Support Groups - Cowbells in the Snow softly ringing!

11-10-2007, 10:12 AM
city sidewalks ,busy sidewalks dressed in cow-a-day styles,in the air there's a feeling of Cow-mas!!:moo::moo::moo::moo::moo::moo::moo:

11-10-2007, 11:35 AM
You have snow, Bagz? Question for you::: Why do I see you on gmail but you won't talk to me????

Why don't I see other gmail people on?

I have an answered question for Kiwibell. Who is Marilyn?

Bagz, I think we have to get through American Thanksgiving before we do Cowmas. I could be wrong but that's my opinion. Of course, I have no snow.

11-10-2007, 01:56 PM
I have a friend in her 50s who joined a new gym. They used clampy-things to measure fat under arm and other places that told her that she is "officially overweight." She is in the UNHEALTHY region, she said. I asked what size pants she wears. Depends on the pants ... between ... 10 and 12.

11-10-2007, 06:31 PM
Children laughing
Tractors passing
Corn in row after row
And by every fence post you will hear... :moo:

They used clampy-things to measure fat .. and .. told her that she is "officially overweight."Well, that's just MEAN.

Why don't I see other gmail people on?
I am on right now and trying to chat. Actually most of the time when I send a chat message I don't get a response. Sometime we should try to coordinate it.
I have an answered question for Kiwibell. Who is Marilyn?:lol: I noticed that your email reply was addressed that way. Well, here's the deal: DH likes to name things. When we first networked our 2 computers, he named them after my great-aunts, who were very generous old ladies. So we still have Louise and Agnes. Mine is Agnes, it's the older one... Then when DH got a new computer, he named it Marilyn, and that happened to be where the email got sent from yesterday. He also has a laptop that he named Helen after his grandmother. My new computer will replace Agnes, and I couldn't come up with a good name of a dead female relative, so at the moment I'm calling it AgnesII.

Now, is that all quite clear? :spin:

11-10-2007, 06:32 PM
Ting-a-ling! Hear them (cow bells) ring! Soon it will be Christmas Day in the pasture. Total Christmas displays (bovine themed or otherwise) to date: ZEE-ROW.

I asked what size pants she wears. Depends on the pants ... between ... 10 and 12.

Uh oh. I went shopping for jeans today and just managed to sausage myself into a size 14. To add insult to injury, they were a 14 SHORT, because yes, I am short. And flabby. Actually, if it weren't for the apron gut and the complete lack of a waist, I could probably get into a 10. Probably. But maybe not.

I never turn on my gmail chat thingie, Peachy. Is yours on all the time?

Munich had snow. We didn't. Not yet.

11-10-2007, 06:34 PM
Hey! Kiwi slipped in while I wasn't looking. No time to chat. Have to go to bed.

11-10-2007, 07:01 PM
yes, it's on automatically when I'm on gmail. Yours should be, too.

I am watching "Wasp Woman." Sound bored? Yaaaaaahh

11-10-2007, 08:11 PM
What is Wasp Woman? It sounds annoying.

11-10-2007, 09:00 PM
Since you asked: B&W film about a scientist who discovers how to use wasp royal jelly to reverse aging. He sells the idea to a cosmetic company then goes into a coma. The head of the firm has been getting these royal jelly shots from him but with him out of the picture, she treats herself and turns into a wasp. A big one with the same face. She doesn't fly or anything.

11-11-2007, 02:44 AM
Wow, that sounds really, um, fabulous...

11-11-2007, 08:10 PM
hey !! we have four computers in this house and usually one of them is open to my mail----so it must appear that i am on email all the live long day!!!! other than that i am probably not paying attention---i am preoccupied with kiwi's birthday tomorrow----i forget how old she is turning--someone send me an email!!

11-11-2007, 08:23 PM
silver cowwwwsssssssssssss silver cowwwwwwwwwssssssss it snowed last night in the cityeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

11-11-2007, 09:10 PM
Either 27 or 28. Not sure.

11-12-2007, 12:48 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIWI-COW!!!! TWENTY EIGHT YEARS OLD MY DARLING COWPIE--HOW LOVELY FOR YOU!!! HOPE YOU GET A NICE BIG FAT CAKE AND LOTS OF LOVIN!!!:congrat::congrat::belly::belly::belly::be lly::moo::moo::moo::moo::moo::flow1::flow1::flow1: :flow1::flow1::dance::dance::dance::dance::grouphu g::bday2you::bday2you::bday2you::bday2you::hb::hb: :hb::woo::woo::woo::balloons::balloons::balloons:: celebrate::celebrate::celebrate::celebrate::bday2: :bday2::bday2::bday2:

11-12-2007, 03:15 PM
Wow, snow for my birthday! How lovely! Glad it's there, not here. Here it is sunny and, um, crisp. (freezing) Thanks for the very animated birthday wish, Bagz! Yes, I am 28. Or so. Who's counting?

Had a nice time at the in-law's yesterday. The family has started celebrating birthdays in 2s, which is just fine with me, less attention the better, eh? Yesterday we were celebrating mine and the nephew's wife. We got nice presents; I have nice in-laws, lucky me. Didn't get to see my baby girl, but she actually sent me a present! How amazing is that concept, to get a present in the mail from your kid! She also called me today. Wish I could go visit her.

Have a sunny day


11-12-2007, 05:32 PM
kiwi!!! i totally get your feeling about the gift in the mail from the child----it is very heartening to be revered in that manner!!! i am sure she misses her mama on her bday as well!!!! can you get down to see her before the holidays???----my dd 21 was here for the weekend and i was thrilled to see her---it seems i see her about once every 6 weeks or so---i still talk to her on the phone every day though--for some reason she still likes it. i just went for a brisk walk in the bracing chill and i loved it---the air is the kind of cold just before a snowfall---my favourite feeling {without the snow part} ---snow early in the winter is so beautiful,but too much of a good thing is ---you know ---BAD----so glad you have sweet in-laws-----of course they have a sweet dil !!!

11-13-2007, 02:22 PM
Well, we got sleeted on last night. Jet started barking at something outside, and it turned out to be really loud sleet. Sleet is a word that should always be italicized.


11-13-2007, 06:44 PM
Oh my goodness, how could I have missed it?

:carrot::carrot:Happy Birthday, Kiwi!!!!!!:carrot::carrot:

I am supposed to go to Dresden on the weekend to meet up with some imaginary axe murderer internet friends. The effin' unionized train drivers at the Deutsche Bahn, the railway company, are striking from early Thursday morning until early Saturday morning. I should be OK since my train leaves at 6:30 a.m. on Sat, but other wanted to arrive on Friday and are now VERY annoyed.

Rain, Hail, Sleet, Snow, Freezing Wind here too. :(

11-14-2007, 03:32 PM
Thanks, Sug :D I accept all late greetings. My little sister's birthday is 5 days before mine, and I finally sent her something the day after my birthday :o Better nate than lever, eh?

I have GOT to get outside today, it actually warmed up a little and it's clear and sunny. I wonder how long it would take to rake up all those leaves I've neglected?

I'm a little ticked off -- I finally forced myself to call the doctor's office to make an appointment to see the dietitian, as they had suggested because my cholesterol is high. They said they would set up an appointment, and I have not heard one thing. That was over a week ago. God I hate doctors.

Yes, I know sensible people would just call again. Not sensible.


11-14-2007, 09:08 PM
Ah, well, Kiwi. When we get into our late 20's we get crotchedy. Heee.

Happy Birthday sweet one. Sorry I'm belated.


11-14-2007, 10:22 PM
Hey Wabby! How's baby?

11-17-2007, 02:27 PM
Okay, I've waited 3 days for someone to post, I guess I have to reply to myself. :mad:

Busy day yesterday; we went over to a friend's house to celebrate her birthday with her for lunch. We brought cupcakes and ice cream. Then we came home and I got dinner ready because DH had invited his cousin to come over. I ate too much yesterday... I made a test run of Good Eats' Green Bean Casserole, all fresh instead of the frozen bean, canned mushroom soup, canned fried onions. Tasted good, but I'm glad I did it once ahead of Thanksgiving; it needed more sauce; got a bit dry. The cuz hung out until midnight doing genealogy with DH :rolleyes:

Allright, I've posted, where is everyone?

Yes, I realize that all I wrote about is what I have been eating, and not in a "look how good I've been" way. Sue me.

We were supposed to have snow this weekend. The snow is a no show.


11-18-2007, 09:05 AM
Personally, I haven't been here because I've been overwhelmed and overtired.

They put me into the liquor store with this guy from another part of the supermarket. We sell lottery tickets but not many because the store is so new. Every day, two or three times a day, the money counting people (all kids) come over, do some "balancing" and tell us our lottery till is over or it's short. Even if we sold $11 in tickets and have $11 added to our till, we're over or short. At the end of the day, a computer that only they have access, determines that we're over or short.

Finally, I went over the work form they use, found an error, corrected it, saw that we were perfectly balanced and confronted them. They had trouble seeing it but after 10 minutes or so, did see what I meant, agreed that the form showed neither overness nor shortness and asserted, "But you're still four dollars short because the computer says so and it's more accurate."

I couldn't sleep all night. Next morning, I corralled my boss, told him I need to see the calculations the computer uses. He said he'd look into it. Later, one of the came over with a "corrected" form. I lavished praise and thanks on him (need to be on good side of these folks) and asked why the computer said we were over or short. "Oh, they miscounted the tickets," he said.

After he left, I looked over his new form and took it back to him as he had moved one figure from one column to the next but not the right one. Sigh.

Now, I have a totally flat tire. How does that happen? I called my best friend and asked if she had a vehicle I could use to get to work. She said no. Now, that hurts. I feel the sting of being familyless in these situations. When my mom died, she and her dh sent me a card and he wrote on it that as long as they're here, I am not without family. He has loaned me his truck. She has turned me down once before when I needed a ride 20 miles to get ds. I need new friends but how to find them?

Then I called someone I've known for years, haven't seen in a long time but who has always been generous with me. They brought an SUV right over.

DS is coming home alone for Thanksgiving. I sure don't want to make a big meal for the two of us and I don't want turkey. I bought a rib roast and stuck it in the freezer. How long will it take to defrost? Cooking is so complicated.

11-18-2007, 09:08 AM
HaPPY BiRTHDAY ... sorry I missed it.

11-18-2007, 02:17 PM
peachers!! that is terrible---what a dumb woman---she has no idea cause she has her man---i wonder how she would like it if she were all alone----i bet you would lend her YOUR car if she needed it------that pi$$es me off----i want to stay and yak at kiwi but i have to go in the woods on NON hunting day to cut down some branches for the shop decorations----my brother got a deer this week=----ickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

11-18-2007, 02:31 PM
Wow, the world of grocery employment is fraught with difficulty. It's awful when such stupid stuff that other people do manages to keep you up at night. I'll bet they don't give it another thought when they go home :(

Speaking of employment, I received a rejection letter from the newspaper, big surprise. Oddly though, I haven't heard boo from my friend who asked me to apply for her job as her fillin. I'm a little insulted; it's not like she didn't know that I hadn't been working for 20 years, so it doesn't seem likely that my application shocked her.

My life is sooooooooooooo boring. The most exciting thing that happened to me this weekend is I pulled my shoulder muscle throwing a tennis ball for Jet and had to put an ice pack on it. Now that's entertainment.

Oh wait, no, that was the 2nd most exciting thing -- here's the most exciting: Somebody bought one of my Zazzle (stamp) designs!


11-18-2007, 04:11 PM
where can i see your zazzle designs???? i just got in from cutting down branches {small trees actually} I want to put them in the window of the shop and put lights on them ---maybe spray a bit of sparkle dust on them to catch the light----i have been so lazy about decorating----but this season is fast approaching---kiwi--why don't you become a potter or something and i will sell your mugs and bowls----that is a very back to the land type of thing to do----there must be someone you know who can teach you how to throw clay-----that way ,you can work for ME!!!---Peachers,you can harvest shells and beachglass for me and i will sell those in the summer---there,now is everyone working??

11-18-2007, 11:12 PM
Well, I already know how to throw pots, and not just against the wall! I actually took a pottery class while I was in college, for fun. Of course that doesn't mean I'm any good. I have no artistic talent. None.

This should link to my "gallery". ( Guess what my royalty amount was on a sheet of stamps? It's pretty exciting, let me tell you.... $0.68 Yes, that's right! 68 cents! Aren't you impressed?


11-19-2007, 10:51 AM
I think they do think about work after work. There's a bunch of them, young, who socialize heavily at work and out of work. When the till didn't balance, they declared, all of them, that was this guy I work with. He was doing something wrong. I said we don't do enough business in here for him to have the opportunity. Still, they insisted that was it and looked no further.

Then I learned that other people in other parts of the store are saying that our till was over or under every day. I hope the real story gets around. Maybe I can help it.

Yes, Bagz, being alone is the pits. This morning I called the tire store and they didn't want to come this far to do anything. So I called the local water department, up the street, and asked who locally will fix tires. They didn't think anyone did but came themselves and pumped the tire full of air and told me drive straight to the tire store.

The tire store said the stem valve was stuck, put in a new one at no charge. Still, the tire look funny to me. Both back tires are rounder than the front ones.

11-19-2007, 12:10 PM
Adding this:::: yes,I would loan her my car. It's bothered me that I always have to ask people for help but no one asks me. They all have family to go to and their problem is solved. What can I do about that?

11-19-2007, 12:13 PM
beautiful picture, Kiwi. Anyone around you would want stamps like that.

11-19-2007, 02:26 PM
They all have family to go to and their problem is solved. What can I do about that?It's a tough problem. I've often wondered what on earth I would do without family available, but I realize that what I would do is this: do everything myself. That's what I did when I was living in Mass. when I was in my early twenties; I just went way out of my way to do everything myself. I could never do that now, or here -- no public transportation. There must be a solution; I suspect it is in finding people in similar situations and banding together. Not sure how you find those people. I guess one way would be to look for someone to board in your house! There should be a network for empty nesters or something.

I know -- have a hot and heavy affair with a mechanic.

I just heard from DD's bf that they are not getting home tomorrow night, which is what she told DH yesterday. They won't be home til Wednesday night. Just in time to not help me with the cooking I'm planning to do.

I am not adjusting well to life with kid in college either if that helps any.

DH is planning to put a pot roast in the crock pot the night before Thanksgiving, and we'll be bringing that to contribute to the in-law's noon dinner; they are also having a chicken. I find that depressing, makes me want to fly to NC and have a real Thanksgiving with my sister. Anyway, I was thinking about your rib roast, Peachie, did you take it out of the freezer yet? Two days at least in the fridge, I would think.


11-19-2007, 08:24 PM
oh my lordy loo--it's thanksgiving for you cow-turkeys this week!!!---i am with you kiwonk----NO TURKEY should be against the LAW!!! put one in the crockpot instead of the pot roast!!--so peach,is ds coming home in time to cook?? you need him to find a wife,get some kids and then PRESTO,instant family--and you can do all the babysitting!!!-- i wonder-would a boarder be an idea?? someone to help pay the bills and maybe even someone nice ??? that might be fun---my sister boards in Maine when she is there for the summer to go to university---the lady she was with takes in students during the year and says she really likes it-----i am hungry--what's for supper---OH I FORGOT!!I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL STAMPS KIWONK!!!---THE VIEW OF THE MOUNTAIN IS SPECTACULAR!!! AND THE BABY IS SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!

11-20-2007, 12:49 AM
DS is a baby and when he marries, I'm sure he and wifie will move to Australia or someplace else really far.

There's no public transportation here either. None at all. I miss my youthful days when people shared stuff and were all about making a new world. You know, hippies.

I snapped at this woman at work today. I petted a cat that isn't mine this morning and one eye got all red and itchy after. I was in the break room before work and she says: "You eye is red."

Me: I know.

Her: What's wrong?

Me: I don't know.

Her: Do you think it's pink eye?

Me; I just said I don't know.

Her: That would be bad. Do you think that's what it is?

Me: I just said I don't know.

Her: I didn't hear you. That would be bad. You should have it checked.

I snapped then, told her she was stressing me out and left the room. There's no point in being mature and together all the time anyway.

11-20-2007, 02:32 AM
There's no point in being mature and together all the time anyway.Precisely. I believe I will make that my new watchword.

I was looking at a message from somebody on the internet and she ended it with "tootalu" :lol: Isn't that hilarious? I want to go around saying "Toot a Loooo!" but I'm sure people will stare and point.

My poor puppy has been so ignored today. I've been on the computer the entire day except when I made "Leftover Fowl Souffle" a la the I Hate to Cookbook in homage to the late author.

It was not foul. And there is now some leftover leftover fowl souffle.


11-20-2007, 02:34 AM
oh and thanks for the compliments. Audrey is one cute little muffin. That was a couple of years ago, but it's such a great shot.

T0night dh and i spent hours getting ready to put some historical society calendars on ebay to sell. And I am not even a member of the thing... Oy yawn.

11-20-2007, 07:24 PM
hellMooo, or you could take it as "HellNo" shes back..
here I is:What did I miss? Is Sug still too pretty? Did Baghag make a million off the cruiseline yet? Did I miss Kiwonks 29th Bday? Did we have a virtual bunco game with Wabby? Have new calves joined or been chased away? Has Painty added a new paintshop awatar? And most importantly: Has Cowpeach finished my socks? Enquiring minds need to know:

11-20-2007, 07:25 PM
Make that: THE SOCKLESS SCHATZINATOR (just sayin is all)

11-20-2007, 07:30 PM
Nice to see you, what's up witchooooooooo? I think PeachCow sent your sox to Afghanistan for the refugees.

Look at mee I'm all Christmaseeee.

DH is making fish chowder. So far mostly it smells like onions.

11-20-2007, 07:54 PM
Afgans' do not need socks. They like to go sockless, but do wear sandals (sockless of course). I , on the other hand, do not 1) go sockless 2) wear sandals in anytype of weather (I have ugly hammertoes that should be shrouded in socks at all times)
Niiice ChristmassyKiwi- !!!!
Now then: Is it CHOWdah, chowDAH, or Chowda? - but most importantly: Was it good?? Nuthin like a good soup, and a hunka bread on a chilly sockless night!

11-21-2007, 10:59 PM
Well, it was, um, interesting. A work in progress, perhaps.

I went and picked up my little sweetie DD today from southern Maine (the bf had picked her up from school and delivered her that far). We have about 1/2" of snow on the ground and more expected tomorrow. Very Thanksgivingy. Unless of course it rains instead. But in any case we don't have far to drive tomorrow, we're only going to the in-laws in East Frozen Tootsies. And did I mention my sweet DD is home? :cool: :thanks2:

I'm in the process of making pumpkin cheesecake, a recipe I got online at Clean Home Kitchen or something. I hope it's good, but it is annoying me -- "use a steel springform pan, not a non-stick one" "mix on medium speed with a handmixer" "scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl with a rubber spatula". I've never seen such a bossy recipe, and I don't at all appreciate the fact that they apparently don't think it will come out right if I use what I actually own to make it. :rolleyes: I think if it is good, I will email them and tell them how incredible it is that it could be made in a non-stick springform pan !! It will be earth-shattering news, I am sure.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving all you American types. All you Canadian types, enjoy your Thursday... heh heh.


11-22-2007, 07:46 AM
I've never seen such a bossy recipe,

:D:D:D LOL! That made me laugh! I guess they're catering to the clueless when they give instructions like that. A rubber spatula, eh? I always use a 2 x 4 and my recipes come out JUST FINE, thank you very much.

Happy Thanksgiving, cowies! Enjoy your festive meals. :turkey:(just because this one is so weird)

And Wabs? We'll be thinking of you. :hug::hug::hug:

I got back from Dresden safe and sound. It was really fun but I wrenched my shoulder carrying my bag AND I spent most of Tuesday on the couch with the wickedest cramps you could ever imagine. I'm kind of wishing the mentalpause would hurry up a bit if this is going to be what it's like for the next decade. Blaaaaaaaaah! I was actually curled up into a little ball sobbing to myself at one point and dh had to make fish sticks for the kids for dinner all by himself. :p

Anyway, welcome back, Schatzinator! I think Peachy thought you skipped town and made your socks into l'il booties for Wabby's newest granbaby. Or something.

How's your eye, Peachy? Mine get itchy immediately when I touch cats. Not pink-eye, just allergy eye. I would have snapped at the woman too.

About living in a small town and not quite fitting in - I saw a quote from someone the other day that said "you learn to enjoy your own company." How true.

Must go do something productive. House is a pit again. Bought a (tasteful) artificial wreath and a Christmas pillow today so I'm way ahead of the holiday game. Just can't invite anyone over until the refuse is shoved to one side.

11-22-2007, 09:34 AM
Suggie! That quote sure hits home for me here. Seems the folks I've met thus far are wingnut wackjobs... so, DH has to be my BGFF- he's still learning how to respond to questions like.."does this make me look fat" and "Am I being b*tchy? ... the answer to both is of course, NO. Hopefully I will meet some normal folks in this new neighborhood.
:lol3: :rofl: Kiwi that was Priceless! Bossy recipe indeed! The kind I need, however, I since I have authority issues, I would use a wooden spoon and a bundt pan.

Wabby :hug::hug: -thinkin of you darlin... now then I cant believe I missed a grandbaby! Details!!!!! The Wabbette Tribe grows....

Cowpeach, In my head I would have lunge at that woman and scratched her eyes out :sumo:. What a jerk!

Bagarilla I wish to see new pictures of your enchanted piece of earth.. got any?

I have to pack in between making this stoopid turkey. DH insisted. I should have insisted he cook it. So once again I must face my hands in the carcass phobia. :dizzy:

:turkey: I think these 2 are having too much fun! What are they doin?

11-22-2007, 11:37 AM
My baby is home and I have threeeee days off. I have made brownies the way one of my customers does. Put the brownie mix in the pan, lay candy bars of choice over it and cover with another brownie mix. I don't know how long to cook it and must check it soon.

Shots, have you been behind bars? What was it like? The warranty ran out on your socks as I need encouragement to knit and there you were in Sing Sing.

It is so interesting selling liquor The only difference between bourbon and whiskey is one is made in KY and one in TN. Cognac is made from grapes. Canadians like to drink stuff with Canadian in the name .. or Rizner's which we don't sell.

I am following no bossy recipes. We have smoked turkey breast; already smashed taters and I will made a Waldorfy salad. We have already made pie, too. And brownies. That's enough for two peoples.


11-22-2007, 12:41 PM
Just wanted to pop in and say Happy Thanksgiving to you all...I still think fondly of the cowgirls.

Have a great day!


11-22-2007, 05:50 PM
i do declare you MURicans are having a fine time of it on your Thanksgiving!!! i do wonder what the deal with having it on a THURSDAY is i must confess!!! Why not Friday or MOnday--the traditional lead in or out of the weekends----do most people get Friday off as well????? ANYway----i hope you all ate your aprons off and are ready to diet until Christmas HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA doubt it!!----Happy Turkey Day to you as well Ellabella!!----and of course i am so happy that the young university students are home for the holidays---how sweet is that!!----the shop is getting busier =---thank you Shotsy for asking---the yankess have left but there are a few Canadians who have not gone across the border cause the loonie is beating the yank dollar for a change!!!!----i have to go to a parent teacher thing tonight---dd got an A average but he still wants me there,so off i go----we are all thinking of wabby this week for sure and i am sure she knows it----xoxoxoxoxo my lovely yankee doodle dandies----------TOODLE DOO!!!:thanks1::thanks1::snowglo::snowglo::snowglo ::snowglo::xcheer::xcheer::xcheer:

11-22-2007, 09:00 PM
Was a lady named Sarah Josepha Hale who said that the last Thursday in November should be American Thanksgiving. Lincoln made it so. Maybe in those days people worked six days like in the Dickens novels and Thursday was a good break. I dunno.

My baby and I have been watching bad movies and eating all day. Such heaven.

11-23-2007, 12:28 AM
I am so happy for you and your darling ds my dear cowpern---eating all day with your best boy sounds divine---and the bad movies only add to the joy!!!SO WHO IS GOING SHOPPING ON BLACK FRIDAY????and why is it called THAT!!

11-23-2007, 12:41 AM
It's BLACK because it's not RED ... accounting red. Your kind of BLACK>>>>> Do you have Mericans there on T-day cruises?

The brownies didn't cook enough. They're goooooey and uncutable but yummy.

11-23-2007, 08:29 AM
hiya Ellabella :wave: so good of you to pop by! I'll need to connect with you the next time I'm in Cambridge fer sure!

DH and I are warmin up the credit card... I havent ventured out on Black Friday in years! You need to be young and fit and alert and ruthless! hmmm or maybe that was a Jersey thing. Anyway, we need a fridge and office furniture so off we go.....
In between the Turkey cookin, DH and I packed yesterday, made a pretty good dent. I swear this is the LAST time until we retire or kick the bucket.
Cowpeee - sounds like a divine day with DS... I love bad movies, bad black and whites are better. bad black and white horror flicks are the best.
Bagz - you can thank that moron of a president for how well foreign currency is doing. Big dopey arse.

11-23-2007, 03:38 PM
It's BLACK because it's not RED ... accounting red. Well, I guess it will tell you how I feel about it when I say I always thought it was called Black Friday because it was like death. :lol: And I think there's another good reason to call it Black: the stores are opening at ridiculous hours like 3 am when it is pitch black. DH and DD headed out of here at 1:30 AM to be in the "big city" at 3:00 so that they could get tickets for a couple of items from Best Buy. When they got there there was already a line of several dozen people -- but no one came out with tickets for another hour, and then they didn't have tickets for a LOT of things they had promised in the ads and the people were simply snotty when you asked if there were going to be enough items of something or other without a ticket. DH had thought they would get there at 3, get there tickets, leave and have breakfast and come back for the 5AM store opening. Instead they stood out in the cold -- and I mean very cold, below freezing -- for 2 hours. I think the stores should be sued for endangering their customers; I wouldn't go shopping on Black Friday for anything. I'd rather sleep. But you knew that.

Hi ellabella! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sugar, hope you feel better tout de suite. Good luck with the refuse.

Wow, Schatzi, good luck with the packing and purchasing. Your new house is splendiferous.

11-23-2007, 04:46 PM
D'ya s'pose there's sum't wrong with someone who gets shivers of joy over reading a page like this ( I'm so excited to find this website I need a valium or something.

By the way, thanks for reminding me to order my parents a wreath, Sug.

11-24-2007, 08:01 AM
You and dh are just plain crazy folk. Although his plan sounded pretty lovely to me. Here it was nuts. We left the house at 8am to get to Appliance World - only to find out that they closed the entire thansgiving holiday weekend. So we ended up at lowes and home depot in search for the fridge. We hornswaggled the home depot guy into accepted the lowes 10 % off coupon . (well :rolleyes: we didnt have to hornswaggle them, as its routine for them to accept competitior coupons: I just wanted to use the word hornswaggled.) We were soooo exxxhausted fighting the traffic, that when we got home bout 2ish, we both took a nap that turned into a complete coma and we got nothin done at today, we have to step it up.
Wayward Landlord arrived home with Pyscho girlfriend and beautiful DD. Apparently he has a "master plan" to get rid of psycho and it has something to do with no being in a residence more than 6 months at a time ---whatever...

Kiwi, I attempted to read the page and had to stop :faint: to get some cawfee in me first. I'm sure you were downright giddy! No wrongness about it -- but then again,
I was the dorky type that read the dictionary as a kid for fun. :book2:

11-24-2007, 09:32 AM
What I really hate is the word obtain. I hate the ob and I hate the tain. It means get so say get. I'm not crazy about other ob words either. Obstruct is ok. Obnoxious ... I guess it fits. Obtuse ... Hey, I'm on to something. Ob is put into words that mean annoying things.

Does any have a movie that they watched long ago and still love to watch. Not that you think it's a great movie like Wasp Woman but just feels good.

I have a decision. I am dying my hair RIGHT NOW for the last time. Then I grow some grey roots. Then get grey streaks put in and have it cut as short as I can stand. Then grow it below my ears.

I had that experience, too, Shots. DS doesn't have a sticker on his tag. I say I mailed it to him in March but he doesn't remember. He got a ticket last week. So yesterday, Friday, we went to the courthouse to buy a new sticker and they took Thursday aND Friday off for remembrance of Thanksgiving. Bunch o' sissies. They're supposed to be serving the public. They have new pictures of guns and knives on the glass by the doors to show you what you can't bring inside. Not everyone can read, I guess.

11-24-2007, 01:25 PM
I have not done any packing!!! AACK!! I am procrastinating terribly!!!! I need :kickbutt: :frypan: :rollpin:
I've learned that if I buy a 6 pack of the cheapest beer, it helps motivate me attend to unpleasant tasks- so I went out and got one. me bad

11-24-2007, 01:55 PM
Here's a question: if cheap beer motivates you, what would expensive beer do? Or is that too personal a question? :rofl:

What I really hate is the word obtain. I've heard that about you. "Obviously"... ( :devil:
Does any have a movie that they watched long ago and still love to watch. Not that you think it's a great movie like Wasp Woman but just feels good.I have 3 books that I wouldn't mind reading over and over (and have) -- Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Time After Time, and And Ladies of the Club. :chin: Hmm, movies I could watch again and again: Castaway, Groundhog Day, Modern Times (the Chaplin one), Rear Window, Spellbound, most Hitchcock movies, Ealing Studios movies, Cary Grant movies. Okay I'm running out of steam.
I am dying my hair RIGHT NOW for the last time. Then I grow some grey roots. Then get grey streaks put in and have it cut as short as I can stand. Then grow it below my ears.
Wow, that sounds like a life plan.
They have new pictures of guns and knives on the glass by the doors to show you what you can't bring inside. Not everyone can read, I guess.If they can't read, wouldn't they think those pictures were of things for sale in the building, or maybe just a suggestion for what to bring when you visit? :lol:

You and dh are just plain crazy folk. Well, he is. I stayed home and slept. I got up just about the time they were unloading the car.

Mm hornswaggle. I think I'll have that for dinner.

11-24-2007, 03:14 PM
Well, I still hate it.

I really love the movie Bilko with Steve Martin. I don't think it's work of art but it makes me laugh every time.

My life plan is to have hair like yours.

Wait !!! I have more to batch about.. The Flawridder senate got rid of the PIP part of the car insurance policies .. the self-insured part, I think it is. Then ..... it seems they put it back starting January. I can not follow all of this and I don't understand insurance but I do realize my car insurance went up. I also know some people had PIP kept on their policies and I did not so I emailed my company and asked about have it put back on. They emailed back saying $123 would do it. Right away, I got a form letter from the big office saying it was going back on, like it or not, Jan. 1 and would cost $66. so I called the little office and asked why such a big charge for one month.

She had a customer and I was at work and I don't understand it but it sounded like she was saying that since the PIP was gone, the other parts of the policy would have to kick in if I needed medical care. So higher premium. Isn't this suspicious? If they coulda kept the PIP on (as some carriers did with some people), the premium would not have gone up. ? Maybe. I hate them. I want to unobtain them. I get a discount because the homeowners is through them but plan to shop around anyway when the policy is up for renewal.

I made a roast. DS is asleep. I want to obtain slices and eat them.

11-25-2007, 11:12 AM
I hate them. I want to unobtain them.I think they are obscene.

Doesn't PIP mean picture in picture? This is not a useful feature for car insurance policies, it is for televisions.

Here's what I have to batch about today. I have barely spoken to my dd for 10 minutes the whole time she's been home, and she's leaving today. I can't throw a ball worth sh*t for the dog and my back hurts (possibly related).

DH has to fast today, liquids and clear "foods" only, in eager anticipation for a "procedure" tomorrow. He can hardly wait ....

We watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest last night. Perhaps we should have watched something cheerier.


11-25-2007, 08:23 PM
i love the Bridges of Madison County the best--i could read A Fine Balance again or maybe Wuthering Heights-----i could obtain another list for peaches if she would like. regarding your 10 minute convo with your dd miss kiwi,i Totally understand that one---they come home and then they hang out with their bf or friends or in my case their dad,and home just becomes a dropoff spot!!! TEENAGERS !!!!!-=----I MEAN----'YOUNG ADULTS'!!!!

11-25-2007, 10:42 PM
DS and LCP have broken up. I have come to love her and wanted to get closer to her. I imagined what their babies would look like.

I can't throw a ball either.

I get to train for new stuff tomorrow at work. I have nagged my boss to let me do this and he is letting me but ... the trainer will be Snaggie (made up name) with whom I do not compat. Her teeth smile all the time and not her face. Her conversation consists of asking personal questions. She cried phoney. The other day I told her she was stressing me out and she hasn't spoken to me since. Ack.

11-26-2007, 03:37 AM
Well, maybe she will be mercifully brief with the training!

Sorry to hear about the kids' breakup. How is he taking it?

I am copying Drive C: to my new computer. My old computer (Agnes) has 3 hard drives. This one will take somewhere between 3 and 9 hours to finish copying over to Agnes the Younger. At the moment I am typing on Louise, so as not to disturb the Agnii. (I told Marilyn to take a nap for the duration, and Helen is in a drawer).

I'm going to go watch Amazing Race and stop talking about computers named after deceased women.

My cat is puking in the bathroom. Jet alternates between running in there to stare at her in case something good comes out, and running back here to poke at the other cat. She has a busy life.


11-26-2007, 06:28 PM
My cat pukes, too.

Snaggie or whatever I named her did not trust me to use her till. I could not collect money. I was not trusted with her logon codes. Finally, I went to the boss and asked if he'd like me to do something else as I was just standing around. He changed her mind.

I don't know how either are taking it. He used to have pictures of her on his cell phone. His phone looked just like mine and I picked it up by mistake and there was only a picture of a tree.

Aren't there other people who are supposed to post here?

11-26-2007, 07:03 PM
You are right. I remember other people here. They were sweet; what do you suppose happened to them?

Your place of employment seems very Days of Our Lives. My life is more Test Pattern.

I am at this moment almost finished moving my data to my new puter. Very shortly I will be able to switch them and be soo high tech. It has a wide screen. And gadgets.

Jet startled a deer when I let her outside a little while ago. It was up on the hill beside our house, about 75 feet away; took off into the woods. It was dark out, the only way I know it was a deer was by the loud "huff" sound it made and the crashing through the woods. Jet took off after it -- not so good -- she could get shot for that in some places.

I hope I'm typing this right; I can't see the screen. My kitty is sitting in front of it.

My elbow hurts. Uhoh.

DH is all scoped out. Had to donate a polyp to science.


11-26-2007, 10:41 PM
yes---it is echoing in here isn't it----i think miss sugar is busy with all her christmas displays---i think we should go over to her blog and see if any pics are up yet---i have done half of the front steps---the fir trees are up,now i have to put my sticks around the door----i like the sticks-----ds and i went down to the ocean where someone had clear cut a bunch of bushes so i didn't even have to cut them down---they are like the sticks you would see wound up into a wreath at the Costco----only for free-----i have ordered my 10 wreaths and i have decorated the buffet. I am shocking myself with my early birdyness-----i have even bought a variety of stocking stuffers---i have to do all the kids {SIX} and the dh and the mil===so i have EIGHT stockings to fill and dh has ONE-----that sounds about right. And then ---the GIFTS---mother of blazes , how can we afford that!!!!==oh well, we always manage somehow----dd23's danish lover is coming over for Christmas and staying until the end of January--his second term doesn't start until February. they seem to be madly in love and are planning for the long term----will i really be the mil to a cute danish boy and have cute danish grandchildren??? how bizarre!!!=====well,peachers,i am remembering when i worked for Sobeys,a local grocery store,and even though i was a teenager i totally remember the ladies who worked there===the gossip,the backstabbing,the REPORTING and TATTLING ------the immature behaviour----i guess everyone likes to lord it over someone----arse pains!!!!======kiwonk---is it still deer season??? keep that pretty doggie in the house!!!

11-27-2007, 11:25 AM
OK, OK, my ears are burning. :devil:

Me? Christmas displays? The only thing up on my blog now is a warning not to eat mandarin oranges from German supermarkets because they're totally contaminated with pesticides, inside and out. Bleh. I've got a little crate of them rotting away on my kitchen counter. To eat or not to eat?

In other news, there IS no news. Boooooooring describes it very well.

So sorry about the break up, Peachy. The first one is always the hardest, I guess, especially for the moms! I just know I'll be experiencing the heartbreak right along with my young men. Geez, I can remember sitting on my mother's lap when I was *22* years old, sobbing away because some stupid boyfriend had punted me. Love hurts. But not as much a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

11-27-2007, 03:20 PM
--is it still deer season??? keep that pretty doggie in the house!!!I think there are still a few days left of it. We have hunter orange bandanas for the dog to wear, and orange hats, gloves, vests, jackets etal for humans. Of course I often forget to put them on.

Speaking of dogs, I bought a new retractable leash for Jet last week and I couldn't believe how much it cost -- almost $30! Ridiculous.

Wow, way to go on the early (for most of us) decorating/shopping. I bought one present and some stocking stuffers. The most decorating I've done is what you see at the bottom of my message...

How nice that DD will have her danish sweetie for Christmas. You will have a storybook holiday, no doubt. Does he have an adorable accent?

I worked in a grocery store as a teenager too. I don't remember the atmosphere you talk about. Maybe because I worked in the deli with a little old Lebanese man, and behind the bakery counter. What stands out most clearly is learning to despise doughnuts for their pervasive smell, but also being able to take home fabulous pastries on Saturday night for free. And slicing my finger open with a cleaver (not as bad as it sounds, fortunately). And the sleazy store manager who asked all the young girls to "Come on over here and hug my neck" (to be spoken with heavy southern accent). Which we all did because nobody ever told us we could refuse. Good old days my ***.

Geez, I can remember sitting on my mother's lap when I was *22* years old, sobbing away because some stupid boyfriend had punted me. I can't say as I remember ever doing that -- I did a lot of "suffering in silence" and brooding dramatically. I should ask my mom sometime if she even knew about my breakups; maybe I didn't even tell her.

Well, I am doing housework in fits and spurts today; tomorrow our niece-in-law and 2 year old are coming to visit. Hopefully they are also bringing their rambunctious dog who is very well matched with Jet. They can be rambunctious outside together.


11-28-2007, 01:01 AM
I love these grocery store stories ~~~ !!

Someone wrote a letter to our home office saying that came into our store for the first the day before Thanksgiving expecting to find not much left and a lot of tired grouches. They sound lots of food and charming people especially this one cashier who paid out of her own pocket so their kid could have a balloon she wanted. The cashier was described as silver haired and we only have one like that. We're trying to guess who it was but nobody believes a cashier really paid for some kid's balloon. Gave it her and let the store take the loss, maybe.

OK, let's talk about my "friend." The one who wouldn't let me use her car when I had a flat. I know that if she called me I would drive her that far and further and go pick her up. I would love to help her. But she never asks because she doesn't need my help.

So today, I had to go to the courthouse to get a tag sticker to mail to DS and the nearest mailbox in the one by my friend's store. I drove over there and she was just driving up. I parked, waved, walked to the mailbox, dropped in my envelope, turned and left. She stood by her car the whole time. Very uncomfy. Advice?

Cherry Cow
11-28-2007, 07:56 AM
Sorry to hear about DS and LCP. My DS and his GF are currently living in NY, but I would be sad if they broke up. I remember being devastated at my first (and only) break-up, at age 21.

No advice on your friend, but I have to say I love the phrase "do not compat." Hehe.

11-28-2007, 10:44 PM
Hello Goodbye. I am sitting in a maze of boxes. Tomorrow morn is the closing, then moving and schelping commences -movers on the move on Friday, and the whole weekend to clean this crackhouse rental, and unpack.I'm ready to collapse .. So toodles for know, should be back on the air on Monday!

11-28-2007, 10:46 PM
ps. sorry to hear about DS and LCP. I hope he isn't to broken up about it..and who knows perhaps they'll get back together. love is such a fickle thang. :shrug:

11-28-2007, 10:58 PM
I am living in a time warp.

11-29-2007, 12:48 AM
I parked, waved, walked to the mailbox, dropped in my envelope, turned and left. She stood by her car the whole time. Very uncomfy. Advice?Wow. Did she say hello to you? Maybe she was subconsciously protecting her car from you asking to borrow it again. :lol:

I am living in a time warp.How so?

Good luck on the move Schatzi. I can't believe you are ready to go already. It would take me a couple of years to pack to move. :lol:

I am still getting used to this computer. It might take a while. I don't think Vista is any improvement over Windows 98 frankly. Much more complicated to do what I want and no real advantage so far. And the help is useless. It reminds me of a professor I once had, who really couldn't teach -- if someone asked her a question, she just repeated the last sentence of her notes, whether it was relevant or not.

I spent the entire day, which felt like a week, looking after my (grand-?)nephew (DH's nephew's 2 year old son), and their dog. It was a real circus. REally really cold out, so we couldn't go out and take a walk or play in the yard, although I sent the dogs out to chase each other (over and over and over and over...). I'd forgotten how unending toddlers are. Like little energizer bunnies. Phew, I'm pooped. And I'm really hoarse, for some reason. It certainly wasn't from yelling at the little guy -- he was good as gold.


11-29-2007, 03:07 PM
oh my gawd,i am sure it felt like a week----the only one who won't make you feel like that is dd's child!! i am sure of that!!----i am busy at work but had to come home for a minute---the weather is so crappy---GREY and rainy/snowy and deeeeeepressing------------------December just seems merrier for some reason-----------won't be long.==============have a fun weekend shatz----it would be fun if we could come over and help you---it would be hi larry ***==========oh yeah===i got a new laptop last christmas and i had the option of putting vista on it,but i said ,no i like XP-----glad i said that after all i have heard from different folkS!

11-29-2007, 04:12 PM
We have a laptop with XP on it and it's full of bugs and sometimes the WLAN doesn't work correctly. I blame Bill Gates.

Yesterday I went to the doctor and he said there wasn't a thing wrong with me that acid blockers couldn't cure. My iron levels are up from the iron supplements but they give me KILLER heartburn :devil:. I've been taking the acid thingies for two days. Says on the package that the side effects are drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, disrupted vision etc etc etc. And that's supposed to be better than heartburn??? I dunno.

Never worked in a grocery store. Did work at the take out section of a family restaurant, a golf club, a photo lab and a gentlemens' outfitters. Hated all of it. No funny stories.

November is a pretty sucky month. I'm waitin' for December too. We need snow.

11-29-2007, 04:56 PM
Wow, I can see that in 20 years I may be like my parents and just give up trying to use new things; it's too much trouble.

My tennis elbow is back with a vengeance. I have 2 computer mice set up, one a rollerball on the right side of my keyboard and the other a regular mouse on the left side. I can use either one, so at least when things start to hurt I can switch without any trouble.

It snowraining out. I can't tell which. It's yucky.

I think I will go ice myself (not outdoors).


11-30-2007, 10:54 AM
I can't use new things. I can't use old things sometimes. I need to be checking the oil in car and adding to it but I don't know how. I think I know how but I don't think I'd do it right. I think I'd mess up the car.

then yesterday at work, I ALMOST made a horrible mistake. They were training me on new stuff like cashing checks but one cashier didn't come in and I had to go do that when they were busy. I got one brain cell crossed with another. This sweet man asked me if I had a hundred dollar bill. His bill came to $102.52 and I ... in check cashing brain set .. thought he wanted it for change. I said no and tried to hand him $102.52 in small bills. He said, No, no, no it was a credit card. I am so happy he didn't take advantage of me and so upset that I almost did that. I think about telling my boss but I shouldn't. Right?

I am going to learn about liquor and share my facts with you. Before there were still, people would freeze strong beer, malt or wine and take off the alcoholic slush to drink.

Sugar, we have over-the-counter acid blockers here. I think Prilosec is one. No side effects that I'm aware of.

I have the day off. I am depressed. I have a Curb Your Enthusiasm dvd. Does anyone know that show?

11-30-2007, 06:38 PM
I need to be checking the oil in car and adding to it but I don't know how. I learned some car maintenance stuff years ago from a book called Car Repair for Dummies. I learned how to check all the fluids and change the radiator fluid and replace hoses and stuff. I had a 1969 Mustang that really needed me to know these things. Before that, I didn't even know you had to check the oil :o and I nearly ruined my first car. You should go to a gas station that will check your oil while you get gas, and get out and watch him do it. The trickiest part is knowing where it is -- the rest is easy, you just need a paper towel or rag to wipe off the dipstick, and enough light to see the markings on the stick. Just wipe it off, slide it all the way back in and pull it out and look at it: if the oil level is between the 2 lines you're fine; if it's lower than the bottom line you need to add oil, and also check to see if it is blackish (bad-needs an oil change) or goldish and transparent (okay). Of course I haven't done this is in 20 years, so I'm assuming nothing much has changed -- perhaps someone who has done it lately ought to pipe up, huh?
This sweet man asked me if I had a hundred dollar bill. His bill came to $102.52 and I ... in check cashing brain set .. thought he wanted it for change. I said no and tried to hand him $102.52 in small bills. He said, No, no, no it was a credit card. I am so happy he didn't take advantage of me and so upset that I almost did that. I think about telling my boss but I shouldn't. Right? Absolutely, it's not like you actually did anything wrong, only almost did. Why did the man ask you if you had $100 bill?
Before there were still, people would freeze strong beer, malt or wine and take off the alcoholic slush to drink.
I had no idea about the alcoholic slush, what an interesting idea. But you would have thought that stills were invited long before freezers :dizzy: Anyway I think it's a great idea, thanks for the tip. :devil: :lol:

I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's one of those shows that you either think is wildly funny or you hate it, I think.

Here's who I think is brilliant: Tina Fey. Ever watch 30 Rock? It's a really smart but goofy show, qualities I admire as you may know.

Later gators, I'm still trying to figure out my new computer with its new version of Outlook, and its new version of Internet Explorer and its useless help features.

11-30-2007, 06:40 PM
P.S. Adding oil is another lesson. Requires reading the car's manual to find out where to pour it. Also a funnel.

11-30-2007, 07:02 PM
Maybe I should get that book. I think I could find the oil thingy as I'm told it says OIL on it. But I'm afraid I'll bend it or something. Once, in youth, I changed my own oil. It fell out in a day or two. I didn't tighten enough. This explains why I'm afraid to try this stuff.

I think he had a bunch of smaller bills and wanted a big bill for his wallet space.

This alcoholic slush story is BEFORE freezers and stills. It's what people in the cold regions of the earth did ... Scandanavia and Russia and Maine.

I have never seen 30 Rock. I see tv shows via Netflix and haven't gotten to that one. The actors are always on talk shows and that makes me dislike them. Actos on talk shows are stupid. What else is stupid is that actor on The Wire who plays the white cop. I thought the show was so clever but on the second season they allowed HIM to commentate one of the episodes. Basically he said that everyone should buy multiple of copies of the DVD. He said that several times. I thought he might talk about the making of the show and share facts that viewers wouldn't know but he was a bore.

I got to be mom this morning. DS called me very upset as he believed he missed the final test in physics. He went to class, found no one there, looked online and saw that the test was two days ago, not during finals week like you might expect. The date was on the class website but he missed it. I talked him through the morning of trying to find an academic counselor, going the professor, dealing with the disappointment of hearing he was out of luck. GPA worries are hanging in the air now. It's wonderful to be needed but sad at the same time.

About my friend who stood by her car (think you were right, Kiwi, that she was protecting it from me), I have decided that I should do nothing. Phones ring in both directions and since I made the last call, I should not stalk her and call again so soon.

12-01-2007, 07:02 PM
Wow, that's too bad about DS's exam. One of those "live and learn" moments.

I am so frustrated with this computer I could just sob. It's bad enough having to relearn all these programs, because they are new versions or Vista handles them differently, but my tennis elbow is back with a vengeance. I'm so sick of it all.

And it is so cold here we couldn't throw the tennis ball this morning -- we have a few inches of drifted snow, plus howling wind, just didn't work. So I took Jet out for a little walk this afternoon, but the wind chill was so vicious I had to cut it short and come home. Thought I was going to have heart attack it was so hard to breathe. Cripe, it's only December 1st. Yuk


12-03-2007, 05:46 PM
Lorsque le diable est tout le monde? Je veux que l'interaction. Je suis en neigé, mais en espérant qu'elle s'arrête dans le temps pour moi de passer la grande ville et acheter des cadeaux de Noël demain. Même si je ne sais pas vraiment de quoi que ce soit que je veux acheter encore. Hmm, je devrais peut-être pas la peine.

Lapin, quel est votre petit-enfant?

12-04-2007, 12:29 AM
Kiwonk' S Misadventure Join Dates: May 2001 Hiring: Frozen Tootsies, Maine Posts: 3,207 Default When the devil is everyone? I want that the interaction. I in am snowed, but by hoping that it stops in time for me to pass the large city and to buy Christmas presents tomorrow. Even if I do not know really anything that I want to still buy. Hmm, I would perhaps not owe the sorrow. Is rabbit, which your small-child?

With thanks to AltaVista Babel

In my world: I am now fulltime at the store which means a Christmas bonus and an inventory bonus this month. Yay yay and more yay.

Own what sorrow? What small child?

I heard dogs earlier as I was dressing for work and not living too near dogs, I suspected something. Went outside and three puppies had been dumped in the neighbors yard. Adorable. Cream colored, short and Bassett Houndish. Soon a truck pulled up and sat in the driveway. Not the owner's truck. The puppies were excited. I went to work. Very sad. Why oh why do people act so cruel?

12-04-2007, 12:29 AM
Ohhhh it's OWE the sorrow. Please explain.

12-04-2007, 11:55 AM
i have the neige here too----we had the schools cancelled and i am at work and no one is buying anything---so that is a BIG BUMMER as it's my christmas season and i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed cash!!!! oh well,my avatar is dh shovelling us out so we could head to boring work this morning!

12-04-2007, 03:01 PM
Babel sux -- I re-translated it in Google and got this. It's almost what I meant.

Where the **** is everybody? I want the interaction. I am snowed, but hoping it stops in time for me to pass the big city and buy Christmas presents tomorrow. Even though I do not really know of anything I want to buy again. Hmm, maybe I should not bother.

Rabbit, what is your grandchild?

Apparently the French find sorrow in bothering.

We got a foot of snow yesterday. I thought it was supposed to snow some more today, so I stayed home. Doesn't matter that much, I can go shopping tomorrow; I don't really have all that many ideas for presents anyway.

Here's what is annoying about winter: when I go outside one of my eyes waters a lot.

Here's what's annoying about snow: when Jet goes outside and plays in it, she picks up tons of little snowballs that are stuck in her fur and take forever to come off, leaving puddles all over (I try to leave her in the mudroom long enough to get them to melt, but I am a softy and I always let her in too soon).

Here's what's annoying about my new computer: everything.


12-05-2007, 06:56 AM
I dont miss the snow or bitter cold...startin to become a nerth carolinian I guess. :shrug:
We're all moved into the new nest. Thursday we closed and brought all our clothes over to the new place
Friday morning the movers arrived..They carried the boxes out on their backs like sherpas... never saw that done before...I had DH man the new house waiting for the fridge guy, cable and phone guys etc .. and dropping off more crap ...thank gawd for my trailblazer--his accord dont seem to hold much. The movers were wonderful and finished up at 7pm... Saturday went to the rental and scrubbed it shiny new.. Sunday dropped off the keys and started to unpack.. and Monday after work I collapsed... and emptied maybe 6 boxes last night... still drowning in boxes but hey at least I have years to get through them all... This time I plan on boxes that I'll put stuff in for garage sales..I'm tired of lugging crap around for years ... What the heck does dh need LPs for???? Why do I have a 1977 stereo with 8 track capability????
rant over and out

12-05-2007, 11:51 AM
Can't you towel off that puppy???? Put a towel in the dryer for a minute and rub her down??

Bagzoid, no one is buying here either? In fact, the lament is that this time last year, our parking lot was filled with Canadian tags and this year, the lot is empty. Whyyyyy??? Is it not cold enough there (thinking dogs covered with snowballs) to come on to Florida? Where's your mom?

Shots, congrats on the housie. Throw that crap out. Unless those LPs are collectible (google search?) Good Will won't even want them.

12-05-2007, 12:58 PM
I wouldn't part with my lps, personally. The stereo from the 70s -- well, that I would dump. We actually just bought DH's father one of those all in one stereos from Target that has a turntable on top.

Anyway congrats on your new house, Schatzi! I know you'll enjoy it.

Peaches, that is a fantastic suggestion, throwing a towel in the dryer to get the snowballs off pupster! I'm going to try that. When she really runs through the snow for a while, those little snowballs get very stuck in her fur, so they rhave to melt a bit to come out. Bonne idee, mon amie!!

I'm supposed to be in the big city, shopping. I'm not even ready to go yet. Perhaps because I don't have any motivation...


12-05-2007, 01:17 PM
I think Big City means Atlanta. Just come a few more hours south and visit me.

You can find what you want and need online. I am shopping online and finding books that I want. Any ideas for teenagie boys?

12-05-2007, 05:19 PM
boys like electronics. I would give him a retro 1977 stereo with 8 track capability. i know where you can get one cheep

12-05-2007, 05:34 PM
Would that come with an Atari set with the original Pong game?

12-05-2007, 05:38 PM
Oh la la! Kiwi parle le Francais. Or something.

No neige here either. Il pleut et pleut et pleut. Blah. :rain:

12-05-2007, 06:08 PM
That and Much Much More!
I'll throw in a Captain and Tennille 8 track, he'll love it!

12-05-2007, 06:31 PM
Neigeless here. We have the noisier precipitation. I want the Canadians to come downnnnnnn. Must it neige? I'm not sure what neige means. I am guessing. Why is it so much like neigh?

12-06-2007, 01:54 PM
Question: Do newer cars sometimes have gauges that tell you how many miles you're getting to the gallon? A woman told me that her car shows 4 mph less when she uses BP gas compared to Chevron or Exxon.

Comment: Gained weight and NO pants without elastic fit. Am eating Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken. You could completely hide the chicken with two Kennedy half dollars.

12-06-2007, 03:53 PM
Why yes, Cowpeach, cars now can tell you how many mpg you get. Thankfully they also bong at you when you get low on fuel-- I'm too embarrassed to say how many times I ran out in the Days of Yore :rolleyes:

I need 2 lean cuisines as a snack and 3 for dinner...Portion Distortion or are the portions for starvation mode..discuss

Did Kiwonk throw her puter out into the Frigidness North?
Has Sugar recouped? Is Bagz draggin Tourists in by the hair on their chinnychinchins to make random purchases of smelly soap?

I am testing the new claim system and it s u x....boy was I fed a line and a half when they courted me for this gig...its a joke... but I like the people and working from home --ok, when I'm not traisping the 4 corners... but ohhh boy, we have a lot of work to do - or they should just bail out of trying to make this system into something it aint or give me team members to get it in shape...
todays rant.over and out

12-06-2007, 06:08 PM
I think Big City means Atlanta. Actually I use "Big City" ironically. Because it's all we have. Bangor could fit into the Atlanta airport.
Would that come with an Atari set with the original Pong game?What a fantastic idea! Who wouldn't want that!
Oh la la! Kiwi parle le Francais.Hi Sugar! I confess that I used the translator :shrug: Bummer about the :rain:
Must it neige? ....Why is it so much like neigh?Because of all the horseflakes.
Question: Do newer cars sometimes have gauges that tell you how many miles you're getting to the gallon?Yes! When we were looking at cars, I saw some that had that. I keep track of my mileage the old fashioned way -- we actually keep a book in the car with all the gas purchases and mileage and tot it up every now and then. Silly, but true.

Our moose meat has arrived! Did I tell you about our moose? A guy hit a moose on the road in front of DH last Saturday, and he didn't want it (if you hit it you can ask to keep it), so DH asked for it and we took it down to a butchering guy. We are now the proud owners of about 180 pounds of moose meat -- although I believe that was before boning and packaging. I think it's more like 100 lbs, but we have interesting things like the neck ~5 lbs; 6 little packages of liver, a dozen bags of ground meat plus sausage, tons of various steak and roast type parts. And a heart. I haven't a clue what to do with this, if you want to know the truth. Apparently it is like very lean beef. Gotta go get gamey!


12-07-2007, 05:18 PM
Mmmm...moose burgers! Wow, that's a lot of meat. I'm sure you'll come up with all sorts of delicious delicacies. I don't think I've ever had moose, but I've eaten venison and wild boar and enjoyed them.

12-07-2007, 06:39 PM
What a coincidence: I am a wild bore.

12-08-2007, 08:43 PM
i like deer meat---so maybe that will be the same sort of ---my bro got a deer,but nowadays they are practically in our backyards all year long---most people in town can't grow tulips anymore because of the deer----they all have to grow daffodils------------we were sooooooooooo busy in the shop today i barely had time to think---i love it---it is so fun when it's busy----it will be sooooooooo boring after christmas----so depressing--this is the best week coming up cause the morning show of the CBC npr radio will broadcast from the market on friday----it's very festive---the mayor serves breakfast,the Harbour LIghts Campaign is in full gear---raising money for the local foodbanks----the commmerative mugs are sold---etc-----it starts at 6 thirty ----till eight am---my husband is the local 'gas guru' ====he reports every week on whether the prices at the pumps are going up or down and this cheapo town hangs on his every word!!!----ANYway---it's small town fun---we are about the size of Bangor,and even kind of look like Bangor on the Coast====Atlanta is much more cosmo!!!!-----------sooooooooo ladies--- i think i will have another rum and eggnog---i just put up my wreaths in the porch and i need another reward----- I MISS LEE LEE-- NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT CHRISTMAS DISPLAYS YET---I MUST POST SOME ----I HAVE A FEW DONE!!!! REPORTEZ VOUS MON PETITE VACHES!!!!

12-08-2007, 11:07 PM
Your house picture looks pretty. Did you post any pics on Facebook?

Today we went to one of the relatives' Christmas party. Whenever DH's mother gets together with her siblings, they have a Scotch Auction -- doesn't have to be Christmas, but that always gives them plenty of excuses to have them. So an aunt gave a party today; we ate dinner at 4 PM :dz:, then exchanged gifts. It was fun. We don't get to bring gifts to exchange -- my MIL won't let us -- she has tons of stuff she wants to "get rid of", so she insists on wrapping something for each of us to put into the auction. This used to make me feel really stupid, but I have learned to bow to the inevitable.

ANYway, the aunt's house was all decorated -- like everywhere, and got me thinking I really should get some decorating done. Of course I have to clean up surfaces before I decorate them, but hey, I can do it, right? I need a :kickbutt:. Early this evening, I finished rearranging stuff from the freezer due to the influx of moose meat, so now I have no excuses.


12-09-2007, 02:17 PM
Mooooooooose Meeeeeeat! sounds quite yummy...I recall having a roasted venison that was scrumptious! Mooseburgers, Moose Meatloaf, roasted moose, ah the culinary deeelights our Kiwi will create!
No Xmas displaying goin on here...well maybe a wreath and a snowman...but quite honestly after this mooooove I'm exxhausted and having even completely unpacked..I am procrastinating yet again.
Bagz the house looks divine... I think I haveta figgure out how to do facebook again... Glad the dollars are rollin in fer ya!

ok... let me try to move my big arse and git something done.

12-10-2007, 12:08 PM
Hello my lovely cows! You've all been so busy -- congrats on the new digs, Schatzi. I'm counting down to closing here... 5 months to go. Hasn't this been the longest property sale you've ever heard of? Now they've moved the projected closing date to April, which is fine with me because I still have 3, maybe 4 vehicles to sell, plus a motorhome, a tractor, a boat, a horsetrailer, 2 car trailers, a 4 wheeler, etc, etc, etc, and I start feeling panicky when I think of it. So I don't think about it, except in the middle of the night, when I think of everything.

DS is still living at my house... which means I get to see my sweet little Kaydy every other weekend and every Wednesday. She is my little sunshine.....and baby Vincent is growing like crazy and looks more and more like his grandma because he's getting chubby and has a double chin just like me. DD is an amazingly calm and competent mommy. Who woulda guessed?

Peach, sorry to hear about the break up ....... there's nothing harder than watching your kid get his heart broken. DS's final divorce hearing was 2 weeks ago and oh my G*d, that was a painful thing to watch.

The rest of youz Cows, I'm following along as well as I can with all your trials and tribulations. I feel like I'm kind of out of the loop here, but that's how I feel in 3d life too. Hi to every one of you dearies.

12-10-2007, 04:02 PM
Hi Wabbit! So good to hear about what you are up to and how your babies are. Those little ones must be keeping you on your toes! We had our nephew's little 2 year old over one day recently and he quite wore me out. What is DD's situation like? Does she live near you?

Don't worry about being out of the loop; we just like to hear from you!

I had the most miserable night last night - woke up around 6:30 from tossing and turning and found myself in intractable back pain. I can't even figure out what it was from, nothing helped; I suffered with it for 2 hours or so and then it completely went away! Right now I feel like I would if I'd been up throwing up all night or something. I am Googling at the moment.

Remember when your life was so uncomplicated that you could sit down on a Sunday afternoon with your dh/bf/whoever and write Christmas cards? DD spent the day yesterday doing that with the bf. I barely can imagine buying any cards myself. Oy.

later gators

12-11-2007, 01:42 PM
Who is going to start Perfect 2008? It is at times like this that I feel the sting of abandonment by Lush.

They passed out these cards at work for us to write about ourselves and attach a picture so the managers could get to know us. I can't think of anything to say at all so I'm not doing it. This one guy, you might call him a jerk, turned in a picture of himself in his work clothes at a bar. He was wearing a wig and his face was squished up.

I am not buying cards. It's all too much and it's hot here. I hate to put up the tree but will with DS.

Wabby, I'm so glad you get Kaydy!! How old is she? What's she up to? Has she helped you make cookies?

12-11-2007, 10:32 PM
Hi Wabbit...must see pics of grandbabies!!!!! I just hope exDIL has become somewhat sane to deal with.
DD musta picked up some of yer motherin ways :hug:
Poor Peachie you sound scroogish...did I tell you all that one year I put a banner on my front door that said bah humbug? Yes I did.... this year I may stick a wreath on the door , put a snowman out - and call it good...while Im at it I think I'll throw some doilies or table cloths over all these boxes , stick a lamp on them and call that good too. DH has been lighting a fire under my hiney to unpack.. hes been doin most of it... I just dont have the giddyupand go...

12-11-2007, 11:39 PM
i am depressed---a friend died of a heart attack last night---only forty six years old--- and totally in shape---very athletic---no history of heart problems---------i am too sad to write about how great he was but if you want to see why i am so sad go here----

his little boy's birthday is tomorrow and his daughter is an adorable child they adopted from China----- he was a great friend and everyone in the market where i work knew him--he walked through every day on his way to and from work and the whole market was depressed today---------------

12-12-2007, 12:04 AM
My giddyup has been gone for years now.

Kaydy is now 22 months old and she is so beautiful it makes my heart hurt. She has huge brown eyes and when ever you take her places she gets the comments about what a cutie pie she is. She's not quite old enough for cookie baking. She would have a hard time with the concept of "the frosting goes on the cookie, not in your mouth, and not in your hair, and not in your ear.... and not in Grandma's ear."

I'm a scrooge too, although it's hard to do with these sweet kiddies here. There's something so wonderful about having a serious conversation with a 5 year old about how Santa can still get into the house even when you don't have a chimney. I went to a school concert at the Catholic School tonight. Little angels, they were so cute. DS's gf's 5 year old son was singing. It seems only a few years ago that DS was up there in his red sweater, looking so sweet.

Vincent was going for his first professional portrait tonight. I can't wait to see his photos.

One of DD's childhood friends stopped by the house today. She's 27 years old, with a 3 year old daughter and she has stage 3 ovarian cancer. Her sister died at 17 with the same cancer. You have to wonder where is the plan in all of this? Sometimes life is too hard. It sure isn't fair.

12-12-2007, 12:07 AM
Bagzie, I'm so sorry!! We must have been posting at the same time........ Like I said life is too hard and it sure as **** isn't fair. I'll be praying for his family.

12-12-2007, 01:14 AM
I am at a loss as to why I seem scroogish. Perfect 2008 is a Christmas cow tradition. I am quite cheery. Well, not quite cheery but cheeryesque.

Great news though!!! Don Imus is coming on the radio!!!! Yay!!! That makes me cheery even though I never hear or see his show.

So sorry about your friend, Bagz. Wabbo is right about life and fairness.

12-12-2007, 03:53 PM
Thanks girls---my sister is especially in tune with what my friend's wife will be going through---i just hate to see kids do without great parents--there are all kinds of situations where there are no parents due to 'deadbeat' dads,etc,but when someone like Brian or our George dies unexpectedly and their children are so little,and they were wonderful fathers,it just makes it so hard to take----i remember during 911 when they named all those parents who died--they were all parents of young kids--- it is NEVER nice to lose a Dad or a Husband----we know that more than ever here at Cows with our Dear Wabby------------i guess i just am sensitive to little kids losing dads----however,i also know that Wabby's grandbabies are missing out on a Fabulous Granddad,so i guess the pain gets spread around no matter what------------i better shut up ,i am making myself more depressed=---sorry cows---thanks for letting me run off steam..................

12-12-2007, 08:41 PM
Oh Bagzie, I'm so sorry. I went to his obituary and it just doesn't seem possible for people in the prime of life to just go like that. I guess that kind of loss touches pretty much every family, but every time it happens, I just can't get my head around it. I think I've been to more funerals of young to mid-life people than I have of old people. How is that possible? It makes me angry.

I was talking to my sister and my BIL earlier today. She is upset because her dad (my step-dad) has gotten a bad report about his prostate cancer. It was in remission for about 7 or 8 years, but is now at an advanced stage. However he is healthy as an ox, as he almost always has been, and if he can tolerate some medications they want to give him (no radiation or chemo they say), it may not advance any further. This in a 91 year old man! I feel for my sis, but honestly, knowing him, he might still be kickin' in 5 years. My mom seems to be looking at it very matter of fact-ly. They are looking into alternatives in case there is more appropriate treatment for him, but what they won't do is throw up their hands and say So be it! It's not the way they do things, and after all, he is a very vital 91. I had thought after talking to my mom that this wasn't the scariest thing at all, but now after talking to my sister, I don't know.

Peaches, I'm writing up your bio right now, complete with pictures:

Hi! My name is Peaches! :mrsclaus: I love kitties and the color pink! My favorite hobby is housecleaning, and my biggest pet peeve is when my high heel falls through a sewer grate! When I'm not working, I do Word Search Puzzles because I like to learn new things!


Dear Manager Man/Lady:
If you would like to get to know me better, I will be available at Checkout #5 from 2:00 PM until closing. Please understand if I am unable to converse with you when I have customers. :snowball:


Get me off of this computer. I have done nothing productive all day. Our furnace died this morning and I waited half the day for the repairman, who arrived 20 minutes before I was supposed to be at the high school to help proctor the math meet (I can't seem to stop volunteering...) so I really haven't accomplished anything. I was looking up recipes for dog treats involving wild game livers when I got involved with you darlings.


12-13-2007, 01:24 AM
Oh thank you for the bios. I love me when I read the first one. I sound like a typical cashier in the second.

News: Remember when I thought I was getting this job teaching but they never hired anyone because their enrollment dropped? That man called today and put me on the phone with another school, a lock up one, that needs a teacher. I told her I'd come talk tomorrow. But do I want to leave the supermarket? I am pretty fed up with being mistreated at work. And today, I solved two problems at work. Not really. That's a euphemism. First, the lottery till has come up short by $50 three times. Two of those times, I had access to it and it really bugged me. But I figured it out. Florida has a Millionaire Lottery that costs $20 and in some cases, pays an immediate $50. Music comes out of the machine and a thingie that says "this is redeemable for $50." We throw all that lottery trash out and this looks like the trash so throw it out and give the people $50.

Second thing is I saw this guy looking like he might be up to no-good at work and I told a manager who said he'd tell the guy's boss. Two days later, I told my own boss who told the guy's boss who was hearing it for the first time. They pulled up videos from that day and saw what I saw.

Bored yet?

Me too.

12-13-2007, 10:14 AM
How about if I turned in this:

Dear Managers: What is your sign? What is your proudest accomplishment? What is your favorite TV show? What in your life do you wish you could do over? Name three things you do every day. What were your dreams when you were a kid? Did any of these come true? What is your favorite food? What was the last book you read and when. Thank you for answering. I would like to get to know you better first.

So ... I am up. I am going to the interview, I guess. I am just torn.

12-13-2007, 11:02 AM
Hoooo boy - I was coming over here to whine about how cranky I am and how messy my house is and then I read all these sad stories that are MUCH more important than my stupid mood. So sorry for all those who are in pain right now. It's just not fair, is it? :(:(:(

Will be back later.

12-14-2007, 01:50 AM
Didn't I post earlier today? Guess not. I was going to whine a bit anyway, so you wouldn't feel bad about being cranky, Sug. Can't remember what I was going to whine about. Pity, eh?

I'll bet I'm the only person in the world who did this today: Make dog treats from moose liver. Yes, indeed. I have baked half of them so far, really should go bake the rest and be done with them. What a mess! But they came out great and I'm going to send them to my little doggie friends. Of course Jet will get some too. Then I can go shopping for some nice containers to put them in.

Tomorrow, my sweet dd gets to hear her Music Theory final project, a string quartet, played by a group of fellow students. Apparently there is a Demo String Quartet group or something, that plays all of the class's compositions. Wish I could go and listen. I think it would be kind of exciting and scary at the same time -- if it really sounded like crap, horrors! On the other hand, having good musicians perform what you composed would be a real kick.

I am researching stuff to do in Boston next week when I drive down to bring her home for vacation. Maybe some downtown shopping and a little Christmas lights viewing.

12-14-2007, 09:14 AM
How Now Blue Cows! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Bagzz, and your StepDad Kiwi... I think we've all had our share of heartache these passed two years! I sure hope that 2008 is a happy one for us all. I have no words of comfort or wisdom..there is no rationale for taking good people good parents and leaving bad people and baby breeders on earth.
Hate to be a pollyanna, but when I get to feelin carpy I think how lucky I am .. I still have my DH my biggest Xmas present this year.
Kiwi, can someone tape DDs Theory project? she is sooo talented! and look at you go with that moose liver!

Cowpie: Good luck on the interview! Do what your heart tells you to do! It sounds like you made a nice niche fer yerself in the liqour store ... I hate those getting to know you things! If I want you to know me, I'll tell ya -udderwise I prefer to keep em guessing!

gotta git to work! will report in with Bio so you get to know me better later

12-14-2007, 02:49 PM
We got another 3 or 4 inches of fluffy snow last night. Everytime I let the dog out she would come in with giant flakes on her. Do you know how hard it is to play fetch in the new snow? We lost a tennis ball in a snowbank and had to go get a new one. I think we will be going through quite a few this winter; after all, it is her favorite sport. Although I am making good progress on teaching her to fetch my slippers, too :D

Hey Schatzi, I'm glad you are celebrating a new house and a healthy dh! In fact, I am pretty optimistic about my stepfather's prognosis; he's a tough old feller fer sure.

And in the plus column as well: I know 3 people who are about to give birth. And 2 of them are actually adults! Well, I may be too harsh on the 3rd, she is 19, so she's technically an adult. She is one of DD's old friends and we were impressed that she got through almost an entire year of community college before getting knocked up. Most of us were betting on an early end to her high school years... So far, no other friends of dd are pregnant or talking about getting married. Amazing. I sort of dread that Christmas/NewYear's/Valentine's Day period because of the ring potential but we will deal with what comes, eh?

Well, back to the kitchen and the mess. I hope my "baking" endeavors are not making anyone nauseous. Maybe my next project will be more palatable... I'm thinking of making "Needhams" -- anyone know about those? I have the original recipe. Requires paraffin. Is that really edible?

12-14-2007, 06:35 PM
I have a story to tell about DS just in case you didn't know people did this stuff. He found a bat hanging under his bench at the bus stop at college. It fit in his hand. He carried it CARRIED IT IN HIS HAND to a tree where it climbed up. I asked if it went head first and it did. He wants a bat house now.

My own life is falling apart again. Blah.

12-14-2007, 08:37 PM
Wow. That is a little crazy, you know. Did he at least have gloves on? In any case, he is welcome to all of our bats. I think they like warm weather. Will he be coming to collect them himself? They will be ready in May.

Did you talk to the man about the lockupkids job? Whasshappning?

I talked to DD a little while ago. She went out last night with her roommate and her last year roommate to celebrate being done with some of their exams. They went to Finale (, and she had the fantasy for 2 or something, and ate it all herself. :lol: Today was the music theory composition performances. She said hers did not sound as good as she would have liked; it was perhaps too complicated to be sight-read (the group had about 30 pieces to do, with only 2 days to look them over), but she thinks it will still get her a decent grade, so that's good.

12-14-2007, 10:30 PM
Since you asked

I went there and they acted like I was good as hired. Wanted me to come back and spend the afternoon observing, then sub one day (paid). I agreed. Upon leaving the room, who comes down the hall but the devil herself. That woman who fired me from my teaching little kids job is one of the assistants in that room.

Not really wanting this job all that much and not wanting to be screwed with, I pulled the interviewer over and told her I had worked under that woman and it wasn't the best relationship. (I had asked what happened to the latest teacher and she was fired for letting kids gather around her desk and pulling up gang symbols on the internet for them.)

My car wouldn't start. It was lunchtime and no one would come. Finally, I got it towed to a garage that worked it in and couldn't find the problem. Next day, I had my regular mechanic fetch it and he can't find it either. Computer problem. Manual says to use a different key as the chip in the key may be damaged. I think I got two keys with it but can't find the other one. Am quite ungood here.

Oh ... and the woman was going to the other school to get my application before I spent the afternoon there. She came back saying she couldn't find it but why didn't I fill out another one. But things have changed, she said, and the other school doesn't had a drop in enrollment (overnight?) and she'd probably have to take one of their teachers.

How big are your bats? He says he washed his hands.

12-15-2007, 03:20 PM
Jeez, you must be so sick of that runaround. Do you think the evil troll is actively souring your prospects, or was it more likely what you said about working with her?

Not that this will make you feel any better, but the school district employment situation around here is apparently the same as where you are. I have a friend who has been trying to get hired for a permanent ed tech job for several years and just keeps bumping into roadblocks set up by a small group of people who are all related and keep getting each other hired for everything that opens up.

Our bats are the size of field mice with wings - the bodies are about 2-3 inches long. They would easily fit in your hand. ~shudder~

12-15-2007, 03:42 PM
I think it was both. The lead-teacher or whatever her title is was all happy and bubbly and the director noted how wonderful she was to work for. L-T said she just wanted everyone to be happy. After lunch, she walked past me with her eyes down. I think that was evil troll talking to her. Honestly, I did not want that job. I don't want a job where someone is fired for having kids congregate around her desk and pulling up gang symbols on the computer UNLESSSSS I know that the person was trained otherwise. I don't want to be afraid of being dismissed because someone decided I didn't follow some rule and is not required to document such.

12-16-2007, 02:32 AM
there is no way i would get involved with any job anywhere near that whack job from the last school ;peach!===you are smart to stay away from her===just keep at the store where you are becoming comfortable and if a really good teaching job comes up,think about it---i would rather work in a store than teach ,any day!! hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa====we were super busy to day----i think we are expecting a noreaster tomorrow!!!look out kiwonk

12-16-2007, 01:11 PM
this thread is too long--i am starting a new one!!