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01-20-2002, 02:46 PM
I don't believe in turning pages on the computer. Those little 2s are too small to point at. So, new thread.

Good to see you back, Muffie! Still cooking the coolest food, I see. Yum! How's your DS doing these days? And Lil Pumpkin?

Peaches, don't do it! Fad diets are why we are here! Actually I don't know anything about the Hollywood diet. It's not that one where you have to drink gallons of odd colored juicy stuff, is it? I went on the Beverly Hills Diet -- back when I was a horrifying 130 (yes, me too, Wab), and I suppose it snagged me a husband, but I have been paying for it ever since. If not for that stupid diet (the first diet I ever went on in my life), I would not be here talking to you guys, of course, so I suppose that is some consolation.

Hmm, Steve needs his memory refreshed? Send him a pic from way back when :s: !

Had a great time at the party yesterday. DD took along a friend, who unfortunately didn't like anything there was there to eat. Made me very proud of my kid, who has learned to enjoy grownup food. I used to think she was kind of picky, but listen to the dinner she ate -- first she enjoyed the brie and crackers, then the cream of garlic soup with cilantro (to die for!), salmon filet, giant baked potato, and snow crab legs! She rejected the asparagus as too soft (it was, altho very tasty). Her friend wouldn't eat any of these. I buttered some white bread for her, then later we found her some dry cereal to snack on (difficult at someone else's house to come up with picky kid food). Everybody loved the cheesecake, ofcourse, although dd's friend wasn't even going to try it! DD about forced her, so she did and ended up enjoying it. Oy, what a burden to have kids like that. Nice kid otherwise. Our host played a trick on the two of them -- he offered them 2 $20 bills if they could get undone from 2 ropes with untying them. Each had a rope tied to each wrist, but looped through the other person's rope first. They spent well over half an hour trying to untangle themselves, but never could do it. We all decided it was impossible (which we were pretty sure of by the amount of the bills he was offering), and they ended up losing, although it was certainly amusing. He wouldn't even tell us the trick, but his wife did later.

I did, indeed, get in the hot tub. DD and her friend, DH and I, all had a nice soak. Then we ran out in the snow and rolled in it, and jumped back in the hot tub! I kid you not. :smug: In fact, we did it 3 times. The kids must have gone out in the snow about 6 times. Pretty insane. Invigorating though...

Well, this is getting long. Later.


01-20-2002, 03:15 PM
Interesting choice of words! :dizzy:

I can't remember which show it was Friday, Dateline, or one of that type, but they talked about dieting. They had Atkins on. The expert didn't have anything too nice to say about the Hollywood diet.

Kiwi, pumpkin is just fine. Way too attached to her mommy, :^: but I love her to pieces. She says I am her best friend. Let us hope she remembers that as she gets older. Can you believe it is time to register her for kindergarten!!!:mad: DS is doing great also. He is sporting a green mohawk at the moment though. He is allowed to mess with his hair as long as grades, attitude are in check. He is going to Hawaii in April w/his grandparents and has been adviced by his grandpa (ex fil) that *artsy* haircuts are out for the trip. This from the man with a 40 year old son with hair down his back!!! lol In any case, it is his dime paying for the trip, so DS must abide.

I was bad this morning, got up and ate a piece of carrot cake for breakfast. Not a good way to start the day.

BTW.....snow/hot tub sounds fun!

Hello to Viola. I am an old member that stops in from time to time to chew the cud with the cows!

Off to do laundry and clean my bedroom.

~k (who is at 250!!!!!!!!!!!!)

01-20-2002, 07:31 PM
Hi friendly cows! I am going off to be a human taxi service for my calves. I took a walk today, so I consider it an excellent day. I hope you are all doing OK today. I'll try to post again soon.

01-20-2002, 07:32 PM
TELL me muffers---did Kiwi mention whether she was SKINNY DIPPING in said hot tub?????My DH suggested that it may be possible!!!!Also,I was thinking ---maybe that is what WE should call ourselves-----HOT TUBS!!!!:lol: tonite I cannot decide what to do----start a serious diet OR make ginger crinkle cookies----SOMEONE DECIDE FOR ME-----and someone email Lushtub and force her back here------Hi Sugartub,Peachtank,Vio-lunch,Muffballs,Kiwobble---did I miss anyone???oh sorry Wobbly.gotta go make cookies--hahahahahah:devil: :devil: :devil: ::p

01-21-2002, 12:07 AM
Well, the taxi stopped at steak & shake, need I say more....I am not OP. :lol:

01-21-2002, 04:15 AM
Bagzie, you're a genius! :p

I am actually starting to see teeny weeny muscles peeking through the fat. How long does it take to get buff? It's been 10 days already.

Fly Lady and Feng Shui are helping me get this dump cleaned up. Three garbage bags full of clothes that I never wear and I decluttered my whole laundry room. You would not believe what was in there - talk about cr*p! Oh, did I tell you that shortly after Christmas I stuffed a big fat doormat into my tiny little washing machine and of course the thing (that had only been washed once before) gave off so much lint that it clogged the sink where the water drains through a hose (how primitive, I know) and the ucky yucky sandy dirty soapy rinse water spilled all over the floor without me knowing it. Dh called it to my attention about 6 hours later but luckilythere were so many dirty clothes on the floor (we're talking wall to wall here) that they sucked up all the mess!!!! A messie blessing in disguise? Of cours I had to wash about 17 loads real fast, but it could have been worse.

Highlight of my day: buying a new vacuum. Dh says this means we'll have to throw out one of the old ones. We have six in various states of disrepair. I didn't buy them. Remind me not to marry a packrat in my next life. Actually, since I starting flinging stuff, dh has been too and I haven't said a word.

Oh yeah, we're getting an ISDN connection today and changing our telephone company so I'm expecting just about everything to go wrong. If you don't hear from me for a few day, you'll know why. Oooh, soon I'll be able to surf better and faster for cheaper. :D

Hi to everyone! Personals later, maybe. Anyone heard from Lushy?

01-21-2002, 01:03 PM
Hi Lovelies, I've been a bad girl again this weekend, but that is all behind me now. (Literally.) So far this morning - I've walked. I've eaten a healthy breakfast. I have a Lean Cuisine here at work for lunch.

I went shopping on sunday and bought some comfortable ugly shoes to wear when I go to the garden show:) :) :) I bought a new rain jacket to wear too. (It rains in Seattle even more than here) So I'm all ready to go!!!!!!!

Kiwi! The hot tubbing and snow rolling sounds like a blast! DD's friend sounds like many of my kid's friends that I've had experience with. My kids are just like their mother - they'll eat anything except sushi. They actually ask me for vegetables.

Sugar, muscles? really? I'm so impressed. My walking partner told me she's going to start doing weights too. I told her to go first and if she gets gorgeous that maybe I'll try it too.

Muffie, I saw that show too. It sounds like there's no easy answer to the blubber battle. Like I didn't know that already.

01-21-2002, 03:12 PM
Hot Tubs!!! Sound good, you know we are all hotties anyway! At least hot heads!!:cool:

Viola, you are a human taxi also? There are 4 boys, including my DS, who hang out together every weekend. The boys are in a band, and DS is their sound guy. He has bought himself equiptment to record their errr :lol: Anyway, after 2 years I have yet to meet one set of parents. Only parents giving them rides are myself and another mom. Very irritating to say the least, no matter how much I enjoy the 4 of them together.

Anyone know what it means when you wake up in the morning craving sweets????? I handled it this morning by putting cinnamon vanilla creamer in my coffee, but I could really go for a big slice of chocalate cake!! What is up with that? I really don't eat sweets to often.

SugP, did the bags of clothes make it out of your room? You have inspired me to get rid of the bags that have been sitting in my room for a month.

Toodles beautiful bovines.

01-21-2002, 03:57 PM
Everything seems to have worked, after 5 hours of fiddling and swearing. Isn't it always the way? I can surf sooooo fast now. Wow! But I'm afraid to disconnect in case it all goes away.

Gotta go do something about these muscles!:smug:

01-21-2002, 04:12 PM
did not skinny dip in the hot tub at a party with DD and her friend! Are you insane? :eek:

It was shocking enough to appear in a bathing suit in mid-winter, believe me.

I wrote a long message earlier and hit the submit button. By the time I figured out that DD had disconnected me, it was gone. It was full of wit, wisdom and insight, of course. Too bad.

Muffie, your story of DS and his hair reminds me of my brother. The same thing happened to him at the same age -- he had hair down to his shoulders (very renegade at the time), he wanted to stay at the next-door-neighbors' while the rest of us went out of town to visit relatives. They said he could stay with them if he got a haircut and he did! Surprised the heck out of me, but it was hilarious.

Sugar, good messie story. Almost as good as my bleach spill. Go get rid of your old vacuums. I lent out my old one right after I got the new one. I sort of miss some things about the old one, but not enough to go ask for it back.

So thrilled about your muscles!! I want some! I don't think Tai Chi will do the trick, I may have to do something strenuous.

Tata, can't remember what else I had to say.


P.S. Yay!! on the new connection, Sug, hope it keeps working!

01-21-2002, 04:30 PM
DS just got up. Seems the green prickly mohawk full of Knox Gelatin and glue was a bit hard to sleep in!!! He got up in the middle of the nite to wash it out!! Good thing, that thing had the texture of Jerkey!!!

I love it. Now hopefully he has learned his lesson!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

01-21-2002, 06:13 PM
Hi, back from park with little guys. Oh, there is no taxi like the mother of a teenage boy in a band! I bow to you, oh great mom with earplugs in her ears. I do have teenage girls though, and they aspire to be in a band with their friends. They do parodys of Brittany Spears, N'sync, etc. They are hilarious. Alas, I am a messie too. I have raised a pack of messies, except for one. She must be a genetic mutation. I try not to make her do all the work around here, but she is a big help. My husband's gallbladder may be acting up, poor thing, more reason to get to a lower fat diet. I really appreciate the cow threads.