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01-21-2002, 10:37 PM
Welcome to a thread full of humor,encouragement, friendship and fellowship as we share the ups and downs of raising a family and losing weight! We welcome all new friends and out returning friends too!!!

Be sure to go back to check out thread # 27 to check up on what has been going on in everyone's lives and our newcomers.

01-21-2002, 10:41 PM
Hi, I hope that this worked! My first attempt did not~ although my last post on # 27 appears to.
Not a lot new to post other than we have been busy. Yesterday I went snow tubing with Ds and Dd (6) to a great tubing place that uses a rope pull to get you (in the tube) back up the hill. Ds and his buddy had a great time. Dd and I just sledded (she was afraid of the hill, it is huge), so I got my workout climbing up that hill! Dd (you guessed it, the 15 year old) has been a crab~ she has mid terms this week.

Gotta go, getting tired here and I have some work to do yet (will someone please invent a dishwasher that unloads itself?:lol: ).
Have a great nite!

01-22-2002, 12:40 AM
Hi everyone,
Wow you guys do so well with your cal. intake and portion control (spryng and Misti) I really really have to get my head on straight with portion control and saying NO! I went to lunch with my sister today (Cracker Barrel) and we got Saleds but of course I had to have a biscut too!! We are dieting together and I can really see that she is really using much more self control then me! I have got to get it "together"!!
I know part of my thinking is that with this move and all - I will get more serious after I get settled but All I am really doing is wasting time! I also feel so discouraged with my "health Club Hunt" down in town we are moving too. Just dont have much to choose from - not like what I am used to at least! Maybe I will use the same money that a would buy a membership with and bye an exercise bike instead. Well guess I will go to bed and end this "bad" dieting day! Oh well tomorrow is a fresh start! I think the baby is starting to feel better, went to bed tonight with out a ton of screaming and crying - boy the last few nights have been so hard. Hope we are through the worst of it!
by the way spryng what is it you get when you go to Taco Bell that fits into your diet?
Have a good evening!

01-22-2002, 11:37 AM
Hi all! I'm glad to see this new thread started. The other was about to be at page three!! My day yesterday went ok. But my dieting didn't. Dh brought home pizza which I was craving so bad and I ate way too much. I felt really bad about it last night but this morning I'm forming a new plan. I know sticking to this diet is going to get harder for me now that I don't have a wedding or something specific spurring me on and that puts me in a time frame. But I'm going to visit my aunt come the beginning of June and I would definitely love to be at my ultimate goal weight by then. She is dieting too and we started at about the same weight so we are encouraging one another to keep going. So I need to stay focused for her. She needs the support and so do I. So today I'm thinking about eating a small breakfast and drinking my self silly. :dizzy: (only water of course) :) Then on to my regular meals later. I hope this works. I need to get my old mind frame back. I loved it when i would only eat till satisfied and then stop. Last night I ate until it literally hurt. I don't want that feeling again.
Well anyway, we all goof up right? Like was said today is a new day a fresh start. I'm using that fresh start and trying to get it right this time.
cdm- good luck on your health club hunt. But if you can't find one you are comfortable at you have the right idea of purchasing a bike or something. I would really love to buy a nice treadmill. But I have absolutely no room for it. So hopefully we'll join the gym. I'm actually looking forward to long workout sessions while the kids play at the onsite day care. I hardly ever get a break from them and even though I would be working out it sounds like heaven three times a week!! :) When we go to taco bell I can order three things that I like a regular hard taco (180 cal) bean burrito with no onions (380 cal) or a burrito supreme with no onions (440 cal) So I usually get either both a taco and bean burrito or one burrito supreme depending on how I did with calories to that point of day. I'm not concerned with fat grams so I don't worry about it. The only place I can't really eat is burger king. Everything there is ridiculous in calories!! So I just stay away from it.
ginny- it sounds like you had alot of fun sledding with the family. We haven't had any snow this year here. I would love to get out and play in it if we had any. But I'm looking forward to summer with the kids. They are 1 and 2 so going to the lake ought to be alot of fun this summer. Then we have a trip planned to Tulsa in june that should be exciting!! We will be there 5 days. At an extremely fancy hotel and I just can't wait. That's what I'm losing weight for now. That trip. last year when we went I was a size 16. This year I should be a size 8!!! Nobody is going to recognize me this time and I just can't wait!!! :D
Well, I guess I'll get off here. I have a few more emails to send and then I'm going to get to drinking that water!!!

01-22-2002, 01:24 PM
Just a quick check in to say hello.

Cdm- as far as portion control and saying no goes (and I realize that this is not going to work for everyone, but it works for me now) you might try getting some weight watchers materials to help you out. What I find helpful with their program is that using the points system (and they have a great fast food guide that has most of the big chains) you can fit most fast food into a normal day, with some allowances. I agree with Spryng that Burger King is a tough one to eat at- but for example I will get their BK broiler (without the mayo) and it is 6 points (I am allowed 22-27 points a day). And I skip the dumb fries (an obnoxious number of points to blow on one food!). But using the points and the WW guide, you can try to fit in eating out and eating with non dieters and not feel like all you can get is a salad.
(I bought my WW stuff on ebay and do not go to meetings, too expensive!) It is just one way of trtying to make this all work.
Perhaps you can just buy the eating out guide alone, and it will give you an idea of how to fit eating out in your plans. I do hope that your day is going better than yesterday. Don't beat yourself up because you had one bad day!!!! Try to make good choices today- (drink all that nasty water too!). None of us got fat in one day, and taking it off is not going to happen in one day either. Good luck!:)

Spryng- how are you doing? Did you get your inspiration back?
Look at this positively~ you got thru the wedding (and met your goal!!!!!!!!!:D ) and you had a few days to slack off and get overeating out of your system. Today is a new day, a fresh start to get your inspiration back! Hope that you succeed and can stomach all that water (but honestly, the water is what keeps me in line!). If temptation strikes, have more water (wanna join me in buying stock in Scott toilet paper?:lol: ).

Well, I did my weigh in this morning, yes a day early, and I am down to 157.5#. (I forget where I was last week, but I think I lost 1.5#). Ok, not a dramatic loss, but enough to inspire me and keep me on track today!
Gotta go. I'll try to check in later. Have a great day!

01-22-2002, 01:26 PM
Some quick check in for me there............... Oh well! I got wordy, as usual!

01-22-2002, 03:07 PM

Well, here I am again...trying to stay accountable! I'm trying something new since the end of last week. I'm trying to consume lots of fiber! I sure hope that this works! I had a hard time trying to figure out what foods had fiber in them. I've been veggin' out on a lot of beans. Last week it was in chili & this week its been Special K with strawberries, Low-Fat Wheat Thins, Calico Beans, Bean With Bacon Soup & I'm going to make a 15-Bean Soup tomorrow! And for any inquisitive minds..... YES!-I've been a tootin' away! Thank goodness DH is out of town 'til Thursday evening & no one is with me during the day. (Just poor Klarabelle, the cat!) Ginny: Sorry...I've been too busy to help you out by starting a new thread. The only problem I have is...once I'm posting, I can't stop! Congratulations on the l.5# loss, I'M JEALOUS!! I looked up some SAHM's posts from Feb. of last year & I almost fell over on how much I weighed compared to what I weigh now. How could I let myself go again? I guess I'll have to work harder on an incentive plan. I hope DD's exams are out of the way for awhile. Sounds like you had fun tubing. We were supposed to go on Friday night, but it was way too cold!! We have a ski hill that has the same set up as yours. DS went with his confirmation class last Wed. & had a blast! We had sad news in our town yesterday. A 13 y/o girl was sledding @ a near-by park on Saturday, fell off & broke her neck on a make-shift jump at the bottom of the sledding hill. Worse news-she died yesterday. :cry: Then- a few hours later...a 28 y/o lady died when she hit a tree sledding. I guess all that news makes my trouble seem small. I hopped on the scale this a.m. & was up 2.5#!:eek:
TOM started today, so this c/b why. CDM: I hope you enjoyed every bite @ the C.B. It used to be my favorite restaurant until I found out it was so bad that they refuse to issue a Nutritional Fact Sheet! RE: Health Clubs-Check with their local H.S./Middle School to see if they have any equipment/programs offered after school & on weekends. Also-check their Rec Dept. or the Chamber of Commerce to see if they have any info. I sure hope that your baby is feeling better! Spryng: I had pizza last night too! Unfortunately, it was a frozen Tombstone pizza. I had to have a quick dinner. :o Sounds like a great plan worked out between your Aunt & yourself. Keep drinking your water!

Well, I guess I'd better get going & work on getting rid of some trash & treasures in DD's room. She said to me this a.m.-"PLEASE MOM, PLEASE, DON'T GET RID OF ANY OF MY AMERICAN GIRL STUFF!" I told her: "Don't worry-I'll just get rid of everything else!" Well, not really-but I will clean house in there!! :D See yah all later! **Jackie**

01-22-2002, 04:10 PM
Hey Jackie!
Glad to see you back!! I hear ya with the fiber and all the stuff that it does to your body. For me, compound that with that I have irritable bowel syndrome (which exacerbates the gas problem:o )and well.............. Time to change subjects!!!!!!!!!!
Forget about last year!!!!!!!!! You are moving foward, not backward here. You know that you can get this weight off~ get out your weight watchers material, and re read the 10% Differrence stuff. Try to get your focus again. You can and will do this! Gotta go. Have a great nite.

01-22-2002, 05:14 PM
HI ladies I was just poking around your thread here and felt the need to make a comment..
forgive me for not remembering who but one of you is looking for a club membership well...
I was so excited to join Ballys especialy because I am ALWAYS with my son and they have a daycare, hes a friendly guy who loves everone .
So I joined up and prepaid(required) for 10 day care visits and schedualed them, Took my son in 3 times in fact and every single time he screams bloody murder. there was a different attendent each time and we would spend about 45 minutes calming him down and them calling me back before they would ask me to take him home. Hess 3 and knows to behave but when I even mention excersising he has a cow and runs to his room.
Long story short see if you can get a free memership and try out the day care to save some money I have to pay 42$ a month for a year for a service I cannot use ( I have no sitter or family) because my Ds wont go in the day care!
I also spent 55.00 at walmart for a nice weight bench with arm curl board ,leg curl, butterflys,and barbell then I take my family rollerskating at least once a month , plan on swimming at the local high school and got a bike for xmas i ride with my DD regularly. So all in all I spent 55 bench 150 bike around 200 for my own equipment and around 20 to 30 a month this is cardio and family time Good luck Kim

01-22-2002, 07:18 PM
Hi everyone! Sounds like everyone has been staying busy! Congrat's on your loss there Ginny! ;) I also was down 2 pounds today! Don't beat yourself up to awful bad Spryng, it's okay to let your belt out and enjoy it once in awhile! Sorry to hear about your gain Jackie but it's just water it'll be gone as soon as your TOM is over. I've also been eatting alot more beans than usual. Well we are in the South so about everything here has a side of some kind of beans. It was so hard for me to get myself lined out, cmd1974. I really had to work hard at it. I keep a journal of everything I eat. Which really helps. I also have been reading all the lables on what I eat. It's amazing what is in some of the things we put into our bodies! I had another good day and kept my cals low. I'm finding out that eatting 3 meals a day is keeping me from binging. I never did that before. I always cooked for everyone then just grabbed a bite here and there. Which led to a big binge after everyone was in bed and the chores were all done. Now I eat at the same times everyday. And it is really working for me. I wish I had discovered this along time ago! :lol: Well girls I need to go check in on fitday hope you all have a good night!

01-22-2002, 08:30 PM
Good evening!
Can you tell that I had a lot of time on the computer today???????
I had a bit of work to do on it, which kept me at the keyboard.
And the way it looks ~ with Dd's both a sniffling badly that who knows how much time I will get here again! One will want to entertain herself here and the other will need lots of snuggling and comforting. Sounds mean, but I am kind of hoping that Dd (6) stays home from school, it keeps my day sane and a nice quiet home day!

Before I forget, Jackie, please forgive me for being a bone head.
You had some awful news from your town with two bad injuries from sledding. How sad. And you are absolutely right, after hearing about those families and how they will be affected it makes a few pounds seem less a burden. But, on the upbeat- you will get those pounds off. (I will personally harrass you until you do!!!!!:lol: )

Kim- thanks for stopping in and offering the great advice. I know that the same thing happened at a Bally's near me. Rather sad.

Misti! Congrats on losing 2 #! Great! Good advice too, with reading the labels and also the log or diary of food. (another thing that WW asks for). Your weaknesses sound just like mine- I used to do that too with the big binge after everyone goes to bed. Now I show up here and drive all of you crazy!!!!:lol: But,that is what it is all about, finding another way to use your time in a productive (not fat productive!) manner.

Ok, I have babbled on enough for one day.
Have a great nite! See ya tomorrow!!!

01-22-2002, 11:54 PM
good evening ladies! :) It is so great to see so many posts tonight!!
I do the same thing you do misti. I keep a log of what I eat and keep a running total of my calories and I also keep a diet journal. I write down how I felt about the day as far as weightloss is concerned and I also keep up on my progress. I have had the same journal for almost a year now. I first started dieting in mar of 2001. When i look back I can see how immature I was about it. I was on atkins then and I lost 13 lbs in 14 days!! yet I wrote that I was disspointed that it was not more!! unbelievable huh?? A normal person would jump up and down with joy!! But not me. I was so out of it. But now I can see I have real goals and expectations of myself and I am thrilled with a two lb loss in a week. So I encourage everyone to go out and buy a cheap notebook and keep a journal. It really does help.
jackie you are so funny about the beans and *tootin* . So why the increase in fiber? Does it help you lose weight easier? Maybe I should look into it.
yes Ginny I got my inspiration back. I just have to stay focused. Maybe I should buy that bathing suit just so I will HAVE to fit into it. Or maybe a size 8 pair of jeans. that would get me going. But right now I'm just taking it one day at a time again. I did well today. 800 calories and 10 glasses of water. I feel great about it. I'm weighing tomorrow and hopefully I didn't gain from that little *escapade*. We'll see. but if I did that's ok. I'll just have to work harder.
Well, it's late and I'm beat. I'll see you girls tomorrow! :)

01-23-2002, 01:42 AM
Hi ladies,
So glad to report the baby is back to herself!! Thank god - I can sleep again.
Kim, thank you so much for the story about the health club - I know that I will be going into a very "clingy" stage with my little one in the next few months and it may be a very bad time to be paying for a health club I cant use because of the child care! I may just look into some "at home" equipt. after all.:) Jackie, so sorry about the sad news in your town. My nephew (5) broke he leg sledding last year, hit a tree and spent the rest of the winter in a cast. Sledding can be more dangerous then we think I guess. Seems harmless, but I am hearing more and more about very serious accidents with sledding. They had to close the hill he hurt himself on because they had so many accidents on it.
Thank you for the suggestions about weight watchers, I tried it years ago before they started advertising the Point system - I think I will look into it again. They seem to focus on what I have the biggest trouble with - portion control. Well today way my last trip to the Y, sure will miss it. I now have the kids colds but I was able to walk on the track and do some weights. Still trying to drink the H2O - does seem to help keep me busy when I would normally fix a snack I just busy myself making a fresh glass full of ice and water. Not as good as a brownie (ha ha) but mind games kinda work. Well I am off to bed have a great night.

01-23-2002, 11:42 AM
Good morning!!!!:)
Cdm- glad to hear that the baby is feeling better. You feel so bad for them when they are sooooo clingy and whiney and there is little to do to comfort them but hold them and hold them some more (rough on mom, though!). How are you feeling? (you mentioned that you had a cold) Good that you got some weights in and a walk anyway. WTG with that water, yes there are times that it is only water that keeps me out of trouble (this morning, for instance!)

Spryng- good for you! Great that you got your inspiration back.
Forget the scale when you weigh in- try to view it as purely informational and inspirational~ if you gained use it as a gentle kick to drink more water:lol: ! No, you seem to be fine on the water scene, use it as a gentle reminder that you will make better choices today. Don't beat yourself up.

Today, I am off to a good start. I have walked away from a lot of food, thankfully with ease. (drank a lot of water though).
I have to go do some filing, the bills and papers are piling up all over the place.
Off to tame the paper tiger! Have a great day.

01-23-2002, 12:24 PM
Good morning! It's a beautiful day here, the fog is rising over the mountains and the sun is peeking out her and there. I love days like this, it's nice to sit on the porch swing and sip some coffee, enjoying the peace. I think we might reach 50 today I hope! I'm having a very good morning with the dieting. I fixed johnny cakes for everyone this mornin'(my fav) and I didn't have any. I was happy with the yougart, granola and strawberries. I can't believe how well I am eatting and how low my calories are. It really amazes me and I'm satisfied. I'm not going to get on the scale again until next week though. It seems to discourage me when I weigh in everyday and see no change. I wanted to say , I started my dieting back in march last year too, it is sorda funny how much we have changed since then. When I look back on my journal then it doesn't even sound like me at all. Well I finally got my youngin's down for their nappy ;) So I'm gonna take alittle Misti time and relax. Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful day!

01-23-2002, 12:53 PM
Good morning everyone. We have lots of sunshine here too today. Boy do i long for the days of spring. I'm so tired of cold weather you know? I'm ready to get out of the house and do something!! We just bought this house about 5 months ago so this spring we will be transforming our land into a YARD!! :) We will also be putting up a fence to keep my little ones in. So I am really looking forward to this spring and summer.
Thanks Ginny for the encouragement! You always know just what to say!! I did weigh in this morning and I did go up one lb. But that's ok. It wasn't discouraging. In fact I was relieved it wasn't more. But I think in a couple more days I should see it go back down and then continue down. So it hasn't deterred me at all. Yesterday was a good diet day and today will be too. My DH works until late tonight so I don't have to worry about him making something to tempt me. Last night I fixed them some terriyaki chicken, roasted potatoes, and peas and didn't even want any. I made myself a healthy choice meal. Then for a snack I ate some of the left over roasted potatoes. They don't have much calories. So I was good yesterday.
cdm I'm glad your little one is feeling better. You need your sleep. :)Good luck on the health club scene. The gyn I want to join you pay monthly so if for some reason my kids hate the daycare I can just stop going and not lose any money. I hope you can find something that works for you guys. Does your DH work out with you?
Well, I need to get busy on this house. Isn't it mazing how you can clean all day everyday and then get up the next morning to find it totally trashed again!! :?: I don't understand how my DH and two toddlers can destroy all my work within an hour of them being together!! But at least it keeps me busy. Talk to you guys later!

01-23-2002, 06:10 PM
I was going by the compuker (as we call it here!) and Dd left it on, so I thought I would check in and say hello.
Misti~ sure sounds like you are doing great!!!! I hope that you got your Misti time in. WTG on self control this morning! The best part is that you were satisfied with what you had to eat, which is a huge part of the battle.
I had a busy day ~ so what else is new! Gotta go get dinner on the table for the hungry kiddies (and Dh too!). Have a great nite.

01-23-2002, 11:21 PM
Well not much to tell today - living mostly on cough syrup!! are there calories in that?? ha ha!! I am drinking my water, and kept very busy packing and organizing stuff for the move. I think I climbed the stairs about 30 times today. Everything counts as exercise right?? Misti it sounds so nice where you live - are you in the mountains? I live in IL - its very flat here ;) Spryng I agree - it is time for summer, I have had it with the cold. We have'nt had much snow this year but I would like to get out of the house with out a big winter jacket and having to bundle the kids up so much.It would be nice to be able to take the kids for walks. My hubby will walk with us or go for bike rides, but as far as working out with me - he works alot and has a very physical job so he does'nt care much about getting any more exercise! I really dont mind going alone - but I am finding that the child care really adds a lot to the price of a work out! One place is only $20 a month and it is very nice and no long term contracts - but the babysitting for two kids more then doubles the $20 for a month looking at more like $40 Ugh!! I guess I got spoiled - the Y was only $25 a month and that included child care. So I will keep looking I guess!
Well I am off to bed - have a good night.

01-24-2002, 04:38 PM
OOP's!! I FORGOT TO TELL EVERYONE THAT I OPENED UP A THREAD #29. I think that I noticed that Ginny is online, so I hope that she didn't open one too! :?: See yah over @ #29!