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11-16-2007, 07:20 AM
Happy Friday! :)

It's cold but it's dry outside. The girls have off school today, and we're invited to a Tea Party at one of their schoolmate's house. They are sisters who are the same ages as Audrey and Maggie, so we often do things together. The girls are going to dress in their Sunday best with hats and gloves, they're really really excited. I'm glad the adults don't have to dress, I'm wearing jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt. :)

Ruth, that's a shame about the doggy visit. Why don't they try bathing Serena to get the dander off, and then seeing if that works?

Schmoodle, how did you like Survivor last night? I'm with you, I don't really have a favorite this time. James is OK, and I'm starting to like Denise, too. But I don't care for Courtney or PeeGee at all.

11-16-2007, 07:27 AM
Good morning, Cottage. We are dark, cold and maybe dry. Hersh is still asleep so I've not checked the deck for wetness.

This is definitely the day I get to town - seems I've been saying that every day this week. :shrug: Donna comes to clean and I'm going to just leave her in charge of Hershey and take off. I must get backing for that wall hanging if it's to be finished for my trip next week!

Right now it's time for coffee and breakfast. Oatmeal with apple this morning?

Have a super TGIF!

11-16-2007, 07:42 AM
Cold here too...36 right now. Should warm up to the 60's.

What a week it's been work/wise!! One of those weeks when you want to crawl under the covers and tell the world to go away!! In the old days I would have eaten several bags of chocolate by now..but at least I kept that under control.
Yesterday at school, I had done 75 folders for kids that are going to be in a new computer program (I have to test them and keep records in folders on a record sheet that must be filled out with name, teacher name, date, school etc)
I got the folders all done and then they decided to change the whole list of kids...had to do them all 75 over again and also redo a lot of stuff for online record keeping...all while conducting class with 5 classes of 23 five year olds. I was exhaused when I left school, then I knew I had an overload of client work when I got home. I was so tired I didn't even go to the grocery store, so we went out to eat before I started job #2...just to Chili's. I got the salmon with steamed vegs and black beans. And of course they brought out my plate with a big pile of rice on it instead of the black beans. After I whined nicely, they brought me a little bowl of beans. It was ok, but not great. Came home and worked till 7, stopped to watch survivor and then worked till about 10 and was all caught up by then. So I decided to order myself a present. I have been wanting some of those "restaurant" thick white coffee mugs and saucers, so I ordered them along with some big white 12 inch wide rimmed restauant plates. The mugs come in lots of 3 dozen, so I'll have enough mugs to last the rest of my life. Next stressful day I'm getting the little oval plates with little cup soup bowls!!! I also shot myself in the eye with a sample of perfume I got with a sephora order. Whatta day.

RE: Survivor...I have to root for old James just cause he's from LA. But, there will never be another Rupert, my all time fav. That Courtney needs to eat a big hunking plate of mashed potatoes and biscuits with gravy. Eric is pretty cute.

I am off of school next week, so hopefully will get a lot done here work and house wise.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend!

little chick
11-16-2007, 08:46 AM
Morning chicks, it is warm and icky out there today, we are going to have rain rain and more rain. I am feeling rotten today I have a sore thoart and swollen glands...Grrrr and of course extra kids today cause I have parents who call me in the morning to say they need me. And I am to nice to say no.
I took out an Insc policy on myself last night, we have insc through DH work and a small policy we got when Shelby was born but this one is on me with a sickness and cancer policy attached so I will get paid everyday if something should happen. Since I work for myself and I got sick it would kill us money wise. I also got one on each of the girls that they will be able to add to when they get older and never have to paid more than 13.53 a month. Pretty happy about that.

Well I must dash and go check my xmas bags to see who I have bought for and who I still need to buy for. I am off to Calais tomorrow for a quick trip to the Food mart and the Walmart for some fun.

Have a good day chicks I will pop back in later.

11-16-2007, 09:12 AM
Happy Friday chickies!
One more day to weigh-in, and I have been pretty good lately!
It's really cold and windy here, but sunny. I'm contemplating whether I can get a wash hung out or not.
cottage, have fun at the tea party! Re Survivor:
Todd is an idiot. Can't figure out why he's still there...:shrug:
I think James is insulting and derogatory to the women.
I don't have strong feeling either way for Amanda, Eric, or the lunch lady, so they are still in the running. I just don't think the lunch lady has a shot in h*ll.
Pei Ghee and Courtney are growing on me. I didn't like them at all at first, but I think they are the only ones with any kind of game sense. And Courtney is pretty funny with the little comments.

Enjoy your oatmeal Ruth! I think I'll be having a turkey sandwich a la Cat.

Cat, we have a dish gene in my family. I LOVE dishes, but I have limited storage space in this kitchen. I had to get rid of a whole bunch of stuff when we moved here. I could store it in the basement, but then I know I'd never use it. But I really have to restrain myself from buying more. Especially the retro stuff - fire king, fiestaware, love it! By the way, did you see Courtney packing in the hamburgers last night? She was so funny, with that huge mouthful at the end.

littlechick, good for you getting a jump on the shopping! I'm usually done by Thanksgiving, but not this year!

I just have to mop a couple of floors and change all the bedsheets and I'm all caught up on cleaning. It's the first weekend in a long time that I won't be playing catch up! Pizza tonight at my Mom's (and overnight for the kids, I hope) Hooray Friday!

11-16-2007, 09:43 AM
Good Morning Ladies
Weather heere is supoosed to be 90. We sure could use a little of your cold damp weather in these parts. Since my Wenesdday fiasco I have been doing much better. My house guests that were supposed to be here for 2 weeks but have been here for 11 weeks are supposed to be leaving this weekend. I'll believe it when I see it but I am cautiously optimistic. Have a great day everybody.

11-16-2007, 09:59 AM
YES it is FRIDAY!!! :carrot:

Cottage The tea party sounds like a real treat, have fun!

Ruth Here's hoping you make it to town as planned today! Your such a busy lady, I don't know how you do it!

Cat I'm with you on Rupert being my all time favorite survivor! Of course him being from here in Indiana helped, but how could anyone not like that guy!

LC I am so jealous of people who get a jump start on their holiday shopping. I swear every year I am going to but just never seem to.

schmoodle Way to go on having all the housework done before the weekend! With the darn washer on the fritz I have a mountain waiting should the blasted repair guy show up today!

ME I've learned such great tips from you girls diet wise, now if some of your organization would just wear off on me! Made a quick dash to the laundry mat lastnight to wash a quick load and brought it home to dry. Brought back nightmares of the days when I had to do all my laundry there!

DH had supper cooked when I got home lastnight, thats twice this week, wonder what he wants beyond what every other man in the world wants? :?: Wasn't 100% OP but how do you tell a man who never cooks that you really can't eat that? So much for 8 clean days of eating before Thanksgiving but it wasn't to god awful and I will survive!

One of our Title Companies is visiting today and bringing lunch, I requested Subway, at least I can make that fit in my eating plan for the day!

Have a great day girls, keep warm!

11-16-2007, 10:12 AM
Morning chickies! I weighed in this morning and even though TOM came to visit 2 days ago I am still down 1.4lbs - thats awesome :carrot:

Cottage all derssed up for a tea party - I want to go. I hope the lil ladys enjoy

Ruth oatmeal on a cold day warms the insides & sticks to the ribs

Cat we have the same temps here in Fla. Next week will be better for you, be sure to get some rest.

LC good looking out for the future cause you never know what tomorrow will bring

Schmoodle a weekend with no cleaning how great

Thin have a great day!

Going to do some catch up on the site so I'll be back soon.

11-16-2007, 11:40 AM
Non-survivor fans may want to skip this post. Well, I'm sorry chicks, I have to admit I am not a Rupert fan. I know I was supposed to be. He was certainly edited that way. It bugged me when he got so righteous about whether or not people deserved things. Nobody "deserves" to just be handed a million $. That game is about who is smart enough to figure out how to get their hands on it. I really think he thought he deserved to win. And Mark Barnett really tried to fix the game so he would win. Then when he blew it, they decided to hand him the million anyway. That bugged me. I also thought he was really condescending to the women - they were all sweet little girls to him. So obviously, no Rupert love here...
That's one thing that bugs me about that show, when they try to convince me I love or hate someone with the weird editing, in spite of the fact that there aren't really good reasons for me to love or hate them. They kind of just did that with Jaime this season. She was edited as a dumb blonde chick, in spite of the fact that she was kind of playing smart in that she was taking some chances and trying to turn things to her advantage. I was supposed to think that James and John-Robert are smarter than she is?:shrug: When it's good, I love my Survivor, when it's bad, it's really bad, and so far this season is not great. :(

11-16-2007, 01:13 PM
I'm tired today. When I got home from work yesterday, Robert wasn't home. I went to my Roundtable staff meeting and to dinner afterwards with a couple of the staff and had a wonderful time. Then when I got home we talked until 12:30 and then again from the time I got up until shortly after I should have left for work. It was productive talk. He now understands why it is over. But it was still a very hard talk to have.

Even after eating seafood gumbo last night, my weight is staying at 151 so I'm changing my ticker. But there were a lot of worse things on the menu I could have eated and it was so cold, I needed something warm.

11-16-2007, 03:25 PM
:hug: Barb. You were very brave. I know that wasn't easy to do. You'll be in my prayers.

11-16-2007, 03:35 PM
Stephanie :wave: sorry I missed you this morning

Barb :hug:

Hope everyone is having a productive afternoon

11-16-2007, 05:15 PM
Hey gals, just a quick pop-in to say HI. Enjoying my first day off in a few and for a few with a good book then a run. Finished phase one in the safety of my own home. I was officially done yesterday but didn't dare try adding bad stuff at work. One of the doctors brought us a box of chocolates for the upcoming holiday....and it's just Thanksgiving.....I am dreading Christmas. Anyway, I resisted. My boss brought two bags of hersey kisses and another EMT student who was job shadowing brought a huge pile of donuts. By the time the day was over I was sooooo cranky! So, you can see why I waited until today to tread lightly into phase two.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, get all that turkey shopping done and pie making started. Hugs:hug:

11-16-2007, 05:24 PM
Gearing down to the end of the day and a relatively quiet weekend. And YES! I got to town and can now finish my wall hanging and big quilt.

Came home to a clean house, a happy Hershey and the shelf in my laundry area was fixed by Donna's husband. He and his sidekick Donnie are coming tomorrow to rake leaves "if it's not too cold"! Wusses! They were fine hunting deer earlier in the week when it was just as cold and even colder at night.

Here's raising my diet gingerale to you all and toasting a good weekend.

11-17-2007, 01:58 AM
Yay, Ruth! :cheers:

Barb: :hug: I know that must have been really difficult. :hug: