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11-18-2007, 01:51 AM
:welcome: to Back In Kindergarten Thread

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......" :book2:

New members are always welcome.
Pull up a chair and join us! :cofdate::cofdate::cofdate:

11-18-2007, 01:58 AM
Hope it was okay to start a new thread, we were a little over 100 posts.

Okay, here's the last few posts from the thread...

From Sassy...

Cristina -- Yeah I'm with you, winter is soup weather for me as well. My favorite soup is Tomato with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.......Mmmmmmm........I know not good for me, but sooooo good. lol. LOL you "naughty" girl, hoping the sprinkler guy is cute.....hee hee hee. Hey if he is, take a pic so we can see! lol.

Hi Mindee, glad that everyone is feeling a little better, I hope everybody recoops soon.

TY Suzy Q.

Have a Great Evening all.

This was actually from this morning and I forgot all about it cuz DH came home from work........lmao.........I am getting ready to eat my din-din, so I'll post more later.

From Jules...

Teri's doctors appt went well. She is measuring perfect even though she has gained a total of 15 1/2 pounds with 5 weeks to go from this coming Monday--that means Christmas Eve is that close girls--hard to believe!! I bought some little 0-3 pants at Walmart that are too cute!!

Cristina--Teri says thanks for the gifts--she loves it all!!

Teri's BF, Dave made it through his first two weeks at his first job since the one he worked for 3 weeks in June and got his first paycheck which he intends to blow with his friends this weekend even though he has been mooching off my kids since July. This is the first Sunday Teri has had off since she started working at The Children's Place and since she worked today she has tonight off too. She was hoping they could rent some videos and spend some time together. Very telling of their future together if she decides to stay with him.....She is really upset with him.

Ry is sick--he has what I had---even turned down a date last night with a girl he really likes...other than that he is doing good--LOVES his job and his bosses and most of his coworkers.

I ended up getting a tooth pulled on Friday--it was a root canal that I waited too long to get fixed and it cracked so now they have to do some kind of bone graft to put something there. My jaw was a little sore last night but is feeling better today.

I am working tomorrow, but will have off from Wednesday to the next Monday. We are having a potluck in my area and decorating for Christmas--our theme this year is a Winter Wonderland--snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and lots of snowmen....all decoration will be white, blue & silver though everyones booths will be different. I will try to get some pics when it is finished.

From Jules...

Sassy--I love tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches too. I make a lot of soup over the winter.

Cristina--thanks again for Teri's gift. The blanket is so soft and the bib has her "duck" theme on it and the rattle and toy are so cute--she loves it all!! So is the gf coming for Thanksgiving--hope that goes well.

SuzyQ--Gaby is too cute--she must be what keeps you sane with both ex's issues and Rach. At least Beck seems to not give you too much grief.

Mindee--hope everyone gets well soon

Katy--hope you start feeling better too--my cold ran it's 7-10 day course--just get lots of sleep

Well gonna go finish clothes...
Exaggerated expectations often eclipse exceptional realizations

From Sue...

Evening ladies...Hope it is not too cold where you are. It was 26* when I got up this morning, but 46* when I walked two miles this afternoon. No wind, which made it bearable to walk.
I have been doing laundry and cleaning house. Getting ready for a big, happy week. I will go grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon and have planned a few items to cook for the week. I want to bake a cake on Mon. and possibly make spinach dip and ranch crackers so DH can have his fav. snacks throughout the week. All DD asked for was green bean casserole since her family doesn't like it.
Mom was feeling better today, just tired. Her sis left yesterday, but they had a nice visit. Her other sisters will go home Tues. so she should see them again Mon. SO nice that they all got together.
Not OP today, but other than a few kisses I did ok. I did walk 2 miles.
I am not weighing in until after the holidays. Just trying real hard to stay where I am and not gain.
Be good chickies and I will try to do individuals soon.

Suetalks...the "bikerchick"

From Sassy...

Hi Jules -- Yeah there is just something about Tomato soup and grilled cheese on a nice cold day that just tastes so good........Hmmm that sounded like a commercial didn't it? lol. Cambells here I come! lmao. OUCH on the tooth.........Decorations sound cool.

Hi Sue -- Woohoo on the 2 miles.........Glad your mom is feeling better and is having a nice visit with her sisters...........

I think my DH is going to hammer a nail through our down-stairs neighbor's head. lol. He was downstairs right below our bedroom today hammering away while we were trying to sleep. I know we are in the minority because we work nights, but geez..........He was still hammering up to an hour ago! I am like what the heck is he building down there an ark or what? lol.

Have a Great Night!



"Too often we under estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."
~Leo Buscaglia

11-18-2007, 02:18 AM
Hello ladies...

I tried to go to bed early, didn't happen obviously, lol. I am going to have to force myself sooner or later because I don't want to get used to this late schedule.

SASSY...that is my absolute fav...tomato soup and grilled cheese! Yummy to my tummy. Awww, the sprinkler guy was not cute, and was married and brought his little boy with him. Oh He was kind of mean to the little boy...the boy kept wanting to talk to me and I was trying to talk to him but the guy basically told him to shut up or get back in the truck. Geez, he was fine, let the kid talk.

JULES...the decorations sound nice and I would love to see a picture! I am glad Teri liked the stuff...I did not know what to get and figure she could always use blankets. I loved that one because it is soooo soft...makes me want to have a baby. Okay, not, just a grandbaby. Sorry Ry is feeling bad, hope he gets to feeling better soon. And sorry to hear about the tooth...geez, it was going around here. I had a tooth pulled 2 weeks ago or so, then Susan had dental work, also had a cracked tooth, strange, lol. Hugs to Teri...what a butthead Dave is. :hug:

SUE...WTG with the walk! Glad your mom is well. I know how you are looking forward to TG with your family.

MS SUSAN...did you get all you wanted done today? I'd like to take a stroll in the mall myself. And I do mean a stroll. Seems everytime I am there I am on a get what I need or want and get out. I can't remember the last time I actually walked the whole mall slowly and looked in most of the stores or at least the windows. Need to stop and smell the coffee.

HIYA KATY :wave:

I am going to go with Jason to mass tomorrow morning early. We haven't been in months, too many months and I asked him today if he would like to go. I don't like going by myself. Heck I'm not even Catholic, lol. He converted a few years ago and I started going with him. Kind of felt out of place at first but then it grew on me. V is working, Jason is working and it's just me and DD again. I am pretty sure she will sleep most of the day, lol.

Josh brought his GF over tonight. I was going to try and go to bed early and I just closed my bedroom door and the door bell rings. Scared the crap outta me! He's at the door with her...they had gone to meet her sis at chili's for dinner and she was joking about wanting to meet me and he said okay, lol. They make a cute couple. I don't know where this will lead but who cares...they are enjoying each other right now. Anyway...

Have a good Sunday!

11-18-2007, 02:53 AM
hello is every one doing?

this is just a quick little pop in from me.....Brandon was up until 4am on Saturday morning. So, I was able to get a little bit of a nap, but not enough. I still have to check on his medicine to see if there are any side effects for it. After he takes it, he seems to get a rash around his mouth and takes forever to fall asleep. So, I am wondering if the two are connected somehow.

I hope every one is doing well! I will talk to you all on Sunday, sometime!

11-18-2007, 08:02 AM
Hey all.......

Well I felt awful before so went and lied down, only meant to lie down like an hour or so? I woke up 3 HOURS later! lol. Ah well.........I'm off tonight so no big deal I guess.

So far "Noah" has been quiet. He has to know we work nights because he's been here about a year now and we park right by his bedroom window, so he has to hear us when we get home in the mornings. This is the first time he's ever been noisy though. Usually we don't hear a peep out of him. lol.

Cristina -- Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese is yummy. I ALMOST had it yesterday, but didn't. Well :p on the sprinkler guy! Can't believe he talked to his son that way. Geez.

Mindee -- I hope Brandon feels better, poor little guy......

Well I hope you all have a Great Day!

Tonight I plan on doing absolutely nothing as I still feel icky. At least I got laundry all done.........


11-18-2007, 10:28 AM
Good morning!
Thanks for the get well wishes, I am feeling better. I have a yucky cough that likes to show up just when I want to sleep. I haven't been sleeping well in general, so it's just par for the course. I see the naturopath tomorrow, so maybe she'll have some more suggestions for me.

Sassy - thx for the add; I really enjoyed your slideshow - finally a face to go with a name! You are so cute and you are practically a doppleganger for my cousin Maggie. Cuties run in my family, don't you know ;)

Susan- hope you are having a good weekend...

Jules - glad Teri's feeling good and having good checkups. Only 15 lbs?! I kid, of course. I gained 60+ with each of mine...such a lard ***. I called DD my "Ben and Jerry" pregnancy. I sure hope Dave snaps out of it..hopefully parenthood will shake him up a bit.

Cristina - Hope you enjoyed mass. We are off to SS ourselves here pretty soon. DS has to recite his memory work in church today - the Apostles' Creed. I think he's got it down for the most part.

Mindee - hope your kids are feeling better today and you can get some sleep.

Sue - Hiya - I thought about you yesterday as DH and I now have BIKES! yep - now I can go for a ride just like you do. The weather is yucky so I don't think I'll be getting out there today, but I'm kind of excited to ride again - It's been a long time!

Other than church, our grand plan for the day includes a trip to the Portland Art Museum ( We have passes that expire at the end of the month, MIL said she'd babysit - voila' a date with hubby!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

11-18-2007, 04:32 PM
:wave: Good Morning Chicks!!

I feel behind and overwhelmed. lol It doesn't take much does it??

I must say grilled cheese and tomato soup is M's favorite. It is super tastey. I love grilled cheeses and the girls do as well. Anyway, with all this soup talk I think some potato soup is in order with a dish of cornbread tonight.

Katy Glad to see you well enough to join us! Enjoy the day at the art museum. I have never made a trip there but the girls have w/ field trips.

Jules - I am with Katy, 15 pounds is amazing. I always gained 40 average with the girls. I usually did real good until the last 3 months .....and it was like "what the heck" :hug::hug: to Teri - I am sorry it is a stresful time w/ Dave. Sorry about the tooth! Mouth pain is the worst....

Sassy - How are you feeling today??? Same as you. I laid down for a rest at 4 and woke up at 9pm. lol I guess we just don't know when we are tired!! Good you rested.....wassup w/ your neighbor?? Tell him to be quite! My mom has very loud neighbors above grandma thought my mom was in the *attic* making had to explain that no it is just the people who live above.....

Cristina - :yay: on meeting the GF! Cute that she wanted to meet you at night. lol ....nice that they have the hoildays to enjoy together:o I made the mini malls with Rebecca. I never got to the mall to enjoy the stroll....maybe today before I get Gab?? How was Mass?? Hope your sleep pattern gets back on track! :) Thanks for the new thread!:D

Mindee - Hey, sweetie mother! How are the kids??

Sue brrrrr, it sounds cold! I think it has been about 40* here. Thanks for the update on your mother, continue to keep her and your family in my prayers.

Just thinking anyone else going to put off weighing during the holiday week?? I think I will weigh tomorrow like usual. I think it helps me keep on track. One night I had wine and crackers and we surprised to stay stable over night, that made me also made me want more wine. :hat:.......hehe.

I think it was Jules.........Yes, Gab keeps me sane. We have spent years just with us two and our own little routine. I don't like the chaos Rach brings and just wish she would get a grip and get her butt back to school. She called at 12:30am last night wanting a ride home....course she had to go through Burger King first and whine that her parents don't like her. .....I like her...I just like sleeping more. ...grrrrrr.

I get Gab in 3 1/2 hours. Going shopping for dinner and see what else.

Wishing you all a super day!!

11-18-2007, 09:38 PM
Hallooooooooo Chicks.

Wow I woke up and thought my DH was trying to cook me! lmao. It was so hot in here! The heat was on, it was only set to 69, but just felt hotter. So I took my shower and came out and turned it off. lmao.

UGH my last night off and tomorrow night is back to ole Oh least I get 7 of my 13 hours on Thanksgiving as Holiday and Time and a Half Pay! :D (I will be working from Midnight - 7 a.m. on Thanksgiving Morning)

Katy -- YW and TY. I don't think I'm as "cute" anymore.....I just kinda gave up caring what I looked like after I started night shift cuz nobody sees me. I should start caring again though. Glad your feeling better I am too, I took some Nyquil before bed and so I feel better now. I hope you had fun with hubby at the art museum! ;)

Suzy Q -- Grilled cheese and soup does sound good. I haven't eaten since about this time yesterday. Guess I should eat something. I feel better now. I took Nyquil before going to bed and feel lots better! I plan on taking Dayquil too after I eat, just for a little "insurance" lol. Yeah I guess our bodies just know when we're tired and just say, "sleep, need sleep." lol. Our neighbor usually isn't noisy at all. Infact we hardly ever hear him unless we happen to be in the bathroom the same time as him, we can hear the fan in his bathroom. lol. But so far it has been quiet. I've been kinda lax lately on my eating. Not quite as lax as DH though. I took my lunch every day last week and he didn't take his even once this weekend, which means he ate out all weekend! Bad Boy! lol. But I've haven't eaten in 24 hours so I guess I should go eat something! lol. Plus we haven't been to the store yet. Slim Pickin's here. lol Even still I managed to pack my lunch everyday last week. Men. Go figure. lol.

I am really craving Chinese for some reason and that is very odd for me. I like Chinese but I usually don't crave it. lol.

Have a Great Night everybody!


11-19-2007, 02:12 AM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Nothing new on this end…..just taking each day one at a time! I need to get back into the swing of exercising every day, and drinking my water! I do good with both, and then something comes up and I slip on either one or both. So, I really need to keep my booty in gear…..I am able to get a size 24 jeans on…..I just can’t button/zip them up yet. BUT I can at least get them up and on!

We ended up going over and hanging out with a friend of mine that I graduated with. Her and her husband have been thinking about moving to Mississippi, so we figured that we would get together with them before they move. They want us to move down there with them, which the way the economy is going, it is an idea. I am okay with the idea of moving out of the state, but moving all the way down to Mississippi is a whole other issue!

Sassy~ He seems to be doing better now. I checked online to see what side effects there are for the medicine, and it said that rashes are a side effect. So, as long as I saw it in print, then I know that it is okay, and nothing to worry about. I didn’t see anything about it taking them forever to fall asleep after taking it, so I am just guessing that it is from him winding himself up before hand.

Katy~ They are doing better! Which I am so thankful for! I hate to see them sick, and it is even harder when they are all sick at the same time!

Susan~ They are doing much better! They are almost done with their medicines, which is great! Since Logan loves taking medicine but it is a fight and a half with Brandon. The first night or two he was fine taking it, but then it just turned into a big ordeal with him.

11-19-2007, 09:21 AM
Good Morning -

Mindee - Hope the kids continue to feel better. It really is a helpless feeling when your child is sick.

Sassy - So, did you get Chinese???

I made potato soup last night, it was so good.

I finally figured out the myspace thing. I don't know how to add friends mean I think I do so send me your info if you are interested!!!


11-19-2007, 11:45 AM
Susan - geez you're up early, you're going to be an early bird like me if you don't watch it....I slept in 'til 6:30 today, lol! I'm Rosiekate on myspace, you just go to my profile and there's a place to "add friend".. It will send me a request, which I will approve of course! I am still learning ins and outs of myspace. I don't know where to get all the cool pictures and whatnot, all in good time I guess.

Mindee - Glad the kiddoes are feeling better. L has 1.5 more days of the yucky meds. At the beginning, DH had to hold her down and she would try to gag herself...yuck not pretty. So we started giving her treats after each dose, so she wouldn't try to vomit it back up. I know, real pleasant, huh?

Sassy - did you get Chinese? I started craving some General Tso's after reading your post, lol!

The museum was fun. The best exhibit was about this guy ( - his portraits were amazing and they displayed lots of his process as well as the finished pieces. He could take up to 3 years to make one portrait!

Have a great day, everyone

11-19-2007, 01:38 PM
Happy Monday, ladies...

SUSAN...I do plan on weighing in on Tuesday. I also plan on 'trying' to stay on top of things and not get carried away with the eating this week. Busy week so means possibly lots of eating out, avtually just Wednesday since it will be a busy day. I think I have finally gotten this right, lol. I don't want to slip the plan is to be careful and on track during the week but pig out on TG, lol! You know, I say that but I never do pig out. I do eat what I want but have never pigged out. Sorry Rachel is being a little turd at times. They never want to listen to their parents until it is too late, lol. Then years later you will hear, why didn't you tell me, lol! I think she will be fine though...she will figure it out soon enough. I think some kids just have to do it on their own, just be themselves without anyone interfering. Hmmm, sounds like me and Josh, lol. Hugs to you missy :hug: :hug:

KATY...oh my goodnes, lol! We got there (to Mass) with 2 minutes to spare, lol. Jason was up and I had turned over and hit the alarm and rolled back over. Got up at 7:20 and Mass was at 8...don't ask me how I showered, put make-up on, dried my hair somewhat and was out the door...good thing the place is only 5 minutes away freeway time. It was nice going though. How did DS do with the Apostles' Creed? Glad you guys had a nice time at the museum...DD would love it! And the artist...I am impressed.

SASSY...well, at least you got some sleep! Your body probably knew it needed it. Yeah, I thought the sprinkler guy was a little mean to the kid...he was a cute little guy. The guy seemed annoyed with him for sure.

MINDEE...glad you found out the side effects and the rash is one. Seems like the pharmasist or the doc should have told you. Oh well, at least it's not something bad. I know on some stuff the list of side effects is just unreal. Hope you got some more sleep and Brandon too.

All this talk about soup and now our temps have been in the 70's...supposed to be 79 today, yikes! What the heck?! Definitely not soup weather for me. But it is nice...I am getting ready to go for my walk outside since it is nice, a little windy but that's fine. I'll get in my 3 miles and then do a mile on the treadmill. Other than that nothing much going on.

Have a great day ladise!

11-19-2007, 02:51 PM
I am back!

:yay: me....rah, rah....I always thought I was wonderful....too bad no one else does. lol is a joke between me and the ex.

Katy - I CAN NOT find you on myspace!! Argh. Simple things take forever. I was on the computer until 11 pm last night trying to figure myspace out. I want my page to look nice but like you said it will take time to learn all the snazzy stuff. Rach helps alittle bit. Anyway , I tried Rosiekate and even your pacifier addy with no luck. Maybe I will get me an url and you can find me??? lol

Cristina - I think I will WI tomorrow too! Since I was at the ex's so late Gab and I just spent the night. He made a huge breakfast and I ate before I will try tomorrow. Omg to 79!! That is it always like that in November?? Sun is suppose to come out here later in the week but still cool in the 40/50's.

k- back to myspace to tinker.....hope to get off my tush soon!

11-19-2007, 04:32 PM
I'm back...
Susan- got your pm and I put in an add request...your page is really pretty. I haven't done much of anything with mine as you will be able to tell shortly :)

Cristina - glad you made it to mass in time! DS' class did great...made it through with no cheat sheets. It was awesome!


11-19-2007, 04:49 PM
Howdy ladies...back again, lol!

Got my three miles in and feeling good, sweaty, but good. Man, it was a bit warm even with the wind. Saw Josh coming in at the end of my walk...he just came by to pick up some stuff, baseball glove and ball to play with the GFs son. I'll get in another mile in a few minutes, once I get off here. Feel like I have so much energy to go the 3 miles again...hate being couped up when the weather is nice. ARE wonderful missy, and don't you forget it! Oh, and if you go to my page on myspace and look at my can click on any of them and it will take you to their page just fyi. Yeah, probably not wise to WI after a big breakfast. DD weighed once after her shower and I said why? She said she gained 2 pounds. I told her it was probably her hair being wet, lol. Her hair is long and very thick and I told her it probably weighs 2 lbs. dry and with it being wet...ummm, silly girl.

I was going to leave a comment on your page but forgot that you have to be added to your friends...will you be my friend? Lol I'm in a silly mood.

KATY...woohoo to DS for not having to use cheat sheets. I remember the days when i could memorize i can't even remember where I put something, lol.

Okay, going to go read some threads and possibly post before signing off.

Have a wonderful day!

11-19-2007, 05:19 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end.....Tommy started yet another new job today. His last job he was making $8 an hour, and this one is for $9 an hour. I will be a lot happier when we find out more about the job here at the complex! I will, as well as Tommy, be breathing a lot easier then. This job that he started today is driving a hi-lo around loading trucks and unloading trucks. The only thing that is worrying him is that since the job works with the Big 3, and they shut down for two weeks around Christmas, he is worried about that.

I made some banana nut muffins and apple cinnamon muffins today. I took the office manager some of the apple cinnamon ones because she took her dog to the vet today to get a growth taken off the back of his leg. So, I took some over to her (with Brandon's help of course).

Katy~ The other day Brandon was eating some bologna and I had told him to let me know when he was done so that I could get him his medicine. When I thought he was done, I started to give him his medicine. What he neglected to tell me was that he had shoved a whole piece of bologna in his mouth just to get out of taking his medicine. I was giving him his medicine, and he decided to fight so long story short......I ended up with some half chewed bologna in my hand and he didn't stop fighting there.

Cristina~ I just noticed your ticker, you are almost at your goal! Great job!! Can you send some of that major motivation my way please?

11-19-2007, 05:47 PM
Susan...I's not normal temps for here this time of year. Usually colder. But it is supposed to return to normal Thursday and be 42.

Mindee...thank you! But that is just my first 20 pound goal. I have quite a few more pounds to lose. I'm not sure what my UG will be but I am thinking between 150-160...I won't know until I get there and am at a comfortable weight for me. It may even be 170. :dunno: Sorry Tommy can't find a good job. Hoping he gets that job at the complex. I will try to send some motivation your way! I don't know what happened, but something just hit me and I started walking and there haven't been many days that I haven't done some kind of exercise.

Ciao for now ladies...time for Jeopardy, lol!

11-19-2007, 09:32 PM
Cristina--Missed Jeopardy tonight--it's one of the few shows hubby & I can watch together. We like Cash Cab too. It's cold but not as cold as usual and it has been a really weird fall. There are still leaves on the trees adn they are usually long gone by now. My mom was laughing today that she is usually done raking leaves by Thanksgiving but it looks like she will be raking until Xmas this year.

Mindee--Glad Tommy found something that paid better. My kids were good at taking medicine--well Teri was--Ryan rarely got sick.

Katy--I love going to the museums. Ry does to which makes it nice since hubby & Teri aren't really interested--well hubby is interested in car & old farm equipment museums!!

SuzyQ--I think you are wonderful and I found you on myspace!! I might make some potato soup myself this weekend--I am sure I will be tired of turkey!!

Sassy--Teri has to go to work at 10 pm on Thanksgiving and the doors to her store open up at midnight, she works until 6 am on Black Friday and then back in from 4 pm to 10 pm that same say--I asked if they forgot that she only has 5 weeks until she pops that baby out and preganat women need to sleep!!

Dave came home broke of course--Teri told him that next paycheck he is going start giving her $100 a week plus gas money until he gets his car back on the road and then she doesn't care what he does with the rest. In January he will have to pay her 1/3 of all the bills along with his 1/3--she said she has been paying his way and it's time for him to repay.

11-19-2007, 11:21 PM
And I'm back again, lol!

JULES...good for Teri! He (Dave) needs to step up to the plate and be responsible. I can't believe she is haivn got work those ungodly hours, yikes! Well, the leaves on most of the trees around here are gone but this is strange weather for sure. I thought it was Thursday the low temps were to return but it's Wed. so one more nice walking day outdoors for me.

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Was trying to watch Night at the Museum, whatever it's called and the dvd is bad. Watched a little over half of it and then it just went bonkers...I wanted to see the end darn it. And there is NOTHING on tv...not even a good rerun. So here I sit in front of this screen. Will probably go to bed about 10'ish and read for a couple of hours. Anywho...

WI is tomorrow and I was looking forward to it, now, ugh. I've been doing well and would just like to see this weight come off faster. Oh well, eventually it will...slow and steady.

Take care ladies, nighty, night.

11-20-2007, 12:55 AM
My goodness, I think you all get a brownie badge today for finding me!! Thank you so much for adding me too as a friend. I was sweating that out! lol

I just wanted to say good night. I am taking Gab home, tuck her in bed and watch The Bachelor! Go DeAnna....

I had a horrible day with Rachel - ended up at the er for 4 hours and leaving us both exhuasted. She is fine and spending the night at my sisters. She had gotten very angry because I wouldn't buy her a jacket and threatened herself and me and grabbed the steering wheel while I was driving, punched me in the arm......blah - blah. The staff at the hospital were total morans. The social worker had the nerve to say Rach doesn't seem violent.....hmm, will she has a pretty good temper. Anyway - it was horrid and Rach wailed all the way to my sisters wanting to go to her friends for the night. Kabash on that. Her tears don't move me, I must have come off like a total *itch to the staff.

anyway - going home!!! Craving pink lemonade..... :)

11-20-2007, 02:48 AM
hello ladies......well, Tommy tried the new job. He heard them talking on his last break about at Christmas time when they close down for 2 weeks. Tommy told me that he was thinking ahead and said to himself "we can't afford for the two week shut down. I need a job that I know will be there for the pay check." So, he went back to his $8 an hour job for now. Hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) we hear word on the job here at the complex!

Jules~ Good for Teri! It is about time he steps up to the plate.

Susan~ My goodness! I hope you can get some sleep. How is Rach doing now?

Brandon took a three hour nap, which is odd for him, and when he woke up Tommy made pancakes for dinner. While he was eating, he looked at me and said "mom" and then pointed to his forehead. I said "what is it buddy? do you have a head ache?" He then told me that he did, so I gave him some tylenol and he didn't say he had one any more after that.

11-20-2007, 03:15 AM
Hi Chicks.

Well I thought I had gotten all my sleep out of my system, NOT. I slept 12 hrs yesterday! :o I guess I was just really exhausted!

Cristina -- So far "Noah" downstairs has been quiet, at least on the weekend he was. lol. Wow 79!! Yeah I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature what time of year it is! lol. WTG on the walking! :D Too bad we don't live closer. We have Night at the Muesum! lol.

Jules -- Wow can't believe they are having her work those crazy hours! I hope that Dave steps up and starts paying Teri back.

Katy -- Nope I didn't get Chinese. lol. Glad you had fun at the muesum!

Suzy Q - Big :hug: hon. Hope you get some sleep.

Take Care All!


11-20-2007, 10:29 AM
Here I am...should be at yoga, but oh well. Decided I needed a cup of tea more :p

Susan - :hug::hug:Sorry you had such a bad night...i don't think you were being a b*tch; you were being firm, because you had to be. When she's older, she'll look back on all this and know you were doing the right thing.

Jules - yay for Teri standing her ground, it's good for her to get these boundaries set before the baby comes. I can't believe those working hours! But then again, I'm not much of a Black Friday shopper - in fact I never shop on Black Friday, lol. It seems like stores open earlier and earlier every year.

Mindee - sounds like Tommy made a good decision :fingerscrossed: on the job at your apartment complex

Sassy - Glad you got a good night's sleep and the neighbor is staying quiet for the time being.

Cristina - I admire your get-up-and-go...I've been slacking on exercise since the kids and I have been sick and I really need to get moving again. Hopefully I'll get a walk in today..or I can cathc the evening yoga class.

Had my visit to the naturopath, which went well. We looked over my food diaries and figured that going wheat free was not really doing much for me - kind of pointless. I really need to keep all grains to a minimum to lose weight. I lost 2-ish pounds in the last month, and my calories are always in an acceptable range. 1-2 pounds a month is pretty slow, but it's better than 0 pounds a month, lol! I loved her approach as she said that basically I have a really healthy diet and if I want to lose faster I just need to decide what I'm willing to tighten up on - I guess I kind of knew that already, but it's easy to forget as baked goods are absolutely everywhere. She's also trying out some different herb combinations throughout my cycle to see if I can get some decent sleep.

Today we are off to the kids' parent-teacher conferences. Hopefully there will be no surprises....

11-20-2007, 12:43 PM
Hello ladies...

SUSAN...lots of hugs to you and Rach. :hug: :hug: Ditto what Katy said. And you are not being a *itch. Hope you got some rest/sleep.

KATY...good luck at the conferences today. I am sure there will be no surprises, well, maybe some good ones. And thank you. I can't tell you how many times I just did not want to walk or exercise, just force myself to do it.

SASSY...yikes woman, 12 hours?! I know there have been days I would like to sleep that long but my body aches/hurts if I stay in bed too long. Supposed to be 72 today and then take a nose dive tomorrow...normal fall temps, :( getting spoiled with these warm days.

MINDEE...I agree with Tommy. V has a shut down with his job too, used to be 2 weeks but think they cut it back to one. Terrible that I can't remember when they do this every year. They did it in January once, right after Christmas and a lot of people complained...not a good time to not get paid. I do hope he gets word about the complex job soon.

SUE...hoping all is well with you and yours. I know this is a busy week for you with all the company coming. Take care and Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

KATHY...hope you are enjoying that grandbaby, give her lots of hugs and kisses from me!

JULES...hoping you are having a good day.

Well, I am a little disappointed in WI. I am down the .8 to make it an even 187 but I was hoping to see 186. Will just have to work harder this week and not go overboard on TG. Of course I'll have a few days to get it off if I do, lol.

Nothing going on today. Thought I would get on the computer first thing and then get things done. Will go for a walk about noon/12:30...not sure how far I will get. The wind is blowing like crazy! It's hard walking in it, just get a better workout though, I guess. I've got to change the sheets and get laundry done too! Tomorrow will be a busy day with baking, cleaning and shopping, ugh.

Take care ladies, and have a good day!

11-20-2007, 06:29 PM
Christian--187 is pretty darn good lady!! I am going to bake my pies tomorrow. We worked Sunday and have off Wenesday until next Monday!! I have a doctors appt on Friday here in town so I may come in and organize my stuff some--It's starting to slow down to the point I can get caught up again

Katy--I went out Black Friday shopping with Teri last year so she could experience it--she wasn't impressed and doesn't look forward to her first one working a retail store--I rarely do the Black Friday thing...

Sassy--I can't believe it either

Mindee--how's Brandon feeling??

SuzyQ--I hate to tell you but it doesn't get better until their 20's and there is still issues even then!!

Hope everyone has a good night!!

11-20-2007, 07:08 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies :wave:

I need to rush and pick Gab up fom her after school program. I felt guilty taking her today because I hardly saw her yesterday but I needed errands done asap!

Gab likes to twirl her hair and yesterday she must have been twirling overtime because this morning it took me 30 plus minutes to detangle.

*sigh.........ok, lets chit chat about weight before someone thinks we are not being serious......I didn't budge this week......there. Nada.....maybe this week!! Always hopeful.

Cristina - You are doing GREAT! I am impressed and so is everyone else - especially on your marathon walks! .....btw - I love Linus!!! He is so cute and the xmas bulbs too! Where do you get all the avatars at??

Mindee- Hope the kids are well! Rach is fine, thanks :)

Sassy - So if not Chinese, what did you have?? We HAVE to know!! lol

Katy - I go meet w/ Gaby's teacher tonight at 7. Any surprises with your 2? I love the school they go to, wish Gab could go there. Seems more homey to me.

Jules - Go Teri! Praying for her. Ya, I am bunkered down for a few more :hug:

Sue - we are missing you!!!

K- I did get some sleep last night. Tossed and turned over DeAnna.....I can't believe the bachelor didn't fall in love with either of the ladies. Bummed over that. Gab went right to bed. Rach stayed at my sisters and I picked her up this morning. She has counseling appts tomorrow and Friday.

better get Gab.......

11-20-2007, 08:02 PM
SuzyQ--one of my coworkers was bummed the Bachelor didn't pick anyone too. Is the After the Rose reunion show tonight or tommorrow night?? Hope the counseling helps Rach. Teri is going to a counselor my friend Becky went to. They both say he is great. I have an appointment on Friday with him.

Well, I am off to relax and watch Cristina's Jeopardy!!

11-20-2007, 08:39 PM
Back for a sec......

After the Rose is tonight @ 10. I am thinking the results show for dancing is too (????) I hope Marie hangs in there, I missed last nights show.

I hope the counseling helps, I am sure it will if she lets it. We were in family for a while but that was really tough. lol

k- back to making dinner!

11-20-2007, 10:41 PM
Hi Ya Chicks!

Wow this weather is totally nutso! The last few days have been beautiful (what I've seen of them and then on T'giving its going to be in the 30's??? Totally nuts! No wonder everybody is sick! I am battling a cold now, its in the beginning stages, but I can feel it. I've been taking dayquil when I get home, for some reason that stuff makes me sleepy, I think that is part of the reason I was so sleepy last weekend! lol.

I was a bad girl yesterday, but I am back OP today. :) Even with DH going through Wendys! I was not even hungry so did not get a thing from there! I ate before I left for work and I brought my dinner! ;) I am drinking my Mt. Dew though, hey I am working. lmao. I know not a good excuse, but one 20 oz can last me a whole shift or two even!

Katy -- Glad everything went well with the naturopath! WTG girl! :high:

Hi Cristina -- Yeah I guess I was tired! lol. I do feel better now though! lol. I hope you enjoyed your walk in the lovely weather, while you can!!! Oh I see you copied off of me and got a peanuts avatar (in your signature)! lol. Just teasin ya! :p Your doing great, hon. A loss is a loss and its better than a gain! :D

Suzy Q -- My cousin used to twirl her hair, infact I think she still does today and she is 34! lol. I had lots of tangles when I was a kid and my mom had the roughest time with it! lol. Hey you didn't budge, but that means you didn't gain, so that is good! :) Okay I had a chicken sandwich. ;) And you didn't say nothing about my Snoopy Avatar. :cry: lol. Doesn't Snoopy Count too?

Jules -- :hug:

I want to wish everybody here a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!! :thanks1:


11-20-2007, 10:45 PM
Hi Ladies~

Well, I'm really sorry I've been missing for SOOOOOO long! I've had so much going on with my life and I went through a horrible depression again. As of yesterday, my divorce was finalized and I'm so happy now! I've been living with my sister and brother in law, but two weeks from today, I'll be moving to Georgia and I'm so ready for a new start! I already have a job there and I'm going with my friend and her kids to Disney World the weekend after I arrive in Georgia. My mom's year since her passing was October 17 and that's been a hard time to get through also. Thank you Cristina for emailing me and thank you Susan for the card you mailed me, and I apologize to both of you for never getting back to you! I no longer have the same email or mailing address. I hope I can start keeping up with all of you again because I've really missed you, but I wanted you to know what's been going on with me and why I've been missing.:(

11-21-2007, 12:35 AM
Hello ladies...

MICHELLE!!!! good to see you posting missy! Wow, you 've had a full plate too. I am so sorry to hear about all that's been going on in your life but you know what...looking at your avatar I can see a glow in your face so something is going good for ya. Lots of hugs to you sweetie. :hug: :hug: :hug: Georgia, eh? I would love to live is sooo pretty. Where in GA will you be moving too? When we went down for Josh's ceremonies rather than flying straight thru to Ft. Benning we flew to Atlanta and rented a car to drive there...such pretty country. Tell us about this new place and job. Heres to new beginnings :cheers: :cheers:

SUSAN...aaahhh, you are such the sweetie and thank you so much. THANK YOU to all you ladies! I am working my butt off, but I know I could do better. I wish they were marathon walks...I guess for me though they are, lol. Glad to hear Rachel is fine...poor thing, sounds like she is really struggling with life. Ah, if those shows were on I missed them...Tuesday is my Biggest Loser and Law & Order SVU night...I can't miss either. I must say all the ladies and gents on BL are such an inspiration to me, it is amazing. And the one guy is just awesome...he has lost 118 lbs. WOW! The befores and nows are just...amazing. Sorry you didn't have a loss this week...I know you will next week. Of course with the holidays this is going to be tough for me. They say the average a person gains during the holidays is 7 pounds. I told V I am not going to stop for the holidays and will be very careful not to over do it., that you get all that time off. V gets Thursday -Sunday off, sort of. I say sort of because he will work around the house, lol. I've got a never ending honey-do list-poor guy.

SASSY...I love the peanuts gang and Charlie Browns Christmas is my favorite...I have a few of those avatars. And yes, the weather here is nutso too! The temps dropped 19 degrees in less than 2 hours this evening...weird. Supposed to rain tomorrow and a possible chance of snow, ugh! Get to feeling better and get a handle on that cold.

Anywho...watched my shows and wanted to check in here for an update on Ms Susan...was worried about you and Rachel today...thought I would check before I head to bed.

I will chat with you ladies tomorrow sometime. The plan is to get up early and go buy groceries before the crowds are up. Then do lots of baking and cleaning. And...some type of exercise...thinking I can fit in my dvd and some weights. :crossed: We'll see...I want to get as much done tomorrow as I can so I can be outdoors with Josh and V to put up lights. We don't eat until late so...

Nighty, night ladies.

11-21-2007, 12:45 AM
I am just doing a fast check in too.

Hi to Michelle!! You are going through so many changes. wow!! You sound really good! We have missed you. :)

Sassy - I love Snoopy too, I just don't see might be my MAC, I just see a red x.

Cristina - don't overdo tomorrow! Sounds like fun - thanks for your concern for Rach. Taking her home with me tonight - her and Gab are all rowdy.

night to you all!! better get these kids to bed.

11-21-2007, 02:26 AM
Hi All.

Guess I'm dropping by as well........Only I'm stuck here at work so I can't go to bed. lol.

Michelle -- BIG BIG :hug: we have missed you! So sorry you've been going through a rough time. :hug: We're glad your back and have fun at Disney and take lots of pics!! :) PM me your email addy and new address whenever you have time and all. ;)

Cristina -- I love the peanuts too, they are a classic.......;) Yup there is a chance of the "S" word! lol. :snowglo:

Suzy Q - Awwwwwww that is no fair, can't see my snoopy. :cry: lol. I'll have to work on that so you can see it. Hmmmmmmmm. lol. He is just too darn cute not to share! lol. Can U see my Turkey under my Signature??

Big :hug: to all.

11-21-2007, 03:08 AM
hello ladies.....just popping in to see how every one is doing!

nothing new on this end......took forever to get Brandon to sleep. When i got him to sleep and took him into his room, he threw so much of a fit (and turned on the light) that it woke up Logan! So, after FINALLY getting Brandon back to sleep and in bed, and then putting Logan back into his bed with his new friend Ernie, all is quiet on that front!

Brandon is doing better. I am not sure what was up with him, but he is better. In fact, I will have to post a picture of how he wears his hat now. One of the maintenance guys (the one that has caught my eye) has been working a lot around our apartment. Brandon has really taken an interest in him (as in a friend kind of thing) and has since started wearing his hat like him. The maintenance guy has been wearing a baseball hat with a winter hat over it to keep his head warm, well that is now how Brandon wears his hat(s).

Although, on another note........Brandon has found his middle finger. Tommy got out of the shower and Brandon looked at him and flipped him off. Tommy looks at him and says "what did you just do?" so Brandon did it again. Tommy says "I don't want to see you using that finger again like that. If I hear that you have done it again then you will get grounded." We have not seen that finger any more since the incident.

Michelle~ Not sure if we met or not, but I am Mindee. Sounds like you have your plate full!

Hello to every one else, I am trying to get my email checked so I can go to bed early......

11-21-2007, 08:54 AM
Mindee--boy you have your hands full girly!!

Sassy--I like Snoopy too--Teri got me a Snoopy dressed in a lavender bunny suit at Hallmark one year. On of the girls at work ordered from a Current catalog and got her granddaughter a Snoopy lunchbox looking thing filled with personalized note pads--looked really cute

SuzyQ--How was the after the rose show--did he give any good answers or did he make himself look like a bigger jerk for not even trying to pick one

Cristina--I am going to be baking pies today too & always the cleaning

Michelle--WOW--you have had a really rough time of it--How is your daughter doing in school?--did you have a little of the empty nest thing too?? WOW moving to GA is a big step too--completely on a different coast. You were missed.

I might call the dentist today--my jaw still is hurting and I don't think it should be.....

11-21-2007, 01:39 PM
HI ladies. Michelle, it is great to see you back. I am sorry for what you have been going through.
I have been enjoying my time with the "baby boy." He is a sweetie. He bought me Netflix for my BD and is trying to show me the ropes. I am not going to start it until after the holiday so I have time to watch some dvds. He has stayed right here at the house so far, but it is just a matter of time as his friends are circling. lol. He and DH are in the workshop today since he wanted DH to show him all his woodworking equip. They are starting to build me a small half round table of walnut.

I am going out to plant the 10 trees I got from Arbor day foundation. Well, I should say the sticks I got. If even a couple make it I will be happy. At least my fear of trying to plant them in sub-zero weather didn't come true. It is very warm today, although damp and gray. WOuld be a beautiful day if only the sun would shine.

I am making some candy this afternoon and a pudding dish to take tomorrow to my brother-in-laws house. I am not cooking the huge meal this year...whew! Our nephew is home from Kuwait so they wanted to have the family in. Should be a real fun day and LOTS of us to boot. DS is happy he gets to see so many of the family. Too bad DD won't arrive until evening. She misses the dinner. But it will be nice to see her and catch up. She wanted to spend the week-end with her sis and brother. The young folks are going out Sat. night and then I am having dinner Sunday.

My DD's are thinking of shopping on Fri. and asked me to go. Ha...not on your life.

Mom is not feeling too well. I don't know if she will feel like celebrating Thanksgiving or just staying quiet. She did eat a meal last night, but mostly doesn't have much. She has already lost at least 20 pounds and I don't know how to stop that. I bought Ensure, but getting her to drink it is another story. When she feels good she is perky and ready to go until she tires out. It is a roller coaster ride for sure.

Gotta run and get busy...sorry to be in a hurry. Just wanted to be sure and wish you all a happy turkey day.

11-21-2007, 02:09 PM
Hello ladies...

Well, I got my big arse up early...didn't want to but I did. A few people were starting to get there (Wal-Mart) when I was leaving. Glad I didn't need much. But I did have to go to another grocery store...didn't have my caffeine free diet coke, or DD little bottle dr peppers. Then I ran to Target to get Josh's GF's kids something for Christmas...don't know if it's something they want but was a great deal so whatever. Now I am getting some laundry done so I don't have any to do tomorrow and it doesn't pile up too bad...and cooking a pumpkin pie. More work later and I WILL get some exercise in. Going to do my WATP Walk and Jog and hopefully ride the bike and do weights. We'll see how that goes today.

JULES...don't work too hard today, and I'll try not to too! Sorry your jaw is still hurting...I think it would be wise to call the dentist especially since they will be closed tomorrow. Tell Teri to take it easy today, working those hours she will be working.

MINDEE...oppsie! The middle finger eh? Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy with the little guys. Glad Brandon is feeling better, and that is a cute avatar...funny how kids pick up things from others.

SUSAN...give Rachel some hugs from tell her I said to be good. ;) Hope the counseling went well, or is that today? I won't over do today...plan on doing a little, taking a break, doing some, taking a break...

SASSY...oh my goodness it is a COLD one today! Wouldn't be so bad if that wind wasn't horrible. A very gloomy day for sure. Do you have to work tomorrow?


EDITED to say Hi to SUE...sounds like you have been and are busy. Glad you are enjoying time with DS. And enjoy your dinner tomorrow with family. Hoping your momma feels better too! Hugs to her :hug: :hug:

I best get going...lots of stuff to get done. I bought Hairspray and plan on watching it tomorrow. It was so good I had to get it. Got one for myself and then Jason requested it for Christmas so I got him one too. HE gets the one with a second dvd with extras. Anywhoo....

Take care ladies and...



11-21-2007, 04:00 PM
Hey all :wave:

A quickie......

Sassy - I see Snoopy now!! I am on a different computer. I always saw the turkey below your siggy. btw - whose on first?? I feel like we are talking in code! lol

Jules - I think the B looked worse after the show. Personally he did have a right not to chose either. I mean after 6 weeks he might just wanted to cut his losses. Also I don't think he has *issues* or hang ups just because he wanted to move on without DeAnna or Jenni....

Sue - Great to see you pop in!

Cristina - counseling was today, she went and also enrolled back in school!! Thanks for asking!

better run........Gab's school is doing a pumpkin pie social and I have to, sounds yummy. Also taking her swimming this afternoon, Beck to a movie and Rach is hanging out with her, full day!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :thanks1::thanks2:

11-21-2007, 04:30 PM
SuzyQ--I guess your right--better to say no to both than to do like the rest of the previous bachelors did and end up breaking it off any way. Wow..only 6 weeks. It must be intensely emotional for the girls. I personally am too jealous of a person to ever go on a show like that...and oh..I guess hubby wouldn't like it either!!

Cristina--I had to run to Auto Parts for hubby and to CVS and to Martins for a couple of groceries. I was suprised how busy the store was, a lady not paying attention ran into the back of my heel--ouch!! It is really warm here today, it actually got in the 70's!! Well, time to put a get a load out of the dryer and fold and put away and put a second load in.

Sue--hubby and I talked about going out but he is not one for waiting in long lines....Enjoy your day wothout cooking!!

Well back to laundry!!

11-21-2007, 05:23 PM
hello ladies....are you all ready for tomorrow?

nothing new.....just getting ready for tomorrow as much as we can. Brandon's finger slipped out once today. I guess it is kind of my fault because I was showing him and Logan how to do "where is Thumbkin?" I just didn't think that that would be the finger that would stick out to him.

Jules~ What did the dentist office say?

Sue~ how did the planting go? we got a tree sapling one year, and we had my mom plant it at her house. I hope your mama starts feeling better soon. Glad to hear that you are enjoying time with your DS.

Cristina~ I am dreading going anywhere after tomorrow! last year we made the mistake of going to wal-mart because they had christmas trees on sale! but we ended up walking around for about an hour and a half to two hours, so the lines really weren't that bad. (it was us, plus two of the kids' godmothers)

SuzyQ~ man, you have your busy shoes on today! how was the pumpkin social?

11-21-2007, 06:12 PM
just thought I would send this on to all you wonderful ladies....

11-21-2007, 08:24 PM
I get to sit for a second so thought I would peek in!

Gab and I are both tired, our schedule has been messed up all week. tsk,tsk.
The pumpkin pie social was very sweet. You blinked and inhaled and it done with -lol
The teachers made some delish chicken /rice soup for lunch and offered the parents some. I just smelled it because I had already eaten. It looked good though!
Gab had these dark circles under her eyes and I offered swimming but she said no, she wanted to stay at school and play. So, left her there and grabbed Beck and her friend and took them to the theatre, after that headed for the store. Shopped and went back to get Gab.
I guess her father had just dropped in to see her. Talk about close calls .... ....bought a little turkey loaf and put that in the over, why wait til tomorrow to start being thankul....I am thankful for turkey and stuffing every day.
btw - I heard the average person eats 7000 calories on insanity!

Sorry , not keeping up very well. I am just tired. better get, once again!!

11-21-2007, 08:42 PM
Harpers Ferry WV is about 20 minutes from my house--Ryan used to work at the Armory Pub there and hiking on the CO canal on the MD side of the Potomac and crossing a bridge and hitting Jefferson Rock (named for Thomas Jefferson) was one of there favorite weekend hikes. It's got a beatiful old stone church and lots of neat little shops-they are gearing up for Christmas and it looks like fun, if hubby's not gonna go with me I will get my mom or Ryan.
Here's the link:

11-21-2007, 08:46 PM
Mindee--the dentist office closed early today--hubby has some Motrin that are prescription strength so I took those and it helped.

SuzyQ--you and those ex's!! What movie did the girls go to? I think Enchanted looks cute--I think I might talk Beck into taking her two girls and go. The guys can stay home with the boy---Hubby just loves him--practicing for Dominick. Hubby told Teri he doesn't like the name Dominick so he wants to call him Nick--shes ok with that.

11-22-2007, 12:53 AM
Hiya Chickies... are right...we should be thankful every day, which I am. But not save the 'special' dinner for holidays. YIKES! 7000 calories?! There will be a lot of work outs for me the rest of the week, lol. Glad Rachel got signed up again. I wish kids could understand the importance of getting an education.

MINDEE...I am almost ready for tomorrow. Been working my butt off getting things done. Did a lot of the prep work so mostly and the desserts are done. I am pooped!

JULES...that is a cool the mountains! Hope hubby goes with you. Hey, DH can always call Dominick David. Glad the tooth is better.

Anywho...I finished with what I had planned to do. Just really have the cooking to do tomorrow...throw things in the oven, and peel the potatoes. I did get in my exercise...did 20 mns. weights/bike, a mile on the treadmill and the WATP walk & jog...probably the reason my feet are killing me now. And I am headed to bed to get an early start tomorrow. I am glad I got the things means more time tomorrow to do nothing, lol.

Have a good one ladies.

11-22-2007, 02:15 AM
:thanks1: Happy Thanksgiving, Chicks!!!!!!! :turkey:

Hi all,

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving when you read I am yes, at work. :comp: Luckiliy this is MY Friday! :D

When I go home in the morning, I have to bake a Pecan Pie for my FIL, its his favorite. ;) I am trying a new recipe that is from Paula Deen, it has Bourbon in the pie. So maybe it will make my FIL very happy! lmao. Nah its only 2 tbls or something small like that. lol.

DH has already made the sweet potato casserole. Our dinner will be around 5:30 or 6 p.m., mostly because of me, since um I do need some sleep. lmao. Of course maybe I should stay up cuz Turkey makes you sleepy, right? lmao. I can see me crashed in the middle of my Turkey Dinner. lmao.

I've been quite good, if I do say so myself. :smug: I've been sticking to it and if I want something, I eat it, only just a small amount. ;) I am making good decisons and I am proud of me. :cheer: lol. Now just have to work on the exercise part. lol. Even my jeans I put on today are loose! :carrot: (we get to wear casual wear all week at work :p)

I talked to my mom lastnight, she is going to get her Doppler Study done and its only going to cost her $48! A Doppler Study in case some of you don't know, is to check how much blockage she has in her artery that is blocked. Her blood pressure is going down and dr is keeping her on her BP meds for now.

The in-laws got my DH a new winter coat and two new belts for his bday/Christmas. (his bday is 12/11) The coat is very nice and it was only $59 or something! That is very good esp for my DH who is 6'8" and a big guy. ;) I just don't understand how he always gets great things like that, that he can use, and I get stupid things that I have to stick in my closet or catches dust. Why can't I get a new coat? :cry: LMAO I'm just whining here. I need me some cheese I know. lol. I'm grateful for what they give me, but I would rather have nothing than something that isn't practical, but that is just me. lmao. Plus I know they are on a limited income and I don't want them spending money on me anyways, but my mil is a shopaholic and now that she is disabled she is a home-shopaholic. lol.

Boy I'm just writing a book here. Geez. I guess I should stop now!

I'm gonna try an "all-in-one" instead of individuals. Sorry Ladies. :^: I wll do indy's on the weekend when I'm off. :)

Okay -- Snow, yes I went ahead and said it, Snow. We haven't gotten any, so far as I know anyways, but I think Chicago is getting hit. Jules and Suzy Q -- Snoopy is a cutie pie. :) Cristina, not so cold here, at least when I left for work yesterday evening. Dunno how it is now though. Sue, I can never make candy, it just never turns out right! lol. My DH has made some toffee though that was great! :D Sorry to hear that your mom has lost 20 lbs. have you tried Carnation Instant Breakfast? That is what we used to give to our residents at the nursing home who needed to gain weight. They have different flavors, she may like that better than ensure. That is what I tell my mom to buy so if she doesn't feel like cooking, she can at least have something in her. Anywho, I hope your mom has a great Thanksgiving, whether its quiet or not so quiet. ;)

Okay So I guess I did do Indy's, sorta. lmao.......

BIG BIG :hug:

11-22-2007, 03:43 AM
Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!!!!!!

11-22-2007, 09:44 AM
:turkey:Happy Thanksgiving!:turkey:

Gobble, gobble

11-22-2007, 01:08 PM
Happy Thanksgivings!! Let the calorie intake begin! I hear we can have 7000 calories today! lol

omg - if any of you ladies eat that much I am going to come ,,,,and do something. .....probably join you in the feast. jk

I don't know what movie Beck saw Jules. August Rush? I am not sure, she did tell me, I guess it went in one ear and out the other.

I sooooooo do not want to go to the ex in laws. It is not my family but ex wants me to go. It should be about what I want, right?? I mean it might be his b-day but I devote a lot of my time to him as it is....

I just want to read and rest. Maybe take a drive up to my fathers gravesite w/ flowers and take a long walk. I am not real interested in seeing people....just ones that have who can't stress me out.

k- off to do laundry that didn't get done yesterday!

11-22-2007, 04:33 PM
Happy Thanksgving everyone!!

I had a little bit of everything,but tried not to overindulge--kids are taking most of the leftovers home with them....Teri and Dave still have to go to his parents..she says she is already full!! Right now Teri is napping and Dave, Ryan and hubby are playing in the garage. Ry is going to spend the night tonight and i will take him back tomorrow. Teri said she was so tired but wanted to spend time with me instead of going to sleep--I told her with her Black Friday work schedule she better sleep while she can!! Will have some pictures later!! I am happy to say all the dinner dishes are done and the food put away--we only have pie left....

11-22-2007, 11:48 PM
Sounds like you kept on track Jules, great!

I am pleased with how I did too. I had some pie but otherwise caloriewise I was good. So, look for some weight loss on Monday!

Going to take my chickies home. Chat tomorrow!

11-23-2007, 01:05 AM
Hiya ladies!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving day! For once I got things done and was actually bored! I did a lot yesterday and today was a breeze! Of course we don't eat until late, about 6'ish so. I just barely finished the dishes and put things away. Josh and his GF cam over and stayed about 2 1/2 was nice. And we got the outside all decorated for Christmas. Josh got on the roof about 9:30 this morning...actually came over at 7:30, yikes! He finished up around the house at 12:30...we had some lunch and then he left at 1:30...his GF had to work today till 2:30. They went over to her parents house after she got home. Anyway, V did his part while Josh was doing around the house.All in all it was a good day.

SASSY...I don't think you are whining. I don't know how many times in-laws bought some of the dumbest things for me and the's like, what the heck are you thinking? That's just it...they weren't. So many things that went to the goodwill because I had no use for them...does that sound mean? Someone might as well get some use from it, lol. Glad DH got some good stuff though.

SUSAN...that's sweet of you though, spending Thanksgiving with the ex's family. You are a good person and I know you ex really appreciates you, he better! I think I ate my fair share of those 7000 calories, lol! Back on track tomorrow for sure.

JULES...hope Teri got a lot of sleep. Poor thing shouldn't have to work those hours. One of these years I will cook early...a new concept for me. My family always ate about noon and I am not sure when or why I started the late dinners. I know why I started having our Christmas dinner on Christmas eve though.


Just wanted to stop by and say hi before heading to bed. I am sleeping in tomorrow, woohoo! I have been looking forward to that for days.

Nighty, night ladies :hug:

11-23-2007, 09:27 AM
Hello Chicks.

Did very well with T'giving dinner cuz well it wasn't that great, so oh well I didn't overindulge at least! Fil loved his pie.

Well I am off to bed cuz I am tired and grumpy right now.......(I'll admit it!) lol.

Ta Ta!


11-23-2007, 12:22 PM
Sassy--hope you got to sleep off your grumpiness--mine is sitting in the living room watching Japanese obstacle courses with our son!! Ry spent the night and I am going to have to run him home in a little bit.

Cristina--I have always cooked for lunch to be ready around 1-2. When the kids were little I would do a brunch (they both loved the belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream) and then a light supper. Teri survived the first shift and is sleeping before the second shift of the day.

SuzyQ--hoping you see your weight loss!!

Katy, Mindee, Sue & Michelle--hope you are having a good holiday!!

11-23-2007, 02:48 PM
OK....I REALLY hate me in pictures but here goes...Ryan, my son has the long hair & Dave, Teri's bf has short hair...other guy is hubby of course and my beautiful Teri.

11-23-2007, 04:20 PM
Everyone sleeping or shopping! hmmmmm

Jules - you look sweet! Teri is glowing , very cute. The guys look like puppy dogs, up to no good. lol - jk

Cristina - Is the GF the cute little blonde on your myspace?

Sassy - love a girl that admits her grumpiness!! You rock, hope you get some ZZzzZZZZzzzzzz's.

I am working on my water intake today. I don't know about exercise in the form of walking, it is freezing here the last couple of, 40ish. Maybe tomorrow?? I know I need to get started on that or I will be stuck at 169 forever. My mini goal is 10 pounds by Christmas.... and at goal by my birthday in March. Actually I might push my goal to 145 but,,,,,,first things first!

I am tinkering with letting Gab go with her father over night. I would love a day to sleep in! With her we are usually up by 7ish.

Off to get her some swim time.

HUGS to you all..........and can you believe there is Christmas music in the stores already?? Ba Humbug..... I am turned off by all the shopping and materialism of the holiday. I love the music and lights but otherwise.....I think I will keep my head in the sand until Dec 26th.

Does that cheer you all up??? lol Love ya all........

11-23-2007, 06:22 PM
SUSAN...two radio stations started with the music a couple of weeks ago. They decided to go earlier this year for some reason, and it is Christmas music non-stop, ugh! Bah humbug. I do love the music, honestly I do but...I tire of it too fast. It's one thing in the stores but on the stations, non-stop, ugh! I need regular music mixed in, lol. And I want to hear it when I want hear it not all the time. And yes...I too hate the commercialism...everything seems to be about things, not the true meaning of Christmas. Yeppers, Char is Josh's GF. She is sweet, a little snotty, but sweet, lol. Hope you get some much needed sleep. I know I did today. Had nothing to do and I told V do not wake me up early. Would have liked to sleep later but 9:30 was good. Still feel sleepy/tired though. And it's too cold here too, to walk. I have been cold since yesterday and sneezing all day and don't want to get sick. No exercise for me today either...being lazy, sort of. Once I get off the computer going to work on some decorating. Going to take my time and work the whole weekend. V is home until Monday.

JULES...why do we all hate to see pictures of ourself? I know I do and THANK YOU for sharing yours...they are GREAT! And I love them all! I agree with Susan, Teri does have a glow and yes, she is pretty! Looks like her momma!

SASSY...yay, for doing well with the eating! :woohoo: :bravo: I forgot to say that yesterday, bad me. Love your Christmas bunny, so cute!

Hello to everyone else, and anyone reading this. :wave:

Nothing much going on. As I said to Susan, going to start some decorating once I get off here. Then cook leftovers for dinner. Normally, I don't like them but Thanksgiving and Christmas I don't mind. I wish someone would eat up all the desserts so I would quit eating them, lol! I weighed this morning just to stay on top of things so not doing too bad. Gotta stay focused though...when V is home we tend to run around and eat out, not good. Anyway...take care ladies, and have a GREAT weekend!

11-23-2007, 07:52 PM
Hi gals!

Glad everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did, too. I didn't overdo it too badly, thank goodness. Jules, I enjoyed the pictures, looks like your family had a wonderful day.

I've included a few from our day. I rarely get to see my mother and brother in the same room, but yesterday I did! Made my day!

11-23-2007, 08:32 PM
Hey again,

What wonderful pictures Katy! You guys look normal. My cell has snap shots of my teens flippin the finger, all but Gab of course. haha. anyway,,,,,you look great!! Honest, I don't see where you have to lose weight.

K- Cristina. I will have to go take a peek again at GF Char. What does she have to be snotty about?? That is not a good sign. Maybe she is nervous or insecure? Maybe she needs some XMAS music playing in her ipod?
I love Christmas music! I could listen to it year round. I think it is soothing and peaceful.

I am making my favorite potato soup for dinner. Oh, I weighed too this morning and was 169. Stable and was happy about that.
Took Gab swimming for 2 hours. There was a birthday party going on and the people were so rowdy in the pool, it was way too crowded. Kept having to tell Gab to get to the shallow end and play. Now that she is headed to being a Seal she is hot stuff, I guess.
Decided to keep her for the night , I would miss her and she is pretty good about going down at 8 pm, so I can have quite time after that.

k- chat at you all later!!

11-23-2007, 09:18 PM
SuzyQ--Ry does that alot to me--always have--I have to beg him for a normal pic--it's almost always the finger, or a funny face or rabbit ears behind someones head...darn boy..

Katy--such a nice picture--you are so beautiful!! your brother reminds me of the men in my family--big ole teddy bears!!

Cristina--I love Xmas music too--also prefer to have it mixed. We did play it all day at work last Sunday when we were decorating. Maybe Char is just shy--sometimes shyness gets confused with a little snottiness before you get to know someone.

Well I am tired--raked leaves today with Ry & Hubby and I am ready for bed.

11-23-2007, 11:52 PM
Jules - My teens are always doing the funny faces, especially Rebecca.Rach always takes a beautiful picture and of course Gab hams it up.
I think you are right about that snottiness things.
I remember one of my best friends when meeting me thought I was a *itch. Until I warm up or feel comfortable with a person I am pretty shy and reserved.
So, who knows about Char. You just need to warm her up Cristina - haha....

anyway, headed home w/ my Gaby, she looks so tired.

Sassy - You still grumpy?? Come chat w/ us!

chat tomorrow!

11-24-2007, 03:54 AM
hello ladies.....I hope every one has recovered from Thanksgiving.

We had an interesting one to say the least. We had my MIL, FIL, BIL, and a friend of ours and her son. Our friend and her son had come over since her husband was being an idiot. (they are in the process of a divorce, so he was making it rough since she had to work until 2) we did all the cooking, so it was interesting again. But it all turned out well......with the food. Our friend's husband ended up starting an argument with her while she was at our place, so her and her son stayed the night.

Friday night,we got a baby sitter and went out on a date. We went to dinner and then to Wal-Mart and Meijers to get some ideas for the kids. Then we came home and spent some time with our friend's who watched the kids, then off to bed they went! Now, I am catching up on emails from the past couple of days, and relaxing a little.

Tommy talked to the office manager about working here at the complex. She told him that the bank approved two workers, but they would be part time until the remodeling gets done and then they would be gone. So, she told him to stick it out where he is at now, and then once they get rid of the older of the three maintenance guys, then she will push for him to get hired. She said that the most they are willing to pay is $12 an hour, but hey it is great for what he would be doing! But, she did tell Tommy to come into the office on Monday to introduce himself to her boss, since she has told him so much about Tommy. (that way he will have a face to put with the name when she talks about him)

great pics ladies!! we didn't take any pictures of all of us I don't have any to share.

11-24-2007, 01:30 PM
Good Morning!

Mindee - You were sweet to host at your place! I don't think I have ever done that, too lazy I guess. I have done parties for my residents but that is on a large ....massive food scale. lol -and I have help with those. Blah - blah - make your point Susan!
There is no point Mindee ....haha. How often do you and Tommy have date nights? That is such a good idea! I don't think I did that in all of my 10 years of marriage, probably could have used it.

ok, now I am totally depressed. lol.
Rach and I stayed up late and I made some au gratin and we ate that up. Had the munchies something terrible and now I feel so gross. I figure I need a 10 mile walk today.,,,,,that should take me.....ummm, carry the 1,,,,,about 3 1/2 hours.....or 4 if I don't push it....lmbo...whatever....I can't even get 1 mile in.

I AM going to walk though!! I am going to let Gab go for the day with her father and use the time to walk and get outside. It should be close to 50 today so I can't whine too much about the cold.

ok, you all have a good day!

11-24-2007, 02:38 PM
Happy Saturday Ladies...

KATY...those are great pictures, thanks for sharing and you look beautiful! You look like your momma and I agree with don't look like you need to lose. Glad you got to see your mom and brother.

MINDEE...I remember the days of hosting, I loved it! Kind of miss it but not. I am so lazy now days I hate cooking for us, lol! Sorry Tommy didn't get the job but keeping my fingers :crossed: who knows what can happen...and once he mets the boss, hey...they may be impressed. Sorry about your friend too. Seems like people could put their differences aside for one day and give thanks.

SUSAN...sounds like you and Rachel are bonding.

Hi everyone else.

Nothing going on today...I plan on getting some exercise in for sure today. Finish my decorating and laundry. Me, V and DD went to a craft expo that was disappointing...where were the crafts, lol? Anyway...have a great weekend!

11-24-2007, 06:30 PM
Cristina - sorry about the crafts - sure to be lots more before the holiday. I know Portland has a lot here. You would love our Saturday Market! Rach can be really sweet. When I went for my walk she said "be careful, don't get hit by a car. I don't want to be left with dad" How sweet.

I need to get some cleaning done, my floors are filthy, in need of some mopping.
Gab and I got our showers and she left with her father, he'll bring her back at 7pm. He asked about keeping her for the night but we both balked at that. We like to snuggle.......ok , I like to snuggle.
I walked 2.5 miles! I cut the route off because what I was walking last year was 3.5. Just seemed like a dangerous route with no real room to walk. Oh, it is over by the dairy Katy. I just turned going towards Hayhurst back to 45th. If I can get some time I will try and get another mile in.

Katy - You do look small.....maybe 140ish.

k- I better get some things done before Gab gets her.

11-24-2007, 08:30 PM
SuzyQ--instead of your boogie shoes it sounds like you put on your walking shoes. Hubby has been munching for two days--he keeps trying to get me to join in--I told him no!! I don't think I lost anything, but I definitely don't want to gain 10 lbs!!

Cristina--too bad about the craft expo, I hate getting all excited about something and then it not being what I thought it was. Teri called me on her way to Dave's parents to see Lily and pick up Dave to bring him back home--she said Dave's Mom reeeaaallllyyy decorates--she was shocked. Since she had to work such crazy hours he just stayed with his parents since he got Lily from Thursday to later tonight.

Mindee--hubby is too cheap to take me out for a date night--I usually end up paying if we go...he spends to much on his cars and motorcycles--hope you had fun!!

Katy--looked at your pics again and all I gotta say is WOW!!

Michelle--hope you come back soon!!

Sassy--get your grumpy butt back here and post--miss you!!

Sue--hoope you are having fun with your baby boy and that your mom's ok!!

11-25-2007, 02:51 AM
hello ladies.....just popping in to see how every one is doing. nothing new on this end.....just checking my email and putzing around online. we put up our Christmas tree on Saturday. And since then, Marissa hasn't taken her eyes off of it! Brandon and Logan keep looking at it and saying "ha ha" which is their way of saying "ho ho."

SuzyQ~ We have hosted Thanksgiving the past two years. Three years ago, Tommy's parents had it and Tommy cooked for it. Logan was only a month old for that one, so we had been living up north. This was our first date night in I'd say a good three months or more. After we got the kids to bed, I told him that we need to try and set it up for at least once a month. He said "that is a good idea to me, we just need to find a baby sitter." How did your walk go?

Cristina~ Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed. The maintenance supervisor seems to think that he is going to get this HUGE raise and in all honesty, he isn't going to get it. So, the office manager said that it is only a matter of time before he quits. And when he does, that is when the office manager is going to push for Tommy to get in there. Our friend is doing better. Tommy called her Saturday night to see how things were going, and she was on the other line with her husband. (mind you, he was sitting in the parking lot talking to her on the phone to try and convince her to stay) So, she called Tommy back to let us know how things were going and her husband got on the phone and started in on Tommy. Telling him that Tommy was acting like a boy about it (her husband in the past has mad rude comments to me and to her in front of him) and that he needed to grow up and what not. So, I took the phone out of Tommy's hand and closed it so that it hung up on him. He called back about 5 minutes later but Tommy didn't answer it.

Jules~ Hubby really doesn't have a choice about paying....since I don't work anymore he gets to pay! When I used to baby sit on the side for some extra money, then I would occasionally buy when we would go out. we had a lot of fun, like I mentioned above, we even agreed that it would be something that we would love to do at least once a month! Now, if we can actually get a sitter once a month to have a date night, it would be amazing!

11-25-2007, 04:19 AM
Hey all, :wave:

I'm still alive. lol.......

Well I'm not so grumpy anymore but been really sore. My back has been killing me with this cold @$$ weather. lol. Enough of my whining. (Got no cheese to go with it!) lol. Also DH is off so he has been home....He goes to his Football game this afternoon (Sunday), so I may pop on longer then. (If I wake up before he gets home, I still have to keep on my schedule as I have to work Monday night.......) Maybe he'll want to play his Xbox so then I can pop on here. lmao.

Take Care!!


11-25-2007, 09:55 AM
Kids go back to school tomorrow...yay! Seems like they've been out forever, lol! Yesterday was James' 11th birthday. He opened presents, then played computer games all day. Took him out to dinner and bought him a cake from Baker & Spice which made him very happy. I kind of blew the food plan yesterday, but today I am getting back on track. We aren't going to church until 11, so I am going to bundle up and get a walk in this morning.

Thank you all for the nice compliments about the pix....I'm flattered. But really, I still have to pesky 30 lbs to go (even then I won't be at 140) ...I hide it well with clothing and squishing myself in between family members :) It was so nice to have us all in one place for a day.

DH put up lights yesterday, which made him very happy. He's wanted to do that since we moved in, but I'm a cheap skate. This year, we kind of inherited some outdoor lights from his dad, so he didn't have to spend a lot of money to get them set up.

Mindee- keeping my fingers crossed for that job for Tommy - it sounds perfect for your family. Glad you had a good meal - too bad about the drama, but you handled it well.

Jules - Hope Teri is getting some rest - what a crazy day. I didn't shop at all on Black Friday... and I rarely do. That makes me kind of weird I guess.

Sassy - glad you're feeling better. It's okay to whine...we all do it, right? What are friends for?

Susan- That area by Alpenrose has lots of hills - bet you got a good workout. I tend to go around the village and the park, which is also pretty hilly. It gets my heart rate up which is something I need to work on. I miss Santaland at Alpenrose. I also miss the old monorail at the old M& F downtown. It was the only time I ever went there - so much for progress. I'm glad my kids got a chance to go to both those places while they were still around.

Cristina - you are finishing your decorating, and I haven't even started! I need to get off my butt. Maybe I'll put away the Thanksgiving stuff today. I'm such an under acheiver..not like hubby at all - he likes to go all out.

Sue - how are you? did you have a good thanksgiving?

Michelle - So glad to see you back here! Sorry you have had such crazy year, but looks to me like you came out the other side in really good shape. Keep us posted on your move and your new job.

Today is pretty laid back for us. I'll get that walk in, go to church, then this afternoon I'm going to meet up with a few people to knit and chat. BTS for everyone tomorrow - YES!

11-25-2007, 09:58 AM
Sassy--glad your back--you always make me smile!! Hubby and I are fighting stiff achy knees--it's enough to make anyone grumpy!! Love the smowy pics!!

Mindee--sounds like the friend is the boy and Tommy is the man trying to stop the bully. Our friends mom babysits once a week for them for their "date" night--sometimes they just stay home and enjoy the quiet!! She helps a little at his business but she is pretty much a SAHM. She is the one the will be watching Teri's baby the most with me, my mom and a few others helping out some.

Going to go dig into my Xmas stuff...Mindee & Cristina have inspired me!!

11-25-2007, 10:03 AM
Katy--Teri slept really well between shifts. She couldn't believe how busy they were. SHe said people were waiting in line to pay for up to an hour!! There was actually a couple that left there 2 year old in the car when the went shopping for Black Friday at the outlets where she worked. They found the child around 2 crying in a locked cold car and the outlets opened at midnight so who knows how long the baby was there. Unbelieveable!!

11-25-2007, 11:30 AM
Just a quick fly by but wanted to stop in an dsay HI. I am pooped, actually sleepy. Was up early this morning (4 a.m.) to get that boy to the airport and off to Hawaii...wish I was going with him-get away from this cold, brrrr :brr::brr: Did I mention we woke up to snow yesterday morning? Ugh, thank goodness it wasn't much, a light dusting, and it was gone pretty fast. Anyway...will try to come back later and catch sleepy right now. I am going to go sleep for a few hours, then tackle these stinking Christmas decorations (never taken 3 days to do them, just not into it) and WALK! I've not done any exercising since Thursday and that is a big :nono: for me. Kudos to you KATY for bundling up and getting out there to walk...I don't have it in me to brave the cold. Okay, nighty, night ladies.

11-25-2007, 04:32 PM
Good Afternoon, missied being able to say good morning by 20 odd mintues.

Katy - I have seen you without a crowd around, you're still one thin looking chick. :) Your bones must weigh a lot?? haha. It must be your inner beauty bursting out that makes you look glowing. HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY to James!!!! I remember the monorail back in the 70's......going into the big city of Portland was a treat from living out in Beavercreek. Zoo lights would be fun to go to and the Grotto,I have never been to those yet. I walk by Baker & Spice and gain weight! The treats look awesome!

Jules - Men are funny creatures. I think my ex almost wanted me heavy because being thin would make him insecure. You are empowered when you take car of yourself, so keep on track!!

Sassy - Why missy, we missed you. Glad you aren't Grumpy you are Sleepy!! You making your way through the 7 Dwarfs?? lol Very sorry about the back pain!! Hope you feel better today :) btw - have meant to say I think you bunny is a cutie!

Mindee - Cute about the ha ha's meaning ho ho's....You all and your decorating!! I still have my thanksgiving turkey in the fridge A tree would be nice for Gaby, to sit and have the tree lights shine, and Momo would like that too......we use to have kitties that would climb up the tree - :tree: haha

Cristina - How funny. You motivated us all to exercise!! Hope you are rested enough to get some exercise in today! Awwww. Hawaii....sounds wonderful.

Come chat with us Sue and Michelle!

I better get going. Takes me forever to type this out. I had a protein shake for breakfast and have some hamburger stew simmering on the stove. It is beautiful outside!! Still on the cool side. :yay: school starting back up tomorrow!!!

Chat at you all later!

11-25-2007, 05:53 PM
hello is every one doing?

nothing new on this end....just hanging out around the house. we did a little bit more decorating around the apartment, but nothing too major. The kids all got baths, and hopefully in a little bit I can get a picture of all three of them under the tree.

Sassy~ It is good to hear from you!

Katy~ Good for you bundling up to go out walking! I walked over to the dumpster with the garbage, but that was about it so far today! thanks for keeping your fingers crossed about the job! we were surprised at how well we all handled the drama on Thanksgiving. (and we did it all without over eating!!)

Jules~ That is exactly what we have been saying, but he wouldn't hear it. I am sure that when the time comes we will find a baby sitter so we can go out. It is kind of hard to find a sitter though, since the kids don't go to that many people.

Cristina~ We woke up to a light dusting of snow on Thanksgiving. I wish I was going to Hawaii!

SuzyQ~ Tommy's favorite time of the year is Christmas, so he is one for putting the tree up and decorating on Black Friday! Which is fine by me, since it sure beats going out into the malls and such. Tommy is waiting for a National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation moment......when the cat chews on the electrical chord.

11-25-2007, 07:44 PM
Hi Chicks! :wave:

Thank You all for loving my bunny! Everybody loves MY bunny! LMAO! I got some really good sleep. I took my pain pill and I swear I never heard a thing! A train could have passed through here and I wouldn't have known it! lol.

DH called about an hour ago, saying he is on the way home, they are stopped to pick up MIL something to eat and I'm sure they are yapping at the in-laws house too. I hope he had a good time at his game! He finally got to see his team play! (Tennessee Titans) So I was very excited for him. He took his dad with him, I thought that would be a great father & son day for them!

Anyways, back to the ole grind tomorrow..........oh well.........guess we have to go back sometime, right? lol. I keep wondering if I'm gonna get Christmas off or not. I hate that my boss always waits until the last minute to let you know these things! lol. But if I have to work, I'll get paid very well for it and DH said he would work too, if I had too. Isn't he sweet? lol.

Katie -- Happy Belated Bday to Jamie! :hb: MY DH loves decorating too, only here not much to decorate! hee hee. TY. I just hate to whine about things when I know there are people lots worse off then me! lol. You do look marvelous darling! lol.

Jules -- :hug: You always make me smile. :) Yes this is the "achy" time of year, isn't it? lol. My back will get used to it, if it STAYS cold that is! This up and down stuff is killing me! lol. UGH Christmas stuff.........DH had to bring up all of MIL's on Thanksgiving Day. Luckily she has "downsized" from what she used to do! We used to have to put up the freaking North Pole outside, now she only puts up a couple wreaths and some bows! lol. Happy Decorating!

Cristina -- Awwww Hawaii...........:beach: We can dream, right? Yeah we got a very light dusting ourselves, it looked like that "fake" snow they have on tv! lol.

Suzy Q -- Awwww Thanks I missed you all too. :hug: Yeah lets see I was grumpy, sleepy, now I guess I am happy, was there a happy? lol. I'll just make my way through them all. lol. TY I feel much better today. Yesterday was just a very achy day for me! lol.

Hi :wave: Mindee! I hope the decorating goes well!

A Big :hug: to everybody who is MIA right now!


11-25-2007, 09:18 PM
We all are jealous of your bunny Sassy - lol pretty little bunny, and the snow is falling all around.
Mindee- Gab was trying to cut the hair dryer cord this morning when I was drying her hair. I don't her "no, you are going to get hurt!"....she goes "no, I not"....hey (!!) congrats on the weight loss :)

hmmm, I am disgusted about my car. It started making this nose like a hollow drum. I know what that means! Another 5 to 6 hundred dollar repair bill. Like I can't afford that now with my salary ending in a couple weeks. Makes me ill.

I did walk 3.5 miles today, I guess that is the good news.

Course I can't track down Rach for school tomorrow, more stressful news.


k- I think Gab and I are headed to bed early, maybe tomorrow will bring some answers.

11-26-2007, 02:10 AM
nothing new here.....I was able (with Tommy's help) to get some pics of the kids for Christmas Card purposes. here is the link to check them out: (you will be asked for a guest password.....type in brandon)

SuzyQ~ That sounds like Brandon! He would have told me the same. Although, his latest is making a puking sound when he sees something gross. We had gotten some mini pizzas from our neighbor who works at a pizza place. Brandon got one that had spinach in it.....when he noticed the spinach he points to it, and then makes his puking noise. It took Tommy telling him that if he eats it then he will get big muscles like daddy. he ate some of it, but not as much as I thought he would. (a little is better then none, right?)

11-26-2007, 11:36 AM
Hello ladies.

I am new to this forum, but was given a heads up about it through Susan (thanks for the PM!)

Anyway, here I am yet again at the beginning of this rollercoaster. Hopefully this time will be the last time. I know I always say that this time will be the last time but... I guess I don't have to tell you ladies how it ends.

I guess over the years I have been struggling with the same 75 pounds. I l've lost and gained the same weight over and over and I am tired.

I'm tired and quite often resentful. Resentful because my husband can eat whatever he pleases without worry. I get resentful because I have to bust my butt to lose even just a few pounds. I've been on starvation diets, diet pills, injectable vitamins. The list is never ending and completely worthless.

I am so tired of fighting this. I am so tired of this being the only thing I ever seem to focus on. And Yet, when I don't focus on it. When I just try to be, I always gain weight.

So here I am yet again. Hoping that this time it's for keeps.

If you got this far. Thanks.

11-26-2007, 01:17 PM
Hello ladies...

Feeling overwhelmed with all the posts, but I will do my best to catch up.

ANITA...glad Susan invited you here! :welcome: I hear ya about the weight loss. If I had kept off all the weight I lost and gained over the years I would have made my goal a couple of times already, if not more. I think most of us can relate though and we are here for you missy for support and encouragement. And yes...MEN, ugh! My hubby is the same way. He needs to lose a few pounds but when he starts to the weight just freaking falls off. Just hang in there. :hug:

SUSAN... hoping you found Rach and she made it to school today. Sorry to hear about your car. :hug: WTG on your walking! :carrot: You're doing great!

MINDEE...I will take a gander at your pictures later. I tried to and it was coming up slow...don't have a lot of time right now. so don't take the link down, I want to see those pretty babies of yours! And WTG on the loss! :woohoo:

SASSY...I love your bunny too! We actually had a bunny years ago. The kids wanted one for Easter so they got one...she was so pretty, her name was Katie. My DD had a friend named Katie at the time and we loved the name so that's what we went with. The bunny didn't like any of us though except DH, lol. Hope you get Christmas off :crossed:

KATY...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JAMES! :hb: Hope he had a fun 11th! And you do look GREAT in those pictures! Bet DH was having fun decorating with the lights.

JULES...glad Teri got some sleep. That's some long hours for a pregnant woman to work.

SUE...let us know how the doc appt goes today...thinking of you and your mother. :hug:

MICHELLE...hiya! Hoping all is well with you and you come back and post again...miss you!

Okay, so don't have much time on the computer right now. I've got to get in the shower at noon, have a drs appt myself at 1:20...just the yearly, no biggee. Trying to get some laundry done so I have something to wear. Does anyone get in the habit of wearing just the same 2 or 3 same outifts over and over and over? I am not sure why I do this, comfort I guess. I have a closet full of clothes but I just bought these really warm pants that are like sweats and shirts that are like sweats and have been wearing the same three over and over. I do this every year. Then when I go to church it takes me forever to find something to wear because that is what I want to wear. Of course I should...there were a couple of people in work out suits last week. Anyway, was just curious.

Getting back on track with my water, eating and exercise today! I felt myself falling into a slump, the same ole routine I go thru and I need to nip it in the bud NOW! I do good and then all of a sudden I just don't want to do anything. Going to walk before I jump in the shower and then walk when I get back...the treadmill bores me so I break up my walks. I refuse to gain more than a pound or two during the holidays, I refuse to! I've worked to hard to f-up. Better get going...lots to do. Will be back after the doc.

Have a great Monday ladies! :hug:

11-26-2007, 02:59 PM
Oh my gosh!! On the fly too!!

Anita :wave::welcome3: to our little corner of the site!! It is great to have you here!! I will have to think about you wrote and get back in a bit!!

Cristina - Ugh....I will go walk! My legs feel like lead.

Mindee - Cute pictures!!! I posted some Hawaii ones in my myspace on my 1st meet w/ Rocky. I have some cute ones of the second trip with Gab that I need to scan. Kids grow up way to fast!!

Hi to everyone else!!

k- off for my walk. Day is going by too fast!! 1 pound down on WI!!!!

11-26-2007, 03:28 PM
I'm home today after going to title and tag and inspect the 2000 Honda Civic hubby got going for us and boy was it a pain. I knew there was going to be a problem Friday when I talked to Allstate and the vin number on the title didn't match a year 2000 car--I went out to the car and sure enough one letter was wrong on the tittle. DMV was closed on Friday so I couldn't do anything then. I went at 8:30 this morning to the WV DMV and pointed out the error and was told that MD would have to straighten it out first and that I may have to actually take the car to the state police barracks and have them fill out some kind of form. SO I drove the 1/2 hour to MD DMV--first they told me that I would have to track down the previous owner that was on the title--(mind you this person gave the title to a tow company so she wouldn't have to pay their bill & I have know idea who she even is)--I thought I was going to cry right then and there. Then the girl talked to her supervisor and they said if I called WV DMV in Charleston and they said they would accept it, MD DMV would type a letter to fix THEIR mistake. I was on the phone with WV DMV on hold and then transferred around 20 minutes before they said yes they would accept it--then I waited another 30-40 minutes for them to give me the filled out form. Then back to WV I went. Since I had the name of the person at the main DMV title office in the capitol of WV they ladies finally gave me my tags and temporaty title after debating whether or not they would send me to the WV state police for the vin verification. I drove 10 minutes home to have hubby put on the tag and take the car to get inspected. I finally made it home at 2:00...I called in and told the girls I wasn't driving the 1/2 hour back to Hagerstown to work 3 hours--I took a vacation day!!

11-26-2007, 04:30 PM
I'll try my indy post kicked me off...

SuzyQ--cute pics--we need to see one of that quiet little middle child....Gab, Rach and you are all beautiful!!

Cristina--I keep saying I am going to do a mini "what not to wear" overhaul on my clothes--there are the comfy clothes I know hubby hates and the things i haven't worn for YEARS!! The few standard peices I always wear to work or church or special occasions that I have had forever cause I hate to go shopping for clothes at my size....

Anita--I am still working on losing the weight I gained with my 20 year old daughter!! I was doing good and then I let stress and life get the better of me and gained back the almost 20 pounds I lost!!

Mindee--the kids are adorable like their Mom!!

Sassy--Dave's mom apparently goes all out, he do the tree, some odds and ends around the house and the stockings and maybe a wreath on the front door. At work I put out alot of snowmen and join in on the annual decorating in our area--I am taking my camera in tomorrow.

Katy--Happy belated bday to James!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!

11-26-2007, 06:02 PM
Geez, louis JULES...what a pain in the arse! Glad you finally got it taken care of though.

SUSAN...I will have to check out the pics on myspace...I forget to check others for pics, duh.

MINDEE...the pics are GREAT! The kids are growing too fast! Can't believe how big Marissa is already. Thanks for sharing them!

Drs visit was pretty routine. I think at one point she forgot about me, lol. Have to go back Dec 19th and have a mole taken off. It's on my forehead and my bangs cover it but it's just ugly to me and I want it removed! Anywho...need to go walk.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

11-26-2007, 08:18 PM
Hello all....I will post a link to my family pictures. Hope you can see them. My camera is not a very good one, so there are some blurs and bad colors. Of course, I think all my kids and dear grands are lovely and I hate my picture. But, don't we all?

I was all set to have another picture taken of me today as I was all "dolled" up to take Mom to the Dr. Then I went out in the rain with the dog....lmao.
No news from the Dr. as Mom has to go to a gastro. Dr. for more results. She actually felt pretty decent today.

Gotta go look at Mindee's pictures and then try to figure out MY Space....what the heck do I do to see your sites there? HELP??

11-26-2007, 11:43 PM
Our sweet Sue!! We missed you!! I am not sure about explaining myspace. It certainly takes a lot of time! lol I can't believe it. I will have to see your pictures tomorrow at the library.
Jules - I know!! I have tons of pic's that include Rebecca. I just need to scan them at my sisters.
Ok, it is Dancing with the Stars tonight so I need to back to myspace to do a blog.
I only walked 1.5 was freezing outside today! Cristina , did you get a walk in??
ok, tomorrow!

11-27-2007, 12:36 AM
Hello again ladies...

SUE..GREAT pictures! You all look so lovely and it's nice seeing you! Bet you are enjoying the company! Well, I hope they find out something soon with you momma. Glad she had a good day today. :hug: Susan is right about myspace...I will pm you my link and unmark the private setting so you can do have to open an account to be able to see and read certain things, and ask others to be your friend...sounds so grade school'ish doesn't it? Will you be my friend, lol.

SUSAN...good job with the 1 1/2 miles! I did get in a walk, woohoo! # miles...that was pushing it too! But I HAVE to stay focused...ain't gonna let nothing bring me down.


Anyone seen any Christmas movies yet? Over the weekend I saw my favs...A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation and Elf...will probably watch them again when they come on.

Like I said to Susan...I did get a walk in and 3 bottles of water. Got on the treadmill and it was like I never missed a day. I didn't want to WI at the docs, ugh...but then it was the middle of the day so it wasn't so bad. And of course I was fully clothed. I don't pay attention to it there anyway. Anywho...was keeping DD company for a little while and thought I would get on the computer and drop in and say HI.

See you ladies tomorrow. :wave:

11-27-2007, 03:57 AM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Nothing new on this end…..just trying to get through my email like usual! We did get some snow on Monday night. Leave it to my little Indians and their snow dancing! Although, we were due for some snow anyways, but they like the think that they caused it!

Anita~ Welcome to the group and the forums! I know what you mean about sometimes being resentful. My husband is the same way! He can eat just about anything and it won’t show up on the scale! Although, now it is catching up on him since our neighbor brings us pizza from his work. (sometimes it is a blessing when he brings stuff that I don’t like because I know that I won’t be tempted to eat it!)

Cristina~ I won’t take the link down. I will leave it up there so that you all can see the pictures. Thanks for the wtg! I thought I was the only one that wore the same things over and over again! I got a bag of clothes from my mom that my aunt sent her, and I just went threw it about a month or two ago. I found pants (size 22) and shirts that fit me even better now then they did when I first got the bag. So, I keep going for those, but then I get Tommy saying “what is wrong with the clothes in the closet? There goes more laundry for me to do.” And when he pulls that on me, I look at him and say “you know, you were the one that told me that I needed to get some more things to wear so that I wasn’t wearing the same things over and over again. Now that I have the extra options, you are complaining because I am wearing them.” After I said that, I haven’t heard any more out of him about it. (I just here the “why is the laundry still sitting here unfolded and it has been a week since it was washed” kind of thing.) I am jumping back on the water, eating, and exercise wagon again! I went all of Monday without one ounce of pop. I drank iced tea all day! Are you sure that we are not twins? I am the same way…..I go for a while where I am doing very good, and then I get into a slump and it changes.


SuzyQ~ I will have to head over there and check out your pictures! Thanks for the nice comments about my pictures.

Jules~ My goodness you went through a lot!!! I agree, I would have taken a vacation day as well! Thanks for the nice comments. I was trying at all costs to avoid being in the shots, but Logan didn’t want to get his picture taken, so I really didn’t have a choice.

Sue~ You look great! I love the pictures! I hope that you guys are given some answers about your mom. I am glad that she was feeling decent the other day. I hope that she has plenty more days like that one!

Christmas movies that I have seen so far: Home Alone, Home Alone 2, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Dr. Suess’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon), Santa Claus, and Santa Claus 2.

11-27-2007, 10:29 AM
Thanks for all the good wishes for J's birthday - he had a good one. We gave him some computer games and then didn't hear a peep out of him for the rest of the day ;) I haven't been watching any Christmas shows yet. I've been hunkered down, plowing through the DVD of the first season of
Saturday Night Live. Back in the day, we did not have a tv in our house, so I didn't see any SNL until the 80's when the first cast was all gone. I've seen bits and pieces over the years, but it's fun to watch it all in one place. I've been knitting away on gifts, and it's perfect for that. There's some weird Muppet sketch on every episode called Dregs and Vestiges. I think a person is supposed to be stoned to appreciate it--- it's very strange. Anyhoo...

Been off on the fact I'm skipping yoga (again) as I type this. I worked out in the yard for an hour yesterday, but I really need to workout. I'm going to go the water aerobics this a.m. to make up for it. Just going to get back on track in general today after a few off days.

Anita - welcome! I can definitely relate to the rollercoaster. I'm glad you joined us.

Susan- so who did you like on DWTS? In general, I like Mel the best, but Helio is a close second. Marie is a trip - that doll dance was so bad it was good...

Cristina - yay for keeping up your exercise through all the holiday festivities - wish I could say the same...but today is a new day!

Jules- ugh - car stuff always wears me have the patience of a saint to go through all that for an old Honda! You won't regret it, though. If they are maintained properly, Hondas last forever. Bet you and your dh know that one already. We had an 81 Civic that we sold 7 years ago to a soccer coach as we needed a bigger car. We still see it being driven around the high school now and then.

Sue - Thanks for the pics..I really enjoyed looking at them and seeing what you look like after all this time. What a beautiful happy family. Hope your mother is feeling better today. As far as my space goes you should be able to see my page at I'm pretty sure you have to sign up to leave comments. It can be kind of overwhelming at first, but once I put my age and marital status in my profile...strangely enough I stopped getting a bunch of annoying "friend" request, lol! It's a nice way to keep up with friends, and their blogs.

Mindee - I enjoyed your pics as well - your kids are growing so fast! I could tell you were all having a grand old time with those photo shoot.

I hope I got to everyone - Hi to anyone I missed or who may be reading this!

I'll get everyone off to school, then go to water aerobics. After L is home from school, I need to make a bunch of phone calls, and then take DS to piano. Not a very exciting day, granted. Good day to get back on track with food and exercise.

11-27-2007, 02:59 PM
Good afternoon, ladies!

KATY...I love the old SNL! Remember watching it in the 70's and not really getting it and now I love it. Okay, I love it from the 70's-90's...all my favorites left and I don't watch it anymore.

MINDEE...funny about Tommy. I find myself like getting in a rut. Don't want to fix myself up at all. And comfort is big for me...I am more the comfort than style person. I did see all the pictures, thank you...loved them all! And I am glad you got in the pictures. It's always nice to see all you ladies. are you doing today? Hoping your car is holding up.

Hi everyone else :wave:

I had to run a couple of errands this a.m. about the time I signed in on the computer the Orkin guy came. I love that he is friendly...but man that guy LOVES to talk. Today was a day that I wished he would have just done his job and left, lol. I know mean...not really because I chatted with him...makes his day.

I did my 2 mile WATP video before getting started with the day, and 25 mns with the weights and bike. I have no idea how much on each one because the computer died on my bike. So I set a timer and ride the bike, do weights, ride the bike, do weights and ride the bike. I think I am doing 10 mns with the weights...all this old arm can take. I've got to be careful with the left arm/shoulder. Now I am getting ready to do a mile on the treadmill. I am slowly working my way back up to 1 1/2 hours of exercise. And the water and food are good today, right now anyway. Going out to eat later and have no idea what this place has, or the calories and such. Going to go look it up in a few...Johnny Carinos...anyone heard of that? I think it's italian. Taking Josh's GF out for a BD dinner. Her BD is tomorrow but she has plans with her parents so. Speaking of Josh...just talked with him too, a few minutes ago. He called while I was out with the orkin guy and I called him back, missed him and then he called, lol. Oh, to be in Hawaii right now. He decided not to keep up with the exercise and running and is paying for it. Had to run 5 miles yesterday and he said that almost killed him. he thinks there is a 10 mile run tomorrow-yikes! Anyway...

Take care ladies, and I hope everyone has a great day!

Ah, I was WI and I am sad to say I am up 2 pounds. :( Of course I kind of thought that, with the way I've been eating and not exercising, and...not drinking of the water. That's what happens. Hoping those two pounds are gone by next WI. Going to go change my ticker.

11-27-2007, 03:07 PM
Good Morning!

I FINALLY got my thanksgiving turkey in the oven!! I will be celebarting Christmas around Easter time.....haha.

Anita- Ok, thought about it some....when I was in grade school I was resentful of the pretty thin girls. I wish I could be like them and hated them for not being overweight. I don't think I ever resented my husband for being thin. I have (at times) resented others who seem to be able to lose weight with ease. But no, no resentment towards my partner. Though I think my ex was very resentful that I was losing weight........does that make sense?? lol

Katy - Isn't Marie a kick?? I think she is so fun to watch. I hope she wins - lol. I don't like Mel's partner, he is kind of snotty in his comments towards the others in the press and when he was on Larry King. I LOVE Julianne (Helio's partner).....she is such a good dancer. hmm, I want Marie. I know she is the weakest dancer but always fun to watch.
btw - how much for your piano lessons?? I went to Mult Arts and it is $200 for about 3 months. Beck wants to learn.

Mindee- My fave movie is Miracle of 34th Street. I love Natalie Wood. How are the kids today?

Cristina- Hey, great on the water! I forget all about that some days. It does help a lot!! Myspace is is kind of fun though. I have all of Rachel's friends wanting to be my I always weigh backwards when I am at the doctors office.....I even ask the nurse not to write it down in the notes. lol

Jules, Sassy and are you ladies today?? I still need to make a trip to another computer for your pictures Sue!! Can't wait.

Wasn't it Ellen who decorated her home so lovely??? I remember her pictures....very pretty.

anyway - late in getting later after I get some things done!!

11-27-2007, 03:14 PM
Cristina - omg 90 mintues of exercise! My goal is a 45 min limit. lol
Sweet about taking the GF out for dinner, hope you guys have a good time! Never heard of the eating place.
Sorry about the 2 ounds, but you'll get it down in no time!!
hugs ...bbl

11-27-2007, 04:26 PM
Susan- yep 207 for the winter term. James has Dave Fleischner and likes him alot.

Cristina - sorry about the 2 lbs, but Susan is right - they'll be gone in no time...

I walked for an hour this morning - felt really good to get some fresh air. Now I'm hunkered down in front of this computer with this that and the other - just alot to catch up on today.

Hope everyone's day is going well

11-27-2007, 07:02 PM
Sue - I was able to see your family and you! Beautiful family. The slide show gave me motion sickness -lol - jk.....thanks so much for sharing!

Mindee - Was able to see yours again! I love the one of all the kids in a row in front of you! Very cute. Are you using any of them for a Christmas card?

Katy- I just love that pic of L!! It is so cute, I know I have said that before....also that knitted green wrap is beautiful.
$207 isn't bad, it'll have to be a Christmas present for Beck......and the only one - haha
I would love to get Gab into the Spanish class that is happening at her school in January. It is $120 for 15 - 50min classes.
Just ate a bowl of stuffing - so good! My weakness.
Better get,,,Dr Phil is on!

11-27-2007, 08:04 PM
Hi ladies...I know I am boring you with the photos...but I did add a few more today. Mom felt good so we went to eat and got her pic and mine. They told me to lean in so I did, but I look like I had eaten a lemon..... Really was having a good time..LOL Also got one of DH, finally. Added my little grandson as Jack Sparrow. haha

DS leaves in the morning and I am not happy about that. But, on a good note, he is talking more about moving home after school instead of staying out West. He didn't realize how much he missed family and friends I guess. I know we miss him when he is gone.

As I said Mom is having a super good day after a good one yesterday also. Got her new meds. but she hasn't even started those yet. *fingers crossed* that something works. She had fun today and so did we.

I got in a short walk when it was 29* this a.m. then another when it was 49* this afternoon. Yikes...I froze and didn't even make a mile. But, once again I am getting into a better frame of mind. Maybe it will all come together....AGAIN. I have been building a few menus that I used before and can stick to. DS is talking about changing a lot of his habits when he gets home also...we have a little unofficial competition going on. So...who knows.

Thank you all for the kind words about my family and the concern over Mom. It helps to know I can talk about some things other than weight losses here. Like everyone, I go through times where losing is the least thing on my mind. But it is still good to know you are all here. THANKS!

11-27-2007, 10:19 PM
Quick hi--going to bed!!

11-28-2007, 12:47 AM
I just wanted to stop in and say hi. Sorry this is short, but I'm really busy getting ready to leave next Tuesday morning to Georgia. I'll try and get back here tomorrow so I can post more. Have a great night ladies!:hug:

11-28-2007, 03:14 AM
A very early, good morning, ladies.

MICHELLE...let me know you address once you get to Georgia, please and thank you. Tuesday will be here before you know it! Are you excited?

SUE...more GREAT pictures! I love looking at pictures! And thank you for sharing them with us. 29 degrees, yikes! You and Katy are braver than me! If it's cold I do not want to get out in it. Today was a nice day-up to 58. I should have walked outdoors but today was more on the video, bike and weights. Tomorrow I do plan on walking outdoors, another nice day, well, it will be if the wind doesn't kick in. Glad you momma is having a good day!

SUSAN...yeppers, 90 minutes. IT's actually a little less...the video/dvd is 30 minutes and my walks depending on if I do 3 or 4 miles is 50 minutes-65 minutes, depending on my speed and mood. I don't walk real slow but not real fast either. The fastest I've walked 3 miles was 47 minutes, that is great for me! It gets me sweating and my heartbeat up so I think it's a good walk. One day I hope to be able to jog and for longer distances, at least 5 miles a day. We'll see...I can picture Gaby taking spanish, so cute!

KATY...ha, piano lessons, I need to take some! I've always wanted to learn to play. I think that is GREAT James is.

JULES...Aloha! :wave:

Hiya MINDEE, ANITA & Miss SASSY! Hoping you ladies had a great day!

Dinner was nice, well except for the waitress...terrible. Okay, this place served what they call country italian, ick. It wasn't too bad but it wasn't the greatest either. But the GF picked it and it is her BD tomorrow so...I will stick with my Olive Garden. But we had a nice long dinner and chat...she is sweet.

It's late and I planned on getting up early. Not this early though, lol. Tomorrow will be a pretty lazy day, other than my walk. I did get in little over a mile walk and the weights/bike. The food and water were good too! I didn't over eat at dinner. So all in all this should be a good week, so far so good. I will stay focused!

Nighty, night ladies...see ya later. :wave:

11-28-2007, 03:56 AM
just a quick pop in from me for now.....Brandon was a pistol to get to bed, so I am thinking of going without his afternoon nap for a couple of days to see how things go. he went without them before, but then he got sick this last time and he needed his it just makes it really hard to get him to bed at night if he has had a nap. another thing that he hit on tonight was his need for a night light again. so we have one in their room, and I haven't heard a peep out of them since I put it in there.

suzyq~ I am thinking of using one for a photo Christmas card. It will depend on money and if/when we finally decide. I sent the link out to both my family and his family that we have email addresses for to see what they think of so they can see updated pictures of them all.

cristina~ I am glad that you were able to see the pictures!

sue~ very nice pictures! I am glad that your mom had another good day. I will keep my fingers crossed that the new meds work.

hello to everyone that I missed! I hope you are all doing well on this Wednesday.

11-28-2007, 02:04 PM
Good Morning!

On the fly again. :wave: to Michelle! Big move for you, I would be freaking out. Come chat when you have a second to breathe :)

Never heard of country italian Cristina! Ick...sounds icky....what was the menu like. I love Olive Glad you had a good time with the GF :)

Hi ya Mindee!

K- I promised Gab I would pick her up after morning K class and she won't have to go to afternoon program. She was happy with that. Her father took her swimming last night and Gab was very hyper and obnoxious. My words....because that is why I didn't go.....I didn't want to be around her
So, he called all upset with her behavior. *sigh.....and I had t explain like....."she IS 5 years old and she IS usually very sweet and polite....she IS tired and IS acting out her fussiness.....Gab also IS with her peers now all day and picking up things....", he seemed to calm down.
What the heck...he thinks she is going to mind him all the time?? Make it easy for him to be a father???? hehe......not a chance buster.

The other ex came over at 5am and watched Gab while I ran out for a walk. Freezing cold but got it done and out of the way. Munched on turkey for breakfast.

Dancing w/ the stars was good......I cried. It was very emotional ....haha. What a nut case I at you later!!

11-28-2007, 05:35 PM
You are not a nutcase Susan...I almost cried last night watching Biggest Loser. I was sad that they kicked Brian off, he is a sweet man and deserved to stay! Those B's on the black team! Really, what is up with the ex..thinking Gaby is going to act all prim and proper for you said, she is 5! WTG on getting your walk in early! :woohoo: :carrot: Doing good missy! Country Italian=yuck! Honestly I don't know why they call it country italian...didn't see a difference in the food other than the taste. I won't go back there though.

MINDEE...what time is Brandon taking a nap? I know my sister used to let her kids go and they would be sleepy about 2-3'ish in the afternoon and she would let them sleep. The problem...they would stay up half the night. She did to so I guess it wasn't a problem for her. I always made the kids nap until they were in kindergarten, and sometimes even when they came home afterwards. They would go down right after lunch, about 12-12:30 and I would have to fight with Jason. But once he was down and still he was out. I agree with Susan, those would make great Christmas cards!

Hello to Katy, Sue, Michelle, Jules, Sassy, and Anita!

Been a lazy day for me, sort of. Getting some laundry done and I got in 3.5 miles so far today. I am aiming for 4 but may do 5, we'll see. I am wanting to get in at least 70-75 minutes today and have 20 minutes to make that,rather 15 mns, have 55 done so far. Was online doing a little glad I don't have 20 people to buy for. Don't have much to get and it will be easy so...

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day, ugh! So close to the first and seems like there are lots more people out. Will have to get up early and get it done. :crossed: That's if I don't stay up until 2 a.m., lol. DOn't know what's wrong with me and staying up so late...gotta stop for sure!

Hope you ladies are having a wonderful day! Catch ya later :wave:

11-28-2007, 09:04 PM
Michelle--you need to keep us informed so we know everything is ok...

Sue--such great pics

Mindee & Cristina--Ry always got by on a little sleep and rarely took naps, Teri slept through the night and took LLOOONNNGGG naps during the day--they both are still the same...

Suzyq--I cry when I watch the little mermaid cartoon!!

here's pic at the office:

11-28-2007, 10:59 PM
Hello- We had to take DS to the airport this afternoon. No fun. He has already called to say he is home safe and sound.

I walked 2/3 of a mile before I froze. Then later when it got warmer and sunnier I rode the bike for a mile. Since I am so out of shape again I will just start out slow.

Mom had a real good day again and ate 3 meals with no trouble. Yay! I hope I can see her scale go UP and mine go DOWN. haha

I have been busy looking at condos online for a new vacation place. Keeping busy so I won't think about my kids hoo.

Sounds like you are all getting ready for the holidays and I haven't even started yet. Just wanted to get the family time in and now I can SHOP.

Hi to all and thanks for the good words about my pictures.

11-28-2007, 11:02 PM
Evening Chickies!

I think w/ the Dancing show it was Marie and her losing her father. I mean sure he was 90 years old but .....your daddy is everything.,,,*sniff. ...Ya, I was crying when she said how thankful she was for the show to be there and keep her mind off everything that was going on.


Wow, Jules! Love the feastive office pictures! Did you do that? Very pretty outside tell me what is it about Little Mermaid that makes you cry?

Cristina - Soooooo, how many miles did you walk?? You're a walking machine!! lol certainly keep me moving, thanks for the inspiration!! Mike is way too serious about this parenting stuff. Very uptight and everything needs a heavy duty discussion. My motto is when in diubt give the kid a nap! Because I know when something is amiss with her she is just plain tired.

k- eating waaaaaay too much turkey. I better go take care of my sweetie (Gaby).

chat later......

11-28-2007, 11:16 PM
Awesome pictures Jules! You guys, or you did a great job with all the decorating! I love all the snowflakes and snow people! I always said I collect Santas but in reality snow people are up there as well. Never gave it much though. Even a lot of my cards have snowmen on them. I was tempted to buy some this year but I really don't need more stuff to not put out, lol.

Susan...sounds like Mike is wound a little tight, lol. You are right, my dad is 70 I think (terrible I don't know his age) and it doesn't matter how old they are, they are our dads and we will miss them when they are gone. I am wishing I was closer to my family so I could spend more time with him, and my mom before he passes...he's had a few medical problems lately.

I walked a whopping 5 miles and in 80 mns...kind got tired towards the end and slowed down, lol. But I got it in, woohoo! It really feels good too. And I got in all my water and the eating was OP too! So all in all a good day all around.

Did I mention there was a break-in the week of Thanksgiving? I am a little weirded out by it and don't want to walk that end of the neighborhood or even walk outdoors. I'm not sure yet but from what we heard it was a military lady...I think I know the one, her and her hubby are both military, but she had come home and the guy was waiting for her inside. They didn't say he was robbing the house, just that he raped her. And...she said she thought she recognized his, and I thought this was a good neighborhood. I still feel safe, but I feel weird. There's people home thru-out and that's what's scary, no one saw anything. Anyway, going to try and find out more info about this from the HOA. Anyway, that has me weirded out.

Going to try and go to bed early, at least by midnight. I have errands to run tomorrow and want to get an early start to the day.

Ciao ladies!

11-28-2007, 11:37 PM
omg - Cristina! You are going to be one little skinny chickie with all that walking!! 5 miles is incredible, totally impressed and inspired!!

Very scary about the break in.......

M is a good dad. I really don't worry abou Gab when she is with him but he is wound up too tight. He needs to chill. He hasn't seen his other daughter in 2 years.....I think that has to do a lot with his obsession with Gab.....ugh.

Hope you get some sleep tonight! Love tomorrow!!

11-29-2007, 12:14 AM
Thank you Susan! You inspired me first! Lol But I am serious...I read, and reread your article and keep thinking about allllll those stairs you climbed! Ha, I'll never be a skinny chick...smaller than I am, and skinny enough for me but not skinny. Tomorrows plan is to do my 2 mile WATP, then the WATP Walk and my errands, come home and do the weights and bike. That will give me 85 minutes if I do 25 mns weights and bike. Was doing just 20 but I am tryin gto step it up a little. We'll see how that goes and for ho wlong. I know this won't go on forever, my old body won't be able to take it but once I lose some I will slow down and do 45-60 mns 4-6 times a week. Well, at least M is a good dad to Gaby. I would be worried if he wasn't. I know he was a butthead before so I am glad to see he is involved in her life.

Ooopsie! I forgot to say Hi Sue! Glad your baby boy made it home safely. Josh had quite the trip to Hawaii Sunday...poor kid got confused with the time change in Phoenix and thought he had a hour to sleep and missed his flight. Ended up getting another flight out at 4:30 (the first one was at 11:30) and then there was something wrong with that plane so thy had to find them another one. he finally got to Hawaii about 10:30, 11 p.m. and would have been there at 3:30 had he not fallen asleep. But he made there safely so all is good. And I know you are missing the kids already! :hug: So glad your mom is feeling well and eating, yay!

Okay, ladies...gotta go check something. Nighty, night! :hug:

11-29-2007, 02:47 AM

DO NOT POST HERE! Please, and thank you! :) :D ;):p

It's time to move a new thread that is. See ya at BIK #33!