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11-03-2007, 12:25 AM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support :grouphug: and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some :gossip: chitchatting. So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

11-03-2007, 07:45 AM
Good Chilly Morning All :brr:

It is only 32 degrees here.....The thermometer in our apt says it is 68 inside here and I don't have the heat on, but sure feels colder than that! :brr: lol.

I need some hot cocoa or something........:coffee: I did buy some instant coffee I thought I'd try cuz when its just me I hate grinding and brewing all that just for me.

Well I cleaned out my cupboards! There was some things that were expired so I just threw them out, the stuff that is not expired and bad for me I will send to work w/ DH, there are only a few things, not a lot.

But not having the tempting food around is working because earlier I wanted something sweet and there isn't anything! Well there is but I was good and didn't have it. lol. Instead I made a small bowl of oatmeal. Not quite what I wanted, but guess I have to learn to compromise a little. lol.

I also talked to my mother yesterday, she told me about the tests they are running so I wrote it all down for DH to ask MIL about. I also told her to not to worry about money that DH and I will help out and told her to do what the dr tells her. She understands the seriousness of it and is willing to do whatever it takes to fix it. I was very good and did not cry or even get sad. I kinda handled it like I would at work, asking questions, getting the information I need and passing on the info I had. Guess work comes in handy for something sometimes.......:p

Speaking of work my DH went in early to talk to our boss and our boss wants me to train another employee.....:rolleyes: Wouldn't mind so much, but this employee is NOT new, he has been in DH's dept for over 90 days now, but never learned what we (my dept) do and he doesn't even do his job that well, I don't see how he is still there! UGH. And he is the type who never listens to what the Sr. Agents tell him, he always knows better..........GGGrrrr. lol

Anywho I am going to turn it around on my boss and say, "okay I'll train him, btw have you been able to approve my request off for Christmas yet?" :p I requested it way back in September and he can't tell me that everybody on days all had their requests in before me, that isn't possible. So I had better get it off as I worked EVERY single holiday last year and ALMOST everyone this year!

Okay off my :soap: now. lol. My boss just gets my "shackles" up. :stress: Luckily I work nights so I barely ever see him. lol.

I checked out the Exercise on Demand and there is tons of stuff on there! I didn't do any lastnight, I was just beat. I will try after I sleep today......:tired:

Tammy -- I sent you the Halloween Project, I hope you like it! Oh DH, FIL and myself all love Paula Deen!!!!! That will be a blast!!!!!!! Hope you take lots of pictures for us to see!!!!

I hope you all have a Wonderful Weekend!!!!!!!


11-03-2007, 11:54 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Cristina - before I forget - thanks for sending the video! I don't check that email addy very often, and will try to remember to send you the one I do check daily. Your family is absolutely darling in the video! The kids are so cute! I especially like you as Raggedy Ann, though. Thank you so much for sharing.

Sassy - good luck training the guy. I hope you do get your C'mas vacation since you asked so early for it. A big YAY getting the junk out of the house. Another big yay for being strong with your mom - not that she expects you to be. I buy the No Sugar Added Swiss Miss cocoa. It's lighter than the regular, and it has 60 calories, but is much better than the "diet" stuff. Just a thought. What is Exercise on Demand?

Jules - I can't even imagine driving 6 hours a day to and from school. :dizzy: I hope he's planning on riding a bicycle, 'cause the price of gas each week will eat him up! Have you seen the "baby's first Christmas" ornaments at Hallmark? I got one for Jackson that Gina can put his picture in. Maybe your grandson will be here after Christmas, though? She's not having a c-section, is she?

Tammy - wow, how was Paula Deen? What did she make? I'd love to see her in person, but have to admit, I've stopped watching her show now that I'm back on WW. It made me salivate, lol. :drool: I'm also drooling over your new bling!

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

Yay, I'm down 1 3/4 more pounds this week. That's 15 1/2 pounds since I recommited 9/17. Today I'm headed to town with Madison to the craft fairs. Not planning on buying much, since I'm saving my money for Christmas shopping in Chicago next week.

Gotta run, bbl.

11-03-2007, 02:53 PM
Jane--I buy the birthday cards for the ladies in my area, so I happenned to be in Hallmark and wandered over to the ornaments. There is one for new parents--it has a baby bottle in a bucket of ice and afew other baby items--really cute. As far as the "commute" Dave "thinks" he can do--he just doesn't think things through??? Yea....on the weight loss!!

Sassy--good luck training a person like that--I have done it at my's no fun!!

Not much going on's cold....

11-03-2007, 03:19 PM
Hello ladies...

Nothing much going on...doing laundry and going to read today.

JULES...glad Teri and baby are well.

MARTI...WTG on the pound.

JANE...WTG on the loss as well.

SASSY...hoping you get Christmas off :crossed: And WTG on getting all th ebad stuff out of the house!

Hi to everyone else...

Think I am going to go take a sleepy.

Have a good weekend.

11-03-2007, 03:43 PM
Good Saturday afternoon ladies...Cold and blustery here today. I plan to get out and walk or ride if I can after lunch. I have been finishing up some cleaning...shower and laundry room. It seems there is always something to clean. And with only 3 adults in the house, go figure.
I rode the bike yesterday, 2 miles. So getting back in the swing of that. I told DH I would like a stationary bike for winter, but we have no where to put it. I am still thinking on that. :)
Washed up some new fabric I had bought to make flannel and fleecy p.j. bottoms. I hope to sew this week if my hands stop acting up. (sore joints) I am going to the Dr. next week re: a sore shoulder, so will tell him about the hands also.
Getting excited about going away next Sun. for a few days. I hope we enjoy.
Also excited talking to DS yesterday about his trip home the 19th. Miss my "baby" boy. If I can get a good pic. I will post to show you my baby is 6'5" and around 250 pounds. LOL.

Have a good afternoon all.....

11-03-2007, 08:28 PM
just another quick check in........

my computer is still sick & feverish........ ......You know the NEW flu.....
the Hard-Drive-Flu........... so,

I have kidnapped my daughters laptop, but must get it back sooon.

I will be checking in as i can until my computer feels better.

miss you all & hope all is well with everyone. :hug:

11-03-2007, 08:42 PM
Hi Ladies.

Well I got some decent sleep and feel oh so much better! ;) I feel re-energized so hopefully I will get my chores done tonight so that tomorrow I can just relax..........;)

I'm going to try a recipe that I saw on 30 min. meals on the food network. Here is the link for the recipe, if your interested:,,FOOD_9936_78777,00.html
Not that bad, only bad thing is you fry the tortillas in some oil quickly, then roll them with the chicken, etc and put them in the oven. But I thought they looked good and not quite as bad as some things. I am going to use skinless boneless chicken breasts though instead of the Rotisserie Chicken.

Jane -- TY. I was gonna get me some sugar free cocoa at Wal-mart but I was afraid I wouldn't like it so I didn't even bother. Exercise on demand, is something provided by our cable co. where there are lots of different exercise programs that you can watch any time you want. Its just like having a DVD, you can pause it, stop it, forward it, etc any time you want. Its not only Exercise, they have Movies on Demand, Kids on Demand that have lots of kids shows, etc. Its really nice. ;)

I found a link, if anybody is interested, the exercise on demand has a website where you can watch the exercise programs online too:

Hi Cristina -- TY. I hope you had a good nap.

Sue -- WTG on the 2 miles! :D I used to have a stationary bike way back when. It would be nice to have one again, but we're like you, no place to put it! lol. :ebike: I hope that the dr can give you something so your soreness goes away, I know how that is.......Can't wait to see a pic of your son, if you can get one! lol. :D

Jules -- You posted at the same time I was, I hope your computer has a quick recovery over that nasty "Hard-Drive Flu"! lol.

Big :hug: all!

11-04-2007, 01:27 PM
Hello ladies...

This is a quick one for now...everyone is still asleep (and before the clock change it is almost 10:30) But we were all up why am I still the only one up?????

Been a great weekend, sad to see it already Sunday. But....two more weeks and I'm on vacation! WooHoo!!

I need coffee and to read the Sunday paper. So.....I will pop on later tonight and do some catching up.

Have a great Sunday!

11-04-2007, 01:30 PM
Good Morning Ladies

I got up this morning and wanted something differnt for breakfast. I thought I would share this. I took an egg and mixed salsa in it and then soaked a slice of bread in it and fried it in a pan sprayed with Pam. I then melted a slice of 1 pt mozzerella cheese on it. The whole thing is 5 pts for those on WW Flex Plan. Could be 4 if you use a slice of 1 pt bread. It was a very nice change that I will use again.

Hope everybody is having a great week end.


11-04-2007, 05:51 PM
:wave: Hi for now... bbl. :hug:

11-05-2007, 10:54 AM
Good Morning Ladies

Sassy--Thanks for the Halloween project. It was wonderful. You really put some work into it. Did I hear that you were doing a Christmas one. If so, I really will send you some pics. I hear ya about working the holidays. It sucks!! I work every other holiday so this year I have to work Thanksgiving and New Years but have Christmas off.

Cristina--Your kids were darling on Sassy's project. It brought back such wonderful memories of my own kids on Halloween.

Jane--OMG!!!!! 15 1/2 lbs. :woohoo: You are doing so well!!

Marti--WTG on the lb lost. What week do you have off. I usually always take the week off after Thanksgiving. My b-day is that week and I also use that week to decorate for Xmas and get most of my shopping done.
But I am going to New York Wed-Thur that week with some gals from work so that might put a crimp on my usual plans.

Sue--Hope you find room for a stationary bike. What will the bikerchick do all winter if she can't bike!!

Kelton--Hope your puter is on the mend.

Trish--Your breakfast sounds yummy.

Hugs :hug: to Jules, PJ, Michelle, Mindy and so on.... Wow, did I have a great time seeing Paula Deen. I do have pics but they are a little dark. I need my DD to help me post them. Will see later tonight. Our seats were in the third row but all the way on the corner so when she was cooking behind the island, you couldn't see her well. They did have those huge screens showing everything so you didn't miss much. Her husband was there, not her boys :mad: He helped her cook. Actually she ran her jaws the entire time and had a chef and her dh do all the cooking. They made gumbo, cornbread pudding and pumpkin gooey butter cakes. She looks slimmer in real life. She was such a hoot. Always joking, making over her dh. The biggest tease was when she would bring out samples but only gave them to the student chefs which took up the entire first two rows. I nearly snatched a sample when it walked past me. Paula apologized saying that she was told she couldn't give out samples. One of the most interesting thing that happened was, because Paula is sponsored by Smithfield products, they had Smithfield workers picketing the show. They were yelling outside the show area and you could hear them. She was trying to ignore them but you could tell she was uncomfortable. The Smithfield workers claim that they are working in unsafe conditions and that Paula should not endorse their food.
So, after the show, it's about 1:00 and we are starving. The entire convention center had hundreds of vendors giving out samples of their product but there was only a chinese place and a smoothie stand to get any real food. The line was hundreds of people long. So, my lunch was several dozen pretzel sticks dipped in someone's dip, sauce, peanut butter, salsa or chocolate. I can't believe that I actually passed up chocolate. But after the combination of samples, eating chocolate every third or forth dip of the pretzel was nauseating. I'm still amazed that a convention that size didn't sell anything to eat. I was starving by the time I got home. Oh, and then coming home, the bus that was in front of us (but with our group) hit a car (nothing serious) and we were all stuck in the middle of Washington DC for a hour waiting but the ambo's, police etc. All in all, it was a really fun day and I got to show off my new diamond! Ok, I've gone on and on and you are all probably bored by now. Gotta do the "Mom" duty today. Take her out for a haircut, lunch and grocery shopping. See ya later ladies!!

11-05-2007, 12:03 PM
Hi ladies,

Jules - I saw the C'mas ornament you're talking about, and think it's really neat for new parents.

Cristina - any fun plans with Josh this week?

Sue - where are you going on your trip? I know you said, but I forgot. Yes, please do post photos of your "baby".

Kelton - maybe you could hold the laptop for ransom, since you "kidnapped" it, lol, and make enough money to get yourself a new CP, lol. Hope you're able to post again soon.

Sassy - OIC about the Exercise on Demand. I wish I could afford a personal trainer to come to my house and make me workout, lol. About the tortillas, I'd just skip the frying step, since they'll be heated in the oven anyway. Just a thought.

Marti - glad you had a good weekend and got some rest.

Trish - mmmmm, you're recipe sounds good! I mix salsa w/egg sometimes, and nuke it for 1 minute, then wrap it in a tortilla. I'm always on the lookout for something good and healthy. If you want, you could copy and paste your recipe into the Recipe thread that is stickied at the top of the page.

Tammy - ty! Wow, your trip to see PD sounds very eventful, lol, and I'd loved to have been there, even for the picket and the fender bender. It would have been worth it, to see her. Have fun at lunch, etc w/DD today.

I'm headed with my buddy Dixie on the train for Chicago in the morning, and have to pack and tie up some loose ends today. I hope the city is all decorated for C'mas, because it's breathtakingly beautiful when it is. Anyway, I'll be back late Thursday night, so I'll "see" you all on Friday. Take care. :hug:

11-05-2007, 12:42 PM
Good Morning Ladies!! :wave:

Well I'm off a little bit due to the time I need to quickly shower, eat breakfast, tend to the muttlets and so on. I'm home alone tonight so I'll have time to catch up then.

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday. See you later tonight.

11-05-2007, 02:43 PM
Hey all.......

This morning I started having twinges of sharp shooting pain down my back into my leg and my arm............It still hurts............So I called off work for my shift tonight this morning and also made an appt w/ my dr. The next appt was going to be on Wed until they heard what my problem was then they squeezed me in today. Its at 2:30.

Anywho, I hope you all have a great day.


Hi Girls.

Dr. Said it is nerve pain and prescribed medicine. Also gave me meds for muscular pain, if I should get any. He did say my symptoms describe a slipped disc, but since I have not had an injury, he does not think its that. He said to call ASAP if it gets worse. I haven't gotten my medicines yet, I sat at the pharmacy for 1/2 hour and I was like, forget this I am going home. lol. Could not sit any So DH is out to get it now.

TY Cristina for the Card! :hug:

Well that is about it.

Big :hug:

11-05-2007, 08:22 PM
Sassy--hugs to you...nerve pain is said to be so much worse than muscle pain. Rest up sweetie!!

Marti--hi & bye!!

Jane--I get an ornament for the kids every year. I think I will get the parent ornament for Teri, unless Dominick make his appearance in 7 weeks!!

Tammy--I would love to see your pictures. I tried unsuccessfully to post pics of the dresser I painted. I have figured out how to email them so if you(or anyone else) wants to see them, pm me with your email.

Trish--I like the salsa with the egg. I also like it on my baked potato.

Kelton--I hope your pc feels better soon so you can back more often!!

Sue--have fun with your baby boy!!

Cristina--hey there--where are you...

Dave started a job tonight he got through a temp agency--cross your fingers--hope it works out!! Teri & Ry are doing good. Well off to read and then to sleep early--feel like I am trying to catch something...

11-05-2007, 11:10 PM
I'm glad everyone liked the breakfast idea. Also plan to try it on potato Jules.

I got up this morning and exercised to the 20 minute One Mile Walk Away the Pounds tape. I would love to be able to do it 5 days a week. We will see. My knee which doesn't hurt right now plays a big roll in how much exercise I can do. Still need to look up my Tai Chai cd.

Sassy Thought of you all day and said a prayer for you. Take care of yourself. Hope your medicine helps you to feel better.

Hope everybody else has had a good day.


11-06-2007, 12:15 AM
TY Ladies. My DH finally got here with my medicine and I just took we'll see.........I hope I wake up in time to go to work tomorrow! lol...........I am a bit of a light weight when it comes to medicines. lol. (the only thing about me that is "Light") lol.

I'm off to bed, gonna watch "Driving Miss Daisy" on HBO until I hit La La land.......

Ta Ta!


11-06-2007, 02:11 AM
Evening Ladies--

I just got done w/my walking. Worked up a sweat. Need a shower before bed.
Eating today was good. I need more veggies but other than that, I think I had a great OP day.

So....lets see if I can catch up a little.

Jane--I hope you have a fabulous trip w/Dixie! And I hope the the town/city is dressed up for Christmas! Take some pictures and share w/us if you can! "See" you Friday.

Sassy--Those are great sites...I use the food network often, actually, hubby does. And I do my morning workouts from the exerciseTV on Demand. Love it. Billy Blanks is easy and fun to do. And I feel it. Then there are some great ab workouts and other stuff. Tomorrow I will be following an ab workout. Sorry to hear you're in pain, hope the medicine works for ya.

Jules--Well goodness....if she didn't want to leave before she was pregnant because she'd miss her family and friends, then hopefully she wont' want to once the baby arrives. I buy ornaments for my family every year too. Last year Jhanai & I made ornaments for the entire family. We made over 20....once for each household. We want to do something fun like that again this year.

Tammy--It still sounded like loads of fun going to see Paula...even if you couldn't see her as well as you would have liked to. If you're able to post photos, it would be great to see them.

Cristina--How is Josh feeling about being back home? Is he gone a lot to catch up w/his friends? My brother spent a lot of time w/his friends before he finally slowed down a bit and spent it w/family.

Sue--I'm wanting something besides our treadmill at home. A stationery bike would be great...but I don't think my hubby would ever use it. I would REALLY love to have is a home gym. Nothing huge and fancy, just something to actually do some weights. Last time I was on a weight loss adventure (back in 02-03) I lifted weights and hardly ever did cardio. Now, it's all cardio and no weights. I can tell a big difference in my body....I need to lift weights. Tone the muscles. Wonder if Santa would get me a home gym??

Kelton--Oh problems. Hope you get a chance to sneak on DD laptop more often then, because we miss you here! Get some antibiotics for that hard drive!!

Trish--Now I have to say, that sounds like a tasty breakfast! I may have to try that sometime. I'm needing something good and filling for breakfast. I want to start eating more in the mornings and less in the evenings. I think it'll do me a world of good!

Hello to everyone else...Sure hope I haven't missed any of you.

Well, I need to unwind from walking and sweating. Then it's off to shower and hit the hay.

You all have a good night!

11-06-2007, 07:54 AM
Morning Chicks! ;)

Well I got some sleep, about an hour and a half, earlier and feel much better! Only downside is one of my meds causes me to sweat........UGH.......But if I feel better its well worth it!!!!!!

I got my "fast food fix" for supper yesterday, I figured one meal in a week is okay as long as its not a habit. So tonight I am leaving a bit early for work and stopping at the grocery to get healthy stuff to munch on at work, cuz another side effect of one of my meds is increased appetite......Great just what I need! lol. But I am going to get me some good food to take to work to snack on and eat healthy meals. :carrot:

Marti -- TY. Yeah I was skimming through and saw Billie Blanks and he has a beginner one that I wanna try. Looks fun too! So as soon as I am "healed" I am going to try some. I think its okay for me to do some stretches and stuff, don't you think? or not?

Well girls I am off to go shower cuz I am all sweaty and YUCK.....:p lol Then going to lay down so hopefully I can get some sleep for work tonight........

Have a Great Tuesday! :D


11-06-2007, 02:26 PM
Good morning ladies :wave:

It's a cold gray day here in least in my neck of the woods. No rain though, just fog.

Sassy--Be careful when you start exercising. Don't want to hurt yourself when you're already injured. I think stretching could definitely help you, just make sure you wait until your feeling better before you do. Maybe speak w/your doctor about coming up w/some sort of workout plan, or have him refer you to someone who can help. To give you something that'll help strengthen your back muscles. I spoke to my doctor about what could help me to strengthen my body and lower my numbers (cholesterol) I'm actually one who did the "speak to your doctor before starting any exercise plan" :D
Anyway, I think you've got a great start and you'll see a difference as you continue. We'll support you and encourage you. :hug:

Good Morning to the rest of you gals! Please pop in and let us know you're doing ok. Let us know how you're doing w/the holidays just around the corner!

Well ladies, it's time for me to wrap this up and head off to work. Yippee!! (note the sarcasm)

Have a fabulous Tuesday.

Hugs to you all :hug: :hug: :hug:

11-06-2007, 03:58 PM
Good afternoon. It is cold and gray here as well Marti. Not a fit day out there and it looks like rain. I think I will have to do my WATP tape instead of walking or riding.
I had to go see the Dr. this morning about that shoulder ache. Seems it is bursitis. So, taking meds. and I am off to Webmd to check out the subject. Also had a little scare with a lump, which he says is not a worry..benign. I am kind of jumpy about lumps and bumps since the melanoma diagnosis. Looks like all will be well if the meds. work and I am a good girl. LOL.
Sassy- Too bad we don't live close, we could re-coup together. :)

Will do indies later...gotta baby the shoulder.


11-06-2007, 04:47 PM
Hi Chicks.

I feel nauseous today.........:p If I had any personal time I sure would call off tonight...........But alas, I do not. lol.

Marti -- Thanks. I've discussed it with him before, he is of course all for my exercising, but I will ask him before I do anything and I will be good while I am still injured. ;)

My mother got her blood test results back and her Cholesterol is high, higher than mine is! So guess it can be a hereditary thing! As my grandma had it as well.........and I believe so does a couple of my uncles! They have her on meds for it now. Everything else came back normal.......Phew.

Oh and here is a tip for lowering cholesterol (I know imagine that, ME giving a tip!! lol. But I do know all about lowering cholesterol as I've been doing it since I was a teenager. lol) : Take Fish Oil pills. They have coated ones now too. They helped me lower mine and are great for your heart, among other things. ;) Now of course Omega 3's which are in the fish oil pills are in foods you eat as well, if you'd rather take that approach, but some of us maybe cannot eat that many and so there is why they invented fish oil pills. Here is a link as well, explaining about Omega 3's, what foods are high in them, and what they do for ya, for any of those interested:

Sue -- Yeah we could "re-coop" together..............UGH isn't it annoying to be in pain! lol.........I think my pain is making me feel sick. I know it can do that at times......I hope it passes............:p Big and gentle :hug: to you, hoping you have a quick recovery!

Cristina -- TY. Wow those are some great deals. I wanna decorate and put our "Big" tree up this year for Christmas but I do not know where in this tiny little box. lol. Hopefully we will moving soon so next year that won't be a problem! I found a whole bunch of Condos for rent and a few houses for rent in the paper that DH is going to call on......WTG on the WI, glad you didn't gain.

:hug: to all!

11-06-2007, 04:59 PM
Hello ladies...

TAMMY...speaking of Christmas neighbors around the corner were putting up their lights around the house. I don't know if they are turning them on but they have them up. Guess they want to be the first, lol. We always do ours Thanksgiving weekend, actually Thanksgiving days sometimes. V (DH) has the whole weekend off so I have a long honey do list, lol! Glad you had a nice time at the convention. And thank you...I miss the kids being that small. We still have good times together but I think those were the best!

MARTI...I'm wanting to add to our home gym. It's not much but I have what I need right now...treadmill, weights, and a bike. I want an elliptical one day...maybe Santa will bring me one this year. ;) I haven't used it much in the last year and a half though because I was going to It Figures and then walking outdoors. But with winter coming it will get used.

JULES...I used to buy the kids a new ornament every year and I think the only one who cares is Jason, lol. Josh and Carrie are not into it anymore. They have the ones I have bought but don't care to have more, which is fine. I'll just add to my collection :lol: Keeping my fingers :crossed: that Dave keeps this job!

SASSY...glad you are feeling better missy. :hug: You take care of yourself.

TRISH...mmmmm, I love eggs, just don't fix them for myself much. But I will have to try that, sounds good. My problem is if I don't have to cook I'm not going to, lol. I hate to dirty dishes for myself.

KELTON...hope we don't lose ya with the computer problems.

SUE...good job on the walking and biking. Hope you shoulder gets better, bursitis is no fun at all. I too would be scare of a lump :hug: Hope you mom is doing well.

JANE...hope you and your friend have a fun time in Chicago.

MINDEE...hoping all is well with you and your family. Miss hearing about you and the kids. :hug:

Hello to everyone else too!:wave:

Nothing much going on. Had some errands to run this morning and went to Michaels to pick up a couple of things for Thanksgiving. I haven't decorated the table for Thanksgiving in years and thought I would this year. Waited kind of late. Guess it was a good thing because what I bought was all 70% off! I brought home two bags of stuff and only paid $10.33 for it, can't beat that. I have a tablecloth that I have had for years but was too big for our previous tables. So this year I can use it and just going to decorate the table. Now Christmas is a whole nuther story! I can't wait to decorate for Christmas but will be sad with Josh being gone. He'll help decorate outdoors, he likes doing the lights.

Going to get some exercise in and that's about it. I was surprised with WI and am the same...189. I will definitely take that because since picking up Josh at the airport we have eaten out about 4 times and I haven't had much exercise or water in that time. So I am back on track as of yesterday...I think I said on the other thread today thinking it is Monday, :lol: losing my mind! I got in a little over 2 miles which is a good start and all my water. The eating was good as well. Today I haven't done anything yet...will get in something before the day is over though, exercise that is. To top it off TOM is here so not gaining anything is a miracle!

Have a good day ladies!

11-06-2007, 10:01 PM
Quick hi..not feeling good--I think I am getting a cold, hopefully it's not going to be one of those years I am sick the whole winter...

11-06-2007, 10:41 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick check in to say hello and I hope everyone is doing well today. I was able to do my 1 mile WATP again today. My rRight hip which I injured in a fall 5 years ago did hurt for a while, but not for long. It finally did quit hurting as the exercise went on. It usually does hurt when I first start exercising the WATP tape. However, since it did not hurt yesterday, I really thought it wouldn't. I probably will give it a break tomorrow and then do it again Thursday and Friday this week. Have to find some kind of easier exercise for tomorrow. Got to get my 5 days of exercise in this week.

I'll go now and try to check in again tomorrow. Good night.


11-07-2007, 07:34 AM
Morning. :coffee:

Only 27 minutes left and I am OUTTA here! :woohoo:

Jules -- I hope you feel better! :hug:

Trish -- WTG on the 1 mile! :carrot: Have you ever tried Pilates or Yoga? That may be something to do in-between walking? Only a thought........

Eating wise........I caved in and ended up going to Subway on my way into work.........Guess there could be worse things. I just wasn't feeling so hot and did not feel like battling with the crowd at the grocery store............

Now DH is wanting me to stop at Arbies for Breakfast. Sounds good, but I'm not stopping! lol. Nope. :no: Subway, okay that wasn't too bad, but not Arbies......even though it does sound delicious, nope, not gonna do it.

But I am soooooo hungry right tummy is just a grumblin

Anywho, enough about me and my

Have a Great "Hump" Day everybody! :D

11-07-2007, 01:13 PM
Morning Ladies-- :wave:

I just finished doing a couple of Ab workouts from ExerciseTV. I like knowing I can get a quick workout before work. I'm really needing to tone the waistline some so I'm going to be adventurous and try something different each week. And of course I walk each night.

Sue--Ooh, I hope your shoulder pain heals soon. Does it ache a lot when you ride your bike? Take your meds and rest easy, we don't want you injured. Hugs to you. :hug:

Sassy--If going to subway is caving in, then girl cave in! Subway is a good choice when eating out. So I wouldn't fret too much over it. Sorry you don't have any personal time to take off.....we don't get personal time off unless we schedule it off a month ahead of time. Can you believe it? "Hmmmm.....I think on January 5th I'll need time off because I won't be feeling well".....darn work!

Cristina--I hope Santa brings you an elliptical! I would love to have one, since that thing kicks my butt! Someday maybe. I really want a home gym. There are sales going on right now at some of the Sports stores....maybe we can find one that would be ideal for us both. Need to speak to hubby more and plant the idea in his head.

Jules--:hug: Hope you start feeling better soon.

Trish--Hope you're able to find some form of exercise that helps you out w/your hip. :hug:

Good morning to the rest of you gals.

I need to get moving. Tomorrow I have an early day at work, so I won't be checking in during the morning, but will be back later on that night.

So...until then....have a good OP and exercise day!

11-07-2007, 03:24 PM
Hello ladies...

TRISH...WTG on getting the 1 mile WATP in! Just be careful, we don't want you hurting yourself.

SASSY...hope you got some sleep after that long night at work! Those long hours would kill me!

MARTI...variety is the spice of life! I find I have to do different things so I don't get bored easily. My main source of exercise though is walking and if something should happen that I can never do it I don't know what I would do. Don't work too hard!

JULES...take care of yourself and I hope it's not a cold.

HI ya everyone else! :wave:

Nothing much going on with me today. Same old stuff, different day, lol.

Have a good one ladies!

11-07-2007, 05:10 PM
Hi Girls. :wave:

Well at least this is my last night! Then I can rest and relax for 4 nights! I plan on doing absolutely nada! lol. Well of course I will have to do some laundry if we want clothes to wear. lol. But that is about it. Since I scrubbed the place good last week, it should be just fine this week........

Marti -- Thanks. Actually Subway was not that great......:p But it filled me up and was not fattening and greasy! :carrot: I got two 6-inch of those sandwiches under 6 grams of fat. One for then and one for later on in the night. Plus a bag of those Harvest Grain Chips, but didn't eat them all, only a few. So guess I did good. :) I came home and fixed myself some breakfast and did not go out like DH wanted me too. I was strong and didn't cave in! :woohoo: Now if I ever get healed I can exercise. We earn our personal time and vacation time, it is all lumped together. That way if you get fired or quit, they do not have to pay you for your vacation time you have left. Our co. is very strict on attendance too and now I can't call off anymore at least until next month when one of my absences "drop off"...........unless like you, I request off, then it doesn't count against you. lol. Yeah its like hmmmm, I think on Dec. 10th I'm going to be ill, can I request that off? lmao.

Cristina -- I got some sleep. Came home and took my pain meds and went to sleepy land. lol. Yeah the long hours killed me last night, by the end I was hurting. But when I am not in pain, I am pretty used to it now. Its nice having 4 nights off and getting your work week out of the way.

Well I don't know what to eat.........I don't feel like eating, but I should eat something.........13 hours is a long time to go with no food. lol. DH is going to cook tonight so we'll have some food over the weekend. :)

Jules and Sue, I hope you both feel better! :hug:

Anywho, have a great evening!


11-08-2007, 10:59 AM
Good Morning Ladies :coffee:

I have an hour before I need to go and thought I'd check in.
I'm looking forward to today, we have "CE" days at work, continuous education. (We get paid for the day) and I had signed up for mini rotations. This means, I get to rotate around all departments and see what they all do. I'm looking forward the most to going to the Pathology department. Before our lab moved, we used to go in there all the time to deliver "samples" I get to actually hear them explain what they do rather than just glance.
Next year the New hospital opens up and Pathology will be near again. (crazy I am.....)

Cristina--I need to "spice" up my breakfast menu. I'm getting bored w/the same thing...and I know (from experience) that I'll get tired of just keeping track of things. I need a big healthy breakfast idea. So I feel good through out the day and don't pig out at night.

Sassy--Take small steps. Get your eating part in control first if you need, and worry about the exercise a little later. Don't need to be in any hurry.....that way you can feel more in control about it all and not feel overwhelmed, which can make you want to give up.....I've learned this the hard way! You're doing great, keep it up.

Good morning to the rest of you gals.

This month is going by way too fast isn't it?? I have a week and one day before vacation, that means it's almost Thanksgiving, and after that....Christmas. Where is the button to stall time???

I'm off to finish getting ready. You all have a marvelous Thursday!

11-08-2007, 12:22 PM
Good chilly morning.....Brrr, the frost is on the pumpkin for sure.

Mom felt like walking her doggie this a.m., so I didn't have to shuffle out there that early. She said it was not too cold if you stayed out of the wind. Of course, she has been wrapping up like an eskimo since Sept. LOL. Been living in Florida for 14 years, so this is brutal.

I actually walked 2 miles yesterday, so that makes a few days in a row. Hoping for later today also. Haven't ridden the bike since it has been windy. boo hoo

We are going to meet DD at Olive Garden for soup, salad and breadsticks in awhile. Then off to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. Nothing major, but getting Mom out and about will be nice. She can't stay long, but gets "antsy" when she doesn't get out a little.

My shoulder is not much better, but I am being patient. It really bugs me at night (of course) so sleeping has been a bummer. Or I should say, lack thereof. And exercise is out of the question except walking, and then NOT swinging my arms.

BBL...have a nice day.

11-08-2007, 05:08 PM
Hello ladies...

SUE...will you be going back to the doc about your shoulder? Maybe he will or can give you a cortisone shot. The first time I started having the shoulder pain years ago my doc gave me one. Felt weird at first but man did it work...never felt better. Of course that was my right shoulder and all that pain stopped and moved to the left, lol-weird. Not had anything stronger than tyelnol arthritis lately when it acts up. Hope you have a nice lunch and glad to hear your mom is feeling so much better.

MARTI...yeah, that seems to be my problem as well. I definitely have to switch things up but then at the same time I am a creature of habit. Love oatmeal and eggs though, and pancakes. Your job sounds interesting and it's great that you get the opportunity to learn about the other jobs. I agree about the time...can't believe Christmas will be here before you know it and I am not ready.

SASSY...well, at least Subway was a good, healthy meal. I actually like Subway and almost got it today. Instead I caved and got Arby's...just happened to be there and I was hungry. I think though with having a small breakfast and dinner I will be okay. Glad you got some rest. I forget that you work those long hours just a few days a that's not too bad.

HI to everyone else :wave:

Has anyone heard from Mindee? Mindee...if you are lurking we are thinking of you. Hoping all is well with you and the family.

Busy day for me today but I did manage to get in a 1 1/2 mile walk in the neighborhood. After I ate I felt the need to walk. Since it is so nice I may do the other half (another 1 1/2 miles) of the neighborhood later this evening.

Have a good day ladies!

da fat n da furious
11-09-2007, 01:42 AM
Good evening Ladies,

Sue, sorry I didn't read if your DR. has given you something for the shoulder.

Sassy, I read something about you mentioning yoga,,,I have been taking a class and let me tell you,,,OUCH! Every Friday I walk into work and am asked what part of my body hurts the most. ie: my butt, my arches, and of all things my arm pits..the down ward dog is something I consider torture...(grin) made for some interesting conversation that day.
Hope you back (nerve) is not causing you too much pain today.

Jules,,,congrats on the grandbaby on the way. Im sorry to hear that David is well being a butt head. Would be nice if he was acting like a dad,,,and not a spoiled little boy.

Jane, I hope you have fun on your trip....

Marti,,,so what ornament are you going to make this year?

Kathy,,,Congrats on Roxy Lynn....
how are things in the northern trucking biz? Are you still with HW9. Im with TransX.

Hello to everyone else...
I ve been helping a friend write a movie,,,its exhausting. My brain is tired from all the thinking. Ive got a class in two weeks call Food and Mood. Or stress and your health. Why do we eat what we eat...emotional eating? Then the next day I have a one on one with a dietian.
Jane and Marti know that I have put myself on a waiting list for a lap band. My Dr. approved this surgery,,,and after alot of research Im pushing forward. But with our health care I have to take these approved classes and meeting with councillors.
Im still working full time,,,and didn't know how I would get to some of these classes since they are in the day time. (shortage of medical staff) but talking with my boss she is actually pushing me forward also...thank goodness. I think she wants to see how Im doing then she will do it....

The boys are doing well,,,Brandon (20) moved out with 2 of his friends a couple of months ago...loving the independence.
Tanner (15) is in High School, and doing a play,,,ha ha like that is something new.

With yoga, driving him to rehearsals, and scrapbooking (which I have to say is an evil hobbie) Im pretty busy.

will make a point of coming in more often....

11-09-2007, 01:44 AM
Hi ladies,

I'm back and totally worn out! But we had a blast in Chicago and I got a lot of shopping done. Heather, one of the other mods, met Dixie and me for dinner at the condo, and we had a gabfest and lots of fun.

Gotta turn in - see you tomorrow after I run errands. :hug:

11-09-2007, 03:12 PM
Hello everyone. Angie, good to see you. Jane, welcome back.
Just a quickie from me...I can't type for long. Shoulder is still being contrary and the anti inflammatory meds. don't seem to help. Actually, it feels worse and even across the back of my head and neck now. Grrrr. I have degenerative bone disease in my neck which has not acted up for awhile, so why not pick now when I am already down??
I did run some errands this a.m. with Mom. She needed to pick up dog food and get a flu shot. I had to go to the bank for our trip.
Nothing else going on except it is trying to warm up and turn sunny out there so I am going to get in 2 miles come h**l or high water.

Might BBL....

11-09-2007, 04:12 PM
Hi everyone,

Angie - good to see you! Thanks for the update of what's going on in your life. You are one busy gal! I'd love to go with you to the Food & Mood classes to get a better handle on why I crave some of the foods I do. I'm back on WW and doing well with that. For some reason, I can lose with WW when nothing else works. Or maybe it's my frame of mind. Anyway, please keep us updated on all the happenings in your life.

Sue - ykes, hope your shoulder, etc feels better soon. Wow, it was good to read how much better your mom is doing. Must be all of your TLC.

Sassy - hope your pains are gone, too.

Jules - how's the job going for Dave?

Trish - you're doing great! Glad you're trying new recipes - makes mealtime more fun, right?

Christina - no word from Mindee. I even sent her a note, so I'm thinking she has no internet, and no way to get to a computer, since she doesn't drive. TY for the card. I got it right before I left for Chicago.

Hi to everyone else reading this. :wave:

I still haven't made it to town yet. Mary's kids are sick, and she needed to go to town worse than me, so I've got the little monkeys until she gets back. I've been smooching them up real good since I missed them while in Chicago.

Weigh in tomorrow should be ok. The only snafu I had in Chicago was a Cinnabon. It was good, but made me feel kind of sick, with all that sugar. Every other meal and snack was accounted for, and within my points. One of the malls we found had a Cooking Light food bar, with the most delicious grilled tilapia, and green bean salad. Yum!

Have a good one, chickies!

11-09-2007, 04:48 PM
SASSY...just to let you know, that address is no good and any mail send to it will either be thrown away or sent back. A lady with my military group also was passing the address around and then found out that have to have a name of a soldier (already knew this as no place will except mail without having a soldiers name since 9/11) and second they have been swamped with soooo much mail they can't take anymore right now. It is a nice gesture though. Hope you are having a great day.

JANE...glad you and Dixie had a nice time. Hope we hear from Mindee soon.

SUE...sorry your shoulder is bothering you. :hug: Hope you can get some relief soon.

Nothing much going on here...mowed the front and back yard for my exercise today. Water and food both are good today. Had errands to run this morning and now trying to catch up on laundry.

Have a good day!

11-09-2007, 06:53 PM
TY Cristina. I'm sorry. I usually check that stuff out first. But thought it would be okay. Oh well. Sorry. I deleted the post.

11-10-2007, 02:30 AM
Evening Ladies :wave:

Angie--Hi Ang!! Girl, you are just too busy! I just can't see how you have the energy. I'm w/Jane, I would love to join you in that class. You'll have to keep us updated and tell us what you've learned. I think it would be very helpful. It's been so long since I've scrapbooked.....been wanting to, just need to make me a space to do it. As for the ornaments I want to make....not sure yet. I'm thinking I want to use clear ornaments and then modge podge some scrap book paper around it. I will post a photo if I do make one. Love having you back!!

Jane--Welcome back. Glad to hear your trip to Chicago was good one. Mmmm....cinnabons. I have not had a cinnabon in years. And when I do, I have to get a small one and split it w/James. Too sweet. But tasty all the same.

Sue--I'm glad to hear that you're mother is out and about, getting some walking in. Is she feeling much better? Olive Garden sounds great. I've been in a mood for soup. Olive Garden has wonderful soups. May have to talk my hubby into making us some soup instead of going out. He can make it leaner and I can save money.....for Christmas shopping!

Cristina--My breakfast varies but in a crazy way. Like right now, I have yogurt, 2 pieces toast w/pb, banana (or apple) and coffee. I've been having that for a couple weeks now. Before that, it was cereal, yogurt, coffee. Or it's been oatmeal, English muffin and coffee. Why I can't seem to mix it up more often, I have no idea. I'm a strange one. :lol:

Sassy--How are you doing w/your eating choices? Still making good ones? Keep up the good work and pop in and let us know how you're doing.

Ok...lets do a little roll call:

Marykate-- Mindee-- Jules-- PJ-- Kelton-- Tammy-- Trish-- Kathy-- Vann-- Jodi-- and anyone else I may have missed....please stop in and say hello.

Ok...I have got to get my walk in. I've been trying to make up excuses....but can't get out of it. So off I go.

Hugs to you all!

11-10-2007, 04:44 AM
hello all.....did you miss me?

we have been out of the loop internet wise for a while, and then we have just been so fricken busy lately! we are all doing well! hopefully things will be looking better for us as far as job wise for Tommy....but right now he is working. (he has an application in at our complex for a maintenance please keep your fingers crossed for us!)

I will go and put a recent picture from Halloween of all three little ones for my avatar. They are all getting so big so quickly! Brandon is 3 1/2, Logan is now 2 and Marissa is almost 7 months!

I will be around more often now that we are back online!!!

11-10-2007, 11:06 AM
YAY it's Saturday!!

Cristina - woohoo for doing well with food, exercise, and water. :cp: I just can't believe the difference in your pictures, from when you first joined us!

Marti - do you walk on the treadmill still, or outside? I wish I could do the treadmill. I really miss that. I don't like the elliptical as much, since it's much, much harder for me, and I get discouraged. Richard Simmons and I are doin' ok, though, lol.

Mindee - did we miss you? Of course we did! (didn't you get my note?) Mother Hen here was very concerned, and I'm so glad you're back. Good luck to Tommy with the job. When will he know if he gets the maintenance position?

Hi to all else. :wave:

I'm down 1/2 pound from last week, and although I thought it would be more, I'll take it. DS and his family are coming for lunch today. I'm making tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella salad, baked pork tenderloin, roasted veggies, & wild rice. There's plenty of fresh fruit if anyone wants a dessert.

Later, Neal and I are going to work in the yard to get it cleaned up for winter.

What's on your agenda for the day?

11-10-2007, 02:33 PM
Morning Ladies--

Hubby took off for the gym and I workout half an hour doing abs and thigh exercises. It really got my heart rate going! Saturday nights are usually my walk free nights, but I may still do it....

WI today since I forgot to yesterday (I may go back to Monday WI) I lost half a pound. I was hoping for more but I'll still take it. So far, since I've recommitted to getting on track I have lost 6lbs. Not a whole lot but much better than gaining. Plus....from this time last year (when I had originally re-started) I've lost 18lbs. So all is good. I suppose I need to look at the whole picture rather than the bits and pieces of it.

Mindee--Of course we missed you! Silly girl! Glad to see you back. Good luck to Tommy and keep us posted w/the outcome.

Jane--I walk the treadmill. I tend to walk late at night so it's best to walk the treadmill. Plus it keeps my speed constant rather than it turning into a stroll, which I tend to do outdoors. I also have it set up to raise the incline in intervals so it's not a constant flat walk.

Well I made a deal w/my hubby. I'll get my workouts done here while he's at the gym and I'll get myself cleaned up and ready to go shopping by the time he gets home (as we all know that it doesn't take a man too long to primp up :D ) I need a shower and so.....I better get moving.

Have a lovely Saturday girls.

11-10-2007, 06:39 PM
Hello ladies...

Thanks Jane...means a lot that someone notices, lol.Of course I am confused as how you know...haven't posted any pictures of before that I can think of. WTG on the 1/2 pound. Neal is doing what me and V did yesterday...probably not exactly the same...but readying the yard for winter for sure.

Marti...WTG on your 1/2 pound as well. All those 1/2 pounds do add up!

SASSY...your welcome missy. I just thought I would let you know and you don't have to apologize.

Hello to everyone else. :wave:

Not a lot going on...pretty laid back day for me.

Have a good weekend.

da fat n da furious
11-11-2007, 12:22 AM
Ha ! Mindee,, I would say they missed you! I even got a call from our resident Mother Hen,,aka Jane telling me how you were MIA. Fingers crossed for Tommy.

I like your ornament idea Marti,,,great idea...might have to steal that idea. Thinking already about glitter and ribbon bows. hmmm going on the list of ta dos....ha Soup is good,,,*snort I eat it everyday at work. I get teased about my no going off the menu. Each morning I eat 2 packs of no sugar oatmeal, 1 huge cup of coffee. The its either herbal tea or water. For lunch soup...soup,,,,and more soup. I sometimes add up some crackers. But usually is a bowl of soup and a motts cup of apple sauce (pineapple sauce)
I can't vary too much,,,just have no control.
I am looking forward to my mood and food class. Not that I really need to know if I am a stress eater,,,cause Baby I know Im a stress eater. Just need to learn no ways of controlling my urges.

Jane,,,so Wed you have your procedure? Are they taking a tissue sample? I might be lost in what exactly they are doing,,,brain is a bit fried.

Sue,,,I had a cortisone shot that helped BIT time when my shoulder was acting up. (tore the rotar cuff,,think I spelt that wrong) and I did have some bursitis all mixed in there and wowee that does put a grinding halt to normal activity. (holding a cup of coffee was a painful experience) But the shot did help and that was about 4 years ago,,,

I had great plans of cutting all my hair off and doing some funky color,,,right now my hair is half way down my back and my natural dark brown color,,mixed in with some sparkles aka grey. Im going to hold off another month since I said yes to doing a christmas fashion show. Its easier for me to match outfits with my hair right now. (does that even make sense?) Ill straighten it,,,and then back comb it to an inch of its life...great for the evening wear look.

Its almost 9:30 and Im bagged,,,my zig zagging the city doing errands knocked me out.
night all


11-11-2007, 04:31 AM
hello is good to be back online!!!

we took the kids to a local flea market type place, and they were having their Indian Fall Festival. So, the kids got to see some Indian dancers and drummers. Tommy kept telling them to enjoy it since it is part of their heritage. Miraculously, they all did enjoy it! Marissa got mad when they would take breaks and what not, but boy did her ears perk up when she noticed when they started drumming again. We ended up meeting my in-law's there and spent some time with them.

nothing really new on this end....just enjoying life and the kids. right now, all three kids are sick. Brandon started with his annual croup cough on Thursday night. He got two breathing treatments on Friday and I haven't heard it as much....BUT he was **** on wheels to get to bed tonight. We are taking them to the doctor's on Sunday. Brandon's right ear was bothering him, so it looks like an ear infection. Logan started with a croupy cough on Saturday afternoon. Thankfully Marissa hasn't gotten the croupy cough......but she has been coughing/sneezing and what not. I am probably going to have the doctor just check them all out so we can get it done and over with at one time.

Jane~ Yes, I did get your note. Thanks for sending it! I was meaning to send you a note back to let you know that we were all okay....but then life hit in full force and I didn't get a chance to. The office manager told Tommy (and then me) that her boss knows that they need to hire someone and soon....but the bank is not seeing it. The bank told them that hiring another person isn't in their budget. So, she told us that it would probably take about two or three weeks. I hope it doesn't take that long! It would be really nice if he did because then they would pay for half the rent....which would be very nice!

Marti~ Good job on the 1/2 pound! That sounds like a deal that I would make with Tommy. usually takes him longer to get ready some times!

Ang~ It is good to hear from you!

11-11-2007, 11:39 AM
Hi all--quick pop in--feeling better but not back to normal...I hate being sick...

11-11-2007, 02:59 PM
Hello, and Happy Sunday!

MINDEE...glad the family enjoyed the fall festival! Hope the kiddos get to feeling better and that Tommy hears something sooner rather than later. :lucky:

JULES...hope you get to feeling better soon! We miss you when you're not here! :hug:

Nothing much going on today. I am going to kick it in high gear and get the majority of this book finished today! And I don't normally exercise on Sunday but didn't get any in yesterday so gotta make up for that. So far I have gotten in a little over 2 miles...aiming for 4 today. What else do I have to do? Also did some weights...just 5 minutes so far...that I will only do about 10 minutes. It's about all these old arms/shoulders can take. I have to be careful not to overdo it or I will be doing nothing. Thought I twisted my ankle coming down the stairs was okay. Scared me though...I think I would die if I couldn't walk. Anywho...water and food are good today as well and I am looking for at least a one pound loss this week. I was aiming for 2 but we will see.

Have a good day!

11-11-2007, 08:20 PM
Hello ladies,

Marti - YAY for the 1/2 pound - that's what I lost too, and we'll take it, right? :yes: Walking on the treadmill is a lot harder than walking outside, and as you said, no strolling, lol.

Cristina - I remember photos of you from the past, and your face was fuller. Yikes, hope your ankle is better. Speaking of books, don't waste your money on the new John Grisham one, Playing for Pizza. We talked about that. It's too much football talk, and very "guy" oriented. As much as I like John Grisham's style, I just couldn't get past the first 75 pages. Good luck with weigh-in!

Angie - the D & C is early Tues. They're doing it becaue they couldn't get enough tissue to do a proper biopsy any other way, since my uterus is so tilted. I won't get the pathology report until the week after T'giving. Yes, I see what you mean about leaving your hair brown until after the fashion show. Although anyone that knows you would expect something different, lol.

Mindee - yw for the note. The Indian Fall Festival sounds like fun. I think I'd like the drums, too.

Jules - :hug: feel better soon!

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

I left the house early today to swing by the nursing home to curl and style my XMILs hair before church. The beatician there was supposed to do it last week, but somehow it never got done, and the poor woman needed it done ASAP. I even put a little blush and pink lipstick on her, so she was lookin' good by the time I left.

I'm OP with food - had chili today, with fruit salad for dessert. I'm going to post a recipe for a holiday appitizer, after I lighten it up, and run it through the recipe calculator.


11-11-2007, 09:25 PM
Evening ladies--

Been busy doing a whole lot of nothing! :) I've been wanting to do some shopping but I'm going to wait until next week when I'm off from work. So hubby and I are just kicking back watching tv or playing video games :lol: . Pretty fun.

Been eating well and sticking w/my exercise. I've found and 8 min thigh routine on exercise tv and let me tell's kicking my butt (literally!!) I feel the muscle back there aching and so are my thighs. Better see some difference after a few months of working them out.

Tonight we're making soup. Feels like soup weather and we've been wanting some....and James figured out the calories and fat intake for a cup's worth and I'm pretty happy with that.

Jane--There is no strolling for me on the treadmill. I'm not much of a jogger, so I do a spead walk. Pretty darn close to joggin' though. I need to start keeping a sweat rag near me because I keep getting it in my eyes and when I'm walking, I'm reading too.....not fun when I can't see!! :dizzy:

Cristina--Sorry to hear that you twisted your ankle...ouch! I have a little mini goal for this month. I would like to see 3lbs off. I would be thrilled to see more, but 3lbs is good. So far...2 1/2lbs down. I figure I should be able to lose a pound a week. But of course it doesn't always go that way (there are time I gain!! :eek: ), which is why 3 is always my number. So yes....all those 1/2 pounds do add up.

Angie--I'm thinking of trying the ornament idea next weekend. I have time off and Jhanai will be here. She can help me. I would love to see how your hair looks now. I bet its beautiful. The company I work for does not like colored hair. We had a couple gals who came to work w/their hair magenta. Very pretty really, it was done very subtle like, but they were told to make it natural. We don't work w/patients or outside clients, so I didn't understand that at all. Didn't make the gals happy at all.

Jules--Hope your cold goes away soon!:hug:

Mindee--Is there any way you could post a bigger photo of your kids? Your avatar is adorable, but you really can't see them very well....too small. It's hard to believe they're getting so big!

Hello to everyone else out there.

Well I need to tend to soup. And make some bread sticks. I can have one.

Anyone here watching amazing race?? I love that show. Probably my favorite reality show. I keep telling James we need to sign up. We may be the first to be out but at least we'd have fun being a part of it! :D

Take care and have a good night!

da fat n da furious
11-11-2007, 10:56 PM
We are having the strangest weather,,,super warm for this time of year. I know I probably jinxed us now,,,but wow.

Jane,,,So Wednesday you will be feeling crampy eh? I know things will be ok. Will be thinking of you and sending you happy thoughts.

Marti,,,take pictures of your ornaments,,,(so I can copy...ha ha )

Mindi, funny you should be talking about Native Americans...I went to a Woman's conference a couple of weeks ago. (I actually was the stage manager for the performers) and there was these 3 woman drummer/singers. I was blown away. I had some flash backs of when I was small and my grandparents would take me to circle dances and pow wows. I went and talked with them after and weirdest of them looked so much like me I had to ask where she was from. And ya she was from very close to where I was born and raised. But one of the other singers and I got to talking about family and we are distantly this is a small world.

Well I spent the day,,shopping,,,I have 2 christmas presents done. I cleaned out my closet,,,yikes! the amount of clothes I have is obscene. So cleared a few hangers,,,straightened everything up,,,and 1 huge garbage bag later...everything is neat and tidy again.

Well I should go clean the kitchen...
have a great Monday....

11-12-2007, 02:57 AM
Back again, lol. Can't sleep for some reason.

JANE...I see...couldn't remember posting any pictures way back when but i think I did :dunno: When I joined 3fc I was at 213...remember that well, so I guess I have come a little way with the weight loss...slow but getting there. Thanks for the heads up on the book...I love football but not so much reading a book about it. The last one was a bore but I did finish it.

MARTI...soup sounds good! Hey, you'll make that goal, very doable. My ankle is fine, was just a little bit of a twist when i came down the stairs. Thank goodness because I GOTTA walk! Lol That is weird about the hair coloring at work. I could see it if it were drastic, actually maybe not. Because it's your hair and anyone should be able to do what they want to it to an extent. I mean if it's waaay out there and a distraction I could see that...but the color you are talking about I have seen and it's really pretty. Ive not seen the Amazing RAce...had planned on watching it but I think it is on when something else is, or I just keep forgetting about it, lol. Glad you and James had a good day together.

Adios amigos...

11-12-2007, 03:34 AM
hello is every one doing?

Marti~ I will have to see if I can remember how to post pictures on here again.

Ang~ That is so cool about the drummers! The only thing that Tommy kept mentioning while we were at the Indian Fall Festival was, "we should let Marissa's hair grow nice and long like the ladies do." I told him "yeah, except for a trim here and there."

11-12-2007, 03:37 AM
let me see if I can remember how to do this.....sorry in advance if they turns out to be huge!

11-12-2007, 03:45 AM
Ha, OMG MINDEE! The kids are ADORABLE! I love the costumes and they are growing way too fast! So cute! Thansk for sharing the pictures with us!

11-12-2007, 03:51 AM
Mindee - awwww, the kids are very sweet looking up close! You did good :)

11-12-2007, 11:40 AM
Hi ladies,

Marti - so what kind of soup are you making? I made chili Saturday for yesterday. Mmmm, I do love soup! You're doing so well with the exercise and food, too. We're gonna be so glad in the Spring that we're staying OP now, right?

Angie - yay for a clean closet! Why do they get so messy again, so quick? It's mystery, lol. Well, I've never had a d & c, so I don't really know what to expect. Hope it doesn't hurt too much - I'm kind of a big baby.

Cristina - the book I'm reading now is called Motor Mouth by Janet Evonovich, the same gal who wrote the numbers books, One for the Money, etc. It's about some NASCAR people, but I like it anyway. Very funny in spots, lol.

Mindee - the kids are just adorable - you ought to put the pic in the Jaded Ladies photo sticky so we can still find it when this thread is gone.

Jules - hope you're feeling better.

MaryKate - where are you, sweetie??

Sue - how's it going, and how's your mom?

I've got Jackson today, and he's such a busy boy now. Scooting and almost crawling everywhere, lol. Very pleasant, though. Hardly ever cries.

Tomorrow is my surgery, and so I won't be back until Wednesday at the earliest. For those of you who pray, keep me in mind, ok? :grouphug:


11-12-2007, 12:17 PM
Woa ladies.....let's head on over to 275.

All full here. :D