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11-12-2007, 04:53 PM
Ok, I know a lot of you 3FCers are cat owners, so if you have any advice, please feel free.

I need to know what measures you have taken to protect your home from a kitty's destruction. My kitty, Jasmine, hasn't destroyed anything really, but my bf is worried because lately the cat has been eyeing his beloved plasma tv/sound system/PS3/wii. We're scared the cat is gonna go claw happy (as he does with us) and ruin our little entertainment section. I honestly don't care, but the bf has said if there is one scratch on the tv, the kitty has got to go. I've looked into those nail caps for cats (can't remember what they're called) but wonder if they are really effective. I don't know if keeping his claws short will help much, as he doesn't give me a chance to clip them (he bites hard!!).

This was my first kitty so he's spoiled and can pretty much do anything and get away with anything. I really want to keep him cause well, I love the little bugger and he's a hoot. But on the other hand, I don't want my apartment destroyed.

Help! TIA

11-12-2007, 04:58 PM
when i had a cat, he never really scratched the tv or anything like that.. just mainly furniture. i suggest buying a scratching post and grabbing your kittie and forcing him/her to scratch the post with his paw so they learn at first that they can do that. that might help.

or maybe go to the vet and clip the nails? i dunno . but if you clip their nails, that makes them defenseless when it goes outside to other animals that have claws.

but go to pet smart and ask somebody there. they might have maybe a special spray that might serve to repell not sure if that works.. but if there is one, you can spray it around your entertainment system.. like on the carpet or something, so the cat stays away?

11-12-2007, 05:06 PM
I've never heard of a cat scratching a TV - is it possible to wall mount it to get it out of the way?

My last 2 cats were declawed (when I was younger and didn't know any better). When I got my two kittens, I decided to train them with positive rewards. I put a scratching post in the living room and praise them lavishly when they use it, and I give them a few bonito fish flakes. In the beginning, if they started scratching anything else (which was very rarely) I said NO very loudly, then picked them up and took them to their scratching post and praised and rewarded them when they scratched.

It really really works. They don't scratch anything but their post (and a hanging post I put on a door) and they will do it on command (embarassingly enough: "show mommy what a good kitty does?")

I also trim their claws once a week with special kitty nail clippers, I've been doing it since I first got them, so they are really calm and well behaved when I do it (the reward is also fish flakes). YOu can always wrap Jasmine in a towel, just put it on her back, roll it around her and gently remove each paw for clipping. Just push the toe to extend the claw and cut off only the tip (if you cut too far, it will bleed, but you can tell by looking at the extended claw where not to cut, it's pretty easy to see). The towel trick is also an excellent way to get a cat in a cat carrier. Put the cat carrier on end (so the opening is at the top), wrap cat in a towel (covering all the pointy bits) and then gently lowering the cat into the carrier.

I never allowed my kittens to bite or claw me - if they played too rough I told them "no, play nice!" Now, I can wiggle my hand on their bellies and they grab me gently and bite gently (very rarely getting over excited and told to stop). I love my kitties like crazy, but I am the boss and they do not get to claw me until I bleed!

11-12-2007, 05:08 PM
Oh, this thread is worthless without pics! Here is a link to a thread where I posted pictures of Diego and Serafina.

11-12-2007, 05:27 PM
The nail caps for cats - YES they absolutely work. Since the cat is a kitten, you have the opportunity to get him acclimated to having them applied so it will be easier in the long run to keep them on.

They are pretty easy to apply - trim the cats nail, put glue in the cap, and slip on. My older (and tempermental) cats don't necessarily like getting them applied, but don't protest too much either. A kitten will probably be easier to handle in this regard. Then, as the old ones fall off, you replace them. The cats shed them naturally as their nails grow out...just trim the nail again and slip a new one on. Initially, the cat will probably chew a couple of them off, so you'll replace more in the first month or so than you will thereafter.

I use Softpaws brand. We bought a new couch slipcover to cover up the arm of the couch the cats had absolutely destroyed, and the slipcover is still intact. They can make the same clawing motions, but they don't have the ability to actually scratch anything. And they've had no motion/running problems. As long as the cat is strictly indoor, they are a GREAT solution. Don't use them on a cat you're letting outside, though, because the cats claws are the primary way it has to defend itself.

11-12-2007, 05:28 PM
Here's a forum for cat owners. You might find some helpful information there.

11-12-2007, 05:30 PM
Many cats detest the smell of citrus. I had heard this, but hadn't noticed it myself, until just a couple days ago. My cat was sitting next to me while I peeled a tangerine, the hair on the back of her neck stood up and she hightailed it out of the room. Pet stores also sell animal repellants (but some smell so bad, they repell people too).

You could try spritzing a repellent or citrus room freshener (which might have to be reapplied every so often) around items and furniture you want her to avoid.

I've heard that the rubber caps work very well though they do have to be reapplied every six to 8 weeks I think, but as already mentioned you have to consider him virtually declawed, so you can't let him outside unsupervised. Short claws, unfortunately can do nearly as much damage as long claws.

I've never had a cat that scratched metal, glass or even plastic surfaces, they seem to prever textiles like clothing, furniture, carpeting and natural materials like wood and paper. A lot of people have success with scratching posts and spraying a cat with a spritz from a water bottle if they are caught in the act of scratching inappropriately. Shaking a can of pennies or nails when a cat is in the act of being naughty also sometimes works well.

11-12-2007, 05:50 PM
I have 3 kittens and a ldc tv. They like sitting by it because it throws off heat and keeps them warm. The also lie ontop my aquarium hood for the same reason. They play hide and seek around the tv and sometimes seem to watch the movement but do not use it to scratch on. Maybe your boyfriend should mount the tv on the wall if he is concerned.


11-12-2007, 10:05 PM
the softpaws (caps) do work for some..however some cats can figure out how to get them off. My suggestion is give them an appropriate area to scratch. Most "catscratchers" out there don't appeal to cats (too short and not covered with the materail they like). First figure out if your cat likes to scratch horizontally or verticall. Does your cat scratch the carpet (horizontal) or the couch (verticle). If they're a vertical scratcher...its highly important that the scratching post be tall enough that the cat can reach and scratch comfortably. In otherwords, at least 4 ft tall and use something that would encourage scratching...most cats LOVE sisle rope. You can buy a nice large cat condo...or if BF is handy..have him build one and you can over it with sisel (can be found in the rope section of home depot). Finally...some cats will chew on wires..don't ask why...but they love it. There's several products out there that deter cats from chewing..such as bitter apple/oranges or a diluted tabasco. Really, majority of cats leave equiptment alone (except the occasional wires) they usually don't like tv's for speakers...once again..they are the perfect hight for getting a good deep stretch/scratch. You can place tin foil on anything you don't want scratch. Cat's hate tin foil and nails (sort of like nails on chalkboard). It may look funny for a while, but until you cat gets use to the other things to use, then it will help. Its important to provide you cat with appropriate outlets for scratching..ever since i've gotten my 5 ft condo with sisel all the way up it..may cats' haven't been happier...and have never scratched my couch or anything else...hope this helped.

11-12-2007, 10:10 PM
btw as for deteuring the cat from attacking you...several ways. first if the cat is on your lap and he does that...stand up and the cat will fall to the floor. the cat will learn that inappropriate behavior will lead to withdrawl of attention. Also NEVER use you hands to play with your teached them wrong manners. Next, you can also take you finger and tap the cat on the nose...this is what mama cat does to discipline her kittens. Also stop petting and ignore the cat when the inappropriate behavior is being displaed.

11-13-2007, 10:05 AM
Once again, you gals have came through for me. Thanks to all your responses!!! I will definitely be trying all your tips to tame my wild kitty and protect my home.

Thank you!!