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11-05-2007, 03:02 PM
:welcome2: Welcome to Back In Kindergarten Thread

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

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11-05-2007, 03:12 PM
Carried over from Thread #30

It's his finger and it looks really gross. Well, he changed his mind and is going with Laserport for his bday. Yippee ...a dozen 11 year olds running around shooting each other.

Yay on the one pound down, Susan! Have a nice nap...

I changed over to the new blog today and I posted some pics of the sweater I knit for my 20 pound "reward" . 'Course the sweater is a nice big snuggly one and you can't tell I've lost anything...oh well...there will be a next one!

Hey all.......
This morning I started having twinges of sharp shooting pain down my back into my leg and my arm............It still hurts............So I called off work for my shift tonight this morning and also made an appt w/ my dr. The next appt was going to be on Wed until they heard what my problem was then they squeezed me in today. Its at 2:30.

Anywho, I hope you all have a great day.

Katy--the sweater is beautiful and so are you!! I am glad the pizza crust worked for you, it was good when Joann treated us with it!!

SuzyQ--yea on the weightloss--good luck with the chipped tooth--I go in after Thanksgiving to get one I chipped taken care of.

Hey Sassy--yikes--hope you get better fast--my shoulder and neck really bothered me this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great day!!

11-05-2007, 03:22 PM
sigh , ok that was exhausting!! lol

You look beautiful Katy!! I love the sweater and your glasses!

Sassy :hug::hug: wow, hope your back feels better. Sending special thoughts at 2:30 and pray everything is ok.

Jules Hi, I am just glad the tooth is in the back and no one can see it. How are you doing today? How is Teri???

Where is our Cristina??

I never did go back to bed. I have been trying to help the ex. He is bleeding and blood and men is not a good combo. think he was dying. He is fine , he just is healing. Honest. lol
Need to run to the center and sign Gab up for the next swimming session. After that I think I will rest some , my sinus are bothering me.

You all have a good day!

11-05-2007, 07:06 PM
Hi Girls.

Dr. Said it is nerve pain and prescribed medicine. Also gave me meds for muscular pain, if I should get any. He did say my symptoms describe a slipped disc, but since I have not had an injury, he does not think its that. He said to call ASAP if it gets worse. I haven't gotten my medicines yet, I sat at the pharmacy for 1/2 hour and I was like, forget this I am going home. lol. Could not sit any So DH is out to get it now.

He gave me a note for work, saying I was there. DH asked if it covered tomorrow too, well no........I figure I would go back tomorrow night and if I wake up and its worse I'll just call the dr and I'm sure he'll give me a note to be off...........Its bad enough I missed one night. I feel guilty, I should have just went in and maybe asked my boss if I could leave early, but oh well. What is done is done...............If I go in now it still counts against me so may as well rest...........I may email my boss and see if I can come in an hour early tomorrow and on Wed, to make up at least 2 hours of my time. I can't make up much more time than that, because of the long hours I work. But I Dunno maybe I should wait and see how I feel...........

My DH was grumpy and groggy today. He slept while I was at the drs. Its his pain medicine that his dr gave him for his knees, totally knocks him out. We are quite a pair. I told him last night it would be nice if he could get new knees and I could get a new spine. lol.

TY Cristina for the Card! :hug:

Well that is about it.

Big :hug:

11-05-2007, 07:59 PM
Sassy--hugs to you and hubby--hope you both feel better

SuzyQ--My tooth is in the back on the right side. Good luck with yours!!

Dave started his job today through the temp service--keeping my fingers crossed that he can keep it!! Teri is doing good. Some of the girls at work are telling her she is going to go early--I told her she hasn't even started to drop yet so not to get her hopes up.

Good night all--I am going to read a little and then go to bed.

11-05-2007, 09:13 PM
Good Evening -

It is odd not to have Cristina here! I miss seeing her post. *wah *wah....

Sassy - Please don't push going back to work. I think problems with the back are scary. My mom had a slipped disc when we were kids and I remember her in such pain and always finding comfort laying on the floor. Anyway, I always felt guilty too taking time off work. I never did in the 4 /2 years I worked. I was pretty sick though, have to take care of yourself first!! That is an, I hate waiting in waiting rooms too. :hug:

Jules - Mine is in the back too! It is next to the last one on the bottom right. I also have a chipped one directly above it that has been that way for 5 I just wanted to get some of this taken care of before my medical ends next month. Crossing fingers for Dave!

Walked 2 miles and have managed to get 60 ozs of water down today.

I am going to spend the night again at the ex's. I think I will take Gab home and have our time with homework and reading first. Dress her in her jammies and come back at 8pm to put her to bed. I told the ex I HAD to watch my bachelor show and thus began a full 20 minutes on what that is all about. He is 73, he doesn't hear or understand much of what I

I made pork chops. veggies, stuffing w/ cranberries for dinner. It was good, I filled the plate mostly w/ veggies.

k- :hug: to all........

11-05-2007, 11:32 PM
Good evening...Sounds like between chipped teeth and slipped discs we are quite a group here. My malady is a bad shoulder and very sore underarm area. I got an appt. for in the morning. Hoping it is not my lymph glands. Can do without that scare after the melanoma.
Nothing else here...I did get in 2 miles of walking today and yesterday. Also cut out any snacks today except a low fat graham cracker. Meals were not bad either. Slowly getting back in gear. No WI though.
Talk to you all tomorrow, I can't type long.

11-06-2007, 12:19 AM
TY Ladies. My DH finally got here with my medicine and I just took we'll see.........I hope I wake up in time to go to work tomorrow! lol...........I am a bit of a light weight when it comes to medicines. lol. (the only thing about me that is "Light") lol.

I'm off to bed, gonna watch "Driving Miss Daisy" on HBO until I hit La La land.......DH asked me if I wanted him to wake me up at any certain time. I am like even if you tried, your most likely not going to get me up, with me being drugged. I said just let me sleep please. If anything I will call the dr in the morning and get a new note for work. Like you ladies said, my health is more important.

DH is a total grump tonight! I don't know who peed in his wheaties but I am glad I'm going to bed! He is just not very nice, esp with me in pain I am just not in the mood! Sorry if he doesn't like me staying home from work and "invading" his off time or whatever his problem is, but that is just tough luck!

Okay guess he's beginning to wear off on me, sorry ladies! lol. I'm off to bed now! lol.

Ta Ta!


11-06-2007, 01:32 AM
I'm back. I have some serious munchies going on. If I type I won't eat, right??

Sue- Praying that your doctors appt brings you some good news. I am sorry you are in pain. :hug:

Sassy- hmmmm, doesn't sound like DH received the memo who the boss is??? He needs to treat you like the princess that you are or we will all pee in his wheaties! I hope you feel better but I would really like you to stay home and get some rest. Just call me Dr. Susan.......haha. Was it Jessica Tandy that was in Driving Miss Daisy??? What a classy lady, that was a great movie.

So, ya. I am playing a doctor tonight and gave myself a vicodin for my tooth pain. lol......I stealed it from the ex. It is better now, I am a wuss when it comes to pain in my mouth. I can't deal with it.

I had a tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese w/ some veggies left over from dinner....... not bad and some wheat thins. I really need to stop there.....I wish I had some fruit in the house.

Gaby is my sweetie. I read her 3 books and yet when we got in bed she wanted another story. I mumbled no we did the stories and she goes "the bear story.....the 2 bears the 3 bears in the woods and the girl eats their oatmeal..."...and she rambles on.....and falls asleep.

Watching Dancing w/ the Stars. I think Marie Osmond is so great, she has 8 kids! Can you imagine....omg. I think Jennie Garth is beautiful but she always has a sour look on her face. I love Jane Seymours hair, she is so pretty......amazing at 56!

ok, I have mumbled enough. Waiting for The Bachelor.....and hope to keep my paws off the food!


11-06-2007, 08:04 AM
Morning Chicks! ;)

Well I got some sleep, about an hour and a half, earlier and feel much better! Only downside is one of my meds causes me to sweat........UGH.......But if I feel better its well worth it!!!!!!

I got my "fast food fix" for supper yesterday, I figured one meal in a week is okay as long as its not a habit. So tonight I am leaving a bit early for work and stopping at the grocery to get healthy stuff to munch on at work, cuz another side effect of one of my meds is increased appetite......Great just what I need! lol. But I am going to get me some good food to take to work to snack on and eat healthy meals. :carrot:

Dr. Suzy Q -- Dr. Suzy Q. Paging Dr. Suzy Q. lol............Awwwwww thanks. :hug: I talked about it with DH and he was just having an "off" day I guess. He is "back to himself" now. ;) He usually always treats me like a :queen: But here lately he has been taking pain pills for his knee, which I told him makes him a bit of a jerk at times. lol. He apologized. Said he was going to bow at my feet from now on............LMAO. Kidding.......I feel mucho better and plan on going back to work tonight but if my boss or any of my co workers give me any lip about missing lastnight I will send them directly to you! lol. I honestly would take off this week IF I had the personal time to cover it.....and I only have enough for one night unfortunately. :( And u know those darn bills just won't pay themselves! Wish they did! :D But I promise (raises right hand) to be "Good" at work and make my co-workers wait on me hand and foot.....lmao.

Awwwwww dear sweet Vicadin, my dear sweet friend, usually when my back goes out, but this time since its nerve pain, I get a new "friend" actually "Friends" he gave me two.......:woohoo: Awww that was a very sweet moment I'm sure with Gaby..........I need her to "evaluate" my stories if I ever get around to creating some.........:rolleyes: I want to be a children's writer.......Yeah I saw Marie has 8 children, that was scary when she passed out.......poor girl, said it happens to her all the time and they can't find anything to help her..........

Oh and yes It is Jessica Tandy in Driving Miss Daisy. Yes she did a great job and I just love that movie and had kinda "forgotten" all about it until I saw it was on HBO...........I told DH I want to get it so I can watch it anytime......

Well I guess I've rambled on looooonnnnnggg enough! lol. So girls I am off to go shower cuz I am all sweaty and YUCK.....:p lol Then going to lay down so hopefully I can get some sleep for work tonight........

Have a Great Tuesday! :D


11-06-2007, 11:16 AM
mmm, good morning...
What kind of pills make you sweat Sassy?? I should KNOW this being a doctor and all. haha
Glad you are feeling better!!! :bravo: and good to hear hubby is back to his sweet self otherwise I would have sent a box of soggy wheaties. ewwwww.

I have to get Beck to school and get Gaby ready. Back and forth, back and forth.....

bbl :)

11-06-2007, 02:14 PM
Morning ladies...My Dr. verdict is bursitis in the shoulder and a benign growth under my arm. He wants to send me to a surgeon for removal, but told me I can think about it for a couple weeks...IF it doesn't grow or hurt. If it does either it HAS to go. Yuck. After having the diagnosis of malignant melanoma I am a little "jumpy" about any bumps that don't belong. He only gave me an anti inflammatory med. None of the good stuff like vicodin. LOL

Might get a 2 mile walk in today if the weather will comply. Right now it looks like rain and is cold as spit.

Sassy- Glad you are feeling some better with your meds. Susan...Hope you get the tooth fixed!
Where is Cristina?
Katy- Yay, I looked at your new blog. LOVE the sweater. You are so talented along with your beauty!
BB later gals.

11-06-2007, 04:23 PM
Hello ladies...

Sorry for being MIA! :D

Sunday is my day off from just about everything, sorry, even the puter, usually. Besides all those drugs from the dentist made me so sleepy. I didn't get out of bed until 2'ish...that's terrible! My body sure felt it too...not one to lay around a lot. Yesterday I focused on getting back on track with my water and exercise...made sure I got my exercise in first thing. then straightened the house, did tons of laundry, or so it seemed and then DD and I relaxed at the show yesterday. Got home just in time for Jeopardy and then went out to plant some bulbs. Geez, then it was time to fix dinner so by the time dinner was done I was ready to sit down, actually I was ready to go to bed, lol! Busy day to say the least.

Weighed in and I am at 189 which is great for me. I forgot to WI last week I think, and with all the eating out since Josh has been home I honestly thought I would have gained at least 2 pounds. Not to mention hardly any exercise or water. I have been a bad girl for sure. Then on top of it TOM, ugh! So I am happy with my 189! Woohoo to me, lol!

SUE...bursitis is not fun, and then to add a bump to it, ugh. Hope the meds help. Hope your mom is well.

SUSAN...I bet the ex is thankful for you! You are a sweetie to help him with his recovery. And WTG to Rachel on her loss! That is GREAT! :bravo: And to you and your skinny size 8! And your 167! :woohoo: :bravo: You ladies put me to and my measly 16 pounds, lol! I can only dream of being in a size 8! KUDOS to you both! And the other ex wanting to buy clothes, now that is funny! Ugh, men.

SASSY...glad you and hubby are fine! I think I have been him since going to the dentist...the slightest breath V makes I jump all over him. Really not meaning to be a biotch, lol...just happened. Feeling lots better though. Hey, and you are not a freak when it comes to loving bacon. OMG! That is one food we can't keep here. Everyone but Jason loves it! I could eat a whole package by myself...DD and I have, lol! It is too good for sure.

KATY...I love your sweater and your glasses! The sweater is awesome, you are so good with your knitting lady! So J changed his mind eh? Lol The glowing greens looked like such a good place to have a BD party too! Wow, wish we had a place like that here...I am such the little kid.

JULES...glad to hear Teri is doing well. Wow, the time is getting near isn't it? Bet everyone is so excited! Keeping my fingers :crossed: that Dave gets a job he likes and will stick with, for a while anyway.

Man is it cold here today! Wasn't ready for this cold. And Susan, I hear ya about Hawaii...Josh says he can't wait to get there in the warm weather, lol.

Have a good day ladies! Chat with ya later :hug:

11-06-2007, 04:57 PM
Hi Chicks.

I feel nauseous today.........:p If I had any personal time I sure would call off tonight...........But alas, I do not. lol.

Suzy Q -- They have me Steroids. So now I can be buff like Arnold Swarza--however you spell his name. lol.........Nah they are a form of steroids my DH says and that is what is making me sweat........alas it is not from my dear sweet husband........lmao.

My mother got her blood test results back and her Cholesterol is high, higher than mine is! So guess it can be a hereditary thing! As my grandma had it as well.........and I believe so does a couple of my uncles! They have her on meds for it now. Everything else came back normal.......Phew.

Oh and here is a tip for lowering cholesterol (I know imagine that, ME giving a tip!! lol. But I do know all about lowering cholesterol as I've been doing it since I was a teenager. lol) : Take Fish Oil pills. They have coated ones now too. They helped me lower mine and are great for your heart, among other things. ;) Now of course Omega 3's which are in the fish oil pills are in foods you eat as well, if you'd rather take that approach, but some of us maybe cannot eat that many and so there is why they invented fish oil pills. Here is a link as well, explaining about Omega 3's, what foods are high in them, and what they do for ya, for any of those interested:

Sue -- We could "re-coop" together..............UGH isn't it annoying to be in pain! lol.........I think my pain is making me feel sick. I know it can do that at times......I hope it passes............:p Big and gentle :hug: to you, hoping you have a quick recovery!

Cristina -- TY. Yeah I think pain and medication can do that to people sometimes, so far I have been the most pleasant person, ever! lmao. Nah I've been okay so far..........but its still early yet! lol. I think we all need a "day off" just to do absolutely nothing and I know some people have a very hard time with that, like my mother. She never sits still. lol. No wonder her metabolism is through the roof! lol.

UGH its just one of those icky yucky cold fall days that makes ya wanna curl up and watch some movies...........too bad I can't do that tonight.........Don't think they would like that too much at work........lmao.

:hug: to all!

11-06-2007, 10:02 PM
Quick hi..not feeling good--I think I am getting a cold, hopefully it's not going to be one of those years I am sick the whole winter...

11-06-2007, 10:39 PM
A quickie for me too!!

Just missed you Jules, I hope you feel better. Get some rest and relax! Doctors orders, ha.

Cristina!! Yipeeeee. hmmmm, sounds like you are a sleeping beauty, a drugged one at that.......psssst, Sassy seems to have a good stash going on!! lol I think stable at 189 with all the eating out is great!

Steroids? wow. No man had ever made me sweat Sassy. Right before I went on medical leave I was taking naps at my desk. Just laid my head down on my desk and started snoozing & drooling. Anyway, I hope you start feeling better!!

Sue :hug:...... I can get you vicodin anytime you want....jk. It didn't really help with the pain. So, it was ok to take a drug I shouldn't have been taking in the first place. lol

Katy - Hope you are well!! We are all falling apart - :)

I feel scatted but I have to get Gaby to her swimming in a few minutes. I was so tired today after tossing and turning all night. I took the girls to school , went home and picked up (how does the place get messy without me there??? odd) and went back to bed. I slept from 9 to 1pm. Got up and took Beck to the doctor for her physical that she needed to play basketball. They gave us both a flu shot. My tooth doesn't hurt as much so I will try and wait until Friday.

Eating wise I have missed meals today. I just had some wheat thins w/ seafood salad for dinner.

k - have to get Gab ready! chat later

11-07-2007, 02:51 AM
I am back, oh joy.

My tooth & ear hurts, It is like this low constant pain. I feel like a baby, I don't like being in pain.

I took Gab to her swimming lesson and her father showed up. Yikes. He did buy some clothes for Gaby. Undies, socks some leggings and a light weight coat.

mmmmm, my teeth just went numb. lol I am wondering if all this pain is from when they tried to put the tube down my nose last week??? I haven't been the same since.

anyway - so the ex was at the pool and we didn't chat much. He asked about the weekend and if he could see her. I didn't say yes or no. Obviously I am not doing a good job of being assertive. lol

I guess I will try and go to bed. My ear is later! :)

11-07-2007, 07:23 AM
Morning. :coffee:

Only 45 minutes left and I am OUTTA here! :woohoo:

Suzy Q -- Hmmmmm maybe you haven't met the right man then? lol, just teasin. :p I am ready to go home and get my "Fix" so I can sleep. lol.....I am in pain now from being here for almost 13 hours.........oh and everybody at work was very concerned about me and was very nice to me, so you won't have to go and hunt them down now. lol. Just read your 2nd post.......Um think you better be a going to the Dentist and Dr there Missy? lol..............I am one to talk, I know. lol. I hope the pain goes away..............

Eating wise........I caved in and ended up going to Subway on my way into work.........Guess there could be worse things. I just wasn't feeling so hot and did not feel like battling with the crowd at the grocery store............

Now DH is wanting me to stop at Arbies for Breakfast. Sounds good, but I'm not stopping! lol. Nope. Subway, okay that wasn't too bad, but not Arbies......even though it does sound delicious, nope, not gonna do it.

But I am soooooo hungry right tummy is just a grumblin

Anywho, enough about me and my

Have a Great "Hump" Day everybody! :D

11-07-2007, 10:31 AM
Good Morning!

Sassy - I keep meeting these men that like to shop for little girls clothes or hold me prisoners in their homes after surgery and tell me all about thier bowel movements. Just that kind of chick, I guess. lmao

Hawaii Man is my man, just have to figure out how to get back to the tropical island! He was the sweetest :)

Subway isn't too bad! I really think you should try Wendys Chili, it is so yummy! Arby's is evil :devil:

Get some rest Sassy!!! :)

As for me I am going home to get Gab ready for school. I think I will also pack my things up at the ex's and spend the night at my own place tonight. I did sleep good, the tooth pain isn't too bad now. I will try and get in this morning.

Just pull the dang thing out. It doesn't even resemble a tooth anymore - chipped away so much.

k- off I go with my pillow and at you later!!

11-07-2007, 12:08 PM
Just a "drive-by" today, ladies!

I've been teaching the Art Literacy lessons to both kindergarten classes this week...keeping me busy.

Not sick. Yet. Hope you are all feeling better....

11-07-2007, 02:45 PM
Hiya Chickies!

JULES...hope you can get some rest and hope you aren't coming down with a cold. Jason came home yesterday asking for some cold medicine...I told him stay away from me. :hug:

SUSAN...hope you can get in to see the dentist...been there already and I waited too long. I too hate pain thus me not going sooner. Just don't like people putting their hands in my mouth, ick! Once this is better and I've taken all the antibiotic I am going to make an appt. to have them cleaned and see what else is wrong, ugh. So how is Mr. R/Hawaii man doing?

SASSY...hope you got some sleep/rest after that long night. Arby's for breakfast does sound good! They don't serve breakfast here and there's not an Arby's close...not that I would go. I like their curly fries but yuck, afterward is not worth it. The worst belching ever, sorry but it's true. I guess I know my weaknesses and have learned to stay away from certain places. But once is a while you gotta eat something while out and about. Subway is a good choice so good for you for choosing them.

KATY...what a fun job to have, or so I think. Just sounds fun to me.

I haven't gotten much done, or so it seems. Ate breakfast, did some straightening and now getting some laundry done. And getting ready to get a walk in on the treadmill. It is too cold and windy out and I don't want to get sick. Got to make an appt with my doc for my yearly. Tomorrow I get to go get my booby squashed, oh joy! Jason, said you finally going to the doc, I said yep. he said can finally take the pictures of the tits off the counter, lol. they send a paper to fill out and have ready when you go and it has a diagram of both breasts to circle where, if you have any pain or found a lump. It's no like it was a real picture, lol! Kid cracks me up. Anywho...

Take care ladies, and try and have a good day! Lots of hugs :hug: :hug:

11-07-2007, 04:41 PM
Good Afternoon.

I had to go back a couple times and read what you wrote Cristina. I can't believe you spelled tits. lol
You know if you are interested .....grade schools (at least here) have volunteers go in the schools and listen to children read. That might be fun to do :book2:

Sorry Josh is coming down with the cold. I will just wait til Friday to go into the dentist. The emergency co pay is $25 and I would rather not. I shall suffer.....and you all can suffer w/ me....haha. :whoo:

Hawaii Man is doing good. He won an award for his work and has been island hopping. He is truck hunting, kind of slim pickings living on an island....but I told him living in a tropical paradise he can't complain. :sunny:

I noticed all my food in my fridge was warm. How long has THAT been going on??:dunno: lol I have to call maintenance and get someone over.

Going to go back to my protein shakes for breakfast, seems to set me up for the day. I had a danish squash w/ cottage cheese for lunch.

I guess that is it. Beautiful day here!! I have some cleaning to do and some tylenol to take , lol.

:hug::hug: Chat later!!

11-07-2007, 05:20 PM
Hi Girls. :wave:

Well at least this is my last night! Then I can rest and relax for 4 nights! I plan on doing absolutely nada! lol. Well of course I will have to do some laundry if we want clothes to wear. lol. But that is about it. Since I scrubbed the place good last week, it should be just fine this week........

Suzy Q -- Thanks. Subway actually didn't taste so great, but at least it wasn't fattening or greasy. AW hopefully you can get back to the tropical island for your Hawaii Man. ;)

Cristina -- I got some sleep. Came home and took my pain meds and went to sleepy land. lol. Arbies definitely are evil. :devil: They have.....BACON! lol. I absolutely love their ultimate BLT.......But its evil.........I know......:p

Hi Katy! :wave:

Well I don't know what to eat.........I don't feel like eating, but I should eat something.........13 hours is a long time to go with no food. lol. DH is going to cook tonight so we'll have some food over the weekend. :)

Jules and Sue, I hope you both feel better! :hug:

Anywho, have a great evening!


11-08-2007, 02:11 PM
Good Morning -

Sassy - So , what did you decide to eat??? Hope you are feeling better!:hug:

I hope you all are feeling better!!

I am headed for the dentist. Wuss that I am I couldn't wait until tomorrow and I feel so crappy. Gab and I crawled in bed at 6pm and I slept until 7 this morning. I am still tired - lol

So, you all have a good day!

11-08-2007, 04:50 PM
Thinking of you today Susan. :hug: Hope all goes well at the dentist. Hey, I was just telling it like it was said, lol. That's what Jason said, lol. I think the technician at the booby place didn't like me...she was trying to hurt me, ouch! Never had anyone be that rough and grouchy. Hey, don't take it out on my boobies! :lol: Hope no food was ruined in your fridge...that can be costly in itself...then to top it off pay some guy some ungodly amount amount of money to fix it, or even look at it. Sounds like R is doing well for himself, an award for his work, eh? That is so cool! Maybe one day you and him will get back toegther again, or at least go for another vacation.

SASSY...stay away from the Arby's!!!!! Lol Speaking of Arby's...that's what I had for lunch today. Not the best choice but again...hard when you are running around and starving! Dinner will be light though and breakfast was as well so I should be fine. You mentioned the WW frozen dinners...those are good and I eat my fare share of them. The calories/points are not much at all and they are very filling, for me anyway. There's a lot of them that I like so it's all good. I know in some the sodium can be kind of high so gotta watch that. Okay, I always tell DD this...even though you don't feel like MUST eat something. You will never lose weight if you don't eat missy! Okay, off my soapbox, lol.

Hello to everyone else :wave: Hoping all is well with you in your little corner of the world.

Too much running around this morning. Tried to get up at 7 and get started but just couldn't get up. Did finally get started at about 7:30'ish and off to wally world to buy groceries. At least the store was almost it that way. Came home watered the yard, put the groceries away, made the bed, blah, blah, blah and then off to the Breast Center. Then more running around. Got home and ate and then felt the need to go for a walk. It is so nice out I went for a 1 1/2 mile walk in the neighborhood. Need to walk the other end of the construction workers, lol. Nothing like hearing...oooooooo, mamacita! :lol: :lol: I didn't turn and look and then heard another guy say, shhhhh, shut up. Anywho...I may do another walk later but if not 1 1/2 is good for me. I am cutting back drastically. I think I was trying to kill myself earlier. May do a few 1-2 hour exercise days but whatever I get in in something so....

Take care ladies, and have a GREAT rest of the day!

11-08-2007, 08:41 PM
What do you think of dancing Cristina?? That sounds like fun. Walking can be a chore even with a walkman and I can only enjoy nature so

I have noticed I am not as nice as I use to be and I would have slapped the grouchy nurse in the nose. She has no right to treat you rough. hmmm, tell Josh to go hurt her

I made it through the dentist! He drilled for 45 minutes and filled 2 teeth. It wasn't the chipped one that was causing the problem , it was the one behind it. I guess that makes sense, a piece of tooth came out last Friday and I just assumed it was the damaged one.

So, he drilled the decay out and filled it up. He said if that doesn't work we can talk root canal. He thinks we can save the tooth and not have to pull. He also said the tooth nerves was probably giving me the earache.....because it is all connected.

When he was done I was shaking so bad and my mouth started throbbing w/ pain. He gave me a prescription for vicodin and told me to take Ibuprofen too every 4 hours.

I was just upset because I left with nothing and I couldn't wait to get the vicodin filled, too painful. So, I rushed to the store for ibuprofen and popped 600 mg in my mouth......he said I could take that much.....I wasn't doctoring home and crawled in bed, thinking my world will never be the same again *sigh....

I never have much food in the house Cristina. I had milk, eggs, butter in the fridge and that was about it. I called today for maintenance and I guess if you don't give permission to enter it can take up to 5 days. WhatEVER.....slow pokes....

Ate rice a roni w/ hamburger for dinner, my favorite. The ex made it and we haven't had that dish in a long time. It was good. Feel lots better.....good drugs! haha....

:hug: to you all :)

11-08-2007, 09:14 PM
ps......because 1 post is nevah enough - haha

The dentist was very good. One thing that annoyed me was he never talked and let me know what was going on. I mean 40 minutes is a long time to drill and I had to go to the bathroom. It was torture and when I thought surely he is done now......he would grab a different tool. Finally I said "I haf do go do de bafwom...."....I had the plastic thing over my mouth with this little hole that they slip over the tooth they are working on. Can you tell I haven't been to the dentist in years?? lol
Anyway, so I ran to the bathroom and came back real fast and he continued. I didn't realize how upset I was until he was telling me what he had done and my mouth started shattering and I wanted to cry. He drilled way up to the roots....*sniff*....*wah...

also, someday Hawaii Man and I will marry Cristina. Maybe after Beck is 18 and out of high school. I don't know. He is my best friend and it is cute but he is having pain with a tooth

k- off for Gaby's swimming!

11-09-2007, 03:20 AM
Am I the only one with the late night munchies?? Do any of you ladies suffer with this?? I usually don't but for the last 2 weeks I have been hungry late at night.
I had a bowl of wheaties w/ a banana - that seemed to calm my hunger pains. I also had a cup of pink lemonade, I never remember it tasting so good.
Time for another dose of medicine too for my tooth.....
I think I am just depressed w/ Rach acting out and that started 2 weeks ago, plus the ex and his health employment soon ending, and my health. Just a lot on the plate......hmmm, plus Gab's father....
The typical stress case I guess......ha.
k- off for drugs and into bed :)

11-09-2007, 03:24 AM
aw, Sassy! You were posting while I was typing. What a wonderful idea!!
Night :)

11-09-2007, 10:00 AM
Rise and shine Kindergarteners!! :wave:

I feel soooo much better with the tooth pain this morning, actually no pain at all......even the ear pain is gone! Thank goodness.

I didn't plan on spending the night at the exs and woke up in my had torn in 1/2 . Ouch. I guess I will wear my glasses and let the eye recover from my abuse.

It is a 4 day weekend here for the kids, :yay:....and in another week there will be a Thanksgiving vacation, plus with teacher/parents meetings that will be a whole week off for the kids. Are they ever actually in school??? lol

:hug: to (let me see if I can get everyone) Mindee, Jules, Sue, Kathy, Katy, Cristina, Sassy, that everyone??

If you are a newbie passing by say hi!! We would love to get to know you :)

k- off to get ready for the day! bbl

11-09-2007, 03:48 PM
You all need to step away from the play doh and come post! It will only take a minute and you can go back to your playing.
:bubbles::bubbles: :bubbles: :bubbles:

I am headed for lunch, managed to walk 2 miles this morning and feel tons better! Had the repair man come by and was charged $60 dollars to say I needed a new fridge. :yikes:

Sassy - Is this your day off??? I had to read your bio to see that you work in a callcenter?

Sue Pray your shoulder is feeling better :)

Kathy How is baby Roxy Lynn??

I better get Gab fed and to swimming!!!

Hi to everyone!!

Hope you all are having a super day!!

11-09-2007, 04:39 PM
SASSY...just to let you know, that address is no good and any mail send to it will either be thrown away or sent back. A lady with my military group also was passing the address around and then found out that have to have a name of a soldier (already knew this as no place will except mail without having a soldiers name since 9/11) and second they have been swamped with soooo much mail they can't take anymore right now. It is a nice gesture though. Hope you are having a great day.

SUSAN...ouch woman! You know...what took me the longest at the dentist was the gas and numbing. But I was in and out within an hour...not bad. Hey, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. What's funny is I hate a dentist that talks and talks, especially when their hand is in my mouth and they ask a question...what is up with that? But at the same you, I want to know what the heck is going on! Sorry for all the stress you are having. :hug: Wish there was something I could do to help. Well, I am glad that no food spoiled but sad that you had to pay that just to find that out. I had a dryer once that needed a $5 part and was charged $75 just for the guy coming out, geez! Maybe we need to start an appliance repair business?!

Nuttin much going on with me today. Had some errands to run, some tickets to buy, and some recycling to drop off. Uh, didn't get the recycling because the huge arse bin was GONE! This is why people here don't recycle because they make it so hard. Now I have to find somewhere to take place. Theres a few places but running to 3 or 4 different places for drop offs is kind of a pun intended. Anywho...

Today's exercise was mowing the front and back yard. Took me 2 hours...had some sweeping to do in the that is a good work out for me. Getting ready for winter so that was the last mowing of the season...I think. If the temps stay in the 70's there might be one more. V is going to edge and weed eat and then winterize. We'll water once more also then the sprinklers have to be blown out for the winter as well. Ahh, the joys of having a house and living in the midwest-not. Anyway...trying to catch up on laundry now.

Eating was good today, as was my water drinking so far. Been doing good with the diet coke too. Down to 1-2 a day...was a lot more and I am working to 0-1 a day. I'll get there eventually.

Hope all is well with everyone. Anyone doing anything special this weekend? I've got no plans so far. The turd Josh went and got him a girlfriend and I've not seen him much at all, lol. I am happy for him and hope it works out but damn it...I need my mommy/son time, lol. We are going to have lunch next week sometime. Was supposed to go see Saw4 but he took the ho, lol! Just kidding, lo!

Have a GREAT weekend ladies!

11-09-2007, 06:55 PM
TY Cristina. I'm sorry. I usually check that stuff out first. But thought it would be okay. Oh well. Sorry. I deleted the post.

11-10-2007, 12:26 AM
Good Evening Chicka's!!

My goodness is it is quite on the board today! Was there a visit to Arby's planned and I wasn't invited??

Just had my nightly wheaties and feel better.

Sassy - :hug: you don't need to be sorry. It is an awesome idea. How is your day going?? You sound kind of down?

Cristina- I can't believe Josh went and got himself a ho, I mean....girlfriend! ha. wow, he is fast...where did he meet her? Don't worry I am not paying that $60, my landlord has to foot that bill. He is ordering a fridge for the unit, hopefully I will get it delivered over the weekend. Gaby started crying saying "I love that fridge......I don't want a new one! *wah"......omg. I really need to get her out more. What kind of tickets were you buying? How much coke do you drink?? I usually have a glass of diet coke......

My evening has been ok. I haven't taken any pain killers all day long, I feel 100 % better. Fooling around on the phone w/ the landlord all day, playing phone tag. Ready to get Gab to bed, we woke up at 5:30am......argh

G'night :)

11-10-2007, 04:49 AM
just a quick post to let you all know that I am alive! we have been having internet issues.....and then it switched to job issues, which we are still dealing with....but hopefully we will be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

my avatar is from Halloween......they are all getting so big on me! Brandon is now 3 1/2, Logan is now 2, and Marissa will be 7 months at the end of this month!

11-10-2007, 11:53 AM
Happy Saturday Morning To You All!!!

Mindee - :yay: wondeful to see your internet is back on!! Happy to see you here. The kids are growing up too fast, enjoy every second, time flies by way too fast. Can't believe my Gab is 6 in Feb!

Sassy :hug: hope you are doing ok. Any special plans for the weekend?

Just a quickie hello. I have to get Gab ready for an overnight with her father. I am already thinking of making hamburger stew for, sounds good.

The weather isn't as icky as it was yesterday. A long walk needs to be put on the agenda too!!

Lets see if I can get that done - haha

Chat at you all later......

11-10-2007, 03:29 PM
A mini update on my day :encore:

I took the girls thru McDonalds :mcd:and ate 2 plain pancakes that Rach didn't want. Bad me. It is not good because I didn't *plan* it and that is something I have been working on in my daily eating.

Gab went with her father until tomorrow. He started in on how he wants to spend another $60 on clothes for her. hmmm. So, I tried to *communicate* that I would like to take that money and do my own shopping. I tried to say how it would be fun for me........and blah,blah. My mom told me to do that.

He said no he wasn't going to do that but I could come with him. Even after I said I would show receipts......pete sakes. :tantrum:

WhatEVER, 52 year old man.......I was suppose to be more assertive, a lot of good that does me. He heard my cell phone ringing and wondered whose phone it was.........and I hem and haw and don't tell him.

I need to go shopping for a spine. haha.......:mag:

anyway, annoyed with myself.

Going to go grocery shopping and get some veggies for my stew.

Hope you all are having a super Saturday!

11-10-2007, 07:04 PM
Hiya ladies...

And SASSY...Susan is don't need to apologize. You were doing something good and I think that is great. Not a lot of people would so THANK YOU! Hope your day/weeknd is going well. good to see you missy! We missed you! Glad to hear all is well.

SUSAN...what is the ex's problem? Geez, you'd think he was so to spend a million dollars and didn't want your mitts on it. You should tell him "Okay, go ahead and buy the clothes but I will probably have to return them anyway" Maybe that will work. Good grief! Sounds like to me that he is trying to inch his way back into your life. Love the new avatar...the Gabster is quite the cutie! Glad you don't have to pay the 60 for the fridge...didn't think anyone could get attached to a fridge, silly girl...but oh so cute! What I want to know do you and Sassy manage to get the good drugs? Lol :lol: Geez, all I got was some generic pain killers...didn't work as good as they usually do, lol. I need to go to your docs!

Speaking of docs...made my last appt., for my yearly. I put off all my check-ups for so long thought I better just do it and get it over with. Well, I will go to the dentist again...for a deep cleaning, hope that's all. We'll see.

Oh, Susan, Josh met this girl on myspace. Didn't know he was looking which was odd. Just out of the blue, oh, I have a girlfriend, lol. Guess they had been corresponding for a while, dunno. Don't know what's going to happen since he will be leaving in two weeks and then possibly come home for Christmas. But then come February, if the order still stands they are supposed to head to afghanistan, possibly back to Iraq. Anywho...

The two pancakes can't be too bad...did you have them plain? Of course that's how I usually eat them thus me saying they can't be that bad, lol. I'm a weirdo...don't like syrup or butter on them, or waffles.

Nothing much going on with me exercise today so I will do something tomorrow. Been a pretty laid back day. Did get some reading done finally. I've got a few books I am dying to get impatient I swear.

Hope everyone is having a great day/weekend!

11-10-2007, 08:21 PM
Susan...forgot to answer your questions...the tix are for the Trans Siberian Orchestra next month. And the diet coke...a while back I could easily drink a 2 ltr bottle a day, if not more. But that was before I started drinking water and cutting back. Now I have about 2 16 oz glasses a day, sometimes more. I am trying to cut it out and drink more water but so far not a go. I am drinking the amount of water I need, probably could use more.

Has anyone had any energy drinks? I bought a couple different ones to try. Josh brought one home the other night and it tasted pretty good but couldn't find that one in the grocery store. Don't plan on drinking lots but was just wondering if anyone has tried them and what you all like if you have.

Ciao for now ladies!

11-10-2007, 10:29 PM
Hiya Cristina!!

I love your little turkey smilie :)

See, the pink boots Gab is wearing in that picture? I loved those boots from Gap........I want to buy her another pair for $44. That isn't much is it?? They have some cheapie ones on sale for $19 at Freddies....but, I mean.....they ain't Gap. I guess I will wait until payday, also my mom offered to go in half for a pair. She use to love those boots too....see, now you know where I get it from. lol

oh, btw my whole family cries over old appliances.....:)

So, I tracked Gab down. She is up the coast and spending the night at some hostel. I told her father visitation is at his fathers house, not on the coast and not after the fact. He says I am playing *hard ball* and I replied "How can that be.....this is MY weekend, this is extra time for you that I agreed to"
He was raising his voice and going on how I don't communicate and never answering my phone.
Oh, poop on you!!
Obviously I communicate enough and if he was communicating I would have known his plans for staying on the coast before hand.

I try to get some back up from my sister but she says...."at least he wants to spend time with her, at least he wants to talk with her during the week,,,,at least he wants to be in her life"......ewwwwwwww......

What are you reading Cristina? Sounds like Josh is having fun, that is a good thing. I probably have a 16 oz diet coke glass a day,it taste so good. My mom drinks the straight stuff and a lot of it - she probably gets a 1000 calories from that

I guess I will go and do something. I slept a lot today after a walk and now am wide awake!

:hug: to you all!

11-11-2007, 04:21 AM
hello is good to be back online!!!

we took the kids to a local flea market type place, and they were having their Indian Fall Festival. So, the kids got to see some Indian dancers and drummers. Tommy kept telling them to enjoy it since it is part of their heritage. Miraculously, they all did enjoy it! Marissa got mad when they would take breaks and what not, but boy did her ears perk up when she noticed when they started drumming again. We ended up meeting my in-law's there and spent some time with them.

nothing really new on this end....just enjoying life and the kids. right now, all three kids are sick. Brandon started with his annual croup cough on Thursday night. He got two breathing treatments on Friday and I haven't heard it as much....BUT he was **** on wheels to get to bed tonight. We are taking them to the doctor's on Sunday. Brandon's right ear was bothering him, so it looks like an ear infection. Logan started with a croupy cough on Saturday afternoon. Thankfully Marissa hasn't gotten the croupy cough......but she has been coughing/sneezing and what not. I am probably going to have the doctor just check them all out so we can get it done and over with at one time.

11-11-2007, 10:56 AM
Well, I have the cleanest house in the neighborhood now. Why, you ask? Because I never LEAVE it! After awhile, there is nothing else to do but clean...Leigh finished her latest round of antibiotics on Thursday, then by Friday afternoon, her tonsils were all swollen again and she was a little feverish. Yesterday I took her to urgent care again and got some stronger antibiotics and this time they did a 2-day throat culture, not just the rapid strep. Now we are on the third round of antibiotics since the beginning of October...let's hope it's the last for awhile.

Susan- M just wants to be a control freak, can't just GIVE you the money you might go buy cigarettes or something, lol. Sorry he's making life difficult. I'm jealous of your new fridge. My MIL just bought a brand new one, and I keep looking at my old fridge and think wouldn't a nice new white fridge just look lovely? This is what happens when I'm stuck at home with a sick kid..I start fantasizing about refrigerators.

Cristina - TY for the card - very thoughtful. Met her on myspace? Now you need to get a myspace page and make sure you are in his friends list so he sees your avatar every time he logs in...keeping an eye on him so to speak...

Mindee - Glad you're back! The avatar is cute, I can't believe how fast your kids are growing! Sorry they are all sick, but better to deal with it all at once rather than one at a time..just my opinion of course. So far my DS has stayed well despite the plague that has descended upon his fingers crossed.

Sassy - How's your weekend going?

In addition to catching the latest bacteria floating around, my daughter decided to give herself a little "haircut" yesterday.:yikes: So today we are off to get Hairdo 911 at Kids Castle Cuts. They said if I show up at 9am for a drop in,we might not have to wait that long. Wish us luck. Fortunately I caught her before she touched her bangs, so she just needs to get cleaned up on the sides.

11-11-2007, 11:41 AM
Hi all--quick pop in--feeling better but not back to normal...I hate being sick...

11-11-2007, 02:51 PM
Happy Sunday, all!

KATY...I do have a myspace...I actually forgot to send you the link awhile back, oops! But the turd will not add me as a friend, lol. Some son he is! But I can read his page and see his girlfriend. She is cute I must say...but she is divorced, 25, and has two kids. Not that that is a bad thing...Josh loves kids and so do too! I just don't think he is up for a ready made family...but he sure seems to be in...hmmm, I'm gonna say lust for her, lol! Geez, louise...poor little Leigh. My goodness, how many times should one little lady have to endure soooo much pain. Hope this round of anitbiotics kicks the strep for good. :hug: I had to think, what card?! Geez, the mail is fast! I am thinking the TG card?

SUSAN...thank you missy! I have decided to go with themed siggy's, lol! I know...goofy. But we are in kindergarten so...I don't think $44 for a pair of boots is so bad...the girl has to have style ya know, lol. I think they are the cutest boots anyway...I want some! I really need to win about a $5000 shopping spree for some new clothes...get current. Not really into the trends but there's a lot of stuff out there I like. Now if I could knit like our Ms Katy, I could make lots of pretty things. I am readin Eat, Pray, far so good. I have a few others I am dying to read but I need to get into major reading mode. I had to go get Into the Wild because you said it was good and I am dying to see the movie too. I've heard it is an excellent movie...but I want to read the book first. So I better hurry before it's not on anymore. I too love diet coke and some days I cannot get enough of it. My mother drinks the regular as well, and waaaay too many. She is like your mom and gets about that many calories a day, if not more. Hey, I think it was you who mentioned dancing...I think dancing is a great form of exercise and I love dancing. I even bought two dancing/exercise dvds...I haven't done them yet but do plan on doing so.

MINDEE...glad the family enjoyed the fall festival. They should be having some here soon, or they already have and I missed them, lol. They had a pow wow yesterday but it was too chilly to go. Jason was like that when he was a baby...actually still is. The slightest cough will bring on an earache/infection. Hope the kiddos get to feeling better soon. :hug: And good to see you back!

SASSY...where are you today missy. Can't remember if this is your day off or not. Hope you are at least enjoying it, you and your hubby.

JULES...sorry you are still feeling bad. :hug: Hope you get to feeling better soon. We miss you too!

Nothing much going on today. I am going to kick it in high gear and get the majority of this book finished today! And I don't normally exercise on Sunday but didn't get any in yesterday so gotta make up for that. So far I have gotten in a little over 2 miles...aiming for 4 today. What else do I have to do? Also did some weights...just 5 minutes so far...that I will only do about 10 minutes. It's about all these old arms/shoulders can take. I have to be careful not to overdo it or I will be doing nothing. Thought I twisted my ankle coming down the stairs was okay. Scared me though...I think I would die if I couldn't walk. Anywho...water and food are good today a well and I am looking for at least a one pound loss this week. :crossed: I was aiming for 2 but we will see.

Take care chickies, and have a GREAT Sunday!

11-11-2007, 05:09 PM
Happy Sunday!!:dance:

Jules - Jeez girl, hope you feel better!! :hug:

Katy - Sorry about Leigh! Hope the meds work, if not I have some :D Very cute about L cutting her own hair. Gab went through that stage until my mother took over and was taking her to the beauty shop every week, this is when we lived with her. Drove me nuts and I think now Gab wants long hair. So, she focuses on her horses tails, lol . If you ever watch those home improvement shows I would love to have a stainless steel fridge with a water thingie, that lights up. :dizzy: :congrat: to the cleanest house in the village!

Mindee - You HAVE to take the kids to a pow-wow, they would love that! My father worked a lot w/ the American Indian population and he basically adopted that culture as his own, course he was Aztec. The R's are of the Gros Vendre tribe out of Montanta on their fathers side.
Praying the kids start feeling better!! Best to Tommy on his job hunt! :)

Cristina - I would love to knit too! I am living through Katy, like Jules is painting through Katy,,,, we are all connecting with out inner Katy's....:yoga: lol You are right $44 for good boots is nothing. I decided just not to ask the man for money anymore. I will just do it by myself like I have always done. It made me sick the way he was yelling at me over the phone and knowing Gab was right there. He is such a jerk. I can't believe Josh won't add you as a friend - lol ,,,,cute. Rach won't add me either but she does show me her page at times. THANK YOU for the TG card too!!

Hi to Sassy and Sue!! Hope you both are having a great Sunday!!:wave:

I am just waiting to get Gaby. I was sick thinking of her so far away last night. Had a 8 grain roll from Starbucks for breakfast, I feel bloated. I have been sleeping really good and think all the drama w/ the tooth drained me a lot, just getting rested again. New fridge comes Monday, it will be great to have cold food again. :hungry: lol

K- Chicka's!! Chat at you later!!!:blah::blah::blah:

11-11-2007, 08:34 PM
Back again for a few minutes...just can't seem to stay away! Actually, I forgot to send Katy the link...I swear I am losing my mind!

KATY...I forgot to say something about Leigh cutting her hair, OMG! Lol Glad it wasn't too bad and she didn't make it to the bangs! So cute! Josh won't add me as a friend, lol. But his page isn't private and he gave me the link a while back. But his girlfriends is darn it, lol! kids are part Indian as well...Choctaw...their dad was. Josh has beautiful black hair and blue least he got something of mine! YW for the card! Sorry you were missing Miss Gaby...I don't think I could bare my kids being gone at that age. Of course I can't bare them being gone at the ages they are now, lol! And sorry to the ex is such a jerk, ugh! :hug:

Okay, I managed to get in 4.20 miles today, woohoo! Feels good! And did 10 minutes with the weights.

Good luck with WI tomorrow ladies! Ciao for now!

11-11-2007, 10:41 PM
:yay: awesome on the 4.20 miles Cristina! That is really good, I am impressed :)

Cross fingers on a good WI.

I feel iffy with all my late night snacks this past week. I need to get back to my own place and back into a routine. I was going to tell the ex I need to go home Also, we will have the fridge and I can stock up of some food and Gab and I can settle back into our own routine.

Blah , blah.....

I did have a snack of slice of cheese and some triscuits. I like to suck on the crackers, taste so good. lol Also some diet coke and I am in offical piggy heaven.

Gabster is back! I was so thrilled to see her. I asked if she got some new clothes and she said no they didn't have time.
Of course not.....not with traveling to the coast and being beach bums. lol - I didn't say that out loud to her! I thought it though.
I guess M called my mother last night after our conversation.....he needs to just stay away from my mother....pete sakes.

I take Gab to the dentist in the morning and after that we go home waiting for the fridge. My mom might come over to visit,,,,,I guess that is all my excitement.....

Lets talk about Thanksgiving plans! Does anyone have any because I don't yet.....

11-12-2007, 01:10 AM
psssssst, I found some Halloween stash!! All that is left is tootsie rolls,,,,,,all the good stuff gone. I have eaten 3, I think I will take the rest down to the dumpster!
Watching Desperate Housewives.....

Mindee - How is little Brandon's ear?? Logan and Marissa?? What beautiful names. I don't think I was around to hear how they were named. Any special meanings?

Sassy - How was your weekend? Miss u :)

Sue - How is the shoulder?? How is your mother? Hope all is well, miss you too!

Jules - Pray you are feeling better......

Katy - How is Leigh?

k back to my show.......night all . :)

edited for Cristina......I meant to say about dancing and Marie Osmond. She was on ETonight last week and said she has lost 26 pounds. Isn't that amazing?

11-12-2007, 02:46 AM
I like Marie Osmond...that's terrible her dad passed away. Don't even know how she can go back to the show. I always thought it would so great to have such a big, close family. I wanna be an Osmond! And yes that is amazing...I think she looks wonderful and we are the same age! I think, lol.

Glad Gabster is home. I really wonder know if M was just blowing smoke about the clothes just to spend time with you. Why does he feel the need to know everything going on in your life? Geez, he needs to back off!

I think I am impressed as well with the 4 miles, lol. Not too many 4 mile walks in my body. Some days though I have nothing to do and V is at work so why not walk...of course that was just a little, very little chunk out of my day, lol. For some reason though, I felt like I could have kept walking! I have always enjoyed walking and hope to continue for many years to come.

Tootsie rolls sound good! I had a lot of them I gave out at Halloween and couldn't even have one. :( I had one reeses peanut butter cup and could barely eat that. DD was surprised that I had all those bags of candy here for a couple of weeks and never opened any of it. Guess I am finally getting something right. I do give into my cravings once in a while, probably once too often but I gotta do what works for me and right now it seems to be working, somewhat, lol.

Hugs to Gaby for tomorrow. :hug: Hope she has no cavities!

I can't sleep for some reason so thought I would get on here. I'll pay tomorrow for being up so late...maybe, lol. Nothing planned but a good long walk so no big deal.

I was going to say what the heck are you doing up so late missy? I forget about the time change and you guys being two hours behind us.

See ya :wave:

11-12-2007, 03:30 AM
hello are you all doing? nothing new on this end.....just same stuff, different day!

Katy~ I am glad to be back! Thanks for the nice comment on my avatar. They are growing so quickly! For example, I am only 5'4" and Brandon is already 36" tall! He comes to just above my belly button, and he is only 3 1/2! Logan is about 2 or 3 inches shorter then him! I is easier to get the sickies done and over with all at once!

Jules~ I see that you have a grandson on the way! Does he have a name yet? I hope you feel better soon!

Cristina~ Tommy is looking into pow-wows around here. He wants to take the kids to see one. The kids are like that as well. But on top of the slightest thing sparking an ear infection or an ear ache, it also sparks their asthma. So, right now both Brandon and Logan have croupy coughs, but they are getting breathing treatments for them, so they don't sound that bad.

Susan~ We are looking into getting some kind of information on a pow-wow. Tommy's grandma (his dad's mom) is 100% Blackfoot and there might even be some Cherokee in there somewhere. The Blackfoot tribe is in Montana as well. Thanks for the prayers for the kids, and Tommy's job hunt. They seem to be better, but if they get to prompt care we go on Monday!

As for their names.....Tommy picked out all of their names! Brandon was actually supposed to be Benjamin, but since that got leaked out at our shower, we went home and started a different search. (we wanted to keep the names a secret until they were born) We agreed on Brandon after Tommy found it. The Thomas part is after Tommy, since he told me that since I wouldn't let him have a Junior, then he wanted some part of his name in there. Tommy pulled Logan out of the sky one night when he was at work one day. And the Nathaniel came from trying to find a name that hadn't been used yet in my family! Plus, we liked the name Nathan, but my sister Katy has a nephew on her hubby's side who is named Nathan. Tommy also picked out Marissa's name as well. Again, he picked out Marissa out of the sky one day while at work. He had originally suggested Marissa Anne, but it all sounded like one name instead of a first and middle name. So, then we got to thinking and he said "how about Marissa Lynn?" I said "I love it" and then we started tossing ideas on how to spell it!

11-12-2007, 03:52 AM
MINDEE...DH also picked the kids names...their first names. I choose the middle names. Now Nathaniel...I chose that, first and middle name (Alexander) I didn't let V have any choice in the matter, lol. I know bad, lol. DD is after her dads grandmother and my great-grandmother. The others are just names we liked. But I too like your childrens names...they have good flow. Well, I hope the kids get to feeling better soon...and GREAT pictures of them. Marissa is so cute in that pumpkin outfit! The boys are as well...I think I am just partial to the little girls.

Well, still up but I am going to read a bit more and then go to bed in a few minutes. Just starting to get a little sleepy.

Nighty, night ladies!

11-12-2007, 04:10 AM
I am going to take my blankie and go to bed. It is midnight here. I watched Desperate Housewives, and Murder Mystery and started reading old threads that were rather depressing. Now I know why I don't keep journals...lmao...

Marie Osmond is 47??? I think, Donny is turning 50. They will be on Larry King this Wednesday Cristina.... I really haven't thought that much about them until she started dancing on the show. The Osmonds really are an inspiration and it is sad they lost their father....

Mindee - My R's are enrolled in the Native American youth program in Portland. We get a newsletter with all the events around the state. The R's were named by their father. He was a control freak - lol.....I swear, we couldn't leave the hospital without naming them, so I gave in. Now I like Rachel and Rebecca....I named Gabrielle all on my own, it means devoted to god and I thought that was nice. All the girls have their grandmothers/great grandmothers as middle names.

Very impressed with your determination Cristina!! I am.
I have to throw the candy out and keep little or no food in the house. It helps me not binge. Anyway tootsie rolls are gone......though I think I can dig them out of the dumpster,,,,,lol......jk!!

Off to bed I go! Night :)

11-12-2007, 11:46 AM
Katy - sometimes when a girl feels yucky, she just needs a new hairdo to lift her spirits, so I'm SURE that was Leigh's incentive, right? :lol:

11-12-2007, 01:59 PM
:yay: Good Monday Morning!!

I get to go change my ticker.....up 2 pounds. Yipeeeee.

It is ok, I knew that though with how I have been eating all week. So, today I am sipping on my protein drink and will sit down and plan the rest of the days intake. Chicken soup is screaming to be eaten. lol

What else?? Oh, saw a magazine with Jennie Garth and she has lost 10 pounds while being on Dancing w/ the stars........dancing is looking really appealing to me.

Took Gabster to the dentsit and she was the trooper as always. She had 1 seal and 1 filling done. I managed to get my shower this morning but no time for her to get one so I put a sky cap on her tangled mess.....and when I wasn;t looking she drew green marker whiskers on her face,,,,so, she was a kitty. *eyes roll*.........

Hope you are all having a better WI!!! I will go change the ticker now and go home to wait for my fridge to arrive..... oh, taking Gab for swiming later on. That is my day in a nut shell :)

Later chickies!!

11-12-2007, 04:15 PM
You make me laugh Susan, lol! Gaby is just too cute, lol! And hey, DD does that when she is having a bad day...of course she can pull it off and look good. Me on the otherhand looks goofy with any kind of hat. I saw Jennie Garth on the Chelsey Handler show...she is a comedian and cracks me up. Anyway, Jennie is cute and was funny too! I used to watch that show...can't think of the name of it...with Amanda Bynes playing her sis and they lived together. Anyway, loved that show! I am going to try and catch dancing with the stars...don't even know when it's on, lol. You know...dancing is great exercise!

Hope you like the new fridge when you get it. Of course a fridge is a fridge...I guess. I don't really care as long as it keeps my food cold, lol.

Sorry about the gain this week missy! :hug: Sounded like you were doing well. Gotta get out there and walk, missy...nice, nice, nice, just pick up those feet. Leslie Sansone says that in the 2 mile WATP, lol. I don't think I could lose weight unless I do right and walk. My body just won't give up the fat unless I am moving. are still doing GREAT Susan! So keep on truckin'!

WI for me is tomorrow...since I kept forgetting to WI on Monday a few times I just changed it to Tuesday, lol. :crossed: Went for a walk in the neighborhood this morning...was actually nice. I thought I was going to get rained on but didn't. Nice cool weather and perfect for walking. Had to do another 4 miles...don't know what is up with me. I know I can't keep this up but I am going to go with it as long as this old body, or these old big dogs will take it. Anywho...


Take care ladies, and I hope everyone is having a good Monday!

11-12-2007, 06:17 PM
hello is every one doing?

Any one know any good ways to keep a diaper on a two year old? We try to put him to bed with zipper pajamas with a safety pin over the zipper. That seems to work.....but if we forget and he goes to bed with regular pajamas then he takes them off, takes his diaper off, and then if there is poop.....well, he paints. (I know I know....too much information) But any suggestions or things that worked will be very helpful!

Cristina~ After we had Brandon, we made sure to pick names that flowed well. Not with just the names itself, but with the names of the other kids as well. I have noticed that when we see new babies, I am more partial to girls....but I think that is more so because I have grown accustomed to boys, and Marissa is still new!

I think Marie Osmund said that she was 49 when she was on Oprah. Oprah mentioned that Donny was a grandpa and all the women in the audience just let out this groan. It was funny.

Susan~ We would love to get the kids enrolled in some kind of program that is Native American related. Tommy's mom was suppose to be calling the Blackfoot tribe to see how to go about getting any kind of proof so that the kids will be able to get into programs and such. Tommy is 1/4 Blackfoot, so that makes the kids each 1/16.

I have seen the workout dvd's for the Dancing with the Stars and I have been very tempted into getting it. But I agree, dancing is looking very appealing to me right now!

11-12-2007, 08:05 PM
Mindee- Is he trying to potty train himself? I have heard some kids do that, sounds like he wants out of the diapers. Gaby had to potty train herself, she was disgusted waiting for me to do it. lol

omg - I scrambled super fast to look up Marie and Donnys bios! I HAD To know how they were. Marie was born Oct 13, 1959 and Donny was Dec. 9, 1957. His oldest child was born in 1979......28??? Can you imagine he has a child that old?? Dang, he is in good shape and his wife too. Anyway, I think I will go look up Jimmy now,,,, haha

Dancing is on tonight Cristina, the result show is tomorrow.

I know. I need to exercise more. I just want to go home! lol The fridge came, it is a cheapie Hotpoint, a model that we always put in our apts. It'll do!

Making chicken soup for dinner. My eyes sting from the pool w/ Gaby and onions w/ the soup. *

k- off to check Jimmy out!

11-13-2007, 01:35 AM
Susan~ That could be an option. We are trying to potty train Brandon. And we have in fact tried putting Logan in front of the potty to try. Which he stood there, with a huge grin from ear to ear, but didn't do anything. So, we just might be potty training a 3 1/2 year old and a 2 year old. It would really make things easier, since Tommy told Brandon that he needs to start going more on the potty since he is going to be 4 years old.

Speaking of fridges, that reminds me. When we were helping the office manager on Sunday, Tommy mentioned that we liked the fridge in our old apartment better because the freezer was bigger. Her response was "well, let me right a note to remind myself, and you can have it in your apartment."

11-13-2007, 01:48 AM
just quickly stopping by to see how every one is doing.....

just having some "me" time and trying to figure out how I am going to get every thing back on track. Tommy has to go tomorrow after work for some job placement testing, and then possibly going to orientation on Wednesday. This job is for a little more money....but it will help out more. Now, we just sit on things and hope that he gets the job for the complex. (still keeping fingers crossed...please)

11-13-2007, 03:26 AM
Another sleepless night for me so thought I would drop by and say hi-HI! :wave: Think I am going to go and try to go to bed in a few minutes...have an early day tomorrow, ugh!

Have a good one ladies!

11-13-2007, 04:36 AM
just a quick post....I know it is too late for me to be on but I had some issues with our internet and hadn't finished checking my email. So, I figured I would stop back by here.

My "me" time was short lived......Marissa woke up and was having trouble breathing because her nose was full of snots. So, I used the bulb syringe to get out as much as I could, and then gave her a breathing treatment. To which I think she might be allergic to because she broke out into a rash like she did when she was eating the bananas and peaches when she tried them. She is back asleep in her crib while laying on a boppy to keep her head elavated.'s to hoping that things get better! (the boys still have their coughs and snotty if Marissa gets worse, or if they do, then it will most defnitely be off to prompt care. I think we might just take them in for peace of mind anyways on Tuesday. I know I said that about Monday but I wasn't sure if they were open since it was Veteran's Day)

11-13-2007, 05:24 AM
Howdy all.

I know I've been MIA on the weekend, but DH was sick all weekend and stayed home from work. So you can I was actually glad to get to work yesterday (Monday) evening. It was a "relief" I love my DH, but you know how men are when they are

Boy what crazy weather we're having. It was 66 yesterday when I left for work and in our apt it was like 75, opened up the windows :sunny:........This is November, right? lol.

So I am caught up on all my work and figured I'd pop in.

Hi to all of those MIA as well! :wave:

I hope you all are well.


11-13-2007, 10:31 AM
ugh - should be at yoga, but I'm feeling pretty run down. I have a bit of what Leigh's been sick with, I think, and I am fighting it off the best I can with lots of Neti and Airborne. Seems to be doing the trick, but I'm so tired and not sleeping very well at all. I've caught the BIK virus...weren't you all sick last week?

Sassy - good to see you ...welcome to global warming, lol! Our weather was actually pretty typical yesterday for once. I've been pretty surprised by how warm it has been, but then we had a good ol' storm yesterday. Now that's more like it!

Cristina - sorry you can't sleep - I can't either, darn it! I've been taking a "sleep blend" that has valerian and melatonin in it. It works really well to send me off to sleep, but it does nothing for me when I wake up at 2 am and can't go back to sleep. Bah- I hate it...I really need to sleep.

Mindee - I just read an article about Elimination Communication, where moms are potty training their babies as early as one week old. It's called EC for short and there's a whole movement sprung up around it. It's about reading your child's signals and getting them on the potty on time, then they associate the physical feelings with going on the potty. To me it just seems like a whole lot more work...still have to clean up poo, you know, because they can't control their little bodies. Like new moms need MORE to do.... any way gl with the pottying..they all do it eventually.

Susan- back in your own house yet? After being cooped up in my house for the whole weekend, I decided I need a new fridge...everyone else is getting them and I follow the crowd, lol! This is the dangerous part about being home so much, I find all kinds of things to spend money on... How's D's recovery going? he feeling better?

The 911 trip to Kid's Castle Cuts went well, and she looks presentable. I am glad she didn't get the bangs as she has picture retakes next week and my mama's pride really wants her to have a good picture. Last night I did get out of the house for the soccer team party at Laserport, where I am sure I was exposed to way more germs. That's the spirit! I had a glass of wine and some apple slices and listened to everyone talk about who is sick in their families...lots of crap going around

Ok - gotta go, kids are up!

11-13-2007, 02:34 PM
Good Morning Chicka's!! :turkey: (I looks like a turkey but squint your's a chicken, trust me. hehe)

Jimmy was born April 1963 and he has 4 children. Today I will look up Alan.:D

Sassy - :hat: yay, you're here! We missed you. Sorry the hubby was not feeling well. Wonderful weather, wow!! Lucky you. :)

Mindee- Maybe Logan is just coping Brandon?? Kind of wants to do what big brother does?? Rach and Beck weren't pottied trained until I tried to enroll them in pre school at 4 years old - lol . I did it over the weekend just staying inside and getting them on the toilet every hour. :goodluck: with the job search and the property maintenance job! Hugs to little Marrisa, hope she is feeling better.

Katy - Decided to join us sickies, huh?? I don't think that was allowed Katy! lol Hope you feel better too. Spent the night last night in my own place, was wonderful. The ex has his follow up today from the surgery. He has been catherized and it is wearing him down, passes blood and basically shares all his medical stuff with me. lol........he will be 74 on Thanksgiving. Leigh is adorable!! Very cute avatar!!

Cristina - I wonder why you aren't sleeping. I am a doctor you . I couldn't sleep until 1pm last night. Tossed and turned thinking of the Osmonds.....and Gaby's father. He had called at 8pm to say good night. After I asked him to only call once a week. I mean he just had her the weekend and he will see her tonight and Thursday at swimming. I don't need him calling every bloody night. I had Gab to sleep at 7 anyway.
So, I didn't answer and stewed over him telling my mother that if I don't communicate more he is going back to court. What a ding bat!
He thinks he communcates just fine.......personally I think he over communicates. Pete sakes she is a 5 1/2 year old! Not much happens from day to day excpet what color slurpee she has after school.....I swear. :censored:
Anyway, decided to pick my battles and I called at 6:15 am and let Gab say hello and coo her sweet nothings to him. lol

I had a protein drink this morning and 2 slices of bacon:ink:. Walked for 30 minutes, not sure how far was that. I guess that is it. I do feel less bloated with not late night eating. I watched Dancing and the bachelor show and rach called several times. She said she dyed her hair pink, can you imagine? Ugh.

k- better go and get centered. lol :yoga:

All you MIA's we miss you!

11-13-2007, 04:58 PM
Howdy girlies :D hair, eh? Hey, you never know it may look good! I always liked Pink when she had the pink hair and thought it would be cool to have it too. Never did do it though, didn't have the nerve. But I thought it fit her and her name, lol. Now she is what, a brunette I think. You know I don't know if it's a good thing or not...M trying to weasel his way into your life. I mean for Gaby yes, but I think he has a whole 'nuther agenda! I'm psychic didn't ya know, lol...I wish, or maybe not. Seems he goes to the extreme...either not enough or too much, never in between.

KATY...I agree about your avatar...Leigh is getting big too, and quite the cutie! Now is she wearing one of your masterpieces? Loving it! So jealous of your knitting. Sorry you are having trouble sleeping too! I actually went to bed and just layed there and thought forget it, ugh! Hope you get to feeling better.

SASSY...sorry DH was feeling under the weather...definitely something going around as Katy said. Hope he is feeling better today. And glad to see ya back! We miss you when you are gone!

MINDEE...hope little Marissa is feeling better today. I so remember the potty training. The boys were the hardest...but I have to say Josh was stubborn and basically refused to go for me. he went when he decided to go...wasn't gonna have none of that mother telling me when to go potty stuff, lol. Hope Tommy hears something about the job(s).

Had some errands to run this a.m. but after sleeping in until 9:30 (shouldn't have stayed up until 3:30 a.m.) I got a late start. Had to run to the doc-OB/GYN. Weird thing...we received something in the mail a week ago from our old insurance for some blood work I supposedly had back in Oct. Well, I hadn't been to this doc since late 2002/2004 and we didn't have that insurance anymore. V talked with the insurance people and the lady got snotty with hima nd said you need to talk with the docs office. So that's what I did...not sure what the mix-up was but the doc didn't have any record of that bloodwork being done...weird. But I went down there rather than trying to talk to someone on the phone. Went to the PO as well, man what a mess. they were busy but I had to mail a package and get some Christmas's that time already...doing the dreaded Christmas cards. Actually, it's not dreaded for me...just a lot to do. I so enjoy doing it and getting it done early so I don't have to worry about it later. Now too bad I can't do that with the Christmas gifts, lol.

Good news on the WI...I am down a little over a pound! :woohoo: I changed my ticker, my was always supposed to be a 20 pound goal but I had a 25 pound one up so it's right now. I like to do the mini-goals rather than have to see the "big" picture, no pun intended. And I am hoping next WI I will have reached that first 20 pound goal. It actually feels good too! When I joined 3fc I was at 213 and I knew for me it would be a slow journey. So many times I wanted to give up but didn't. Here I am a little over 25 pounds later and I am happy for that little spark that ignited in me and got me going again. Ain't no stopping me now! Okay, sorry this is long, just wanted to share.

I plan on doing my walk away the pounds Walk and Jog dvd after Jeopardy and then ride the bike and a few minutes of weights. Not going to over do it. Tuesday and Thursday will be the same from now on hopefully. These 4 mile walks are killing my right foot for some reason. I go to the doc the Tuesday after TG so will be discussing this with her. Hopefully it's nothing because I will be a goner if I can't walk.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

11-13-2007, 05:33 PM
Hi all.

We have our windows open now and I wish we didn't have too. Some kids are screaming their heads off and I can't even see them, which means they are either inside or in a building across the way, either way,

Oh well soon enough I will be leaving for work -- yippee! lol. Today is one of those days you just wanna curl up in bed and watch a movie............well maybe this

Hi Katy. Yeah today it is 64. Sorry you are feeling run down. I hope you get some rest! :hug:

Suzy Q - Yup, here I am. lol. Hard to get anything accomplished with a DH sick. lol. Did I hear the "B" :ink: word? lol. Pink, eh? I once had purple hair, only not on purpose! lol. Awwwwww to be young again. lol.

Congrats Cristina on the WL! :cheer: I haven't even BOUGHT my Christmas Cards yet..........A bit behind I guess. lol. Usually I have them all ready to go at least..............

Hi to everybody out there! :wave:


11-13-2007, 09:10 PM
Howdy Ho.......(and no I am not calling any of you ho's - hahaha)

Just peeking in before I take Gab home to rest before swimming.

Awesome on the weight loss and 4 miles walks Cristina! I am happy you are seeing results, you soooooo derserve it!! :)

Sassy - Ya, the B word....I like to suck all the grease out of it. I know, how weird am I? Good thing I don't need bacon every day,,,though bagels are another matter. Yes, pink.......ok, I will wait til I actually see her before I freak out. lol

Mike is weird. Very pushy personality and he admits that. I don't like, trust, or wanna be around him. Don't ask me how we had a child together. ha

ewwww, Beck is doing dishes....I need to go take pictures :)

chat later!

11-13-2007, 11:49 PM
Suzy Q -- You crack me up. :lol: And I thought I loved bacon. lol. Just teasin. I have this craving though for Fried Chicken.......We had baked chicken on the weekend, but just is not the

I think I need a punching bag. That would be good exercise, right and a great stress reliever! I could use it right now! lol...........

11-14-2007, 01:54 AM
hello is every one doing?

Well, we took the kids in to prompt care to get them checked out. Brandon and Marissa both have URI, but Brandon has an ear infection fully in his right ear and one starting in his left. Logan has double ear infections and sinusitis. So she wrote a script for Amoxicilan for Brandon and Logan.....which the pharmacy said they couldn't fill until tomorrow (Wednesday) for some reason. So, Tommy is going to pick them up on his way home from work.

As for the job front, well he went to this other temp agency that he went to before. The women said that she has something at this other place close to us and he would be making more money. I said "well, what are you going to do if you get the job for the complex?" He said "well, that is easy.....I take the job here!"

11-14-2007, 02:28 AM
Okay, ladies...ya gotta stop all this talk about bacon and chicken! Kidding...I LOVE both! Just give me a freakin plate of both...especially KFC! I don't know why I love that stuff!

THANK YOU SASSY & SUSAN! :thanks: :hug: was another nice one here today as well. But tomorrow starts the cool down. I actually look forward to that...the 50's, especially if the wind isnt blowing 50 mph! It's that darn wind that is horrible! How's DH doing? Is he feeling better? I bought my Christmas cards last year, lol. I have a stinking tub with cards, stickers and such. I just happened to see these cards and thought they were perfect so got them. Also, sometimes I see them on sale after Christmas and can't pass on a 50-75% off sale. But...this is actually late for me. Years ago I used to get my cards the end of Oct and have them ready by Nov 1. I know...weird creature I am. :)

SUSAN...I bet the pink is pretty. How is Gaby doing with her swimming lessons? I thought of her today...I saw some cute little pink boots on this little girl at the post cute., you guys have had your share of sickness with the kiddos...I hope they get better soon, and stay well. Jason came home sick last week and (he's the one who gets the ear infections) Friday his ear was hurting bad. I gave him one of my pain pills but he is just going to the doc tomorrow morning. Still keeping my fingers crossed for Tommy getting the job he wants.

Hello Jules, Katy, Kathy & Sue :wave: Hoping all is well with you ladies and you are enjoying that grandbaby Kathy!

I am up again. Thought this time I would just stay up until I am soooo sleepy when I head the pillow I will be out...and I am getting there. No point in going to bed just to get up again. Anywho...see ya tomorrow!

11-14-2007, 04:26 AM
just popping in really quickly before going to bed. I wanted to be in bed a couple hours ago.....but I got into making a play list for my page......and lost track of time, like usual!

11-14-2007, 04:38 AM

Cristina -- Yeah warm here too. I would love to stock up on cards but every time I go near them in the store, my dh steers me I love cards.........dunno why. lol. Guess I could shop online.........:) DH is feeling better, he is going to the dr tomorrow (Thursday) because he has to have a note before he can go back to work on Friday night. Sounds like school don't it? lol. My favorite chicken place is Popeyes. They are awesome.......that is when I USED to eat there. lol. Been a Its a bad bad place for me. lol

Mindee -- Hope the kids feel better and Good Luck to Tommy! :)


11-14-2007, 02:51 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!!

Sassy - There was a special on bacon 2 packs for $5, so I bought 2 packs and now it is my duty to eat it and suck the grease out. haha. It is almost gone now , thank goodness. I love KFC, it is like a every 6 week splurge. :chicken:

Cristina - I saw the pink hair! It is really streaks so not too bad. Very cute and she did it herself,so I guess I am impressed too. lol Gab had her first lesson as an Otter last night. She has a male teacher now so I spent the whole time looking at his hairy armpits as he taught the kiddies how to stroke. Gads, and I pay for this ??? lol

Mindee - You one busy lady!! Wow, hugs to all the kids and get some rest! :) Sending good thoughts for Tommy and the job search.

:yay: to Marie Osmond, she gets to dance next week!! Don't forget she is on Larry King tonight!

I love cards and Hallmark, just walking in the store and smelling all the candles. lol Anyway, I need to get serious about my own job search. I thought about CNA but like the CMA even more. I just think I will be hard pressed to find a $19 hour job again.......I mean in the paper I see $13 hour jobs and you need a friggin degree. :blah::blah::blah:

k- just popping in for a fast post. I have a meeting at school for Gaby's speech this afternoon. M will be there, I guess. He will chatter, chatter away and over power me....I already know I have to go and mentally prepare.....:crazy::crazy:

Later Gators!! :moped::moped:

11-14-2007, 03:50 PM
My sister sent this in my email. I have seen it before but with Thanksgiving around the corner I thought I would post here!
I am so thankful for my friendships here at Back In Kindergarten. It is wonderful to have the sincere support ,encourgement ,and shared laughter of all you ladies! Thank you!


(written after she found out she was dying from cancer).

I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day.

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.
I would have talked less and listened more.

I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded.

I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and w orried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.

I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.

I would have shared more of the responsibility carried by my husband.

I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.

I would have sat on the lawn with m y grass stains.

I wo uld have cried and laughed less while watching television and more while watching life.

I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn't show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracl e

When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, "Later. Now go get washed up for dinner." There would have been more "I love you's" More "I'm sorry's."

But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute...look at it and really see it .. . live it and never give it back. STOP SWEATING THE SMALL STUFF!!!
Don't worry about who doesn't like you, who has more, or who's doing what. Instead, let's cherish the relationships we have with those who do love us. Let's think about what God HAS blessed us with , and what we are doing each day to promote ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally.
I hope you have a blessed day.

11-14-2007, 04:13 PM
Awww, SUSAN...thank you for that poem from your sis. I read this a long time ago and it really makes you think about what is important in life. It is beautiful as are you ladies! And I DO treasure, and value our friendship here. :hug: :hug:

On a lighter note...hope all goes well at Gaby's speech later...just tell M I said to buzz off! If only it were that easy. I do give him credit though for trying to be in Gaby's life now. And sending good vibes to you for a job. :goodvibes: :goodvibes: I think just about anything in the medical field is good. There's always a demand, or here anyway. Hairy pits eh? Lol, gross!

SASSY...that is the know, we think when we grow up that we won't be treated like a child anymore but so many places are like being in a prison, or in school, ridiculous I tell ya!

Hiya Mindee...hope you got some sleep.

Boy, I had planned on getting up early and that did not happen. Josh and I had a lunch date and I wanted to get my exercise done first thing...just couldn't get up at 5:30. So I haven't gotten my walk in yet. Getting ready to do that and hope to have 2 miles done before Jeopardy...can't miss my Jeopardy, lol. I had to stoop to a new low and whine because I wasn't getting any mommy/Josh time, lol. It worked, lol! So I am on :cloud9: for now anyway. I thought Josh would be spending TG with is GF but she wants to come over here and meet me, wow. I was surprised. Hope I am not a *b* towards her, lol. Anywho...

Take care ladies, and have a wonderful day! :hug:

11-14-2007, 05:55 PM
I have been having trouble staying OP and motivated lately. I was doing really good when the weather was nice. It didn't help that one of the maintenance guys had caught my eye.....(I know I know....bad to even think it since I am married and a mom, but like Tommy always says "I may be married, but I am not buried!") He ended up being a jerk and quit the I wasn't motivated anymore. (Since October 1st, I have walked (and clocked) about 120 miles on my pedometer) Now, there is another maintenance guy that has caught my eye (and yes Tommy knows all about it) and this one is a nice guy. (don't troubles in our of those lust things that you know will never pan out nor do you want it to). But then Halloween hit, and the candy, especially the chocolate is trying to do me in.....but I am refusing for the most part. But I am back to being motivated again when I tried on a pair of jeans that are a size smaller then the ones that I have on right now (that are too loose and about to fall off me) and just a little bit more, and I will be able to zip them up! I can button them with no problems, just need work on the zipper.

sorry if you are reading that twice.....

Cristina~ Thank you so much for the Thanksgiving card!

11-14-2007, 09:33 PM
I am back! Yahooo

Mindee- ok, I have never sweated with a guy,,, so want do I know......personally I would get Tommy a tool belt and make him wear it naked. That might motivate you again??? What does the mailman look like?? Do you have a pool?? What does the pool guy look like???? Dang , and here I am sitting getting motivated off of what I can wear. lol :hug: sweetie .....hope you are having a good day with the family!

Cristina - that poem is familiar isn't it?? I thought so too. It is nice though. M was annoying at the meeting. I am sure I rolled my eyes several times. We signed an agreement and the special education lady asked M if it was ok if I signed a paper and he replies "I don't care as long as Gab gets the help she needs"....I thought that was smart butt. He could have said "no, I dont mind" or "Susan is the custodial parent so my siggy would mean nothing"....*eyes roll*
Very sweet that the GF wants to meet you at TG!! How long is he home for??
Did you get your walk in???

k- had chicken for dinner and squash. better get......

11-14-2007, 09:52 PM
Hey all.

Just a quickie. Do you ever have one of those days where you feel that you should have just stayed in bed? lol. This is one of those days. Well it started out that way, I am trying to turn it around and stay positive. lol.

Only 9 hours and 8 minutes and my "Weekend" begins! :woohoo: I need countdown timer. lol.


11-15-2007, 01:19 AM
Susan~ LMBO! I finally realized something tonight. When I first saw the first guy, there was a familiarity there that I couldn't figure out. When I was in the shower, I think I finally put two and two together. (now this isn't proven, just a theory)

When I first saw the first maintenance guy, there was something about him that I couldn't put my finger on. After numerous stare downs, I had thought that I had finally figured out why he looked so fricken' familiar. More time goes on and in the middle of October he just up and quits. I try to get in touch with him because he had one of our tupperware bowls. Well, he reminded me so much of a guy that I use to know/date (we weren't that specific.....heck I was only 16). I have tried numerous times to look him up to see how he has been doing, but could never find anything on him. I have tried a couple of times to look up the maintenance guy and nothing on him either! But anyways....who knows.....maybe it is all just one big coincidence!

As far as the mail man.....well we have a mail that stops that. I will have to mention to Tommy to see if he wouldn't mind wearing a tool belt around the house after the kids go to bed. LMBO Pool is closed, so no pool guy....

Anyways....enough rambling from me about rinky dink is every one doing?

11-15-2007, 01:23 AM
Howdy ladies...

SASSY...yes, and I have gone back to bed, lol! I hate days like that! Hope it got better for you. And good for you for staying positive! :hug:

SUSAN...what a jerk! why was he even asked? Yeah, she (J's GF) seems nice enough, I guess. She's good to him even if they've only known each other a short while. Josh is home until the Monday, or Tuesday after TG. :( But then he'll be back again in December. He told his SGT he wanted to take all his leave time during the holidays so...but I am worried that with such short notice (he doesn't know yet the dates he can come home in Dec.) he may not get a flight, or it will end up costing an outrageous amount of money. Just keep my fingers crossed. He has 15 more days left.

MINDEE...I have to agree with Susan, lol! A tool belt definitely would work for me, lol! I love a rugged looking guy, hubba hubba. I think we all look, I know I do too, lol. Hey, nothing wrong with looking at a good looking guy, men look so...I hope you find the motivation because you were doing good. I know though some people just give it a rest until after the holidays because it tends to be too much added stress on top of everything. Just don't give up missy. :hug:

JULES...hope you are feeling better, and Teri is fine too!

KATY...hope you are feeling better too, and little Leigh.

KATHY...I know what you are doing, enjoying that grandbaby!

SUE...hoping your shoulder is better and your mom is good too!

I did get my walk in...3 miles. I had done a little over a mile and thought...this is going to be just a 2 mile walk day. Well, after Jeopardy I started walking and thought ugh, I am judt going to do another 2 to make it 3 and did! Woohoo! Josh is trying to help me and I was thinking about what he said gotta push yourself a little harder each day. I try but some days I don't think this old body is gonna take it. Anywho...I don't paln on staying up late tonight. Have errands to run tomorrow and want to get an early start and do my exercise first thing. So nighty, night all!

11-15-2007, 04:24 PM

Mindee - You are married, you shouldn't be putting your finger on anything sweetie. :o haha, jk. Remember my huge crush on my maintenance man?? He was so cute, hairy arms (not armpits - ick) and he sure knew his tools. :D My Dear Abby advice is to go to Home Depot and buy a tool belt for Tommy for Christmas. :present:

Cristina- M was asked because there was only one place to sign and I was sitting the closest to the speech lady and started to sign my name......and she just asked him. I thought it was a smart answer in the tone he was using. Also, he did this "susan might be angry that I bring this up".....and started talking about the time Gab was stuttering.
She did that when I lived at my mothers and she had started seeing M again. No biggie and we all figured it had to do with stress and Gab's way of dealing with it.
Now why would he think I would be angry about bringing that up???? He is so weird....hands down, ick. lol
Also.....(ya, he was on a roll) he asked about Thanksgiving. I said I wanted her for the day and he could have Christmas. I want her because it is the Ex's 74th birthday and his older kids have invited us all over. Considering he is like her father I want her spening the day with us.
M says "can't you share??"
I said that would mean 2 dinners and a long day for her. I didn't say no (because I have no spine - haha) but I will tonight at swimming. Besides he can have her for XMAS day and I will take XMAS eve, I thought that was fair enough.
You are doing so good at walking!! The GF sounds nice enough :)

Sassy :yay: your weekend has begun??? Good for you, any special plans??

Hi to everyone else!! We miss you.....Sue, Jules, Katy, Kathy,

On the run, bbl :scooter:

11-15-2007, 04:35 PM
Hello Ladies...

Where is everyone? I am so lonely here by myself. :(

Busy morning for me and I am pooped already. Went and bought groceries and got up late so the place was busy! Ran to Verizon to pick up something for Josh, post office, yadda, yadda, yadda...just glad to be home and sitting down. When V gets home it's off to Sams, ugh! Hate that place but love it at the same time. Out of water so need to stock up on that and want to see what they have in the way of desserts for TG dinner.

Didn't get any exercise done and probably won' feet are killing me. So will probably make it up on Sunday.

Hoping all is well with everyone. Take care ladies, have a good day! :hug: :hug:

11-15-2007, 04:41 PM
There ya are Miss Susan! Ugh, M is becoming a pain. Sounds like he is controlling as well, ugh. And I think your arrangement sounds fine...just something he will have to deal with. Didn't he have a woman friend? Is she out of the picture now...the reason is he all of a sudden in your face all the time now? I know this is all for Gaby and you guys have to try and get along but he is being an arse. Anywho...

Whatcha up to today? Anything special?

Hello to Sassy, Katy, Jules, Kathy & Sue :wave:

11-15-2007, 04:56 PM
Cristina -
I started early with going to get my paycheck, payday, :yay:. I had a bagel w/ turkey and cream cheese, so felt good about that.
I bought Gab the prettiest pink one piece suit for swimming, only $25!
I went to Target and looked around and bought G some nylons.
I have to go pick some food up for dinner. Rach called and wants sushi and a coke, gads. She has done good with her weight - 216 to 180 since June.

M has always been a butt. He started seeing Gab again in Feb and was nice enough but we never set boundaries. I was only agreeing to everyother weekend, no other frills or trips to the beach. He still has his custody evaluation to do for the court to set a ruling, which he has never done. He started calling every night and asking for time on my weekend. Now I am balking and he threatens court. Personally I think he is obsessed.....with me at one time and now with Gab. Pushy, pushy.....ick.

better get!! hugs to you :)

11-15-2007, 05:14 PM
Geez, louise woman...Rachel lost that much since June, yikes! Woohoo to her! Wish I could lose that much, that fast. I am just a butthead and refuse to give up the foods I like. But I am getting it under control so it is comig off slowly. I think she is so young though she has TONS more energy than me! Good for her though. :woohoo: :bravo: You know, one day I will have to try sushi...just doesn't sound to apetizing to me. Good deal with your breakfast. I splurged and had McD's hotcakes, no susage, and no butter or syrup, I'm weird I know. But it was for lunch because I carried it around in the car while I did my it was brunch...real tasty, not. Making chili for dinner. Soaked some pinto beans overnight and cooking them now. Once I get the beans 3/4 of the way done I will cook the ground beef and put it all together and in the crock pot, sooo good! Gab will be styling in her new suit!

Josh's GF does sound sweet, we'll see. Did I mention I had to whine to spend time with him, lol. So we had the day yesterday and I am fine, lol. She can have him now, I'm thru, lol. She lives about 40 minutes away. If you go to myspace there is a picture of her in my friends. Ha, after saying that he wouldn't add me he sent an invite. I think she did actually, then she sent one, lol.

Anywho...hope you have a GREAT rest of the day! I say rest of the day but it's only, what 1'ish there? Ugh, can't keep things straight. I am sleep deprived for sure. No running around to do tomorrow so I can sleep in, lol.

Have a good one!

11-15-2007, 09:29 PM
Hey again Cristina -

Chili beans sounds so good. I just had a serving of au gratin potatoes....I guess that is all I get for the rest of the day, caloriewise.

Ya, Rach looks good. She said the panst she was wearing today were 9's.....kind of tight on her but if you are 16 I guess you can get away with that. lol

I am going to take Gab home for a bit before swimming. Can't wait to see her in all pink. I took Rach to planned parenthood today. The nurse was named Tuesday and reminded me of Wednesday (lol) from Adams Family. She had a couple tats on her and lacy layered skirts and jewelry.....pretty cool for a nurse. She said "I want to say I think it is real cool you are here with your daughter".......hmmmm, ok. I still don't like it, still don't want her sexuallly active. I kept asking questions about the different birth control........because I have never used the - too much information??
I think Gab is more my speed.

I will go check out the myspace!!! Hope you are having a good evening!

11-15-2007, 10:52 PM
Hello ladies. We are back home from our little trip to MS. It was nice, but quick. We stayed in a lovely suite at the casino, had a few good meals, and laughed a lot with DH's family. Our first family trip without his brother and it was his favorite place to go. But, we got through it and had fun.

Sure is cold here after the warmth of the South. :sunny:

Mom is having a good time with her sister, who is here from FL. AND an added surprise for her: the rest of her sisters (3) came from PA. So all of her siblings are here except a brother in FL. She has one brother who lives here and they have been converging on his house. Mom was good on Mon. and Tues. a little rocky yesterday and today, but not too bad. Maybe just tired.

I have been doing laundry, cleaning house and resting. That drive wears me out. Getting ready for a big week next week. Not only is my DS coming for Thanksgiving and the whole week, but I found out today that my DD is zooming in from CA for 3 days. She wanted to visit Mom and also to see her baby brother, but couldn't be here for dinner Thurs. She will be in late night Thurs. Her hubby told her it was an early Christmas present. Nice guy! I have not had my three kids together for a long time. I will take pictures. :)

Haven't been OP, but have been walking some. Today was way too windy, but I did walk the dog. Just have to get my self back in line!! Now the holidays! ugh.

Talk to you all later....

11-15-2007, 11:00 PM
Hiya Susan!

I wouldn't like DD taking the BC either at that age least she is doing something. A lot of girls her age just don't care and end up pregnant at such a young age. So while we don't want to think of our DD's having sex, it's good they want to get protection. And who's to say she will, try to look at it as just in case. :dunno: Hey, don't listen to me, I don't know what I am talking about :rofl: I can't get DD to go out, lol. Tuesday eh? You think her mom conceived her on that day or she was born that day? Lol I'm always fascinated by names and if there is an reasoning behind some. This girl I worked with at the scrapbook store was named America. At a class she taught, she introduced herself and said, yes, you heard right...I said America. Guess it could be worse :dunno: I've also known a Star and she was far from being one, lol. A Winter, Stormy, and of course a Summer and Autumn. Kind of like Summer and Autumn. Anywho...

Just thought I would drop by and say HI...not even staying up in the wee hours of the morn tonight, lol. Gotta get my beauty sleep ;)

Went to Sams and picked up a few things. I passed on a lot because even though I plan on eating what I want on TG, I do plan on keeping it light. I do NOT want to gain during the holidays. Other than that, nothing much going on.

Chat with you ladies tomorrow. Have a great evening! :hug:

EDITED to say HI to Sue!good to hear from you. Didn't realize you had gone on a short trip. Glad you guys had a nice time and what a nice surprise for you. So happy that you will have the kids together on TG...that is truly a blessing and the best TG gift ever! Glad to hear you mother is well also. She probably is just a little tired from all the excitment of being around her family.

11-16-2007, 12:26 AM
Night All.......

Just stepping in to say good night!! Weekend is almost here, anyone have plans???

Sue - I didn't know you were on a trip. About to call out the posse on all you MIA;s. Good to have you back and wonderful so much of your family members will be together for Thanksgiving!!

Cristina - Opps. I need a myspace account to check out the GF. I am soooooo not computer savvy. lol
I just want Rach to be ok. I was 25 and a virgin when I married, just how I was raised. The world seems to be moving at a faster pace now.

My favorite TG dish is stuffing - if I can have that I will be happy. I plan on filling up on veggies.

k - better get the Gabster to bed, chat tomorrow!!

11-16-2007, 01:39 AM
hello is every one doing?

nothing really new on this end.....just trying to get things ready for Thanksgiving. (Tommy's mom basically volunteered us since she told us that she had a turkey and for us not to buy one!)

Susan~ finger touching here!

Cristina~ I will definitely have to look into getting him a tool belt now! Especially if he does get the job here at the complex! You will have to send me either your link for your myspace page or your screen name. I am on there!

Sue~ It is good to hear from you!

11-16-2007, 02:09 AM
Hey Chicks. :wave:

Wow you girls have been busy! lol. Gonna make me work on this post, aren't ya? lol. :p

MY weekend has begun!!!! It is so nice being off......:p Lastnight/this morning was not the worst I've ever had at work, but just I guess the word would be: frustrating. But I survived and here I am........relaxing. Doing nothing, nada. Zero. Well we did strip the bed and put clean sheets on it when I got home this morning, if you wanna count that. DH stripped it and helped me put on the sheets so I didn't so much work. :p

Baby its COLD outside!!!!!! :brr: When I got off work this morning luckily I had a sweatshirt stashed in my desk to put on. It was 41 (F) but very very windy. Then when I got up today it was like 37 and so I turned on the heat then.....Now it is.......35, but supposed to get down to 26!! :woohoo: Finally starting to feel November! :snow4: I know I am a bit insane to some people for saying that............but one thing that fat people are good for is cold weather. lol. Just

DH said he saw a few snow flakes when he went to the dr this morning, to get his note so he can return to school......oops work. lol. Sounds like school though. Wonder if they want his mommy to write him a note too........:p lol

Today/Yesterday/Whatever.......wasn't as good of a girl as I have been, but I know that is okay, that we all veer off the road of weightloss once in a while, the main thing is getting back on. ;)

Cristina -- TY for the T'giving Card! That was so sweet to remember not only my DH and myself, but my spoiled rotten kitty as well!!!!! lol. Awwww did you start singing "All by myself"?? :hug: Glad that you had some time with your son. I'll have to go and check out her pic. ;) DH made bean soup.......I haven't eaten any yet. I took some to work with me lastnight and my tummy just wasn't feeling quite I didn't eat it..........But we have a ton of I'm not a fan of sushi either, but I do like California Rolls.........I found this link if anybody is interested:

Has how to make them and their calorie/fat/carb content. Looks like Salmon Sushi rolls and Cucumber Rolls are the healthiest.......

Hey Sue -- Glad you had a good time and glad your mom is too, except for a couple days.....Will be nice to have your DD and DS home too...

Hi Suzy Q -- Sorry that M was being a Butt. Wow Rach has lost a lot, ahh to be young You are an awesome mom to go with your daughter. I went and I went on it not to be sexually active, I had to be put on it because of my TOM was so heavy....but it was nice to already be on it when the time did come about, even though it looks like I never really needed BC. lmao. Awwww you know I could create a myspace page for ya if you want, so's you can see Cristina and me's beautiful faces. :D lol.

Big :hug: to all and a special :hug: to those MIA.

11-16-2007, 09:02 AM
Ok..I am running out of time--I have to finish catching up on all the posts before I can post myself and I have to run for Teri's appt so I will bbl!!

11-16-2007, 01:12 PM
Morning Chics.....

I woke up at 11:30 A.M. just could not go back to sleep. :tired: At least its my night off so I don't have to worry about staying awake all night at work! lol.

Anyways..........I hope you all have a great day.


11-16-2007, 02:36 PM
Hello ladies, and a Happy Friday to all!

SUSAN...oh, I should have made it public, wasn't thinking-then you wouldn't have to have an account. I'll do that for you today...make it public so you can see. Yeah, I agree times have changed and things are different. And there is nothing wrong with being a virgin at that age...DD is 23 and still untouched, lol. But...years ago when her dad was alive we had talked about things and from the get go decided that when she started dating, if we even thought she was having sex that we would put her on the pill...better safe than sorry. I think that is my favorite dish as well...of course my stuffing, not anyone elses, lol. I put turkey in it, mmmm. My moms was always soooo dry, ick. are very welcome missy! I try to remember the family and your kitty is family. I don't do it every year, but I have signed Ernie's name (our doggy) on our Christmas cards. And my Aunt always included her babies...she had a dog and a cat. It was cold here too! But I had to turn the heat on last week, or was it two weeks ago. Weather has been weird...warm, cold, warm, cold...ugh! Supposed to be warm today, and I think tomorrow but then it is heading south, lol! Supposed to be a whopping 28 on TG day. GREAT! All this warm weather and the day we plan to decorate the outside it is supposed to be cold! Bean soup sounds yummy!

MINDEE...I will pm you the link! I would have sent it sooner didn't think about it or that you had one. Ha, maybe deep down that is why I walk the end of the subdivision where the construction guys are, lol! Nothing like a guy with his shirt off, showing off those muscles, ;) Hey, we are not dead and it's okay to look. V looks at women.

SUE...yeah, I didn't know that you went on a trip either. Was starting to worry/wonder if all was well with you and your mother. Bet you are excited about Thanksgiving. I would love to have a big family gathering...would have to move to AR for that though. My family is not able to travel this far. To me 7/8 hours is nothing to drive but to them, you'd think they were driving for 2 days, lol.

JULES...hoping the dr visit goes well. Getting closer...

HI ya KATY...hoping you are well.

I plan on doing a 3 mile walk later, possibly 4-we'll see. I am getting laundry done so we'll see. Needed to do it yesterday and didn't so...Me and V ended up going out to dinner after we went to Sams, lol. Good thing the beans are still good...going to cook the ground beef and put it all in the crock pot to simmer for a few hours. Speaking of chili...what do you guys put in yours/how do you make yours? I'm just curious...I have been wanting to try some turkey chili but haven't yet. Maybe if there's any turkey left next week. Here's what I put in...pinto beans of course, can of tomato sauce, chili seasoning, ground beef, and stewed tomatoes. Anywho...

Take care ladies, and have a wonderful day!

11-16-2007, 03:02 PM
Good Morning!

I am on the run too. I promised Gaby an early day at school so I will pick her up from K so she doesn't have to be bused over for the afternoon program. I wanted to spend some *fun* time with her before she goes with her father in the morning.
Thinking we would do lunch (ok, she calls it a kids meal with a toy -lol) and go see a movie. I want the one with Dustin Hoffman, the toy store one.....forget the name.....or Bee Movie.

Sassy - I wanna see your picture! Hope you are having a good day! Rach was having me buy her a California Roll....

Cristina I have the same things in my chili, just add onions to the list....along with some cornbread on the side - yum......especially on a fall day.

Mindee - Kids feeling better???

Jules Breathe sweetie - sound way too busy!! Come chat with us!! :cofdate: How is Teri???

k - better go get Gab. M and I never talked about Thanksgiving last night. I was late getting out to the pool and he was already sitting *poolside* I didn't want to sit next to him. So, maybe tomorrow or Sunday when he drops her off I will tell him....blah - blah.

chat later!!:hug::hug:

11-16-2007, 03:16 PM
Ha, don't know how I missed that Susan & Sassy...but yes, Sassy your are a beauty! I forgot to say anything about your pics *slaps forehead* they are GREAT! I love the slide show! One day I will be myspace savvy like you. I did do a layout...took me forever to figure it out, lol.

Have a good girls day out Susan! Oh and eat some popcorn for me! :corn: I think sometimes I go tot he theatre just for the popcorn, lol. Such the little piggy I am.

EDITED to plans for the weekend Susan. DH is working, as is Jason, of course Josh is with his GF so it's just me and DD. I'll look in the paper later to see if there's anything going on. May go to a museum just to do something and get out of the house. If you want to call it a museum, lol. Will definitely get my walking in. Other than that...same old, same old.

11-16-2007, 04:55 PM
Hi Cristina....

If I can tear Gab away from the cartoons we will have a girls day -grrrr. Made the mistake of coming by the ex's , who has cable and of course Gab has to plop on front of the tv.
She also doesn't want to go to the movies, she voted for swimming. I guess that is a healthier choice *eyes roll*,,,,lol....mmm, they do have a popcorn machine there so I can still eat popcorn for you Cristina! The least I can do. :D
We went for a chicken bento and that was yummy.
Gab has been a pill all day. She woke up not wanting to go to school. So I had to listen to that. When we got to school she saw the principal outside by the buses and insisted on saying hello. She kept yelling..."hello principal!!"
Like, what the heck?? She doesn't need to brown nose the principal in kindergarten....and it was raining....and I had to raise my voice to steer her to the front doors.
Yesterday she gave her pink coat to her little friend, who is a boy. Why would a boy want a pink coat..????....Gab said his mother wanted him to have a pink coat so she took it off and he stuffed it into his backpack. It made it's way back to school today w/ a note from mother..... blah blah....
ok, so off we go for swimming. I would like to make it also out to a Learning Palace to get her some ABC drill flash cards.

You are savvy Cristina!! I can't even manage to register - lol

chat later!!

11-16-2007, 08:12 PM
Hello All

Still feeling a bit under the weather -ack. Today I hemmed pants, took some pants back to Old Navy, and baked some cookies. I'm wiped! I haven't exercised at all this week, guess I'll get back on track tomorrow.

I've missed some myspace action, I think...I'm rosiekate over there, too. I think I have a few pictures up there, but my blogs have more. Sassy, If you send me your myspace name, I'll send a friend request, or you can request me if you want.

Ugh..I need to go chug some more Airborne,,,will do individuals later...hope you are all well and having a good day.

11-16-2007, 10:59 PM
Hey Chicks.

Well I got some sleep. I slept a little bit after DH left for work and got up at 9 p.m. I feel lots better, but kept having dreams and not pleasant ones.

It is a whopping 38 degrees here........I still have the heat on, but I haven't heard it kick on............hmmmmm. I hope its not broken! lol.

Cristina -- I appreciate you including my kitty, cuz to DH & I, he is family. Esp since our other kitty died in March and we have no children.........He is our "baby" MIL and my mom include him on cards too. lol. My mom calls him her "Grandkitty" lol. Oh I know what you mean about decorating in the cold! DH & I usually help my mil put up her decorations outside right after Thanksgiving. Sometimes it has been very Last year though she didn't put everything out. Only a few things, so she didn't need us..........So dunno about this year or not. My husband makes the chili around here, so I really don't know what all he puts in it, only that its delicious! :) He also makes a great potato soup............I'm so glad he likes to cook! lol.

Suzy Q -- Actually I can PM you the URL of my slide show. Hope you had fun with Gabi.

Katy -- I PM'd you my myspace info. ;)

Hi to those MIA! :wave:


11-17-2007, 01:56 AM
Back again ladies...just can't seem to stay away, lol. make me laugh, rather Gaby makes me laugh. Yeah, why would a boy want a pink raincoat, lol? Oh well, the movie will be there when you guys get ready to go, if not it will be out soon enough on dvd, or cable.

Mmmmm SASSY, potato soup is soooo good. I haven't made any in years. That is one thing I love about fall/ is good soup weather for me. I am weird in that if it is hot out I don't like to eat soup. Sorry about the dreams but glad you managed to get some sleep.

KATY...sorry you are still feeling bad. Sounds like you are getting things done though.

Okay, just dropped by to say Hi. Don't plan on staying up too late tonight. I am afraid if I keep doing it I will get in the habit of sleeping in really late and wasting my days away.

I did get in 4 miles today, woohoo. And got all my laundry done.

No plans for tomorrow. Nothing in the paper going on, well there are, just nothing I want to do. A movie would be nice but I don't go on the it during the week when there are no crowds. Don't even know what's playing anyway. Gotta wait for the sprinkler guy come and blow out the sprinklers/winterize them. Maybe he will be cute and I will have something nice to look at, at least, lol. Kidding :lol:

Nighty, night ladies!

11-17-2007, 03:45 AM
hello ladies....this is going to be a quick post since Brandon, who I thought was asleep, is now sitting on the couch reading his brother's birthday card.

nothing really new on this end. the kids are sounding better, and I am sure that they are feeling better. Brandon has been an issue with taking his medicine. So, it usually ends up being me having to hold him down to take it. Logan loves taking medicine, for some strange reason. If he could take Brandon's medicine and it somehow make it into his brother's body, he would do it. Marissa is sounding better, but she was playing with her left ear the other day. I haven't seen her doing it since then, so I am going to keep an eye on it. I am feeling better. My throat is still scratchy and it doesn't really hurt unless my throat is dry or I have just woken up.

Brandon just took off down the hall way, and since Tommy has to work today (Saturday) for eight hours, I can bet that he is on my side of the bed trying to wake up daddy or sissy! So, on that note, I need to get off here and go find him!

11-17-2007, 03:05 PM
Good Morning Chicka's!!!:wave:

:goodvibes:goodvibes to you Katy and Mindee's babies ......hope you all are feeling better today!

Sassy - Thanks again for the slideshow!! What a cutie you are and hubby is handsome. Like I wrote in the PM, love the wedding pictures!

Cristina -> Ya, Gaby is a riot. She doesn't like going to the theatre because she is scared. I think we saw that Rat movie but Rach had to go and we had to sit in back for a fast getaway. lol So, I watched her swim for 2 hours, she kept jumping into the 4'6 and she is 4'1......she insisted she wasn't going to sink and she didn't, :yay:

I LOVE potato soup and it is something the girls love also.

anyway, bb in a bit to finish my blah - blahs!!

11-17-2007, 03:15 PM
Hi ya ladies...

Nothing much going on. Woke up early, early for me the last few mornings, lol. Anyway, was up at 7:30 so thought I would venture out into the cold and get my 3 miles in. Started out cold but I warmed up really fast. Thinking abotu doing another mile or two on the treadmill. Getting kind of sleepy though, so may need a quick nap, yawn. I actually do miss getting up early...always got things done and then had the rest of the day to do whatever...kind of nice.

Susan...boy, Gaby does like to swim doesn't she? 2 hours...sounds like she is doing well with the lessons.

Mindee...sounds lik eyou busy chasing the kids around, lol.

Nothing else going on with me today. Was waiting on the sprinkler guy but he called and 12:30 and said it would be later...sometime after 2 or 3, will call later to let me know. Good thing I have no plans.

Have a good day ladies!

11-17-2007, 03:27 PM
ok , I am back

I had to take a call from the ex who was all in a pissy mood about Rach. He got a letter in the mail today saying since she hadn't been in school for 10 days she was being dropped. Ex acts so he was told that weeks ago.....he always sounds like he doesn't know what is going on. I kind of go "huh huh"....and he gets all bent out of shape I am not more concerned. WhatEVER. I am concerned, I just show it in a different way*snicker*

Gab continues to be a pill. I bought her markers last night and a coloring book. Which is fine but I noticed a blue streak down Momo's back this morning and scribble on the back of my carseat. She blames it on Rach....which is kind of lame. Rach hasn't been me Sherlock......duh. :bubbles:

Took Gab to my mothers for M to pick up this morning. M comes in and goes down the list of clothes he wants to buy Gab (YES!! We are still talking about this...I am going to go INSANE!!) I finally said "I have my own style, buy what you want M"....after he left my mom goes "He tries so hard"....:doh: Gads, lady, he has you fooled.

So, I think I am staying away from ex today. I think I will go buy some cleaning supplies and work on the apt for awhile. Afterwards go to Learning Palace and get the flash cards for Gab and maybe walk the mall and look at all the things that I can't afford. lmbo.....

I had a yummy spinach wrap at Starbucks for breakfast - @ 250 calories.

k- ladies - have a super Saturday!

11-17-2007, 03:32 PM
omg Cristina! The sprinkler guy!! Dang......I was going to ask about him. Too bad he didn't show up yet.
Ya Gab loves the water when it is the pool. When she is in the tub though she doesn't like me to wash her hair and she says she NEEDS To get out or she will get finger and toes wrinkles. lol

:yay: on the walking!! Chat later. :)

11-17-2007, 03:41 PM
Susan, yes, stay away from the ex, both of them, lol! SPinach wrap eh, that sounds good. I ate breakfast earlier than usual and now I am starving. Sometimes having all this extra energy is not good for me because for some reason I want to eat more. Sounds like you have a full day planned. I've got DD cleaning the house for me now so I don't have much to do with myself now, lol. She cracks me up because for years she wouldnt' do anything and then all of a sudden she wants to clean...need to get her to the doc to make sure she is okay, lol. Of course I pay her...that's what it is, lol.

Yeah, sprinkler guy didn't show darn it, lol.

Gaby sounds like me...I love the pool and hate to shower, lol. Okay, I hate it because it seems like such a chore. Just something we gotta do though, or do we, lol.

Okay, signing off for now...have a GREAT day/weekend ladies!

11-17-2007, 06:48 PM
Cristina -- Yeah I'm with you, winter is soup weather for me as well. My favorite soup is Tomato with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.......Mmmmmmm........I know not good for me, but sooooo good. lol. LOL you "naughty" girl, hoping the sprinkler guy is cute.....hee hee hee. Hey if he is, take a pic so we can see! lol. :p

Hi Mindee, glad that everyone is feeling a little better, I hope everybody recoops soon. :hug:

TY Suzy Q. ;)

Have a Great Evening all.

This was actually from this morning and I forgot all about it cuz DH came home from work........lmao.........I am getting ready to eat my din-din, so I'll post more later!


11-17-2007, 07:52 PM
Teri's doctors appt went well. She is measuring perfect even though she has gained a total of 15 1/2 pounds with 5 weeks to go from this coming Monday--that means Christmas Eve is that close girls--hard to believe!! I bought some little 0-3 pants at Walmart that are too cute!!

Cristina--Teri says thanks for the gifts--she loves it all!!

Teri's BF, Dave made it through his first two weeks at his first job since the one he worked for 3 weeks in June and got his first paycheck which he intends to blow with his friends this weekend even though he has been mooching off my kids since July. This is the first Sunday Teri has had off since she started working at The Children's Place and since she worked today she has tonight off too. She was hoping they could rent some videos and spend some time together. Very telling of their future together if she decides to stay with him.....She is really upset with him.

Ry is sick--he has what I had---even turned down a date last night with a girl he really likes...other than that he is doing good--LOVES his job and his bosses and most of his coworkers.

I ended up getting a tooth pulled on Friday--it was a root canal that I waited too long to get fixed and it cracked so now they have to do some kind of bone graft to put something there. My jaw was a little sore last night but is feeling better today.

I am working tomorrow, but will have off from Wednesday to the next Monday. We are having a potluck in my area and decorating for Christmas--our theme this year is a Winter Wonderland--snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and lots of snowmen....all decoration will be white, blue & silver though everyones booths will be different. I will try to get some pics when it is finished.

11-17-2007, 08:01 PM
Sassy--I love tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches too. I make a lot of soup over the winter.

Cristina--thanks again for Teri's gift. The blanket is so soft and the bib has her "duck" theme on it and the rattle and toy are so cute--she loves it all!! So is the gf coming for Thanksgiving--hope that goes well.

SuzyQ--Gaby is too cute--she must be what keeps you sane with both ex's issues and Rach. At least Beck seems to not give you too much grief.

Mindee--hope everyone gets well soon

Katy--hope you start feeling better too--my cold ran it's 7-10 day course--just get lots of sleep

Well gonna go finish clothes...

11-17-2007, 09:33 PM
Evening ladies...Hope it is not too cold where you are. It was 26* when I got up this morning, but 46* when I walked two miles this afternoon. No wind, which made it bearable to walk.
I have been doing laundry and cleaning house. Getting ready for a big, happy week. I will go grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon and have planned a few items to cook for the week. I want to bake a cake on Mon. and possibly make spinach dip and ranch crackers so DH can have his fav. snacks throughout the week. All DD asked for was green bean casserole since her family doesn't like it. :)
Mom was feeling better today, just tired. Her sis left yesterday, but they had a nice visit. Her other sisters will go home Tues. so she should see them again Mon. SO nice that they all got together.
Not OP today, but other than a few kisses I did ok. I did walk 2 miles.
I am not weighing in until after the holidays. Just trying real hard to stay where I am and not gain.
Be good chickies and I will try to do individuals soon.

11-17-2007, 10:11 PM
Hi Jules -- :wave: Yeah there is just something about Tomato soup and grilled cheese on a nice cold day that just tastes so good........Hmmm that sounded like a commercial didn't it? lol. Cambells here I come! lmao. OUCH on the tooth.........Decorations sound cool.

Hi Sue -- Woohoo on the 2 miles.........Glad your mom is feeling better and is having a nice visit with her sisters...........

I think my DH is going to hammer a nail through our down-stairs neighbor's head. lol. He was downstairs right below our bedroom today hammering away while we were trying to sleep. I know we are in the minority because we work nights, but geez..........He was still hammering up to an hour ago! I am like what the heck is he building down there an ark or what? lol.

Have a Great Night!


11-18-2007, 01:47 AM
Okay chickies...we are well passed 100 posts so time to move on.

See ya at BIK #32!