Support Groups - Lo Carb #17 Commitment to ourselves

01-19-2002, 08:32 AM
Goodmorning all,

Yes of all the server changes at 3FC. I haven't been as happy this time. It seems slow to load up as well as the technical problems that keep happening.
Dana, You might try adding it to your favorites again and deleting the old one.

I thoght commitment might be a good heading. Because if you aren't commited to yourself, I think the road will be a little harder going. I speak from personal expereince. Until I became commited to myself, I was all over the place. I believ it is more than saying "I need to lose some weight". I believ that it is I love myself, I am currently unhappy with my obecity, I will learn about better eating, I will learn about exercise, I will make choices each day about what I put in my moutth, I will exercise each day. I will accept that I am responsible for what I put in my mouth, I will analize why I feel compelled at times to cheat and then learn to manage that. ANd I will ACT! each day in some way to acheive my goal. I will change the way I think. I will think in phrases like I will wear that when I am a size 12. I will be a size 12, I have come this far and have this far to go. I understand that this will take time and while I am human I will make mistakes I have to accept taht each mistake keeps me that much farther from my goal. I need to ask for help and need to seek out support and use that support. I need to try many things to find out what works for me.

Whew !!

Pretty Deep HUH?

What works for me?

I keep it simple, and develop and keep a routine
I manage my feelins and emotions w/o food
I work out in the am as it helps with cravings no matter what
I need to be a ware of getting enough sleep and be aware when I don't feel welll as these times are when I slip.
I need to be forgiving when I do slip and own my slips.
I log on at 3FC to get and give support.
I remind myself of where I was and how far come.
I think in the phrase when I am a size 12, not when I lose weight.
I challenge myself with my workouts. 45mins- 1hour
I drink a gallon of water daily
I am a priority in my life when it come to working out and eating , cooking and buying lo carb. I cook one meal, i don't bake, I don't keep those foods in the house.


Well That is my commitment to my self and my weight loss healthy life style goals, plans and objectives.

Terri I was glad that you checked in. Nice to ssee your post.
B00- How are you doing? Great job working out everyday!
Dana I am so sorry about your computer. I miss your input and insight
Sue Way to go girl. How many days have you put togetehr?

Pam how are you?

01-19-2002, 10:33 AM
every one so fat this year!! that is 19 as of today! WHEW!!

Thanks for the thread it sure is true! I am thinking in numbers too. but in bf% for me. they show slower but soon it will be moving. I have kicked up a notch my exercise routine and is really pushing. i was not getting any results with my cardio and finding that i was not having the energy to docardio, so that is cut back and a big push in the weights. I se restluts faaster with them. so that is my commitment for the rest of this month and into next. the more concreet your goal the more likely you are going to get to it. it is easier to visualize and easier to see your self getting there. well just poped in to say hi to all. I need to go and eat some food or I willbe starving and then break my 19 day (today) string!

Hi all to follow.

Did I say i won 3 inthe derby race. (adults) out of a field of 7. I was excited

the server is going to change today just so you guys might be aware.

01-20-2002, 07:25 AM
Good sunday morning all

Way to go Sue, 20 days in a row!! awesome! OP goddess!

I think my next gym purchace will be one of those balls. I picked up another fitness mag and there was a couple of good workouts in it. I am trying on focusing on keeping things mixed up to keep the boredome away. I am doing OK too. STill. Which is nice.

How is everyone else doing?

Boo- I am going to list a bunch of web sites that I used in the beginneing for recipes etc. I will also post the gycemic index so you can pick foods off of it. I pick foods will a less than 50 score for my woe.

Idid a search and have alot more but these were the ones I liked. Our sugar buster forum here also has a lot of info. There moderater does amazing things over there!

I hope we all have a great weekend!

01-20-2002, 11:31 AM
here are ths sites Pat (and thanks for the votr of confidence. I need that :D)

for your fat % use this site, be prepared with your measuring tape and your room closed (he he he)

for the next one will tell you your BMR which is important that telly you what you ndeed to take in minimum for calories to maintain your lean mass. so if you laid in bed all day and did nothing then you would burn this. so it is important not to go under this or your body will think it is in starvation mode and start to store the calories. if you exercise and do things then that is what you will burn off.

You need your BF% for this.
John hussman has some wonderful articles about exercising. check him ou t also. he is great.

Pat also what you may want to do is look at chuck norriss site my friend has a whole bunch of exercises he does and she sais they are relly good ones. I have not gotten there yet.

I have to get my taxes stuff ready so i will stop noow go exercises and concentrate on them next so i will pop in later but may not post.

Love to allyou guys!!!

01-20-2002, 05:59 PM
Hello My Buddies!

I am here!

I will try not to discuss my computer woes...........It is a struggle to get on........and I was mad about the posts I made that were lost......and then the site was down.......sheesh..........just another "thing" we must overcome....but I am HERE!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeeeee!

I love the COMMITMENT TO OURSELVES! It is sooo true and timely! You know........once you have taken off some tonnage....(and we have managed to do that, thank GOD!) is soooooo easy to just say.....Hmmmmmmm, I look pretty good. AND....then slide back to the OLD WAYS that got us FAT in the first place! I am talking like this...and I not even NEAR my goal! THEN.......once I REACH my will be a whole NEW set of hurdles just to STAY there! Because, you know.......I WAS a size 14 at one time! I have lost weight before. I lost it STUPID..........(DIETS....not the way to go!) Therefore....I gained it all back PLUS. So.....I know how to LOSE weight.........It is EVERYTHING that goes with it to be successful that I must DO toget to goal the SMART way....and then stay there!

EATTING (NOT DIETING)... the low carb way is allowing me to do it HEALTHY by not starving myself.........feeling great with wise food choices and portions!

MOVING MY OVERSIZED a MUST! You can NOT do it without exercise! And...adding weight training is very important to get those muscles (we DO have them you know!) working for us! YOu have to make time for it!

H2O..............Can NOT express how important the water is! We all know it and we all try to get as much in as possible! It is the simplest part of the plan. Stand at the sink if you have to and pound it down!

3FC......OOooooooooooohhhhhh......WE GOTTA GET ON THIS SITE.....YOU KNOW IT BABY! I cross my fingers everytime I sit down in my computer chair that I can get on! (We need a new computer in case some of you reading this don't know. Our new internet server is such that our old computer is not handling it well.) I post as often as I can.....and I over the place. I hope I inspire you all.........and I KNOW you inspire me!

I started this plan at 262 on June 15, 2001. I am now 215. I have a goal of a size 14. Less than that would be a bonus for my 5'9" frame. I suppose if I can be in the 160's I would be a happy camper. Right now........I dream of being in 100 land and know that the only way to do that is to continue to fight....with you my friends....

*the evil carb monster...trying to come back from the dead after I shot him.

*the self doubts....cause I have started and stopped so many times before

*the old habits...because at age 43 I have now been overweight for 1/2 my life

*the "settling" for what I am ....not what I should be

*the putting myself last.......instead of making time for myself!

*the thought that my mom, dad, and siblings all struggle with I am destined.........but I don't want to be

*the knowledge that I have gained on this sight.....along with the support of you all...especially my nasus and my fralick...who picked me up 46 pounds ago when I needed you priceless

THANK YOU for this commitment topic.

THANK YOU for being there.




Dana (Hopeful and COMMITTED!)

01-20-2002, 07:16 PM
Dana I just read your post and had puddles on my computer key board! NOt good for it but very good for my heart! I am so happy for your success. it is wonderful. I too have found such joy here and with my very dear friends here on this thread. When times get tough and i feel like is it worth it. I know I have to come to this board and see you guys because we are relying on eachother so I show up and you inspire me and make me know I can do it! Thanks for all the wonderful support.

And YES we are worth it.
yes we will make it
yes we are a wonderful group
no I will not settle for being where I am now
no i will never go back to the old woe (with the help of my friends)
yes i will have to watch my intake for the rest of my life but i know how to do it in a way that is pleasurable.

01-21-2002, 06:31 AM
Well Good Morning all!

Dana, Thank you for that grand post! Just what I needed to re-affirm my weight loss commiment! I am happy with the weight I have so far lost ?YES, Am I satisfied? NO. I have alot more to go. Is it easy ? No, IS it worth it ? Yes!

SUe, Thank you for posting those sites for me. I haven't done them yet but I bookmrked them. I am so glad that you are on-path. Such determination and commitment!

I had a quiet weekend, DH was home so I don't seeem to get 1/2 of what I want done. We are 1/2 hearted ly house hunting. I think it is teh weather that is slowing us down. As well as we have been here 6 years which is a long time to accumulate stuff.

Pam how are you? I miss your posts, wisdom, honesty and insight.
Terri what are you up to?
B00- How are things going for you?

01-21-2002, 01:07 PM
Hi all just stoping in to say HI. I am off to get my taxes done today. this will be interesting. I am sure that it all will not get done at one time but here's to hoping.

I miss all you guys WHERE ARE YOU???

01-21-2002, 06:11 PM
Hi Buddies!

I was off work today with the holiday. Spent the day cleaning. Not much fun....but feels so good when it is finished!

Easier for me to stay on plan when I am working....and left-over snacks from yesterday's Steeler game were in the house calling me so that made the day a challenge! (The Steelers won in case you did not know!) I ALSO won as I did not TOUCH any snacks!

Stayed on plan all day and did Richard Simmons "Sweatin' to the Oldies. Feels soooooo good to move my butt!

I drank enough water to fill a fish that is good! I want to see a loss come Friday and THAT means.....COMMITMENT! (Again, great word for this # thread!)

I am glad that you were touched by some of the things I said gals. I speak from my heart. I want this....I really do. I do NOT want to get "cozy" at this weight with the compliments........and the smaller sizes...and the....."geez.......I look pretty good now." I STILL have lots to go! I still weigh over 200 pounds. I want to live in a lean healthy body! I want it bad! SUCCESS IS UP TO ME.
I need to lister HARD to myself and all of you!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday and have a GREAT week!

Dana (Hopeful and HERE!)

01-21-2002, 10:42 PM
i've been so busy i just realized i haven't been on in a few days. just got caught up on my reading. on my way to exercise. took kid's to the park today, it was fun. i'm am fighting the exercise tonight but i know i have to do it. i have exercised every night for 3 wks now but my eating has sucked for the past 4 days except today that is. i had to stop getting my daughter goodies for her lunch. she takes her lunch and i have been eating the cookies and chips. the exercise isn't good if i can't get back on my eating plan. i've never been able to do both at the same time for some reason. i'm not beating myself up about it though. one thing at a time and i'm just glad i've finally got the exercise thing down.

01-22-2002, 06:47 AM
Good Morning all,

Well Monday sure breezed by! I got a 1 hour workout in, which I am pretty pleased about. Stoll not getting all my water in. I am ususally shy about 2-3 glasses by the end of the day. UGH. Ia am refining my deit a bit. ANd have hope to have that metal monstaer move as I have been stuck in teh same area for a few weeks. UGH again. We are having some pretty weird weather here. It is supposed to be in teh 40's the next few days. And the long term weatehr showa some pretty warm temps for Jan. I get nervous because the last thing we need is an ice storm.

SUe taxes, it is that time of year, i guess.

Dana, My house work has been suffering since my job change, I haven't figured out why yet. You go girl with Richard!

B00- If you are going to snack pick up some diet jello and lite cool whip. It will fill you up w/o the sugar. Are you getting your water in? Congrats on teh daily workout!!

I am off to the room

01-22-2002, 03:06 PM
BOO glad to see you. one thing at a time is best to start. slowly cut back the carbs stuff. think about it before you put it in your mouth and decide if you really want it. (I have to admit to all that i ate a sunday today when i was out to lunch with DH. I made the choice and decided that one will be OK. I have been eating OP for 22 days. so I have eatten, so for today i am doing CAD :lol:.

Meloday glad to see your post. stop in more often. we love to Duct tape our friends down to the bus!!! (OOPS) I was not supposed to say that out loud! I was supposed to offer to help you stay OP! :lol:

Again today I have tons of things to do. Hopefully things will calm down soon!

Pat I have used she is great to help get yourself organized to have your house clean and you can do her with working too. it is amazing how much sence she makes but it is so east to do. DUH who would have thought! but check it out it starts with a clean sink and goes from there just one step at a time and then voila your house is clean and says that way! I have been slack so my house has been getting messy but it is getting back in shape now!

01-22-2002, 07:37 PM
Hello My Friends!

I was a good girl today! Staying on plan...and drinking. (Water that is. LOL) I still need to get my exercise in so this is gonna be a quickie post!

One day at a time my buddies. ( hour...etc.)

We can do it!

Dana (Hopeful and going to sweat with RICHARD!)

01-23-2002, 06:15 PM
My fellow weight warriors.........
As usual I am about to lay my intestine out on the line which is normal to all of you who know me at all.
I am normally so commited to myself but over the past week and a half I have blown it totally. But..... I am not going to hate myself for it as it has been ........CHAOS!!!!!!!!!
In the past 10 days....................
Due to the genealogy work I do I have found all of our "missing" family. Aunt's Uncle and cousins whom we had lost contact with over the years of moving and so on.
My Uncle whom I adore is dieing with black lung , heart failure and kidney failure. We don't half do it up right!
He has been in the hospital twice in 10 days with only 20% kidney function and congestive heart problems. We are on a death watch.
My cousin died just before Christmas and the one Aunt I have tried so hard to find died of a massive heart attacl this past Sunday. This is not how I intended to find her. God I wish we could have said I love you one last time. It is a deep regret but I am sure she knows now.
My Children of the fur....... Simba and Chi have Feline leukemia it is the human equal of HIV. I have learned much over the past week. As most of you know I lost Puppy cat to this awful disease and it hurt my soul. Simba and Chi are my two left from my original felines. My Siamese of 16 going on 17 years of age. I know they are elderly but I have them on treatments as I want them to live out what remains of their lives feeling good and happy. Generally speaking they are in wonderful shape and can live for years with a good dose of TLC. You can bet money and win that they will have it!!!!!
It has been an eventful 10 day's. I found out the day after my Aunt died that she had passed and thanks to the web I sent flowers on time. While this all is not over The impact of so much at one time is and I shall take this time to rededicate myself to my own health and betterment.
Somehow everything went out the window including my brains but ..........I am ok. I have a tradition which my family and friends have adopted of dedicating an angel to each family member who has passed, for my Christmas tree. Each has a name inscribed along with the birth date and death date. This way I am including them in my celebration every year of Christmas. I will soon need two trees . Between the human angels and cat angels my tree is getting crowded! So many more to add. My Aunts youngest daughter has cancer of the brain. She is doing well and is in great spirits. She is a joy and we shall wallow in the delight and celebrate her life and laugher for as long as possible. She is 35 and she doesn't know how long this will be but she is happy and full of life. She is so thrilled to have found me. She remembers me from her childhood and the long hair I had that I sat on. She thought I was so beautiful. I was surprised she remembered me.
I will keep her close and feeling loved until the last possible moment. Such my friends has been the last 10 ten days. For this reason I forgive myself falling out of the bus so get the tape and help me get settled once again where I belong on this bus. Love you all.

01-23-2002, 07:35 PM
Hi all,

Just popping in for a few...I havent had much time to be online this past week...and when I could, the computer didnt cooperate (DANA, I KNOW HOW U FEEL).....

Sue, I also use flylady system.... I started it last fall and was doing great then I slipped back a little,, oh well, Im jumping right back in...15 min at a time......

I have been sitting here reading back posts...boy, there sure has been some good ones......I was thinking of switching WOE...maybe doing WW with low carb, but not sure if I want to have to keep track of points.....I definetly want to stick to low carb as I feel so good on it.....just getting a little frustrated because the scale hasnt moved......I know, I know,, Patience I must have...but I want it like YESTERDAY:D

01-23-2002, 11:19 PM
Hey Buddies!

I need a break! Hubby and I decided to "re-do" our youngest son's room while he is away at college. A simple job that turned into a J-O-B! Once all the posters and stuff came down......we saw that the walls needed scrubbed and the room needs painted! THEN.....under the bed was boxes of STUFF.....notebooks.......newspaper clippings.....sports name it! I decided to sort and pack. can NOT see the floor! A major job! Not to fret....cause he is AWAY, right????? He called and was able to get a ride with a friend to about one hour from here.......then we will pick him up and bring him home for the weekend. AAAAARGH....I will be glad to see him....but the room is a MESS! Oh well! I have been in that room for 5 solid hours!

Ate like a good girl again today. No exercise as the room kid-napped me from Richard! Did 1/2 hour last night and felt great! Need more H2O........but pretty good I guess.

tornadoterr......HI!! Glad to see you posting. You know your body best and what works for you. Find a plan and stick with it! You have a permanent seat on this bus. Let's hear from you more, babe!

gbo....So sorry to hear about your sadness. We are here for you! Do your best food/exercise wise. We want you healthy and happy!

butterfly.......One day or meal...or HOUR at a time! You gotta get on a plan! The execise is fine..........but you gotta control what goes in your belly! Post more often. We have tons of support here!

fralick........Your "metal monster" and my "metal monster" must be related! I am starting to think that I am getting more muscle...which weighs MORE than fat....and that is ONE of the reasons why I am not losing like I was. I know in the long run that the muscle will WORK for me....but......I still one to see those numbers go down and get into 100 land. You and me babe..........dancing toward 100 land!

nasus..........Sooooooo proud of how well you are doing on plan! I agree with what you said about making sure your intake of food is pleasurable. I am choosy about my carb intake. I make myself accountable for what I eat. If the scale is nice to me .....okay....but I KNOW I am eatting right....and it will come. (I just wish the scale was a bit more friendly!) LOL.......I need to follow my own advice....One day at a time!

GEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ I want this fat suit off!

Well........back to the's an ugly job.....but MOM is gonna do it!

Take care all!

Dana (HOPEFUL......and wishing I had left that room alone! LOL)

01-24-2002, 06:04 AM
Good Morning all,

Well another week is almost over. Been busy at work, I just looked at the forecast for the nexy week and they are saying highs in teh 40's Very weird weather,

Still OP Thank god.

SUe, When you and Terri talked about the flylady I didn't know whet you were talking about. I will chek her out this weekend.

Dana,I hate the metal monster. I too was thinking muscle weight. Something good better come of these moaring workouts. I just want it to register 2291/2, that is all( for the moment). You are soo close to the 100's WHOOHOO! we will get there!

Terri, I posted some web sites on a prevoius thraed( it might have been this one or the last one about using teh glycemic index as a guide to lo carb foods. It was after I investigated the syndrome x . Nice to see you here though:)

Pam, My girl, you poor thing. Try and stop in for some support more often if you can. You are missed. How is your health ?

B00 , Hey girl how goes it? I with DANA , you got to start thinking what you eat. Check in let us know how you are doing

Well off to the room

01-24-2002, 12:02 PM
Pam {{{{HUGS}}}} and {{{{TAPE}}}}} You have so many things going on in your life! WOW I will hold the bus doors open till you are settled. the watch out cuz the tape is strong!! Keep up the good work with finding your family and when you are done do you work in Italy??? my mother has been trying to do family geniology there but honestly many of the documents are destroyed!

Terri Glad to see you. I know that the WW/ low carb is good. many people do it with suuccess. I am currently trying to keep my fat levels down too as i have been not losing any thing. so i am trying to kick it up a notch with making sure I eat enough, lower fat, and higher protein as well as keep the coarbs low!1 not if that is not tough. but I have been succeeding. it does mean eating less cheese, no PB and watching the kinds of meat I eat. I use fit day to tract my food and have been doing good with it. (untill my icecram sunday on tuesday)

Dana I am sure that you will be starting the downward slide soon (and you to pat) it will just take time. at this time is is important to kick up the exercise a notch. that will increase your muscle mass but in the long run it will increase your fat burn. that is important. I hate doing the kids room!!! good luck! and hope he does not have a fit that you invaded his privacy.

Pat is GREAT. I have never had such a clean house with as little work. it seems hard to believe but it wirks just 15 min at a time. and do not try to over do it! take it a step at a time and wow you will be suprised at how much gets done. and the daily remeinders do help. I a trying to get my kids to FLY too. it is hard work. but well worth it. I love the FLY lady.

01-25-2002, 08:49 AM
Hey pat I beat you in htere!!

BOO yo have not check in for a few days just wondering how things are going!

01-26-2002, 04:25 AM
My fellow Weight Warriors...............

I apprecated the support and hugs. I am fine and doing quite well my weight is the same 304. I having a good deal of stomach problems(small wonder) but..... I think that to shall end. As you all know organized chaos has filled my life and yet as for myself I am probably more at peace than you could imagine. I will do what I do best love my Aunts daughter well for as long as she lives and let her know she matters, that she is special and special to me as well, just as she is. Unconditional acceptance and love. It may not seem like a lot to do but I think it is perhaps the most valuable gift on earth. For some at least. My Aunt never was able to raise her as she had to leave before her husband beat her to death. In some small measure an emotional healing at least I may be able to help her with that. I am keeping my fingers crossed anyway. I found out for myself when my sister came back into my life that the child within us is eternal and healing is a delight to the soul. If in the smallest way I can give her any measure of that I will. I am fortunate person. I love life and as odd as it may seem to some I know I am luckiest person alive. I am dearly loved by many people, cherished for the human being I am. I have proven to myself everything possible and have nothing to prove to a living soul. I am blessed with a shower of joy in all my darkest hours. That is how I survive and am wise enough to see the gifts when they are given. I take nothing for granted and am grateful for life in all it's forms but most of all I love who I am, There is no one I would rather be. If my health is not the best I am totally aware of how bad it could be and I am grateul to God that I am as well as I am. Every challenge is a gift to make me stronger, happier, healthier and more aware. I do love life and all that live. Each an expression of God in some wonderous way. Even the few enemies I have had taught me so much about myself and helped me to grow.

It is very good that the tape is strong, I will need it for a time as I crawl back into my seat and get myself back on track. I ffound my seat now if someone would kindly strap me in...................
Love you all.