General chatter - If you have gone thru menapause please stop here

11-27-2007, 08:00 PM
I went thru menapause on my 40th birthday. 2.5 years ago. Not peri-menapause either. I always joked that our now 3.5 yr old was my last egg.
I breast fed him for a while...and never had a period....when the breast feeding stopped, I still never got a period. My doctors didn't believe me about my hot flashes & night sweats -- which luckily didn't last more than a couple of weeks. Finally I found a Dr who did the blood work and told me I was POST menapause.
ANYWAY -- other than the belly fat that came with it...I've learned to deal with having gone thru "the change". I am now 42.5
Well today -- I have had ever so slight cramping, barely noticeable cramping. And at the risk of providing too much info -- I feel like I am ovulating! You know the "egg white" stuff that you have when you are ovulating? I've been like that all day.
I didn't bother calling a Dr, because I would feel like an idiot.
I just had my "annual" about a month ago.
Just curious why my body was acting like that, if anyone else had experienced it. Not like my DH was here and I was drooling over him ready to get lucky! LOL, I was cleaning house, and taking care of the kids, etc. And just noticed I was very "egg whitish"...I know, too gross, I'm sorry.
Just thought I'd post to see if anyone knew why this is happening.
Call me stupid, that's okay!!! :)