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11-27-2007, 04:15 PM
SO I'm Ph1 ish
do you guys find when you go back to Ph1 that you eat more? I feel like I'm eating all the time!
Variable to our plans I'm making a spinach quiche tonight so I know that will have more "staying power"
It might just seem like I'm eating more b/c I break up what I eat into 200 cal or less increments

Here's what I had today
Mini meal 1
Atkins shake
160 cal 15 pro
Mini 2
fiber cottage cheese
90 10 protein
Mini 3
1/2 cup Garbanzos with old bay
110 7 protein
Mini 4
2 eggs
140 12 protein
small Coffee with cream (D&D run)
Mini 5
Fiber Cottage cheese
90 10 pro
1 cup celery no idea!

I actually tallied it up and its not bad calorie wise! Not having the bulky carbs tho I don't feel full
which is probably a good thing!
Sorry for the ramble!