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11-30-2007, 06:23 PM
G'day everyone,

Gloria I can so picture your house with all the decorations, I bet Jack is having a ball doing it all. Great idea of the gift vouchers rather then get some rubbish that won't be looked at again after Christmas Day. I loved the Barnes & Nobles book stores when we were in America, the stand out one was the one in Boulder, could have stayed in that store for weeks;)

Glenda I can also picture your house and can hear you saying 'its so pretty':D:D. It must be lovely to come home to a lit up friendly home.

Suz wow that was quite something when you got married to have this instant family of children, grand children and great grand children :love: and a white Christmas:)
As you probably gathered, I am 'down under' and we are in for a very hot Christmas:( These days our Christmas is rather low key, we have 2 children and 3 grand daughters, our daughter lives in Melbourne and our son lives in our hometown Adelaide. As a Christmas gift dh and I have booked a holiday home for all of us halfway from our house and halfway from our daughters place, we will both have to travel about 5 hours. It will be the first time the 3 grandgirls will have met other then over the net camera.
It should be fun.

It was with some amazement that we saw pictures in the paper of the attempted coup in Manilla by tanks crashing their way through the Peninsula Hotel. It was the very hotel we stayed in when we were in Manilla for Alan's work. Knowing exactly where it is and the security that was in place, like 12 armed guards at the entrance, just goes to show that when there is a will there is a way.

Had a lovely bike ride along the foreshore this morning, the day is not going to be quite so lovely with a predicted temperature of 38 degrees (around 100 F) it was in the low twenties early this morning, just perfect.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


12-02-2007, 09:38 AM
Good Morning

We are definitly going to have a white xmas as we are getting snow right now and got about 2 inches last night and is still snowing and is supposed to snow most of the day

Well finished up my xmas baking and took some into community care for our church bake sale and was asked by the director of community care if I could do some more baking for there sale next weekend so here i go again

I guess I should go make breakfast for my DH and then we can go shovel some snow

Take care Suz :carrot:

12-03-2007, 04:39 PM
Suz, oh my! Already that much snow! We had 3 inches of that very, very wet snow right after Thanksgiving, but it didn't stick at all to the roadways and sidewalks. We are so funny! There was a news person with a microphone on one of our streets saying, "This is snow and over here there is none (sidewalk)." It must have been a slow newsday.

I went Christmas shopping with my two DIL's on Saturday. Got all the kids presents. Those girls are so much fun - they kept me laughing and laughing!

Well, seems like a slow newsday here too. Nothing much going on. We finally got the tree up yesterday and it has presents under it! I am ahead of the game right now!

Maria, your pages were wonderful, as usual. I cannot wait to read the whole thing at once. You are very talented. I did not realize your girls had not all met each other yet. Australia is a big continent, isn't it?

We still haven't seen Colton. He is one week old today. They are staying in and it is cold now. We thought we would leave them along for a little while. I have a hunger to rock that baby.

12-04-2007, 09:21 PM
Hello Ladies
Well it stopped snowing then it got milder and we got freezin rain It was at least 1/4 inch thick on the vechiles and it took almost an hour to get it off The end of the laneway is solid ice
this year as we are going to the daughters place for xmas we are doing just a bit of decorating and no tree this year All the baking i have done most of that will go with us Its much to tempting I will have to put in the frezer tomorrow

Well I must go Suz :carrot:

12-04-2007, 10:52 PM
Hi everyone:
I have been among the missing for a while as this past week has been very hectic.:spin: but now the big show on Saturday night is over, and our Chorus Christmas show is over as of last night. Now I am resting up, before the next onslaught. My friend has a show next Monday with the Kitchen Band and she has me singing in it and playing one song on the piano. finally on the 17th we will do caroling in the park to all those shut-ins who are ill and.or housebound.

Our show last night went very well. The chorus finally came through. At the rehersal on Sunday p.m. I could have tossed them all out, but by Monday they were concentrating, and did a very good job. At least if the audience response was true. i was happy with what they did. And now I will have to put together what we will do in the spring, starting in january. Never a dull moment around here.

Our ladies monthly is getting together soon and we are having a cookie exchange, so I dug out some of my WW cookie recipes and that is what I am making. All 1 point cookies. I haven't made the angel macaroons in a long time and thought that would be a good one. And easy to do. I also have a chocolate one and a spice drop, so my 6 plates will have a variety. There are 7 of us that get together once a month for lunch and of course for Christmas we draw names and get a small gift.

I haven't been able to go to WW the past couple of Tuesdays as the schedule has just been too full. I do try to stick to the points but last nnight the cookies and punch got me. I haven't been on the scale this a.m.

I am walking about a mile every a.m. even today when the temp was a little chilly. I actually had to wear a jacket and gloves.

Maria, you'll have a warm Christmas. Your Christmas plans sound exciting and I'm sure you will have some nice pictures of your girls getting together for the first time. It will be fun.

I hope that now this week i will be able to get some of our lights up. Our neighbor has said he will help me, as my DH just can't do that sort of stuff any more. He hasn't the stamina.

I will try ot keep better communications with you all now.

Suz. We used to live in Clayton, N.Y. And we will be celebrating our 32nd anniversary this month. It is the second time around for both of us. We have 6 children ( mine and His) and then we have 14 grandchildren and now 6 great grands. I really feel like an ancient citizen when I see it all in print like that. We do enjoy Florida.
Where you you in relation to Toronto?

Happy wee, to you all. Ann

Karen L
12-07-2007, 05:00 AM
Hi all been missing for a while. Just plain been busy.

I have news. My newest Granddaughter was born Monday night a little after 9:00 Pm. She was 6# 12oz and 19 inches long. She really didn't want to come out into the cold world of Minnesota. DIL was in labor for 25 hours before they stopped everything and took the baby. Neither of them were in trouble it was just that Ella was still so far up DIL could not push her out. Both are doing well. DIL wasts to breast feed and it wasn't until yesterday that her milk came it. I haven't heard other wise so I guess all is going well. They will go home tomorrow. I wish they didn't have so many stairs in their house. 3 levels with bathrooms on 2 floors the top and bottem The kitchen in the middle. Laundry down one flight. I'm thinking it will be hard on DIL for a few days. Her mother is going to be there but not until Tuesday. Once more I have guilt feelings for not being there.

It has been to cool for the pool exercises :swim:the last few days. But we are having them tomorrow. I'm really glad because i need to get out of this funk I've been in and I'm sure its because of lack of exercise. I'm still walking :running:and doing the walk aerobic:exercise: at the club house but i think i must need more because of this mood. And now tonight I can't seep either. What a pain.

Been going to Physical therapy for back pain. Can't really say it has helped much. just about the time I think it has we get cool weather and I'm back to pain again.

I'm done with shopping for Christmas and now just in a holding pattern until the 19 when we leave for Minnesota for Christmas. Hope all the snow melts and it warms up to 70 before I get there. Ya that will happen:yikes:

Maria the new pages were wonderful. You do such a nice job. The picture you fixed of Glenda GB turned out good too.

Ann we don't put out lights. I have 2 small trees that I plug in. So of the people go nuts with the lights. But I do enjoy looking at them.

On the weight front for me I was up 2 pounds this week so it is back to the core program for me. I'm still under my goal by a few pounds but don't like the scale to go up that much at once.:mad:

See you all later

12-09-2007, 08:48 AM
Hi Everyone-
Well you can certainly tell that everybody is busy, since we are not having much action here.
Thanks to our neighbors help, we have lights up and we look very nice. Our neighborhood seems to be the best dressed one in the park. So I just coulndn't let our house go naked. My DH can't do anything like that anymore, so my good neighbor helped me with the stuff I couldn't do, like string a rope light along the eaves of the carport. He is a VERY good neighbor.

I put up our little Christmas tree with the lights already in it, and put up some other decorations so we do look festive. Now to get to Christmas cards. My shopping is all done with gift cards now. I have discovered that when I purchase gifts, and then mail them, I pay almost as much again. So I can do bigger gift cards. :lol:

Big rehersal this p.m. for the Kitchen Band program tomorrow. But fortunatly I have a small part to I don't have to be there all afternoon. I love my friend dearly, but we have totally different methods of rehearsal, and so I can easily go nutso with much of hers, since her group carries on a lot. Of course they always come through, but that looseness just drives me goofy. :yikes:

Karen: I hope you have a great time back in frozen Minnesota. And you are right, I don't think you are going to temps in the 70s there, but there has been a lot of strange weather, Who Knows?

My DH is losing weight for no apparent reason, and so the Dr.s have him set up for a whole bunch of tests. I went on line to find causes of unexplained weight loss, and am sorry that I did. Scared me a lot! :eek: I'm sorry I looked it up.

Well- time to get breakfast, and then dressed for church.
Have a good week. Ann

12-09-2007, 06:14 PM
G'day all,

Monday morning and I am happy to say that I have lost a small bit, 0.2 kg but that is better than nothing.
I still have some of the lemon detox diet left over and have decided to have that today. Ate and drank far too much this weekend, a day with just drinking won't hurt.

Ann unexplained weight loss is not good but there can be many other reasons then the sinister ones.

I did not share this with you all but I will now....10 days ago I had a massage and the girl found a lump in my neck and wanted to know if I was aware of that. I wasn't and she was very insistant that I follow it up. I went to the doctor and she said an ultra sound would be in order and then thought I should have my cancer specialist check it out.
I have a number of nodules (lumps) on my thyroid and one was 4 cm big.
I had part of my thyroid removed when I was 19 and thought that was the end but apparently this is all related.
I saw my cancer specialist who also did an ultrasound and then did a needle biopsy on 2 of the larger lumps.
He was fairly confident that it would be OK and last friday he rang to say all is well but that he will keep a check on it when I have my annual check up for my breast cancer.
Phew....what a relieve and a few anxious days were spent awaiting the outcome of the tests etc.
So who knows Ann it might not be what you are dreading it to be and all will be well.
Hope all is going well with your rehearsals.

Nice to 'see' you Karen and congratulations on the new grand daughter, I love the name Ella. I guess we never stop worrying about our kids but I am sure they will manage just fine.
It will be lovely for you to go 'home' to Minnesota at Christmas despite the snow!

A lovely cool day here today but it will heat up again by the end of the week:cool:

Have a great day everyone,


12-10-2007, 04:56 PM
It seems like forever since I have been here. Time just seems to fly by and I can't catch up. Still shopping. I was in Brown County a few weekends ago for our annual wicked women weekend. It was fun. We had a gorgeous house that fit all 18 of us. While I was gone they went and cut a christmas tree so I had to decorate it when I came home. I keep forgetting to water the thing. School has been so busy this year-it makes the time go fast. We had a snow delay day last week. I couldn't believe that they were on a 2 hour delay. Snow around here causes a big uproar and makes the weather people so happy. It has been raining for a couple of days and it isn't supposed to stop till Thursday. I haven't got all the leaves raked up yet.
Ann what is a kitchen band. I am picturing you banging on pots and pans. Glad you got your lighs up. Sometimes looking up medical info on the net can be scary.
Glenda your little new one is precious.
Karen I hear there is cold weather up north. Hope you don't run into it. Congrats on the new baby granddaughter. I love the name.
Maria how nice to be able to spend the holidays all together. I didn't realize that the girls have never met. Good to hear that the lump is nothing serious but keep an eye on it.
Have to run. I have to finish a sweatshirt for a friend. Remember the grandkid flake shirts I taught them last year-well they keep having to add kids. Tomorrow is mother in law shower day. Fun, fun.

12-10-2007, 05:06 PM
Hi Suz, I had to go back and find the thread where you started. I am in Ohio right across the river from Kentucky. I see you like to garden and sell your veggies. What a great hobby. Hang in there with the WW. I have been really bad lately [like today]. I was doing good and lost 5lbs but they seem to have found me again. I work in a school cafeteria part time. We like to talk about everything but we still try to lose those lbs.

12-10-2007, 10:58 PM
Well the last show is over as of tonight. some of our chorus gals did the punch and cookies for the social hour afterwards. Now we just have the caroling in the park for those not able to get out, and that requires no practice.

Peggy: You are about right as far as the Kitchen Band is concerned. The instruments are made of whatever anyone has, as well as several kazoos, lots of bells and maracas, a washboard or two, some drums, a tub bass, and a Boomba. and of course this is all done with piano background. It is just good nonsensical fun for the most part.

Maria: I'm so glad that all turned out well for you , and I certainly hope that will be the case with Phil. Sometimes looking things up can just be too scary. I'm not going to do that again.

Karen: Congrats for you and your family and the new baby granddaughter. Ella is a nice old fashioned name. I like it. I'm sure you will have a grand time when you go north, and I'm sure that you will find that your DIL has been just fine.

Suz: What is happening with you? Any snow up there? I was speaking with friends in Clayton, and there is some there. Hope you are doing well with the points. I messed up big time tonight, with having to put out great trays of cookies. And of course there were the broken ones that just needed taking care of :D:.

DH has two tests this week and I will feel much better when they are over and done with.

I'll let you all know what is happening. Good night for now. Ann :yawn:

12-11-2007, 07:55 AM
Morning everyone

I am still around just very busy. When we took in our bake sale goodies on Dec 1st I was asked if I could do some more for a bake sale on Dec 8th so of courde i said yes I live near a small village and about 25 from a larger town so we always plan 1 day per week ro go into "town" so thats usally a full but last week we went in twice My DH had an appointment with his accupucurist he has a condition called tinnitius (ringing in the ears) which was caused by a closed head injury and he has this ringing 24/7 and when the weather changes the ringing gets louder It has been quite bad for the last month

Ann You asked how far I am from Toronto We live about 1 & 1/4 hours north east of toronto when we go to Michigan we drive right through Toronto

Today is another busy one we have the churchs annual xmas pot luck lunch and then we are going to the seniors xmas dinner That is going to be just way to much food and temptation I will try to be very careful with my choices but I think points will be very high today

Well i should go have 1 more coffee, then breakfast then start to get my food ready for the pot luck

Take care Suz :carrot:

12-11-2007, 09:11 AM
Just looking before leaving for the day. Ann that band sounds like so much fun. I would love to see it.
Have a nice day all. Still raining and yucky here.

12-13-2007, 06:18 PM
G'day all,

Another friday and a very hot one at that:hot::hot:

We are off to a day/night cricket match this afternoon, going to be lovely tonight but not so great this afternoon. I am packing some salad rolls rather than buying the usual take away stuff you get at these venues.
When we did a rafting tour on the Colorado river, we received a packed lunch in a cute little esky so that is the esky I will be using.

Read about the severe weather some of you are experiencing, the photos are just unbelievable. America is a beautiful country but you sure have your share of natural disasters, the hurricanes in summer and now these severe icestorms :(

At the moment we do have bushfires raging out of control on Kangaroo Island, a small island off our coast. No back burning was allowed by the 'greenies' this year and this is the result, nature is now taking care of the back burning and more.:(

It was nice to 'see' you Peggy, sounds like you had another fun trip with the 'girls'.

Hope all the tests on your dh are just about completed Ann and I hope the results were favourable.

I had a hair cut and now badly need to colour my hair, I will be off to do that before going out this afternoon.


12-14-2007, 04:02 PM
Wish I knew why I cannot post. I have tried.

Well, I will be darned. This one went through. Found a post-it note with my user name and passwords.

Girls, about 1/4 million people are still without electricity and a big snowstorm is supposed to be coming. The older people are in dire straits. Please pray that we get electricity back on.

Busy weekend ahead. Maybe from now on I can post. Yea!

12-15-2007, 11:15 PM
Glenda: I am so glad you got the right combination. Now just don't lose it. I am sorry to hear that there are still so many without power. It must really be dreadful, since it is cold too. Are there any shelters open where people can go? We do have those here when hurricanes cut out so much power.

Maria: Did you swelter at your game?

Peggy: the Kitchen band is fun and it really doesn't require much musical talent, just be able to clang and bang in rhythm to the piano accompaniment. and maybe sing a little. Of course the kazoos have to be able to sing.

Went tonight to hear a chorus in a nearby park, and it made me so jealous as they have such a wonderful accompanist. And now we don't have anyone, except me and then C.D.s that the group sing to. it is hard to sing to C.D.s as they are not forgiving, like an accompanist is.

Suz: Let me know if the acupuncture worked at all for your husband. I have a friend that is bothered with tinnitus also and she can't seem to find any relief. It must be very difficult to live with the constant ringing.

Tomorrow we are invited to a Ja-merican brunch. Some of our sunday School members are from Jamaica, hence the name of the brunch. It should be fun and interesting since we will probably have some Jamaican food.

Looks like bedtime to me. :yawn:
Hi everyone. Ann

12-16-2007, 02:38 PM
Brrr-it is cold but at least we have electricity. We worked the senior breakfast yesterday and were amazed at all the seniors that showed up in the midst of a big snowstorm[for here]. It was icy when they left but they all made it. We had tons of food and we bagged up the donuts and they scarfed them up as they left. We laugh because we have been doing this for years and years and should be on the other side instead of working it. I was good and didn't bring any baked goods home.
Only 4 days of school left this week till the new year. Hard to believe that another year has gone by.
Ann what would they do without you to play the piano? I could be in the kitchen band-that is about my musical talent. How was the brunch?
Maria I am not sure what an eksy is but I sort of imagine it being some kind of a soft or hard cooler.
Glenda glad you found your password. I hope the electric is connected again for all those people. You all sure have had some nasty weather this year.
Suz how did your last bake sale go?
Have to go figure out if I have all my presents bought.

12-16-2007, 06:43 PM
G'day all,

Yes we did swelter at the cricket game Ann, a storm was forecast during the evening with an inch of rain. It started to spit around 9 and the wind was coming up so we decided to get home as soon as we could but guess what they were the only spits of rain we got :(:mad: Not usre whatever happened to the inch we were supposed to have gotten, we are still waiting:(

Peggy an esky is a cooler bag, box or whatever (some more info on the esky here http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2003/12/08/1070732131269.html )

Pleased you found your password etc. Glenda but sorry to hear the weather is still playing havoc with your state.:(

I will be emailing the Cincinnati instalment of my book sometime today and then it is Williamsburg. I am slowly working my way through my book, the blog has been a great guide.

Have a great day all,


PS stayed the same weight wise this week.:dizzy:

12-17-2007, 07:55 AM
Morning Ladies
We got our first real blast of snow this weekend it started Sat night and did not stop until late sun night I think we got about 10 inches of snow

Glenda Hope your weather is better now and the power is back on We got the same storm just a little later than you

Peggy Both of the bake sales went well the first made a little over $200 for the church and the 2nd one made about $175 for community care

My DH and I are getting ready today to leave for Michigan early tomorrow morning to spend a week with family Our 4th great grand child will probably be born thursday, they are going to induce her that should be exciting

so I will be gone from the 18th until the 26th will fill you all in when I get back

Merry Christmas to you all Suz :carrot:

12-17-2007, 04:25 PM
Hi all:

Just a quick description of our Ja-merican brunch. It was amazing. I have never been to a brunch in a private home where so MUCH food was served. Let me tell you what I remember. Started off with cold shrimp, cheese and grapes on toothpicks, toss salad, punch and ice tea, Jamaican biscuits and fish cakes, two kinds of gravy for the biscuits, American biscuits, Jerk pork, all kinds of chicken- wings, legs, and all other parts, plus 'fingers' and some sorts of Jamaican tidbits. there was hash browns, bacon, ham sausage, a big fruit bowl, meat balls, a Jamaican dish made of greens and codfish, another one made with Akee and fish, Corn bread and then Island fruit cake, a white Christmas cake, and a lemon mirangue pie, and coffee. I'm sure I have forgotten something, and then Rowena had take home dishes for each of us to take food home. I believe that she had food enough for about 75 and we were only about 25. What a spread!!:yikes:

Suz. We'll be happy to hear about the arrival of the new grandbaby. I hope you will have good weather for safe travel.

Peggy: Hope you have all your shopping done. I stood in line at the Post Office this a.m. about 1/2 hr.to mail a package. and this line was mild compared to what it was when I stopped by the first time.

I haven't been to official weigh-in for a while, with all that is going on, but according to my scale, I am down another lb. I suppose the Brunch made it go back up, but I went out and walked this a.m. and the temp was about 39deg. A little chilly for us. Buy that ought to count for something.

Today I baked two batches of W.W. cookies They are quite good. Angel Macaroons, and Spice drops. 1 point per cookie. I'm taking them to our cookie exchange on Wed. 4 of us are W.W. members so thought these cookies would be a good choice.

No test results yet. I will let you all know what happens when we find out.

Have a good week, and don't let this wonderful Christmas season stress you out. That is not what it is all about.


12-17-2007, 04:53 PM
I forgot to mention that my DH takes a herbal remedy for the tinnitus called "lipo-flavonoid" that we can only get in the USA and the only place we have found it is a Rite-Aid drug stores , Walmart is supposed to also carry it It seems to help but changes in the weather, stress, and wind all kick up the ringing I think a lot also has to do with with attitude and when all you hear from doctors is " learn to live with it there is nothing that will help or cure it"

Take care Suz :carrot:

12-18-2007, 01:15 PM
It does no good to reply to the thread because it doesn't show up. What is wrong?

I just posted a long reply to everybody and that one went away. I don't know what is happening here anymore.

Anyway, Slavika, Peggy, Suze, Ann, and Maria, you have all be talked to. It just went into cyberspace.

We are fine. Most Oklahomans have electricity again. And yes, we had lots of shelters. Now just have one, the Cox Center in OKC. Federal government is supplying everything.

I am aggravated. I hate to type and put my words out there and out there is not YOU.

12-19-2007, 08:19 PM
Hi Everybody, it's been so long since I was here I thought I better come around before 3FC takes me off their list. ;) I didn't read any of your posts but I will do that after I finish my post. It's been really very cold and just takes the fun out of going outside. My poor little dog is now doing her business "anywhere" outside that she can find that isn't covered with a foot of snow. I guess I wouldn't want to be putting my delicate little bottom in a snow bank either. I went to my GD CHRISTMAS concert and because the kids go to a Christian private school it was a true CHRISTMAS concert like we used to have years ago. It was really nice to hear all the kids sing Christmas songs again. :wreath: My shopping is pretty much finished and my house decorated and I even baked a couple of batches of shortbread cookies, so I think I am in pretty good shape. I will have all my family here Christmas Eve and then I will go to Son's/DIL for Christmas day. :santa: I leave on January 7th for Maui and will be home on January 27th then I leave on Feb. 1st for South Padre Island until March 3rd. :swim: It will be nice to leave this cold weather behind for awhile. GLORIA.....RATS, today all the emails I sent out to you gals yesterday, your's were bounced back to me today. I don't understand, everything goes along very nicely and then the mail is returned just when I was thinking we had this problem licked. I have presents to wrap so I will say good night for now. :elf:

12-20-2007, 01:59 PM
I have to log in each and every time, but at least I can get here.

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Slavika, maybe a private school would be worth the money just because of Christmas. It would be fun to hear the old carols from school children again. And so glad you can escape the winter weather with Maui and South Padre. Still wish you could just drop down to see us during your trip.

How are all you doing in the weight department? I am still hanging in there, but just eating a little bit too many points. And I have to be good to just maintain. So, we shall see. I am not going to eat any chocolate. That is my one resolution.

We are off all next week so after Christmas it will be like Leon and I are retired but still with a dab of money. We will eat out and go to the show and walk around the malls. And stay in pajamas if I so desire, maybe all day. This next week is the reason I work. I look forward to it so much.

You all have a wonderful Christmas and a glorious New Year!

12-27-2007, 05:03 PM
I guess everyone must be having a wonderful Christmas/NewYears vacation time, busy with all sorts of stuff.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year will bring only good things for us all. Ann

12-28-2007, 08:11 AM
Morning Ladies
Well the newest great grand child did not arrive in fact she is going in today to be induced will let you all know how everything goes after we find out

I hope you all had a great xmas and the new year will be great for us all

Well the holiday eating was great but I am up 4 lbs and i started a 30 day cleanse yesterday and i am being very careful of what I am eating i find when we go to the daughters they do not eat a balanced diet (never any fruit in there house and they tend to eat out way to much We were there for 8 days and they ate out 5 of those days My DH and I usually eat out about 3 or 4 times a month

Take care Suz :carrot:

12-28-2007, 06:33 PM
A special Hi to you Suz, I am a fellow Canadian. I do post on this board, but haven't been here for a month. We live in Winnipeg, and yes, it has been cold. Today is quite mild and snowy.. that always happens. I would rather have it colder and drier, but that is me. Everything aches when it is damp. We have 1 daughter, a granddaughter (5 on Jan 6) and a grandson (2). I have been married 42 1/2 years... YIKES!
Lots of grandbabies have arrived since I last was here. Congratulations Karen, Glenda and Suz
Glenda, when you use the group e-mail addresses, I am being left out. I didn't know you had a new grandson, please send me the picture too. I guess if I had checked in here more often I would have known that.

I have been experiencing a lot of nasty headaches and it was hard to focus on the computer and read. I do believe the headaches are caused by the weather, every time it got milder and damper, my headaches became worse.

We had a lovely Christmas. Christmas Eve was at our home, and we had such a good time. My DD and family came early in the day, well before my brother and his family, so we had lots of special time. We gave Emma a digital camera, and she loved it so much. She has been taking pictures non-stop, filled up her card and doesn't want her Dad to erase any pictures. Matthew got a little computer which fit his age. There were a few more toys, but those were the 2 bigger ones. Our daughter and family gave us a Digital Photo Frame. We were so happy, it was such a surprise.
Christmas Day was quiet. DD & family dropped by for an hour and then went on to the in-laws. We went to my brother's place and the 4 of us had a nice time. Their daughter was at her boy-friends place. Times sure do change.

I got back to the gym yesterday. Was that ever hard. It is amazing how 1 week can make such a difference. Today I had more energy so I did a bit better. I don't think I will be getting back there until Jan 2, which is my birthday.

Slavika your trip is coming ever closer. Are you packing already? I am sure your tree is down, we are taking ours down tomorrow.

I want to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, all the best for 2008.:newyear:

12-30-2007, 02:35 PM
Good afternoon. It is almost the end of the year and I thought it is
about time I made an appearance here.
We have been busy with the holidays and that has been fun. Went to
DD#2's for Christmas...actually we also went there for Christmas Eve as
well! Christmas Eve is Sean's birthday...16 this year WOW! It has
become a tradition for us to visit after the 4PM Mass and wish him a
Happy Birthday and help him blow out his birthday candles. With the
size he has become he really doesn't need help any more. Then on
Christmas afternoon we visited DD#'1 who was going to her in-laws
after and then on to DD#2's again. DD#'3 join us with her husband and three
kids. It was great to see everyone together and the kids were just
delightful. The youngest of Carrie's 3 has started piano lessons and
I thing they will have a fine little music group when they are through.
Kevin plays the guitar and Ryan plays the clarinet and now Steppie on
the piano. Chris's older two were just so funny as they were like
little parents with the younger kids. As I told Chris the food was
delicious, the company sparkling and the fun non stop.
It has been snowy here for the month of December and we are to get more
before the new year. Love the fact that we have someone come to plow
us out but it does get expensve. $65 for a 8-10" storm and $45 for
a 4-8" storm.
Jack's arthritis in not getting any better and when we have 'black ice'
he does not go out...slippery conditions are not good when you are
limping. We still have a full schedule of doctor appointments in
January...hope the weather cooperates.

Maria: Great that your diet is paying off. I am sure that the
bicycling has been a help too. I envy you your summer season!

Sally: You will be leaving us for warmer climes very soon and I hope
you can really enjoy Hawaii and Texas. I am sure you will miss
Patches. Sally, I don't know what is happening with your emails.
I know that my isp tells me that there is no blocking of your emails
from this end. If you can send a returned email directly to my isp
maybe that can help. Let me know if you don't have their address.

Glenda: If you have to log on each time it could be that your
computer's cookies are not functioning correctly. Just a guess on my
part. Hope you and Leon have enjoyed your mini retirement! Funny thing just happened...as I tried to send this post I had to sign in again. Hope this does not keep occuring! I 'll let you know.

Trudy: You sound like you had a lovely Christmas with your family.
A digital camera is a great Christmas gift. Jack keeps saying he is
going to get me one but I just don't know what kind I want. Maybe
after the first of the year.

Peggy: Seniors showing up for free food...not a surprising thing.
Every time there is something like that here the seniors come out of
the woodwork. The Electric Co. does a free buffet in the fall and our
church does a senior luncheon in the winter and both are very well

Suz: I can't remember if I had welcomed you here but WELCOME! It is
always nice to see another 'face'. Wow! another member in the great-
grandchildren catagory! Although we have a 23 yr old gs I am willing
to wait for the great-grands for a while as he is not ready to
settle down...you have to get a job first in my opinion! We are
retired in MA and have 4 kids and 9 grands. Enjoying retirement but
not to sure about this getting old bit.

Well, I want to wish all of you a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!
See you next year!

12-30-2007, 04:43 PM
Dropping by to wish you all a Happy New Year. My motto is to "lose weight in 2008". Been really bad with the sweets this season. It sounds like you all had a nice Christmas. We did - hard to believe that it is all over. I did get my shopping finished at the last minute. I have been busy with everything and this is the first day of vacation that I didn't have to do or go anywhere. It is so nice.
Maria how did the girls do when they met for the first time?
Be back later,

12-30-2007, 06:36 PM

We will be having supper with friends and then play dominoes later. and of course we'll be home before the crystal ball drops. Might even be in bed. How is that for an exciting New Year's Eve?

Gloria: You'll just have to come to Florida. No black ice here. :D:

Peggy: I like your motto - Lose weight in 2008. I think I shall adopt it also, if you don't mind.

Suz: Too many sweets for me too. I managed to gain 2 1/2 lbs and now it is back to being serious.

Maria: Will be interested to hear how all your granddaughters got along with their first meeting. I'm sure that you have wonderful pictures.

I christened my new washer and dryer. (Christmas present and Anniversary).. It is wonderful. The tub is so big that I can do what would have been two loads in the old one. and I guess we got rid of them just in time. I had been smelling a bad odor everytime I did laundry. And I tried to clean and disinfect the machine all to no avail. DH blamed the smell on the poor cat! then a friend told us, the bad odor is a sign that the motor is going. And sure enough, when they moved the old one out there was grease on the floor under it.

I'll think of you all as we watch the Rosebowl parade. It is my favorite, of all the big holiday parades.

Once again. Happy New Year. Ann

12-31-2007, 02:08 PM
Happy New Year Everybody.........:welcome3: SUZ, I live in Winnipeg too, and Trudy is a very dear close friend of mine. We live quite close to each other which is nice. I have one son/dil (lovely sweet girl) and a GS 14 yrs old and a GD 12 year old. My David who I miss so much died of cancer on May 8th, 2006 so I am on my own. I kept our house and I now have a little dog Patches that shares it with me. I had Christmas Eve at my place with my family and my brother's family amd we had a wonderful time. On Christmas day I went to my son/dil place. The two of them worked together and prepared a great turkey dinner with all the extra's that I think I now have stuck to my tummy. I leave for Maui next Monday and was hoping I would have lost more weight. I started off with a bang and then nothing seemed to be moving GRRR. On the brighter side, I weigh less this year going to Maui then I did last year (well a little less).:):) It's so nice to hear of all these little babies being born. Congrats to all the grandparents. :carrot:I get home from Maui on Jan 27th and leave for South Padre Island on Feb 1st until March 3rd. I will be taking my laptop with me on holidays.
I would like to wish each of you a very Happy New Year and hope that 2008 is kind to all of you. I wish you good health, love and happiness. :newyear:

01-02-2008, 04:53 PM
Today is my first day back at work and it isn't bad. Leon and I so enjoyed being off, but wow, were we lazy! That is mainly because it was just so darned cold all the time, but we really caught up on all the discovery channel presentations of animal shows. That seems to be our passion anymore.

We like all of you had a pretty wonderful Christmas. Our middle son Kyle, his wife and two sons came on Saturday before and left on Christmas morning. Our other sons came on Christmas Eve and we ate and ate and ate. Kyle paid a man here in our development to play Santa Claus and he was a huge hit with all of us actually and the little kids most of all. We opened presents and laughed and laughed. Our GD and her little boy (1 month) came too. Altogether we had 15 people with GD's husband unable to make it. It was pretty much chaos, but the kids were so good. You know what that is like...when everything is fun and funny?

Anyway, I was doing pretty well in the eating department until that day and the next week is pretty much a blur of food. We went to my sister's son's house for Christmas Day and the whole following week was just a food frenzy. Today is the first day of my eating program. I had blood work done and got the results and for the first time I have high cholesterol. I looked at the frozen dinner I eat so much of and realized that they are very high in fat. So, I have to change my way of living, I suppose.

Gloria, your family celebration sounded so much fun. And a whole musical family! Our talents certainly don't run that way. We would make a good audience. And you are so smart about not getting out in ice. My SIL insisted on getting out during our big ice storm, fell, and now will have to have back surgery. Best to just stay in at times.

Slavika, always glad to hear from the Canadians. Trudy, I think you are back on my list. Hopefully. Slavika, I bet you are getting excited about leaving next Monday. Glad you are taking your laptop.

Maria, we are all anxious to hear about the girls' meeting. I bet they loved each other right away. And yes, I am just slightly jealous of your warm weather. It has been so cold here. Oklahoma has called on the federal government seven times in 2007 for various disasters. That is a record that I hope we don't match this year.

Peggy, I too am adopting your slogan. This should be a good year for us all.

Here is a New Year's toast to us all - to stay healthy, active and become better and better!

01-03-2008, 02:32 AM
Onto the next thread all....