Weight Loss Support - Oh no! I'm fatter than I thought I was.

11-26-2007, 09:19 PM
Unfortunately, I had the most major setback ever today... I'm not 190 like I thought... I'm actually 209!!! Seeing as how I didn't bring my scale to college, I didn't get a chance to weigh my self for a good three months... I left at 185.. And I stepped on the scale and holy crap, I didn't know you could gain that much in so little time. ): I ate about 1,856 calories today, monitored what I was actually eating that did it, and wow... I eat a lot of chips and leftovers and munchy foods. Which pretty much sucks because its only 8 PM and I didn't really have much of dinner.

I think I suck at this dieting thing. My ADD is out of control and I eat and do whatever whenever my body tells me. Crap, crap, crap.


Will someone be my lose weight buddy? All my friends are skinny and beautiful so asking them to lose weight with me is totally out of the question.

11-26-2007, 10:00 PM
I'll be your buddy ;) Just keep on posting, you'll find loads of support.
I'm sorry you were more than you imagined/thought ... but maybe that'll be the kick in the butt you need to help motivate you, kwim? :) Good luck!

11-26-2007, 10:02 PM
There are tons of groups on here - lots of them would love to be your weight loss buddies. Have you looked in the "Miscellaneous Clubs" forum?

I notice that in your intro you called this a "setback" - to me, it isn't so much. You were the weight you were today whether or not you knew it. In fact, I see it as a step forward - you now know where you are starting, so that when you reach goal, you'll know just how far you've come.

Getting rid of "junky" foods is a big part of eating and staying satisfied while keeping calories low. The cleaner I eat (meaning whole grains, produce, lean meats, etc), the more full I am for fewer calories.

What sorts of options are in your school's dining plan? I know at my college, we always had at least a salad bar and a stir fry station. What about you?

11-26-2007, 10:27 PM
Hi and welcome to 3FC. I'd say we're all buddies around here. Read around, and post away. You'll find your niche. Feel free to keep posting here in the Support section.

I was actually thinking the same thing as Mandalinn. You are absolutely no heavier today then you were yesterday. You weigh the same, you just didn't know the actual number. Now that you KNOW the number, you can start working on it.

I know it's hard being in college, but just a couple of weeks ago, we visited my daughter at her college and I was pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful and healthy food choices there were. Tons of salads, beans, fruits, yogurt, chicken breast, turkey breast. That's a great place to start. Add in those healthy foods and get rid of the junk you were talking about.
Eating that stuff never satisfied me and always left me wanting even more of it. I find that fiber filled veggies and the low fat proteins really keep my cravings at bay. Try and avoid calorie laden drinks as well. Those can really add up without giving you any nutrition.

Try and be aware of what you're eating. Try to make each and every meal/snack a better choice. You'll get there. It IS possible to change habits. Good luck. :)

11-27-2007, 01:17 AM

Rockinrobin and Mandalinn are right, you shouldn't view your current weight as a set back but as a new beginning.

This place is great for encouraging you to do what's best for you. So definitely look around and you can find the group for you.

Also, trust your friends. They are the ones with you everyday and sometimes they can surprise you. My biggest motivator is my size 6 best friend. She is always there and very caring.

So I wish you luck and keep posting, you will get to your goal weight when it's time.

11-27-2007, 01:37 AM
Pick a plan, any plan! I know that when I was eating 1800 calories a day at your approximate weight, I was not able to lose any weight, it just kept me in a holding pattern. But mindfulness is a great step in the right direction. I know I sound like a Beck proselytizer, and really, I should earn commission for how much I plug that book. But Beck has a program for getting into the mindset for successful dieting, and I highly recommend the Beck Diet Solution. It works with any diet.

Congratulations to you for facing the scale. That takes courage.

11-27-2007, 02:01 AM
Be proud of yourself that you started and are getting motivated to begin your journey. I know that I gained a lot of weight in one year, and A LOT more the next year, about 55 lbs in two years, and now I am trying to get rid of it, hopefully in less than two years!

11-27-2007, 03:16 AM
The freshman 20 they called it back when I was in college. How about drinking? Read how many calories are in those weekend drinks... if you drink. That'll catch up with you very quickly. If you are in college you have lots of opportunities for physical activities. Run, jog, weight room, dance class, etc, etc.

11-27-2007, 08:57 AM

There are plenty of people here who also want weight loss buddies, and as long as you post here, you will have an entire network of them ;) For whatever it's worth, I'm willing to be a weight loss mentor of sorts - I may have already lost my weight but I face some of the same challenges keeping it off as I did while losing... and since I've lost weight successfully, I can give you tips, pointers, and ideas if you ask :hug:

And I agree with the rest - your weight, as much as you hate it now, is your new beginning. I hated my highest weight, too, and kept denying that I could EVER weigh that much. When I put it into perspective, it was terrible: "I weight as much as my DAD does!!" and, "10-15 more pounds and I will be CLINICALLY OBESE!!" I kept shaving 20 pounds off and people pretended to believe me... how sad is that?

If you stick with healthy eating and exercising, you probably *will* weigh 190 again in a couple months. ;)

Also, I agree with horsey - if you drink, stop it! I used to drink ALL the time. In the beginning of my drinking/partying days (when I was 18), it didn't show at all... I was a skinny mini... but it eventually caught up to me. Now, I only drink on occasion, and with good reason - one drink can have up to 500 calories :eek:

11-28-2007, 12:33 AM
Wow! I was totally not expecting this much support at all! This website is totally fantastic... You guys are really motivating! I just want to hop on my stationary bike right now. :D Because of this site, I'm tracking my calories and trying to totally eat under 1750 calories... Hopefully it'll work!
My school fortunately posts all their nutritional information in the cafeteria so when I get back to school, I can just look at the facts and pick healthy options straight from there! We have a great salad bar and sandwich center, so I think I'll start utilizing that instead of pizza and waffles and grilled cheese.
In the soda department, I've switched to Sprite Zero for now, until I manage to drink more water... Which has always been hard because I associate it with taking pills. But I can do it! I know I can! In fact, today I actually baked at least 6 dozen cookies and managed to only eat 1 cookie and taste only a tiny bit to see what it needed (not like I used to eat like, half the batter before it was in the oven!).
As for my friends, I was very much upset about my weight and ended up making a very distraught livejournal post... And they all came straight to my side to support me! So much for thinking that the skinny girls wouldn't understand. They all offered a lot of love and support.
I googled the Beck Diet Solution and it definitely sounds like something I would be interested in. I know how to eat right... Its the whole wanting to eat right thing thats getting me...
Thank heavens I'm not a big drinker! I think I'd be heavier if I were more party prone, but I only drink like.. twice a year. Alcohol tastes so bad. I never thought I could be thankful for being quiet and dorky. :D
By the way, NightengaleShane: WOW! Your success story is AMAZING. You look downright gorgeous. And you're totally right, I did keep denying it for a long time... But now am I facing the facts and am ready to lose all this weight. I will not be overweight my whole life! I am too happy and excited about life to let my body go!