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Diana the Hun
11-20-2007, 06:01 AM
Hi all,
I was just wondering whether any of you have tried the Core Secrets DVDs with Gunnar Peterson? I'm considering buying it off the T.V, cause I love all that fitball stuff, but haven't used one in years. Thank you!:D

Get n healthy
11-20-2007, 09:35 AM
I like Gunner. I do that video when i need a change from WATP. It is a fun change and a good workout.

12-02-2007, 01:58 PM
I had a DVD I got in a swap, it was the one with the "give me 20" and "fun-damentals" workouts. I found it incredibly boring. I think there is so much more you can do in that amount of time, a better routine with less talking that will get you more results.

If you like workouts with simple choreographies, Prevention has a DVD called "The Sugar Solution Workout" which includes a cardio walking workout, a strength routine divided in short segments (so you can easily fit it into your schedule) and a yoga-inspired cool-down.

If you are interested in flattening your stomach and/or working on your core, I would recommend one of the following:
- Lotte Berk
- The Bar Method
- Pilates: Winsor Pilates, Quickfix and 10-Minute Solution all include DVDs with shorter workouts or wkrouts divided in short segments.

Check out, they have previews of a lot of videos so you can get an idea of what it entails.

Good luck!