

Hi Sue........I was the same. My mom was a single mom and she always somehow made our christmas's very special.....Like your mom, she always somehow always managed to get me one of the major things I wanted.....But the best Christmas I can remember is when we lived in a one-bedroom apt, shared a room, and we had Christmas Dinner at our apt. It was very very cozy, but everybody had such a good time and the food was wonderful.....

I think it was those kind of Christmas's that were so special to me, the ones we were all together. Presents and Gifts are just things, its the people who make the holidays so special.........

Thank You, Sue, Jane and everybody, for sharing your memories with us and for reminding me of my special memories......:D

Big Big :hug:

Hey Girls...........I have actually GOOD news about my job. I know amazing I know! Good and my job in the same sentence???? lol. My DH talked to my Job Angel, that is what I am calling him because he has been my Angel during my rocky road. lol. Mmmmm Rocky Road..........:drool: Okay back to my news...Anyways, my Job Angel has convinced my boss that we need another Agent to be a "Tweener" You know the shift "between" Days and Nights. lol. This person will work until 10 p.m. at night to help us night people out! :woohoo: I am SOOOO happy! That just means so much to me, that someone actually is paying attention and listening to us and someone who actually CARES!!! I even started crying thinking about that. Someone who actually cares........Just touched my heart..........I have to get this Angel something very special for the Holidays. I thought about buying him a candy bar or maybe some of those "mini" ones and putting it all together and adding a note, "Thanks for being so Sweet". Do you think that is corny? I've known this guy since my 1st day, he is even one of the people who trained me and we've always had a good work relationship and he isn't like you know stuck-up or whatever. Nothing like my boss. lmaoooooo. He is very caring, sweet, funny, and just a nice guy and he really should be our boss instead of our boss now. lmao...........Anyways, do you think my idea is stupid or inappropriate?? I know being "Jaded Ladies" you will be honest with me. :)

DH says I should just tell him how I feel, but I'm afraid I'll start bawling. lmaoooo. Just cuz it means so much to me. So I figured a little gift and a note would say it all without me having to say it and get all weepy. lmao.

Anyways. With my new "Job Angel" I am going to stick around, to at least see what changes come. We move to a new area after the 1st of the yr and that is when all the changes are coming down and I really don't want to start a new job until after the holidays anyways...........

Okay ya'all. I saw Paula Deen on Tv and she was making something out of leftovers, she had some pot roast and made a shepards pie. My DH's bday is on Tuesday. I will be working, but I want to make him something this weekend. I asked him and he said that sounds good and he will pick up the meat for me. I've never made pot roast before. So was just wondering how you all do yours? My mom made it, she always would sear it, then put it in the slow-cooker along with potatoes and veggies and let it slow cook. Is that all I do? Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated. :)

Have a Great Day when you all get up! lol.


12-08-2007, 04:50 AM
Hi's very late and I'm sooooooo tired, but wanted to pop in and say "hi" anyway :) I made fudge tonight to send to Erik, and will make some cookies and other things tomorrow, try to get them mailed. Post office is open until 5 pm tomorrow. I didn't use my regular recipe, and the fudge turned out a little grainy, but still tastes good. I know Erik won't care, he will just be glad I sent homemade goodies. I'm actually glad, because if it came out as good as regular recipe normally does, I would want to eat way more of it than I should, :o

Tomorrow is the Christmas party for kids at my work, so we will take Tallie (her grandpa thinks we should spell her name "Tali"...I kind of like that, too). They will have Santa pics and craft tables and cookies and punch and a bounce house. There are 4 beautiful Christmas trees in our lobby. I think she will have fun.

We watched "Elf" tonight, but got the movie started late, so I'm exhausted. G'nite, ladies, and I'll come back to do individuals hopefully tomorrow, if I can get away from the oven for a few minutes :)

12-08-2007, 12:02 PM
Boy, you guys have been busy posting!! I am still sick, I actually don't have a voice today....well it's really squesky and my head is still killing me. I go through bouts of the sneezes and I am achy.

Thursday, I went with hubby to have two of his wisdom teeth removed. He's now not feeling good and I think he is starting to get the first symptoms of my cold. I am hoping that the antibiotics for his teeth keep it away.

I went with Teri to her appointment, still waiting....she is doing REALLY good though. She is absolutely glowing.

12-08-2007, 12:07 PM
Happy Saturday, ladies!

Mindee - did you have fun on your date last night? Was it strange being out w/o the kids? That's a really neat story, about your tree Christmas appearing magically!

Tammy - Easy Bake ovens - so cool! I was too old for them when they came out, but would still play with my niece's. Your sprinkle story was too funny. Sounds like my tree icicles - I find them in random places in July! I clicked on the link, and have to say, that place looks like where I was last Saturday! Except there were tables set up, too, in front of the stage. Have a blast, Tammy.

Trish - oh my gosh, I forgot about my skates. I just know you wore your key on a string around your neck, didn't you? We used to go over to the church parking lot, because it was blacktopped real smooth, and skate for hours. Love your story about Santa coming early! What a lucky little girl you were.

Sassy - yay for the 'tweener! And yes, I think a gift for your angel would be very nice. You can write in the card just how special he is, so you won't get choked up. Please don't ever worry about venting here. That's what we're here for, and we care about you. Also, a big YAY for your mom's test results being normal. About the roast, that's exactly how I cook mine! As you said, be sure and sear it first, to help seal in the juices. The carrots cook better if they're placed in as the first layer in the crock pot. Sounds soooo good!!

Sue - aww, I loved your Christmas memories. I don't know how in the world my folks did it, either, with 7 kids to buy for! About the doll clothes, my 2nd oldest sister had a baby in June that year, so I got to have all the tiny girl clothes from her. So fun!

Katie - You're a good mom, sending Erik the fudge. Talli/Tali is such a cute name, either way you spell it. How is it written on her birth certificate? The bouce house sounds like a lot of fun. They had one at the school's family fun night, and Mary's 3 did it over and over, lol. If I were smaller, I'd've climbed in there with them, lol. Anyway, have a good time today.

I'm down 1/2 pound for this week. It is my own fault that it isn't more. Sometimes I can be a little piggy! All in all, though, I'm glad of my progress since September.

Got run some errands, and do more cleaning. :dizzy:

Have a good one, ladies! :grouphug:

12-08-2007, 08:01 PM
Hi Girls.

I have been having an issue with my internet. Not sure if its my profile on Firefox or what so I'm on hubby's side, he wants me to try it and see if I get the same error I've been getting on his side..............:p

Jane -- TY. Yeah I know that I can vent here, but just don't want to do it too much.......I know that gets old. lol. I am so thankful for my "Job Angel" he has done so much and he's only been on days now for a month now? Imagine what he could do in the long run?!! Thanks for the suggestion on the note. I just want to make sure he knows that he's making a difference. I know sometimes we do things and we wonder, "is this making any difference??" and I just want him to know that it is. Especially because I know he isn't probably getting paid any more for doing it either. I'm glad I'm on the right track with the Pot Roast. I've seen my mom make it about 100 or more times, so I think it should be fine.........Its making me hungry thinking about it!!! :drool: Maybe I will make her homemade rolls to go along with it. ;)

Cristina -- Thanks. I am not planning on spending a whole lot. lol. I am thankful, but um, we are very limited in fundage right now. lol. So I'm going to be "creative" lol. I just wish I knew what his favorite candy bar was!! Guess I can just go with the classic milk chocolate candy bar, right? I've never seen him eat Candy, but I've never seen him turn it down either. lol. But I do like your M & M idea maybe for my hubby for v-day or something. Like I said, fundage is limited right now. lol. Sounds like I'm on the right track to my roast. DH has to get the roast first, I'll probably make it tomorrow night. Tonight I'm doing an experiment. Attempting to make macaroni 1/2 like my mom makes it and 1/2 like DH's mom makes it. and probably make hamburgers with it for DH. So we'll see how it turns out!!! lol.

Jules -- I hope you feel better hunni!! :hug:

Well ya'all, all this talk about food, I am hungry, so I'm off to go eat! I hope you all have a Great Evening & Night!!!


12-09-2007, 12:06 AM
Evening JL's. Hope you are all enjoying the week-end with no bad weather to slow you down. DH and I did go shopping for a short while today. I had planned to go alone, so didn't get as much done as I needed to. Got the big items I desired at Target and some groceries at Meijer. I guess next week I am going to have to tell him to stay home so I can buzz through what is left to do. He just got bored with being inside during the snow and wanted to get out. LOL
At home I just did 2 loads of laundry and filled the birdfeeders. Nothing major. Brrr, it sure was cold out there. We didn't get the freezing rain yet that is supposed to be coming our way. Expected it earlier in the afternoon and was one reason we wanted to get some more groceries. Hate to be stuck at home with no milk or bread. :)

Sassy- The candy bar idea is a good one. I am glad you have someone at work who cares...Always helps! I was glad to hear that your Mom is okay and bummed to know she couldn't come visit this week-end. Hopefully soon.

Cristina- Wow lady, watch out on those stairs. We don't need a JL down with anything broken. Sorry the concert wasn't all that you expected, but glad for the time you got to spend with V. Way to go on all the exercise.

Jane- Good job on the loss...I would take it. And you could take this SNOW. :^: Actually the first day it was so beautiful, the second day we had ice on the trees and it looked magical. Now, it is getting slushy and dirty and I am tired of it. Supposed to get freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. (expected it mid-day)

Jules- Get better need to be healthy to hold Dominick soon.

Katie- Ummm, fudge. Love it. My Mom makes the best. I was thinking of that earlier and hoping she would feel like making it next week. She also makes a yummy peanut butter candy that I will need for her to show me how to do. Love the name Tallie or Tali. Is it short for something? I just figured if it is a nick-name you could spell it however you wanted. Thought it might be short for Natalie.

Tammy- Easy Bake oven..more in the age of my girls. Actually, I think my granddaughter had one and my grandson had one that cooked some kind of plastic creepy things. ha.. Your trip sounded like so much fun. I would love to go to NYC, but my DH would never pick that for a trip. I am working on getting him to the New England states..preferably the coast.

Trish- I loved to roller skate, but I don't remember the skate keys. I hope you get your laptop soon. I use DH's sometimes, but really prefer the desktop.

Mindee- Hope you had a nice night out. *fingers crossed* for the student aid for Tommy. :hug:

Marti- Happy week-end to you missy. Hope you are well.

Okay, I need to get to bed. Not that I have anything exciting going on or anything tomorrow. I told DH I would bake him a cake, so I will make spice with cream cheese frosting. Reason being, I don't care for that frosting, so I will take one piece of cake without frosting and he and Mom can have the rest. Yes, hoping Mom can eat cake by tomorrow. She has had 2 days of actually eating meals and is getting a little of her appetite back. Hope the cake tempts her since she loves spice also. She goes Wed. for an endioscopy (?) and I hope she is stronger by then and able to withstand the test. Thanks for all your concern for her. You gals are the best.
Nighty night.

12-09-2007, 01:03 AM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Well, it has been a little bit since I have been on here! We had a blast yesterday!!! We dropped the kids off at the sitter’s house and spent about an hour or so with them so they wouldn’t freak when we left. (which they didn’t, in fact, they waved at us out the front window) We went to the party and spent a good six hours. We played some pool, some darts, some arcade games, and some pinball! It was really nice to be known as Mindee, and not mommy! Plus, an added bonus was not having to cut up any ones food or tell them to get out of things or we were going home! We went to pick up the kids and they were all still wide awake…….at midnight! We hung out for a little bit and the kids ate some Taco Bell. We left at 2am, and got home about 2:30am…..put the kids to bed and we crashed as well! (I did really good….I had one pop with dinner and water the rest of the night!)

Sassy~ That is great news about your mom!!!! I have only seen the first Pirates, and that was on opening night in the front row! That is great news about your Job Angel!!! I have never cooked a pot roast either, Tommy usually does it. Tommy’s suggestion is to season it to taste, and then throw it in a crock pot. Tommy says you will know when it is down when it falls apart. To which he added that it would be perfect for Sheppard’s Pie then. I like the idea of the gift for your job angel.

Tammy~ That places looks like it was a lot of fun!!! It looks like a place here in MI called Dave & Busters.

Trish~ That is a great memory!!! We used to go over to my aunt’s house and she would have Santa come over for us kids.

Sue~ Those are some great memories as well!

Katie~ You sure are a great mom! How was your Christmas party?

Jules~ I hope you all feel better soon!!

Jane~ We did have a lot of fun last night!! It wasn’t really strange to be without the kids. We only called once each to check on them. I didn’t get through, so Tommy called a little while later and they were all doing fine. The only time it felt strange was when we first got there, and we didn’t have to pull anybody out of the back of the van! WTG on the ½ pound!!

12-09-2007, 03:04 PM
Hi Ladies

It has been a few day since I've been here. Good news. I walked in on DH last night while he was looking at laptops. When I walked in, he said "Okay, I'm not going to be able to surprise you any way so I may as well tell you. This is your laptop computer I ordered for you. He said I would find out any way because we were getting calls etc. A few years ago someone got his credit card # somehow and ran our bill up buying a $3,000 computer and other stuff. So now when something big is ordered the credit card company checks with Tony to see if it is legit. They did take care of it and changed our number on the card so no one could use it and we didn't have to pay it. Thank God!!! I told DH they were probably questioning it since he just purchased one from QVC (of course we know it has been returned) and then he turned around and purchased another from some where else. I personally am thankful they check with us. We don't use the card all that much except for a few things that comes out each month so anything out of the ordinary raises questions. They even verified with him about those to be sure they were ours. So YES, YES I'M GETTING A REPLACEMENT LAPTOP FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! GOT TO LOVE THAT MAN OF MINE!!! :)

Jane - Yep, I did I wore that key on a string around my neck treasured it. Daddy had our drive way paved and and our street wasn't all that busy and was a good place for all us kids in our block to skate. Congrates on the 1/2 lb loss.

Marti - CONGRATULATIONS!!! on reaching 145 lbs. Hope I can see that # some day.

Mindee - Glad you had a good time. We always enjoyed our kids, but also enjoyed those time without them too.

Sue - Your cake sounds yummy to me. Used to make that for my DD when she was young. Was her favorite. Good thing I'm not there. LOL Glad your Mom has been eating better and hope it continues.

Sassy - So glad things are better at work and I think your idea of letting your "Job Angel" know what a good job he's doing and you appreaciate it, is a wonderful idea. Hope your internet issues get resolved.

Cristina - So glad you didn't fall. I have had some falls in my life and thank God I never broke anything. You be careful and stay warm.

I don't know if I got everybody or not. If I didn't, I apologize & I hope everything is going good for everyone today.


12-09-2007, 03:18 PM
Hello ladies...

Sorry I've been MIA lately, seems like I'm constantly on the go! I can't remember if I mentioned that my hubby got me a membership to the gym.....well yesterday we went together and I forgotten how much I missed working out w/him! He's patient w/me and encourages me to "do one more". It felt good. I told him that I need more "together" time at the gym before I'm brave enough to go alone (hard to always go together w/our schedules) he's ok w/that.

So, I'm back to the gym lifting weights and I'm still walking on my treadmill at home (but boy....there are so many other cardio machines at the gym that I just may try out!) so I'm hoping to look and feel great by summer time. Really need to tone the old muscles that are screaming at me now. :D

I still need to get my body out there and do some Christmas shopping! It's horrible. My hours make it hard to find time to do that, so today, that is what I have planned. So off I go to do that.

I'll try to catch up soon!

Hugs to you all! :hug:

12-09-2007, 04:05 PM
hello is every one doing this Sunday?

nothing new on this end....just hanging out around the house. we are suppose to be getting some kind of rain/snow/sleet mixture but all I have seen is some rain.

Trish~ That is a great Christmas present!!!!! I like the idea of the credit card company calling to verify things when there are charges that are out of the ordinary on your account.

Marti~ It is good to hear from you!! That is a great gift from James! We were going to get a gym membership at a place that has a day care in it so we could go at the same time, but we didn't have the money at the time!

12-09-2007, 05:59 PM
Well, I am feeling a little better, still sneezing and my throats still scratchy but I can talk today..hubby's jaw is still hurting some but then he takes a pain med.....I didn't get to go to Harpers Ferry today between being sick and the weather...

Mindee--it's rainy and gray here today

Marti--with not feeling good--I haven't done much shopping--we have all decided to do practical this year....

Trish--yeah for the replacement laptop!!

Sue--I am doing my best--I can't wait for that boy to get here!!

Jane-WTG on the 1/2 pound!!

12-09-2007, 07:24 PM
Hi Chicks.

Well I made the macaroni and cheese. It didn't turn out the way I wanted, but don't really think it was all my fault. lol. The Cheese Sauce that DH got me just wasn't that great. lol. So next time I am using Velveeta......;)

But DH liked the mac & cheese anyway and he raved on my burgers I made. Mine were small and I did not use a bun or bread......

DH forgot to get the roast so I will have to come up with something else for tonight. Any Ideas???? We don't have a lot, DH just got the basics when he went to the store. We do have chicken breasts, I could maybe do something with them??? Its just chicken is so boring.......and we have it all the time because well its healthy, its the skinless boneless kind........

DH emailed me a link for a house that he likes that is not too far from where we live now.....needs a little work, but would be perfect because is has an efficiency apt. with a private entrance in the lower level, which would be perfect for my mother!!! Its in our price range too, so I dunno........We don't have any money saved for a down payment though. But a guy at work said he didn't have to have any money down on his house. I dunno I know having a down payment helps but I really want out of this place!! Also my mom is supposed to move up here when her lease is up -- in May. So I would like to have a house by then because we could all fit in this apt, but it would be a snug fit.

Here is the house (, if anybody is interested in take a looksy. lol.

Sue -- Yes I am so Thankful for my "Job Angel" at work. He has lifted a HUGE load off of my shoulders!! DH & I don't have to worry about shopping. Only one small thing for each other, to have something to unwrap, but we already got each other's Christmas, the tv/surround sound, etc. I'm glad your mom is feeling better and has her appetite back. I've 2 endoscopy's. They aren't nothing and she won't even remember anything about it, that is one of the drugs they give you, so you don't remember the procedure. The first one I was very nauseous afterwards. So on the 2nd one, I let them know and they gave me more of the anti-nausea medicine and I was not sick at all, but I did sleep a lot more when I got home! lol. So I hope hers go smoothly for her! :)

Mindee - Glad that you and Tommy got a night out.

Marti -- WTG!! I have to say that I am very jealous. lol. DH & I had a membership at the YMCA and we had to get rid of it when we got the car. (car payment) But I didn't really like it that much. Our Y is the largest in the country and well, its just too large for me. lol. Kinda overwhelming. lol. So I think I will maybe look for a smaller, more economical gym for us to join. Your gonna be this skinny tiny little woman by summer!!! lol. WTG!

Jules -- Glad you are feeling a little better. I hope you and DH get well soon!


12-09-2007, 10:29 PM
Sassy- That house looks like it would be very roomy...and an apartment and extra cottage. You could rent one out and help make the payments. Then your Mom could have the other. You and DH would have fun fixing it up. Rooms look large and the floors didn't look bad. Is it in an area that you like? I am getting excited...LOL
But then, I am the queen of and Vegas home listings. haha. Have been checking for another vacation home to get out of this darn Winter weather.

Ladies, The spice cake was so good warm from the oven and then DH said it was really yummy tonight with the frosting. I ate my small piece and that will be it since I did frost the rest. I just have been snacking more than usual today and haven't been satisfied yet. Made chili for dinner and that was good, but not what I wanted, obviously, since I kept eating all night. Gads, why are some days like that?

The good news is I walked 2 miles and it was only 33 degrees out there. No wind, so just my face got a little chilled. Well, actually, Mom said I looked like a cherry popscicle. HAha.

Have a good week everyone. I have no plans, but hope to shop one day. Wed. is Mom's test, Wed. night is DGD's choir program. So the rest of the week is free.

12-10-2007, 01:12 AM
Hi ladies,

Sassy - the house looks great! Two kitchens, 2 laundries, plus the cottage out back, as Sue said, you could rent it, and still have room for your mom.

Sue - I'm done shopping, except for stocking stuffers for Neal. All I've got so far is a pair of Foster Grant shades. He'll look cute in them. My sister said it snowed a little Fri. night, late, but I was in bed and didn't see it. :tantrum:

Mindee - ahh, I remember the days of wanting to be called Jane instead of Mommy all day long, lol. Sounds like you had so much fun, and I hope you guys get to do it again soon.

Trish - WooHoo, I am so happy for you, getting a new laptop from your honey. That's such a nice gift. Now you can post here all the time!

Marti - you're turning into a gym bunny, girl! I think it's great he's getting you started, and before you know it, you'll be walking in there with no qualms at all.

Jules - glad you're better. :hug:

Today was so busy, and I've got to get a shower yet. Tomorrow's Neal's birthday, so the kids and grands will be here for cake and ice cream after supper. I made his favorite - angel food with chocolate frosting. I make it in a 9x13 pan, then turn it out onto a cake taker.

Have a good one, ladies. :)

12-10-2007, 02:09 AM
Evening ladies...

Just colored my hair and thought that I would pop in for a quick hello. I need to get a workout in tonight since I haven't made time for that yet.

Sassy--I love that house! And the price! Amazing! Wish we had prices like that here in Oregon.....if you're able, I would definitely snatch it up! I just love the floors and it's so spacey! I may just have to move there to find such a deal!

Jane--Gym bunny? You're just too funny. Congrats on the 1/2lb down. Hey...with the holidays here...losing anything at all is worth celebratin'!! Keep up the good work! Tell Neil Happy Birthday for me....and please clue me in....what exactly is a cake taker? A plate? :shrug:

Trish--Hurray for the new laptop! That's a great gift! I'm having a hard time figuring out what to get my hubby. He has everything, so what in the world do I get someone who has it all??? Have fun w/the new toy and post often!

Mindee--The gym we go to has a daycare. I thought that was pretty cool. It used to be called 24hr fitness, then they changed it to OZ fitness. Not sure is ALL 24hr fitness's changed the name or just this one. I like it even though walking in is very intimidating. It's HUGE! I'm used to small and cozy! :lol:

Sue--Mmmmm....spice cake sounds good! I love fresh out of the oven baked goods. Doesn't matter what it is! I haven't done any baking this year. Wanting to though, just not sure when I'll have the time. Maybe it's best that I don't!

Jules--I'm glad that you're feeling better. How is Terri doing? Is she ready to have that baby yet?? Make sure that there are tons of photos when the baby does arrive. Has she picked out a name yet? (I may have missed that news if she has)

MaryKate--Aww what a sweet thing to send to Erik. I'm sure he'll love it especially knowing it came from home made special just for him. I love that name Tallie....I've never heard it before, so cute, either way you spell it! Many hugs for your sister! :hug: I'm sorry to hear that, I will keep her in my thoughts!

Cristina--I've always wanted to try the M&M's website and order some for DD. She'd either love them or think I was crazy for getting them. Hubby on the other hand would love them! May have to surprise him for his birthday!

Angie--Where are you girl? Come back and tell us all about your busy day! (You are way to busy just so you know!) I can't even begin to imagine!

Hello to the rest of you girls!

Well tomorrow is Monday. The beginning of another darn work week. I go in early tomorrow again, but this time I scheduled it early. Jhanai has her Choir program at the Hult Center and it starts at 7:00. Cannot miss that. I just love seeing her on stage. She's beautiful!

Ok...time to work out.

Hugs to you all and have a good Monday! :hug:

12-10-2007, 02:47 AM
Hi ladies!

Late night again, yawwwwwwwwwwn......

I had ordered Border's gift cards for Erik (he wants to take books with him), but they didn't come on Saturday, so will have to mail his box later this week...

Shayla went to my son's apartment so his girlfriend could dye her hair purple :rofl: So Tim and I power wrapped gifts and now there are a bunch of pretty packages under the tree.

Sassy -- that house sounds like it might work out very well for you, especially with your mom :) My son and his gf did like you and your DH and got themselves a TV for Christmas.

Marti -- how nice to be able to spend time at the gym with your sweetie! And sounds like he is the perfect personal trainer, very encouraging. :D

Trish -- a new laptop, wow! Great present, and I'm sure you'll put it to good use.

Cristina -- the Christmas party was great -- Tali had a blast, even sat on Santa's lap, and we weren't sure she would, she is very shy.

Mindee -- sounds like a great date night, I love pool and pinball :D

Jane -- well, on her birth certificate, it's "Natalya" ;) But on all the gift tags we wrote "Tali". So Sue's guess was very close!

OK, promised Tim I'd get to bed at a decent hour, so hello to all the rest, and g'nite now ladies!

Talk to you soon,

12-10-2007, 03:12 AM
hello is every one doing?

nothing new on this end......just checking my email and putzing around online! we have come to an agreement to start our Christmas shopping for next year after the first of the year that way we know that we have stuff for them.....and we will get some good deals hopefully!

Sue~ Great job on getting the walk in! I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers for her test on Wednesday.

Sassy~ The house looks great! If I lived down there, and was approved I would take it! But alas, I live in the frozen tundra, better known as Michigan, so you are safe there!

Jane~ It was so great to be called Mindee, and not mommy! But of course every one was asking where they were at. And seeing there faces when they noticed that we were back at the sitters house was priceless! Happy Birthday to Neal!!

Marti~ I am not sure about the name change either. I am not even sure if there are any 24 hour fitness centers here in MI! I have never worked out in a gym....unless you count the weight room at my high school my freshman year! But I would love to check one out, although I get very self conscious with Tommy watching me work out, so I am not too sure about going to a big gym......just yet!

MK~ I love to play pool as well! I wasn't that great at the pinball.....but I blew Tommy away on the Frogger game! I have been meaning to start going to bed earlier then when I have been, so I am going to take your lead and finish up on the computer and head to bed at a decent hour.

I heard Brandon being a seal a little bit ago, so it looks like his Croup is showing up for this Winter/Holiday season. Marissa has started in with a cough as of Saturday night/Sunday morning. Logan, so far.....knock on wood, hasn't done anything......but the way him and Brandon switch cups constantly it won't be long! My throat has been scratching since Friday night/Saturday I think the sickies have found us this year.

12-10-2007, 11:52 AM
See you at #280.