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11-29-2007, 12:59 PM
Hello and :welcome2:to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. :gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

11-29-2007, 01:04 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

Third times a charm. LOL Started this 2 times before and lost it in cyberspace some where. So here goes again on the new thread.

Cristina - Hello there. Hope you have a nice day.

Jules - Tai Chi is coming along. I felt something in my knee while doing it last night so will give it a rest today. DH wants to go do some shopping today so I'll be doing a lot of walking so will make that my exercise for today. I enjoyed the pics of your office. Decorations are beautiful... loved all the snowmen.

Mindee - You made me think I might should make a Contract with myself. Good luck!!!

Jane - I am trying to get some length to my hair... not much just a tad and will have to go for a trim before Christmas. I get mine highlighted about every 2 or 3 months. That way no one knows what is really grey and what isn't. I don't mind being 64... just don't want to look it.

Marti - Sorry your not sleeping. Maybe it is just getting back into the work routine after your vacation. Hope you get your much needed rest this week end.

Hope everybody has a really good & OP day!!!


11-29-2007, 04:58 PM
Hello ladies...

TRISH...I hate when that happens, and it's happened lots to me in the past! Where do you suppose all those lost posts go? :lol: Hoping all is well with you today!

MARTI...wonder why you can't get some deep sleep. Hope it happens soon for ya...nothing worse than not sleeping good. WTG with keeping up with your walking.

JANE...hope your hair turned out nice today! I am needing a trim myself...think I will just do it myself again. I've done it myself the last two times...just can't find someone I trust to do it.

MINDEE...I'll have to check that out and see what it is about, even though I am not an Oprah watcher. Hope the kids are well today, as are you and Tommy.

MS SASSY...whacha up too lady?

TAMMY...hope you are enjoying New York for me!

MARYKATE...I was thinking of you and Eric today. When will he be headed to the awful least it's not Baghdad. Josh isn't sure where he will end up. Was supposed to go to Afghanistan last he heard but who knows. That extension messed that schedule up so...hugs to you and Eric.

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Got my grocery shopping done as well as some other errands. I was up early, but not as early as I planned. Go tin the 2 mile WATP before leaving though, and did my 25 mintues weights and bike. Will do the 2 mile WATP again today after Jeopardy and that will give me 85 mns. close enough to 90 mns. Water and food are good.

Have a good day ladies!

11-29-2007, 09:05 PM
Good Evening Everybody,

Cristina - I have often wondered that myself. Are those lost posts just floating out in space some where?

Got our shopping for this week done. Went out to eat. Could have stayed OP pretty much, but I didn't. I'm just not doing good with my eating to follow any specific diet. Perhaps with the way I am feeling right now I should just try to eat when I am hungry and don't eat when I'm not and see what happens.

Signing off for tonight & see y'all tomorrow.


da fat n da furious
11-30-2007, 12:09 AM
Good evening all,
1 more day till the weekend!

Jules, your office looks so much like my old job place. I will have to take pictures of my office after I decorate it. From what I gather I can do what I want since I did do what I wanted with Halloween...

Jane,,,arghhh I haven't dug out all the decorating,,,its such a big job,,,*do you hear the whine?
Im so close to being finished with shopping,,,just Monte's now. And our neighbours,,,usually those are GC. And of course Monte's birthday also. We aren't going to Sylvan this year...our old neighbours are upset,,,we have spent Christmas eve with them for 14 years,,,except that one time they went to Thailand.

I struggled this week,,,had a flat tire,,,weather turned nasty cold,,,lots of accidents due to the icy roads...I drive to work when its dark,,,and drive home when its dark. I was offered a job,,,and really want to take it but I just can't do the commute.
The weather is going to be -18 C, (which I did the conversion at its -.04F )...
this weekend.
Next Christmas party is on the 8th,,,still not sure what Im going to wear. I have that fashion show that day,,,so my hair and makeup will be done.

Well I should get to bed,,,,
night all
anyone watch Survivor?

11-30-2007, 02:58 AM
hello is every one doing?

I am looking into taking some classes either online or at a local campus for something in the medical field. As it looks right now, the job that Tommy has will hold us over until the new year, and then he is going to look for a better paying job. I wanted to go to college after graduating almost 8 years, but we moved in together and in the process of moving the registration date came and now is as good a time as ever, right?

Jane~ Tommy had mentioned to me while we were eating dinner on Wednesday night about how he heard about a lady who lost over 500 pounds and was curious about it. I explained to him about the show, and he said "did you see it?" I told him that I hadn't but I would watch it again when they reshow it.

Trish~ Thanks for the good luck! How did the making a contract with yourself work out for you?

Cristina~ The kids are doing well! Marissa was calling "mom" from her bed because she didn't want to go to bed! It was so cute!

just curious is any body has any interesting thigh work outs? I have been doing squats, which are suppose to help that area, but I am looking for other options.

11-30-2007, 09:43 AM
Adios to November!

Trish - my stylist (married my nephew) fixed my hair a little different this time, and I really like it. She doesn't do highlights, or I'd have those done. I think they look so nice on others. There's a diet based on what you were talking about. It's called Intuitive Eating. Sounds like it might be right for you. Not for me, though. I can't be trusted to stop when I'm no longer hungry. :o

Cristina - I didn't know you cut your own hair. It always looks very nice in the photos you've shared. You are a real inspiration with the exercise you do. When will you know where Josh is going?

Angie - well, duh, I thought the fashion show was over already! Are you looking forward to it? Neal's b/d is the 10th of Dec. He and I just give each other money for our birthdays. Not very personal, but fun to spend, lol. Why aren't you going to Sylvan this year?

Mindee - I hope you do get to take some classes. Anything in the medical field would be a good career, since all the baby boomers are getting old and need medical attention. Should be lots and lots of jobs available when you're finished with the classes. For your thighs, here's an exercise we used to do in high school. Lay on the floor, on your left side. Keep your legs in line with your torso. Lift your right leg up, as high as you can, w/o bending your knee. Point your toes toward your head, and feel the thigh muscles pull. (Point your toes away from your face to work your calf muscles.) Do as many of these as you can, then turn to the other side, and work the other leg. Do them every other day, and increase your repetitions a few each week. (As a moderator, I have to add this disclaimer - See your own doctor for physical/medical advice.)

Hello to all others. :wave:

Today I'm having lunch with niece Carol and DGD Caylin. (Wendy's small chili and oranges - 5 points) Then I'll take Caylin and visit ex-mil in the nursing home. Her therapy is going well, and I think she'll be home by Christmas. After that, we're going to buy groceries. It's cold outside, but sunny.

Food has been good. I'm hoping to at least lose the pound that I gained over T'giving when I get weighed in the morning. :crossed:

Have a good one!

11-30-2007, 12:56 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

Well today is WI day. Not bad, 146.6 lbs. So I'm PLEASED with that. Up by only .2 . Getting back on track and staying OP makes a HUGE difference. I usually lose my mind and think I can eat it all during the holidays and then think that I can get back to working out AFTER the holidays. :dizzy:

One thing I have cut back on are my lattes. Used to make them everyday (including weekends) Now I make them on M/W/F one week and T/Th the next week. Not the weekends. We'll see how that works.

Jane--Have a lovely time today w/the girls. My girl is bringing her friend again for one night. We're doing some shopping tomorrow. Should be fun. Can you believe today is the last day?? December will be here and then Christmas! I haven't even really started my shopping!!

Mindee--There are all kinds of thigh work outs out there. One I like is this workout thats on Exercise TV. If you don't have that here is a link to the one I do.
It's not long and boy do you feel it the next day! Do it everyday and you'll see results I'm sure.

Angie--How far is Sylvan to where you're at now? And are these old neighbors family? They should be able to understand that as the boys get older, that it gets harder to get together. My family is still trying to figure out which weekend we're going to celebrate together. They better figure it out soon.

Trish--I'm not sure what my problem is lately. But I do hope that I get caught up this weekend. Not sure how that'll work w/two 13 yr old girls giggling all night! :D

Cristina--You're doing fabulous w/your workouts. And you do such a variety too. Keep up the great work, you're inspiring us all.

Jules--Your office looks great! I need to decorate my cubicle. Not sure w/what yet since we're limited. But the girls do want stocking hung up so we may do that.

Tammy--Hope you're having fun in the Big Apple! Come back and share what fun you had!

Sue--Did you give your mama a hug for me? She is just so darn cute and reminds me so much of my late great grandma. How is she doing? Feeling any better?

Sassy--Where are ya and how are you doing? Pop back in and give us an update ok.

Anita--How are you doing?

Kelton--How was Thanksgiving w/the little one? Bet she had so much fun!

MaryKate--Hugs to you. :hug: Please keep us update on how you and the family doing with Eric leaving. Has he gone yet or will he be home for Christmas?

Everyone else that I may have missed....hugs to you!

I need to get this day started and over with. This week just flew for me and I'm not liking that. Why must time fly???

You all have a great Friday and I'll check back in soon.


11-30-2007, 01:12 PM
Happy Friday, Ladies!

JANE...yeppers, in between finding someone to cut my hair I just do it myself, lol. Did she just fix it different or cut it different? Glad you like it. Josh doesn't know where he's going as of yet, hoping he will find out soon. He thinks he is going to have to go back to Iraq. He'll be home for Christmas and then head back to Hawaii, hoping. He doesn't know any dates yet so can't make any reservations and he may not even be able to get a flight home! Hope you have a good lunch/day!

MINDEE...I agree, anything in the medical filed would be good, always in demand! Josh's GF went to school to be a radiologist and decided that wasn't what she wanted to do and will be starting nursing school in Jan. is never too late to go back to school! Glad the kids are well, and as cute as can be!

TRISH...I can't follow a specific diet either. That's why I love WW! I'm not following it now but it's the only program that ever worked because I have to eat what I want. And that is what I am doing now, I eat what I want but watch my portions. Of course I didn't over Thanksgiving, lol. Gained two stinking pounds! Just kind of went astray and didn't care what I ate and didn't get any water or exercise for 4 days, ugh! I am back on track though. But I have never been able to follow a specific plan for more than two weeks I swear. I think we all just have to find what works for us and go with it.

Hello to everyone else! :wave:

Today is a laid back day for me. Just going to get my exercise in, aiming for 5 miles, and get some laundry done and gift wrapping. Got a good start on my shopping. Don't have many to buy for so it's pretty easy. Especially for DD, all she wants is the amount we spend on them in a gift card for amazon so she can buy books. I always get her a couple of other things too...just feel like she needs something to open. Anyway...

Have a GREAT day!

11-30-2007, 01:19 PM
HIYA MARTI!Thanks! I am working my butt off but I was a slacker during THANKSGIVING. It's hard when V is home and all we do is run around. You end up eating out and I didn't make good choices at all. Didn't even want to exercise either but thought I am NOT going to let anything mess this up...gotta keep going. I don't normally get on the scales except once a week but sometimes I do to makes sure I am doing well. I did today and one of the two pounds gained is gone! So hoping the other is by WI next Tuesday! :crossed: I'm goin gto make sure I don't gain during Chrismtas! Hey, .2 is not bad at all! So WTG to you! You'll have that off in no time, and then some! Have a good day!

11-30-2007, 01:36 PM
Hello Ladies!!!

Jane - Thanks for telling me about Intuitive Eating. I'm checking into it. I even found a group on 3fatchicks. I looked it up on line and will print out the info on it. I think that might work for me. I was thin the first 22 years of my life because I only ate if and when I was hungry. I know people mean well, but I actually learned to eat "normal" 3 meals and gained weight. I just can't eat ALL the food people say you have to eat and be thin. I'm going to try it.

Cristina - Thanks for sharing. I have gained weight doing WW, SBD and Atkins. Had a doctor put me on a diet one time and told him and my DH that it was too much food for me. Sure enough I gained on it and the doctor accused me of cheating. I went home in tears because I had followed it to the letter. Remember my skinny SIL saying to me "I would gain weight if I ate all that food". I agree with you. We all have to learn what works for us.

Marti - Good luck trying to sleep with 2 13 year olds. I think you will be fighting a losing battle there. LOL

Hi to everyone else and hope we all will have a good day.


11-30-2007, 07:36 PM
Trish--I agree with finding what works for you--if there was a one size fits all diet that worked for everyone--we would ALL be skinny!! You can tell by this website with all the different things working for different people that there is something for everyone--I haven't found what works for me yet....I do know that if I drink 8-10 glasses of water I do better

Cristina--I agree with Jane--you do a great job on your hair. I do my own color but found a lady who has cut my hair for over 10 years--I love what she does!!

Marti--we ended up all red and green last year and hung stockings--one of the ladies put little blurbs by everyone's saying what they "wanted" for Christmas--it was really funny...

Jane--hope lunch was fun and good luck with that pesky pound!!

Mindee--there is a local program through Social Services that will py to send people to school for short term things--I believe one of them is medical transcription...a friend of Teri's is taking it and almost is finished her certification and they help with placement too. I say it never hurts to get education.

Ang--I am the supervisor so I really don't have to ask anyone. We have a really fun bunch!! I don't know how we will top this year.....

Teri is beginning to dilate and the baby is in the right position!! She has gained a total of 18 pounds and is measuring perfect. The doctor she saw to day commented on how great she looks!! We returned a bunch of stuff and got other stuff...she is really kicking in with the "nesting" She emptied a drawer for the baby towels, wash cloths and bath & lotions and she put all her bottles and such in the kitchen. I have some more stuff to wash up for her but she is so excited....and ready....

Ryan is considering moving to Eugene Oregon...he wants to wait and make sure everything is set with Teri and he wants to go back to Philadelphia with me in April for his bday (we are going to spend the night this time!!) If everything is set he will go by the end of April for a visit and if her likes it he is staying....You girls out Oregon way will have to check up on him for me!!

11-30-2007, 08:08 PM
Good Evening ALL

Jules - Looks like we're going to be getting great news of that GB being born soon. Prayers coming your way that everything will go easy for Teri.

I think I found what I am looking for with the Intuitive Eating. I ordered the book from Amazon and will get it some time next week. I have already eaten less today than usual. Went shopping with DH to get his candy he keeps on hand. Decided I could have some, but now that I am free to have it if I want it guess what? I don't want it. I usually love Christmas candy and I saw it, but it didn't even tempt me. Go figure. I met a lady on another group on 3fatchicks that does IE. She said she's lost weight doing this and probably would be at goal already if she would stick to IE and quit dieting from time to time. So thanks Jane for telling me about this. I will keep y'all up on how it works out for me.


11-30-2007, 10:32 PM
Quick fly by...Hello and Happy December to you all. I haven't decorated yet, but plan to get things down from storage tomorrow and see what I need to buy. Maybe a new tree....
It is darn cold here, but I walked a mile today. Going to have to step it up if I want it to do any good. Wish I had my treadmill back. :(
Went to a Festival of Trees last night at which my DGD sang with her show choir from school. Very good show with 6 schools present. The decorated trees were lovely and one sold for $2500.
Feeling a little achy and grumpy...hope tomorrow is better.

I will do indies this week-end. Keep using all of my computer time on realtor sites....looking for a vacation condo again.

12-01-2007, 12:12 AM
Hi All,

I'm still here and alive. lol. Just been busy with work and stress of everyday life. lol. I haven't been a very "good" girl lately, "diet wise". So I just haven't been around, I know you all have your own busy lives and stresses! lol.

The Holiday for me won't be much of a holiday really. I guess that is a bad attitude, but its how I feel. I may as well just volunteer to work it, we could use the extra $$ anyways. lol.

Boy I'm just a ray of sunshine, aren't I? lmao. Oh my mom did get her Doppler Study Done, they said there was nothing critical, they say they would have told her if it was. But she has to wait 3 weeks for the results. So we're keeping our fingers crossed :crossed: that everything comes back okay.

My mom gets off the 1st week in Dec. She may come up on that weekend, we'll have to wait and see though. Kinda low on the fundage and we all know how expensive gas is and we have to go and get her and take her home and she doesn't exactly live right next door. lol. But DH says he thinks it would be good for the both of us for her to come up because she has been stressed too. So we'll see.

Well I won't bore you any longer. lol.

I hope you all are doing well!


12-01-2007, 02:16 AM
Evening Ladies! :wave:

I'm getting ready to walk and I'm dragging feet. BUT...if I want to feel good and not have to struggle w/this unwanted extra pounds.....then by golly I better get moving! :D

Jules--Eugene OR? That's like a skip and a hop away from me! (like 10-15min drive) I think he'd like it, but then, I'm partial to Oregon. :D If he decides to move and you decide to must call me up.

Cristina--5 miles!? Wow girl....I'm a 2 miles gal and that's about it. Unless I'm deep into a book and then it's almost 3. You're doing so good!! Proud of ya!

Trish--The girls are watching a movie right me a chance to concentrate on my walk. My DD is looking pretty down and is refusing to talk about it. I'm thinking there are some kind of boy issue going on....or possibly a friend issue...eventually she may tell me, usually does.

Sue--They had a Festival of Tree's here too, the week of Thanksgiving. Our company had one, it was gorgeous. I should find out how much it sold for. I would never buy a tree for that outrageous! But the proceeds go to something...just not sure where.

Sassy--My dear friend....don't ever feel like you have to hesitate posting w/us if you feel like you haven't been a "good girl" eating wise. We're not all perfect and we all have our times. And....we're here for you! Post away ok! :hug:

Hello's :wave: and Hugs :hug: to the rest of you ladies!

Well, if I want to get my walk in, I better get moving. :running:

Have a good weekend.

da fat n da furious
12-01-2007, 02:37 AM
Marti,,,I love them lattes too. Only have 1 per week,,,and some times I can resist them even then. You are doing good,,,before you know it,,,you will be at goal weight. My boys are the same,,,be all down,,,and if you just hold out a bit they will talk. Usually car rides do it....

Jane, its so dang cold here,,,even worse then I orginally thought,,,its gonna be -30 with wind chill. Which is -22F ccccold.
Tomorrow I will put my tree and decorations up....then heading over to do christmas cards! I don't know what to get Monte,,,someon suggested boots,,,dressy boots. Strange idea I thought. I wouldn't want Monte shopping for boots for me.

Jules,,,soooo she could have him any time? Exciting.

well heading to bed,,,wayyy too late for me,
night all

12-01-2007, 04:36 AM
hello ladies.....nothing new on this end....just quickly passing through here to get my email checked and then some!

Jane~ In doing that exercise, is the point to try and lift both legs using the bottom leg?

Marti~ Thanks for that link, I will have to save it and scour the other exercises on it!

Jules~ Thanks for that information. I will have to look into it in our area. I think I remember seeing something somewhere along those lines. I was reading one of the sites for campus options and they said that there will be a shortage in 2012 or something like that, so right now nurses are in high demand.

Cristina~ Thanks for the words of encouragement. I have been checking into classes here and there, but haven't mentioned to Tommy yet that I have been doing it. I have been looking for a place that has online classes and there is one option that a friend of ours is using right now to get her phlebotomy degree. I tried to get information the other day but for some reason it wasn't working right. Our friend is I think three or so classes away from the end of this semester, so it wouldn't hurt to check into. I had gotten a full ride scholarship when I graduated and have regretted not being able to use it and get into a steady career. (not saying that I don't like being a mom.....I love being a mom)

12-01-2007, 07:42 AM
Good Morning Ladies

Can't remember when I woke up this early. Couldn't sleep and woke up hungry for grapefruit this morning. Then realized that the reason my body feels so bad is that on SBD I wasn't allowed fruit and my body is too acidic. What a change... craving something good for me. LOL

Well this is one of those mornings I am quickly passing through here. We have a busy day ahead. DH and I are going with friends and take a drive to the north Charlotte area just to get out and be together. They like to go to malls and flea markets and want to go out to eat at Cracker Barrel. So I will catch y'all later.

Have a nice day!!!


12-01-2007, 09:38 AM
Woohoo, it's December!

Marti - your .2 could be water retention from TOM. Did Jhanai talk to you about what's bothering her? I know you have a close relationship, so I bet she will, sooner or later, if she hasn't already. Thirteen is such a rocky age, all highs and lows.

Cristina - well, she fixed my hair differently, but since I have no artistic ability whatsoever, I can't seem to get it to do the same thing. So I'm back where I started, lol. Josh might go back to Iraq? That's not right! He already did his tour there!!! Can we write someone and complain?

Trish - I meant to tell you about the 3fc IE forum. Hope you had fun today in Charlotte. Have you read the new Rhett Butler book? Did we already talk about this, lol? I know I mentioned it to Cristina. It's pretty good. Not GWTW, but still good.

Jules - oh my gosh, little Dominick will be here before you know it. Have you noticed, most women's nose and face will swell a day or two before birth?

Sue - the Festival sounds so nice. Hope you're feeling better today, or we'll tickle the grumpy right outta you! teehee

Sassy - oh hon, we want you to succeed, but don't think less of you when you aren't OP. Do you think less of me when I'm struggling? I don't think so. If you never lose any weight at all, we still love you, and want you to post because we do love you. :hug: Please don't stay away for any reason, let alone because of that, ok? Each of us here is in the same boat. And we know how hard it is, that's why we're called the Jaded Ladies. We've been down this road many, many times. So please, I miss you when you are gone, and want you to visit every day. That goes for all the Jaded Ladies! Remember the Jaded Lady motto: What you weigh is NOT who you are!

Angie - after everything I said to Sassy, I just have to say how happy I am that you're back. :hug: Now, if we could just get Mary Kate to post more! About shopping - men are so hard to buy for! But when I was in Chicago, at the MM Water Tower mall, the Sharper Image store had this weather station that Neal will just love. It was a little spendy, so that, and a CSI jigsaw puzzle is all he's getting. He taught Earth Science, and is a geomorphologist, so I feel sure he'll love it.

Mindee - no, just do the top leg. You'll do the other leg when you roll over. If you're doing it right, you can feel the muscles pull. Be sure and skip a day in between, though. Also, when you're doing exercises, you really should eat a little more protein for the repair of the muscles, especially once you really get going. Again, I have to say I'm not a doc, or I'll get in trouble, lol.

Tammy - let us know all about your trip! Share pictures if you can, ok?

Kelton, MaryKate, Anita - we miss you, please post. :yes:

My good weigh in news is that I'm down 2.5 pounds! :carrot: I feel so good about that, since I gained 1 last week.

Today is going to be busy with family and then a concert in Evansville. Some of you may remember the group Gary Puckett and the Union Gap? That's who we're seeing, with DS Terry and Gina. I used to rock Terry to sleep to the 8-track. Now I have the CD, and have rocked Jackson to sleep to it.

Have a good one, ladies. :hug:

12-01-2007, 11:43 AM
Just a quick fly by for now...busy day today.

HI and bye :wave: Have a good day!

12-01-2007, 02:49 PM
Hi and bye, Cristina! :)

I'm not sure when I'll be able to log on tomorrow, so I wanted to say this today, just in case:

Happy Birthday, Tammy!
:bday2you: :bday2you: :bday2you:

12-01-2007, 06:26 PM
Happy birthday Tammy!!


Jane--I never noticed the swelling of the face & nose--I will be watching!!

Trish--fruit is definitely a good craving!!

Mindee--good luck to you!!

Angelia--I am so excited..Teri is too!! I thought of you back this summer. I remember you had a coworker that made you miserable--the one that almost made me quit was transferred to another department a few years ago--got another boss that covered her mistakes and fell for all the tears...well this summer she got a new boss. He didn't fall for the tears and several other people had been documenting her mistakes because she has a way of blaming her mistakes on others--he told her that she was not able to stay in her current position since she didn't keep up with the workload and she quit instead of taking a postion with less responsibility that was offered to her. There are several HAPPY people....

Marti--if he is there, I will definitely be coming to visit!! I don't know how I will be able to handle him so far away!! It isn't a done deal at this point, but he is really considering it...

Sassy--don't make the mistake I do and stay away when things get stressful--I have found I am more stressed if I don't come here!!

Lazy kind of day...doing laundry and a few other things...

12-01-2007, 07:08 PM
Hello again...

JANE...WTG on the 2.5 pounds gone! :woohoo: Have fun at the concert.

I hear ya there MINDEE. I don't have any regrets, and definitely have loved, and still love my job as mom but I do wish that I would have gone to college and got a career.

Okay, that was along break, lol. Josh's GF came over so chatted with her for a while. Now I've lost my train of thought. Oh well, always tomorrow

Have a good one! :D

Hi JULES! :wave:

12-01-2007, 08:05 PM
Hi Ladies.

Sorry that I've stayed away. I honestly just did not have much to talk about. lol. Just was working. lol. Not much more to say now and I'm off. lol. But I'll try to do better about checking in at least. ;)

I am so sore ya'all. This weather is just torture for me and I need to clean because my mom may come up next weekend! But I am just sooooo sore! And last time I cleaned anyways when I was sore, I got a pinched nerve out of the deal. lol. UGH. Anybody know where that dang fairy Godmother is when you really need her? lmao!!

I really really dread going back to work...........They just keep piling the work load on...........I am looking to get out. Remember when I told you all about DH's old boss from our college offering him a teaching job? Well he FINALLY got back with him, so DH sent in his resume'. He is just going to do it as an extra job for now, we can really really use that extra money right now. Well I am going to have DH ask him if there is any jobs opened in the office at school. (I don't want to teach!) lol. Then I could work part time at first too and see how it works out before totally leaving where I am now. But I just really really need a change I think. I am just burnt out and with them piling on more work everyday, I am tired of it, plain and simple. We aren't getting paid more for more work and its definitely not worth the stress!

I even told DH I would be willing to go back into working retail if I had too! They would just have to find me a sit down job somewhere! lol.

So hopefully by next year at this time I will have a new job that I love instead of one that causing me even more added stress! I am thankful that I do have a job, because some people do not. But if anybody wants my job, then they are free to come and take it! lol. Just teasin! I am just really fed up is all. I've stayed because of being afraid of change. Stupid, right? lol. Well everything is going to be changing at work anyways, yup even more work for us with no more pay! So that is motivation enough for me to get out now!

I hope you all are doing well and Thank You all for all your kind words and support! Sorry I am not doing Indy's right now, but I will later!

Big Big :hug:

12-01-2007, 10:45 PM
Jane - Congratulations on the 2.5 lbs gone!!! WTG!!! Yes, you mentioned the book and I was going to get it but couldn't find it. Looked at Costco, but didn't have time to look at Wal-Mart. Where did you get yours? Is it a paperback?


12-02-2007, 01:14 AM
SASSY...sorry for the added stress. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get a job you LOVE without the stress! :crossed: :hug:

:hat: :yay: :celebrate: :woo: :bday2: :bday2you: :bday2you: :bday2::woo: :celebrate: :yay: :hat:

Have a good, rest of the weekend!

12-02-2007, 02:34 AM



12-02-2007, 05:29 AM
first things first......HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMY!!!!

Jane~ Thanks for that info! I am going to try them out on Sunday night after Tommy and the kids go to bed. WTG on the 2.5 pounds gone!!!!

Does anybody else have to work out by themselves? I feel weird if Tommy is awake when I work out for some reason. I am okay with the kids being awake.....but the last time I worked out when Brandon was awake, he started doing my exercises right along with me!

just a quick fly by since I really should be in bed. All three kids decided that it would be fun to all wake up at 5am on Saturday morning! And my sleep has been way off base for a while I am going to get things back on track! I need to get more work outs in, eating better options, drinking more water, and getting back onto the sleep schedule I had BEFORE Tommy went onto the night shift some few months ago!

12-02-2007, 10:19 AM
Hiya MINDEE...I do work out by myself and I don't care for V walking in when I am. I will stop or he has to leave the room, lol. But for some reason I don't care if the kids see me...weird. Good for you for getting back on track! :woohoo:

12-02-2007, 12:51 PM
Hi ladies,

Jules - not all women swell right before giving birth, but most do. Their noses and face in general look puffy. By this time next month, it'll all be over and you'll be rocking your grandson. You're going to make such a good grandma.

Cristina - I hear you on the college and career thing! I wish I would've finished college, epecially since I could have finished at half price, since Neal was a prof there. Being home for the kids was great, but a part-time job would have been ideal. Not sure why I didn't do that.

Sassy - yw for the words. :hug: One of these days it will be your turn to get what you want, career-wise. Just hang in there, chicka, ok? :hug:

Trish - I got mine (500 page hardback) at Walmart, but noticed it's not still there. You can go to Amazon right here at 3fc and order one. The name is Rhett Butler's People, and the author is Donald McCaig. I'm almost to the end, and don't want it to be over!

Mindee - I don't like any other adult watching me exercise. It's just too embarrassing with all the jiggly parts I have, lol. Plus, I can't keep up with the video at times, so I march in place instead, for awhile. My dog Molly watches me, and I'm waiting for her to roll her eyes one of these days, lol.

Tammy - hope you're being spoiled today.

The concert last night was fun, but crowded. We got in line early, so we had great seats. I had a couple of amaretto sours for the first time. Kind of sweet, but good!

Today I'm going to finish my book, and not sure what else. Have a good one, ladies!

12-02-2007, 01:38 PM
:balloons::bday2you: Happy Birthday Tammy :balloons: :bday2you:

We have a wind storm going on outside so I'm going to get off the computer....not sure how long the power will stay on....usually goes out during this!

Will check back in later tonight.

Oh....before I go, anyone see previews for the mini series "Tin Man?" Its on Sci Fi and it looks pretty cool.....

off I go.....I'll try to be back later..............

12-02-2007, 03:42 PM
Hi Ladies

I can't believe it is December already. I'm wondering where 2007 went as it has gone by so fast.

Jane - DH and I found the book online at Costco and he ordered it for me. He is giving it to me for Christmas. I usually read Christian books and have a few of those already wrapped to Christmas. I know there are other good books out there that I would love to read but never know what they are so or won't buy theen afraid I won't like it and my money will be wasted.

Marti - Hope your DD will open up to you so you can help her. I was always close to my Mama and felt she was my best friend. It is great when you have that kind of relationship with your children. Hope you don't lose power and you stay safe.

Mindee - I hate exercising in front DH. I wait until he is on his computer in the other room before I do them except for when I ride stationary bike. I am like Jane... I don't like any one seeing all this jiggling going on. I guess that is why going to a gym wouldn't work for me. I would love to do water exercising, but I won't wear a bathing suit... don't wear shorts etc. Just me.

Sassy - You have the cutest way of saying things. Had me laughing with your "where's the fairy Godmother when you need her" I have often wondered that myself. Glad you and I are both here.

Sorry if I missed anyone. I hope everyone has a really good day. I've got to get up from here and cook dinner for DH.


12-02-2007, 05:23 PM
hello are you all doing?

It is nice to know that I am not the only one that doesn't like other adults watching me work out! The cat will watch me work out and that is fine......half the time she attacks my feet or hands while I am working out.

I have a work out DVD that I got for a dollar at Wal-Mart some time ago, and I still have yet to watch I might as well as bite the bullet and get it over with!

I am on my way to try and figure out how to send a photo card online to the family and friends that we have email address for.

12-02-2007, 07:16 PM
Hey All.

:bday2you: Happy Birthday, Tammy! :bday2:

Wow I can't believe it and I may be jinxing myself but for now at least I am not in any pain! :woohoo: lol.

TY all once more, you are just truly great and awesome Chicks! ;)

Mindee -- I don't exercise in front of my DH, whenever I do exercise that is. lol. But we used to take walks together. We should really start doing that again. My cat attacks my feet too! lol.

Jane -- Glad you had fun at the Concert. I remember hearing that name, but I can't remember them or what they sing. lol. I'm sure my mom listened/listens to them.

Marti -- Hope your power stays on!

Hey Jules, Michelle, Mary Kate, and anybody else out there! :wave:

Have a Wonderful rest of your Sunday! Tomorrow night is back to work........Yippee. lol. But we should be really slow. The closer we get to Christmas, the slower we get. Although I guess we could be really busy, people trying to get everything done BEFORE the holidays.........Either way, just want my week to fly by very quickly! lol. I still have not heard anything about Christmas, if I am off yet or not. If I'm not, I'm not sweating it, we can use the extra money and DH said if I have to work, he will work too. Now that is true love! :love: lol.

Fairy Godmother did not show up either! lol. So I had to clean up all by myself! lol. But I still have more to do before my mother comes, if she still comes next weekend. I don't want her to have to do anything and if she sees something that needs to be cleaned, she will clean it. lol. And I don't mind it, but I don't want her doing it. I want her to relax. But my mother actually enjoys cleaning. lmao. See why I want her to live with us? lol. Just Teasing. We want her to live with us so she doesn't have to stress about money, plus to have her here with us.

Well I am hungry so I better go rustle up some grub! Saying that reminds me of that new show, "Girl Meets Cowboy". Do any of you watch it? It was on one night and now DH & I are both hooked! lol. Lots of good looking Cowboys on it! Its on Monday's beginning around 4 pm on the Women's Entertainment Channel (WE), so check it out girls! lol. My DH keeps saying there should be a a (ME) channel, Mens Entertainment. I said, "Hello, you guys have ESPN!" lmao!

Have a Great Evening All!


12-02-2007, 10:50 PM
Evening ladies- Boy, talk about wind, it is really fierce here right now. We had a warmer day, rainy, but not cold. Now the wind!
I actually rode 2 miles on the bike and was OP today. Now if I don't go raid the kitchen before bedtime I will be okay.
I was able to get all the Christmas goodies out of the attic, but want to go tomorrow and look for a new tree. One pre-lit. Then I don't know what I will do with about 8 strands of lights. LOL

Tammy- Happy Birthday and I hope it was a great one. (I am always late)

Mindee- I don't work out in front of my DH either except for the WATP tapes. Then he looks at me like I am crazy. LOL Oh well, he knows that I AM crazy.

Jane- Wow, good concert I bet. I, of course, know exactly who you are talking about. Is it still the original group? Hey, if you like amaretto, try it with orange juice. Not near as sweet but tasty. Congrats on the are doing so well.

Jules- Not too long till it will be "rockin' time" at your house. I am so excited for you.

Patty- You sound like me about the water exercise. I haven't worn a bathing suit since, ahhhh, well, I don't remember when. But I would like to do water aerobics.

Sassy- Good luck on getting the cleaning done. I hope your Mom comes for a visit and decides to live with you. It would be nice company for her and for you. If my Mom wasn't here I would be lonely when DH is in his shop all day and half the night.

Marti- Hope your power doesn't go out. The way our wind sounds we might have the same problem. Tomorrow the temp. is going to drop big time.

Cristina- Sounds like you are developing a good relationship with Josh's gf. Did you say she has children? How old are they? I might agree though about not getting too close in case it doesn't work out. But then, I wouldn't know because I have never had the chance to get close to DS's gf's. The one he was engaged to I liked a lot, but she moved to CA and then they broke up. LOL

DS got me Netflix so we have been watching movies this week. Good thing since there is nothing on t.v. Today we watched Pursuit to Happyness. It was good. Jaden Smith is a little cutie. Last night we watched Wild Hoggs and it was funny, but not as good as I expected. I am trying to get movies DH might like, but have several chick flicks in my queue.

Hello to any one I might have missed and hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.

12-03-2007, 01:51 AM
Sassy~ I don't work out in front of my hubby because he has a lifetime membership to a gym here in MI, so I made the mistake of working out in front of him one time. BIG mistake! He watched what I did and then went on to let me know what I was doing wrong and the proper way to do things. I appreciate it and all.......BUT let me do things my way......I even get off the wall measurements because he will help me with my measuring and then he won't pull the measuring tape tight enough.

Sue~ I haven't seen the Pursuit of Happiness....but I have seen Wild Hogs. I liked it.....but then again I live in a house of Harley lovers, so it was pretty much a given for me!

I am off to do my exercises now that every body is in bed!

12-03-2007, 03:59 AM
Evening ladies...

Boy it's windy here! The power did go out for 3 hrs earlier today. Only our block! I can look across the street and see lights and tv's on! Figures eh? :lol:

During the outage, my hubby aired up my poor old exercise ball. Then, I asked him for some tips to strengthen my upper body. I proceeded to lift weights while he showed me the proper way to do them. (While trying to stay balanced on the ball) It was nice having him do this for me. When we used to go to the gym together, I was always behind him doing the exact some machine, just lower weights. But that's been years and I just don't remember it all.

He's going to print out a workout routine for me to do at home until I figure out if I want to join the gym. (money....his gym membership is free through work) He knows my goals and wants to help if he's able without pushing me. I need to keep up w/the cardio, but I really need to start toning some of the flabby muscle.

Wow....I can really hear the wind outside going nuts, I think I'm going to go ahead and shut down the computer again, just in case. I thought I would have time to do personals, but w/this crazy weather, I better wait.

You all have a great Monday tomorrow! I'm off to bed!

12-03-2007, 04:15 AM
Marti~ That is great that James is helping you! Did the power go out anymore since the one time?

we are suppose to be getting some more snow over I think I am going to go ahead and head to bed! I have already done my exercises.....but I have narrowed down my three problem turkey neck under the arm, my waist, and my thighs. that I have those areas in my target....I am going to do all I can to get them to match the rest of the body.

12-03-2007, 06:33 AM
Hi Girls.

We have wind here too. They say on tv that it feels like 14 outside. But so far our power has stayed on. :hug: Marti.

Well I think I have another bug. I swear work has to be like the breeding grounds for all the germs known to man! lol. By the time you get over one bug, another one is going around! Its like non-stop bugs! lol.

So I didn't do any cleaning and I honestly just don't care. I took a shower and watched tv and that is the extent of what I've done today. I even just ate crackers because they were the only thing that sounded good and I wouldn't have to clean up afterwards! lol.

Anywho. Back to work tonight (Monday) Yippee.......I'm so thrilled. lol.

Well everybody take care.


12-03-2007, 01:19 PM
Good morning ladies,

Marti - I saw the previews for Tin Man. Looks pretty interesting, and is a cool concept.

Trish - I think you'd like the Debbie McComber books that are kind of linked together. The Shop on Blosson Street, A Good Yarn, and Back on Blossom Street are about a gal that opens a yarn shop, her customers, etc. The last one I mentioned isn't in paperback yet, but the other two are.

Mindee - yay for you doing your exercises!

Sassy - I hope your mom does decide to come and live with you, and we knew you were kidding about her doing the cleaning. But is she lives there, it would give her something to do during the day, and help keep her busy. She might want to cook, too. Heyyyyyyy...... tell her I have an extra room, lol.

Sue - ty for the kind words. Gary Puckett was solo, and I got some great shots. If I think of it, I'll post one for you. And Trish - I bet she'd like to see it, too. He has to be around 60 -65, don't you think, since he was famous by 1968. Amaretto and oj? I'll give it a try. I'd never had amaretto before Saturday night, when I tasted Gina's drink, lol.

Hello all others. :wave:

I got the bills paid - mostly online. Love the convenience of that! Now I have most of the day to work on a gift project for my scrapbook friends that are coming for dinner next week. I plan to do a "Let go and Let God" saying on layered papers, and frame it to hang.

Food is good, water is good. Exercise is ok.


12-03-2007, 01:31 PM
Here's a photo of Gary Puckett taken at the Evansville concert Saturday night, for anyone that remembers Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. In the 60's and 70's they did Young Girl, Lady Willpower, Woman Woman, This Girl Is a Woman Now, Over You, etc. Btw, he seemed genuinely nice. The place was packed, but we had real good seats.

12-03-2007, 01:35 PM
I just did an extremely long post thanking everyone for the b-day wishs, individuals and talking about my NYC trip and lost it on the last paragraph due to the wind storm that we are having. :(:(:(:(:(:mad::mad::mad: Knocked the power out for a nanosecond!!

I'll wait till a little later and try to redo. Gotta get to the grocery store.

12-03-2007, 02:38 PM
Hello ladies...

Nothing much going on today. Slept late and still feel sleepy, lol. Feeling a little run down and I hope I am not coming down with a cold, last thing I want right now.

Getting some laundry done today and had some errands to run. Had to go get more Christmas stamps and mailed round one of Christmas cards. Round one is all my military mom friends and MACS (Maka A Child Smile kids). Ran to Hallmark to pick up a some cards, almost forgot my niece's BD on Christmas Eve, and needed some Christmas Eve scented t-lites....sooo good! Had to pick up Barry Manilow's Christmas CD...I love Barry Manilow, lol. Anyway...

Hi to everyone...:wave:

Have a GREAT Monday!

12-03-2007, 05:37 PM

Jane - Thanks for the names of the books. I will look for them. You know I remembered Gary Puckett when I saw his picture, but at the moment I can't remember the songs. I'm sure I have his music on CD so I'll have to pull it up and listen to them. You know how we were back then, we had to have all of the popular songs on hand. I paid bills this morning too. I don't pay online yet. My sister does and DH's BIL does. Hubby had someone used his credit card a couple of years ago to purchase a $3000 computer. So I'm not ready to trust using my bank online.

Well, this day 4 of Entuitive Eating and I am settling down with eating and enjoying it. I think I over did it the first few days, but I think that was normal. I heard you might gain at first and I am up some, but now that my appetite is changing and I'm not eating unless I'm hungry and I am adjusting to the idea that nothing is limited or forbidden, I think it is going to work for me. I'll let y'all know how I'm doing as I go along.

I know I missed a lot of you. Got software this morning to hopefully correct some things on my laptop. DH got me a laptop for Christmas which he let me have early. Good thing. If he can't fix it, we'll have to send it back and to shop to get me another. It won't let us access anything in My Documents. Company says we have to reload all software. He'll have to call them now and have them walk him through how to do all this. So I will catch up with all of you later.


12-03-2007, 10:12 PM
The wind is still knocking our power out hear and there. Don't want to risk a long post at this time. Besides, I don't like to post at the end of a thread. See ya tomorrow nite!!! Hugs!!

12-03-2007, 11:00 PM
Tammy- Hope your power doesn't go out and stay out.
I was awakened last night by fierce winds and while still awake I heard a loud thud. Looked around the house and didn't see anything amiss. Then noticed a police car over on the highway and thought maybe there was a crash. So went back to sleep. When we got up this morning there were two huge trees down in the lot right across the street from us. Whew! Glad it wasn't on our lot. No house on that one.

Was busy today...laundry and grocery shopping. DH went with me to the store and that was a mistake. Always spend more when he goes....I don't normally buy wine or 15 rolls of paper towels. LOL
Made a big dinner tonight and managed to eat my small portions and not go overboard. The only exercise I got was 10 minutes of a 1 mile work out. I HAVE to get some new shoes for indoor work arches hurt otherwise.
Supposed to get snow this week and it is sure cold enough.
Jane- Keep all the snow down there okay?

See all you wonderful ladies tomorrow...I am off for an early bedtime.

12-03-2007, 11:40 PM
See you all at #279.