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11-29-2007, 08:54 AM
Wow, i just had the waffles for breakfast for the first time and they were fantastic! I was so bored with eggs and had a look at the alternative suggestions to eggs in the recipe thread and thought i'd give them a go. I don't have a waffle maker so they ended up a big fluffy pancake but they were so good :D

I've been doing Phase 1 for 3 weeks now as i've had social commitments that i couldn't get out of and in situations that i couldn't choose food but i've still managed to lose 7lbs!!!

Anyway just wanted to share the love of the waffles!
Quick question though - is the baking powder really ok in Phase 1?!

Have a great week!

11-29-2007, 09:27 AM
:welcome3: EH1!

Yes, baking powder is just fine during all phases.

Glad to have you with us! I understand how hard it can be to make changes to what you're used to, but staying on Phase 1 any longer than the recommended 2 weeks is not only unhealthy, but likely to stall your weight loss. Please move to Phase 2 as soon as you possibly can! Perhaps you can add some berries to your plan for today and see how that goes? Berries are very low on the Glycemic Index and bother very few people, so they're a good choice to start with. I had some wild blueberries (full of antioxidants!) that were canned in water (just make sure you get that can as they also make a can with sugar) on my cottage cheese this morning for breakfast. Yum! Bet they'd be great in a waffle too! ;)

Hope you have a great day and join us in the daily thread so we can get to know you better! :wave:

11-29-2007, 10:08 AM
I think we have all been told that good tasting food is BAD but as you have found out you can eat delicious food and still reap benefits both weight wise and health wise.

I understand the feeling of "discovery". It is fun and exciting. One myth is now slayed I hope.

The myth that You have to eat boring dull food while you re-educate your taste buds.

I have a feeling that after detoxing from all of the processed and junk food you may have been eating, real food tastes really good. What a surprise!

More "discoveries" await you! ;)

11-29-2007, 10:31 AM
You're so right pamatga! I eat so much better now than a year ago, and by better I mean not only healthier, but more delicious, satisfying, and attractive meals. It has been so fun to try new recipes and find new favorites. And I always thought to lose weight I'd have to sacrifice and eat celery and cottage cheese. It's rare that I really want something I shouldn't have and can't find an acceptable substitute or even a better option!

congrats EH on the 7 lbs, and hope to see you in Ph2 land soon! Are these the bean waffles you are talking about? I haven't tried those yet...