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11-13-2007, 06:58 AM
:coffee2: It's a rainy Tuesday morning, dark, dreary and foggy. But I got dressed in my workout clothes so I have no excuse to skip Curves. ;) When I get back home, I'm making a big crockpot full of white chicken chili. That sounds like the perfect comfort food for today. :)

11-13-2007, 07:43 AM
OOOOO, that chili does sound good! It's not very cold here, just a tad foggy and kind of icky and creapy outside. yuk.

Another unbelievably busy day here. I have a client who is a PITA and I really wanted to "fire" him yesterday...he's a real flake and very strange. He wants "samples" of everything and then changes his mind constantly after I've done the work already and then doesn't want me to charge him (ha..I charge for every minute I spend working!) My husband told me to just go up on my prices (for him only) and maybe he will just "quit" me instead. I thought that was a great idea...either he will go away and I don't have to deal with him anymore or I'll get paid more for dealing with him and his weirdness...either way I win. We'll see.

I usually plan meals ahead, but this week is nuts, so I'm going to defrost some chicken and worry about it later.

Ya'll have a great day.

11-13-2007, 08:13 AM
It must be a chicken day! I have one thawing on my counter and plan to do a roast chicken with oven veggies later today. Rob and John are coming for a late-ish dinner after I do pet therapy. It'll be a simple meal and they can have ice cream with maple syrup for dessert. Ice cream doesn't tempt me unless it's Baskin Robbins Pralines 'n Cream! Sheesh! Food porn before 7:30 AM! :nono:

The dog visit didn't happen yesterday afternoon as the breeder was running late. She had to get home to feed a new litter of puppies so had to cancel. She'll be here Wednesday evening. Yesterday was sort of wasted with waiting for no-show Kevin and then canceling my painting class because of the dog visit.

So....on with Tuesday. I may take a quick run to town for some quilt batting and socks for Harry and pop in for a quick visit on my way back. I also hope to get the last border strips onto my quilt and do some more embroidery on the wall hanging I'm making for my DD. I'll post a pic if I can get my scanner to work properly. I miss my old job where I just called the Help Desk and some 15 year old kid came and fixed things. I always got quick service because I usually had cookies or brownies in my office!

Hershey tells me that the weather is supposed to clear later so we may be able to get some leaves raked.

Have a terrific Tuesday! It won't take much to beat my Moanday.

Sorry the pic is so small. I'll do a proper one later.

11-13-2007, 09:08 AM
Good Morning Ladies!
Cottage The chili sounds delicious. Your willlingness to excercise in the face of crummy weather is inspring.
Cat I love your DH's idea. Hope your client becomes more manageable.
Ruth Today will be much better. Your chicken and roasted vegetables also sound so YUMMY. The picture is beautiful. I wish I had some kind of creative ability but no such luck.
I am off to what will hopefully be a much better day as well. When I got back to work yesterday you would have thought I was gone a month instead of 1 extra day off. Oh well. My FH is taking me out to a nice dinner tonight and the restaurant has a bunch of menu items that are OP or that they will modify to make so. Somethiing to look forward to. Have a great day everybody.

11-13-2007, 09:20 AM
Morning chicks, gray and rainy here too. No chicken for us, I plan to fix ww ravioli and sauce for me and DH and potato soup for the kids. I don't usually make 2 dinners but they love that soup and I rarely make it now, so they special-requested it. At least it's quick and easy. Oh, I made a soup last night that was so good. I was trying to recreate something I used to get at a restaurant. It was 5 cubes of roasted red pepper puree, 2 LCLC original wedges, half a can of evap skim milk, 1/2 cup grated lowfat cheddar, 1 veggie bouillon cube, about 3/4 cup water, salt and pepper, and some red pepper flakes. You could also use a jar of red peppers and puree them in the blender or with the immersion blender. DH loved it too. It was just enough for two big bowls.

Work today, of course, but I'm knocking off early for an eye doctor appt., then quick dinner and after I have to go over to the community center to help set up for our volunteers banquet that is tomorrow night.

Gotta run and put on my shoes and brush my teeth before I walk kids to school. Fortunately I think the rain has stopped. Have a good one chicks!

11-13-2007, 09:39 AM
Schmoodle, your soup sounds good. How much puree is in a cube? It was pouring when I came out of Curves, but they say it's supposed to clear out by noon. How's your DD's sore throat today?

Ruth, is that picture the wall hanging you're working on? It's beautiful!
Have fun raking leaves, this rain is making all our leaves come down at once. Jake is going to be busy once it dries up out there, LOL.

Cat, that sounds like an excellent idea to use on your obnoxious client!

THINBYJUNE, enjoy your dinner out tonight!

I have my chili simmering now. I found a bag of 13 Bean Soup in the pantry that I added to it. If it's ready by noon, I may take a cup with me for my lunch. The girls want to make turkeys this afternoon and decorate their playroom for Thanksgiving, so that's the plan. YIKES! I just realized that Thanksgiving is next week!

11-13-2007, 09:45 AM
Good morning! Well I am awake this morning! Walked into my local coffee shop this morning for my daily fix and all I can say is holy smokes (only I didn't say smokes!) Staring me straight in the face as I walked in was a lifesize painting of a nude male in all his glory! Needless to say in our small "redneck" town this has caused quite a stir! There was a lady walking out as I was coming in saying she would not buy there again and she was calling the mayor. Oh I feel for the guy working today. I have come to know him well since this place opened. The shop is owned by a gay man from a larger city nearby. Now before I start a fued, I have nothing against the gay population at all. Unfortunatley in a small town like ours there are many who do and this type of display be it art or not is going to hurt their business and the stigma of a gay owner is only going to fuel the fire. What bothers me is many mornings I have seen small children in there with their parents and this coffee shop is a big hang out for the high school crowd also. Small town scandle brewing!

Cottage Kudos to you for hitting the gym today!

Cat Stick to your guns with the guy, your time is far to valuable to waste it on his silly requests.

Ruth I love the wall hanging! Hope your day is more productive.

Thin Enjoy your dinner!

Schmoodle Sounds like a busy day!

Yesterday was so slow due to the holiday and it put the boss in a cranky mood, and now he is determined we will make something happen today. Makes for a trying day because in this wonderful world of mortgages you cant "make" things happen. Atleast I am not dealing with the wrath of the town folk and nude art today! I do hope I haven't offened anyone with my soap box.

Have a great day all and I will check back later!

11-13-2007, 10:02 AM
Morning! Sorry I missed everyone over the weekend as DH was off Saturday, Sunday & Monday so we spent every minute together & I loved it.

Cottage sorry your day sounds so dreary. Your chilli sounds delish! Happy turkey making with the girls

Femme good luck with your client situation

Ruth love the wall hanging

Thin enjoy your dinner with FH. It is so much easier to eat out when you can find OP items on the menu

Pacer Wow! small town scandal keep us posted on what happens

Me for today is busy at work as we were closed yesturday, have a special prayer church service this evening as we just found out our pastors wife has a brain tumor & its cancerious & surgery is on Thursday. Gotta go lurk the site so be back later.

Great day everyone!!

11-13-2007, 10:10 AM
Pacer - All I can say is WOW! I would think that mothers of young girls would really have an issue with it. I happen to like artwork like that but it needs to be in an appropriate setting where people know what they are going to see.

cottage - Your dinner sounds good. I like bean dishes but my husband doesn't like them or beans. I can't wait to be able to fix all the chicken and bean dishes I want.

schmoodle - I really like ww ravioli and so does Brian. Buitoni makes one that I can buy in the store. I'm sure the cheese is not low fat though so I make it an occasional treat.

thinbyjune - Enjoy your dinner out.

Ruth - Yum! Roast chicken! Hubby barely touches chicken and won't let me fix any that have bones. I have missed a good roast chicken.

Cat - I would definitely charge him more. Why should you have to deal with someone that obnoxious?

Me - We went to visit another Boy Scout troop last night. They are a farther drive from where we live but still only about 15 minutes away. Brian said he liked them better than the other troop we visited and I did too. Hubby came along but he stayed with the boys while the other parents and I met with the leaders. I know several of the leaders and think Brian would have a great time with this troop. They are going on a campout this weekend and have invited our Webelos to come along. They are going back to Camp Cherokee to camp and have reserved the climbing tower. It has four sides so you can choose your height (from 12 feet to 48 feet, I think). You climb it and rapel down the sides. Brian really wants to do it but I've got to work on Saturday for a DRA drill. I was hoping I would get done early enough to take him since he said he would rather go with me than his Dad but it looks like I might not be done until late afternoon and then it is a 2 hour drive. I don't know if his Dad will be in the mood to take him after I tell him I want a divorce but it would be a good distraction and some fun for Brian - if his Dad is calm enough to drive him. I guess I'll just have to see.

11-13-2007, 10:11 AM
Stephanie, it seems to me that the owner is wanting to stir things up a bit, displaying that nude picture right out in the open like that! Keep us posted on the latest developments. :corn:

11-13-2007, 10:25 AM
Sorry cottage, that wasn't very clear was it (the cube thing)? I roasted, pureed, and froze a bunch of red peppers in ice cube trays, so they were ice cube sized cubes. I think a cube is a little less than one pepper's worth, so I think I used about 4 peppers. I'll have to start measuring things better if I'm going to post them, but something like this the proportions aren't so important.
And thanks for asking about DD. She has strep AGAIN. This is a kid that never gets sick, but that's the second time this fall. Hope we can kick it this time.
Pacer, I live in a tiny town too. Actually, my town is too small to have a coffee shop - wish we did! But I know what you mean about small town politics. Maybe it will help his business - I'd go in there to take a look! I guess he's trying to make a statement and is willing to risk the business...
GONNABE, that's very sad news. However brain tumors are funny things. I've lost family members that way, but also have a cousin who was diagnosed as inoperable with 6 mos to live, and that was 10 years ago and he's doing fine. Hope that she has a good outcome.
Barb, I didn't know that the Scouts got to "shop around" for a troop. It's good that they get to pick one that suits them. I'm sure you're on pins and needles waiting for Wednesday to get here and maybe not wanting it to arrive at the same time. :hug:
Ruth and femme, hope you both have a good day! Femme, I'm confident whatever you come up with for your chicken will be delicious! You'll probably invent a new SB classic on the spur of the moment.

11-13-2007, 10:45 AM
Morning chicks! Just had my Chocolate Ricotta Muffins and a HUGE coffee! I'm wacked out on 1/5 tsp of adult cold meds thats 1/4 the dose!
Cottage WIll you come to NJ and kick my arse to exercise I need it! Have fun decorating!!
Cat I think you deserve a MEntal ANguish Bonus for dealing with this Creepshow!
Ruth that is beautiful!!! You're making me want to quilt! Your dinner sounds yummy!

Thin I love having somethign good to look fwd to at the end of the day!
SChmoodle Your soup sounds yummy can you post the chowder recipe you were telling me about?
Stephanie: I think that's a case of not knowing your client base! Maybe they just wanted to get a buzz going? get on the news? If it's tasteful I Don't have a problem with nudity, that being said I've lived in a little redneck town and it's not really the place for it!
Gonna: Our thoughts and prayers will be with her!
Barb: Brian will have such a good time! I'm glad you're taking care of your needs!

I stress ate last night then couldn't sleep. I know me quitting is the right thing to do and DH is very supportive but his Mom decided to freak me out last night.
It kinda kills me, My sis helped DH find and get his job. His Brother works in a field I'd love to work in and won't lift a finger to help anyone! Maybe his friends. and his fam is not supportive of me looking in the city b/c that would be "more difficult for DH" UGH
anyway enough of my rantings. They actually know a guy who does Voice work which I'm also interested in so I'm going to see if they'll introduce me.
back to the grind!

11-13-2007, 11:08 AM
Morning all. Quick check-in before my work really kicks in. No time to do individual here but it's gloomy and raining here too, chicken of any form sounds good (though it's Eggplant Parm tonight for me) and don't ever make the breakfast cups without a muffin tin, FYI.

Keep your umbrellas up. :rain:

11-13-2007, 11:19 AM
Barb a divorce - your in my thoughts and prayers as they are not easy to go through :hug:

KO & Jenn:dust: for your day

I am still without kitchen plumbing as the plumber says for sure it will be all done on Thursday - I sure hope so as I am going crazy. Hope everyone is having a OP day

11-13-2007, 11:37 AM
Kier, this is the recipe, but it's my original recipe from long ago, taught to me by a Mainer - not SBD-ized:

Fish or Clam Chowder

Brown bacon in deep pot. Remove and drain. Drain half of grease from pot. Brown 1 chopped onion. Add 1 cup chopped potatoes, 1 can evaporated milk, and 1 cup chicken or vegetable broth. Simmer until potatoes are tender. Add 1 cup milk, and i lb fish or clams (halibut or hake are best). Cook just until fish is done. Season. Serve with bacon crumbled on top.

To SBD this, I would use 1 T olive oil instead of bacon grease, and substitute zucchini, butternut squash, or some other veg for the potatoes, use skim milk, and skip the bacon, but I haven't tried this yet. I've also used shrimp and/or scallops in this recipe and sometimes I add some shredded cheese at the end too.

little chick
11-13-2007, 12:47 PM
Afternoon chicks, I am back after the long weekend. Living room and dinning room complete, yipee, I got a great buy on a area rug yesterday, it was regular 299.00 and I got it for 99.00 it is so nice.....
Well I can say that I am back on track after a huge and I mean huge stuff your face fest this week end. I will not go into details but it was not good. My ticker is lying and I am afraid to get on the scales. But I will be brave and face them tomorrow and update my ticker. So I will take any kick in the butts coming.

cottage- It is rainy here to today so we are going to be having a crafty day and then maybe a movie.

Femme- have a fab day.

Ruth- your wall hanging is beautiful.

thin- enjoy your dinner.

Barb- Hugs to you during this hard time..... take care of yourself.

Schmoodle- hope your dd is feeling better soon.

ko- I hope a great job comes along... Gotta to love family... take care.

jenne - Have a great ph 1 day....

gonna- The only thing worse than no kitchen is no bathroom, hope it is all done soon. Take care.

Me- not much. The weather is rainy here and kinda of depressing. I am just trying to catch up on all my computer stuff that I missed over the weekend. Have a great day chicks.

11-13-2007, 03:35 PM
How are you all? Doing good here, dh left for Minneapolis this AM so it's a long week for me. I hate when he's gone.

Just got back from a run, made it all the way and I'm happy about that, almost done with Phase one, Thursday is the final day. I've been eating one meal a week with the family that is not Phase one and I'm still doing OK. For me the secret is lots of veggies and water. Worried about heading into phase two because I seem to lose control. Any tips would be great.

Little Chick: cool about the area rug! I love a bargain. About that lying ticker....I bet yours isn't the only one:D

Schmoodle: the recipe sounds so yummy, just what you would want on a cold winter day.

Gonnabe: uh, no kitchen plumbing until Thursday????? I would be going nuts!

Jenne: I would like details of the "no mufin cups"....sounds like an adventure.

KO: hang in there, do what you need to do, not your mil. Don't let the stress get you again! Hugs:hug:

Barb: sorry about your stresses right now, you are amazing with all your scouting stuff. That's cool. We have an active program here, but no one is as into it as you seem to be.

Pacergal: wow...sounds like a movie. I'm sure there are some clicking tongues going on. That wouldn't go over well in our community either.

cottage: your soup sounds delicious. What time is dinner? Can I come? :D

Thinby: Have fun at dinner tonight.

Ruth: The quilt is so cute. Post a bigger pix if you can. I love wall hangings like that.

Femme: I think you are on the right track with the weirdo. You don't need or deserve the aggravation.

Well, I'm off to make a pot of soup and a couple of batches of bread, one whole wheat batch and a batch of white bread. I know that may be food porn, but I have a couple of kids at home and they need it for their lunches. I'm making it because I'm boycotting the grocery store...well not really, but I can make bread for about a 1/3 of what I buy and mine tastes tons better. I also have laundry screaming at me.
Hugs to all!:hug:

11-13-2007, 05:30 PM
I told Robert today that I wanted a divorce. It was just too hard being here working from home all day and not tell him. He didn't even realize how bad things were. He's pretty broken up about it and wants to know what he can do but he just didn't understand that it is over. He asked me to wait until after Christmas to file. I'm willing to do that if he gets a job and finds an apartment. He's just so depressed right now and doesn't think he can find anything to support him. I told him I would give him enough to live on for at least 6 months but he needs to find work.

11-13-2007, 05:36 PM
Barb thoughts & prayers are with you :hug:

LC great buy on the rug. I am a huge bargain shopper - if it's not on sale or clearance I don't buy it.

RN happy bread making

Hope eveyone is having a great afternoon. I got my lunchtime workout done so that gave me a big boost of energy. Heading to lurkville

11-13-2007, 05:48 PM
Barb, I'm sure you feel a lot of relief in getting that done! The next weeks will be hard for everyone but hang in there.

Here's a better pic of the wall hanging. All it needs now is a bit more quilting and I'm done!

11-13-2007, 06:32 PM
Barb - :hug: I'm sending you patience and good vibes, too.

11-13-2007, 06:56 PM
RN -- lol. I realized, after cooking/mixing all the ingredients, that I didn't have a muffin pan! So, I used metal cups that had a paper cup lined inside to cook, put the 6 in a glass casserole dish and baked for FOURTY mins. While I thought the foil "paper" would be great to make up for the lack of tin, it wasn't as I have to PEEL it off before popping in the micro. And they never really set up (not to mention stick to the paper like mad) so I have to scoop them out of the paper liner after heating and I lose half the muffin that attached itself to the darn cup!

So, this weekend I am going to go out and buy one. GEESH!

11-13-2007, 06:58 PM
Barb :hug: it's good you took the step! now you can both get on with your lives.
RN woohoo on the run! thanks for the hug! MIL is really good in a lot of ways they just don't really do change
Little Chick! A bargain girl after my own heart! your ticker will only fib for a bit!
Ruth soo gorgeous!! I found a quilting mag that I want to get they had a quilt with cocktails on it!!
Gonna good job on the workout!

11-13-2007, 06:59 PM
Jenne I make quiche in a pie plate and just precut them!!
Btw the Cup thing totally sounds like something I'd do!

11-13-2007, 07:10 PM
Thanks, gals! You do not know how much your support means to me right now. I don't have any family nearby and while I do have some good friends, they are busy with their families and I don't want to bother them too often.

I was just about to go pick up Brian at school when the company came to do the forms and steel for the pool decking. Of course, they didn't have the latest changes and they don't speak much English. My high school Spanish is so rusty that when I try to think of what I want to say, I keep coming up with my college German! I don't think that will work too well. ;)

11-13-2007, 09:23 PM
Jeezie-peezie, just got back from helping to set up for the volunteers banquet and I would love to stuff my face with some chocolate right now. Spent 40 minutes listening to some very detail oriented people discuss how to position the tables, you'd have thought we were getting ready for a White House dinner rather than a small town podunk dinner at the fire hall. Grrr...please don't waste my evenings, I've got plenty of other stuff to do, like posting on 3fatchicks!
The eye doctor said my vision has remained pretty stable over the last two years, so that's good news. I've been very near sighted since I was a kid. Now I'm getting the over 40 farsightedness. Wouldn't you think they would cancel each other out? Unfortunately that's not the way it works, you can actually be nearsighted AND farsighted at the same time.

Barb, :hug:. You are more than generous to soon-to-be DXH. He should be embarrassed that his wife has to support him while divorcing him. Not to mention be totally responsible for supporting his son. Please don't let him take advantage of you.

11-14-2007, 01:34 AM
Hi everyone! I'm new here, just thought I'd check in before bed at the end of Day 2, Phase One. I'm miserable already missing my fruit. Tell me it gets easier!!!

To all you who worked out on this gloomy day, Way to go! That's awesome! I worked all day and literally did not see one minute of natural light. I left the house at 7am and got home at 8pm. It's so yucky out too.