30-Somethings - Do you eat the same breakfast daily?

01-20-2002, 10:17 AM
Just curious how many people have an old favorite for breakfast that they eat day in, day out. I tend to have old favorites for dinner (partly because I'm lazy, partly because I can't cook well, and partly because I live alone and have leftovers), but my breakfasts are all over the board.

I sat down thinking about this question myself, and looked at the breakfasts I've eaten over the past three weeks (when I started journalling). Here's what I ended up having:

Vegetarian faux "Egg McMuffin" (300 calories) - 4 times
Cereal and a veggie patty (260 calories) - 4 times
Cereal and yogurt (305 calories) - 3 times
Yogurt and a veggie patty (190 calories) - 1 time
Oatmeal and a veggie patty (230 calories) - 1 time
Waffle and a veggie patty (225 calories) - 1 time
Ice cream sandwich and a veggie patty (220 calories) - 1 time
Oatmeal (160 calories) - 1 time
Cereal (190 calories) - 1 time
Beans and rice (360 calories) - 1 time, no food in the house
Lean Cuisine meal (270 calories) - 1 time, and again no food in the house
Nothing (0 calories) - 1 time when I slept in really late

Hrm. So I guess Fake Egg McMuffins are big with me, and cereal and yogurt and oat meal. Usually I add veggie patties or yogurt in to get the protein boost in the morning. Today I'm trying soy nuts just as a change in pace.

Anyway, just curious what other people eat for breakfast. Do you vary it? Have you eaten the same thing for the past 30 years? Inquiring minds want to know.

01-20-2002, 12:27 PM
Good question!

I am not a morning person. I want to do nothing when I get up (including eat)! I know that this is very bad, so I try to force myself to eat. I am working on making this a lifestyle change and not a diet strategy (not there yet, skipped breakfast for most of november and december).

Since I don't really want to be eating anyway, I try to get in my fruits (which I do not enjoy). I usually have 2 servings of fruit with either yogurt and water or I blend the fruits with something like diet 7 up or crystal lite.

In fact, I am slugging down 2 apples blended into crystal lite as I type - YUCK!! But, my best chance at actually getting 2 servings of fruit in a day is to force myself to eat them before I eat anything else (on bad days, I don't get around to lunch until about 3).

Sometimes, I will have a slimfast shake for breakfast (usually my afternoon snack) and tell myself that I will eat the fruit in the afternoon. Guess what??? NEVER HAPPENS. So, will really try to stick with nothing passing the lips until those fruits are gone.

01-20-2002, 03:12 PM
I do have the same thing all the time - but I go through phases. Like right now I have oatmeal & fruit (like Bailey it is a good time for me to get a fruit in - I'm not very good at getting it in otherwise). And I went through a long phase before where I had Smart Start cereal every morning. I can't remember what was before that. Oh, I think it was a bagel phase.


01-21-2002, 10:25 AM
Yup! I'm guilty of having the same thing every AM! Oatmeal! Occasionally I'll have something different, but usually it's because I ran out of oatmeal and forgot to bring more in! I don't like to eat first thing in the AM. I don't have time anyway! I'm definitely NOT a morning person.

On week days I get up, have my OJ, put my clothes out, jump in the shower, finish getting ready, start my car, push the button on my Brew & Go, and fill my lunch cooler. I drink my coffee on the way to work, and eat breakfast after I get here.

On the weekend, I laze around and drink my coffee, then a couple hours later, usually, I have breakfast. DH usually makes eggbeater omlets.

01-21-2002, 10:41 AM
I've never been a morning person or interested in breakfast foods at breakfast time. But with little boys in the house who eat 7 meals a day I am getting at least one breakfast a day. Usually whatever I'm fixing for them. It may be just hot cereal (I'm so glad they love it) or toast, cold cereal doesn't interest me much so I try to stear them away from that. Applesauce if big for breakfast around here....but then again so is icecream.

I do like your idea of getting the fruit in before anything else during the day. I love fruit and am still bad about not eatting it during winter months (just want comfort foods all winter). I may give your idea a try this week. I know I've got 2 apples downstairs so bfest today will be apple slices (and peanut butter), toast, and milk/juice.

I've got yogurt and all kinds of frozen berries in the freezer...maybe we can have that for breakfast tomorrow.

- jul