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11-26-2007, 07:03 AM
Hey ladies,

I know its been a few since I've posted on here. The holidays and works makes for a stressed out Tina. I did really good on Turkey day. :D I had one very SMALL helping of stuffing becuz i made it and it smelled sooooooooooo good. But that was it. Everything else I ate was legal on SBD. :) I made that pumpkin pie that is in the parties and holidays cookbook but i made it without the crust. YUMM!!! Weighed this morning...down another 4 pounds :)


Hope everyone is doing great and had a great holiday.

11-26-2007, 07:18 AM
Good morning, Tina, and thanks for starting us up. :) Congratulations on your 4# loss! This is the hardest time of the year to lose weight, and you really seem to be in control!

It was a great 4 days off, but back to routine today. At least I have the morning off so I can ease back into it. We got the house all decorated, both inside and out, and now I can concentrate on writing my cards. I hope to get them finished and mailed out on the 1st. I just love this time of year!

11-26-2007, 07:45 AM
Icky yucky cold and rainy here. My days off of school were just too short. Starting a new program with the kids in my classes today and hope they don't have "Thanksgiving" hangovers! I got a ton of client work done over the past week, so was greatful for the days off of school. This time of year is always nuts with clients getting ready for Christmas sales etc.

I'm back on track after the big "Thanksgiving blowout" and although I didn't gain any weight, I felt kinda yucky after consuming sugar...almost "flu-ish".
Nasty stuff that sugar! Yesterday, I was craving salads and peanuts all day long. Went a little overboard on the peanuts, but not too overboard.

Hope everyone has a great week!

11-26-2007, 07:47 AM
Good morning Chicks! Okay everyone it is time to get back on track.

Tina congrats on the weight loss :carrot: - keep up the great work

Cottage good luck on getting back to your normal routine. Yes it is the hardest time of the year to loose & this weekend did not help being as it was DH's bday weeend, I'll battle through.

Hello & good morning to the beachy ladys not yet up ...... be back later

11-26-2007, 08:03 AM
Wow, 4 LBS on Thanksgiving week!!!!!!!!!!!! That's incredible!!!

It was a rough week of getting used to Phase 2, AND dealing with the temptations of Thanksgiving, and it sure didn't help that I had GAINED a pound in the early part of last week, so, all in all, I feel like I had major success getting through P2, Week 1, with a 1 pound net loss!

I exercised a LOT to make up for what carbs I ate on Thanksgiving (though I certainly exercised a lot of restraint over what I WOULD HAVE eaten had I not been on the beach), and, I'm happy for that one pound net loss during one of the toughest weeks of the year, foodwise! It makes me PSYCHED to get through December!!

Gee, won't it be nice to not have to take off the weight I have now, PLUS the typical Holiday weight???? :trampo:

11-26-2007, 08:51 AM
Good Morning Ladies,
Well I have updated my ticker and am ready to restart Phase 1 with a vengance. Coffee's brewing :coffee2:and the snacks are packed. Have a great day everyone.

11-26-2007, 09:30 AM
Good Monday morning, everyone!!

I hope everyone's (US) Thanksgiving was a wonderful time! Mine was!

Tina: Nice to "meet" you! Congrats on the 4# loss last week! What a huge accomplishment! :cheer:

Cottage: You're way ahead of me getting the house decorated. Enjoy your morning off!

Cat: WTG on maintaining over the holiday! I hope you're students come back refreshed and ready!

:wave:, GonnaBe!

ThinAgain: Nice to "meet" you as well! Congrats on the 1# loss over the holiday! Keep up the great work!

ThinByJune: :wave: Looks like we'll be on P1 together! You can do it!!

ME: I really missed being here over Thanksgiving, but MIL's internet connection wasn't great. DH and I went pretty crazy with our eating and snacking, but were able to work out decently. Even with all the snacking, I still managed a 2# loss!! :carrot:

We left S. Texas on Saturday and were about 45 miles from home when "disaster" struck. DH's truck tires are terrible with snow and about 6 inches were piled up on the road. Well, we spun out and ended up facing the wrong way in the wrong lane and barely missed hitting the guard-rail. DH was unable to get us un-stuck and we had no cell service. Well, a few good samaritans stopped and one of them had a faint enough signal that we were able to call some friends for help. The 45-minute trip took them about 2.5 hours. We had to load what we could into their truck and leave DH's on the side of the road. He's going to try to pick it up today. There's still snow on the ground, but the roads are clear. Even if it was late and the house was freezing, we were so glad to be home!!

Well, need to get in the shower. Can't be late to work on my first day back!! :D Oh, btw; started P1 this morning and will be sticking to it for 2 weeks. Want to kick those cravings in the butt before Christmas hits!!


11-26-2007, 09:55 AM
Cat sorry I missed you this morning. I hope your day starts to clear up

Thinagain this is definetly a tough time to loose but we will all do it here together

Thinby hello & have a great day - good luck!

Kim glad you & dh are okay - how scarry. Good luck on kicking the cravings in the rear

Heading to lurk so be back soon

11-26-2007, 10:06 AM
Brrrrrrr! Cold and rainy here today, add to that the Monday after a holiday and I am one grumpy chick this morning! Hey the bright side is one holiday down and very little weight gain! Got the christmas decorations up inside, but rain prevented us from doing the outside. Managed to get a little Christmas shopping done. I believe I am on my way!

Tina WTG on the 4 lb loss! You rock! :carrot:

Cottage Oh yeah Christmas Cards, ok add one more thing to my list!

Gonna & Cat Goood Morning! Hope you have a great day.

ThinAgain Good job on the 1 lb loss, its a lot to venture into P2 during Thanksgiving!

Thinby Good luck back in P1! I tossed the idea around myself but I seem to be doing better with the cravings so I am just going to play it by ear for now.

Kim Wow that must have been scary! Thank goodness you made it home safe!

Waiting on final word on closing that house today, makes being here a little easier today! If things are calm later I am going to work on decking the halls here at work and hopefully make this Monday go by faster.

Have a great day all, check back later!

11-26-2007, 10:22 AM
Good morning everyone.. Is it okay for a newbie to jump in?

I am Lori in Ontario and I am Day 1 P1 today.. :)

Hope it is okay to post here

11-26-2007, 10:36 AM
Thinagainbeginagain, you are so right! Usually I diet from mid-August to Oct 31 and then pig out till New Years and start all over again. This year I put on 12 lbs over the kids summer vacation and didn't diet until I started phase I 2 weeks ago. I couldn't even think about waiting til after the holidays knowing I would gain between 5-7 lbs on top of the 12. It's going to be real nice after the holidays to not have to worry about starting again.

11-26-2007, 10:38 AM
:coach: Rooollll over and make room for Lori! :beach: :welcome3: Alantra! Always room for one more!
Kim: How dreadful!!! Thank heavens for good people and that you two weren't hurt!
4 pounds over the holidays is AWESOME SillyFluff! Good work!

:wave: Everybuddy!!! I am trying to work amid being surrounded by boxes... We spent most of the weekend packing and I still dont feel we made a dent. Tonight we go for our final walkthrough.
ok, will pop by later

11-26-2007, 10:54 AM
Good Morning, Beachies! :rain:

Tina, congrats on doing such a great job staying OP through all that temptation and stress! :hug:

Wow, Cottage, you rock! :queen: I was just thrilled to get the Christmas tree this weekend...decorating is the plan for next weekend. If I get the cards out by 12/24, I feel pretty good. ;) I have over 150 to write, so I guess I have my work cut out for me... :write:

Cat, I hear you on the "flu-ish" thing with sugar. I hate that feeling! :dizzy: I hope you had a wonderful time with your family and friends! :crossed: that your kids are attentive and fun to work with! Lots of rain here, too, but at least it held off until last night.

Lots of :dust: for you and everyone, Gonnabe!

ThinAgain, you did GREAT losing a pound last week! :cp: That's hard work! I hear you on not having to lose extra weight we gain during the holidays. Let's make that our goal! (have you heard about the holiday challenge ( at the Lean Plate Club ( It's really great! The idea is to maintain your weight during the holidays. Not to try to lose, which is very difficult for some of us, but to avoid gaining. I think that's pretty smart!)

Good for you preparing ahead, ThinbyJune!

:fr: Kim, what a scary trip home! I'm so glad you and DH are okay! Good luck on P1...getting rid of cravings before the holidays is a good idea!

Ooh, Stephanie, I love decorating at work! We're in a brand-new building, so there aren't any decorations here. I brought in a little plant and might bring in some other decorations, needs to be more cheerful in here! :D

We ended up staying home for Thanksgiving since DH and I both were a bit sick. It was a wonderful weekend though we both missed our families. We made our own T-day dinner, which was super-yummy, and did a lot of shopping, walking, parade watching, and sleeping. :cloud9:

Back to normal today--work, and gym after work. I have book club tonight. The book we're discussing was a bit salacious and I'm afraid I'm going to blush through our discussion! :o

Have a great day, Beachies! :sunny:

11-26-2007, 10:57 AM
Simulposting! :wave: AlantraLori, bnnLaurie, and darling Schatzi, from yet another Laurie! It's good to have so many well-named people in here! ;)

:welcome: Alantra...we always have room for more! Do post an introduction on the main page, though, so everyone can welcome you properly. :D

11-26-2007, 11:07 AM
:welcome3: Alantra! :) We're happy to have you joining us! Check out the recipe section for some wonderful Phase 1 recipes. They'll really give you some yummy ideas to look forward to and make staying on Phase 1 so much easier!

Kim, what a scary experience! I'm glad you both were able to get help and make it home okay. Thank goodness for cellphones! :hug:

Schatzi, have fun with your walk-through, and keep your eyes open! I'm so happy that you've found your dreamhouse, it's gorgeous!

I'm all caught up with housework and decorating, and am just grabbing a few minutes with my feet up and a cup of tea. My girls have the day off school and are spending the morning at a playdate, and I have to pick them up after lunch. I may take them to see "Enchanted" this afternoon, we'll have to see if Cindy has any other plans for us first.

11-26-2007, 11:19 AM
Good morning chickies! We've aquired a bunch of new beach babes while I was on vacation. Welcome to all of you. :welcome2:

First day back at work, so no time for personals. I just dropped in to update my ticker, somehow I managed to lose 2 pounds while on vacation. No idea how, but it's a nice kickoff to the holiday season.

11-26-2007, 12:22 PM
Good morning chatty chicks! Checking in late because I had a telecon this AM, and then did a little browsing online for cyber Monday. Didn't find anything awesome yet, though. Hope all you American chicks had a great holiday.
What fun to see the new faces on the beach! :welcome: to Lori and Laurie B
Congrats on the 2 lbs, dixie! I managed to lose one last week - no idea how!
cottage, I'm jealous that you're done decorating and already working on cards. No fair! Let us know what you think of the movie. DD wants to go. I've heard good things from SIL.
Laurie, sounds like the perfect holiday!
Stephanie, hope your mood improves!
Kim, glad to hear you guys are okay. I had no idea you were getting such bad weather down there.
Thinagain, I'm with you, I'll take the one lb., even though I don't think I deserve it!
Tina, congrats on the 4 lbs, that is an awesome loss!
Hope you are over your sugar hangover, Cat.
:wave:Gonnabe, Schatzi, and ThinbyJune!

I've got the hungries this morning which is a sure sign that TOM (sorry Tom) will soon arrive. I'd love to lose 2 lbs. this week to make my Nov. goal, so I will resist the urge to munch.
Last night I was watching Inside the Brookhaven Clinic. That'll surely put the fear of fat into you! Good motivation for the week!

11-26-2007, 02:09 PM
Afternoon everyone! Met DH for his bday lunch - that was nice. I am so glad I can go back to total and complete OP tomorrow or I wil scream.

Stephanie the lil weight gain will be gone before you know it. Congrats in advance if you get the word to close

Lori, BNN, Schatzi, Hello and good luck!

Laurie glad your feeling better. Enjoy your workout and your book club meeting

Cottage your days with girls always sound so nice

Dixie Woo Hoo on your 2lbs lost

Schmoodle I was browsing bright and early this morning too but nothing I just had to have. Good luck on loosing your lbs and heres some :dust: to resist the urges

11-26-2007, 02:30 PM
I haven't been feeling too well the last couple of days. I suspect it is more of a sinus infection than a cold since I'm running a low grade fever with it. I came into the office since I didn't want to hang around the house if I didn't have to. I'm sure it didn't help that I spent all afternoon yesterday delivering popcorn in the misty rain with the temp in the 30's or low 40's.

Robert had some friends come over and they moved the entertainment center and our big TV so I finally got to finish laying the tile in the living room that I started 3 years ago. He's trying to work on some of the things that have annoyed me but I have told him it won't make a difference.

He actually called me today to see if I was okay with him going to a diabetes seminar instead of the meeting he had at the Texas Employment Commission. It took him a week to get this meeting and it is the first step in a long process to getting help getting a job so I just didn't want him to postpone it another week. After the meeting he has to look for ajob for 4 weeks before they might give him some training. That needs to get started. And he did admit he can take the diabetes thing next Monday. He knows how to manage his diabetes. He just has to do it. At least he has started to lose weight.

We haven't put anything up for Christmas yet. We've got stuff collected for a garage sale where the tree would normally go and we're still too busy with popcorn to do the outside stuff (plus the weather is too yucky). I normally would have the Christmas newletter done by now and would be printing it and stuffing envelopes but I don't know what to say. I don't think Robert wants me putting that we are getting a divorce in it but I can't pretend things are fine either.