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11-29-2007, 02:52 AM
Hello & :welcome: to Back In Kindergarten Thread :wave:

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

New members are always welcome.
Pull up a chair and join us! :coffee::cofdate::cofdate::cofdate::coffee2:

11-29-2007, 02:55 AM
Post away ladies! :comp::comp:

11-29-2007, 04:17 AM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Nothing new on this end…..just trying to get through my email like usual!

Cristina~ I usually lay Logan down for his nap right after lunch, which is usually about 12:30ish. Then I sit with Brandon and we watch the rest of the news and cuddle. That is generally when I attempt to get him to nap. Some days it is easy to get him to nap, and some days it is rough. If it gets to the point where he hasn’t fallen asleep by 2pm, I give up and he just goes to bed early that night, which works out perfectly! I just have to stick with the “if he is not asleep for his nap by 2pm, then he goes to bed early” mentality. My goodness about the break in! After we moved to the city we are in now, there were two murders, both being double murders, that happened. One happened literally just around the corner from us.

SuzyQ~ Are R & R registered with the tribe? Tommy got the forms from his mom to fill out, but they look kind of old to me. So, I was just curious if you knew of any websites or anything that I could go to in order to see how to go out about doing it. He now knows that he is Blackfoot AND Cherokee, instead of just the Blackfoot tribe. So, do you think we would have to go through both tribes?

Jules~ Those are some great pictures!!!

I was watching Oprah on Wednesday, and she had Bob Greene on there. They announced that they are doing a challenge for 1 million home viewers starting in January lasting the whole year. I went ahead and signed up for it!

Sue~ I am thinking of starting to walk at night when Tommy gets home from work again. It will give me some time away to clear my head and to get some exercise in the process. I usually just walk around the complex numerous times to get some laps in. That is great to hear that your mom is doing good and eating three meals. I will keep my fingers crossed that it stays like this.

11-29-2007, 05:14 PM
Hello ladies...

MINDEE...not to step on anyones toes but to find out about the blackfoot you have to contact them directly, where the tribe is based. The cherokee, you can find the roll numbers online at the National Archives web site. Once you have the roll number, order the birth certificates and you can access the Tribal Enrollment forms for the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma online at their web site. The kids are Choctaw that's how I know. It has to be the original birthcertificate also, can't be a copy of the orginal. Theirs is all messed up because their grandmother was adopted by a white family and they are going by that...even though she is full blooded. But they are enrolled so...they use the grandfathers roll number...the Choctaw Nation does anyway.

I am going to have to check out the Oprah thing...not a fan of her but I am all for a challenge!

MS SUSAN...where are you at lady?

MS SASSY...whacha up to lady?


I didn't get all my exercise done like I wanted, yet anyway. I didn't get up early like I had planned...stayed up until 1:30, gotta quit doing that. But I did get the 2 mile WATP done before I headed out to run errands and buy groceries. Did my 25 mns on the bike and weights and will do the 2 mile WATP again after Jeopardy. So I will be turning in early tonight for sure. The food and water are going well also. Other than that, not much going on. I am getting a little sleepy now. Too late to take a nap...shoot.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Chat later :wave:

11-29-2007, 06:03 PM
Hi :wave:

Totally late start to this day and I am not in a very chatty mood. The usual with Rach, what a drain and pain!

Good info on the Native American tribe Cristina. The R's aren't registered with their tribe Mindee - though they do get medical if they needed it. I also watched Oprah and kind of looked at her site but for the life of me could not figure out how to sign up. , poop.

k- not in the mood today, sorry. Hope you all are doing better!! lol

hugs to all

11-29-2007, 06:15 PM
Susan- I enjoyed the new pics over on myspace....sorry you are having a bad day. I may go check out the Oprah thing.. I don't watch her show much anymore but a challenge could help keep me on track I guess

Cristina - the Native American info is very grandma always says we have part whatever because my late grandpa was "quarter Indian" according to her. She has no idea what tribe....I wish I knew more about that side of my family.

Mindee - I remember when both of my kids went through changes in the nap schedule. In a way, it's a relief when they give them up; they go to bed earlier and sleep better. And my schedule doesn't revolve around nap time! It is hard when they get cranky... so big hugs to you little mama.

I've been knitting up a storm today. I started some mittens for James' stocking stuffer. That means I can only work on them while he's at school. I did get most of one done today. They are going to be nice and warm.

I did get to yoga, then raced over to the school to help the kids with an art project. Then home to eat and knit. Not a very exciting day. Been eating that's good.

Hope you are all having a good day.

11-29-2007, 08:00 PM
Kind of a quite day, huh Katy?

Kind of blah outside and just waiting to get to the weekend.

The knitting sounds nice, what a good mother you are! If you can figure out the Oprah thing let me know - maybe I just don't have the patience today. Thanks about the photos, trying to make it a point to get more recent ones up this weekend.

I am watching Racheal Ray today. I fail to see the appeal???? She makes real fatty food and she talks out of the side of her mouth. lol.....yowza, how is that??

Gab was late for school this morning. Her monthly packet of homework is due tomorrow and we aren't even half way done. Impossible to get done when she comes home close to 3pm. The last thing she wants to do is sit and do more, I have failed her....she will never get to 1st grade.

Swimming tonight. Ate some salmon for dinner, tomorrow is payday.....yay, money!!!

k- hope you all are having a good Thursday!

11-30-2007, 03:07 AM
hello is everyone doing?

well, Brandon took a nap right after lunch, so that was a good thing. He did go to bed earlier Thursday night then he had been going to bed, so that was a plus! Now, if I can get him to do that every day, it will work out. Logan on the other hand.....decided that he wasn't going to take a nap on Thursday. So, he went to bed at about 7pm.

Cristina~ Thanks for that information. I will have to cut and paste it (or just show it to Tommy) so that I can try and find it. Tommy found the number for the Blackfoot tribe and gave it to his mom since she had all the information at the time. So, I am not sure if she ever called the tribe or not.

SuzyQ~ Go to her website, and on the left side of the page should be a listing of the episodes from this week. Click on the one that was shown on Wednesday with Bob Greene, and once you click on that it will give you three hyperlinks. The challenge is the last hyperlink listed. let me know if you still can't find it and I will get you the link for it.

Katy~ He seems to be all over the place with his naps. But I am thankful that he is still taking them! I have seen days when he hasn't taken them, and boy are they the pits!

11-30-2007, 01:30 PM
grrr ... a little irritated with Miss Oprah. I registered for the challenge and all it did was put me on a Bob Greene email junk list. And Bob's plan costs money.... I thought this would be like other challenges she's had where you get email encouragement and no one trying to sell me stuff. No wonder the want 1 million people to sign up -- Bob could make a lot of $$$. So I unsubscribed in short order. Just thought I'd share...thanks for letting me vent a little...

Just got back from a 1 hour walk...taking advantage of our reasonably dry weather..supposed to get snow tomorrow and a big windstorm on Sunday. I figured if I want some fresh air.. I'd better get it today! So now I need a shower and then I need to sit down and pay a bunch o' bills. Hopefully I'll get some knitting in while the kids are at school. I used to be able to make their gifts right in front of them because they never paid any attention to what I was doing, lol! Now they never leave me alone, sigh. I was trying to read Team of Rivals ( last night and I swear I was interrupted every two minutes until I just gave up. I finally made it to the Gettysburg Address after everyone went to bed...

Susan- I don't care for RR either...thought I have to give her some credit...she sure knows her market and is very good at branding herself. Lately I just find myself not that into what is on tv. We are watching Survivor.,..but now that DWTS is over...that's all we are watching besides Christmas specials. The kids really liked the Shrek on that was on Wed. Oh - I forgot, I do watch Heroes..but that's over for awhile after the next episode.

Hi Everyone....hope you are all having a good day...I'm off... the shower is calling my name....

11-30-2007, 01:43 PM
Happy Friday, Chickies!

MINDEE...oops! When I said the grandfather I mean DH's grandfather, the kids great grandfather. Saw that and thought it looked wrong. It's really interesting all the info you can find out. Jason, DS#1 does geneaology and while it bores me, there is a lot of interesting info, and people we are related to, pretty cool. One thing I forgot to mention is that you can't enroll in two different have to choose one or the other. You might want to find out about the tribes...with the Choctaw it used to be you had to be at least 1/4 to enroll but they have since lowered it. really is interesting. There is indian on my dads side of the family too...his grandfather was full something, don't know what, neither does he. WTG on getting the yoga in and eating! And James' mittens, bet they are nice. know, I fail to see the appeal of Rachel Ray also. I watched a few of her shows and thought the same...the food looks fattening. Don't know if it is but it sure looked like it. I used to watch a show she was on a while back, can't remember the title but she would go to different places and see what she could eat on something like $20-$25 dollars a day, can't even remember the amount of money either. But I watched this show and wondered how she ate all that food and wasn't fat! What a job eh? Packet of homework in kindergarten? Wow! Of course when I was visiting my cousin in Houston her little girl was in pre-school and she had to sit down and do her homework. It was weird to me for a per-schooler to have little girl she is. Her mom (my cousin) and her dad are intelligent people though. She is a DR and he works for NASA. Anyway, getting sidetracked here and a little chatty, lol. Sorry that RAchel is giving you heck. :hug: :hug:

HI JULES, SASSY, SUE, MICHELLE, ANITA, KATHY, and anyone reading this. :wave:

Nothing much going on today. Aiming for 5 miles today. Haven't started yet, but getting ready to. Going to wrap a few gifts, did get a few things over the last two/three weeks, just never wrapped. I am not ready for Christmas at all! Anyway, have some laundry to do too! I think that is a given on most days, lol. Tomorrow I am going to try and get up early and get my exercise out of the way...DD and I are going to go looking at some antique malls. We love browsing those places.

Take care ladies, and I hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend!

11-30-2007, 01:50 PM
HI KATY...we were posting at the same time. WTG on the hour walk! :bravo: Funny about the kids! I miss those times. We are headed for some bad weather too...rain tomorrow and they were saying with winds up to 50 mph, crazy! Still heading to the antique malls though. And thanks for the info on the challenge...I was getting ready to go check it out. Have a good day!

11-30-2007, 07:46 PM
Cristina--I liked Rachel Ray's $40 a day thing--she went to some really neat places. My husband and son like Giada, the cute little Italian that shows alot of cleavage!! Giada is starting a show close to the $40 a day thing...

Katy--yeah on your hour walk!! We are supossed to get soem sleet on Sunday morning...Gettysburg is about an hour away from me and I worked at the Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg MD the summer before my senior year.

Mindee--Ry didn't sleep much at all when he was little...

Suzyq--boy, there was no homework in Kindergarten when I went...

Teri is beginning to dilate and the baby is in the right position!! She has gained a total of 18 pounds and is measuring perfect. The doctor she saw to day commented on how great she looks!! We returned a bunch of stuff and got other stuff...she is really kicking in with the "nesting" She emptied a drawer for the baby towels, wash cloths and bath & lotions and she put all her bottles and such in the kitchen. I have some more stuff to wash up for her but she is so excited....and ready....

Ryan is considering moving to Eugene Oregon...he wants to wait and make sure everything is set with Teri and he wants to go back to Philadelphia with me in April for his bday (we are going to spend the night this time!!) If everything is set he will go by the end of April for a visit and if he likes it he is staying....You girls out Oregon way will have to check up on him for me!!

11-30-2007, 10:29 PM
Quick fly by...Hello and Happy December to you all. I haven't decorated yet, but plan to get things down from storage tomorrow and see what I need to buy. Maybe a new tree....
It is darn cold here, but I walked a mile today. Going to have to step it up if I want it to do any good. Wish I had my treadmill back. :(
Went to a Festival of Trees last night at which my DGD sang with her show choir from school. Very good show with 6 schools present. The decorated trees were lovely and one sold for $2500.
Feeling a little achy and grumpy...hope tomorrow is better.

I promise to do indies this week-end.

11-30-2007, 11:34 PM
Good Evening -

I love your little snow biker Sue! Very cute, I meant to say that earlier. Wow, on the $2500 !

Jules - You need to come with Ry to Oregon if he settles!! You would love it. Eugene is closer to our miss Marti. It is beautiful down there, I hope he likes it enough to stay. I loved getting ready for Gaby (and the R's too). I had her clothes, lotions, powders, and blankies all ready for her. It was so much fun! Of course she never used her cradle or crib, she has always been right side me.....still Hugs to Teri , I bet she is so ready to welcome her little one.

Cristina - omg - 5 miles! Did you get it walked?? Amazing...
Can you believe the Dec homework packet came home today?? We did have a wonderful 1st grade teacher for Rachel in a private school on the coast. He was the greatest, loved him. He wanted the kids to learn good study habits and he sent homework home to do that. So, I guess (or assume) that is what the K teacher is trying to do.

Katy - Bracing for the storm??? I was going to meet Gab and her dad for the zoolights tomorrow, see where the storm is .....winds are suppose to be 75mph. I doubt we will do that. Cute about the knitting and the kids! After The Bachelor and Dancing I like watching Desperate Housewives....after that really nothing.

Mindee- How are you and the kids?

Sassy,Michelle & Anita - Come chat!!

I am going home. Gab is with her father til Sunday, Rach and Beck are with friends for the evening. I am going to go home and enjoy some peace with Momo, the kitty. Spent the afternoon with my sister making final decisions on her sons tombstone. How sad is that?? I drove up to the funeral home listening to Christmas music and feeling just seems wrong for a 16 year old to be gone.

sorry.........night all

12-01-2007, 12:12 AM
Hi All,

I'm still here and alive. lol. Just been busy with work and stress of everyday life. lol. I haven't been a very "good" girl lately, "diet wise". So I just haven't been around, I know you all have your own busy lives and stresses! lol.

The Holiday for me won't be much of a holiday really. I guess that is a bad attitude, but its how I feel. I may as well just volunteer to work it, we could use the extra $$ anyways. lol.

Boy I'm just a ray of sunshine, aren't I? lmao. Oh my mom did get her Doppler Study Done, they said there was nothing critical, they say they would have told her if it was. But she has to wait 3 weeks for the results. So we're keeping our fingers crossed :crossed: that everything comes back okay.

My mom gets off the 1st week in Dec. She may come up on that weekend, we'll have to wait and see though. Kinda low on the fundage and we all know how expensive gas is and we have to go and get her and take her home and she doesn't exactly live right next door. lol. But DH says he thinks it would be good for the both of us for her to come up because she has been stressed too. So we'll see.

Well I won't bore you any longer. lol.

I hope you all are doing well!


12-01-2007, 04:25 AM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end....just trying to figure out what errands we need to run early on Saturday since we are suppose to be getting a winter storm blowing through here in the afternoon/evening. so, after we figure that out and get it all done, we will bunker down and hang out at home!

Katy~ I had gone to Bob's page, but it didn't send me there after I signed up for it. I signed the contract (I cheated....since our printer isn't working right now, I just brought it up and wrote it down on a piece of paper, then closed the window). I haven't checked that email address yet, so I don't know if it shot me to his list either.

Cristina~ Thanks for the info on the tribes. I will have Tommy check into it more since it is his family and he would know more information on it then me. My dad (and mom's mom) is into genealogy. My dad had us laughing after we got married....he was working on his program and he came running out into the living room where we were at and said "guys, I don't think that your marriage is valid." we looked at him and scratched our heads, and both went "what?" He then had us come into his room, and he showed us his findings. It seems that my BIL Jay wrote a message on the genealogy site that they both go on that we had gotten married. So, when my dad was doing his work on it, it showed that we were related....but he couldn't figure out how! Then he had us bring the same thing up on our computer and we reassured him that we were not married and that it was just a message saying that we had gotten married. (my dad was living with us at the time since he was still working and my mom had more or less made him move 2 hours north of where we had been living.)

Jules~ He has been getting better these past couple of days, which I am thankful for! Now, Logan is trying to be like Brandon used to be! He thinks that it is cute to go without naps......although he doesn't get pissy at bed time and he falls asleep on his own!

Sue~ That Festival of Trees sounds great! I went to one a loooooong time ago and really enjoyed it! I wish they would do it again here in MI, I think that the kids would love it!

SuzyQ~ The kids are doing good! They are impatiently waiting for snow.....but name me one kid that isn't! (big or small)

Sassy~ It is good to hear from you! I will keep my fingers crossed for you mom and her test results. It would be a lot of fun for you guys to have her visit.

12-01-2007, 11:41 AM
Good morning, lovely ladies!

Just a quickie for me right now. Did my 2 mile WATP video and will do that again later on today. Also did my 25 mns of weights and riding the bike and getting ready to jump in the shower now. DD and I are headed out to the antique mall to looking at all the old stuff...something to do. Plus I have a couple of errands to run. Then home to visit with Josh's GF, she is coming over later sometime, not sure when. I will probably be back later tonight so...take care ladies, and have a WONDERFUL day! :hug:

12-01-2007, 11:49 AM
Another quickie post..

In the throes of TOM and not feeling too great, I must say. I'll try to get back on later to do individuals.. but I just had to post a pic of our "little" family project for the weekend:

Ugh - these suckers weigh 4 pounds a piece! I have to say, though, it is cheaper to buy these at Costco for 9 bucks a pop than to attempt them from scratch. The kids already know they don't get to eat the ONE POUND OF CANDY that comes with the house. Well, not ALL of it..yeesh...

12-01-2007, 03:51 PM
Good Morning

Sassy - You don't bore us!! We have missed you!! Gas prices are horrible, I am always dropping a $20 in and I never get anywhere - lol . :hug:

Katy - Egads on your project!, I would be eating the candy. If I can get my tree :tree: up today I will be happy! :hug: to you too w/ TOM.

Cristina - Hey .....have fun with the browsing! Cute the GF is coming over, and awesome on your exercise!!

Mindee- We have a storm coming in also.....maybe tomorrow?? Not sure, it was lightly snowing this morning and of course I freak. It has stopped now though.

Jules, Sue, Michelle................hope you all have a good day!:hug::)

I am off for some grocery shopping and car washing...........and a run across town to drop off the rent. Rach stole all my make up so I have to replace that. She also dipped into my vicodin and shared with her friends..........I swear *&^%$#...

I am down a pound.........I mean that is the most important thing, right?? Haha.........trying to find humor, ignore moi. :joker:

12-01-2007, 05:37 PM
Hello ladies!

I'm back, did ya miss me, lol. :D

SUSAN...I am with you there, I too would be eating the candy, lol! And we will never ignore you missy! WTG on the pound, woohoo! Sorry about Rachel :hug:

SASSY...hey, it's better to come here and talk about it and get it out so feel free. We all can't be happy, perky, little perfect people all the time you know. :) Shoot, I'm not a happy, perky or perfect person 99% of the time! Hoping that you guys will be able to get your mom. :hug:

KATY...what a perfect weekend project! Now, do you guys eat the houses after or during Christmas or are they just for looks? I have always been curious about that...was going to attempt one once but never have. That would be fun though.'re welcome for the info. Hope I didn't step on Ms SuzyQ's toes by butting in.

JULES...getting closer for little Dominick to be popping out! Bet Teri is counting the days. are a brave woman. I would not brave the cold here. Looks like lots of treadmilling and WATP DVD's/Videos for me for the winter.

HIYA MICHELLE...are you getting excited about moving? It's coming up and will be here before you know it. Let me know your new address if you would like to share once you get there.

Well, the antique mall was nice and quiet. It's always interesting to us to look at all the stuff, a lot of junk, at these places. It amazes me too the stuff people try to sell...a 12 pack of Schlitz is that really an antique? It's cool though. Seems we always walk away with a few books...books from an antique mall, lol. Josh's GF hasn't shown up yet, or called so she may have changed her mind, which is fine with me. Shes nice but I probably shouldn't get too close to her just in case. Anyway...I have to go and get my 2 mile WATP done again. Tomorrow is my day of rest and that I am going to do! I think I may be over doing it with the exercise.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend! Lots of hugs to you :hug:

12-01-2007, 06:42 PM
Cristina--Ry always looks for books and records at the local flea markets and antique stores...yes...Teri and Dave are both ready!! Dave went with Teri to her counseling appt yeaterday...he wants to see him separately too...

SuzyQ---WOOHOO on the pound lost!!! Rach is going to make you nuttyy--thankfully Beck & Gaby don't give you tooo much trouble.

Katy--I never made a gingerbread house--used to to do gingerbread men & girls.... Teri and Marshell used to make one the three Christmas's they were together...

Mindee--I like a little dusting of snow a few times during the winter season...with a 600 + foot uphill driveway--more than that is too much even with hubby's four wheel drive Kubota tractor....

Sassy--I don't care if you have been a "good" girl or not...keep coming and posting with us!!

Sue--Happy December to you too!!

12-01-2007, 07:23 PM
Hiya JULES...took a few minutes to visit with Charlotte, Josh's GF. Wasn't sure she was coming but in the middle of a post I heard the doorbell. Anyway...I agree with heard that SASSY! It is better to come here and vent than to stay away. Glad Dave went to counseling with Teri..and I hope he goes by himself too. REcords...I could get lost in the records...this time DD and I passed those up, lol. We would have been there at least another hour! Hope you are having a great day!

12-01-2007, 08:06 PM
Hi Ladies.

Sorry that I've stayed away. I honestly just did not have much to talk about. lol. Just was working. lol. Not much more to say now and I'm off. lol. But I'll try to do better about checking in at least. ;)

I am so sore ya'all. This weather is just torture for me and I need to clean because my mom may come up next weekend! But I am just sooooo sore! And last time I cleaned anyways when I was sore, I got a pinched nerve out of the deal. lol. UGH. Anybody know where that dang fairy Godmother is when you really need her? lmao!!

I really really dread going back to work...........They just keep piling the work load on...........I am looking to get out. Remember when I told you all about DH's old boss from our college offering him a teaching job? Well he FINALLY got back with him, so DH sent in his resume'. He is just going to do it as an extra job for now, we can really really use that extra money right now. Well I am going to have DH ask him if there is any jobs opened in the office at school. (I don't want to teach!) lol. Then I could work part time at first too and see how it works out before totally leaving where I am now. But I just really really need a change I think. I am just burnt out and with them piling on more work everyday, I am tired of it, plain and simple. We aren't getting paid more for more work and its definitely not worth the stress!

I even told DH I would be willing to go back into working retail if I had too! They would just have to find me a sit down job somewhere! lol.

So hopefully by next year at this time I will have a new job that I love instead of one that causing me even more added stress! I am thankful that I do have a job, because some people do not. But if anybody wants my job, then they are free to come and take it! lol. Just teasin! I am just really fed up is all. I've stayed because of being afraid of change. Stupid, right? lol. Well everything is going to be changing at work anyways, yup even more work for us with no more pay! So that is motivation enough for me to get out now!

I hope you all are doing well and Thank You all for all your kind words and support! Sorry I am not doing Indy's right now, but I will later!

Big Big :hug:

12-02-2007, 01:28 AM
SASSY...sorry for all the crap going on at work, and for you back. Keeping my fingers crossed for a new job in the near future for both you and hubby. :crossed: Don't be a stranger though, even if it is to drop by and just say HI! Take care and lots of hugs to you! :hug:

I am getting ready to go to bed, I am pooped. I think today the exercise caught up with me because my body is sore! Glad tomorrow is Sunday, a day of rest. Actually, I'm thinking or rather hoping to go to Mass with Jason. Didn't ask his schedule so don't know if he has to be at work early or not. Anyway...take care ladies and have a good Sunday. See ya Monday!

12-02-2007, 05:23 AM
eeks! I have been so swamped that I almost forgot to check in!

we did get some snow on Saturday night.....maybe, just maybe 3 or so inches! we did our running around before it even started! we didn't even know it had snowed until the office manager had called us to see if Tommy would still be willing to go out at midnight to shovel snow if needed.

does anybody know anything about dream interpretations? I seem to recall my mom telling me that dreams were just part of a person subconscious or something like that.

Katy~ It took me a couple minutes for my eyes to figure out what was in the picture! LOL Tommy loves to make those.....but then complains about them sitting around. I am not really sure if we are going to get one and have the kids help him put it together!

Cristina~ I love your blinky box in your siggy!

SuzyQ~ How is your snow? Did you get a lot of it?

Sassy~ I am sorry to hear about all the issues at work! Tommy is at a job now that he doesn't particularly like, but he is sticking it out until the new year and then he will be looking for a new job in full force. Good luck!

12-02-2007, 10:28 AM
MINDEE...justthree inches or so of snow, ick! Three inches is a lot!To me anyway...I am not ready for snow at all. Of course this weather is weird anyway...yesterday/last night it was 64 and this morning it is cold! Thanks about the siggy...I didn't realize at first that it changed until I added it. I don't know anything about dream interpretation.

HI to everyone else.

Didn't think I would be ont he computer today but was up early for some reason. I plan on going back to bed though...too sleepy.

12-02-2007, 05:16 PM
hello are you all?

Cristina~ Now we only have snow on our side of the parking lot.....the rest has pretty much turned into slush and melted away! So, before long it will all be gone and we will have no snow yet again!

12-02-2007, 07:30 PM
Hey All.

Wow I can't believe it and I may be jinxing myself but for now at least I am not in any pain! :woohoo: lol.

TY all once more, you are just truly great and awesome Chicks! ;)

Mindee -- TY. We hope my moms test results come back good too. I have "stuck with" my job for 2 yrs now. lol. My "work anniversary" was actually Nov. 28th. Happy Anniversary to me! lmao. But as I said everything is changing and its not going to be pleasant. So I'm hoping to get onto our college, working in the office or something. I think its just time for a change for me. They say that 2 yrs is the typical "burn out" time for Callcenters, so I guess I am right on schedule! lmao. I wish Tommy lots of luck in finding a new job after the first of the year!

Cristina -- WTG on the exercise. TY as I said to Mindee above, I just think its time for me to change and this change at work is finally kinda "forcing" me to change. I've wanted to get another job, but have always been afraid to leave my current job because even if it is a pain in the rear, its "comfortable", but I do know people at my college so that makes me feel not as uncomfortable. lol. That is IF I can get a job there! lol.

Suzy Q -- Glad that I don't bore anybody. lmao. Gas is just awful. I don't see how they expect us to live with them so high! We need to go back to Horse and Buggy Days! lol. Of course then the price of Hay would go up! lmao!

Jules -- TY hon. :hug: I am hoping by next year by this time, that I have: a new Career, that there is less of me here, and maybe, just maybe we have a house! Those are my "Resolutions" for 2008. ;) Also that my mom is living with us and healthy and happy! :)

Hey Michelle and Katy, and anybody else out there! :wave:

Have a Wonderful rest of your Sunday! Tomorrow night is back to work........Yippee. lol. But we should be really slow. The closer we get to Christmas, the slower we get. Although I guess we could be really busy, people trying to get everything done BEFORE the holidays.........Either way, just want my week to fly by very quickly! lol. I still have not heard anything about Christmas, if I am off yet or not. If I'm not, I'm not sweating it, we can use the extra money and DH said if I have to work, he will work too. Now that is true love! :love: lol.

Fairy Godmother did not show up either! lol. So I had to clean up all by myself! lol. But I still have more to do before my mother comes, if she still comes next weekend. I don't want her to have to do anything and if she sees something that needs to be cleaned, she will clean it. lol. And I don't mind it, but I don't want her doing it. I want her to relax. But my mother actually enjoys cleaning. lmao. See why I want her to live with us? lol. Just Teasing. We want her to live with us so she doesn't have to stress about money, plus to have her here with us.

Well I am hungry so I better go rustle up some grub! Saying that reminds me of that new show, "Girl Meets Cowboy". Do any of you watch it? It was on one night and now DH & I are both hooked! lol. Lots of good looking Cowboys on it! Its on Monday's beginning around 4 pm on the Women's Entertainment Channel (WE), so check it out girls! lol. My DH keeps saying there should be a a (ME) channel, Mens Entertainment. I said, "Hello, you guys have ESPN!" lmao!

Have a Great Evening All!


12-02-2007, 11:10 PM
Hi everyone...quick pop in since I have spent too much time on the computer as it is. DH and I have had it burning up with realtor and condo web really. He already decided he doesn't want to be without a Winter get away place. LOL. So, once again we will be buzzing back and forth. Depending, of course, on how Mom is doing. Right now she is better, but we take it day by day.
I was OP today and rode 2 miles in the drizzle....gotta get some dedication going here.
Hope you all have a wonderful week planned.

12-03-2007, 01:46 AM
Sassy~ I wish you find a job at the college that you will be happy with. Tommy has been getting the short end of the stick job wise lately, so we are just hoping that 2008 starts out on a better note!

Sue~ I hope you guys can find a place that you like soon! I hope that your mom continues to stay healthy and on the upswing of things. That is some major dedication to ride in the drizzle!

I am off to do some exercises since every body is in bed!

12-03-2007, 06:37 AM
Hi Girls.

We have wind here too. They say on tv that it feels like 14 outside. But so far our power has stayed on.

Well I think I have another bug. I swear work has to be like the breeding grounds for all the germs known to man! lol. By the time you get over one bug, another one is going around! Its like non-stop bugs! lol.

So I didn't do any cleaning and I honestly just don't care. I took a shower and watched tv and that is the extent of what I've done today. I even just ate crackers because they were the only thing that sounded good and I wouldn't have to clean up afterwards! lol.

Anywho. Back to work tonight (Monday) Yippee.......I'm so thrilled. lol.

Well everybody take care.


12-03-2007, 03:03 PM
Hello, lovely ladies, and a HAPPY MONDAY to you!

MINDEE...ahh, no more snow. Just do me a favor and keep it there, lol! THANK YOU for the e-card...the kids are adorable!

SUE...WTG on the exercise! :carrot: It is fun looking at houses online. Hope you and DH find the perfect place for you guys.

SASSY...hoping you don't have a bug and feel better soon. :hug:

SUSAN...hope you and the girls are well today. Bet you missed Gaby over the weekend. :hug:

MICHELLE...getting close to moving day? Are you excited?

JULES...hoping Miss Teri is feeling good today. Yikes, just realized how close her due date is. Maybe she will deliver early and on your BD!

KATY...did you guys get the gingerbread houses done? Bet the candy was good! ;)'s it going with you missy?

KATHY...are you enjoying being a grandmama to little Roxy? I know, stupid question, lol, of course you are!

Nothing much going on with me today. I slept late and even went to bed early, earlier than usual. But I still feel sleepy. Had some errands to run...went to the PO to get more Christmas stamps, then to Hallmark to pick up a couple of things. Had to get Barry Manilows Christmas CD...yeah, yeah, I love Barry Manilow, what can I say? Just like to have different versions of all the Christmas music as well. Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton have a good Christmas CD, and Mannheim Steamroller.

Anyway, just getting some laundry done now. Later on V and I are headed out for an early dinner. There's a place we have been wanting to try called Cheddars...have no idea what it is but it is always packed and he called and suggested it. But he knows that WI is tomorrow and wasn't sure if I wanted to go because of WI. Normally, I wouldn't go but we don't spend a lot of time together as it is (he's always working) so going to take the opportunity to spend time with him anytime I can.

I think I messed up big time anyway so what the heck. I'll get back on track tomorrow. I don't want my whole life to revolve around losing weight or staying OP...I am not perfect, I am only human so...yesterday was just a bad eating day for me. I think it is time for TOM...because I have been doing good and then yesterday, ugh! I caved and gave into the cravings...too much snacking in between meals. I am back on track today and do plan on watching what I eat when we go so...can't be too bad can it? I'll know tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a great day! Chat later :hug:

12-04-2007, 01:12 AM
Just back to say, dinner was good. DD decided she wanted to go and I am glad...don't spend enough time with her either, lol. Also, I did a 4 mile walk, feeling good about that since I really didn't plan on doing anything today. So, tomorrow is WI...keeping my fingers crossed just for a no-gain week. :crossed: I will settle for that this week.

Nighty night all.

12-04-2007, 01:42 AM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Well, I have some good news on this end! Tommy got a call from the lady in charge of the computer training test that he took over this past weekend. She told him that the national average for the first part of the skills challenge was 70% and he got 85%! Then there was a second part of the skills challenge and the lady told him that the national average was 20% and he tripled it and got a 60%! She said that was awesome because the second part of the skills challenge were questions from the curriculum that they teach! So, he goes on Wednesday night for a 90 minute overview basically about the program. He will take it for 6 months and by the time he graduates, he will already have a job! There was a guy that took the class and started out at a job for $13/hr, then he jumped to $15/hr, then $17/hr….then he signed a contract making $71,000 a year! And after his 90 days it will go up to $77,000! So things are really looking up on that aspect!!!!

We are having the heating and cooling specialized maintenance guy come over in the morning. Our power went out at about lunch time on Monday….when it came back on the furnace wouldn’t come back on. It took me shutting off the switch in the closet AND the thermostat to get it to start back up after 10 minutes or so. Monday evening, it decided to do it all over again! So, we got it back up and running…..and Tommy called the office manager and told her that he thinks the furnace is on the outs and explained it to her. She said that she will send the guy over in the morning to check it out, and to call her back tonight if it goes out and she will bring over the space heaters.

Cristina~ Your welcome for the card! We didn’t get any more snow….thankfully! We had some slight flurries on Monday, but that was it!

12-04-2007, 01:42 PM
Quick pop in again--I am coming down with a flu/cold again. Hope everyone else is well!!

12-04-2007, 02:59 PM
Hiya ladies...

JULES...WTG on the pound! I saw your ticker, :bravo: Sorry about the cold, take care of yourself and get plenty of rest! :hug:

MINDEE...:CONGRAT'S to TOMMY! :woohoo: Sounds like a GREAT job. Hope you guys get the heater fixed and it stays fixed...don't need the heat quitting on you guys with three little ones!

SASSY...hope you are having a good day today!

Hi to everyone else! :wave: Hoping all is well with you in your little corner of the world.

Well, today was WI and I was worried...with Sunday being a bad eating day, and too much candy, ugh! Then to top it off going out to dinner last night. All in all it wasn't as bad as I expected, yippee! I was worried but I am down 1.6 pounds, woohoo to me! :lol: But I keep thinking, if I had eaten right Sunday it may have been more...oh well, I am happy with what I have so...

Went to Target this morning to pick up a few things. Spent way too much time in there. Not because I was doing a lot of shopping but as I was getting ready to go check out Josh called. So talked with him for a few minutes instead of heading to the check out line. I did get in my 2 mile WATP video before leaving though and am getting ready to walk 1 mile and do my weights and bike. Later this evening I am going to do the Denise Austin strength...I need to firm, lol. I think that is only 15 minutes. So depending on how long my mile walk is I will have about 90 mns. in today.

Have a great day ladies! Heading to change my stats. :)

12-05-2007, 12:54 AM
hello is every one doing?

we are doing great! the furnace is fixed! it needed a new line of some sort.....but it is working just great! the guy said to watch it for the next 24 hours and if it goes out again, then to call the office manager and she will bring over the heaters. then he will come back in the morning if it breaks again. it hasn't so I am not going to worry about it! he had turned it up to 88* to make sure that it was going to work right! I felt like I was melting away!!!

Cristina~ Thanks for the nice words!! We are extremely excited about it! We can't wait to find out more information about the classes! So, we won't know more until Wednesday night!

Jane~ Thanks for those exercises! I tried doing them where I lifted my leg up every time I did the repetition, but I couldn't feel the burn. So while I was waiting for Brandon to get comfortable in his bed, I did the exercises again but this time I held my leg up for as long as I could, and was able to get 30 of them with each leg before I felt like it was going to fall off!

I am also doing a push up challenge with a friend of mine. We are doing a head to head competition to see how many we can do each do for the entire week! I did 120 on Monday, and another 120 on Tuesday.

12-05-2007, 01:13 AM
Cristina~ great job on the being down 1.6 pounds!

I am about to go step on the scale to see what my weight is.....

I am up 1.2 pounds this week......BUT AF is due this coming weekend, so I expected a raise in the scale.

12-05-2007, 01:54 AM
Hi Girls.

Lastnight at work was not a pleasant one. lol. I am feeling better tonight, so far anyways. The night is still "young" for me. lol.

Anywho I did scope out some job possibilities. One was working for a Salon, being like the receptionist person and the other is for a Chiropractors Office, doing the same thing, one thing good about the Chiropractos Office is they said that you get free treatments. I am sure its the same at the Salon too. Just not sure if I am the type of person to work in a Beauty Salon. lol.

DH also spoke to his old boss from our college about me and he is looking into seeing if there are any available jobs. So I'd say that is pretty good progress for 24 hours. lol.

Not sure if my mom will be coming up this weekend or not, guess it depends on the weather because if we get what we're supposed to get, we're not going anywhere that isn't necessary and I'm sure my mom wouldn't want to be out in that stuff either.

No news yet on if I am working Christmas or not. Email was sent out today asking for Volunteers to work. Lets hope they get some. lol.

Well that is about all from end of the world.

Oh and if any of you have some Holiday Pictures, please email them to me. If you do not have my email, please PM me. ;)
I am doing a Holiday Project like I did for Halloween for the J.L's. I am doing it after the holidays because most of us will have our pictures after the holidays. The deadline is going to be Jan. 3rd, no exceptions, I'm sorry. I have to have time to put it together so pls have them to me by then and if you want to be included on the project, and you do not have pictures, please send me your email by then as well. :)

If you do not have any holiday photos, never fear, I plan on doing more projects after the holidays too, that is if you all would like me too. ;) Also remember your photos do not have to be for this year. You can use past holiday pictures, if you like. :)

Also if you would like to receive a holiday e-card from me (sorry but we don't have the $$ to buy cards and postage this year) :( Just PM me your email addy, if I don't have it already. ;)

Take Care All,


12-05-2007, 03:58 AM
Sassy~ I wasn't on here when you did the Halloween what do you do for the projects? I would love to send some pictures, so I am going to send you my email address in a second.

12-05-2007, 12:37 PM
Hi ladies...

SASSY...sorry you had a bad day/night at work. Hope today is a better one for you. I will do the picture thing but...if someone else does too! ;) I thought others were going to share for the halloween project but it was just you and I...which was fine. I enjoyed the card/slideshow. Hope the weather doesn't get bad.

MINDEE...thank you! Oh, before I forget...I accidently deleted you from myspace, oopsie! I was reading the bulletin and thought it said Michelle but when I saw the picture I thought, that is not Michelle and I don't know who it is, lol. I didn't recoginize you and knew it wasn't Michelle. :doh: Again, though I thought it said Michelle...I thought I was awake, lol. So I sent a request-sorry. Yeah for getting heat again! you for all those push-ups! Yowza lady...that's a lot and I am impressed! :bravo: I don't think I could do 5, lol!

Hi to everyone else:wave:

Nothing going on with me today.Going to get my exercise in and go to the show later.

12-05-2007, 03:25 PM
Good Morning

Cristina - :cheer2: Wow , on your weight loss. Congrats! You are a true inspiration to me. I feel like such a slacker next to you. My head swimming on who you think you might have deleted. lol

Sassy - Love the photo project you are doing! I will try and get something included from this end.

Mindee - Great on the job front for Tommy! Hope all works out. I bet the kids are getting excited for Christmas to finally arrive!

ok, cutting and pasting from my myspace blog. I am on the run today so doing short cuts.

Hello to everyone!

myspace cut and paste

It is Dec 5th and I am busy with being a mother. Annoyed with Rach for her misbehavior and annoyed with Gab for wanting to eat a candy cane at 7:15 in the morning.
Gads girl.
Also she fibbed because I told her not to open the wrapper and that she needed to eat breakfast. Next thing I know she is licking her fingers and I say "what are you doing, what have you eaten"....and the weird thing is she doesn't lie. She boldly says "candy cane."
She is grounded. Period. Ain't messing around with a 5 1/2 year old anymore.
Rach is laying in bed missing 2nd period class, she promises to go to 5th period class. There is no 3rd. or 4th, I called the school , it is *block day* whatever the **** that means.
Becky minds when she gets her way. hmmm, actually they all mind when they get their way. I don't know why I am worried they will end up in prison.
So, lets chat about something else.
I am stuck now for weeks. I know. I need to exercise. *YAWN>> how boring. I had some scrambled eggs and a bagel for breakfast. I think that was ok. I need to go get some bottle water and start drinking a few 100oz's.
Speaking of eggs. I melted cheese on Gaby's and she had a fit. She wanted the cheese melted INSIDE and I did it on the outside, tsk, tsk.
You would think I tossed out all her beanie babies in the garbage for the way she carried on.
I finally told her fine she can go to school without eating and she can have cold eggs for a snack later on in the day. So, I got up from the table and took her plate to the sink and absentmindedly started eating her eggs. Yum, cheese.
Of course Gaby see's me and screams "I want to eat the eggs!!"
Whatever, make up your mind.
I better get busy. I have to run over to my mothers and pick up some tree decorations and go by the post office to put a change of address in so I can make sure I get my *kick back* that what you call it?? Kicking my *** tax kick back..........*argh. Anyway, it is money and I want it!! lol

12-05-2007, 06:47 PM
HIYA SUSAN! Long time, no see missy! Love that...ah, the joys of being a mother. You know Gaby makes me think of Josh, lol. He too was, and still is honest. I remember when DD had those freakin block days...never could keep up. You know, that post almost made it sound like I was trying to delete Michelle and deleted Mindee instead, yikes! That is NOT the case ladies. I promise! I thought it said Michelle but the picture wasn't her so I thought it might be some sort of spam. Geez, louise, I am confusing myself. :crazy: Yes, I am crazy! And a big THANK YOU Susan! :thanks: :hug: You are a sweetie!

Hi again to everyone else:wave:

Well, DD and I went to the show and now it is time for me to get some more walking in! Didn't get much done before I had to leave for the shower. So off I go...walk, walk, walk...just pick up those feet...nice, nice, nice! :D

12-05-2007, 10:38 PM
Hi Cristina!

I think I hit a mood where I just need to be quite. I have nothing to say and feel way too blah to contribute anything.

Not like I do know.....but I am back in my cheerful mood!! lol

Mindee and Michelle are kind of both blonde. I had to take a closer look with Mindee's new profile picture. I thought "who the **** got in here without being approved!"...awww, it was Mindee! I deleted Rach and all her friends that requested me. Can you imagine? I must be some hip mom. Anyway, cut them out because I want it to be my place where I can say anything without little eyes peering in.

Been working on Gab's November homework packet. The teacher asked for it today. I guess I was hoping she would forget. lol - Dang.

anyway, thinking of doing a little dinner party for Christmas. I guess I should go work on the menu and plan on some shopping! I want it to be perfect and I think it will because......I watch Martha Stewart, don't you know?? lol

hugs to all of you!

12-05-2007, 11:43 PM
Hi Chicks.

Been Busy, Busy, Busy here at work. I am hoping that is starting to slow down now........(keeping :crossed:) Oh and the guy here at work who listened to me when I totally broke down here at work? He is really looking into what is going on with Dayshift. So I feel like I have a person to go too now and he is sorta our "Sudo Supervisor". He isn't in title or anything, but he was moved to Days and since then has been doing A LOT for us, because our actual boss is WAY too busy and doesn't know one iota about our job. lol. This guy does -- he used to do my job. ;)

Mindee -- I have a program that anybody can get from, called Smilebox. It has lots of neat ecard designs and you can add your own personal pictures and if you pay for the premium, you can add your own music as well. ;) Just a little something I put together.

Cristina -- Yeah tonight is better (so far) even though I've been busy. lol. Yeah I know it was just you and me who participated, I think most people were just curious on what it was I was doing! lol. So if we don't get more than one person this time, Then I won't do it anymore. I enjoy it, but its not worthwhile unless everybody wants to join in. ;)

Suzy Q -- Thanks. I have a lot of fun with the photo project but like I said to Cristina above, unless I get more than one participate, this will be the last. That is why I came over to this thread and thought maybe you ladies might be more interested. Plus give others a change to join in. :) Aw the trials and tribulations of being a mother.......:love: I was just talking to my mom tonight about when I was little..........hee hee.........

Well we got snow. Lastnight and some today. Didn't amount to much, but of course everybody here **flips out** over a few flakes. lol. DH drove me in, the roads were just fine, but he was concerned about when I get off in the AM. Isn't he sweet? :love: He did the grocery shopping. He got me more of my light meals and some other things I wanted. He is also making his lasanga, he makes a lot so we can freeze it and have it later on. So yes I am splurging on that and probably not worrying too much about eating with DH's bday being next week and the holidays coming up. Will just try to not over-do it. ;)

My mom and I decided that we'll just wait to have her come up, maybe for Christmas, depending on the weather and if we're off or not. If not then, we'll get together eventually. Meantime there is IM, email and Phone! :)

Big :hug:

12-06-2007, 02:29 AM
Back again ladies...just can't stay away! :D's okay missy...I think we all have times like that, I know I do too! Even at home I have times where I just want to be left alone, don't want to talk to anyone. Glad you are back! And you ARE a hip mom! Martha Stewart eh? I actually like watching Martha...stinking woman is so freakin good at what she does. Hope you and Gaby got the homework packet done, darn teacher. can count me in for the project...we have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and since Josh will probably spend the next day with his girlfriend we will let them open their gifts so there will be lots of pictures. I loved the Halloween one! THANK YOU for doing it! I am glad that you have someone to listen at work about what is going on. I think some people just don't care and they turn their heads and let whatever go on. Sorry your mom won't be able to make it down, I know how you were looking forward to that visit. Hoping she can for Christmas. :crossed:

Tomorrow is wally world day, ugh. Some days I just hate going grocery shopping sometimes. Hoping the rain waits until tomorrow afternoon once I am home.'s getting late and Iam getting sleepy. Didn't mean to stay on the computer this long. See you ladies tomorrow. Nighty, night!

12-06-2007, 03:23 AM
just a quick pop in post on here!

Cristina~ I saw my count had gone down and I had to go through and look to see who was missing. Then I saw that it was you and went over to my friend request. You are back on there!

SuzyQ~ I would agree with having to have a place where you can be just mom, and not have to worry about little eyeballs watching you!

On that note.....we (me and Tommy) are going to a Christmas party without the kids on Friday!!! I am so excited that I can't wait!!! Also, Tommy went to his little introduction to his computer training thing Wednesday night. It will cost a little over $27,000 for him to take the classes, but he signed up for financial aid, so he should know by noon on Friday if he got that or not. If he did get it, then he will be going through the program, but if he didn't get it, then we will have to look into other options. Once he gets done with the program, he will have three different degrees and not just one, so that would be nice to have. And if he gets the financial aid, then he won't have to start paying on it until January of 2009.....but it would be nice to get the green light that he was able to do this! If he does get it, then he will have to go to class two days a week for I think eight hours, and then he will have 12 hours of homework to do when he gets a chance. So, for 20 hours a week, he will get his degree in 6 months! So, please keep your fingers crossed and sending some prayers!

I changed my profile picture on there since I have been looking at people that I went to school with and it just makes it easier to do that since I set my profile to private.

Sassy~ That is so sweet that your hubby is worried about when you get off work in the morning! We got flurries here on is suppose to be sunny on Thursday, and then more snow this coming weekend.

12-06-2007, 11:16 AM
Hi gals...
Not much going on here--just the usual hubbub! Today is my WI day and I stayed steady..I guess that's good because I had TOM last week and succumbed to some of the usual temptations...but not terribly.

Cristina - I'm with you on grocery shopping! I have to go out and do some of that today..can you tell I am not looking forward to it? Congrats on your are doing really well with your food and exercise and this is a hard time of year to stay on track. Good for you!

Mindee- keeping my fingers crossed that Tommy gets his financial aid. That sounds like a really good opportunity for him. I'm glad you got your heater fixed..this is no time of year to be without heat!

Jules - Teri had the baby yet? Hope all is going well on that front - can't wait to see a picture of Dominick.. on the outside!

Susan- I feel like I am never away from peering little eyes, lol! Did G get her homework done? Sounds a bit excessive to me...but every school seems to do things differently, I guess. My friends who have had kids at G's school told me that the parents there demand homework... and that school has a rep for giving alot. Things are way more laid back at our school... kindy teachers have packets for the parents who want them, but it's optional. We are asked to read with our kids for 20-30 minutes every day, which we were doing already. Dinner party, eh...I should do one of those some day, lol

Sassy - count me in.. If I'm on the ball, I'll have some Christmas pics to share. I'll pm you my address..could you send me yours? I'm not sure I have it. I also do e-cards. I have it ready, now I just need to make sure I have all the emails.

Hi to anyone I may have missed!

Today is "catch-up" day around here. Need to pay some bills, shop, clean up a bit. Rest of the week is very busy so I need to get all these little things done today. Hope to get a walk in later...let's hope I don't get rained on!

12-06-2007, 02:49 PM
Good afternoon, ladies!

Had to look at the clock to see the time, it's dark and gloomy here so I am in the morning mode...thinking it is early. Woke up to sleep and rain, and cold, brrrr. I hate this weather. The snow I don't mind but the ice...I can do without that. At leas the grocery store is just around the corner, about a mile, lol. But still, doesn't matter the distance, I still have to get out of the car and into it, ick. Supposed to do this until Monday I believe...hoping not. We go to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra tomorrow night and I would rather not be out in this mess. What cracks me up is people see the streets and the tell me, why wouldn't you slow down and driver careful? Never fails...there are a ton of wrecks because of dumb drivers! Okay, off my rant, lol.

MINDEE...thanks, :) I don't know what was up, my eyes were playing tricks on me with you and Michelle and the e's. :lol: Keeping my fingers crossed that Tommy gets the aid...that would be a great opportunity for you guys. :crossed: :goodvibes:

KATY...thank you missy! I am trying to stay OP and stick with the exercise thru these is proving to be hard! I thought of you and the kids this morning while shopping. I passed a gingerbread kit and thought of you guys having fun with it, and almost bought it because I have never done one. Isn't that sad? I've never made a gingerbread house. Might have to go back and get it, lol.

SUSAN...I have not had a dinner party or any other kind of party in I don't know how many years! I kind of miss it but not, lol. With DH#1 I swear we had a BBQ or get-together almost every other week. I rather enjoyed it then and then missed it when we moved further from everyone. Now I am in Oz and no one to have a party for, lol! But speaking of parties...

...not having one but I do need to get Jason a gift and cake and figure out a special dinner for next Sunday. He will be having his Bachelors ceremony, yay! What sux is I had to change Josh's reservations again, he was scheduled to come home the 17th but the stinking Army, changing their minds every other second-seriously-told them they could leave on the 15th. So Josh will leave late that night and guess when he will arrive here? Yeppers, at 2:22 on Sunday...Jason's ceremony starts at 2:00, ugh! Oh well, he will miss it and I will miss picking him up. He would rather have his girly friend pick him up anyway. They can just meet us for an early dinner somewhere or home...not sure what I am doing for that yet. V kindly reminded me of it yesterday. Anyway...blah, blah, blah...that's life isn't it? Never works out the way we plan...just gotta go with the flow. Whatever...I am really babbling for some reason :lol:

Got some of my exercise done this morning before braving the weather and crowds. The 2 mile WATP, getting ready to go start my beans and then do my weights and bike. Making some chili for dinner tonight, just sounded really good since it is so cold.


Take care chickies, and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday! Lots of hugs :hug: :hug: :hug:

12-06-2007, 02:55 PM
Hee Haw, I am back!

I am doing laundry at the ex's and enjoying my computer time even though 1/2 the sites don't come up on this *&%$ mac -

I also continue with my dinner party planning. Thinking a trip to Michael's is a must!! Thinking creative little table name placements would be *to die for*...and if I don't do something with tacky glue soon I think I shall burts!! Also, I am making progress on my menu, I want it to be healthy , you it takes ,,,,,umm, thought. lol

OMG, I didn't get the homework packet done! Yikes. We spent 3 hours at the kitchen table. Gab is a hard sell for educational advancement. Every time I told her she wouldn't get to 1st grade if we didn't get it done ,she started to cry...."I don't want to leave my teacher!! She a good teacher....I want to stay!!! *wah. *wah..."
We have about 5 pages to go. Most of them is where she has to write a story to go with a picture that she has drawn - something that she has done during the day..... like, read a book, swimming...blah, blah......course she really can't write. It is going to take forEVER.
We haven't even started on December - lol........anyway, Katy. I think I will transfer her to your school. haha.....

Mindee - Cross fingers about the school/ training for Tommy! Sounds awesome.

Sassy - I totally freak at snow. It was kind of snowing last Saturday morning and I called Gab's dad saying... "omg, it is snowing! Don't you think you should bring Gab back home??" He is so dang calm "you know Susan,,,,snow doesn't always stick"....oh,,,,ok. lol

Katy - Yes. my dinner party! You are totally invited.....course this is a pretend dinner party. I don't have time to actually do this stuff...*snicker*....I just wanted to chat about something different besides weight. lol.......oops, I think I just lost my mind.

Cristina - I hate shopping on the weekend! It so much nicer to go during the week. I hope you were able to get some good sleep. I kind of rotate between the bed and the couch. Hawaii Man calls late at night (late my time, he is 2 hours behind me) and he is all chatty. I usually get to sleep by midnight.

k- hi to everyone else!!

Cleaning today, homework later and swimming tonight.I really need to get serious about looking for a job! My last paycheck in 1/15 and after that I will get $1,600 in unemloyment....or plan B is living on the

chat later.

12-07-2007, 02:05 AM
Howdy Ms Susan...silly woman! Your ex is such a sweetie...letting you do laundry there, and use his computer. Okay, everyone needs to quit talking about that four letter word...snow! UGH! We had our share of mess today...crazy, on the news they said they had 135 wrecks, good googly moogly! It wasn't so bad during the afternoon hours but this morning was icky. Supposed to be fine tomorrow but then Saturday snow thru Monday, possibly Tuesday, yuck. I didn't get good sleep...woke up way to early this morning and didn't want to. Tomorrow, I sleep in!

KATY...please forgive me I can't seem to remember much of anything lately, and can't remember if you mentioned making your 20 pound loss. I know there was talk of the 20 pound sweater and you almost being there, and I guess I am too lazy to go back and reread all the threads. I can't remember if you did it a while back and I missed it or what but I noticed your ticker today and saw that you lost the first 20! :bravo: :woohoo: :cheer: Kuddos to you! And it shows! You'll be to your goal in no time flat! was your day? Did you guys get any of the white stuff?

JULES...hope you are feeling better.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Thought I was going to turn in early, ha! I had to get on the computer to look at a few things. And before you know it a few minutes turns into a couple of hours. Anyway, thought I would stop by with a friendly hi :wave:

Have a good one!

12-07-2007, 02:52 AM
hello is every one doing?

nothing new on this end....just having some me time on the computer after getting some exercises in! boy do I feel great after getting them done! we went grocery shopping and I did really good! I went for the lower fat/healthier options for me, and let Tommy pick out whatever he wanted for himself. I even had Brandon and Logan pick out things that they wanted that were healthy for them! Sure, I have a sweet tooth, doesn't every body?, but I picked the options that were better for me then I used to pick out! I even picked me up some flavored waters to drink.....and some more kool aid to help amp up the water intake!

Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for us ladies!!! We should hopefully know before the end of the day on Friday! I am so excited about Friday for a couple of reasons! For one being that we will find out about his financial aid....and for two.......we have our DATE night again!!! I am beside myself about this! We have tried to go to this Christmas party for the past three or so years now! We were first invited in 2004, but I couldn't go because Brandon had gotten the Croup, so Tommy went with his brother Tim and a friend of ours. We couldn't go in 2005 because we lived up north and Logan was just born two months before. We attempted to go last year, but something came up and we were unable to attend. So this will be MY first year in going.....AND more will be just me and Tommy going!!

Katy~ I will be sure to keep you all updated on how things go! So far the only people that know are us, you guys, and my in-law's......oh and some friends of ours. He didn't want to tell too many people until he found out if he was going to be able to take the classes. He can't wait to find out for sure or not because he is bursting to tell my dad. My dad was a systems analyst and then got promoted to a LAN Specialist for the American Red Cross. So, this is right up my dad's alley and I know that he would be very proud of Tommy!

Cristina~ I am so jealous!!! I love the Trans Siberian Orchestra! What is your favorite song? I love them all.....but my favorite song that I have to hear by them each year is Christmas in Sarajevo! (that song is on my playlist on my myspace page, btw!) We are suppose to be getting snow over night into Friday until the evening time, so of course we will be going out into it, but I am sure that there will be plenty of accidents because of dumb drivers!

SuzyQ~ How fun to be having a dinner party! We are having a get together with the kids' godparents the Friday or Saturday before Christmas....and then we will more then likely be staying home on New Year's Eve, so we will be having people over for that as well! Last year, we did a taco bar and it was a lot of fun! This year, we might do it again or we might do a ham or something. Thanks for crossing your fingers!

I do have to add that I managed to walk over 2 miles on Wednesday and well over 3 miles on Thursday!

12-07-2007, 03:08 AM
Hi this is a Post By..........Ha ha...........

Started watching Pirates 3 and was really lost so we watched Pirates 2 to "jog" our memories. lol. DH is cooking his Lasanga.

We haven't gotten any snow -- yet, we are supposed to get in the AM, around 7 or 8 am........So luckily I am home and won't be out in it! ha ha!

That is all for now, more later...............

12-07-2007, 12:53 PM
Happy Friday, Chickies!

SASSY...a post by, lol! I'll have to use that one sometime! You know, I have yet to see any of the Pirate movies...guess I am not a fan. One and two have been on tv for a while and I thought I would watch it once but changed my mind. I have heard they are good though. Lasagne sounds delicious! Bet it was good!

MINDEE...I can't wait until tonight! But...I don't have a favorite song, yet. I have never seen them before. I have seen Mannheim Steamroller and like them and think they are kind of the same but have heard Trans Siberian is better. They came here last year and I wanted to see them but didn't and told V we are going if they come this year so...we are going! I'll have to listen to the song on you rmyspace. I hear them on the radio and like them but have no idea the names of the songs. I am hoping to get a CD while there. :) Glad you and Tommy are getting to go to the Christmas should be fun! And...WTG missy on your walks and exercise! I am proud of you! :carrot::bravo::cp::dancer::cheer: That is GREAT!

Hoping everything is well with everyone else. I know this is a busy time of year, and lots of colds going around too. So try and take care of yourselves.

Don't really have anything to do today except walk. Aiming for 4 or 5 miles, feeling kind of sluggish though so we'll see what I actuall end of getting. I think this gloomy weather makes a difference in me wanting to do anything. But, I am giving it my all to stay focused.

Take care ladies, and have a great day/weekend!

12-07-2007, 02:49 PM
Good Morning

Mindee - :crossed: Praying for some good news coming your way today!! Enjoy the evening out tonight, how fun!

Sassy - hi/ I love your snow pretty!!

Cristina - You have pretty ones too!

Just checking in. I really need to lay off the ventis, it gets me zooming too fast and I feel ill afterwards.

Good news!! I called and chatted with Fernando (he was very flirty :o) who works at the unemployment insurance center. He was kind to look my wages up and answered questions for me....with my earnings I will get $455 a week! Yay...1,820 a month. I thought it was only $400 a week. My last job check is 1/15 and I will get 3 - $455 checks in January. So, it is a relief to know rent in Feb is covered. It is still short of what I was netting but I don't feel as depressed........

k- off to mypsace to fiddle around.

12-07-2007, 04:33 PM
hello is every one doing?

well, I checked Tommy's email to see if he got a response about his schooling, and I am guessing that if they are asking him to fill out co-signer information, then it is a GOOD possibility that he is going to be able to go!!!! Please continue to keep your fingers crossed until we know for sure!

Sassy~ Thanks for your email addy! I will put it into my address book when I get to it.

Cristina~ Have fun tonight at the concert!!! I haven't seen them in concert before either.....every year, a local Rock and Roll station on the radio always is the first to play Trans Siberian Orchestra to kick off the season, so that is the first place I heard them! Then I found out my BIL had the Christmas cd with Christmas in Sarajevo, so I asked him to burn me a copy so I could listen to that is how I found out about the group! Thanks for all the nice words of encouragement! I stepped on the scale last night after my shower, and I am down almost 3 pounds from the last time I weighed the exercises and the walks are helping for something!

SuzyQ~ Thanks for the continued fingers crossed! Like I mentioned above, I am hoping that since he got an email regarding the co-signer information that that means great news!!! That is great news about your unemployment information!!!

12-07-2007, 08:04 PM
Hi Ladies.

Well we got snow but DH said it has melted already and the roads were fine when going to work tonight. The Pirates 3 Movie was disappointing. It was so confusing, even after re-watching Pirates 2. The first one was the best in my opinion!!! lol.

My mom got her results from her Doppler Study done -- she is normal!!! :woohoo:

Also my DH said our boss was still there when he came into work tonight and said he is looking for coverage for Christmas so I can be off. Well I better be getting off since I put my request in back in Sept. but of course nobody wants to work my shift plus the fact that I have worked every single holiday this year so far!!!

Anyways.........I am hungry so I'm going to go eat and I'll be back later to NOT gripe and complain about my job, I promise!!! lmaoooooooooo.


12-08-2007, 01:42 AM
Hiya again ladies :D

SUSAN...good deal on the finances...I bet that is a big weight off your shoulders, great news for sure! I think my energy drinks are like your venti's, lol. They get me going but I don't feel ill from them. I drink 1 sometimes 2 a day or ever other's my liquid crack, lol...that's what DD calls it. I don't drink coffee and my diet coke is usually caffeine free so...need a lift from something. I'll have to check out your myspace page...did you change the red page? That was/is really pretty.

MINDEE...hey, WTG on the loss! Wow, I am impressed and good job! I am hoping Tommy gets the student loans, that is a great opportunity for him and it would be sad for him not to be able to do it. Maybe if he can't get this aid, maybe there is some other type of aid he can get. There are so many different types of student loans out there so make sure you try something else. I see about TSO. I hear them on the radio too.

SASSY...hey, you can talk about your job and the arses up there all you want. We are here for you. :hug: And I do hope you get Christmas off. Instead of asking for volunteers I think someone needs to be telling someone they will be working, and it better not be you! Geez, if you put in for Christmas off in Sept then you definitely should get that off. The person in charge had that much time to get people to work. On a lighter note...I am very happy to hear your moms results are normal. :hug:

Well, we went to the concert and then a very late dinner after. It was a very nice date night for sure. But...always a but in there isn't there? Well, I can say I went to see TSO, and can say I won't see them again. It was okay, but I guess I just don't care for the light show and the style of Christmas music. I have heard some of their songs on the radio and liked them. I guess I am just Mannheim Steamroller fan. I thought they were along the same lines, guess they are, sort of. Anyway...all that mattered was our time together.

Just wanted to drop by and say Hi ladies. :wave:

12-08-2007, 03:45 AM
Hey Girls...........I have actually GOOD news about my job. I know amazing I know! Good and my job in the same sentence???? lol. My DH talked to my Job Angel, that is what I am calling him because he has been my Angel during my rocky road. lol. Mmmmm Rocky Road..........:drool: Okay back to my news...Anyways, my Job Angel has convinced my boss that we need another Agent to be a "Tweener" You know the shift "between" Days and Nights. lol. This person will work until 10 p.m. at night to help us night people out! :woohoo: I am SOOOO happy! That just means so much to me, that someone actually is paying attention and listening to us and someone who actually CARES!!! I even started crying thinking about that. Someone who actually cares........Just touched my heart..........I have to get this Angel something very special for the Holidays. I thought about buying him a candy bar or maybe some of those "mini" ones and putting it all together and adding a note, "Thanks for being so Sweet". Do you think that is corny? I've known this guy since my 1st day, he is even one of the people who trained me and we've always had a good work relationship and he isn't like you know stuck-up or whatever. Nothing like my boss. lmaoooooo. He is very caring, sweet, funny, and just a nice guy and he really should be our boss instead of our boss now. lmao...........Anyways, do you think my idea is stupid or inappropriate?? I know being my friends and all you will be honest with me. :)

DH says I should just tell him how I feel, but I'm afraid I'll start bawling. lmaoooo. Just cuz it means so much to me. So I figured a little gift and a note would say it all without me having to say it and get all weepy. lmao.

Anyways. With my new "Job Angel" I am going to stick around, to at least see what changes come. We move to a new area after the 1st of the yr and that is when all the changes are coming down and I really don't want to start a new job until after the holidays anyways...........

Thank You, Cristina and you are right about my boss. He always waits until the last freakin minute to find people to work when we put in our requests WAY ahead of time!! I told DH if I don't get Christmas off, I will be going to HR about it because its unfair. He doesn't treat us night shifters the same and that is unfair.

Okay ya'all. I saw Paula Deen on Tv and she was making something out of leftovers, she had some pot roast and made a shepards pie. My DH's bday is on Tuesday. I will be working, but I want to make him something this weekend. I asked him and he said that sounds good and he will pick up the meat for me. I've never made pot roast before. So was just wondering how you all do yours? My mom made it, she always would sear it, then put it in the slow-cooker along with potatoes and veggies and let it slow cook. Is that all I do? Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated. :)

Thank You All for your wonderful support!!! Love you Chicks! :love:

Have a Great Day when you all get up! lol.


12-08-2007, 12:01 PM
Boy, you guys have been busy posting!! I am still sick, I actually don't have a voice today....well it's really squesky and my head is still killing me. I go through bouts of the sneezes and I am achy.

Thursday, I went with hubby to have two of his wisdom teeth removed. He's now not feeling good and I think he is starting to get the first symptoms of my cold. I am hoping that the antibiotics for his teeth keep it away.

I went with Teri to her appointment, still waiting....she is doing REALLY good though. She is absolutely glowing.

12-08-2007, 01:16 PM
Good morning, ladies! glad to hear the news! I don't think the candy bar idea is corny at all. It's just a little thank for all he does. Not sure how much you are going to spend but...on the M&M's website you can order a bag of them and put any message on them, also herseys website too! I ordered DH a big box of hersey kisses with the message Happy Anniversary! Now those were a little costly but it was our anniversary and he loves his chocolates! But the candy idea is a good one! As far as the roast goes, I cook one two ways...I flour it and brown it and then just put it in the oven with some water and a little bit of makes it's own gravy that way and is delicious! The crock pot way, I flour it and brown it then put it in with carrots, celery and potatoes and a package of the lipton mushroom/onion soup mix with two cups of is delicious that way too. Making my mouth water for roast! Funny, I make my stew the same way.

JULES...ugh, sorry you and DH are feeling bad. Hope he gets to feeling better soon. Hope they didn't have to cut the wisdom teeth out. They did that with the kids. Darn stinking cold...hope you get rid of that soon. I told V last night I hope I don't catch anything. The lady that sat next to me last night kept coughing and sneezing...spreading those germs around for all to have! Not very long now until you have that grandbaby.

Hiya everyone else :wave:

Not sure what is on the agenda for today. More icky weather, almost slipped down the stinking deck stairs this morning. Not frozen anywhere else but those stairs. Poor little Ernie dog was trying to get up the stairs and I didn't realize the rain had frozen...went to help him and I almost went down. Don't have any ice melt to put on them but V is bringing some home when he gets off work. Haven't done any exercise as of yet but will get it done, or something done. Haven't done much of anything yet, just some straightening of the house and started a load of laundry...always with the laundry, lol. Would love to go to this Santa Village thing they are having later but this weather is only supposed to worsen. Kirstie Alley has some houses here and one of them she is putting up this Santa Village in front of it and she is taking pictures with people. Would love to go meet her in person! Ah, but the weather. Of course if it is bad it will be rescheduled. :crossed:

Have a good weekend ladies!

12-08-2007, 02:34 PM
Good Morning Chickie's!

Mindee - How was the date?? You haven't checked in this morning so I am thinking it went well!! haha.....jk

I had yummy scrambled eggs/sausage w/ gravy dripped over. Gads! It was so good.

Cristina - The ex can be sweet. He also can be jerky. I was ok with the $1820 a month until my mom said it is going to be tight!!" .
I mean it is net and it beats working (lol) and Hawaii Man figures it is like making $15 an hour because it is a net sum. It was a total fluke that I was making $19 an hour - everything in the paper is $11 or $12 an hour...if that. So, it covers my rent ($705) and I guess we can ask Gab's dad to actually pay child support. I am getting tired of this $33 a week he needs to pick up her medical coverage. Blah ,,,,,,,,,,now I am depressed

No, I didn't change the myspace layout. I better get!!

Hi to everyone!! Monday is WI day!! Hope to get the gravy drained out!! lol

12-08-2007, 07:03 PM
Howdy, what a breakfast! I want some...sounds so good! hey, even if it is a little tight I think you will manage your money right and be fine. But yeah, I agree the ex needs to be doing his part, bigger part for Gaby. So what are you up to today missy?

Just thought I would get back on for a few mintues. Exercise is done, done, and DONE! And it is nasty out...a sheet of ice on the and V just threw some ice melt down. He almost slipped off the porch and I am afraid Jason will when he gets home...of all the things he had a final today at 3, ugh! Now I will worry until he gets home. He had one this morning also and said there were wrecks on the highway everywhere...a SUV had rolled off the highway. This class is way on the west side of town at a branch of WSU. jealous of Josh being in Hawaii...talked to him yesterday and he had the nerve to complain about their air conditioning being out because of the storm they had. The nerve, lol! They are okay though and didn't have any damage but he said it was one heck of a storm.

Have a good weekend ladies.

12-08-2007, 08:04 PM
Hi Girls.

I have been having an issue with my internet. Not sure if its my profile on Firefox or what so I'm on hubby's side, he wants me to try it and see if I get the same error I've been getting on his side..............:p

Cristina -- Thanks. I am not planning on spending a whole lot. lol. I am thankful, but um, we are very limited in fundage right now. lol. So I'm going to be "creative" lol. I just wish I knew what his favorite candy bar was!! Guess I can just go with the classic milk chocolate candy bar, right? I've never seen him eat Candy, but I've never seen him turn it down either. lol. But I do like your M & M idea maybe for my hubby for v-day or something. Like I said, fundage is limited right now. lol. Sounds like I'm on the right track to my roast. DH has to get the roast first, I'll probably make it tomorrow night. Maybe I will make my mom's homemade rolls to go along with it. ;) Tonight I'm doing an experiment. Attempting to make macaroni 1/2 like my mom makes it and 1/2 like DH's mom makes it. and probably make hamburgers with it for DH. So we'll see how it turns out!!! lol.

Jules -- I hope you feel better hunni!! :hug:

Hi Suzy Q -- Bye Suzy Q!!! I hope you can come back when you can stay and chat awhile!!

Well ya'all, all this talk about food, I am hungry, so I'm off to go eat! I hope you all have a Great Evening & Night!!!


12-09-2007, 12:41 AM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Well, it has been a little bit since I have been on here! We had a blast yesterday!!! We dropped the kids off at the sitter’s house and spent about an hour or so with them so they wouldn’t freak when we left. (which they didn’t, in fact, they waved at us out the front window) We went to the party and spent a good six hours. We played some pool, some darts, some arcade games, and some pinball! It was really nice to be known as Mindee, and not mommy! Plus, an added bonus was not having to cut up any ones food or tell them to get out of things or we were going home! We went to pick up the kids and they were all still wide awake…….at midnight! We hung out for a little bit and the kids ate some Taco Bell. We left at 2am, and got home about 2:30am…..put the kids to bed and we crashed as well! (I did really good….I had one pop with dinner and water the rest of the night!)

Sassy~ That is great news about your mom!!!! I have only seen the first Pirates, and that was on opening night in the front row! That is great news about your Job Angel!!! I have never cooked a pot roast either, Tommy usually does it. Tommy’s suggestion is to season it to taste, and then throw it in a crock pot. Tommy says you will know when it is down when it falls apart. To which he added that it would be perfect for Sheppard’s Pie then. I like the idea of the gift for your job angel.

Cristina~ Thanks for the encouragement! Tommy was talking to a friend of ours that baby sat the kids last night. She is going to school to be in surgical technology, and she received grants. She told Tommy to look into those to see if he can get any of those. Sorry to hear that you didn’t like TSO. I don’t think I have every heard any of MS’s songs. I could have heard them and just not known it was them.

Jules~ I hope you feel better soon! I hope your hubby doesn’t get sick and that his antibiotics kick the cold for him! Isn’t Teri due soon? I hope she goes before she gets to uncomfortable.

Cristina~ Did you make it to the Santa Village? I would love to meet her as well! I have watched her progress on tv through her weight loss, so it would be nice to meet her.

SuzyQ~ It was a great night! We had a blast!!

12-09-2007, 04:06 PM
just checking in on this weird weathered Sunday!

12-09-2007, 05:55 PM
Mindee--the weather is weird here too--we got around 4 inches of snow on Wednesday, it was in the 60's yesterday and today is rainy and gloomy but in the 40's

Sassy--great news about your job--we actually need one more person though I don't see it happenning...glad your mom's tests came back normal

Cristina--I channelled my inner Katy and painted the dresser--so now I am going to channel my inner you and exercise!! I got a walking off the pounds dvd--I promise to start as soon as I feel a little better--I think I would pass out if I tried it today--I am feeling a little better though

SuzyQ--well it's good you are getting more $ than you thought you were that's always a plus--Gaby's dad should pay more if he can. It's nice that Hawaii man is always there to talk to you....

Well, I am feeling a little better, still sneezing and my throats still scratchy but I can talk today..hubby's jaw is still hurting some but then he takes a pain med.....

12-09-2007, 07:26 PM
Hi Chicks.

Well I made the macaroni and cheese. It didn't turn out the way I wanted, but don't really think it was all my fault. lol. The Cheese Sauce that DH got me just wasn't that great. lol. So next time I am using Velveeta......;)

But DH liked the mac & cheese anyway and he raved on my burgers I made. Mine were small and I did not use a bun or bread......

DH forgot to get the roast so I will have to come up with something else for tonight. Any Ideas???? We don't have a lot, DH just got the basics when he went to the store. We do have chicken breasts, I could maybe do something with them??? Its just chicken is so boring.......and we have it all the time because well its healthy, its the skinless boneless kind........

DH emailed me a link for a house that he likes that is not too far from where we live now.....needs a little work, but would be perfect because is has an efficiency apt. with a private entrance in the lower level, which would be perfect for my mother!!! Its in our price range too, so I dunno........We don't have any money saved for a down payment though. But a guy at work said he didn't have to have any money down on his house. I dunno I know having a down payment helps but I really want out of this place!! Also my mom is supposed to move up here when her lease is up -- in May. So I would like to have a house by then because we could all fit in this apt, but it would be a snug fit.

Here is the house (, if anybody is interested in take a looksy. lol.

Mindee - Glad that you and Tommy got a night out.

Jules -- TY, it took a lot off of our minds that my mom's results came back normal..........Glad you are feeling a little better. I hope you and DH get well soon!


12-09-2007, 08:04 PM
Hi everyone! How's your Sunday going?

Sassy - I'm so glad your mom's tests came back normal - what a relief! I looked at that house and just about fainted..I WISH we had houses around here for that size and price! My neighbor across the street is trying to sell his 3000 sq. ft. house with 4 bds/3 baths for 539, there's a reality check for ya, lol! Re: cooking. Do you have a crock pot? One of my easiest dinners is to put a chuck roast in the crock pot with a container of salsa and just let 'er go all day. By dinner time, it is so tender it just falls apart and it is great on a sandwich or wrapped in a tortilla with veggies. If you are pressed for time, you can cook it in a pot in the oven..I think it's like 350 for and hour or so, whatever gets the internal temp to about 150. Hope the house works out for you!

Susan- glad your unemployment will cover you. It's nice not to worry about that stuff. I agree w/ Cristina - M needs to pay his fair share.. Does our fair state still deduct child support from wages? Hope you are having a good weekend.

Jules - hey we had snow, too...just enough to get the kids real excited...but it's gone now. I tell them to wait 'til February...we always get some kind of freak storm in February.

Mindee - yay for date night! We like those, too and don't get near enough of them, imo! Our last date was to the Art Museum. We are hoping to get away for an evening to use a P.F. Chang's gift certificate over the winter break. DH also is hoping we will get out to a movie..wants to see Sweeney Todd...I'm holding out for The Savages or maybe Juno. None of these seem like real date-night movies, but ST really isn't a date night movie, lol!

Cristina - Thanks for the card! very sweet...did Jason get home ok?

Just got back from the gym. Did 25 minutes of cardio, then took the cardio salsa class. In other news, we have our tree, but haven't decorated it yet...and the kids are about to pee their pants; they are so excited. Yeesh. It's just a tree ...jk... I am wiped, but I promised them I would at least get the lights and garlands on, then they can do the rest with their dad. I'm a good delegator....

I'm hoping to get our Christmas email card out in the next week. I think I have everyone's emails.. except Mindee, Sue, Michelle, or any newbie. If you could pm me your email, I would be happy to send you one. It has a little slide show of our year's highlights.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend, ladies!

12-10-2007, 02:50 AM
hello is every one doing?

nothing new on this end.....just checking my email and putzing around online! me and Tommy have come to agreement that we are going to start shopping for Christmas next year after the first of the year. that way we know that we will have stuff for the kids already and not have to stress about it when it gets closer to Christmas. (which is what we have been doing.....and the reason, more then likely, why AF hasn't shown up yet.

Jules~ We haven't gotten any snow except for the little bit that was on the ground for a day or so. There is still a slight trace on the grass now, but not the normal amount for Christmas time!

Sassy~ That is a nice house!!! The inside looks nice, if those are the inside pictures for the house! What would you do with the cottage on the back of the lot?

Katy~ That is great about getting to the gym! I need to get myself more motivated! We have been so stressed trying to figure out how we were going to get things for the kids for Christmas, that I have been a little tiny bit of a bad girl. (only in the sense of going back to drinking pop) lol....I have seen the commercials for ST and I would agree, that doesn't seem like a date night movie to me!

12-10-2007, 04:48 PM
Hello ladies...

KATY...YW! Funny about the kids, lol. You should tease them and make them wait just little bit longer to decorate the tree, lol. WTG on the exercise and yummy to the roast with salsa..never, ever crossed my mind to do a roast that way.

SASSY...WOW! Such a GREAT deal on the house! It looks good and for that price a little bit of work is nothing. So much space! And now, sorry if I am raining on your parade...really give those stairs a LOT of thought! Our house is similar in style, a bi-level and lat me tell ya, I never thought one iota about carrying groceries up the stairs or anything else. I loved having the garage next to the kitchen and just walking in the door...the stairs are a real pain in the booty for sure and hard on the knees, sorry but just thought I would give ya something to think about. But it is a nice house with lots of space and would be great for your mother to move in. And you are right...look into the different can buy a house with nothing down, you can also ask the seller to pay all or part of your closing costs etc. There are lots of ways to get into a house with no money so do your homework.

MINDEE...glad you guys had a nice night out without the kids. Date night is always fun. I misread and for some reason thought you were saying the kids were calling you Mindee, lol. Isn't it funny how that always hear mom/momma/mommy and tend to forget who you are, or I did anyway. When Jason was about 3 1/2 he did call me by my name. I didn't care, it really didn't bother me but when my mother would come over she would get angry...asked me why he was calling me by my name and then told me to tell him to stop, lol.

JULES...WTG missy! Hey, it's a start and something you can do regardless of where you live or the weather. Glad you are feeling a little better. :hug:

SUSAN...whacha up to girly? Hoping all is well with you and the girls.

Nothing much going on with me today...this weather has me down and I have yet to get any exercise in, ugh. Slept late and got a late start...don't know if it's the weather or what. Will probably just do a video or dvd and call it good, it's so late in the day already so. Went and ran some errands today, things I had planned on doing tomorrow but we are supposed to get freezing rain this evening and I don't plan on being out in it tomorrow. The roads will be icy and worse than they were Sat & Sunday so...staying inside. Had to go order Jason a cake for Sunday. Will be going to his ceremony and then coming home and Josh and his GF are going to be coming over for dinner and cake. Glad he is coming home for Christmas. Anyway...yakkity, yak, yak, yak...

Take care ladies and stay warm!

12-10-2007, 09:23 PM
Cristina--we are going to be getting rain all week--I would rather have rain or snow--hate the ice. Just got home and I am ready for bed.

Mindee--there's no snow left just a muddy mess that is going to get muddier with all the rain that is coming this week

Katy--I need to get going on my cards--I bought them before Thanksgiving but I don't have them even started!! The cardio salsa class sounds fun.

Sassy--that house looks cute! If needed you could put your mom in the efficiency apt in the lower level and rent the cottage in the back. The rental would help pay for your mortgage. I sometimes bake chicken breasts--I rub a little extra virgin olive oil on them, squeeze some lemon juice over them and sprinkle lemon pepper on them. Hubby and I like them.

SuzyQ--hey there lady....

I got home late and I ma going to play a little on the net and then go to bed. Teri was really emotional today so I sat with her awhile and talked before I came home.

12-11-2007, 12:54 AM
Hi Chicks.

This is just me rambling away, so if your just not in the mood or too busy, you can skip over. I didn't do Individuals because well I'm too lazy, maybe later.... lol........

Well tonight has been so far amazing! I came in and Dayshift actually WORKED and I did not have a lot of work leftover from them to do!! Now what do I do? lol. **Knocking on Wood here** lol. I sooooo wish that I could go home at Midnight.............That would be awesome..........but that would never happen unless maybe I was dying or something. lol.

Oh and my Job Angel? Broke his leg!! Poor guy, this defintely has not been his year!! A few months ago he broke his jaw and he had his mouth wired shut for like two months.

I'm hungry and I brought lunch, but I don't want it. Ever had that happen? But there was really nothing else to take.........Just nothing sounds good to me.................Well what sounds good to me is fattening and bad for me so I can't go there. Luckily I have no transportation and I don't get a lunch so can't really go anywhere anyways. lol.

I also found out that someone from the dayshift is leaving our team. Going to somewhere else within the co. She was hired on when I was. So that is another person leaving that I started with. That will leave only one left that was hired on with me.......Kinda scary. I feel like I should move on, but I'm just too afraid! lol.

Thank you all for your kind comments about the house. Dunno if we'll go for it or not. I think DH was looking and this is a good deal and the location isn't that bad either. But depends on DH, sometimes he is all "gung ho" about something then other times he drags his feet and I'm tired of trying to convince him that we need to move. Its not just my decision.

We have looked at so many houses in the last few years........I don't want to go looking unless he is absolutely sure he wants to do it this time. lol.

I think honestly he is afraid, just like before we bought our car. He drug his feet on that too, until our old car broke down and we HAD to get a new one. Don't think our apt is going to totally break down, it is falling apart, but don't think its going to totally go and that is probably what it would take to make him move...........I am trying to tell him, "My mother is moving up here in the summer time and I really don't want to be crammed into this little apt." But he still drags his feet. I understand about being cautious and all that, but there is a point where you just got to do it.

Anyways..........I am rambling

Have a Good One!


12-11-2007, 01:48 AM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Tommy called me after he got out of work to see if I remembered where he spent $39.67 at. I said “well, I can check on the account on the bank site and then let you know when you get home.” So I did that, and found a charge at a gas station not that far from here for that amount. I showed/told Tommy when he got home from work and getting gas, and we went through the receipts and nothing! So he called the bank and the person that he talked to went over it with him on the phone and then told him that he had to go to a local branch and fill out a form disputing the charges and the guy that he talked to at the branch told Tommy that he had a legitimate case, and they will investigate it and get back to him. When he talked to the guy on the phone, the guy told him that the charge was made at 4:28pm on Sunday……Tommy went to pick up some stuff for the kids and then Meijer. He was sitting on the couch watching Ray, and the card was in his wallet on the bar.

Things are going GREAT on this end after the bank issue!!! Tommy called and talked to the lady from the school that he is interested in. She has been trying to send him the information about the financial aid and co-signer stuff. Well, he called her and she told him that all he needs to do is get a co-signer and he will be back in school!!!!!! He called his mom and she said that she would be his co-signer! So, as of January 7th, Tommy will be a student!!! It should be a really rough ride for the six months that he will be in school, since he will be working still, then going to school for 8 hours and then having to do roughly 12 hours of homework through out the week. Plus, being a daddy and a husband on top of it all. I told him that if the boys keep acting like they have been then he is going to have a drunk wife while he is in school!

Cristina~ My cousins used to call (still do actually) their parents by their first names and I was raised that you don’t call them by their names, but by mom and dad. So, it was always weird when we were around them and they were calling their parents by their first names. Brandon has however called daddy Tom and Tommy just looks at him and says “I’m daddy” or he will ignore him until he calls him dad.

Jules~ We are suppose to be getting some kind of precipitation this week. From what I saw on the radar it was looking like rain, but who knows now!

Sassy~ I hope your DH will stop dragging his feet and want to move soon! Sorry to hear about Job Angel…, it really hasn’t been his year!

12-11-2007, 09:21 PM
Teri says that her belly feels like it is hanging to her knees today. She felt weird all day but nothing yet....

Just wanted to say a quick hi to everyone--I am tired and going to go to bed early again tonight!!

12-12-2007, 01:49 AM
Jules~ I hope little Dominick decides to come soon! Is Teri getting into the uncomfortable phase yet? I was so ready for Logan to be born on his due date, but he had other plans! He waited 8 days and then was born on his uncle's birthday.

12-12-2007, 03:08 AM
Hi Chicks.

I think Mother Nature is going through the Change. lol. Cuz today it was 64 degrees! It is still in the 50's!! Tomorrow/Today/Whatever is supposed to be warm too, almost 60. Then Thursday it goes down to 41 and chance of snow and Friday down to 38! Geesh. lol

My Job Angel (J.A.) came to my rescue again today! I got an email from my boss, I made a boo-boo and so I asked my J.A how I should respond. So he IM'd me what to email to my boss! lol. So I still have not gotten him his chocolate yet, but I gave him a home-made pb cookie that another agent here made and insisted that I come and get some, she said, "It is the least we can do for all the things you do for us." I thought that was sweet, so I had DH run down to get a couple. A couple -- he came back with a plate full! lol. But never fear, I shared with my co-workers. I only ate 2 cookies. :)

I was thinking I may just send my J.A. a nice email, thanking him for everything he has done for me and our team. I still plan on getting him some chocolate as well, but I just want to let him know that he is making a difference, at least to me! I know we all like to hear that "hey your doing a good job and I appreciate you." It makes you feel good.

I really really wish I had requested tonight (Wed. Night) off, but oh Still not sure on Christmas Eve & Christmas yet. He put out the Christmas Schedule and I'm not on it, but nobody is on my shift, so I think he's waiting to talk to my counter part first. But I have no idea about Christmas Eve. I told DH if I have to work Christmas Eve, I may as well work Christmas and See if I can just get the day after off instead. But we'll see....

Mindee -- that is scary about the bank, I hope it gets worked out. WTG to Tommy on going to school! I know it will be a very tough 6 mos for all of you, but like you said, it will be worth it when he is finished. I even told my DH that I posted the link to the house on here and you all said you liked it and thought it was a good deal. All he said to that was, "yes it is a good deal".......:rolleyes:

Cristina -- UGH you need some of our weather we've been having. Its been in the 60's here. I hope your sucky weather passes!!!

Jules -- Hoping the little one comes soon......:)

Hi Susan :wave: UGH you haven't changed your myspace yet? Geez woman get with the times! lol. Just teasin ya. lol.

Big :hug: to all.

12-12-2007, 08:25 PM
Mindee--she's not too uncomfortable--she has days where she feels pressure more than others

Sassy-I am the only one working Christmas Eve--two of the ladies have grandkids coming in from out of town to enjoy and will actuall be off all week. The phone is going to have a closed message both Monday & Tuesday so I should be fine. I already told my big boss that if the baby comes I am gone to the hospital!!

It looks like the snow and ice are moving to the east coast--it actually is calling for maybe ice/sleet/rain starting after midnight (I'm hoping for rain only) and then it's suppossed to be nasty this weekend unless a warm front from the south hits at the same time and then it will be rain

12-13-2007, 02:41 AM
nothing new on this end.....just checking my email and putzing around online. right now I am adding some songs to my playlist. Brandon is very excited for Tommy to go back to school. I think it is more so because daddy keeps telling him that now he will be able to buy him, Logan and Marissa anything that they want!

Sassy~ That is good to hear that you are not on schedule as of yet! I have to agree with the men comment. I get that from Tommy a lot! It was warmer here on Wednesday then it is suppose to be in the coming week! We are suppose to go down into the 20's on Friday, and then back up to the 30's either Saturday or Sunday....then back into the 20's.

we are taking the kids to see Santa on Saturday and Sunday. The place where my in-law's used to camp (and where we met) is having their kids Christmas party on Saturday and then Tommy's lodge Christmas party is on Sunday.

Jules~ I can't wait to see pictures of little Dominick!

12-13-2007, 06:54 PM
Can you believe tomorrow is already Friday! The week went by way too fast. My box of Christmas cards still sit on the table!

Sassy - I guess I will have to go back and read more on the house, was there a picture?? Very sweet about your JA. I want to pop in and see my old assistant and give her a gift. Having supportive people in the workplace means a lot.

Mindee - Bravo to Tommy and the schoo! Sounds like a challenge but I am sure you both will be fine. psssst, you can drink, we won't tell - lol

Jules - Hugs to you and Teri!

Cristina -How are you?? Almost done with Christmas shopping? Thank you so much for the card! Did I thank you already? I don't remember, way too much happening at once. Hope Josh is well and I bet you will be happy to see him again for the New Years.

Katy - Did you get the tree up? Gab is almost over her cold, I have cabin fever, I hate being stuck inside w/ her.

Hi to Michelle and Sue!

I have to rush and get Beck. My eating is good this week but haven't exercised much. Ok, not at all and is any wonder no movement on the scale??
*sigh.....I better go. Try and check in later.

Hugs to you all :)

12-13-2007, 07:39 PM
See, I promised I would be back. haha

Jules - All my daughters were born on or a day behind their due date. I thought it was suppose to be like that. lol I can deal with anything as long as I have a date that it will end. Gab's was I think early though. My water broke in the morning and I laid on the couch all day - finally M told me he was going to take a nap and let him know when I was ready .....whatEVER,,,,,no one is taking a nap! I said I was ready so we headed for the hospital and she was born like 5 hours later.

Mindee - Yay for Santa pictures! I will try with Gab but she is scared of Santa and the Easter bunny. All my holiday photos have me holding her on my lap with some odd ball next to us. lol

So, I have been with a sick child all week. Gab has been sneezing and coughing. She went back to school yesterday. Can you believe she came home today with the work that she missed. She has to do it and I need to send back. argh.....Spanish class is on hold right now. I guess only 4 enrolled and they need 10 for the class.

Rach has gone to school 3 days in a row, so cross fingers! She is hard to have in the house, very stressful and I can't sleep very well.

I guess that is it. The only misc fun thing is I met a man on line *eyes roll* and omg......he lives on the street over from cool is that? He was asking to get together this weekend but I said no I have shopping to weekend for sure! He is a counselor at the community college and seems mentally stable. Not that that matters,,,, lol

k - off I cook to cook dinner. I have been making some wonderful soups all week. Last night was lima bean w/ ham,carrots and onion. It was soooo yummy, especially in the cold weather.

chat at you all later!!

12-13-2007, 09:06 PM
SuzyQ--I went into labor with Ry on my actual due date but he waited until 1:23 am to be born the next day on April 1. Teri was perfectly content in the "grow womb" she was almost two weeks over when they finally induced me!!

Mindee--maybe there will be pictures of Dominick on Santas lap next year!!

Hey there Cristina, Katie, Sassy & Sue!!

Teri got her cell stolen today--she said what kind of person steals a phone from a very pregnant girl....she has insurance so she will have a replacement sent but that doesn't replace hers with all the pictures and numbers she had stored...

The girls gave me a grandma shower at work was really nice..they had all kinds of "baby" foods, baby carrots and corn & tiny pickles, mini muffins & brownies, little pretzels & mini ritz crackers & the little cans of was fun!!

12-14-2007, 12:51 AM
hello are you all doing?

well, Tommy got a call from the lady from the school. He had his mom give her information to become his co-signer. Well, according to the lady his mom can't do it. So, he called his brother who said that he would do it, and so we shall hopefully (fingers crossed) find out on Friday!

other then that, nothing really new! Although, I do have to add that little Miss Marissa, decided today that she was going to become mobile on me! She was playing on the floor like she usually does, and she got up on her hands and knees. She then got so excited that she went backwards! (I am going to put the one picture that she let me take of her as my avatar)

SuzyQ~ I had nothing better to do last Saturday night while watching the Grinch on tv. So, the Christmas cards went into the mailbox, some of the kids presents got wrapped, I did the check book, and got all three kids to bed. I thought for certain last year that the boys, or at least Logan, was going to take issue with Santa. But surprisingly they were both fine! In fact, Brandon wouldn't leave him alone.

Jules~ That sounds great about the grandma shower! That sucks about Teri getting her cell phone stolen. Does she know who stole it?

12-14-2007, 03:31 PM
Hello ladies...

SUSAN...a new man in your life, eh? I think that is great and I hope he is a keeper. WTG to Rachel, heres to more days of staying in school.

MINDEE...if this doesn't work out, DON'T give up! Tell Tommy to find out about other student loans...there's too many out there to just give up after one!

JULES...that sux...I've never had a phone stolen but the kids have lost theirs, Josh and Jason...Jason is the worst. He had one on the dash of his car once and turned the corner and it flew out the window, :lol:! Goofy kid...didn't even bother pulling over to look for it, just went and got another. I am too paranoid I guess...I freak over the thought of someone getting or having my info. How is she feeling today?

Hello to everyone else :wave:

I officially have all my shopping done and almost everything for our Christmas Eve dinner. Need to check my menu to see what else needs to be bought. Of course bananas for the waldorf salad will be last. I can't believe that Christmas is almost here, yikes!

Have a good one!

12-14-2007, 05:22 PM
Omg - I don't what to hear you are all set for Christmas Cristina!! lol omg,omg,omg.

Gab's teacher emailed asking for homework and such. I feel so much pressure, I can't do it if the kid is sick or tired and she is here and there on her weekends. Impossible. We have a life! lol

Mindee - Crossing fingers for good news in the $$ issues.

Jules - Very cute on the *grandma shower* at work!

Cristina - Rach is hanging in there. I might get her to go to a church Christmas program tonight after M gets Gab for the weekend. I have no man in my life - lol I don't, I don't, I don't. Just emails that keep my mind off my stresses.

I better run! Payday (not that I work - lol) and I have bills to pay.

chat later.

12-14-2007, 06:26 PM
Hi all.

Well as far as I know I am off on Christmas. He put out the schedule and I'm not on it. Although I wish now that I could work, we could really use the extra $$. But don't think he will let me now. He has a skeleton crew and I doubt he'd want to pay an additional person time and a half when he doesn't have too.

I think DH is gonna ask the guy who is on the schedule if he would like the night off and he could work. We're just really really tight in the financial area right now. I know there are people who have it A LOT worse than us, so I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. ;)

Anyways. My DH was really really bummed about his bday on Tuesday. Nobody remembered his bday except for my mom, his parents, our insurance agent, our car dealership and me. None of his friends. He was really bummed because our insurance agent and car dealership remembered and his friends did not. So whenever we ever do get caught up financially, I think we are going to have to have a night out together, as we haven't been out since my bday in September.

I feel really bad for him because he was so worried about our finances and bills that he couldn't sleep today and so he has to work 14 hours tonight with no sleep. For once I did not worry and he did. I mean I am concerned, but we have been in a lot worse places financially than we are right now and I know we'll get through it, just have to be patient, but I know with this time of year and all, it bums DH out.

Plus I think it goes back to that thing with men and the "providing" thing, even though this is the modern ages and women have contributed financially for many many years now, I think deep down some men at least, still have that "providing" thing.

Oh I did email my J.A., just a simple thank-you email, I haven't checked my work mail, my DH has and I don't think there was anything there, but I'm sure my J.A appreciated it.

Well anyways, I hope you all are doing well and are ready for the holidays.

Big :hug:

12-14-2007, 07:33 PM
Lots of hugs Sassy :hug: :hug: Sorry things are tight for you guys right now, but like you said, it could be worse. And, so sorry DH friends forgot his BD, that's terrible, hugs to him.

Susan...yeah, you know if a kid is home sick I don't understand how they are supposed to do homework...they should give them extra time after they go back to school but not while home sick. Glad Rachel is doing well.

I'm just back for a few in 6 miles today! That is a first and most likely a last! I was cold and just kept walking to stay warm, lol. The chili in the crockpot is smelling good too...gotta make some cornbread muffins and it is done!

Have a good weekend ladies!

Oh, no snow as of yet but it is headed our way...they are calling for 4-7 inches of the white stuff, ugh! Ciao

12-14-2007, 09:22 PM
Mindee--Marissa is getting so big. Our friends little boy tears around the house in his walker.

Cristina--Teri is more like you and me--she was worried about her pictures and all the numbers (see my update on her phone!)

SuzyQ--the right guy will come sometime...glad Rach is giving you a little bit of a break...I can relate Ry gave us a fit during his rebel years. I still can't believe he is thinking about moving to Oregon!!

Sassy--Hugs to hubby from me!!

Katy--where are you girly!!

Update on the phone--she found it--not sure what we are going to do, this phone was a replacement for a brand new phone she got last Christmas that had the screen malfunction after less than 4 months. The replacement phone has always had roblems with reception and when we complained we were told there was nothing we could do about it. I think I am going to have Teri try out the new one that is being sent and see if it does any better before we decide to sent one back.

Teri is having some contractions today. Nothing real hard or even regular. I told her to start writing them down. Hubby says watch her have him in the middle of the ice storm that is suppossed to start tomorrow afternoon. He teased me that he will drive me the 25 miles to the hospital on our tractor!!

12-14-2007, 11:33 PM
Cristina- Kuddos to you for having everything done for Christmas. I got my shopping and most of the wrapping finished today. I have the menu planned for Christmas Eve, but nothing ready. DH did go buy everything today. We do snack type foods all afternoon and evening as the kids come and go. It is easier, but also easier to graze and eat too much.

Sassy- Hate to hear that things are tight. I know about that for sure. Happy late BD to your hubby. Will you spend time with your Mom next week?

Susan- Glad to hear Rach is doing better. I hope Gabby is feeling lots better. Will she be gone with M all week-end? There is your free time lady! Enjoy!

Mindee- Cute that Marissa is going backwards. I think they all do that, but look-out when she learns to take off in the right direction. Hope you got good news about the loan. I agree with Cristina...don't let him give up.

Jules- Wow, good to hear Teri got the phone back. Hope her contractions don't decide to get going during the ice storm. I can just see you and DH on the could wave a baby blue blanket for a flag. Lol. Has Ry made any more plans to move to Oregon? DOes he have friends there? When my DS picked up and moved West his half brother was already there, so it was cool for him. Not so cool for my empty nest though. Hey, I adjusted quickly.

Katy- Come out, come out....I know you are one busy lady, but hi anyway! :)

We are expecting a huge storm, so our hatches are battened down. Whatever that means. But, if there were hatches my very capable DH would have them battened. ha..ha.. Hope you all stay safe and warm. I will be indoors for sure and maybe pedaling my bike in front of the tv in DH's workshop. He made a rack for the bike so I can ride it indoors. How cool is that?

12-14-2007, 11:45 PM
Hi all.

TY for all your kind thoughts. We will survive, we've been through a lot worse. But DH just told me that MIL called him crying, I guess FIL is not doing well. Dunno if I told you or not, but he has been having lots of problems with is leg, well they found out he broke it and he was walking around on it without knowing it was broke, so of course that made it worse. Well he is a very bad Diabetic as well as other health probs and he now has really bad sores and of course they aren't healing as quickly since he's a Diabetic and all, MIL is concerned and thinks they may have to amputate his leg. That is probably the extreme, but my MIL is a retired ICU nurse, so its not like she doesn't know what she is talking about, even though yes it is her husband and all. So we're just praying that everything heals well and he gets better.

DH told MIL we will come there for Christmas since they really can't get out. FIL can't drive and neither can MIL and we wouldn't want them too. I told DH to tell her that we can even stop by the grocery store and just pick up a meal there from the Deli or something. I just don't want them to think they have to cook a big meal or anything.

DH wants to go over next Thursday to visit with them a bit. FIL is getting cabin fever, so DH thinks a visit from us may help a little.

My mom has to work Christmas Eve and Christmas, so we probably won't get to see her until Springtime now. :( Oh well hopefully by next summer she will be living with us anyway!!! :crossed:

Well that is all from my end. I know I am just a bundle of joyous news, aren't I? lol. I even added "Blue Christmas" on my myspace page. lol.............Dramatic, aren't I? lol.

Big :hug: to all.

12-15-2007, 02:58 AM
hello are you all doing?

well, we are trying to find other ways for Tommy to get the loans that he needs to get into school. I told him to look into grants and see if he can get those for schooling. the lady called him Friday afternoon, and said that for some reason his brother's information wasn't good enough either. (his brother always pays his bills either on time or we are trying to figure that one out!)

I am trying to get through my email really quickly since we are going to be getting up really early to take the kids to have breakfast with Santa. Marissa has been a little terror to go to bed.....and so has Brandon for that matter. Marissa has gotten into the sympathy crying stage. She started crying Friday evening when Logan started crying. And then she started crying when Brandon got up this last time. (and on a side note......anybody that sees AF, can you PLEASE send her here! she was due here last Saturday and has yet to show up. We are chalking up her lateness to being under PLEASE send her our way!)

Cristina~ I am not letting him give up! He was worried Thursday night about "what if I can't find a job after I graduate?" I asked him why he was second guessing himself.....and so we had a discussion on that. He was all set for school, and then boom! he gets the call that his second option for a co-signer didn't work out. A friend of ours is going to school to become a surgical technician, and she received some grants to go to school. So, I mentioned those to him a while ago! Plus, Friday he got information from a local college and a course catalog basically for the jobs that she specialize in. And he was looking through there.

We are having a get together for the godparents next Friday night! So, we have to try and figure out what we are going to serve and what not. We are going to make cd's with pictures of the kids on them for the godparents. Then the next get together we will be hosting will be New Year's Eve.

SuzyQ~ I hope we get some kind of good news on the $$ issues for his schooling! It is a great opportunity and with each passing day (and each passing let down) he is slowly giving up on it.

Sassy~ Me and Tommy are the same way. When I was pregnant with the kids, he always told me "you don't need the stress and worry, so let me do it" That doesn't mean that I didn't have a little bit of worry here and there. But now that we are back into financial situations we are both worrying about things.

Cristina~ We are suppose to be getting snow starting Saturday afternoon. It is suppose to start out as a light flow, and then pick up into a heavy snow Saturday night. We are suppose to get between 6 to 12 inches.

Jules~ She is getting really big! We got rid of our walker after Logan outgrew it, so Marissa hasn't been in one. I have been looking out in the local freecycles to see if anybody locally has one. That sounds like how things would happen! Get out all your warm coats and hats, and make sure the tractor is gassed up! LOL

Sue~ It is good to hear from you! I am not going to let him give up....for once I am refusing to let him give up on something. That is great that your hubby made a rack so that you could still work out even if the weather is cooperating!

Sassy~ I hope your FIL's leg/sores get better soon!

12-15-2007, 10:35 AM
Sorry I haven't been's been pretty busy around here as you can imagine. Kept Leigh home yesterday as her asthma is acting up. I need to go giver her the "puffs" here pretty soon.

She went for her well child checkup a couple of days ago and other than the asthma, she's doing great! The doc cautioned me about her BMI; said it was a little high, but that she has a big head and a very solid structure...just "something to be aware of" was the way she put it. She's a really good pediatrician and I know she's just doing her job. There's a push to educate parents about BMI in kids now because of the rise in childhood obesity. I couldn't help wondering if she said that because L is a girl. James had the same stats at the same age and there were no cautions. It was 5 years ago and people weren't as freaked out about kids and I guess I am just looking for trouble, eh ;) I'm a little snarky this morning, lol...

will try to get back later today ...have a good one ladies!

12-15-2007, 01:59 PM
Katy--I think little miss Leigh is adorable!! The Easter picture is so cute!!

Mindee--the contractions stopped but the tractor is ready just in case;)

Sassy--:hug: to you and hubby

Sue-she's glad she got the phone back but upset now about the $50 deductable for the new phone. Ry has friends in Las Vegas & Eugene OR. Both want him to come out to see them and possibly stay. He says he would get in trouble in LV and I think if he goes to OR he won't be back. His friend that just got back from Iraq is going to be stationed in Washington state.

Well, ther weather is suppossed to start around 4 this afternoon, I am hoping for more snow than freezing rain & sleet.

12-15-2007, 03:20 PM
Good Morning -

On the fly!

Katy - Leigh is adorable! Thanks for the egreeting, great pictures! Curious where the woodsy ones were taken,so pretty!
Gab is 4'2 and 80 pounds. She is a little chunky but I think she will out grow that, especially is she stays active. There wasn't enough enrolled for the Spanish class (they needed 10 and only had 3) so I am thinking basketball if I can get her enrolled in time.I know I saw the flyer weeks ago.

Sassy - :hug::celebrate::hb::woo: Happy Belated to your sweetie! I forgot my mothers last month. lol She was pretty cool for awhile until she just told me......yikes. Hugs to you and your family. :)

Jules All rebels come to Oregon - haha. Rach is my little shadow these days.She is still sleeping in bed and we will probably hit the mall in a bit. Beck is going with her BF to a movie. Great that Teri got her phone back!

Sue Stay safe in the storm! It is free time and the clock is ticking. I managed to gt my car lubed this morning so feel good about that. Would really like to do something with this hair too! Hugs to you!

Cristina You stay safe too! Egads on the 6 miles, once in a life time thing for sure! lol,,,,,,,,I would be so sore. Course I am not in shape like you!
I sat down with M last night regarding the homework and showed him what still needed geting done. He goes "this is a lot of work,don't you think you can take 10 mintues at night and get it done? " I waved him away like a fly and said "could you try and get some of this done??" I think he was going to almost say "this is going to take away from Gab's and my weekend" BooHoo....It ain't disneyland Mon thru Fri. I never get fun with Gaby like he does. Also, I asked him to buy her a pair of socks and he said no can do, he has no money. BS, he just picked up his paycheck and is a week late on child support. He mailed it in late and when I asked again he said it came back because he forgot to sign. Ya, right. If you are going to lie at least make it semi reasonable.


k- off I go to enjoy my misery! lol

Hugs to all!!

12-15-2007, 06:38 PM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Well, today started out as a good day!

Today was the kids Christmas party for the campground that we met at. We took the kids, and they had a blast! Well, Logan did until it was his turn to go and sit on Santa’s lap. (if you want to see the pics I will post them) Brandon got a bug vacuum from Santa, Logan got a T-Ball set from Santa, and Marissa got a spinning ball toy and a little phone from Santa. We have another kids Christmas party tomorrow, but Tommy is worried about what will happen tomorrow!

On the way home from the party is when the day went down the tubes! We pulled out of the gas station after getting gas, and basically got T-Boned by some stupid lady! She claimed that she was pulling into the Big Boy that is right there, and then once every thing got cleared up with the police, she pulled out of the parking lot and off she went. So, she lied about where she was going! The police officer asked Tommy to explain what happened, and once he took a breath, the lady opened her mouth and basically told the police officer that it was all Tommy’s fault! She claimed that Tommy pulled out without even looking in the turn lane. She wasn’t even in the turn lane at the time to turn into Big Boy! She turned into the turn lane to bypass every body that was sitting in the lanes. She had to have been doing at least 45, because she hit us so hard that it knocked us out of the turn lane and into traffic!

She told the police officer that she stepped on the breaks, and then “slid” into us. I will post some pictures and you tell me if she “slid” into him or not. Tommy got a ticket for failing to yield to oncoming traffic, but the lady was no where in site when he pulled out! I didn’t even see her until the last second when I told Tommy to watch out and before he could she plowed into us. She was in the turn lane long before she needed to be, she was using it to drive past the other cars who had been waiting for the traffic light to change.

So, the police officer told Tommy that since he hasn’t had any tickets or accidents on his record that he could see, then to call the court and to make a court date to fight the ticket. He told him to fight the ticket and since his record has been clear for the past three years or more, that he has a very good chance that the judge will just dismiss the case. I told Tommy to make sure that we have a sitter that day, and I will go to court with him since I was the only witness that stuck around.

We are doing good……Tommy is taking a nap right now to calm his nerves. The kids all seem to be good. Nobody has complained of anything hurting them. My back and neck are hurting them, but I am so thankfully that nobody in the van was hurt badly.

Right now, the boys are fighting over the bug vacuum.....there is no way in heck that we are bringing in the t-ball set!

12-15-2007, 09:03 PM
Hi all

Well, I made it back...I'm sipping on some Two-Buck Chuck and enjoying life in general. The day has just flown by! The kids had a rehearsal for the Christmas play at church this a.m. Big performance is tomorrow. Fortunately, neither kid has any lines; James is a wise man...which of course means he's silent ;) Leigh and I did a little Christmas shopping. She decided to make bags as presents so we went to Michael's and bought some tote bags and fabric paint. Going to put her handprints on them, the date and have her sign her name in fabric paint...easy and cheap. The big news here is my dad asked permission to buy the kids a Wii for Christmas. We are seeing him on Saturday so I don't know how successful he will be at getting one in a week, but where there's a will there's a way, I guess. We usually don't allow game systems just because we really limit screen time, but we decided to make an exception. My son isn't going to see it coming and will probably pee his pants -- for reals this time, lol! He really really wants one and he really thinks he's never going to get one.

Susan--that homework is insane...who in their right mind expects a 5 year old to do that much...much less make up sick days. It's crazy..transfer her to our school! Leigh would be thrilled! BTW - Leigh will also be taking basketball starting in January...maybe they'll have the same class. I think you are right about the girls growing out of the chunky stage. Leigh doesn't eat much junk food and is moderate in every thing else. She's a pretty active kid. I think she got weighed right before a growth spurt. Both kids tend to plump up a bit right before they shoot up.

Sassy- thanks for the e-card --it was so pretty! I realized I got your name wrong ...I have it corrected now. Love that pic of you and your hubby.

Sue - thanks also to you for your e-card it was very lovely, my daughter kept wanting me to replay it :)

Mindee- so glad you are all alright. You should all get checked out, sometimes muscles strain injuries don't kick in until 72 hours after an accident. Don't ask how I know this. When it happened to us, we got an attorney who worked on a contingency. The guy who t-boned us took it to court and lost. we didn't make big bucks but we did get a settlement and our medical bills paid. We both had to have physical therapy for cervical and lumbar don't ignore those aches and pains, ok?

Cristina - 6 miles? I am in are kicking butt. I haven't given any thought to our Christmas dinner yet..guess I better get moving. It's only us this year. No guests as yet, so I'm inclined to go with pizza :)

Jules - TY about the pics - they were fun to put together. I'm glad Teri found her phone - what a relief. Hope you get some snow instead of ice..

Guess that's all for now...I need to get dinner going. Hope everyone is having a good weekend...

12-15-2007, 09:12 PM
Hello ladies...

MINDEE...definitely post the pictures and I would fight the ticket too! Glad you guys didn't get hurt. Terrible end to a nice day though huh? You know sitting here typing this there is a commercial on about student's astrive dotcom...don't know if I can put a link here for that or not but htought I would mention it. Glad Tommy isn't giving up.

SUSAN...damn M! he needs to pay! And yeah, the 6 miles will most likely not ever be again, lol. Who knows though. Me in shape, lol! Well, I am getting there...I can't believe the muscle! Feels good!

KATY...thanks for the e-card/slide show...loved the parade Get A Life, lol! And such a nice looking family! Thanks for sharing!

SASSY...sorry about FIL and MIL...I bet a visit will make their day for sure. Thanks you too for the e-card!

JULES...ha, I think if it were me I would keep the new phone, lol. The tractor story is funny, I can just see you guys, lol. Hopefully you don't get the ice too bad. HAPPY BIRHTDAY to you tomorrow! I won't be on the computer so thought I would say it now! :hb: :balloons:

SUE...and THANK YOU too! stay safe and warm!

We got the four letter word today, ick! Too much snow but it is supposed to be warm and will melt some tomorrow.

Got my exercise done...85 mns. Sometimes I don't want to do it but once I start I feel better and want to keep going, weird.

Anyway, gotta go cook dinner, I know a late one for sure. Then some more posting, lol. Have a great rest of the weekend ladies! I plan to ;)

12-15-2007, 10:35 PM
HIya Katy!

I am trying to kick butt anyway, lol. What's funny is I have noticed a difference in the behind, it's getting smaller, woohoo! I only make a menu out so I know what to get at the grocery store. Instead of getting it all at one time I tend to get a little bit over a few weeks, weird I know, lol. It works for me. Hey, pizza sounds good to me! Josh's GF said her mother told them it was either italian or mexican for Christmas dinner this year...nothing wrong with that. Anywho...going to eat some of my chicken salad (fixed the family goulash) and read some threads. Hope your dad is able to get a WII for the would be worth it to see their faces, and if James pees his pants, lol...kidding of course. Enjoy the performance tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a busy's normally my free day but I will be up early to do my Richard Simmons's not too hard or long so might as well do something. Going to straighten up the house some and then get ready for Jasons Bachelor ceremony and Josh and his GF coming over for dinner after...ha, Katy we are doing pizza for that. Then cake and ice cream after...don't worry will be a very small slice and serving of ice cream. Have a good one!

12-15-2007, 11:21 PM
Hi Ladies.

Well we got some snow, not a lot but some and its supposed to continue along with Ice and all that lovely stuff. DH is going to see how the weather is and if it is looking bad then he is just going to stay in a hotel room. (Our co. provides hotel rooms in inclement weather) I packed him a bag so he'd have clean clothes in case he has to stay. My mom is staying at her work, she doesn't like driving at night normally, but with this kind of weather, she'd rather not risk it and I'd rather her be there with people anyways than be alone in bad weather.

DH got a call from a family member while he was at work, asking him help with a broken computer, DH explained to them that he was working, but they kept on going with their computer problem. Eventually DH just hung up, but it really ticked him off and me too. Its one thing to call someone while they are working, not knowing they are, but after they tell you, all that has to be said is "oh sorry, just give me a call when you can." But no he just kept talking. Just annoying really. That is why it totally stinks to be known as the "computer guy" or whatever profession you do because that is the only reason people bother to call you. Infact my cousin asked my husband a computer question at my grandfather's funeral! I am like come on people! Geesh. lol. Okay I'm off my :soap: now. Sorry. lol.

Well some good news, I know amazing, right, good news from me? lol. DH came home this morning with two gifts from our friends, they did remember, he just was so pouty thinking people forgot his bday and didn't go over their house, so they had to wait until they saw him yesterday at work. He got a Tommy Hilfinger Wallet and some cologne that smells good, its called Grey Flannel? Never heard of it before but it does smell good.
I told DH I hope our friends did not get us anything for Christmas because we couldn't afford to get them anything. :(

YVW all for the ecard. It wasn't much, but as I said before limited fundage so I took advantage of the little program I have and used it. :)

Mindee -- I agree with Katy, get checked out, even if you feel okay now. That is what happened to me too. I got hit head on and after wards felt okay because I was still in shock, when I got to work, it hit me and I felt like the car ran over me personally. I never did go to the ER like I should have and now I have the spinal injury that I will have forever from that accident and I was young and stupid and didn't get any respsentation and basically got screwed big time. This guy had a history, a bad one, later after it was too late, my uncle found this all out. If I had taken him to court, he probably would have had the book thrown at him, because he had several DUI's and accidents from that. So I say even if you just make an appt with your family dr or go to a medical clinic, get checked out.

Cristina -- Wanna hear something funny? When my friends and I were still in school, we created this "group" to work out together and to talk about our problems too. Well we would alternate houses and whenever we went to my one friend's house we always did Richard Simmons and it was always so fun. Her brother would watch us and make fun of us. lol.

Jules -- Sharing in some of our crappy weather?? lol. I hope its not too bad for ya. Happy Early Birthday!!! :bday2you: :bday2:

Suzy Q -- Thanks. DH did get presents lastnight at work and so he's happy now. lol. Men........Just like little kids. lol. Sorry your ex is being a butt. lol. Hope he gets you some $$. ;)

Katy -- NP. I am terrible with names. At work I have a pad of paper and a pen so as soon as I know the name of the person talking to me I write it down -- otherwise I totally forget! lol. Good Luck to the little performers, or should I say, "break a leg" lol. Wow a Wii!! Cool...........:)

Sue -- TY and that was sweet of your DH to make a rack for your bike. :) Our "hatches" are battened down too. lol. People are acting like its the end of the world here. lol. Lets hope its not that bad. lol.

Well chicks I have not been good. :no: I had Tater Tots lastnight and I had Chips and Dip today. lol. What is wrong with me? lol. I have healthy meals in the freezer but just do not want them. Wed. night at work a co-worker offered to buy pizza and I ate 3 slices of that! :fr: I think I need to go shovel some snow for people or something and burn all this crap off. lol!!! :snow4:

Well I hope you all are keeping safe and warm. :flame:


12-16-2007, 03:14 AM
Katy~ I mentioned to Tommy that my back was hurting, but since neither me nor him have medical insurance right now. I wasn’t sure about getting checked out. I am going to do a quick search to see if there are any free clinics in our area. I know of one, that is where we take the kids when their pediatrician’s office is closed. I think Tommy owes them money from his last visit. So, I am not sure how much it is going to cost just to go in there and get checked out.

Cristina~ I will head over and post the pictures in a second. We have another kids Christmas party at Tommy’s lodge on Sunday, but he is afraid to go out because he doesn’t know what else could happen. (Friday he got turned down on the financial aid, then on Saturday we got into the accident) Thanks for that link. I will tell him about it on Sunday. He applied at a local college about possibly taking some culinary arts classes. (that is his first passion) So, maybe we will get farther on that then the computers.

Jules~ Happy Birthday to you!!!

Sassy~ I checked the kids to make sure that they didn’t have anything on them. When we got into the accident when I was pregnant with Logan, Brandon ended up with strap marks on his chest from the impact.

Since the accident, we will be staying where we are living now, and buying yet another van with our income taxes. The drivers door is wasted, there is no salvaging it what’s so ever. There really wasn’t that much damage to the side, most of it was on Tommy’s door. So, I am thankful about that, because Logan sits right behind Tommy, and Marissa is right next to Logan.

12-16-2007, 03:38 AM
here is the way to check out the pictures from the Christmas party: (

and here is the way to check out the damage on the van:

you will more then likely be asked for a guest password...type in brandon and you will be good to go

12-16-2007, 02:33 PM
just checking in to make sure that everybody is staying warm! we are snowed in so we can't take the kids to the other Christmas party, but that is okay.

12-16-2007, 05:14 PM
Hey all -

Just popping in for a sec! I was down a pound this morning! Hee Haw. I will change it tomorrow if it holds.

Mindee - How scary with the kids in the car! All my car accidents (only 2 - sheesh - lol ) have been with just me. I would be sick if anything happened to my children. Hugs!

Cristina - You have to be in shape! Your butt says it all :D!! I am achy all the time, I am not walking enough.

Katy - Can she transfer?? I like L's school better. R (the school) is so uppity. We'll see how much Gab's father has gotten done. What is 2 buck chuck?? btw - this guy that I have been getting to know has a good friend w/ kids at your school. His (the friend) son is in 3rd and the father is in a wheelchair (??) sound familiar?? blah - chatter -

Sassy!! Thank you so much for the egreeting! Very well done! What a talented lady you are :D I am glad hubby got some gifts!!

I have to go.......*wah. I went to the mall this morning and had fun looking and getting some great deals. Went to Sephora (make up store) and did my make up. I looked awesome....... where else can you look like a whore at 9am??? I did my hair yesterday and it feels sooooo much better. I hadn't been since last May and she gushed how great I looked and I had lost soooo much weight. So, ya. That boosted my spirts........and omg ,,,,I bought a bra and the Girls are back up where they should be!! Looks like cones....hehe;)


12-16-2007, 05:19 PM
:woo::bday2you:Happy Birthday Missy Jules!! Hope you have a great day!! Love ya! :bday2you::celebrate:

12-16-2007, 09:45 PM
SuzyQ--I got some Sephore makeup for Teri one year for Christmas--she really liked it. I would like to go have my makeup done sometime--I just don't wear it and don't know where to even start. I wear black eyeliner, black mascara & lip gloss. Ryan is definitely a rebel--I think he will love OR, so I will be out your way if he decides to stay.

Mindee--I am so glad you and the kids weren't hurt. I do agree with everyone else though--I ended up with a bad neck injury that I didn't realize I had at first until it got so bad I couldn't turn my head at all--spent lots of time with the chiropractor and still get stiff in the same spot. We got rain & ice and now we have terrible winds. The ice melted pretty quick today. Teri said it wasn't too bad where she lives which is a half an hour away from me and my mom says they only got rain and she is only about 15 minutes from Teri.

Sassy--I can sympathize with you and your hubby. Mine works on cars and is really handy at fixing pretty much anything that has a motor. He says he does have other interests that he likes to talk about.

Cristina--you are doing so great at your exercising!! I have some Richard Simmons vhs videos--I could never do them when the klds were here--they would make mne laugh too much.

Well the kids came over. Dave made me cheese manicotti & cheesecake and baked a cake--we kept a little and sent the leftovers back to their house. The kids burned me some cd's--it's fun listening to them. I have to say my son knows me really well. Teri does too, the best song she downloaded was Heath Ledger signing "Can't take My Eyes off of You" from the movie "10 Things I Hate About You".

12-16-2007, 10:42 PM
Evening all.....Boy, it is still very cold here. The wind was fierce today also. In two days we got about 7 to 8 inches of snow. DH was out shoveling twice yesterday, but only once today.
I made good use of my time today. I rode the bike for 25 minutes, did the mini stepper (briefly) and did 1 mile WATP. I am going to try real hard to do all of that every day or at least every other day. Just need to get back in the swing of things. I did okay on food today also, except for an ounce or two of dark chocolate. Really really needed that though. :)
I made a chicken pot pie for dinner and loaded up on veggies myself. I have been slacking on green things lately.
So...that is my life this WE. Hope you all stayed safe and had more excitement than I did.
Jules- Again...happy birthday!

12-16-2007, 11:06 PM
Ugh..think I'm coming down with another cold...have had a sore throat all day. The Xmas program went off very well - yay! L stayed on stage for the whole thing...which she was threatening not to do; she got a lot of compliments on her cute Xmas outfit. You know, the important stuff, lol! I came home and hunkered down in my little corner of the bedroom in my rocker and knitted and listened to podcasts for several hours. I did get a 45 minute walk in...about did me in....

Jules - Happy Birthday! Glad you had a good one; sounded like alot of fun.

Susan- I would look into a transfer; there are several in L's class. Her class is a big one, so I don't know how good your chances are, but it never hurts to ask, imo. Then again, you could move into the neighborhood, then they have to let you in :) I just love her school...but then you had the big girls there, so you know how wonderful it is. I don't know anyone in a wheel chair with a 3rd that didn't ring a bell.

Mindee - if you have car insurance with personal injury protection then it should cover any medical bills you have. If that accident wasn't Tommy's fault, then the other driver's insurance would cover your bills. Really, don't let this stuff slide....I still get sore in my neck and back from the 1992 accident, but if I hadn't had therapy, it would be much worse today.

Hi Cristina, Sue, and Sassy... hope you are all having a good weekend.

I am hoping to stay up late enough to watch the Survivor finale, but with this almost-cold, idk. Hoping for an Amanda or Courtney win, tho' Courtney is so thin I can barely watch her. I love her confessionals - she has a wicked sense of humor.

12-17-2007, 02:49 AM
hello is every one doing?

SuzyQ~ I was just thankful that she didn't hit a little farther back. Otherwise she would have hit right where Logan is. Logan's car seat is right behind Tommy's and then Marissa's car seat is right next to Logan's. So, if something were to have happened to them, then all **** would have broken!

Jules~ I saw your pictures from you little party and the snow! Teri looks like she is dropping!

Sue~ That is great on the exercising! I need to get back into working out every day!

Katy~ My back is better today. I will ask Tommy, but I don't think we have the car insurance with the injury thing. (not sure if that is an option at our insurance company or not.....will have to look into it) The police officer took my name down and information since I was in the front passenger seat when the accident happened. I told him that our three kids were in the car as well when it happened, and he said "it only asks for the information of the front passenger. Now, if the kids were injured (which they are NOT, thank goodness!) then they would need their information.

12-17-2007, 06:43 PM
Had some excitement today--Teri thought her water broke, but it was a false alarm...

12-17-2007, 07:48 PM
hello ladies.....just a quick note right now....

We just got a call from the lady that hit us on Saturday. (how she got our number is beyond us) But she called for our insurance information because she is going against our insurance. She told Tommy that the police reports claims that Tommy hit her. She claims that she called the insurance company and they told her that if Tommy doesn't give her the information (they screwed our last slip, so we had to have them redo it) and she told him that the insurance company told her that if he doesn't give her the information it is considered a hit and run accident.

Jules~ That is excitement!!! I hope he comes soon!!

12-17-2007, 09:38 PM
Mindee--that's terrible!! I would keep date/time track of all the calls from her and what she has said--maybe even tape all conversations--she seems like she may cause you problems.

12-17-2007, 10:32 PM

Just a quckie! I am down that how you write it? Almost a pound, it went back up slighty. That is ok, I have been such a goof lately, I will take it!

Mindee - egads girl! Sounds messy! Just give her the info, she can wrangle with your insurance herself. She sounds like a pain in the arse.

Jules - You are so pretty! Love your avatar! Hugs to you and Teri :)

Katy - You feeling ok? Hope so. I will look into a tranfer, can't hurt.

Sue - How do you make chicken pot pie?? I never have, sounds yummy.

Cristina - Where are you?? Miss you :)

Hi to Sassy,Michelle, and Anita!

Better get my chickies to bed. Took Gab for a hair cut she sat on a horse and they layered her hair. Rach and I watched while eating tootsie rolls.....found out I have medical until mid Feb. Bad news is it will cost $400 ish to continue my coverage. Ain't happening. So, need to figure out something fast.

Hugs to you all!!!

12-17-2007, 10:53 PM
Susan- I simply cook a couple chicken breasts with onion and garlic, dice them up, add frozen mixed veggies. Meanwhile cook a large potato and some celery. Throw all that together. Make a gravy from chicken broth. I pre bake the bottom crust until about 1/2 done. Fill it with all the veggies and gravy, add a top crust and bake until nice and brown. Everything should be cooked crisp tender before you throw it together in the crust. I bake at 425 and it takes maybe 25 minutes to brown. Let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes before cutting. You can throw in spices to your taste. You can also omit the potato and add rice, or no starch at all. Play with the veggies that you like and get rid of the ones you detest. LOL... I actually never measure anything when I I can't say a cup of this or that. Sorry. (now if I bake from a recipe I do measure)
It was very good....

12-17-2007, 10:54 PM
Hey all.

Hope your all well. I had my review at work today, it was ok, getting a raise, nothing to get excited about, but better than nothing. I asked my boss about Christmas Eve & Christmas. Christmas Eve I have to work my normally scheduled shift even though my co-worker who works nights opposite me said she'd work it. So I am having her send him an email stating she can work it. I am off Christmas. So if I have to work Christmas Eve then I may ask for the day after Christmas off, all he can say is no. Oh yeah and he informs me I am working New Years Day, my normally scheduled shift. So nice that I get screwed with the holidays. Guess I am lucky to have Christmas off.

Thats about it. Been really cold here. DH could not get our car started this morning when he got off from work. It was -11 with the windchill. It finally did start, we went ahead and made an appt to get it serviced. Its due for its oil change anyhow.

Hope your all keeping warm.


12-18-2007, 01:33 AM
hello everyone! how are you all doing?

Jules~ I had started a call log once Tommy hung up with her and told me that she will probably be calling on Tuesday. I didn't think to write down the conversations, but I just did. So, I am ready for her to bring it on.....which I am sure that she will. Tommy is thinking that this lady thinks that Tommy is younger then he looks and that she can just bully him/us around. You know how most people that get into accidents, especially accidents with this much magnitude, that they would get out and check the people in the other car to see if they were okay, right? Not this lady, AFTER she hit us, she continued down the turn lane AND then stopped! Not once did she get out of the car to see if we were okay once we pulled into the parking lot.

SuzyQ~ Yup, that is how you write it! She is already a pain in the arse and the accident just happened a couple of days ago!

Sue~ That sounds like it is really good! I just might have to try it!

Sassy~ That stinks about having to work on Christmas Eve, and New Year's Day! But like you said, at least you did get Christmas Day off.

12-18-2007, 10:06 AM
Good morning!

Well, the sore throat did turn into a yucky cold. I've been a joy to be around, I tell you! Today will be another day of lots of tea and tissues I'm afraid. Fortunately, there isn't much on the agenda. I mucked up some of the Christmas knitting, then decided I was pretty much done with Christmas knitting, lol! I did pretty well.. will be gifting two pairs of socks, a hat, a pair of mittens and some wine cozies. I did not tackle sweaters this year, thank goodness. Since I'm sick and not too active today, I may cast on and get started on some felted clogs---see how far I get.

Mindee - get a lawyer! At least talk to one...many work on a contingency which means they get paid out of a settlement. You should not be talking to this lady, imo...everyone still feeling ok?

Susan- yay for the almost-pound. I maintained for another week. I was down a pound today, but then again I'm sick and not eating as much.

Jules - love your have such a pretty smile. I saw your pics over on myspace; looked like you had a pretty great birthday...

Cristina - Hi! Are you out walking 4 miles in the snow? Hope you are having a good day.

Sassy- Congrats on the good review and the raise! I'm glad you got Christmas off. When I worked in retail...I had to work them all at one time or another. In the video business, seems like people wanted to rent movies every day. I think we had Christmas off, but that was it. If I had to choose NY or Xmas, I would take Xmas...

Sue - the pot pie sounds delicious..I'll have to give it a try with some leftovers one night. I think if I go easy on the gravy, DH might eat it. He's not a big fan of sauces or gravies. I cook like you do, I tend to throw things together. Everyone in my family has such specific likes and dislikes, I often have to improvise to get something we'll all eat.

HI to everyone I may have missed...hope everyone has a great day...I'm off to go blow my nose...

12-18-2007, 02:56 PM
Please STOP and join us at the #34 thread!! See ya there!! :moped::scooter::moped:

12-20-2007, 01:33 PM
Closing this for ya!