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11-23-2007, 10:21 AM
I was pretty proud of myself yesterday...not perfect in my choices...but pretty good.

Angie and I did a 5K in the morning as planned.

I ate all the foods I normally do at Thanksgivng ~ Turkey ~ Ham ~ Green Beans that the :p son in law :p made that were so awesome...too bad he'll never know...I kept them covered on my plate, with my napkin, and only ate them when he wasn't looking ~ rolls ~ Scalloped potatoes...2 types, both of which I made...they were a big hit ~ mashed potatoes and gravy ~ all as planned.

I over ate a planned...I was afraid that I might cave and GO BIG but I stayed on my plan.

I drank a few too many plan...not :mad: Angie's...but then she had two pomagranete martini's and that was over her limit.

I must have burned off a few of those extra calories watching my USC TROJANS win against ASU last night because I weighed in this morning at 169 again...that's 3 days in a row :carrot: ~ that may ;) change tomorrow or Sunday...leftovers! :)