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11-07-2007, 02:41 PM
Not fishin for compliments but people have mentioned that I could be a model and Im kinda thinking maybe I should give it a go and see how it plays out.. do u think i have the look to be a model...

11-07-2007, 03:09 PM
I think you would be a nice model....You have that "cute, clean cut" look. So you never know. If you would be interested in this, then by all means check it out!!! Good luck if you do it!

11-07-2007, 03:15 PM
You look like you could be an actor or a model. You've got a great face and killer eyes! If it's something you think you'd like to do, you should give it a go!

11-07-2007, 04:06 PM
i just applied with a well known site here in N.Ire. so we shall see soon. Ill keep you updated..

11-07-2007, 10:51 PM
Follow that dream yourself though!!