Support Groups - Thin Wannabee's Chitter-Chatter ~ Everyone Welcome! (December/2007)

12-02-2007, 03:55 PM

Howdy! Welcome to the Thin Wannabees! :cheer:

Please come join our monthly chit-chat! Everyone is welcome here. We look forward to meeting you!

We all have one thing in common – we want to lose those pounds & inches and have a healthier lifestyle.

There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation – not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles.

Please feel free to post with us – just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms! The more the merrier!

Let’s work together towards a healthier and thinner us!! :gossip:


12-02-2007, 04:00 PM
Hi everyone! I thought I would get the thread for December started .. even tho it will be a quickie for me - I'm on the run - LOL. Finally got my decorations up - just not the tree yet - hopefully this week. I've been down a few days with my back out - no Curves - no walking! Yuk! Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on track.

We've been hit with tons of snow the last couple days - it's beautiful - but treacherous! We got a foot just last nite alone!

Hope everyone is well and come on in and post soon - I will be back soon myself - just wanted to get the new thread started.

Talk to ya all later...
Love, CJ

12-02-2007, 07:47 PM
Hi all,
We had so much fun in Michigan for Thanksgiving, we stayed with Ken's brother and his wife in Monroe and they put up 11 of us, the 4 kids, 2 son in laws, both babies and sons girlfriend too as well as Ken and myself. It was great, I was in heaven and spend much of the weekend going from little Tyler-8 months to baby Brandon, now 6 weeks old. Feeding, changing, rocking them and just loving both boys. It was one of the best weekends ever for me. I tell you this Grandmother thing is really growing on me. But we had so much fun, than all went to my Dad's (Papa's) at the assisted living home he is living at and you should have seen his eyes lit up when he saw both of his new Great Grandsons for the 1st time. He really loved seeing the babies so much. So we took some pictures of him with them, with a little help of course, cause Tyler is now 23 pounds and than all of us went out to dinner at an Italian place. It is times like this that I will treasure forever. :goodvibes

Rena-Sounds like you did great to actually lose 1 lb after Thanksgiving, boy would I love that. Wow you have your tree and decorations up already and the presents wrapped too? Me I just want to get our Christmas cards out with our holiday letter I am working on right now. I will love this time of year too when I get everything done for the holidays. :hohoho: LOL

Dallas-Well that is good that your clothes are fitting better, that trainer is sure paying off. I think that is a good idea to stay away from the scale, cause it might bring you down, but soon the scale will go down. Hang in there! As far you sons, right now they are young and don't think about healthy living, did we at their age? I know I sure didn't but one of these days they will surprise you and jump on the bandwagon for a healthy lifestyle. I too watch the Biggest Loser and if we did the amount of exercise and eating program they do we would lose tons of weight. I would just LOVE to be on that show, but wouldn't want to stay away from the family for months at a time. :mad:

CJ-Thanks for starting the new December thread. This is a new month and we all need to make the best of it. :yoga: Wow it sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving between having some of your family over and with all your winnings from the casino. You two are so darn lucky! Good job on the eating too, those Jello Shots sound good, NO PIE? Gosh I had one piece of Pumkin pie, but just a little one. But along with the whole week of good eating and eating out and all did gain a few pounds, but am working on getting it off. Back to Curves and my WW program and I am doing pretty good so far. If I can just hold things for the holidays, than 2008 will be a new year for us all. I can't wait for that either. :dance:

OK everyone let's all have a great week program wise. :love:

Hang in there everyone, this will all be over before you know it and we can move on to the New Year! :newyear:

Sassy Sharon :jig:

12-03-2007, 02:29 PM
Ok one of these days I will get the hang of this I didn't realize that the thread moved lol, Yes my tree is up and every thing is decorated and ready for the season , just have to finish my Christmas shopping.We are getting snow today suppose to get 8-14 inches :rolleyes:tis that time of year.

Sassy-sounds like you had a ball with Papa and those babies I'm sure Papa was so happy to see you all.It is so great that he was able to see those grand babies. We have three grand babies on the way one due any time and one due in Feb,and one in August :woohoo:

CJ- I know you are busy Dec. is always busy for everyone sooooo much to do , we are getting snow today , so I know all about the snow business I like to find a way to sell it I could sit home all winter and make a fortune lol

Hello Dallas hope all is well for you.

I hope every one has a wonderful day

:ginger::tree: MERRY CHRISTMAS


12-03-2007, 07:14 PM
Howdie everyone! How's everyone today? Didn't make it to Curves or walking today because of the snow storms. We've had about 2 ft of snow fall in the last 2 days .. schools were closed so of course we had our 6 yr old Carley all day. Carley and I made xmas candies together - of course I will let her take it all home with her! It was something fun to do.

So glad you all had a great time in Michigan and am so glad that papa is doing well and he got to see his great grandchildren!

Oops .. sorry we didn't warn you that we start new threads monthly ... Well, you beat me on the xmas tree .. my decorations are all up but still have the tree to do - this week for sure.

So how are you doing with your trainer this week ... how nice that your clothes are fitting much better .. that is always a nice feeling. Keep up the good work kiddo.

Well, guess I will go and sit with Carley and Dick and knit a bit while we are waiting for Carley's dad to pick her up. I imagine he will be a bit later than usual because of the roads.

Have a great nite all ...
Love, CJ

12-06-2007, 08:43 AM
Hope every one is well and staying warm ,it is a bit :brr: here on the east coast with lots of snow:snowfight ,I'm straying busy between work and still trying to finish up for Christmas:present:.There is so much to do and so many activities to attend this time of year. The scale refuses to budge ,I have to admit I 'm not exercising as much as I should be, a little lazy on my part and little time , the good news though I have not gained. Have a great day

12-09-2007, 02:12 PM
Good morning everyone ... just checking in real quick. Getting ready to go to our 1st Xmas party for this month - making a dish to pass. This week is really going to be a challenge - have several lunches - a couple parties - and a cookie exchange to go to - just in this week alone ... then there is next week ............... lots of temptation here!

Rena: I am the same way as you right now ... weight is staying the same - no gain. That is a good thing tho. Hopefully we can keep it that way, right? My xmas shopping is done and I am wrapping gifts this week.

Sharon - Dallas - Kim - Sylvia: Thinking of all of you - hope you get in here and post soon!

Well, I better get going here ... will check in later. Have a great day!

Love, CJ

12-09-2007, 10:07 PM
Hi and how is everyone this so far this holiday season? I am doing fine, except for trying to keep it together weight wise, struggling with that. :rollpin: Went to my WW meeting on Wednesday and gained 1/2 pound, so I think my working on everything and trying to get back into the swing of things with getting back to eating right and exercising paid off and I got mostly what I had gained for during Thanksgiving. :cp: But boy this week for some reason has been hard and the holiday parties have started and they are rough. Today I went to one given by the lady that owns Curves and went to one of the other ladies that work there good thing I brought some veggies and am glad I did because there was just goodies there, :chockiss: cookies, peanut butter and chocolate fudge, cookies and everything else bad for you. I guess everyone brought the sweet stuff and only I brought something good for you. It was an afternoon thing and there was no food type things and I thought they would have some protein and they did not, just sweets. How do you spell sugar buzz? I did have a few things, but than switched over to the veggies. :broc::carrot: This is my 1st year going and I thought they surely being Curves would have healthy things for you. But there was not too many people there and the lady whose house we had it made pretty much all the goodies and those that brought anything brought MORE goodies. Geeze! Oh well, new week now so don't look back I say. :lucky:

I will be soooooooo happy when the New Year comes. I want to get where I want to be next year :eating2:

Rena-So how much snow did you get? Gosh 8-14 inches is a lot. We have only got maybe an inch this year. But I would love a White Christmas this year, don't usually love snow, but the holidays are not the same without it I don't think. How exciting that you have 3 Grandbabies coming this and one this year and the other 2 in 2008, how wonderful is that? How many Grandkids do you have so far? I am sure having a wonderful time with these little ones. :twirly:

CJ-Oh my gosh Carol, 2 feet of snow so far in Gaylord?????? That is a lot of snow, but I know you are making the best of it and that is great that you have little Carly to keep you company and it must have been so much fun to make those Christmas candles too and I know she just loved making them with you too. :yay:

KimV-How are you and Hannah doing this holiday? I know she must be loving it, have she been to see Santa yet? I can't wait till I can go with the boys and see them see Santa and see their faces lite up, or maybe they will cry, not sure about that one. :cry:

Sylvia-Hey girlfriend, where are you? Busy getting ready for the holidays? How is Nico doing this season, he been to see Santa? Gosh it is sure an exciting time for the little ones. Post and let us know how you are doing, I Miss You! Here is a big hug for you! :hug:

OK guys, hope everyone is doing well and will post soon! :love:

Love you, Sassy Sharon :goodluck:

12-18-2007, 01:09 AM
Come out come out wherever you are!!!!!

I am getting kind of lonely in here and want some company! :cry:

I know everyone is busy getting those holiday things done, I have been busy too, you know decorating, getting out the cards and other holiday things. :xcheer: I think I am getting somewhere too, FINALLY!

So come on out and post and let us know how you are faring this holiday. Miss you guys! :hug:

Love You's, Sassy Sharon :elf:

12-18-2007, 06:12 PM
Hey Sassy are you already for Christmas , it tis right around the corner , this thread is very quiet lately isn't it . I started to write the other day and was half though and hit a wrong button and lost every thing . And then things went down hill from there never did get back to my computer,any ways I have this nasty cold been out of work for 2 days I don't like to miss work but no one loved me enough to share this with me lol. Well every one hope all is well in your corner of the world , here it is cold and we have lots of :snow4:snow , :hohoho: has quit, the sleigh rolled down the hill and the :rudolph: flew to the tropics wanted to work on their tans. so I am going solo and feel oh sooo abandoned LoL
Please stop in Sassy and I miss you . Take care all

12-18-2007, 09:08 PM
Hi there Rena-well not quite ready for Christmas yet, finally got my cards done so I am happy about that. I sent out like 100 of them this year. Many are going to Michigan where we were from originally from before we moved to Indiana 15 yrs ago, so with much family and many former neighbors there, we always do a Holiday Family Letter :hohoho: . This year with both of the new Grandsons born there was so much to let people know. So glad that is all done. :carrot:

Anyways, hubby put the tree up :tree: and alll we have to do is decorate it and put up some other decorations and oh ya clean the house maybe. We are going to Michigan on Friday for my niece, Ellen's, wedding reception, she got married in a little backyard ceremony with just my sis in law, Chrissy and her sister, Emily and than her and her husband, Michael went to India for a few months. They are home now so they are having a little reception for them. So we will be home Sunday night, the day before Christmas Eve, so don't want to get behind the 8 ball on everything. :?:

So sorry you lost my post :cry: , that happens to me quite a bit, so now my son's taught me to go to New Text Document and write it there and toggle back and forth to see everyone's post and save it till I am ready to post. I have lost so many posts after taking so long it really makes me mad. So I feel your frustration Rena. :stress:

Hope you feel better soon, and can dig yourself out of all that snow. Have a cup of sugar free-or regular hot chocolate for me :coffee2: , well I might just have one myself right here and now. LOL

Take care and talk to you later, I am sure we will have company soon. :love:

Love you, Sharon :dance:

12-19-2007, 02:05 PM
I'm glad you are getting close to having every thing done it is such a busy time of year. I just need to deliver every thing to my family that lives 120 miles south of me so will be going there tomorrow. I still have a few things left to pick up for my DH and I will be done. Each year that goes by it gets harder to buy for him we have so much stuff so gets harder to find more stuff lol . I'm starting to feel better I hate colds oh well this too shall pass.I have family in Michigan my 2 aunts and their children , we went out 4 years ago for a wedding and I really wanted to go to Bonners Christmas store but never made it so some day we will go back , have you ever been there? My brother went out a few days before us (when we went out 4 years ago)and went says it was great yeah I know he had to rub it in my face. I'm in Maine were it's cold and snowy well at least we will have a white Christmas . Have a great day will talk to ya later. Rena

12-19-2007, 11:35 PM
Hey Rena,
Oh yes, Bronners Christmas Store in Frankenmuth, Michigan, one of my favorites, what a wonderful place to visit during the holidays or any other time. Did you get to eat some of that wonderful Chicken dinners they have at either Zenders or Bavarian Inn. :hun: When we lived in Michigan we used to go there all the time, we lived in the Detroit area and my husbands parents lived right near Frankenmuth so we went there all the time. Yes, you must plan another trip there, it is a Christmas fantasy there. :snowglo: But do go earlier than your brother and make sure you rub his face in it this time. LOL Where do your Aunts live in Michigan?

I am glad you are feeling a bit better now. I am sure by Christmas you will be back to normal. :joker:

12-20-2007, 12:06 AM
HI EVERYONE!!! :wave:

I know it's been awhile since I've posted. I have been extremely busy with school this last quarter. I felll behind right from the beginning because of my hard drive on my computer. Got that replaced, then downloaded a virus. It came up as an official looking thing from microsoft and my virus software telling me I had a virus attempting to download on my computer and to 'click here' to start my virus scan. So, like an idiot, I 'clicked here' and downloaded the virus. Then I kept getting these pop-ups telling me my computer was under attack from a virus and I needed to buy there virus scan to get rid of it. Are they nuts? This "company" was the one that put it there in the first place, and they thought I was going to pay them to remove it. Anyway, I had to do a complete recovery on my computer and lost all my schoolwork :(:cry:

So, once I had my computer up and running again, my monitor died. :mad: Luckily, I was only down for a day or two. A friend gave me one and I was FINALLY up and running. I have been playing catch-up all quarter. But, I passed both my classes with A-'s in each!!!!:carrot::carrot::carrot:

Now, I am just trying to finish up the required stuff by the end of the year for my second job (I work as a tax preparer at H&R Block), and get my Christmas shopping :present: done (just started it today, and almost finished), and then have to get my house cleaned up by Christmas. My dad and step-mom are coming up from Tennessee and staying the night on Christmas Eve.

I wonder how I'm going to get everyone in this little house. I have a tiny house and will have 12 people in here on Christmas (me, Hannah, my mom, my dad and step-mom, brother Joe and his girlfriend, his three kids, her son, and my very good friend Howard). :dizzy:

Anyway, weight wise I haven't been doing well at all since starting this new job of mine. I have gained some weight back. Last time I weighed myself, I was up to 190. I am not following any kind of plan, and definatly don't watch what I eat. I don't want to gain everything back, so I know I need to do something. I expected to gain because my last job was so physical, and this one is mainly sitting. I am not going to do much until after all the holiday stuff is out of the way. Guess I just found my first New Year's Resolution :xcheer:

Guess that is it for now. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas :hohoho::tree::candy:, a Happy New Year :newyear:, and Happy Holidays to all!!!!


P.S. Sharon, do you still work for H&R Block?

12-23-2007, 10:20 PM
Hi all hope all is going well and you have all your shopping done and ready to celebrate Christmas. I'm going to miss the tree I like to shut all the lights out at night and look at the tree , but on the other hand it's all down hill from here just a few more weeks and the snow will go and tulips and daffodils will make their appearance and I can remove the studded tires ohh back to reality.
Sassy -- keeping busy doing all those last min preparations, as is every one I suppose.
Hi Kim , CJ hope all is well in your corner of the world.
Merry Christmas to you all :hug:s and warm wishes to you and your's:gift2::wreath::tree::ginger::snowglo:

12-25-2007, 10:42 AM
GOOD MORNING AND MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! We are on our way out the door but wanted to stop and wish you a great day! We are going to Traverse to our daughter's house and will be staying over until tomorrow. I'm sorry for not getting in here sooner but we have been sooooo busy. So many lunches and get togethers this year! I finally got my 4th afghan finished! We are leaving Friday for downstate to see family down there -- will be gone just a couple days tho -- better than nothing. We spent Christmas Eve with Carley's parents and grandparents - had such a great time.

Rena: I also love to sit with the lights out and enjoy my tree! It is sooooo restful - I like to enjoy it while I can before we have to take it down. I usually leave my up until a week or two after New Years. We've lost a lot of our snow this last week but we still do have tons left. Snow for Christmas is a must! Last year we had a freakish winter and did not have any snow for Christmas at all. What a bummer! It all came afterwards tho - lol.

Sharon: I know you are going to have a wonderful day with the family and those wonderful grandsons! Got your card and letter (of course I already knew most of what your wrote) but it was very nice. Give my love to Ken and the kids and enjoy your day.

Kim: Don't worry about having so many people in a small house - they will all find a place to perch and all will be great. Just enjoy! Sounds like you will have a very great Christmas with your family and friends.

OK .. got to throw our overnite stuff in my tote and pack the gifts in the car and off we must go! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND GOD BLESS EVERYONE!

Love, CJ

12-31-2007, 03:30 PM
Hello every one and :newyear:well with Christmas behind me I am now ready to kick this weight loss in to high gear . It has been so hard with the holidays to be good sooooooo much food every where you go , but ready to start again. Hope every one had a wonderful Christmas I did I received a lot of nice gifts, ones I can use , and I have a new grandson Kaiden and he is a cutie. Take care