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11-15-2007, 07:34 AM
:sunny: A bright and cheery good morning to you! :)

Actually it's looking pretty dreary here and just supposed to go downhill as the day folds, so I'll have to make my own sunshine. :) Yesterday was just plain ugly, the sun never came out as promised and the fog was just awful.

It's my turn to run the girls to school this morning, then I have to run errands til I pick up Maggie at noon. We're going to spend the afternoon at Longwood Gardens, they just opened up a new indoor children's garden that we want to check out. I just put some Balsamic Chicken in the oven, so I can just reheat it for tonight along with some veggies. Then we'll settle in to watch Survivor!

11-15-2007, 09:01 AM
Morning everyone!

Cottage, it's cold and windy here..supposed to start raining (we need it!). The trip to the gardens sounds great...that's one of my favorite things to do.

Nothing exiting at all happening here ...just work and more work, but that's ok..could be NO work and that wouldn't be so great, would it? Going to a combined birthday dinner for my husband and two friends this weekend (the other 2 "birthday kids" are husband/wife), so I bought a bunch of neat herb plants at Whole Foods the other day and need to pick up a big pot and a miniature rose bush and will make them a little herb garden for a combined more thing on my "to-do" list that grows each day. Also need to start working on lists for Thanksgiving dinner...I do all the cooking...usually takes about 12 hours the day before and about 4 on Thanksgiving. My feet usually ache, but worth it!

Going to bake some cookies this evening for the other "survivor watchers" in my least I can smell them..uh, the cookies, not the other watchers!

11-15-2007, 09:04 AM
Us too cottage, very yucky out, I won't be getting any laundry hung out today!
Last night's banquet was good after all, I got to talk to lots of cool people and stayed away from the idiots. Food was on-plan, no cake for me. I waited and had some yogurt when I got home.
I expect another quiet day today. I want to get the kitchen scrubbed on my lunch hour. I'm going to make some chili and watch Survivor later. And tomorrow it's TGIF already!
I have stayed off of the scale all week. It's driving me crazy wondering, but I'm determined not to weigh until Saturday. I shoved the scale all the way up under my clawfoot tub, so I have to get on my hands and knees to pull it back out, and so far that has stopped me.
Barb, hope you are hanging in there!
ThinbyJune, hope you are feeling better this morning!
Have a good one chicks!

Hi Cat, simulposting! That's a lot for one person! We divvy up the dishes between the families and everybody has their specialties, so nobody gets stuck with too much.

11-15-2007, 09:12 AM
mmmm...Schmoodle, the chili sounds great! I have no idea yet what I'm cooking today...guess it will hit me later...maybe a pot of soup if I can come up with a fast one. I get home at 1:00 and we eat at 2.

little chick
11-15-2007, 09:35 AM

Good morning my fine feathered chicks.... it is dreary here today as well, we are going to get rain for the next two days.... Boo. Well I am a happy chick I snuck on the scales this morning and I am down 4 pounds. Yeah me.... Just what I needed for the day three slumps. I am foggy and headachey this morning. I too I a big to do list. I have dance class tonight so it is a quick supper night and I don't have a clue what to make....

cottage- Have fun at the gardens it sounds so lovely.

femme- what a lovely gift to make for your friends. I wished I lived closer to you.;) Have a great day and hope your to do list shrinks.

Schmoodle- My floor needs a good scrubing as well. I hate that job. Good idea with the scales. I am so jealous I would love to have a tub like yours. Have a great day.

Barb- you have a wonderful attitute with all that is going on with you. :hug: for you and Brain. Keeping busy is a good thing but remember to look after you.

to the chicks to follow- hope everyone has a fab day.... may the god of healthy eating shine down on you today.

11-15-2007, 10:02 AM
Great morning to ya Chickies! Weather here is just right not to cold not to warm. Hope everyone has a great day and :dust: to all for any and everything you may need it for. Be back later.

11-15-2007, 10:14 AM
Morning Chicks!

Cottage The gardens sound like a great thing, hope you enjoy them!

Cat I wish I had just a smidge of your creativity! Your gardens, cooking etc!

Schmoodle Glad the dinner lastnight was a success! And yeah for you avoiding cake!

LC Here wishing you good karma on getting through day 3, your doing great!

Me UGH! Someone stop the insanity please! First the furnace now my washer! I have a year old front load washing machine. Put a load in last night and half way through the cycle it stops! Yeah front loaders wont open when there is water in them. Darn thing wont drain, no way to open it, nothing ARGH! Supposed to have someone out to look at it "maybe today, maybe friday"! Can you imagine what that load of laundry is going to smell like?????

Couple side notes, my little nude friend was gone this morning but the town is all abuzz! Also day one of my 8 day clean eating before Turkey Day was a success, 7 to go!

11-15-2007, 10:44 AM
Hey Chicks,
It's raining.:carrot::carrot::carrot: Not enough to end the drought here in GA but, at least it's something. I can't remember the last time it rained here. Last year around this time it seemed like it rained everyday.
Today is actually a fairly slow day for me. Usually, I read the post but never can manage to post myself. My weight loss is slow this week due to TOM. Ugh..... It also looks like we won't be alone for Thanksgiving. My sister is driving here from TX.
Barb- I'm sorry to hear about your situation. But, you did what is best for you. Hang in there:hug:
LC Hang in there! It will be over b4 you know it!
Everyone else have a great day on the beach!

11-15-2007, 10:45 AM
Cottage, you're getting to be as busy as Ms. Ruth! :dizzy: (speaking of which...where is she? :mag: ) The gardens sound fantastic! We had gallons and buckets of rain all night long and now everything looks like a big pond. :p Oh least it's not snow, right? ;)

Have a great image of you sniffing the people at your house while the watch Survivor, Cat! :rofl: I hope they showered before! Your gift sounds fantastic...I envy the birthday couple! Hope work flies by. Your T-day prep sounds exhausting, but I bet you have an amazing meal!

Good idea, Schmoodle, with the scale! My friends in my Mood and Food group were trying to persuade me last week that I'm too attached to my scale and should stop weighing. I only weigh in once in the morning each day and then forget about it after that--which I don't think is excessive--but they think it's bad that I can feel sad if it's up or excited if it's down. :shrug: I hope it works well for you! :hug: No matter what, I'm sure it'll be exciting! I'm so glad the banquet was a success! :D

LC, you always make me smile! :D Thanks, chick! :hug: The pic is beautiful and I loved the cartoon...even the rabbit noses on the slippers are twitching! :lol: I hope you have a fabulous day and find something super-easy to make for dinner. What about mini pizzas on WW pitas with a side of frozen veggies or a salad?

:wave: Gonnabe!

Oh, Pacer, that's awful! :fr: I hope the repair people are there very're not kidding about that load! :faint: I have one of those too and it's just about a year old as well. Never thought of that issue. I'll be sending lots of prayers and good vibes your way. You're due for a healthy dose of good karma, girl! :hug: As for the painting...we're having a small scandal here in town too. A local insurance provider decided to put a sign in his window that says, "Save our kids: Say No to same-sex marriage" :cry: It makes me so sad! It's not so much the sign...this guy thinks he's just doing the right thing, I guess (Grrr....), but the implication that allowing same-sex couple to marry will somehow hurt kids is just over the top. :tantrum: Our little local newspaper has online forums where people can discuss the latest news articles and there are over 8 pages of comments...most of which are full of anger and hate. :( It makes me so unhappy! Anyways, I hope things blow over, over there, Pacer. I can see how the nudity might make people uncomfortable in terms of kids and all. (On the other hand, I grew up going to art museums with my family and saw lots of nudes without any effect. I don't think any of them were male, though. For some reason, that seems more shocking...I think just because we're not used to it. :shrug:) Either way, no reason why he can't put the painting up in his own home and enjoy it there, right? :D

Got to the gym last night but all the newer treadmills were all in use, so I had to use an older one. It never showed the time, but did make changes periodically in speed, so I think it was doing something, but it didn't make changes in incline, so I'm not sure how much of a workout I got! :?: I did a lot of sweating trying to keep up with the speed of the belt, but... :shrug: Oh well...

Not too much on the plate tonight, but this is my long day. After work I go to my literacy volunteer time and then to the gym. Won't get home until 6 or so. It's worth it to have tomorrow off, though. I have so much to do for the holidays!

Have a great day, chickies! :sunny:

11-15-2007, 10:58 AM
Morning all! Busy day of meetings. THere is a HUGE thanksgiving feast (potluck, they provide the Turkey) and I am not going. A coworker and I (she is doing WW) are having our own. I made stufed peppers (already posted the recipe in the forum and it's waiting approval) and a salad and we'll have our own away from the taters and stuffing!

Talk soon!

11-15-2007, 11:50 AM
I NEED AN ADULT!!!! Or someone to :nono::tantrum::drill::frypan::rollpin::kickbutt:

I have NOT been OP in any way, shape, or form, and Thanksgiving is in a week. I'm going to live on salad, vegetables, and cheese for the next week, I think. :moo::ink: I'm finally going to the grocery store today so I'm going to pick up the healthy things I need to be good. I hate when I'm down to the scraps of everything, out of veggies, out of salad, etc.

My tickie is lying and I hate him. No, I hate that I haven't had any self-control for the last week, really. It's not my tickie's fault. I need someone to get it into my head that when I do something nice like lose 2 lbs, I'm not supposed to then sabbotage myself by gaining 4 back! They need a whale smiley thing.

Holy cow it got cold here all of a sudden. High of 47 today, low of 26. Brrrrr. What does it think it is, November? I guess my body was just preparing myself for the cold and fattening itself up, right? Sigh...

I'm going to go eat a can of spinach so I'm not hungry when I go to the store. You girls have a great day! Talk soon!


11-15-2007, 12:06 PM
canned spinach, ewwww....
Don't punish yourself weezle!

11-15-2007, 12:14 PM
Okay girlies I'm back. It's the 15th of the month so busy busy around work.

Stephanie good luck with the washer hope they get it fixed soon. Mine did the same not to long ago and from sitting in the water (chlorinated) some of the clothes looked bleached (they were dark color clothes too)

Brown glad to hear yall are getting some rain. How nice Thanksgiving with your sis - Enjoy!

Beachgal some workout is better than no workout. Hopefully you'll get a new treadmil today

Weezle don't be hard on yourself you'll bounce right back. Thoughts & prayers for ya :hug:

I'll be back later if it slows a bit.

11-15-2007, 01:17 PM
Woke up late this morning - 7:20 - and have been scurrying around ever since. It was garbage pick-up day and stuff was supposed to be at the road by 6:30. The lads never get here until 8 or later but today they lied so I had to take it to the dump myself!

The visit from the breeder with Serena went OK except I seem to be allergic to this breed! My skin and eyes were very itchy by the time they left so this may not be the dog for me. It may be because the dog lives in a house with 7-10 cats and has cat dander on her. I'm definitely allergic to cats. She also had a little pee on the rug by the back door which did not impress me. I understand submissive peeing but this wasn't it. After my trip, I may have her for another visit but my gut feel is no. Hershey was her usual laid-back self so that wasn't the problem.

Got my flu shot at 8:45 and ended up with the gang at Bob's Diner for a late breakfast of food porn. Lots of gossip going on but no nude male pictures - so far. Got home in time to meet a friend who was dropping in for a cup of tea - she just left.

So much for the morning! Donna comes this afternoon and I think I'll just hole up in the sewingroom while she's here. Once again I've not made it to town or to visit poor Harry.

Wish I had time for personals every day but Life is moving pretty fast. I do read and may get back to comment later.

11-15-2007, 01:34 PM
Schmoodle, it's the only vegetable I have left. Isn't that sad?

Gonna, thanks for the prayers and hugs!

Better dry my hair and get to the store before I start gnawing on my coffee table. I'll check in later!


11-15-2007, 04:14 PM
Lisa, that's awful! :fr: I hope that you get a ton of good food soon! :hug: No wonder you haven't been eating well...if you don't have appetizing OP food available, you're hardly going to eat OP. Who'd pick a can of spinach over *insert food porn here*??? You're going to do just fine, hon. Climb back up on the wagon...we're all holding out our hands to help you up. :grouphug:

Jenn, I love what you and the coworker did!!! We had a feast here too. I stayed downstairs and let my coworkers go...then ate my lunch from home. It's not too hard if you're not there looking at it. ;)

11-15-2007, 04:14 PM
Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day. I got out of work on time and made it to the gym. Spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and 15 on weights. Then home for a shower. It was a bit tense with Robert but I did get to explain to him some more about how I have been feeling and why. He wants to try to save it but I just feel like it is over. It did feel good to get out of the house since Brian is on his field trip until Friday afternoon. At least Robert agreed we would tell Brian together when he gets back from his trip.

I went to visit the Pack that a couple of my friends run. They are short leaders and I got to help with their one Webelos who showed up. Great kid. I went out to eat dinner with them afterwards. Their traditional place is to sit outside at Sonic. Well, we had a cold front go through yesterday and it may have still been 60 but the wind was 30mph and it was COLD! It was still fun and relaxing and just what I needed. The grilled chicken wrap (and two tater tots) were not exactly OP but I just couldn't think of a salad when it was that cold.

Tonight I have to run and pick up a refill of my blood pressure meds so I'm not sure if I will make it to the gym. I have a Roundtable staff meeting tonight and have dinner plans with at least one of the leaders so it should be another relaxing evening.

11-15-2007, 05:20 PM
Ahhhh, $100 later, I have a house full of OP food! (They had major sales on veggies and stuff, so I went a little overboard.) Already had a lite WW english muffin with a garlic and herb LC cheese wedge on it, and about to make a big salad. I feel better just having healthy food in my house.

Thanks for the support girls. Going to try to get some more water in me because I'm sure that'll help too. I've changed my tickie, too, although I'm still not happy about it. I just think I'm more likely to work hard if I have the ugly truth staring me in the face. Grrrrr. Roar. Etc.

I'm mad at my cable company because they used to have free on-demand exercise shows that changed every month, and they don't have them anymore. I could use them now. It would save me money on buying dvd's.

OK gotta get my salad and water in me and then leave for piano lesson. Have a good one girlies! Thanks again!


11-15-2007, 08:21 PM
Lisa, I love me veggies, but I darned near gagged when you mentioned canned spinach, BLETCH! That stuff isn't even remotely akin to the real thing. I'm sure glad you were able to get out and get a shopping in!

Barb, :hug: I'm glad things seem to be going pretty well for you.

:wave: to everyone else!

We never did get to Longwood Gardens today. Instead, I helped Cindy organize her new walk-in pantry, which took up most of the afternoon. Maggie was a big helper, and when Audrey got home we spent the rest of the afternoon making Thanksgiving decorations with Perler beads.
Supper's over and I just got the kitchen cleaned up. Now I'm going to go put on my jammies, get a bowl of FF black cherry jello and Cool Whip, and watch Survivor.