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11-20-2007, 07:37 AM
Tuesday is what we make it. I was going to just have coffee and a muffin while checking my email but decided that would be tacky. I just had an egg and spinach on a toasted ww muffin sitting at the table complete with placemant and napkin! It was terrific. No tacky for me today.

Cold and wet here but the kitchen is cozy so let's sit around the table and chat. Try to ignore the smell of wet dog aroma.

Lots to do today to get ready for my trip west tomorrow. I'm no longer kicking myself that I don't have Christmas gifts ready to take out to my daughter but life has been getting away from me a bit lately. Yesterday was jam-packed morning and afternoon and I was exhausted by bedtime.

On the schedule today: my laundry, wash the dog bed, clean out the fridge plus another million things I can't remember at the moment. Good thing I make lists! (The dog bed has to be washed because Hershey is going to the Hyper Pypers' farm rather than to the kennel this time. She'll have a ball.)

How's your Tuesday looking?

11-20-2007, 07:51 AM
Morning Ruth...(et al)

Kind of icky and rainy here too, but it's suppposed to be cool and dry for thanksgiving. I can smell the wet dog smell from here...oh, wait, that's MY dogs! I just lit a candle to get rid of the smell.

My "new" sofa came in late yesterday afternoon ( They did a wonderful job of redoing it. The color is strange (I like it) Depending on the light, it looks browish, charcoal grey, loden green etc. After we redo the floors and the puppy is a little older, I want to get a big area rug with some red in it to brighten it up a bit. But I love it and my Mama does too. (you'll recall she and my Dad bought this sofa in 1963!) We also had to move the other sofa we already had (from my Dad's study) into this sun room where I work. It was quite a struggle as it is also a sofa bed. They couldn't come straight into this room from the "main" door, but through the kitchen because of the weird wall set up in the house...lots of twists and turns. But it's done and I'm happy! Hopefully my dining room table will be done in time for Christmas.

I just started cooking for the "food porn festival" on Thursday. Have my cornbread in the oven to make the dressing, along with some sweet potatoes for the sweet potato crunch and boiling some water to start cooking the mirletons. Yep, food porn time has begun!!

11-20-2007, 09:01 AM
Morning chicks, gray and gloomy here today too.
Today will either be quiet because all the government folks are out of the office, or my phone will be ringing off the hook because they are all trying to tie up loose ends before the holiday. Wow, I just yarned so hard my jaw popped! Going to go find some coffee and lend DH a hand moving the kids along. They are happy with only 2 days of school this week. DD should be coming home from college tonight or tomorrow morning.

Ruth, good for you taking the high road this morning! Hope you have a wonderful visit!
Cat, the sofa looks awesome. You could seat an army on it, couldn't you? Hmmm, maybe I'll tell DH we should get a new sofa for Christmas...

Awww, DH just brought the coffee to me!:smug:

little chick
11-20-2007, 09:02 AM
morning chicks a quickie for me I am feeling terrible today. Lighted headed and a cough... grrr. Just when I thought I was getting better. My Tue is tacky I ate a bowl of cereal at the computer, but I was reading the threads. Hope ya all have a great day. Femme, your couch looks lovely. I like the color. Well gonna to dash. Have a great one.

11-20-2007, 09:08 AM
Good Morning All-
Just a quickie for me as I overslept AND forgot to turn the coffee on to be ready for me when I did wake up. Have a great ay everyone.

11-20-2007, 09:13 AM
Morning, everyone!

Ruth, I'm reading your post while eating my warmed-over oatmeal out of a tupperware container with a large take-out cup of coffee beside me. ;) I'm sure that's a perfect description of tacky. :D I know Hershey is just going to have a ball at the Hyper-Pyper's!

Cat, they did a super job on your "new" couch!

I had my W&M at Curves this morning, and didn't want to eat or drink anything beforehand, so I slept in until it was time to go. :) My darned weightg has stayed the same from a month ago, but at least I lost some inches, so I'm ok with that. I do plan to be super-viligant over the holidays, but it's going to be a challenge!

Just doing a bit of laundry this morning and making a meatloaf for supper. If I can summon up some energy, I may do a bit of dusting and vacuuming, too.
With this yucky weather, I don't feel like doing much of anything.

11-20-2007, 09:52 AM
Schmoodle, I hope your coffee woke you up, that was Cat that had her couch reupholstered, not me! :D Hope you have a rather quiet day today!

LC, sorry you're still under the weather. :( Hope you start feeling better real soon!

THIN, good morning!

This has taken me forever, my DS popped in while I was posting and just left. "HELLO" to anyone else that I may have missed in the meantime!

11-20-2007, 10:00 AM
Hmmmm guess its a tacky tuesday here, breakfast was oatmeal bars on an easter paper plate with yogurt straight from the container eaten in front of the tv watching the news. Supposed to be 70 here today and then cool down with chances of snow thursday night. ICK!

Ruth Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip!

Cat The sofa is beautiful, it would take up my entire living room! Your food porn sounds delightful!

Schmoodle I know what you mean about the day could go either way. I am still plugging away lobbying for friday off. Have to get that darn construction loan clear to close today and half the people at the lender are off for the holiday. That is not an excuse! Ugh if I have to be here at least make it productive and worth my time!

LC Sure hope you kick this bug soon! My body is fighting hard not to get DH's cold, I can feel it in my head today.

Thin & Cottage Hope you both have a great day!

Me Just plugging away. I swear if someone doesn't eat these cookies in the office today they are going in the trash. A woman only has so much willpower!

Have a great day all and I will check back later.

11-20-2007, 10:01 AM
Good morning!

Ruth you are such a busy lady. Be safe and your trip & enjoy

Cat I love the sofa & the room it is sitting in

Schmoodle enjpy your cup of coffee & your day

LC get to feeling better :hug:

Thin :wave: have a great day!

Cottage inches lost - thats great

So I started the bowflex lastnight and I loved it. I had so much energy while doing it but afterwards I was exhausted. Tonight is bowling night so won't workout this evening only at lunch time. Have a great day!

11-20-2007, 11:23 AM
Good morning everyone!

Ruth, I admire your dedication to decorum and proper breakfasts. I shall have to aim for something nice and warm tomorrow!

Cat, your house is beautiful! The couch looks just perfect!

Schmoodle, hope you can get ahold of the folks you need to before the holiday!

Feel better soon, LC!

Hope your day wasn't all hectic, Thin!

Linda, congrats on the inches lost! That almost means more than pounds anyway!

Stephanie, I love that you ate off Easter plates this morning! My mom would randomly get out paper plates from previous birthdays and other holidays for the dinner the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas and it was always fun to see what would emerge.

Gonnabe, glad you enjoyed your workout. Have fun at bowling tonight!

Life has been more than hectic here and I feel badly that I haven't had time to post. I was struggling with a bout of the downies. I don't know what the deal is. I'm probably just wonkers. I was feeling like I was stuck in that Groundhog Day movie. I would wake up, fold the laundry, put away the dishes, do my exercise, get the beds made, prepare breakfast for the kids and me, do school with Connor, rush to get wherever we had to go for the day, come home exhausted, make dinner, get a shower, run the laundry, wash the dishes, sweep the floor, go to bed, and start the whole exact same thing over again. It just seemed like it wasn't going to end. I feel like I'm pulling out of it a bit. Maybe it was hormonal. Who knows.

Anyway, we had decided last week to just do a small Thanksgiving with our family. (GREAT! I love to entertain, but this will make it easier to stay on plan.) Then, the guy who lives upstairs confirmed he'd come down for dinner. Then two girls who live around the corner said they'd come. Then all of a sudden there were 25 people coming to my house for dinner! AHHHHH!!! I'm actually not freaking out anymore because I just sat and "downloaded" everything I was trying to keep straight in my head onto a piece of paper, so now I have a list of the fridge of everything that needs to get done tomorrow and Thursday and I don't feel so in a panic. I've got the potatoes baked (for garlic-chive mashed potatoes), the bread cut up and "staling" for stuffing, three loaves of cranberry bread made (my 22nd year making this cranberry bread!), and a pumpkin cheesecake finished. Tomorrow I have to bake one apple pie, one apple-cranberry pie, and four pumpkin pies, bake the sweet potatoes, make my own cream of mushroom soup for the green bean casserole (because I refuse to use canned!), make cranberry sauce (again, aversion to canned), and assemble some other casseroles. Then, Thursday I should be able to rotate everything through the oven to warm up and throw the stuffing together and have everything on the table/counter for the buffet (because 25 people will NOT fit at my four-seater table!). Should be interesting!

Hope you all have good days! I'm off to bed.


11-20-2007, 11:40 AM
Wow, Kara that's a lot! Good luck! didn't anyone offer to bring a dish?

11-20-2007, 12:02 PM
Stephanie sorry I missed you this morning. Heres some :dust: to fight off those cookies

Kara Wow you are doing alot of cooking. Thats kind of you to have all those people over for dinner. We have a big family and the more people the better. We love to invite people who don't have alot or have any family for that matter. If God blesses me why not bless someone else.

For Thanksgiving I am making the pumkin bread from the recipe I got off of here and I am making a peanut butter pie using natural peanut butter & splenda for DH as he loves peanut butter and for mashed potatoes I will have south beach surprise mash potatoes.

11-20-2007, 12:39 PM
tacky tacky tacky tuesday for me.

Fridge is 1/2 dead the freezer side works but not the fridge side so hubby bought a new one yesterday. Will be delivered by 10:30 am today. Hmmm old fridge is in the living room I've moved what I could save to the freezer side even though it's not super cold it's better than warm. Other stuff will just be tossed. House is just tore up as front door is off the hinges and we are just waiting. I missed my water areobics class (Tues/Thurs) obiviously no class on thursday. So i missed the whole week now. It's 11:30am and no fridge. Hubby called and now it's before 3:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I work 12-12 tommorrow and I have no food for thursday.

Definatly a tacky tuesday. Breakfast was ww english muffin with PB and a apple. Lunch is going to be tricky. Could be the same.

Hope everyone else is having a terrific day

11-20-2007, 02:16 PM
Hi everyone!

My Tuesday has been terrific so far. I went for a walk with my mom this morning, and then to breakfast, entirely on plan. I came back to my grandma's and put the first coat of paint on her shed. She made me homemade potato soup and cornbread. Now exactly on plan, but she's 78, how much longer am I going to have with her? Besides, she asked me what I could eat, and I explained, but she's almost deaf, so I just eat whatever she fixes. ;)

I hope everyone has a great day, I've got to run to the running shoe shop and register for my 5K.

11-20-2007, 08:33 PM
Someone is bringing a ham, Schmoodle, and others are bringing drinks. I'm always at a loss for drinks because I don't drink soda or alcoholic beverages and the kids don't drink juice, so we only ever have milk and water in the house! I love to cook anyway (and I secretly want to make sure everything is just like *I* like it!) so it's just easier to ask everyone else to bring drinks and plates, etc.

Gonnabe, you're going to have to share how the pumpkin bread came out. I have about a half cup of pumpkin left over from the cheesecake that I need to find something to do with.

Angela, I'm so sorry about your fridge! I hope the new one has already arrived and is just splendid. Sounds like a good excuse to hit a nice restaurant for dinner tomorrow (it's Wednesday here already).

Dixie, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your time with your aunt. I'm sure she just loved having you for lunch! What a nice thing for you to do to paint her shed!


11-20-2007, 09:00 PM
O.K. so after a REALLY crazy day I'm back. Working in an airport at this time of year always makes me question my sanity. Although I am very proud of how OP I have stayed. Last night FH took me to Cheesecake factory and I had grilled salmon and asparagus and that was all. I think the universe is smiling on me because this is the third time I have dined out in a week and all three times they forgot the bread basket.
Kara You are amazing to do this huge dinner for everyoine near you. I admire your organization.;)
Schmoodle Hope your day ended up quiet.
LC Get Well Soon.:getwell:
Ruth Have a fabulous time on your trip.
Cat So glad you got your couch back in time for Thanksgiving.
Cottage Congratulations on the inches lost.
Stephanie Somehow food always tastes better on cute paper plates.
Gonnabe Glad the Bowflex session went so well.:strong:

Hope everyone has a great night.

11-20-2007, 09:16 PM
I was on vacation today but didn't want to hang around the house too much with Robert so after I dropped Brian off I went shopping for some stuff I needed to get and then spent over an hour talking to a friend on my cell phone about everything that has been going on. Then I went into the health club for 45 minutes on the elliptical and then laps in the pool and a soak in the hot tub. That was so relaxing! After eating lunch (partly OP but not totally), I did go home.

I've been online with Robert helping him look for jobs. It is frustrating but there do seem to be some that he is qualified. I just hope he finds one. My friend told me he thought that in Texas you can't just agree not to accept child support from your ex without having him sign away his rights. I'm going to have to check on that as I don't want Robert to have to pay but I definitely don't want him to sign away rights. Brian is every bit as much his as mine.

At least the rest of the week, Brian is out of school so I won't be avoiding the house.

11-20-2007, 09:33 PM
I missed this earlier. My Tuesday was a liitle of both. Terrific beause we went shopping but decided to come home and eat instead of going out so I was able to stay OP. Tacky bec use I probably won't get all the food in for today. I hope that isn't a problem. I wasn't home for lunch and we decided not to eat out and I I really wasn't hungry. I hope SBD allows for that because some don't and insists you eat all the food.

Ruth you have a really safe trip and have fun.

Cat the couch is beautiful and I love that huge room.

Angela sorry to here about your frige. I've experienced that before and it is no fun.

LC Hope you are feeling better. No fun being sick during the holidays.

Angela Congrates on the inches loss. I'm sure the scales will follow soon.

Kara You are a busy girl. I used to do all the cooking too. My sister worked out of the home and I worked in so she would give me money to help on the food and say..."I'm not cooking since I work all week you can do it". Then she would bring all the paper plates, desserts ready made etc. I always enjoyed doing all of it. This year I'm just doing the turkey and the dressing and bought some ready made desserts (before I decided to start SBD before T-day). New SIL wanted to do the rest of it even though she works the day before and after T-day.

To any I missed Hello hope your day was good.

Don't know how much I will be on line the rest of the week as the kids will be here tomorrow when I get home from the beauty salon. I will try to check in. but just in case I can't and for those who will be gone such as Ruth let me say I hope every one has a very Happy Thanksgiving Day.