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11-12-2007, 12:19 PM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support :grouphug:and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting.:gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome.:yes:

11-12-2007, 12:36 PM
Monday morning.....

I'm hoping that this week will be an exciting week at'll make it go by faster! (Vacation time next week) :carrot:

This weekend was a walk free weekend, but...I did exercise, I did my ab workout and my thin thighs workouts. Let say, I'm walking a little wobbly this morning! Feels good. I will do my walking tonight and I'm getting ready to do some abs right now. I have this vision for my birthday, to be out of the 140's. So....7lbs by birthday will be fabulous. (just really need to concentrate on keeping OP and getting that exercise in)

Angie--I was planning on working on the ornament last night, but watch a movie instead. Have you seen "Lucky number Slevin" ? Good movie! I had an eyebrow raise in most parts wondering "what is going on?" Love those types of movies.

Cristina--The excuse was because we're a medical group and most of the workers work close to patients and they want the patient to always feel comfortable. But we haven't been near the hospital for over a year now (almost 2) and we never work w/the patients. So I found it to be a poor excuse.

Mindee--Cute picture. They definitely look like brothers and sister! We'll have to move that over to the photos section, so it doesn't get lost.

Jane--We made my grandma's Hodge Podge soup. It was so good. Warmed up my cold bones. Served it w/low fat bread sticks. My calories were spot on and I split my one cup worth into two halves. I have lots left over and will have that again tonight! Will be thinking of you tomorrow! :hug:

I must get the body moving all have a great Monday and here's to a fast week!! :carrot: (hopefully)

:hug: <---to you all!

11-12-2007, 04:21 PM
Hello ladies...

Got my walk in today, another 4 miles, just a little over. WI is tomorrow so keeping my fingers crossed.

MARTI...I see. You are doing good with the exercise.

JANE...lots of hugs. I read that book and like dit. But then again I like everything she writes. I started the numbers books kind at number 7...don't ask me why, lol. Think by the time I heard about her that was what was out. I may go back and read all the others one day but for now I am moving on to #13.

Have a good day all!

11-12-2007, 06:31 PM
thanks for the nice comments on the picture and on the kiddos! they have their moments....but then again they are 3 1/2, 2 and 7 they are allowed to, right?

I will have to get that picture over to the picture section. I have been meaning to check the thread out anyways. I think I will have to go and check it out soon.

da fat n da furious
11-13-2007, 12:33 AM
Hi Marti,,,nope have not seen that movie. A few months ago I bought some popcorn at Walmart,,,in it was a CD of some pilot tv shows. A couple of Saturdays,,,when I had a nasty cold I watched it. And got hooked on Heros.
I went to the video store and rental all 7 discs,,(not at once) Im on the last disc..I have a tough time watching tv programs cause of my eratic schedule so I rent the next one is greys anatomy.
I think that is why I like movies too,,,I watch alot of movies. Have you seen Departed? We just watched 300 last weekend.

Well I have to get to bed,,,early start tomorrow since I had today off.

night all

11-13-2007, 01:47 AM
just quickly stopping by to see how every one is doing.....

just having some "me" time and trying to figure out how I am going to get every thing back on track. Tommy has to go tomorrow after work for some job placement testing, and then possibly going to orientation on Wednesday. This job is for a little more money....but it will help out more. Now, we just sit on things and hope that he gets the job for the complex. (still keeping fingers crossed...please)

11-13-2007, 02:48 AM
Evening ladies...

I'm getting ready to walk, not really wanting to and I'm even trying to talk myself out of it, but I would do much better if I just do it.

Jane--My friend, you are in my thoughts and I will be saying prayers for you that your tests results will be negative. I'm also sending hugs to you and your family. :hug:

Cristina--I'm trying to be good w/exercise. It is a big struggle at times.....(see how I try to talk myself out of it?) But all in all, I'm doing ok.

Angie--LOVE your avatar! Gorgeous. Now...tell me how to get my eyebrows to look as good as yours!

Mindee--Enjoy your "me" time. With three little ones running around, you need that every now and then.

Hello to the rest of you. :wave:

Well gals, I gotta make this short. It's close to 11:00 and I NEED to get my walking in. I go.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

11-13-2007, 03:31 AM
MINDEE...keeping my fingers crossed for Tommy and you all. :crossed: :lucky: And sending goodvibes. :goodvibes:

MARTI...same here. Right now I am having some sort of problem with my right foot. Thinking maybe I am pushing it with the walking. :dunno:

For some reason I can't sleep so thought I would drop by and say HI!

Have a good one!

11-13-2007, 04:11 AM
Just had to pop back in....Cristina...go to bed!!.....

I got my walk in!:running:
I wasn't happy at first but now, I'm pretty pleased w/myself. :yes:
I didn't cut it short & I didn't slow it down. I just grabbed my headphones and book and off I went.

My legs were aching at first due to the thigh workouts I've been doing, but after awhile they got stretched out.

Ok.....I'm ready for bed. Should sleep good...let's hope I don't sleep in and work calls me in the morning wondering why I haven't come in! :shrug:

G'Night ladies! :wave:

11-13-2007, 04:35 AM
just a quick post....I know it is too late for me to be on but I had some issues with our internet and hadn't finished checking my email. So, I figured I would stop back by here.

My "me" time was short lived......Marissa woke up and was having trouble breathing because her nose was full of snots. So, I used the bulb syringe to get out as much as I could, and then gave her a breathing treatment. To which I think she might be allergic to because she broke out into a rash like she did when she was eating the bananas and peaches when she tried them. She is back asleep in her crib while laying on a boppy to keep her head elavated.'s to hoping that things get better! (the boys still have their coughs and snotty if Marissa gets worse, or if they do, then it will most defnitely be off to prompt care. I think we might just take them in for peace of mind anyways on Tuesday. I know I said that about Monday but I wasn't sure if they were open since it was Veteran's Day)

11-13-2007, 05:23 AM
Howdy all.

I know I've been MIA on the weekend, but DH was sick all weekend and stayed home from work. So you can I was actually glad to get to work yesterday (Monday) evening. It was a "relief" I love my DH, but you know how men are when they are

Boy what crazy weather we're having. It was 66 yesterday when I left for work and in our apt it was like 75, opened up the windows :sunny:........This is November, right? lol.

So I am caught up on all my work and figured I'd pop in.

Hi to all of those MIA as well! :wave:

I hope you all are well and BIG BIG :hug: and prayers for Jane.


11-13-2007, 02:01 PM
Fly by for me today!! :wave:

Need to get to work a bit early....I'm gone next week and resulting is out of hand already!!

Catch you all later tonight.

11-13-2007, 04:35 PM
SASSY...sorry DH wasn't feeling so well. Hop ehe is on the mend. And yes, this weather is weird and it IS November, lol. I had my windows open yesterday as well until about 2 p.m. Had some chilly winds come thru and I was cold. But it is nice weather and I am enjoying as tomorrow it is supposed to get back to normal November temps.

MARTI...good job on the walking!

MINDEE...did you enjoy your "me" time?

Hope everyone is having a good day!

11-13-2007, 05:24 PM
Hi all.

We have our windows open now and I wish we didn't have too. Some kids are screaming their heads off and I can't even see them, which means they are either inside or in a building across the way, either way,

Oh well soon enough I will be leaving for work -- yippee! lol. Today is one of those days you just wanna curl up in bed and watch a movie............well maybe this

Hi Marti! :wave: I hope your doing well and not working too hard! lol.

Congrats Cristina on the WL! :cheer: I haven't even BOUGHT my Christmas Cards yet..........A bit behind I guess. lol. Usually I have them all ready to go at least..............

Hi to everybody out there! :wave:


da fat n da furious
11-13-2007, 11:33 PM
Evening all...
Sassy,,,christmas cards already? arghh Im still working on Jane's birthday card...*sigh Im not organized at all.
Get some ear plugs,,,or put the radio on,,,and that noise will drown out the other noise.

Marti,,,Merle Norman's, I go there 4 times a year for waxing,,,the rest of the time I keep up with tweezing. I had the BIG eyebrows till my aunt waxed them and wow the difference in my face.

I barely slept last night,,,so feeling the need to get to bed now.
night all...
ps Mindee, I used to use an oil called obla Brandon had asthma so couldn't use cough supresants (sorry for the spelling) I would use 1 drop either in a glass/metal bowl,,,and boiling water (this is when he was older of course) but when he was small like your babes, I would put a couple of drops on a face cloth and leave in the shower and run hot water (close the bathroom door),,,making the bathroom steam up. It helped with getting the gunk out he could breath better.

11-13-2007, 11:53 PM
Hi Angie - Yup its that time of year....only almost a week and its Thanksgiving??? Wow........Time flies............I don't have to worry about the noise anymore. I'm at work, so now just have the sound of ringing phones..... :p lol.

I hope you get some sleep.

11-14-2007, 02:04 AM
hello is every one doing?

Well, we took the kids in to prompt care to get them checked out. Brandon and Marissa both have URI, but Brandon has an ear infection fully in his right ear and one starting in his left. Logan has double ear infections and sinusitis. So she wrote a script for Amoxicilan for Brandon and Logan.....which the pharmacy said they couldn't fill until tomorrow (Wednesday) for some reason. So, Tommy is going to pick them up on his way home from work.

As for the job front, well he went to this other temp agency that he went to before. The women said that she has something at this other place close to us and he would be making more money. I said "well, what are you going to do if you get the job for the complex?" He said "well, that is easy.....I take the job here!"

11-14-2007, 04:48 AM
Hi Ladies,

I thought I would check in and say hello to everybody and let you know I am still around. I have been having a hard time staying OP. Don't seem to have the want to. Having hard time staying modivated. Just don't know what is going on with me right now. I need an attitude adjustment. I notice that my knee and hip only hurts when I weigh what I do now as I have gained rather than lose lately. You'd think that would make me "want" to lose the weight. Instead right now I just feel angry about the whole idea of "Having" to diet. I'VE GOT TO CHANGE!!!! I'll check in again tomorrow.


11-14-2007, 05:52 PM
Trish~ I am not sure if we have met or not. My name is Mindee. I have been around, but MIA for the last month due to internet issues. I am married to Tommy, and we have three great kids. (although my siggy shows that.....LOL)

I have been having trouble staying OP and motivated lately. I was doing really good when the weather was nice. It didn't help that one of the maintenance guys had caught my eye.....(I know I know....bad to even think it since I am married and a mom, but like Tommy always says "I may be married, but I am not buried!") He ended up being a jerk and quit the I wasn't motivated anymore. (Since October 1st, I have walked (and clocked) about 120 miles on my pedometer) Now, there is another maintenance guy that has caught my eye (and yes Tommy knows all about it) and this one is a nice guy. (don't troubles in our of those lust things that you know will never pan out nor do you want it to). But then Halloween hit, and the candy, especially the chocolate is trying to do me in.....but I am refusing for the most part. But I am back to being motivated again when I tried on a pair of jeans that are a size smaller then the ones that I have on right now (that are too loose and about to fall off me) and just a little bit more, and I will be able to zip them up! I can button them with no problems, just need work on the zipper.

11-15-2007, 12:17 PM
Just a quick note to say hello to you gals.

Angie - I love your avatar - you're beautiful!

It's cold and windy here, and the air smells like snow. None predicted, though, darn it.

I'm hanging in, with the health issues. It's hard to not imagine the worst, so I'll be glad when I get an actual diagnosis, then I'll at least know what's what.

Have a good one. :hug:

11-15-2007, 01:10 PM
Morning Ladies!

I didn't get a chance to post called into work early, and then the day turned out to be one of the most frustrating awful works days that I've had since working. It was like domino' thing started and it just kept going! :dizzy:

I don't have time to post at the moment, I'm going in early today but wanted to stop by and say hello.


I'll check back in tonight.

11-15-2007, 10:35 PM
Hello ladies. We are back home from our little trip to MS. It was nice, but quick. We stayed in a lovely suite at the casino, had a few good meals, and laughed a lot with DH's family. Our first family trip without his brother and it was his favorite place to go. But, we got through it and had fun.

Sure is cold here after the warmth of the South. :sunny:

Mom is having a good time with her sister, who is here from FL. AND an added surprise for her: the rest of her sisters (3) came from PA. So all of her siblings are here except a brother in FL. She has one brother who lives here and they have been converging on his house. Mom was good on Mon. and Tues. a little rocky yesterday and today, but not too bad. Maybe just tired.

I have been doing laundry, cleaning house and resting. That drive wears me out. Getting ready for a big week next week. Not only is my DS coming for Thanksgiving and the whole week, but I found out today that my DD is zooming in from CA for 3 days. She wanted to visit Mom and also to see her baby brother, but couldn't be here for dinner Thurs. She will be in late night Thurs. Her hubby told her it was an early Christmas present. Nice guy! I have not had my three kids together for a long time. I will take pictures. :)

Haven't been OP, but have been walking some. Today was way too windy, but I did walk the dog. Just have to get my self back in line!! Now the holidays! ugh.

Talk to you all later....

11-15-2007, 11:16 PM
Good Evening Ladies,

Jane--I'm so sorry to hear that you are having these health issues. I can only imagine your concern and worry. It's so hard to not imagine the worse. You will be in my constant thoughts and prayers over the coming days and I hope you get some good news soon. Sending you big hugs :hug: I wish I could be there for you in person. Hang in there hon!

Cristina--Thanks so much for the Thanksgiving card. That was so sweet of you. I guess you only have another week or so with Josh. I hope you have a wonderful time with him and your family over the coming days.

Mindee--Welcome back sweetie!!! Missed you!! Wow, the kids have grown!

I know that I've been MIA for the past week. Nothing serious or big going on, just really busy at work and after a 13 hr day, I barely have enough time to prepare for the next day. I'm heading off to see my in-laws tomorrow in North Carolina, about a 6 hr trip. I have to work Thanksgiving day and we are heading down there to have an early Turkey Day and do some Christmas shoppng. I had this gut feeling that something was going on with one of the Jaded Ladies and jumped on here tonight (in the middle of packing) only to find out that Jane was the one of concern. With the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday I believe we all need to count our blessings. I for one, feel so thankful and blessed to have you all as my friends. Hugs to all!1:hug:

I'll catch up with everyone when I return from NC. Don't know if we are returning on Sun or Mon. Have a safe and wonderful weekend ladies!!

11-16-2007, 01:04 AM
Hi Ladies,

Jane - So sorry about the health issues you are facing. My prayers continue to come your way.

My attitude is better today and I am back OP. I was writing someone yesterday and realized that 5 years ago I lost about 70 lbs doing the original Carbohydrate Addicts Diet. It made me realize that if I could do it once then I can do it again. My attitude and my determination are in tact today. I stayed OP too. I can't exercise much with my knee being sore, but I can sure follow the old CAD Plan and hopefully as the weight comes down I will be able to do my WATP tapes again. Until then I'm going to look into some other easier exercises.

Hope everyone is doing well.


11-16-2007, 01:31 AM
just a quick post from me to see how every one is doing.

Jane~ I know I have missed a lot.....but I am sending my prayers your way.

hello to every one else.....I hope you all have a great weekend!

11-16-2007, 01:32 AM
Hey Chicks. :wave:

It is so nice being off......:p Lastnight/this morning was not the worst I've ever had at work, but just I guess the word would be: frustrating. But I survived and here I am........relaxing. Doing nothing, nada. Zero. Well we did strip the bed and put clean sheets on it when I got home this morning, if you wanna count that. DH stripped it and helped me put on the sheets so I didn't so much work. :p

Today/Yesterday/Whatever.......I wasn't as good of a girl as I have been, but I know that is okay, that we all veer off the road of weightloss once in a while, the main thing is getting back on. ;)

Jane -- Big Big :hug:

Marti -- Big Big :hug: as well. Seems like you had a worse day at work than me. Hope things are better now.

Tammy -- Have a good time in NC and your right, we all need to count our blessings, not only this time of year, but year-round. ;)

Trish -- Glad your back on track and good luck!

Cristina -- TY for the T'giving Card! That was so sweet to remember not only my DH and myself, but my spoiled rotten kitty as well!!!!! lol.

Hi Mindee -- I think we posted at the same time! :hug:

Big :hug: to all and a special :hug: to those MIA.

11-16-2007, 03:56 AM
Goodness it's getting late! So I think this is just another fly by. Been trying to get the house cleaned up for the weekend, picking up my DD and her friend tomorrow. (she talked me into having her stay another weekend....even after I had said, no more friends until after the holidays!) Didn't help that James said "No problem"

I'm sleepy...long day at work. More drama. And I was told that next Friday is going to be short on people.....too bad for them...I'm on vacation! :carrot: But I do feel somewhat bad. Not only I will be gone, two other gals had family things going is taking her hubby in for surgery for a hernia and the other....preparing for a memorial, her FIL passed away Tuesday.

Anyway....I can't worry about that.
I'll try to get back on soon and do individuals. DD and her friend will keep me busy so not sure how much time I'll get.

Until then....hugs to you all! :hug:

11-16-2007, 08:56 AM
Marti--ahhh...I remember the days when the kids had their friends stay over...I miss it!!

Sassy--glad you are getting to relax--enjoy

Mindee--years ago I worked in a convenience store (big chain that sells gas, food and everything else) there was this one guy that came in that made me and a coworker got to be really funny between us...then another co worker heard us talking about him and siad oh I know him and was going to tell us all about him and we were like no!!! if you tell us about him it will ruin the "drooling" for us--reality is never as good in most cases...

Trish--my knee has been acting up too--it does make exercise hard

Tammy--stay safe on all your travels

Sue--you are one busy lady--a walk with the dog is still a walk!!

Jane--I am so glad you popped in--you are in my prayers!!

Angie--your pic is so cute--I do the eyebrow waxing too--it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I am happy that you are back!! You were missed!! I am going to be a Grandma around Christmas-the sonogram that give the "best" date says Christmas Eve!!

Hi Cristina and everyone else!!

11-16-2007, 11:54 AM
Hello ladies, :wave:

Marti - hope your work is slowing down a bit. Like Jules, I miss the kids' sleepovers. Now I let the DGDs stay here and invite friends, lol. So when does your vacation start?

Mary Kate - how are you and the fam? Let us know how it's going with the houseguests. Are you pulling your hair out yet?

Angie - I watch Grey's Anatomy, too. It's one of the better shows in, even if it is unrealistic at times. I have a nephew that looks like Doctor McSteamy.

Tammy - wow, your gut feeling was spot on! How sweet of you to stop packing to come and check on us. That's part of why you're a good nurse. I visited NC for the 1st time in September, and I loved it! Someday maybe we can meet up in Atlanta. Hope you're having a good weekend and early T'giving with your family.

Cristina - hope you're sleeping better.

Trish - you're right when you say you can do it again! I have every faith in you. And someone much, much wiser than me told me that maintenance is the same as losing, so when we get there, we can handle that, too, right?

Sue - do you go to Tunica?? My sis invites me to go there all the time, but I never do. She and her DH are Vegas hoppers, too, lol. I'm so glad you'll have all 3 kids together for T'giving. How cool that your mom gets to see all of her siblings, too.

Mindee - ty. Hey, fantasize all you want, if that helps you lose! Nuthin' wrong with that.

Sassy - fresh sheets off the clothesline in summer are my favorite. You can just smell the sunshine in them. Yep, falling isn't too bad when you get right back up. Yay for you!

Jules - you didn't say much about what's going on with you. How's Teri feeling? Is Dave liking the job?

Kelton - if you're reading this, please post. We miss you.

This evening is our town's nighttime Christmas Parade of Lights. It's beautiful to see the floats all lit up in the dark. Kind of like turning off all the lights and looking at the Christmas tree, you know? Only way bigger! Neal and I will sit on a high ledge of the church on Main St, with a blanket around us.

I've been OP and hope to show a good loss tomorrow. :crossed:

Have a good one, ladies. :hug:

11-16-2007, 01:11 PM
Morning Chics.....

I woke up at 11:30 A.M. just could not go back to sleep. :tired: At least its my night off so I don't have to worry about staying awake all night at work! lol.

Anyways..........I hope you all have a great day.


11-16-2007, 01:41 PM
Good Morning ladies :wave:

Last day of the week! About time! I knew this week would drag on and next week will just fly. :dizzy:

Going to try to quickly catch up.

Angie--I've always wanted to go in and get my eyebrows waxed. May just do that this week when I go in to get a hair cut. I'm not wanting to get it cut short, it just needs to be evened out since I've been "trimming" it myself. :o I need to find the right eyebrow liner.....mine need some thickness thin! Any suggestions?

Mindee--Nothing wrong w/looking. My hubby has been working out a lot lately and his muscle are just gorgeous!:love: So he's been having me eyeballing him quite a bit lately! :D And if I'M eyeballing him.....I'm sure there are other ladies doing the same!

Cristina--Are you able to get much sleep? Hope you are. Are you stressed?

Jules--I don't mind Jhanai's friend coming over. In fact, she's a sweetheart. I was hoping that we could do some Christmas shopping (for her friends) but can't do that while she has her w/her. So we're just going to do some for the family. Invited her friend to bring some money if she wanted to shop for her family.

Jane--So glad to see you posting again. :hug: I wish I could visit your town for the parade. Sounds fun. Our town has a parade on Dec. 2nd. I'm going to try and go to that. Hoping Jhanai will want to come w/me. My vacation starts as soon as I leave the parking lot at work tonight. :D

Sassy--Great attitude. You're right. We all have our moments. As long as we don't beat ourselves up over it we'll all be fine. It's really hard during the holidays. For me, I make sure I continue w/my exercise and eating right. But come the actually day, it's a freebie for me. But the day after....right back to what I've been doing. One thing about's good for ya and left overs can be made into lots of healthy meals!

Sue--How wonderful for you to have all three together! That does make for a special time and you better make sure you're in some of those pictures you take of your kids. Have someone set up the camera on a timer and get the whole family. I'm still trying to get my DD to take some photos w/me.....stubborn little girl. :lol:

Trish--I've had to look back at what has worked for me in the past too. I know you can do it. We're all rooting for ya!

Tammy--13hr days are just awful! I'm sorry that you have so much work to do. It seems that during the holidays the medical field is either extra busy or extra slow. For us, this year has been extremely busy. The only thing that'll slow down for us is that some offices will be closed, during that time....we can catch up what we've been struggling with!

MaryKate--How are you? Miss seeing you. I have a friend at work who is fighting w/some issues w/her hand. They told her that there is nothing that they can do for her and that she'll have to just live with it. I find that to be crazy! I told her to keep looking for a doctor that can help. Any suggestions or advice that I can pass on to her?

Hello to everyone else out there!!

Ok.....not as quick as I had intended. But I caught up!:)

I need to hit the showers and get ready for work. was WI day. I lost another .5lbs. Boy....slooowwllly losing. But as long as it's going down and not up. Right now, I'm 147.4 lbs. Was at least hoping to see 146. It's been a LONG time since I've been there. Getting close though.

Alrighty I go. May not be able to get on much w/the girls here but I'll try. Monday for sure if not this weekend.

Have a lovely Friday.

11-16-2007, 10:39 PM
Good Evening Ladies,

Thanks ever so much for your encouraging words. I did very well today staying OP. Even did some walking around... at Wal-Mart. Strange how my knee does. It seems to be hard to start walking but improves the more I walk. I'll have to talk to DD about that when she and her family are here for Thanksgiving week end. She worked for an orthepedic for 10 years and knows her stuff. Any way, this knee problem doesn't seem to be a problem when I get about 5 lbs lighter. Looked for my Tai Chi CD and can't find it. I ordered another one for beginners from Netflix to see if I will like it before I try to purchase one. Forgot to look to see what they had at Wal-Mart.

I hope everyone is doing okay and you have a really good week end.


11-16-2007, 11:18 PM
Hey Chicks.

Well I got some sleep. I slept a little bit after DH left for work and got up at 9 p.m. I feel lots better, but kept having dreams and not pleasant ones.

It is a whopping 38 degrees here........I still have the heat on, but I haven't heard it kick on............hmmmmm. I hope its not broken! lol.

Marti -- Yeah I am not beating myself up anymore. It doesn't help anything. lol. At least you are losing and slowly is the best way. :)

Hi Jules -- TY. ;)

Hi Trish -- YW. These are awesome ladies here........

Hi to those MIA! :wave:


11-17-2007, 03:38 AM
hello ladies....this is probably going to be a very quick post since I just finally got Brandon to sleep about 5 or so minutes ago (it is 2:35am right now) but for some reason he was having issues with falling asleep.

well, it is good to hear that I am not some kind of terrible person for eyeing other guys. but then again, if guys can do it without having any problems, why can't women do it, right?

I will probably be back on Saturday sometime.....Tommy is working eight hours so it will just be me and the kids during the day. (and as I write this....Brandon just ran across the living room and jumped on the couch, so I guess so much for me being on the internet tonight!)

11-17-2007, 07:42 PM
Teri's doctors appt went well. She is measuring perfect even though she has gained a total of 15 1/2 pounds with 5 weeks to go from this coming Monday--that means Christmas Eve is that close girls--hard to believe!! I bought some little 0-3 pants at Walmart that are too cute!!

Cristina--Teri says thanks for the gifts--she loves it all!!

Teri's BF, Dave made it through his first two weeks at his first job since the one he worked for 3 weeks in June and got his first paycheck which he intends to blow with his friends this weekend even though he has been mooching off my kids since July. This is the first Sunday Teri has had off since she started working at The Children's Place and since she worked today she has tonight off too. She was hoping they could rent some videos and spend some time together. Very telling of their future together if she decides to stay with him.....She is really upset with him.

Ry is sick--he has what I had---even turned down a date last night with a girl he really likes...other than that he is doing good--LOVES his job and his bosses and most of his coworkers.

I ended up getting a tooth pulled on Friday--it was a root canal that I waited too long to get fixed and it cracked so now they have to do some kind of bone graft to put something there. My jaw was a little sore last night but is feeling better today.

I am working tomorrow, but will have off from Wednesday to the next Monday. We are having a potluck in my area and decorating for Christmas--our theme this year is a Winter Wonderland--snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and lots of snowmen....all decoration will be white, blue & silver though everyones booths will be different. I will try to get some pics when it is finished.

11-17-2007, 07:51 PM
OK now for individuals...

Mindee--my hubby teases me about my Cary Grant obsession....

Sassy--I hate having bad dreams...I usually don't have problems sleeping..hubby is the one with insomnia-it drives him crazy how fast I usually fall asleep. If I am really stressed or have had a fight with him or the kids I toss and turn.

Trish--one of the guys in my hubbys dept at work will be off for the next 6 weeks--he is getting a partial knee replacement done. The physical therapist that I worked with after the accident that messed up my knee told me I will eventually have to have some kind of surgery.

Marti--Have fun shopping with the girls--I do miss taking a car load of kids with me to the mall---it's not as fun when you go alone...

Jane--hubby and I like to ride around to see the lights

Ang--I like Grey's Anatomy too. Still watching Cold Case on Sunday nights and I like a new series called Life on Wednesday nights. You can watch episodes of both Grey's and Life online.

Well, I am going to finish my clothes...Hope everyone is having a great weekend

11-17-2007, 08:15 PM
Hi ladies

This has to be a quick one. Not sure how the day got away from me so fast. :dizzy: I had coffee with Mary this morning, then I took care of some phone calls. Later, Madison and I did some power shopping until almost dinnertime. Now I'm trying to finish up some laundry that should have been done yesterday, lol, and trying to get my posting and email caught up.

Cristina - ty for the card - I left a message on your cellie. The scripture reading is one of my absolute favorites! I will laminate it, with the part you signed turned to the back, and will use it as a bookmark.

Everyone else - hope you're having a good weekend. :wave:

11-17-2007, 09:22 PM
Evening ladies...Hope it is not too cold where you are. It was 26* when I got up this morning, but 46* when I walked two miles this afternoon. No wind, which made it bearable to walk.
I have been doing laundry and cleaning house. Getting ready for a big, happy week. I will go grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon and have planned a few items to cook for the week. I want to bake a cake on Mon. and possibly make spinach dip and ranch crackers so DH can have his fav. snacks throughout the week. All DD asked for was green bean casserole since her family doesn't like it. :)
Mom was feeling better today, just tired. Her sis left yesterday, but they had a nice visit. Her other sisters will go home Tues. so she should see them again Mon. SO nice that they all got together.
Not OP today, but other than a few kisses I did ok. I did walk 2 miles.
I am not weighing in until after the holidays. Just trying real hard to stay where I am and not gain.
Be good chickies and I will try to do individuals soon.

11-17-2007, 10:41 PM
Hi Jules -- :wave: Yeah I usually have weird or fun dreams, but these were definitely not them! lol. I'm the tosser and turner in our marriage, my DH is like you, can usually fall asleep anywhere, makes me sick. lol. Glad that Teri's appointment went okay and awww on the little pants! :) Sorry that Teri's BF is giving her a hard time. I hope things change when she has the baby! OUCH on the tooth.........Decorations sound cool.

Hi Jane -- :wave: Seems like we're all doing laundry. lol. I'm doing laundry

Hi Sue -- Ha see your doing laundry too or did laundry. lol. We should have had a Laundry party. lol. :celebrate: Woohoo on the 2 miles.........Glad your mom is feeling better and is having a nice visit with her sisters...........

Oh and I think my DH is going to hammer a nail through our down-stairs neighbor's head. lol. He was downstairs right below our bedroom today hammering away while we were trying to sleep. I know we are in the minority because we work nights, but geez..........He was still hammering up to an hour ago! I am like what the heck are you building down there an ark or what? lol.

I was thinking about starting to do a few of my exercises for my back and also an exercise my bio. father taught me. Yeah he actually taught me something, go figure. lol. Just kiddin. lol. Its for the lower abs ( (the exercise he had me do was Abdominal Leg Lowering) and it would be good for my back too. He used to make me do this as a kid and I hated it, but I guess it was good for me.........:p

Have a Great Night!


11-18-2007, 02:33 AM
JULES...tell Teri she is welcome! Just glad she liked it...I never know what to get anyone. Sorry about the tooth...went to the dentist myself a couple of weeks ago. I put it off as long as I could and HAD to go.

SASSY...ugh! That is crazy, and you know the guy probably knows you guys work nights. Hope you guys were able to get some sleep after it stopped.

SUE...glad your mom is feeling good. And WTG on the walk.

JANE...I got your message...I think I was on the treadmill at the time you called. I don't carry my phone with me half the time and never think to check it until almost time for V to come home...he will call sometimes to see if I want or need something. Didn't recognize your voice at first...but then we only talked once, and that's been quite awhile. Guess your voice is differnet from what I remembered.

I better try and get to bed...gotta get up early for mass. Haven't been in ages...everyone is always working and I don't care to go by myself. We are headed to the early one at 8 a.m. that is if me and Jason can manage to roll our sorry selves out of bed, lol.

Have a good weekend!

11-18-2007, 02:47 AM
hello is every one doing?

As of right now, knock on wood, Brandon is asleep, and I hope he is staying that way until tomorrow morning! Other then that, the kids are doing much better! Brandon still fights me sometimes to take his medicine, but other then that they are doing great! I am feeling better. My cough seems to have gone away, but my throat is still sore. But I can push through it!

Jules~ I can't believe that your little grandson is almost here! (and thanks for the reminder on Christmas eve!) The boys have been fighting over the Wal-Mart toy guide daily....LOL I am sorry to hear that Teri's boyfriend is being a jerk.

Jane~ How are you feeling? I hope you are doing well!

Cristina~ Thanks for the message! I will be heading over there shortly, so I will leave you a message.

Sassy~ Let me know if you have Noah living under you. I will make my way to the arc once it is built. LOL (sounds like someone has seen Evan Almighty one too many times)

I hope every one else is doing great!!

11-18-2007, 07:53 AM
Hey all.......

Well I felt awful before so went and lied down, only meant to lie down like an hour or so? I woke up 3 HOURS later! lol. Ah well.........I'm off tonight so no big deal I guess.

Cristina - So far "Noah" has been quiet. He has to know we work nights because he's been here about a year now and we park right by his bedroom window, so he has to hear us when we get home in the mornings. I hope you got a good night's sleep. If I knew your #, I could have given you a wake up call. lol.

Mindee -- I'll let you know if its Noah downstairs. lol. Hey I only watched Evan Almighty once! lmao.

Well I hope you all have a Great Day!

Tonight I plan on doing absolutely nothing as I still feel icky. At least I got laundry all done.........


11-18-2007, 12:51 PM
Good morning ladies :wave:

Jane: I love Christmas lights, bet the parade was beautiful. We saw the first strand of lights up on a neighbor's house last night. Can't wait to take Tallie (our granddaughter, Natalya) driving around to look at lights once they are up all over.

Angie: Good to see you here, and great to hear from you! :hug:

Cristina: Thank you for the Thanksgiving card :) :thanks1: This year we will have Noah and Shayla and little Tallie. Mike is coming over Wednesday night to help prep cook -- he offered to if I will make enough for him to take home some leftovers on Friday night, LOL. He and his girlfriend are spending Thanksgiving with his dad, Christmas Eve with Tim and me (that's when we do our big dinner and open gifts), and Christmas Day with her family.

Marti: Sorry to hear work has been stressful; I can relate. :yes: For your friend who has had issues with her hand, does it sound like carpal tunnel? I don't know what the laws are like in Oregon, but here in CA if you get hurt on the job -- especially at a big company like mine -- they are very anxious to make sure you get the medical care you need. Workman's Comp laws are very strong in my state. If she has medical insurance, she might want to check with her own private physician to get advice. If she has carpal tunnel problems, there are things a doctor can suggest -- ice, anti-inflammatories, exercises, changes to her work station, a wrist brace, or surgery if necessary (carpal tunnel surgery has a much higher success rate than the radial tunnel surgery I had). Sound like you are right on target with your exercise and eating -- slow and steady weight loss is the most successful and long lasting!

Sue: How long will all of your mom's siblings be visiting? Will they be staying through Thanksgiving? Sounds like you will have a houseful with the kids visiting, too...

Mindee: Ack, I remember the days when it seems like one of the kids got sick, then they all did, one after another like dominoes. And if they'd only all sleep at the same time, so *I* could sleep too! Glad they are starting to feel better, though.

Jules: Oh, I know, aren't baby clothes adorable??? Irresistible, sometimes. Tallie's third b-day is the day after Thanksgiving, and I've turned into this crazy present-buying grandma. :dizzy: Grandpa (DH's new name) picked out this adorable pair hippie-style pair of jeans with hearts and peace signs on them, and a little denim jumper with pink roses embroidered on it and a little pink top. Got all my shopping done for her birthday and for Christmas, except for just a few stocking stuffers. The "Winter Wonderland" theme sounds beautiful -- we did something similar in our team area at work a couple of years ago. I love blue, silver, and white together.

Sassy: I remember when my husband worked swing shift, and it seemed like everyone in the neighborhood had to mow their lawns at 8 am :rolleyes: Wishing you peaceful and restful sleep with no bad dreams, no hammering, and no lawnmowers! :cloud9:

Trish: I hear ya, definitely having trouble with motivation and focus. And now the holidays are here, constant temptation at home and at work *sigh* Hang in there, baby steps, baby baby step right now is to drink 3 25 oz bottles of water a day.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

OK...gotta get everybody out of the house -- we are going to the art museum this morning before my stepdaughter has to work this afternoon. See ya soon...

11-18-2007, 02:10 PM
Good Morning Ladies...

I'm sneaking online while everyone is asleep. Hubby's vacation started officially last night so now we have the entire week off. :carrot:

James made an incredible dinner last night. Prime rib roast. A friend was getting off work last night and called to see if we would mind company....he picked a perfect day to visit. Had him stay for dinner. I over indulged. As soon as I was finished, I just knew it. So today I must be very strict w/my exercise and eating. Thanksgiving is just days away and that is another indulging day! Not too worried....if I'm up a few pounds...I know why.

Jhanai and her friend have been good girls. I hate to see them go home tonight, but theres school tomorrow. Jhanai was telling us that she got her first 4.0 GPA. I am so proud of her! Her dad had given her $20 and then James did the same. We don't ever give her money for her grades, just tell her to do her best and praise her for what she gets. But getting 4.0 was great news and her dad(s) felt that she deserved it. I just took her shopping. :D So proud of my girl!!

Now....while I still have time....I shall catch up.

MaryKate--My friend has carpal tunnel in one hand and in the other she has tendinitis. They've done all they can do (so they say) and told her surgery wouldn't help. I told her to keep looking around for a second opinion if she isn't happy w/that. Other wise, they're closing her case. Seems sad to me. How are your hands doing? And when do we get to see photos of your grandbaby?

Sassy--Lower abs exercises are great. I do them when I'm not doing the thigh routine. My belly has got to leave me! it will always be there but at least it can tone down some I say! Let us know if its working for you.

Jules--It is fun shopping w/Jhanai & her friend. They keep me smiling and Jhanai will stop and just give me big bear hugs. Which I think is wonderful....some kids that age (I'm thinking of myself here) would be mortified to be caught in public hugging their mom.

Cristina--Did you wake up in time? I got your card in the mail Friday...thank you so much!

Mindee--Poor need your rest! Glad your kids are feeling better though. I don't think we as mothers, ever get a full nights sleep until our kids are in middle school! By that time....we're wondering if our kids ever get up!

Trish--I find it amazing what just a little weight loss can do on the old body. My back would just ache all the time when I was at my highest. I don't have that problem anymore. Now....if I could just remedy the sciatica that always flares up from time to time I would be happy.

Jane--Always thinking of you! :hug: How was the parade? I have to say....I love that idea you have for the card! I receive so many beautiful cards over the years and wish I could keep them all. (actually I do...they're kept in a shoe box....have some from when I was in Junior high school!) I will have to try that. I would need an laminator first.

Sue--Hi Sue. Since you're a walker....I have a question for ya. Do you wear walking shoes? Or just what ever you have around. My shoes I wear when walking (I've gone through one pair already) are on their last miles. I'm thinking of splurging and just buying some walking shoes. Any suggestion?

Hello to anyone else I may have forgotten. I need to get some coffee and sift through the newspaper. I went to get it this morning and half my paper was scattered on my front porch soak and wet due to rain! I was angry. Why are they not putting these papers in plastic bags?? I need to get a paper box to prevent that from happening again. (I need those ads!!!! Day after Thanksgiving sales are coming up!)

Have a great Sunday.

da fat n da furious
11-18-2007, 02:11 PM
Good morning all.

MK I remember those days also,,,Monte and the boys would be sick,,Id be running. Then once they were all back to normal I would get sick. Tanner is just getting over what Monte and I had last month.

Jules,,,that is just so sad for you daughter and her choice in a BF. Its obviously hes too immature to care for anyone but himself right now. Hopefully he gets its act together to realize the importance of his family. What kind of a family ie: parents does he have?

Well I should get going Monte and I have to do a Costco run,,,
how is everyones shopping going? I would say Im half way there...

11-18-2007, 09:19 PM
Hallooooooooo Chicks.

Wow I woke up and thought my DH was trying to cook me! lmao. It was so hot in here! The heat was on, it was only set to 69, but just felt hotter. So I took my shower and came out and turned it off. lmao.

UGH my last night off and tomorrow night is back to ole Oh least I get 7 of my 13 hours on Thanksgiving as Holiday and Time and a Half Pay! :D (I will be working from Midnight - 7 a.m. on Thanksgiving Morning)

MaryKate -- TY. Well today there was no hammering and no lawn mowers or leaf blowers. I think the leaf blowers are the worst because they have to get the leaves close to the building too. Drives me insane. lol.

Marti -- AWwwwwww that is great that you and hubby have a week off together, enjoy!!!!!!! Mmmmmmm your dinner sounds good and :congrat: to Jhanai and her first 4.0! :carrot: I think we're all going to over indulge on T'giving, we'll just have to work harder next week! lol. I haven't started the lower abs exercise yet, I have been feeling icky.........but I'll let you know! UGH that stinks about the paper, and yes all those sales coming up!

Hi Angie! :wave:

Hi to everybody out there MIA! :wave:

I am really craving Chinese for some reason and that is very odd for me. I like Chinese but I usually don't crave it. lol.


11-19-2007, 12:26 AM
Oh my, shopping? I haven't even thought about shopping. I can't even get my act together to shop for the normal the rest of my curtains. :( Seems I have been tardy or lazy about so many things since Mom got sick. That's even when my biking went down the tubes. I have to pull myself together I know.
It is nice to see you here Angelia...hope Tanner gets well soon.
Marti, I have Reebok walking shoes right now and have had Avia in the past. I find that I need a good arch and a rather stiff leather shoe to be comfortable. I always manage to find a good pair for around $30.00 on sale. (normally around $50.) Usually at Kohl's, if you have that store.
Katie, My aunt from Florida was staying here from last Sat. until Fri. She stayed with Mom so we could get away for a few days. My two aunts from PA. are staying with my uncle and his wife who live about 10 minutes from us. They were all here for a while today, but everyone is going home tomorrow. My DS flies in from San Diego tomorrow and I am excited. He will be here until the following Wed., which is longer than I thought. My DD is coming from Santa Rosa Thurs. night, but goes back Monday. DD will stay here most of the time with us while DD usually stays with her sister about 5 minutes down the road. They are close and my DGD is really close with DD also. Anyway, we will all be here off and on and lots of coming and going for sure. So glad to hear from you and I love grandbaby stories. Mine are growing up too quickly.
Sassy, I will loan you a hammer to bop the neighbor. I almost used it on the builders next door a few times this year. They can get mighty loud at an early hour. When my DH worked 3rd shift he had a terrible time sleeping during the day. Seems like they always put him on that shift when the kids were out of school though, and it was the kids who bothered him. LOL
Mindee, So glad the rug rats are starting to feel better. I bet they will get all revved up in another month thinking of Santa. My niece was here Fri. with her baby girl, 2 months old, and I got a "sweet baby smell" fix. And a "rubbing that tiny little head" fix. Ha
Cristina, Yes, ty, I did get that walk in. Didn't get one today, but worked hard, so that should count. I plan to eat carefully, but not weigh until after the holidays. Still need to ramp up the exercise and I am drinking plenty of fluids. You, on the other hand are just continually doing the right thing. I am proud of you.
Jules, Like everyone else has said, I am sorry about the BF being such a stinker. I hope Teri can talk him into staying there so she will at least have you and her family for support. He doesn't sound like much help! Baby days soon...yay!

Talked to DH earlier and made a few plans for the week. He sounds very anxious to get home. Should be a good week.
I am going to get tires or a tire on my car tomorrow..depending on what DH decides. A set of tires if we are keeping the car, a tire if we are getting a new car. Stay tuned. haha
I laugh about DH not deciding and here I am trying to figure out if I want to grow my hair out or just go get it cut tomorrow. It was way short all summer and I would like a bob again, but takes so long to grow and goes through such terrible stages to get there..........but I loved it all one length as it cut down on the curly wavy look. But short it is wash and wear since it has the curls and body. Ugh, decisions. At least I DID decide to color it again after letting my gray show for over a year. I do like the color.

Okay...I am off to bed. My arm is giving me fits again and Tues. my pills run out. Gotta decide if I want to go for an MRI or just put up with it.

11-19-2007, 02:04 AM
Hello ladies….how are you all doing?

Nothing new on this end…..just taking each day one at a time! I need to get back into the swing of exercising every day, and drinking my water! I do good with both, and then something comes up and I slip on either one or both. So, I really need to keep my booty in gear…..I am able to get a size 24 jeans on…..I just can’t button/zip them up yet. BUT I can at least get them up and on!

We ended up going over and hanging out with a friend of mine that I graduated with. Her and her husband have been thinking about moving to Mississippi, so we figured that we would get together with them before they move. They want us to move down there with them, which the way the economy is going, it is an idea. I am okay with the idea of moving out of the state, but moving all the way down to Mississippi is a whole other issue!

Sassy~ I haven’t seen it yet except for the commercials. Was it a good movie?

MaryKate~ I hear ya on the sick kiddos! Winter has always been the worst time of year for the kids since Brandon was a baby. It seemed like as soon as November hit, we were constantly either in the pediatrician’s office, the prompt care, or in some cases the ER. I am just hoping that now that we have three, that it isn’t going to be worse now since the past one or two winters have been some what mild.

Marti~ That is great news about Jhanai!!! We have figured out that Logan is going to be our biggest trouble maker. We also figured out that since he is the middle child and supposed to be the “forgotten” child, he isn’t giving us a chance to forget him because we are constantly saying “Logan, don’t do that” or “Logan stop it!”

Angie~ My shopping….for Christmas? Well, we haven’t even started! Have you gotten any snow yet up there?

Sue~ I hope things are going well on your end! They are already on the Santa kick. In fact, Tommy has had to “call” Santa twice because the boys weren’t listening.

11-19-2007, 11:06 AM
I have missed you gals !!

Computer fixed/ over the flu.

Had to get a new mouse too.... you know... get over one thing find another thats wrong. lol

I'm just happy its all better now & I can get back to my jaded ladies.
You don't realize how much you miss it until you can't really get to it.

Well, lots of stresses and strife BUT.. one good thing is found out my scales have been 5 pounds over all this time !
SO I didn't actually lose any more weight but found out I am 5 pounds lighter than I thought. That helped my attitude.

Things have been crazy, and well.. isn't that the way it goes for everyone lol.

I have fallen off the wagon... back to drinking mt.dew & nothing else (no water)... eatting everything, etc.
BUT... today is a NEW day !!
Gosh have missed you all, and so glad to be back.:carrot:
Now you'll never get rids of me....unless....someone gives my computer the hard-drive flu .

Hugs to all :hug: & even some big, wet, sloppy kisses too lol

ok i'll shut up for now :D

11-19-2007, 11:41 AM
Good Morning ladies!!

Kelton--We missed you! Glad to see you back. Oohh...viruses are awful. Glad to know it's all fixed. Looking forward to chatting w/you again and hearing more stuff about the grand baby! Welcome back! :hug:

Mindee--I was the oldest in the family. Of five. Eventually, we become the forgotten one. :lol: I figured, as long as you spend the same amount of time w/each child, all should be ok. This coming from a mom w/only one child! :dizzy: But from what I've learned w/my siblings, things seem to have worked that way.

Sue--We do have a Kohls and they're just like JCPenny's...always have a sale going on!:D I'll have to look into that this week since we will be doing majority of our Christmas shopping this week.

Sassy--Dinner was good and I may just move my WI day for this week to Thursday morning since we'll be pigging out on Turkey later that day. Not sure what to expect on the scale...dinner was fabulous so I'm bracing myself for a gain. But I'm still exercising and the rest of these days I'm watching what I eat. Guess I'm trying to be extra good.

Angie--Did you get all you needed at Costco? I haven't even really started on my shopping yet. Time seems to be slipping by awfully fast. I'm thankful for getting this week off to catch up some.

Good morning to the rest of you gals out there. :wave:

I need to get ready to head out in an hour. James has an appointment today so that calls for an early day.

Hope you all have a good Monday. It's wet and rainy here in Oregon.....should be some sun by tomorrow. I'm hoping so since I have leaves just covering my backyard that needs to be raked up.

Alright then...I better get a move on.

Hugs to each of you! :hug:

11-19-2007, 02:04 PM
Hello ladies...

KELTON...glad to have you back! :hug:

MARTI...WTG to Jhanai! And dinner did sound good! And woohoo to having a whole week off!

SUE...I like you new avatar, so cute! I had the dreaded MRI and they said it was a touch of arthritis that I had in my right arm/shoulder. Funny thing...since then the pain moved to my left arm/shoulder...weird. But I must say since I have been exercising I've not had many problems, knock on wood. Once in a while it acts up and for the most part the tylenol arthritis works for me. But there have been days where nothing helps...I just deal with the pain. WTG on your walking!

KATIE...nice to see you posting here and glad you will be with the family. I am very thankful to have Josh home this year, and a gf to boot! She is a sweetie.

SASSY...yeah, take that hammer and go bop him on the head with it, lol!

MINDEE...but don't ya just love the kiddoes? Of course you do but what I mean is everythng they do is a memory...something you will look back on later in life and laugh and say I can't believe you guys did that, lol. I know I do anyway, lol.

JANE...hoping all is well with you today.

TAMMY...can't remember if you are back fom your trip or going to be gone this whole week...I'm lost, lol.

JULES...hope you are having a good day!


Nothing much going on with me today. THe weather is sooooo stinking nice. Supposed to be 79, yikes! Isn't it fall? I think someone forgot to tell mother nature. Anyway...getting ready to go do my 3 miles in the neighborhood and then do a mile on the treadmill when I get back. I am actually looking forward to WI tomorrow, not sure why.

Have a good day ladies!

11-19-2007, 02:28 PM
Lets move on to 276