Support Groups - Royal Procession of the Merry Court towards Winter Solstice and the Festive Season

11-02-2007, 09:23 AM
Calling all Royalty -- and you KNOW you are! Let's all take a deep breath, join hands, smile and courageously forge ahead towards the Winter Solstice and the Festive Season. Let's celebrate our journey with a pledge to seek health and wholeness, in the knowledge that therein lies the purest celebration.

We're about seven weeks away -- in that time, we can relax, reinvigorate and rejuvenate. Then, when the blessed day arrives, we'll be fortified to venture forth at our radiant best, into the ever-increasing light!

Pop in and post your own personal challenge/commitment!

11-02-2007, 12:26 PM
How fortuitous to have our new challenge posted just as I (once again) climb back unto the gaily decorated wagon. Was in Princessville wathing the Ps in their darling ladybug outfits. DD certainly goes all out.

Anyway, I'm home and trying to sort out my life once again. Just finished preparing a humongous basic salad to which I'll add different things at different meals. A good start. A much needed one.

OK, Royal Folk. This is the challenge where I FINALLY get the scale to move below the magic numbers. Perhaps with the help of the colonoscopy prep ;) But more basically with just my own heartfelt desire to be more healthy.

A gorgeous day today but I'm not sure how much/what kind of walk I'll get in. It will be a walk but not sure what/wherefore. Must search through closets for clothing drive tomorrow so that will be some motivation in that area. Bro doing well, I hear, after surgery. Motivation also apparently for some other sibs to try hard again to do it the old-fashioned way. Me, too. He was told he would definitely have become diabetic at a future point (don't know how they know but I'm quoting).

So, RAH, RAH FRIDAY! Must off to the "putting head back on" job. Even the shortest stay away from home seems to throw me off track. Must improve that......


11-02-2007, 11:16 PM
:hohoho:Very festive in here! I am feelin' very Solstice/Christmasy and am ready to reach my goal, but otherwise kind of blah right now so will just say, "Good-night, Gracie."

Good-night, Gracie.

11-03-2007, 05:14 PM
So Day 1 went very well. Day 2 not too bad, fingers crossed. Weighed in today (not official day but....) was still at last week's .8 from the first goal number. Come on, come on......fight, fight, fight.

All sorts of upsetting vibes and unhappies in my universe - hard to fight off the nasties but working on that too. Nice walk in park this afternoon.

Friend called to see if I'd be interested in going to Symphony Pops tonight in lieu of her ailing DH - hopped on it. Off to start beautifying the old bod for the occasion. A nice surprise - helps with the nasties.

Huzzah's to all :queen:s doing good jobs.

11-04-2007, 12:42 PM
OK, two whole days in a row! Nice walk in park yesterday. Other plans all upset but that's ok. Symphony Pops was a delight.

Today's plans upset so far too. Still ok. Calm, :queen:like ;)

Took a quick, unofficial weighin this a.m. and it was :cp: at the beloved number achieved only for a brief instant a few weeks back. Hope I can hold on to it for a bit but the water ups and downs being what they are, I'm just glad to see it again. A real morale booster.

Sunny Sunday :grouphug:

11-04-2007, 01:08 PM

It's pretty wild out there today. DH and I went out for our walk through town and around the harbour. There were spots where we could hardly walk for the wind blowing us back and we were drenched by spray blowing up over the boardwalk. Then home for a hot jacuzzi a deux, brekkies and now thinking about a nap. Love the idea of the extra hour today :)

I should practice at some point -- concert's a week from tomorrow :eek: I may have to call on :wizard: to help me prepare. DH is warbling away at the keyboard here while I type. Wonder if I could practice downstairs at the same time... :chin: ... prolly not.

We had our best friend couple in to dinner last night and then the boys went to a movie while we went to a book launch for a mutual friend. The book is called "Sex after baby: Why there is none." I think it could be a hit. The weather was wild last night too but there was a good turn out. Our friend was very gam. She's tall and statuesque, long wavy blonde hair and an impressive bosom. Had on a lovely long gown with a shawl and she read from her book very effectively. Can't wait to see her on Oprah!

Too windy out for tai chi -- 'twould blow all my chi to kingdom come and then where would I be? But maybe later I can do some qi qong. I have been managing a set almost every day. Diet has been good too. I had 2 potato chips last night and maybe a couple of tablespoon's worth of halvah. Not bad, although I'm probably wiser to stay right away from sugar.

Amarantha, I had a little visitation from the Christmas spirit yesterday too. Nice!

Anagram, I'm so glad that the Symphony Pops came along to counter the nasties! Sometimes it doesn't really take that much to turn things around. Probably because we endeavor to be positive, in any case. Congrats on the appearance of beloved number!

K, blathering on here. Guess I'll go pop into bed with the newspapers instead. Hope all :queen:lies are having a lovely Sunday.

11-04-2007, 01:49 PM
Huzzah, Seasonal Sprites!!!

Wood Nymph, t'was Anagram who got to go to the symphony. Wish it WERE me, but I am makin' do with my MP3 fer the nonce. :)

Anagram, congrats on that goodly official scale number! :cheer: Hope all the nasties go 'way soon.

Lot o' stress stuff goin' on with me also but am feelin' cautiously cheerful! Here's my weight blog entry with apologies fer the me-me-me-ness of it all:

Huzzah, huzzah, the dual entity known as Angel/Demon Faced Scale hath sort of smiled on Diet Maiden Am this a.m. 'n blessed her with a loss o' .6 but told her that the EXTREME JOY o' reachin' the blessed state o' the 130s again must be withheld for another week in order to test the worthiness o' Maiden Am to reach those halcyon 130s fields she used to romp so freely in and wisheth to return in preparation for her RACE to 125 this coming winter season.

T'is all good, though, as a .6 loss be nothin' to sneer at for Poor Innocent Diet Maiden Am, who all unknowingly entered some time ago into an alternative reality known as the "Trap o' the 140s Regain-a-rama" ... a kind o' carnival funhouse where all the scales read in the 140s no matter WHAT the trapped maiden doeth.

S'all good. Next time! Happy Am, she lost .6! Onward 'n upward, er, strike that, DOWNWARD, EVER DOWNWARD!

11-04-2007, 04:47 PM
Shucks, Maiden Am, I knew 'twas. Just a slip o' the fingers (or brain, more likely :dz: ) Well, how exciting for you to be in the 130s this week to come! Huzzah!

Am having one of those "can't settle myself into anything" kinds of days and now here it is starting to get dark again. Temptation being to pour a glass of wine and say to heck with it... Hmmm...

11-04-2007, 06:08 PM
I am having that kind o' day also, Wood Nymph. I did get some actual work done so tomorrow should not be as bad as usual, hopefully, but could have done more, just don't feel up to much ... my puppy seems to be in the same restless mode.

Oh well ...

11-05-2007, 09:22 AM
I persevered yesterday and didn't, at least, eat to "fix" my mood. Still feeling a bit unsettled and sad this morning but am determined to do things that will actually work to make me feel better. I've got a load of laundry in and beans on for a hearty pot of minestrone for lunch. Am going to putter away at the house and practice singing. It's a beautiful day out there and I'm going to take the time for a little walk after lunch. :yes:

Anyway, walked to the gym and did the circuits, home and did a set of tai chi. Heigh-ho.

:queen: Am, guessing there's just that kind of energy around right now. Good thing we're Royal!

:wave: Anagram

And where are all beloved :queen:lies? Hellooooooooooo...

Let's take this day and make it work for us! Love to all...

11-06-2007, 10:38 AM
A little echoey in the Palace. Maybe the lull before the big festive season rush? :ginger:

Lovely day today here, if a trifle close to the freezing mark. I had a good run through the woods and did some qi qong. Also going to walk downtown to sound yoga to get me outside.

Choir practice was good last night, although I wish I'd practiced more. It would be great to know the music really well. Concert's Sunday night. On the bright side, The Messiah is becoming much more familiar to me. It will be so much fun to be able to sing it and be on the big stage with a big audience! Just have to remember not to do any solos. :yes:

I'm trying to concentrate on getting that ticker to move this week. Can we do it? Yes we can!

Let's make this a good one!

11-06-2007, 11:40 AM
:thanks2::turkey::happ3::thanks1: Huzzah, Am be pretty festivey actually, day off, had great workout of calensthenics, resistance tube and body weight X's with NO heavy weights, very nice for bod and will go mayhap to park to walk and then to store for healthy food!

The Thanksgiving icons refer to my countdown to U.S. Thanksgivin' when I will be fab not flab ... 16 days to go.

Puppy Girl calleth so must away as she be Queen o' this Palace I dwelleth within at the moment. She be gettin' BIG but is still like Baby Huey, yet maturity looms. Yestere'en the Demon Child escaped house as usual (I am careful with the door but Demon Child loveth to slip out when ever I go outside ... I don't allow cats outside but DC has her own ideas on that. She panics outside and wants to run right back in but sometimes it's hard to coax her if she gets disoriented, very skittery kitty). Puppy Girl was comin' in for her "cookie" (milkbone) but would not leave kitty and circled round her protectively and chased her inside.

Obviously one o' the world's great dogs, just like my Olde Girl was.

Arabella, good for ye for doin' your gym circuit 'n the Tai Chi sets 'n walk. I love your little holiday house smilie. Where did ye get it, it's not on 3FC's list.

I am workin' on gettin' that weight down a bit this week also so I can FINALLY be back in the 130s 'n on to ULTRA GOAL (125).

11-06-2007, 10:22 PM
Howdy, chiclets. Yes, lots of unsettled going around. At least in this palace. i'm having a good day, a bad day. Out of sorts big time. Colonoscopy looming, readying for surgery in a few weeks. Practicing doing things one-handed - not good at it. Handy types here Sunday, Monday. Returning next week. And new door is in and will be installed Thursday. I'm glad about that but if they don't finish that day, they'll run into the day of the big C. No matter - I am a Royal (pain?) and can handle it.

DD upset with me - for the life of me I never know what sets her off. She's stressed to high heaven (lots of good reasons for it) and I'm not w/o same myself but I think I handle it differently. We are very different people (tho lots of dear dad in her and I could manage him well enuff). Dunno - but it means I'm not too thrilled with her at the moment. After much emailing, the conclusion is she "wants me to like her". Greeps - I DO like her, I love her, I'm proud of her. I'm far from perfect but have been so accommodating, etc. I sometimes think that, when stressed, she lashes out at the safest stressor - MOM.

It's also apparent she's far from come to terms with her father's death. Twice recently remarks have been made that have convinced me of that. Not that I'm totally there yet either but think I'm doing better with it. Sigh........

11-07-2007, 08:01 AM
Sorry thou be goin' through some rough stress patches, Anagram. Ye are doin' great at handlin' it all, though, and as ye say ye are a royal and NOT a pain!

I am bloggin' my U.S. Thanksgivin' countdown all over the place, although I don't actually weigh in on that day, it remindeth me that on that day I WILL have conquered some demons, even if more demon legions are following right behind 'em and that re my weight and fitness, I WILL be makin' progress by then because NO MATTER WHAT ELSE IS WRONG IN LIFE, I can be considerate of my one and only body and have declined to live in a state of unfit obesity, so I must work work work on it. There are 15 days to go to (U.S.) :turkey: day, although I will spare the turkey and eat something less cute.

11-07-2007, 09:44 AM
Woke up to wind and rain so heavy that we drove to the gym this morning. I did a little bit on the stairclimber before I did the circuits and may have pushed it a trifle hard. Just want to go back to bed now :yawn:

I did some yoga when I got home. Coffee supply is low so I'm thinking of venturing out to restock. Need me some caffeine today I think. This is just the kind of fatigue that can see me fall off the wagon, so I am going to have to be very vigilant. And give myself some preventative breaks...

Speaking of which, I'm toying with the idea of taking a four-day weekend, Friday through Monday.

Anagram, I so understand your Royal self being out of sorts. Any one of those three things would do it. Is the big C THIS Friday? I'm seeing a doctor to set mine up in early December, although I don't know how long I'll have to wait after that point. Also have my first physical in years booked. Looking forward to having both of those over with :yes: However, they don't compare to surgery :hug:

I suspect your suspicion of being a convenient target for DD is correct. I've sure seen that scenario played out before. One of my sisters takes things out on my mom, because Mom will just take it. Don't! :queen:

Amarantha, :ginger: is a low-carb, fat-free gingerbread house. It's in the smilies here as "ginger" with a colon on either end. Gosh, after previous discussion that sounds odd, doesn't it ::^:

K, dovelies, must get some work done. Let's make this a good one. Love to all! (and where are the rest of you, BTW?)

11-07-2007, 09:50 AM
Hmmm... yesterday the gingerbread house was all glowy and alive-looking but today it's just sitting there.

11-07-2007, 09:58 AM
Missing all the missing! The calorie free gingerbread house really appeals to me right now - and I've just had my oatmeal.

Yes, WN, please beware of the fatigue. I think that is my worst enemy. Much cooler here but we had the wind/rain overnight the other night. Leaves colorful and lots down.

A morning of phone calls and appointment setting/resetting. Then hopefully shopping for some buttonfront shirts and bras. 'Tis going to be a tough time for a while. I think DD is also concerned re my surgery. She won't be here for it. DS has honors this time and I think she feels she'd control details better. Probably right but he's good and conscientious (and available albeit w/difficulty, of course) and experienced too. Her MIL had a knee replacement yesterday and will have second next week. DD will not be there taking care of detail either and DSIL is less diligent re same. He'll be away a lot over the course of the next few weeks (usually is anyway), miss a lot of kid things (that I'll be missing too).

We'll survive but I've drawn a line in the sand. Anyway, on with today.............WISH I had a tai chi and a walk in already. I'm just past first cuppa and heading to the shower. Up too much last night - but I did get a few things done in the wee hours so I count that as today's accomplishments.

Hup, hup :drill:

11-07-2007, 01:13 PM
just wanted to check in and say i am still here and thinking of you, royals. thanks for starting this thread, arabella. i can't believe there is so little time until thanksgiving. glad you put it "in writing," amarantha. it was good for me to see that and be reminded i must get on my royal steed and bump up my food plan in order to achieve some downward motion on the old scale. anagram, sure sounds like you are going through a lot what with upcoming surgery and planning for recovery time from that, stress with dd, etc. i hope things go much more smoothly for you as soon as is possible.

my plan for this stint is to continue with my regular exercise routine, try and stick to around 1300-1400 cals/day, and eat healthy. i will also do more in the way of listening to my meditation cd's. i too have been very restless on and off for a while now, and not as good at remembering "to just breathe" and do what i know has worked in the past to help me relax. well, i am on my way out the door to get some errands done, so must away. wishing everyone a good afternoon. take care, all.

11-07-2007, 03:48 PM
:ginger: Ok, I could not resist borrowin' this, Arabella. I didn't see it yesterday. It is so peaceful and it looks to be glowing on my screen.

Huzzah to Wsw and Anagram this morning. I am going back to bed (it's actually afternoon but I have to work late tonight in mountains).

11-08-2007, 12:12 PM

Don't know if I accidentally clicked the big X inst. the little one or what, but it's gone. :dz:

And now I have to confess all over! :mad: Yesterday I took a dive off the wagon and ate all the leftover chips that I didn't eat at the dinner party last weekend as well as all the chips that everyone else didn't eat. And I've got WI tomorrow :cry: Ah well, back on the wagon today and strapped in and hope to minimize damage. Just back from a run and a set of tai chi.

Anagram, good for you drawing line in the sand! Truly must be done from time to time. There's a book on Amazon that looks like it might have some good hints for coping one-handed ( Another confession: I was suddenly saddened by the thought that you might not be able to post for a little while. I'm so selfish!

Amarantha, certainly there's plenty of :ginger: for everyone to enjoy, esp. if we're going to bravely forego the calorically laden one. I could eat one of those today, but i won't :zip:

WSW, yea the days and weeks do sneak up on us. We must be vigilant! Starting here, starting now...

K, Lovelies, must be off again. Shower is required. :yes: Let's make this a good one!

11-08-2007, 01:31 PM
Thank thee for the link, Arabella. Will check it out. I've been practicing posting with left hand. It's be slow but I'll be here - just not as long winded.

Today's my liquid diet day and I'm already tired of apple juice and jello. And why did I pick today to do the lists for my Thanksgiving dinner shopping and lists of types of foods to have on hand to handle easily after surgery? Well, maybe because I can't go too far from home ;) and I'm tres restless. Zipped through a gob of those little paper type chores one doesn't usually ever get around to.

Bro who had gastric surgery last week seems to be doing well, is touring San Diego until his return visit to surgeon, then willhead home this weekend. I think he said he has seven little bandaid type incisions.

It's a mite gray and quite chilly day. I'm thinking I may just curl up on the sofa for a bit of a read, having been very industrious so far today. Hmmm, read, work, read, work? Seems almost a no brainer.

:wave: to wsw and the Empress. What happened to our Edy?

11-08-2007, 01:33 PM
Yes, 'tis strange. The gingerbread house was all glowing when I first came on but isn't now. Maybe there's a time limit or something?

11-08-2007, 09:57 PM
It is still glowing on my screen. :ginger: Such a nice little smilie.

I've been hungry and overeating all week, too, Arabella. I'm still hungry and if there were cookies in the house would eat them all.

11-09-2007, 06:47 AM
Hi Royals, I"M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't even know exactly what started the landslide but it just seemed to move faster and faster....

So glad I am here now though!

I quickly scanned this thread and am wishing you lots and lots of good vibes Anagram! ( I think if you are doing liquid diet when you posted that a procedure is today ?? ).....
You are in my thoughts!

My job is beginning to show some trends that I don't like so I am officially "looking".....The fun has gone and I need to know my options and plan an "emergency exit"..... The extra hours are done for the time being as we are "caught up"..( the quotes are to indicate incredulity)
I am still going in the same time to avoid traffic ( not as bad as you hear about in CA but still unpredicatable and teeth grinding) and using the gym. Or at least, let's put it this way.... using the treadmill. Right now, 15 minutes at about 2.5 mph makes me sweaty and spent if that gives you any idea how UNFIT I am at this point. But, we have to start somewhere.

I havent weighed myself but am proud to say today begins Day 11 of no sugar.

So, hugs and hellos to all... sorry to have been away so long....

Here's to Friday!

Here's today's thought :

"To swear off mistakes is very easy.
All you have to do is swear off having ideas."

- Leo Burnett, advertising pioneer

Question of the day:

"Do you have a favorite pen or pencil?"

11-09-2007, 08:16 AM
Congratulations on Day 11 of no sugar and your return here, K!!!

15 min on the dreamill be better than no minutes. That's great!

Hope your job search proveth productive!

See ye, ladies, I am off to exercise and then work in a different location than my home office for a change, which doth not pleaseth me, but no help for it.


11-09-2007, 10:03 AM
And day o' reckoning. WI has me up 1.2, which is no surprise after eating SO many potato chips on Wednesday (Where's the banging head on desk smilie?). But the good news beith that I did, in fact, go to WI instead of skipping.

In other good news, pants that were tight on me at the first of December last year are now nicely loose. I remember putting them on and thinking they'd be a lot more flattering when they weren't tight. They were a little hard to fasten and snug in the thighs. Now they look pretty much as envisioned. So even if I haven't made huge progress this year, I have made SOME progress. And I'll just keep on keepin' on. Hopefully speeding things up a bit.

Walked, did circuits and a set of tai chi. Had my oat bran and now I'm on to :coffee: TGIF.

Anagram, sending you good vibes all day today! I know you're probably gone already -- I wasn't sure if it was today or next Friday. Anyway -- :goodvibes:
:grouphug: Hope you had a nice restful read yesterday!

Kaylets, welcome back! And congrats on the good no-sugar streak. We're gonna do this! :yes: Re: QoD -- I am very particular about my pens but don't have a pet right now. Although I'm partial to one that has nice dark green ink... just can't seem to find the perfect pen. I love old-fashioned looking colored ink, though: indigo, dark green, dark brown. And I like a pen with a nice weight to it and attractive form. Might put DH on the hunt for festive giftie...

Amarantha, I think getting OOO (out of office) would be good for me from time to time. I find that I settle into doldrums in the afternoon, even when the mornings start off well. Thinking I should pack laptop and head to a coffee shop or the library from time to time, especially as the winter approacheth and we need fresh new perks to keep us... perky. Have some gingerbread! :ginger:

Well, Dovies, I'd better plough through some work or my dreams of exiting the office early will go up in smoke. Let's make this a good one!

11-10-2007, 02:07 PM
Well, due to a heavy workload in the field on Sunday, Diet Wise Woman asked Diet Maiden Am to conduct the official Ceremony o' the Golden Scale t*a ra ra rah* on Saturday this week and so with no more formality it hath been announced in Amaranthaland that Am be down .10 and now dwelleth in the Halcyon Land o' the 130s where she hath struggled, unless she is mistaken and missed seeing an entry in her Fitday PC software since April, for APPROXIMATELY SEVEN LONG months to be.

Light dawneth in Am's diet maidenly brain when she realized that not only did Am do her first race (in the April heat here) in that month, she took out an order of protection and went to court over it around that time, all of which gave her subconcious the go-ahead to "rest" a lot and eat a lot. She began to gain rapidly ... not a vast amount of pounds but in the Am body they slowed her down, bothered her as she had come so far and felt so real in the 130s AND showed, evidently, because all during the past two weeks when she's been inchin' down a little more, people have been commenting that she has lost a tremendous amount of weight.

The loss seemed so unreal that Am weighed her clothes, got dressed and then weighed in again. The scale added the exact weight of the clothes. So it is not some scale demon messin' with Am's head ... she's really down .10, not a lot to some but in plateau of seven months bustin' terms, MAJOR!

Now she moveth on to her stalk o' the wild 120s, specifically 125 aka ULTRA GOAL *ta da* !!!

Sorry for the me-me-ness o' this postie. It's been a long trek over a never-ending plateau but joy cometh in the morning ... or cameth in the morning, more specifically.

:ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger:

11-10-2007, 02:10 PM
:shocksn: Cold enough to snow here and tomorrow it might just do that. We had a practice for the Remembrance Day contest this a.m. and the concert's tomorrow evening. Reminds me... better check out my clothes for the concert and make sure everything's good to go. DH and I walked around the harbour and to practice and thence to the Lebanese restaurant I used to work at for falafels with salad and a beer :T They were good! Afterwards we strolled around to look at a new art exhibit.

I need to practice some more today but that might be it for productivity for the day :yawn:

Anagram, hope you're recovering nicely from the procedure yesterday and that it wasn't too awful.

:ginger: for all! O dear... now I'm thinking hot chocolate would be very nice with that. K, shall only have virtuous virtual varieties.

Love to all. Let's make this a good one!

11-10-2007, 02:13 PM
Amarantha, we simulposted! Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah for your victorious arrival in the 130s! :encore:

Dost thou see :queen: Eydie in thine travels? We miss her already!

11-10-2007, 11:24 PM
amarantha-congrats!!!!! woohoo!! :)

anagram-hope your procedure went well.

--and hi to all our royals. i sure have not been the model of dainty eating yesterday and today. didn't go wild, but definitely off the moderate eating trolley. tomorrow, back to small portions for me. has been very chilly here, but supposed to warm up this coming week, which i look forward to. i definitely do better in moderate temps.

11-11-2007, 11:46 AM
Remembrance day today and we've got to be to the church at 5:30 for final tune-up and then the concert's at 7:30. We've got about an hour in between, so we may just come home to "relax" -- HAH! I'm going to practice for an hour or so this afternoon, too, after some Reiki with the intent to be effective in practice and in concert. :crossed:

In the good news category, I'm able to wear a white peasant blouse (costume is long black skirt with white blouse) that I haven't been able to wear in a few years and my skirt fits. Bad news is I gave away all my black tights and may have to wear knee highs...

The weather's kind of rank out there -- we actually had snow last night :shocksn: and today it's windy and rainy. Hope it won't keep people away from the concert.

Gotta say, I'm feeling a little cranky today. Maybe it's partially the adjustment to the time change or something -- been like this all week. :p Ah well, I'll keep on keeping on.

WSW, nice to see you checking in more often -- Palace isn't the same without you!

Anagram, hope you're recovering well from procedure!

K, lovelies, I must be productive. Love to all! Let's take this day and do our level best with it. :snowglo:

11-11-2007, 11:48 AM
Oh, let's have some :ginger:

11-11-2007, 12:23 PM
arabella-hope your concert goes well, and that you enjoy singing tonight. congrats on being able to wear that blouse too. hopefully the weather will cooperate and not keep churchgoers away.

so far so good today----op-wise. watching an old fred astaire and ginger rogers film, which is putting a smile on my face. had been feeling stressed earlier this morning, and apparently an old musical did the trick to change the tone of my day. well, hope everyone has a pleasant remainder of their weekend. take care, all.

11-11-2007, 09:28 PM
Have a good concert, Arabella! Congratulations on the skirt fitting victory. That's great!

Huzzah, Wsw. Pleasant thought I had thinking of you enjoying Fred and Ginger. I love those movies, too. Have a good week.

Tomorrow I must hocus pocus focus on work as I am way behind due to schedule dilemmas, will NOT let the diet front down because of such a bad week coming up with so much to do (I don't want to do things anymore, I think).

I finally saw the ginger house stop glowing. That was sad but now the glow is back.

:ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger:

11-12-2007, 08:52 AM
Hi guys! Busy, busy, busy!

Scanned through the thread...thanx for starting it Arabella!...Hi sound like you are doing well! Amarantha!! :cheers: Oh yes, turkeys in real life are not cute. In fact they are butt-ugly. And really not too brilliant. The perfect food. Kaylets...again? I would hate to move jobs that often! went the concert? Good work on the clothes!

I was my father's 80th yesterday. It involved a surprise party on the Saturday a location 6 hours away. So we went up Sat am, "party"ed, slept overnight at the cottage and then drove home yesterday...I am exhausted. :tired: This is the first time my husband, kids and I have all been away together at the same time. My GF stayed here with the heathens. It was interesting.

I am still very unsettled in my brain....not concentrating on much, and not watching what I do. I need a hoist back on the wagon.

It is a holiday for me I must be off...and do something! :yikes:

11-12-2007, 09:34 AM
Hello, all, and great to 'see' thee, Sword Bearer!

With apologies for the me-me brevity here (I should be working or at least exercising by now but I am dilatory, I will note that it be TEN, TEN, TEN, DAYS to go to Thanksgivin' when Am will be (more) fab! I WILL DO 'ER! Yay, NOT goin' to waste these wonderful DIET 'N FITNESS DAYS!

I'll do my job, too, and clean the house 'n take care o' fur babies 'n fix the car 'n fix everything else that needs fixin' ... BUT every single day in this countdown is one I can NOT WASTE in my STALK O' THE WILD 125 (aka ULTRA GOAL TRA-LA)

Diet Wise Woman, are ye listenin'? Please give Am a gold star ahead o' time in the Diet 'n Fitness Department today because it's hocus pocus focus all the way on the 10th DAY.

11-12-2007, 10:01 AM
:wreath: We've still got a dusting of snow and it's chilly. Heat's been on in the house. DH is off today but I've got work to do -- thinking of taking a long weekend next weekend. All going well on diet and exercise front. I've been having those weird days that feel like I've been off-track although I haven't been :chin:

The concert went well last night although I wished I'd practiced more so I could have really sung the heck out of it. Next year! :yes: And I am more familiar with the music for TM (The Messiah) so maybe I'll be able to belt it out like Ethel Merman (k, not really :lol: )

Ceara, glad to see you in the Palace! :) Yea, verily, we must affix posteriors firmly to wagons else we'll slide right off. And then where would we be? I can tell you for a fact that I'd have added 10 pounds to my avoirdupois by January. Not going there :no:

Glad you had an "interesting" weekend :lol:

WSW, me too -- virtually enjoyed that Fred & Ginger flick with you. In my version, we were snuggled up on the sofa in our PJs, with noncaloric (but so delicious!) :ginger: and hot chocolate :)

Did Royal :queen: Anagram say she was going home with one of the kids after her procedure?

Ok Sweetlings! I need to get some work done and go for my walkies. Let's make this a good one. Love to all... :snowglo:

11-12-2007, 07:13 PM
hi ceara. good to see you.

amarantha-i am with you---i also plan to not waste one precious day in this sprint towards thanksgiving (and beyond.) you inspired me today(well, not just today, of course) and i am going for a gold star too. actually, today has been rather exemplary food and exercise-wise. gold stars all around, i say!

arabella-glad concert went well last night.

a couple of friends (who are also a couple) and had the day off today came over and visited me. we went out for lunch and then came back here and we visited while sipping on tea and listening to music. it was very pleasant. they are such a cool young couple.

well, greetings to all who dwell in the royal palace. take care.

11-13-2007, 08:29 AM
Apologies to my Royal Cohort for my prolonged absence - didn't realize it was so long - and fell behind so on the Royal Proclamations.

Procedure went well - I actually thought I had posted re that but it may have been a Royal Mental Burp or an evil Demon of the technological type. Was pleased to see the place had a new scale that was more kind than the one they had five years ago.

So glad to see you again, Kaylets. Was missing you. Amazing how you sort of "feel" things changing around you, isn't it? Glad to hear from you too, ceara. Sounds like a challenging but memorable weekend. How have your work vibes been going lately?

And congrats to Empress on her entry into the 130s and a smaller distance to go until the Grand Gala Goal of 125. Yes, OOO can sometimes be a good break and sometimes make you appreciate IO more. At least for a little while.

And hearing of you having the smoother fit of the clothing, esp. for the concert, was a lift for me too, WN. Sorry to hear Winter is so ominously close. We had a snowflake or two mixed with our rain lately too.

I've been gone mainly because I've been going like a whirlwind trying to squeeze in many things before the surgery. A lot of work just so I can laze around for a few weeks afterward ;) I'm realizing more and more what my limitations will be and am stockpiling food, buying button up shirts, prewriting checks, etc. Will have a great impact on my (lack of) Christmas prep this year but since I firmly believe Christmas is in the heart, I'll be well prepared in the proper spirit.

My new dishwasher is not working (this whole situation has been a time consuming nightmare). So they're to come late this afternoon. That's after I see doctor and have preadmission testing done, have people come to finish the newly installed front door (loving it), take the car into garage (waiting for it will give me a rest/reading time). Some days I've managed to get in great walks just to relieve the frustration of the appliance and handyman situations.

But these are small blips in the Royal Road. And I must count the many joys. My scale reading was good on Friday, been off the wagon too much since. Last night I got to watch, via the internet(love technology when it works), Princess Eleven singing in a group at the Kennedy Center. Would have normally gone down for it but driving too uncomfortable, time too limited right now. So it was a delight not to miss it totally. And hopefully, my adventures in home repair/modernization will sometime soon be completed and I'll be able to be cozy and warm for the impending days of darkness- a good excuse to burn lots of nice aromatic candles.

And once again, I've had the many offers of help from neighbors, friends, family. Nice to know I'm not as alone as I sometimes feel.

Off and at 'em. Fasting for bloodwork and missing my tea and oatmeal. Sob.

11-13-2007, 10:35 AM
G'morning, Queenlies! I'm having a blippy kind of a day myself -- hope to change it. Feeling just slightly under the weather and like I've been going too much. I invited my new neighbors for dinner and they're coming tonight (The nerve! :lol: ) I'd invited them for Thursday and they couldn't make it and I impulsively said Tuesday, rather than suggesting next week instead as I should have. Will work on mood, I will. And it will probably be quite pleasant. I 'm just having a great deal of trouble getting my butt in gear today. Don't waaaaaaaannnnnnna.

Can't find my practice CD for The Messiah and I'm having technical difficulties making a new copy :rolleyes:

But as our beloved :queen: Anagram declareth, these are small blips in the Royal Road. Mine are tiny, for sure. Working on being at least a tad more regal :yes:

Anagram, how lovely to see a nice long postie! How frustrating about your dishwasher! Appliances. Ugh. We just replaced our toaster and the new Cuisinart (I had such faith in the brand!) is doing just what the old one did -- toasting on one side. Seems like if they have an option for bagel toasting that they develop a preference for it. Maybe they're just lazy? I can relate.

When is your actual surgery?

WSW, the evening with your friends sounded lovely, and like a nice, low-stress way to socialize. Wonder if it's too late to suggest to my neighbors that we go out to dinner instead? :chin: Probably.

K, send me some queenly vibes, any who have to spare. Let's take this day and do our Royal best with it!

11-13-2007, 12:16 PM
So many posties to keep up with 'n apologies for the me-me-ity o' mine lately but if I may share my countdown once again, which I am sharin' all o'er the place called INTERNET 'cause all my queenly 'n healthy weight loss 'n fitness pals be scattered into various palaces 'n we never can seem to get together in one nice gingerbread home 'n share 'n motivate together so be it :ginger:, but here be where I am:

"It be NINE days out to (U.S.) Thanksgivin' when Diet Maiden Am will be fab not flab ... or fabber, 'cause to be honest she be pretty fab right now ... 'n said Diet Maiden hath joined a NINE DAY SPRINT TO THANKSGIVING CHALLENGE with the following pledge: ON ALL NINE DAYS HAVE NO CAL TARGET OVERAGE ... AND EXERCISE EVERY SINGLE DAY"

11-14-2007, 08:15 AM
EIGHT days to U.S. Thanksgiving and I, like Wsw, will not waste a sec o' this precious time.

Huzzah to all 'n Anagram, glad thy procedure went ok!

Sorry for brevity mode 'n me-me-ness ... gotta X then work!

11-14-2007, 10:06 AM
Yesterday was a stellar day in the health and fitness fronts. Am off to do the same today!

Hope that CD shows up Wood Nymph!
:wave: to all :queen: S


11-14-2007, 10:20 AM
Dinner with our new neighbors turned out to be lovely -- we're thinking this is going to be good. :)

I was out of sorts all day yesterday though and hopped off the wagon in the afternoon. Hopped right back on again, though, and away we go.

Persevered with the Messiah tracks and made myself a new practice CD. Now all I have to do is use it ;) For some reason, the last application I tried to use wanted to alphabetize the tracks :rolleyes: Verrrrry helpful, I don't think.

I've got a haircut in a half-hour or so and it's a gorgeous, clear, not-to-cold day out there so I'm definitely walking. Walked to gym with DH this a.m. and did circuits, came home for tai chi.

This evening is my writing group and I've got lots of work to do and a fellow to set up an interview with for the ghost story book. So I'd best skedaddle!

Love to all. Let's make this a good one!

11-14-2007, 09:30 PM
the fall leaves are absolutely gorgeous here now. what a treat it is to see see them! anagram, glad to hear your procedure went well. ---and greetings to all our lovely queens who dwelleth in the royal palace. i had a therapuetic massage today (which had been a gift) and it was wonderful. it is absolutely impossible to be cranky after a good massage. continuing on royal trek countdown-so far, so good.

11-14-2007, 11:16 PM
Ah, the joys of massage. And of a good haircut. Was gray, damp all day. I continued my rush, rush, today. I'm gaining on the pile of "to do". Had to wait an hour yesterday (fasting) for my bloodwork. Never happens with him but it did yesterday when I had to rush home for the guys to come finish the new front door. (Still loving it.) Then I get a call this a.m. that the lab couldn't do some of the necessary work for some reason or other so I had to pick up a scrip today and go to somewhere tomorrow and give more blood to have that one redone. So today I rewarded me for all recent stress by having my hair done. It did help my mood and did some good music in the car. But tomorrow was to be busy enough w/o that and before the next news.

Getting a new d/w tomorrow and hope that will be the end of the appliance stress :club: and that this weekend will finish the handyman stress. :club:

Last two days have been decent, but not stellar. Big salad in the fridge which helps lots.

Always glad to hear from you and have your news and countdowns, Empress.
Sounds like things are going a little better for you, wsw, and always glad when you can post.

Missing our dear kat. :grouphug: to you and hope things are lightening a bit.

I'm off the green tea and supplements and don't want to drink too much regular tea (though I always have SOME) so things are a mite different here already. Off to bed for me now............G'nite, here's a ROYAL ROAR to y'all.:bravo:

11-15-2007, 06:14 AM
Hello all....

This time I have real excuse.... computer router died....
We decided to switch to wireless and realized the systme I was using was so old it didnt have a USB I HAVE A NEW SYSTEM!!!

And wow, I can't believe the difference....
Just had no idea!

Hope everyone is well...

As for job front, I have news.... but have to give you the update later....
and I promise I'll be back tonight... I am dying to share but we have horrible, horrible fog the last 2 days and I must be off.....

Oh and I had nearly 15 days of sugar free and followed DH into the Coldstone Creamery... so far I don't feel the aftereffects....Maybe I should just count my blessings and take it as an exception and keep moving!

Ok, promise is a promise.... I have lots of other emails to catch up on but the Royals come first tonight!;)

11-15-2007, 08:51 AM
Another day notched in the belt...yeah!

Glad to hear the impromtu dinner party went well Arabella...they are my fav kind. Spontaneous.

:wave: wsw! The colours up here are nearly done...although that burnished coppery colour of the oaks is still flourishing.

Kaylets! A new system....jealous!

Just when is your proceedure Anagram? Sounds like you have your stress in hand...a haircut is a great idea. I'd be bald.

'K, gotta fly....Bye!


11-15-2007, 12:10 PM
Also jealous, K, I lust for wi fi, not available here right now, apparently.

Anagram, hope all goes well with the bloodwork.

Huzzah wsw (always) and to all, mentioned and un ... I am not feelin' well and must do some things to rest up before work assignment tonight ... also I do want to exercise some because it is SEVEN DAYS OUT in my Thanksgivin' countdown.

11-15-2007, 04:20 PM
AND I'm taking a long weekend, starting tomorrow. I almost deferred it but decided to go ahead. I really do need some time off. One week vacations for a year -- pah!

I've got to admit my behavior has been pretty uneven. Good days, bad days. Bad usually when I feel tired, out of sorts. If only I could really learn better coping mechanisms... ok, maybe I'll reword that: I will focus on using better coping mechanisms. Still very sad about my ex and I think there's a component of eating to avoid feeling, too. I'm just going to go ahead and feel it, instead.

That said, today's been a good day and I think maybe i've turned a corner... Had a good run this morning and a set of tai chi, eating's been perfect. Gave myself a mini-pedicure (polish waiting for tomorrow, I think).

Oh, it's so nice to see more :queen:s in the :ginger:

WSW, mmmm... massage! :cloud9: You're so right -- can't be cranky or stressed after a good massage. I'm going to find the time to get back to Migun. Insurance pays for it and I could go 5 times a week if I wanted. Thanks for the reminder!

Anagram, we paralleled again -- I got my hair cut yesterday too! Think it turned out pretty well although not much of a change. Kudos to you on the fabulous coping with stress! Very Royal! :encore:

Kaylets! :) A new 'puter and job news? :hyper: I can't wait to hear all about it!

Ceara, yay for the notches! Oh, absolutely, impromptu is best for dinner guests. O/w I feel like everything's got to be perfect and it's so far off that I'm cranky all day :rolleyes:

Amarantha, my condolences on no high-speed! It was bad enough when everyone was in the same boat but now with everyone else zipping along... :cry: I feel your pain!

K, lovelies. I'm going to get a bit more work done and then get the heck out of Dodge. Love to all!

11-16-2007, 07:57 AM
No zipping here in the cornfields! I'm still dial-up!

Three days under the belt...goin' for four! I don't have too much planned today...but I do want a short walk and a floor workout before I leave the house for gotta move!

Feel better Empress.

Yes eating is definitely tied to emotions...since my employer kicked me in the head in August and then put their dastardly plan into effect in October...I've gained. Well not any more. Headin' the other way!

:wave: Have a great one ladies!

11-16-2007, 09:07 AM
I do feel better, thanks, Sword Bearer. Got in an extra walk last night while waitin' for a meeting.

Re the internet, that will change someday, I hope!

Today must fit everything in fitness wise as best as possible as very busy and traveling ... will be happy camper IF car passes emissions (second try), if not might as well move to the moon as life will go downhill.

So I'm off to do that soon, then the Black Lagoon (town I work in) most of day. New opportunities to get online up there now so mayhap will pop back in.

Apologies again for the me-me-ness ... race be to the swift so I'm off.


11-16-2007, 10:39 AM
And it's Friday in the :ginger:
It's a warm, wild and windy and beautiful day out there. It's supposed to rain by late morning but not happening yet. I've got my sheets on the line and almost dry (although I had to run out and repeg a couple of times), another load in the dryer. Got the trunk full of bottles for recycling, and a bag of stuff to donate to the thrift store. I'm intending to get the Friday house cleanup finished by noon and then to drop stuff off and do the shopping this aft. And relax!

Did the walk/gym/circuits + tai chi this a.m. Plus actually dropped into a building nearby to run the staircase. I managed to run up 6 flights of ten steps each. And was struggling to get to the top (four more flights) but did it. My plan is to incorporate that into the daily routine. Supposed to be very good for quickly building endurance and capacity.

Ceara, here's hoping that the high-speeders get to the cornfields to rescue you soon! Ah, yes, emotional eating. And I know I'd rather feel sad than numb any day. :yes:

Amarantha, glad thee art feeling better today! And good luck on thy chariot emissions test :crossed:

Well, my dovies, if I'm going to do all that I'm going to have to get back at 'er. Love to all! Let's make this a good one! :candy: :candy: :candy:

11-16-2007, 09:39 PM
Ok, I don't understand what I did this morning but I guess it just didnt post....

I have officially nearly finished Day 2 of no sugar.

I work Saturday at least 8 hrs but will be alone so as crazy as it sounds, I will feel like my vacation really has begun even though I will be there....

Job news is that I was called into private meeting and told that only a select few positions had 'salary adjustments'.....

And, as greedy as this might sound, I did ask if this adjustment included the the 2008 merit increase.... and I was told "No it doesn't... merit increases will be given as seen fit..."......

So..... sometimes what seems to be happening is often much, much different.

I am shocked and overwhelmed. I can only think of one other boss who spent so much time making sure I knew how appreciated I was.

So, I am thinking some more... but in an entirely different direction......

Hope everyone is having a truly Royal Friday....

11-17-2007, 04:31 PM
What wonderful news, Kaylets, one that you ARE appreciated (and esp. in the $ way) and two, that you don't have to start the genteel looking around.

High speed around here but not yet in my palace. Adding it to my list of "improvements" but recent ones (not totally resolved yet) have taken so much out of me, there'll be no more for a while. There are times, i'm sure, when I'd really appreciate it.

Gray here this afternoon after nice this morning plus an early social event. Did some running this afternoon and may yet go out to church this evening so I'll be able to stay cozily home in the a.m. when some rain/snow are expected. not to last long - just a nice lazy feeling to be able to take my time about going out. Have some very necessary reading/editting to get done tomorrow so it seems like a messy morning would be the right time to be at it.

I'm sort of starting a countdown too but it isn't until Turkey Day..In nine days at this time, surgery will hopefully be over and I'll be ensconced in my very own Recovery (At Home) Room.

My low numbers (ala scale) aren't usually on my "official" days. But this week it did hit that way. I was down .2 from previous low which would give me less than a pound to go to reach goal. Next "official" day is the morning of T giving - good planning, eh?

Well, off to my tea and a little relaxing before braving the road again.

Cheers to all.

11-18-2007, 12:42 PM
Everybody sleeping in, eh? Don't blame you a bit. Gray here, rainy, etc. Heading off to mall for a short time. Feeling better able to cope with things today. Lots to do betwixt now and Thanksgiving but happy to be able to do it.

Love and hugs, All Royals.

11-18-2007, 12:52 PM
'Twas bright and beautiful when DH and I were out for our walk but it's cloudy now and there's been some granular little snow pellets (hmmm... not so festive. I'm gearing up to be excited about the first nice fluffy flakes.
We went to look into a propane insert for our fireplace yesterday. There's a clunky old wood burner in the space now that does not go at all with the elegant carved stone of the fireplace. We were looking into it in the first place because what's there now is the biggest source of heat LOSS in our house. We'd thought an insert would take care of that problem but hadn't thought it would actually help with the heat.

However, the guy we spoke to said that we could expect to save as much as 50% on our heating bill! AND we'd have a cozy fire. I'm excited! I can't quite imagine how they can fit something to our particular fireplace but they say they can...

I'm taking my mom to a CD launch ( afternoon, which should be very nice. It's for Carolyn McDade and the Gaia singers. I've got a number of friends in the local chapter.

Oh, and while I'm linking to things, here's our performance of The Messiah (

Kaylets! :cp: :cp: Ah, they do see your royal worth! How nice to have that recognized. And recogni$ed, too. :rolleyes: I'm so corny.

Anagram, you are extremely clever to have next WI on Thanksgiving morn. :s: You sound as if you've been getting a fierce amount accomplished lately -- kudos! I'm picking away at stuff here and feeling a bit less overwhelmed.

Hope all are having a lovely, peaceful Sunday -- let's make it a good one!


11-18-2007, 01:15 PM
Congratulations on the downward trend, Anagram, and the .2 down on the official day! (doesn't matter really, down is down, yay you!)

I'm down .5 and am ecstatic but must away to walk with a friend, taking another work day off.

11-18-2007, 04:21 PM
Just jumping in here---I love the challenge of staying on track thru the holidays, but I think I'll find it particularly challenging this year. I've been out of the exercise groove for some time. [a couple of months?] That is, still, working out but without "sincerity", know what I mean? And now as I attempt to get back, I see that Ive lost some of my strength and endurance so that's disheartening. I'm sensing more soul-searching coming up--oh goody...:ginger:

11-20-2007, 07:02 AM
I had one of those "can't get out of my own way" days yesterday, in a semi-funk. Feeling like i've got a bit of a cold for the last couple of weeks although never totally succumbing. Didn't dive off wagon or anything but used up some treat points on a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich on spelt. It was awfully good, but I'm thinking I probably need to go totally gluten-free, especially in the run-up to the festive season.

Anyway, did go to choir practice -- less than 2 weeks to performance! -- and it was fun.

And I'm determined not to let myself be funky (at least in the bad way -- I aspire to funkiness in general :lol: ) today. It's not like I enjoy it or anything, so must resist. :yes: If I'm tired I'll rest and try to refresh myself instead of pushing on. Going to be proactive and determined! :strong: Yay-ah!

Quiet in the :ginger:

Eydie, so lovely to see you here! Are you still doing the sugar-free thing? Give yourself a pat on the back for working out so consistently, even if you feel like it's been lacking a bit of oomph. Bet if you've lost any strength and endurance it's back in no time. Huzzah, I say!

Right then. I've got a recording of last night's practice and must try to figure out how to load it onto my computer. Pray for me. :dz:

K, :queen:lies, let's make this a good one!

:candy: :candy: :candy:

11-20-2007, 09:46 AM
:candy: :ginger: :candy:

Huzzah to all, and nice to see Cosmic Twin E here this chilly morn!

Am be bloggin' all over the place 'bout her latest initiative 'n apologies for the me-me-me-ness o' it all (well, t'is all 'bout ME, right? ... joke, but ye knew that) but here's where I am right now:

"Skipped a day in the Countdown to Consolidation Day, which is a day I have earmarked as December 1, when I will assess whether Am's trek across the Bridge to the Land o' the Wily Wild 125 Beastie has truly taken root in Stalker Am's true heart 'n deep bein' 'n that THIS be the year she will reach the goal (or get close to the goal) or whether mayhap more time be needed in this Dietary Novelette!

Across the Bridge we go, into a world o' snow.

At one time, livin' somewhere else than this tropical land wherein she dwelleth, Am hated snow but now she loveth the season o' change, o' winter solstice when the light cometh back 'n all goals are renewed in the crystal purity o' her fitness-lovin' heart.

So, to make a long story short 'n reiterate, there's 12 days to go! Wo!

Yesterday was NOT a good calorie day and ate slightly above 2100 due to the Deadline Stress Demon. Today will be better on that front. X yesterday was 70 minutes of walking."

Over the hills and so ...

11-20-2007, 09:43 PM
Hello all.....

Can't believe its the end of Tuesday.... Somehow, I too have the "can't get out of my own funk " and have mostly been taking long naps.....
Or am battling fruit flies in my kitchen.... tonight I decided that some bags of dried beans might be where they are coming from so gone, gone, gone.

If anyone knows any tricks to knock them out quick, I'd be grateful. I really dont want to use one of those insecticide bombs as Dh has asthma .....I lit candles hoping they'd be drawn to the flames but that isnt working.... I am spraying them with window spray and then wiping them up but I am also thinking they just fly to a different part of the kitchen....

Tomorrow, I have to get up regular time, get dressed and hit the stores as we;ve been invited for a late dinner on Thursday so I need a veg tray and some sweet potatoes to make a sweet potato and apple casserole.
I also need a dress shirt for DH and maybe find a safe spray that will kill my unwelcome guests....

congrats to all who made the scale move!

And hi Eydie! Glad to see you!

11-21-2007, 07:56 AM
Hello all.....

I am on the way out the door....just wanted to pop in and say hello ....

Here's the thought of the day:

Thought of the day :

"If you have a great ambition, take as big as possible a step in the direction of fullfilling it.
The step may be a tiny one, but trust that it may be the largest one for now.:
Mildred Mcaffee

Question of the day :

"Would you rather sleep in late, take a nap or go to bed early?"

11-21-2007, 09:23 AM
Go to bed early and sleep right through would be my choice!

Am off shortly to wander and drive...have many errands to run and no time to run them! And it is pissing down rain!

11-22-2007, 11:50 AM
Good Morning all......

So far, we have mid 60 temps, I am rethinking today's wardrobe.... layers will be the better choice, we are supposed to have your weather by this evening....

For the first time in a long, long time, DH and I are going to a family member's for the day. DS prefers other entertainment so we have made sure he is "out for the night".

So, we have beautiful weather for most of the day, a chance to interact with other working adults who have similiar grown children issues.....

Hope everyone has a pleasant day....~!

11-22-2007, 12:42 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to those of us in the U.S. 'n Happy Day to dwellers o' other fine lands.

I am taking two days off and also rededicating self on Saturday to being able to work a stressful day without sabotaging my weigh-in with Stress Binges.

K, you might try sprinklin' red pepper 'bout the kitchen ... deters all bugs of all kinds ... there are a lot of flies in my neck o' the woods (no woods here, but anyhow) and the red pepper keeps them out of my house better than any spray. Keeps out the Giant Ants from the Black Lagoon too when sprinkled by doors.

Too bad, though, red pepper doth not help against people causing us stress in life. Maybe the flakes need to be bigger ...

Hmmm. I am waxing philosophical. Time for a nap.

11-22-2007, 02:02 PM
no time to catch up on all your posts now, but i wanted to sneak in fast and say happy thanksgiving to the u.s. contingent, and good wishes to all our other lovely royals. thinking of all of you makes me smile and feel very grateful to have the honor of knowing you. on my way over to friends' home in a little while, so must away. take good care, all.

11-22-2007, 07:39 PM

I am so very thankful for you (and our non-US :queen:lies too). Sounds like peoples have nice days planned for today. I managed to get a fair amount of house-cleaning done, myself. Cleaned out the cupboard where I keep potatoes and onions -- well :eek: It was AWFUL. I had no idea how bad. But emptied it out, scrubbed it and put down pretty green and white grape leaf shelf paper. :)

Kaylets, I think what I'd like best would be to get up early and have a nice nap in the afternoon so I could also stay up late :s:

I've seen people make traps for fruit flies (I've got 'em too) by putting a little piece of banana or some such in a bowl and covering it with saran wrap with a tiny slit in the top. What happens is that the little critters find their way in but can't seem to find the way out back out... :chin: Maybe they gain weight and can't fit through the little hole again. :lol:

Ceara, raining here tonight. We're supposed to have double-digit temps overnight tonight. I'm sick of the cold already :rolleyes:

Amarantha, don't feel like the Lone Ranger -- I've sabotaged the last two WIs with... I think potato chips both times. Had some tamari almonds yesterday but am hoping to have a good WI tomorrow nonetheless.

K, dollings, just about bed-time for me :yawn: Love to all!

11-23-2007, 03:24 PM
:candy: :candy: :candy:
May our journey be merry and bright! No loss at WI this morning but I'm off gluten and feeling like I'm on my way again. Next week I'll have a good loss :yes:

I've actually managed to slow down my eating, making sure to chew everything thoroughly instead of bolting it whole. So much better for the digestion :dz:

And I want to get a pedometer. I'm sure I'm way short of 10,000 steps a day, esp. with working from home.

I'm just going to get through with the stuff I need to finish and then get the heck out of the office. Should be practicing for TM...

Hope all :queen:lies are having a nice Friday and looking forward to a lovely weekend.


11-23-2007, 08:28 PM
Well, sabotaged a little today as the Candy Demon paid a visit to my neighborhood, but one more day until weigh-in ... sadly that is the Saturday from the Black Lagoon coming up ... but I've had a number of good weigh-ins lately and hope the lucky streak will carry me through.

Kind of a me-me postie ... all mine seem to be lately. I am a little concerned about some things. Doubtless all in mind.

Huzzah to Wsw and all named and un ...[/b]

11-24-2007, 12:09 PM
And decidedly wintery, too: well below freezing, windy and snow flakes coming down.

We were out to a birthday celebration last-night for several people in the extended fam. It was a post-dinner, munchies-oriented deal. I planned to eat nothing, after having a good, healthy meal. And that's precisely what I did :encore: Yes, yes, I accept your adulations! Eventually this will result in a weight lossage. This week, i'm thinking, since I'll have been off the gluten. And, somehow :shrug: -- I've also managed to force myself to slow down when I eat (almost had to sit on my hands between bites at first but it's getting easier).

I was thinking yesterday that, even if I haven't been making great progress weight-wise, this is traditionally the time of year that I'd let it go, not pay attention and wait until sometime in the new year to brave the scale and see :eek: that I'd gained more than I thought possible.

I did have 3 glasses of wine last night but they weren't big glasses and I blame the third on my husband, who would not leave when I wanted to go :dz: He didn't want to go to the party in the first place but then he ended up having a good time. It was a bit frantic for me. Too many people in one room, too many simultaneous conversations and the lighting was way too bright. Feh. 'Tis the season.

Amarantha, oh that bad ol' :candy: :devil: Let us banish same!

Awfully quiet in the :ginger: Hope all :queen:lies are having a lovely weekend!

11-25-2007, 08:08 AM
Hello all....
Thanks for the tips on the Fruit flies.... I finally found some forgotten sweet/white potatoes that were the breeding ground. They were in one of those "country" styled veggie cabinets with the screen in front.....
The cabinet is now outside, sparkling cleaned by hosing it down but waiting for the trash man.... I am afraid to bring it back in.....

AND.... I finally, finally got a brainstorm and bought those ugly fly papers AND the glue traps usually adverstised for mice. Because the flies seemed drawn to the kitchen window, I placed 3 glue traps on the window and now, 4 days later, we see maybe one fly per day. The traps have too many on them to tell you ..... I will give it another week or so to make sure.

BUT at least, I found something I could use in my kitchen other than a spray, etc....

DH has decided to start a plan in full force so I am too. He is like the Empress, he enjoys charting, building graphs and etc.....
so he's downloaded some things into his PDA so he can keep a log wherever he goes. You know me, I'm just interested in the results!.....

Its very chilly here too... two days below freezing....

Here we go winter, here we go~

I need to get dressed , have breakfast and get some things done......

Vacation is over... I need to be back in the work world at 6 am tomorrow!

Here we go Day 1, Here we go!

11-25-2007, 02:01 PM
:candy: nothwithstandin', Diet Maiden Amarantha managed to dodge the demons for another good weigh-in with a loss of 2.1! Huzzah! Huzzah!

Adulations to self and also to all who are doin' so well here in the palace and a special huzzah to Wood Nymph for the NO MUNCHIES AT THE MUNCHIE GET TOGETHER victory. That's great and yea, t'is the kind of thing I am working on a lot ... just block out an event ... for me, say, covering an event or working an afternoon in the Black Lagoon or the afternoon of Deadline Day from the Black Lagoon, or a party such as you handled so well, and say, no thanks to ANYTHING (other than perhaps a planned item ... say ONE treat).

A great technique, good job, Arabella.

Working a little today, mostly doing pics. Off to Petsmart for the little queen's food. She has a cold or allergy thing going and am hoping to find something soothing for that also ... no vet required right now as she's fine.

11-25-2007, 09:31 PM
huzzah, amarantha! congrats on the loss! hope little royal queen's cold or allergy is better now.

had very nice thanksgiving, and today had a visit from friends with a new black lab puppy, who is so adorable. what great fun it was to meet new puppy friend.

i need a fresh start card after getting pretty lax today. did ok the past few days, but portions definitely too big today. i will do better tomorrow. greetings to all who dwell in our royal court.

11-25-2007, 11:13 PM
Thanks, Wsw!! :wave: T'is amazing how words of congratulations mean so much to me these days.

Glad ye enjoyed the puppy visit, they really are so cute.

My little royal one is fine, she's sleeping now next to elderly cat. Little demon cat is hiding somewhere in the house, having declined to join the group.

11-26-2007, 08:40 AM
Feeling a little magenta today.


The scale finally budged today. I'm a sliver below ticker, but ... below ticker! Can't wait to move that sucker. Going to be this week FOR SURE. I expect it's the combination of vigilance and being off gluten. I'm going to lose weight before Christmas. :yes: Five pounds is a reasonable, doable goal and I will do 'er. :)

Managed to run up 8 flights today, 80 steps. Last flight was getting pretty slow and I could NOT have run up one more but I can see how this thing works. I'm looking forward to the time when I can start in the basement and run up 12 flights, run down and repeat. Yeah-ah! :dance:

Kaylets, congrats on getting rid of your FFs! I thought of one other tactic. They are said to often breed in drains, so pouring a kettle of boiling water down the drain is supposed to get rid of them pretty well. Going to have to try that my own self today as DH is threatening to buy spray.

AMARANTHA!!! 2.1 fluffies gone where the bad fluffies go -- fabulous! :cb: :cb:

Our sole cat now is very much into sleeping all day and not much interested in going outside now that the temps are almost always below freezing. Can't say I blame her :chin:

WSW, your puppy visit sounds fun! They're so frisky and loveble. Sort of like grandchildren :lol:

Where beist all our other :queen:lies?

Anagram, when's your surgery? I have the feeling that it's soon.

Kat, if thou lurkest :hug: Hope things are going well.

Ceara, bet you're busy busy busy. Remember to take care of yourself!

Eydie, don't be a stranger -- we quickly get used to seeing thy :queen:ly countenance in the Palace.

K, much to do today. Tonight's the final evening practice for TM and I must get in some practice through the day. Got laundry going, have to make soup for lunch, straighten the house (Wasn't it just relatively straight on Friday?).

And, then, of course, there's work. :dz: Better hop to it. Love to all! Let's make this a good one.


11-26-2007, 11:05 PM
Hello all!

First day back from vacation.....didnt go as bad as I was afraid. Although the boss did grab a big fat folder and handled it for me, I had an equally big pile of brand new work waiting for me so ..... .....beat goes on.....

Upside Overtime work is now available again and I am going in early to get a lasso around that monster pile.....

So, WSW, catch me up, I missed something along the way..... are you the proud owner of new pup??? Or did you just have a visitor?
Seems like no matter what the breed, they truly are man's best friend....

WoodNymph.... good idea to slow down and savor. I do the same thing myself.....
And yes, slow but sure....

Empress.... you are doing well too.....

I wonder how the Fair Anagram is doing in her realm.... I trust the Royal Princess and the young Princesses are keeping a mindful eye on the Kingdom's affairs....

As for me..... DH is motivated to start a fresh WW's plan online.... So I am movtivated to make good soups and pack safe lunches.... Or at least I was tonight.... trying to get 2 or 3 days worth of meals planned and just keep moving forward like that.... Day to day is too much to stay ahead.


Ceara, Edie, Kat, and all other Royals not mentioned.....

Let's remember our theme song.....

Progress, not perfection......

Fresh Start... No Guilt!!

Night to all!

11-27-2007, 09:55 AM
Good morning, Good :queen:lies!

'Tis rainy and a little foggy here. Not terribly cold, which is a blessing. The scale nudged a smidgen more today so I can almost :hyper: move my ticker. Maybe tomorrow! I did a half-hour on the mini-tramp and then yoga. Got sound yoga at lunch time but it's not that physical.

Hard to believe that The Messiah will have come and gone this weekend -- our performance, that is. There's a community sing-along Messiah that the choir hosts during the Christmas week but the high-pressure performance will be out of the way. And we'll have months to prepare for Mozart's Requiem, which we're doing for Easter.

Must say, I'm in favor of the way the calendar has arranged itself this festive season. I should get in a solid week and a half of not having to work desperately hard. :)

Kaylets, that's great that your DH is going WW! It makes it so much easier. My DH is pretty health-conscious so I don't feel like I've got to fight him all the way along.

I think Anagram's surgery was scheduled for sometime about now. Let's all send her :goodvibes: and :grouphug:

Just checked back in the thread. By my reckoning, surgery was yesterday. Hope our valiant :queen: Anagram is recovering splendidly and being well-looked after.

And love, love, love to all! Let's be Regal, shall we? :yes:

11-27-2007, 01:10 PM
kaylets-welcome back from vacation. hope all that work catch-up won't be too much of a pain. the puppy was only a visitor, but she was so cute, it was pretty hard to hand her back to her mommy and dady when they were getting ready to leave. :) it was a delightful visit, i must say.

hi arabella-glad to hear your hard work is moving your scale ever downward. congrats! also, nice to know your festive season is panning out well thus far.

definitely sending good vibes to our anagram, and hoping that the surgery goes/went well, and that the healing will prove to be as smooth sailing as possible.

hi amarantha! i got inspired by your efforts in moving that demon scale downward, and with my fresh start card firmly in hand, i am motivated and on the right track. i even weighed this morning, and actually it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, fortunately. onward and downward!

well, greetings to all our lovely queens, mentioned and
-un. take care, all.

11-27-2007, 02:47 PM
Huzzah, Royals! This be a fly by to say hi! Must away as off today! Really just watchin' my puppy as she worrieth me a little with the allergy thing, but all has seemingly been goin' well with her.

Congrats to Arabella for movin' that ticker down a beat or so. All those stairs, where are ye doin' 'em? Do you have these at home?

K, glad thou be enjoyin' the back-to-work beat, seemingly. Overtime be a good thing.

Wsw, YE always inspire ME, lass. Take care o' that fresh start card.

E, where'er ye be! :wave:

Ditto to Sword Bearer! :wave:

And to all others, mentioned or un ...

11-28-2007, 06:09 AM
Good Morning Wonderful Wednesday!!!

I can hear the wind outside and its definitely a little chilly near the window.....

That's how it goes near the shore here..... Things can change very quickly.....

Yes, I like that Wood Nymph....Lets Be Regal......
That should be printed in a prominent place on the Fresh Start Card.....

Liking that thought a lot......
( As she imagines herself walking with a tiara with perfect posture.....)

I'm off to get the rest of the desk stampede under control..... Managed to get a few safe and sound in the corral but technical issues with many new employees mean lots and lots of small but VITAL details are being missed.
Which means of course, things are taking 3, 4 times longer than they should....

But, I did make progress and the errors are not mine so 2 out of 3 is a very good thing!!

Thought of the day:

"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this:
You haven't."
Thomas Edison

Question of the day:

"Name a situation you succeeded when the odds were against you."




11-28-2007, 12:13 PM
Are we not :queen:s? :yes:

I had a lovely breakfast with a friend this morning and then ran into a woman I hadn't seen in 9 years. Lovely, lovely but took a couple of hours out of my morning. I have not been at my most productive the last little while and am going to have to make up for it. Ah well... Can do.

Haven't done any x yet today but for a little yoga but I'll definitely get a walk in and do more yoga, too.

I did some online Christmas shopping, so am feeling like I've got stuff done.

Kaylets, ahhh... what a lovely procession we'll make, tiaras in place and perfect posture all down the line as we sashay towards the solstice. Let's go!

Love to all :queen:lies! Let's make this a good one!

11-30-2007, 09:00 AM
Good morning, Rega Ones,

/surgery was Monday, //////doing ok - trouble accessing 3fc. /WILL BE reading. Posting as can = a little tough right now.

11-30-2007, 09:50 AM
Going slightly mad with end-of-month work and getting ready for The Messiah and etc. But coping, no stress eating.

Got my 5-pound star at WW this a.m. Still can't quite move ticker but it's within .5 ... Soon, soon.

Anagram! Thanks for stopping in. So glad to hear that your surgery was ok. I'll send you some Reiki, if you'd like.

K, must reattach nose to grindstone. Love to all, mentioned or un- Let's take this day and do our level best with it.

12-01-2007, 10:56 AM
Innocent Diet Maiden Amarantha and her mentor, Diet Wise Woman, along with other assorted diet 'n fitness adventurers such as Diet Fairie, Fitness Elf, etc., have crossed the bridge this Diet Consolidation Day (a diet holiday Am made up) into Diet Consolidation Land. As they stood on shore, they waved good-bye to some entities they had known before such as a host o' Diet Demons of all kinds (e.g., the Nemo Cake Demon, the Candy Bar Demon, the I've Lost Interest Demon, the Don'tCall it a Diet Even if it IS 'Cause if it's a Diet I Might Have to Commit Myself Demon, and some others).

The first thing they noticed in Diet Consolidation Land is that EVERYONE, slim or not so slim, was busy busy busy consolidatin' their healthy weight 'n fitness management efforts. Everyone was clear eyed, rational 'n disciplined about their efforts and seemed to enjoy it. A helpful constable in the first village they came to explained that enjoyment was the law in Diet Consolidation Land and that whiners were subject to fines if overheard moanin' about havin' to diet 'cause ALL subjects in the Land valued health 'n livin' life at a rational weight above all other goals except love. And love, said the constable, came best to those livin' a rational life, so it all kind of went hand in hand.

He directed them to the northern portion of the Land where at Healthy Weight 'n Fitness Castle FIFTEEN days hence a massive celebration o' the Land's special holiday National Diet Day took place. He said pilgrims of all kinds were even now makin' their way there in preparation for participatin' in this great holiday celebration. He said the pilgrims' journey was sometimes hard, through many deep dark diet dilemmatic forests and that they should arm themselves with some the special diet magic o' hocus pocus focus focus and start off immediately.

"We'll do 'er," said the diet adventurers. "By the time we reach the castle, we pledge we will be stronger in mind 'n body and resolve to consolidate our DIET efforts."

The hearty band o' diet wanderers then set off in the direction o' the castle and agreed to perform a Ceremony o' the Golden Scale the next morning in a clearing the constable told them about. Following that they would further CONSOLIDATE their plan.

Film at 11.

12-01-2007, 04:26 PM
:candy: :candy: :candy:

Last practice was this a.m. DH and I walked around the harbour to the Centre. Somehow, I've ended up in the front row, sadly no alto singing in my left ear and no one hiding me in front :dz: It occurs to me that choristers who've done this before may go early so as to nab comfortable, mid-section seats. :chin: I had to chose between being beside a very loud soprano and being thrust into the front row. At least I've got altos singing behind me... And I'm sure it will be all right :crossed:

:snowglo: It was really storming when we came out of practice. And now it's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas... Nice! I just don't want it to continue tomorrow. After the concert we've got our best friend couple (also in the choir) coming for dinner. They're bringing eggplant parmesan. I'm making a salad with baby greens, red onion, avocado and toasted walnuts and smoked salmon canapes. I've got 4 butter tarts in the freezer for dessert. I just won't eat one. :zip:

Diet and exercise go well. I've felt tired and a bit under the weather but have managed not to turn to ye olde drug of choice. Have been focusing intention during Reiki on (among other things) not desiring to eat for reasons other than hunger and it seems to be making a difference.

Amarantha, yeah. I'm moving to diet consolidation land for every day must be diet consolidation day. Huzzah!

K, :queen:lies, must get in a little more practice and then it's dinner and movie time. Hope all queens are nestled snugly in the :ginger:

12-01-2007, 08:57 PM
anagram-so glad your surgery is behind you now, and that it went ok! i hope your recovery is going well so far, too. sending lots of good healing thoughts your way. :)

amarantha-i be with thee in diet consolidation land!

arabella-hope your concert goes well tomorrow, and that you have a pleasant dinner with your friends afterwards.

and a hearty hello to all royals! now that it is getting colder here, it is yet another excuse i could use (but am not presently---nor will i) to jump off the wagon. i am resolved to keep trudging forward. i haven't been sleeping too well the past few nights, so hopefully tonight will be a different story. i actually have been finding most of my christmas presents without too much trouble. i had to get a few upcoming birthday gifts and also seemed to have managed to find quite a few christmas gifts along the way too. i am not usually this far ahed with all of that, so am pleasantly surprised. speaking of gifts--- tomorrow, i need to do a little healthy grocery shopping for myself. i kind of wore out today before i could get to it, but tomorrow i will do that. well, hope everyone has a good evening. thinking of you all. take care.

12-03-2007, 08:52 AM
Fresh start Monday! How did the Messiah go Arabella? Front and center is you said you have support behind you!

I'm off for breakfast, a walk and some shopping today I think....still on cloud nine after yesterday. A girl I co-own...Cheyenne, went Best in Show yesterday! Owner, breeder handled! That is unusual these day! I'm still somewhere in ga-ga land!

12-03-2007, 10:38 AM
Our friends last night announced a new concept: A Boxing Day after every major event. (For my American cousins, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas and a holiday in Canada.) Thus, today is a holiday because of that big event yesterday.

The concert went pretty well yesterday although my position wasn't ideal -- nobody to my left and the rows were raised so the people behind me were singing over my head. I started out trying to be quiet in case I made a mistake and then I just felt like the choir wasn't singing loudly enough and I'd better get over it and just sing. Anyway, I didn't perform any solos. Came in with the sopranos once but caught myself. :o Next year I'll know it better :yes:

Dinner was a little on the celebratory side -- too much wine and I did have a handful of chips and a sliver of cheesecake. Today I've got that "want that sugar out of my system" feeling. Glug.

Hey Ceara! Congrats on your girl!

WSW, it's nice when things fall into place like that. Sometimes shopping can be such a chore. I confess I've done most of mine online so far this year. Easy!

Anagram, sending good recovery energy to you. Hope you can enjoy this quiet time and that you aren't hampered too badly. :goodvibes:

K, Dollings -- I guess it's not really a holiday at all. Oh well... May your day be merry and bright anyway!


12-03-2007, 03:19 PM
ceara-congrats on the win by cheyenne!! very cool!

arabella-i feel like i could picture you singing in the choir, and a lovely picture it was.

and hello to all royal dwellers. a quickie to say i feel like i'm definitely on a better food plan now, which hopefully i can stick with more easily. on my way out to complete errands. have a good remainder of your day, all. take care.

12-03-2007, 07:06 PM
Of course it's a real holiday, Arabella. when we're Royal, we can make any day a holiday. And lots of them. Boxing Day in my house was always celebrated as the Feast of Stephen as that was DHs name day.

Congrats too on your girl, ceara. Makes it all worthwhile, no.

Thanks for the good thoughts wsw. sounds like your life is going better lately.

Yes, I'm healing. It's going well, though restrictive. Can't wear contact lenses, tie shoes, wear bra, etc, etc. But all in all, could be worse. And time passes. Not able to read well (because of getting positioning right) is m y biggest disappointment so far. But pleased with progress and taking in lots of tv. Trying to make the Royal Most of it all ;)

Messiah always sounds so lovely...........

12-03-2007, 09:11 PM
anagram-so glad you are healing well. not being able to do some of the basics you described while you are healing, though, must be very frustrating. your queenly attitude is----well, queenly. :)

12-03-2007, 09:55 PM
Anagram! Glad to hear you are progressing.... the not being able to read must be misery but I am hoping that will pass soon.....
We missed you!

Ceara! Congrats on best in show....! Exciting!

Woodnymph!! Concert well done! Good for you!

Wsw! Trudging is very respectable and inspiring too!

Empress! to both, diet woman and the novice.... learning, learning, we learn by doing!

That enormous noise you heard was not an earthquake or sonic boom but me falling mightily off the wagon...

I will spare the details....
Yes, it was sugar related.....

And I will suffer tomorrow for sure.....

Learning by doing......

So, I will readjust the tiara and go forward....




12-04-2007, 07:28 AM

I think I'm suffering a little post-Messiah let-down. Couldn't get out of my own way all day yesterday. Didn't exercise. And then, in the afternoon, OH how the sugar called to me. I'm sure it was just having some in my system from the dinner the night before -- oh, and probably also having The Messiah done. Wow. I knew that sugar was powerful but ... wow. It was tooth-and-nail and nip-and-tuck all afternoon. I found myself thinking, yes, this really is an addiction, isn't it. I guess the reason it's not usually that hard is that I usually give in :dz: Problem solved! :rolleyes:

Ok, so now I know all that I know that I'm going to have to get enough going on today that I'm not easy prey for the :candy: :devil: Seriously, that way lies misery. And I know it. I kept telling myself all afternoon that if I successfully fought the :devil: off I'd be that much stronger next time. I guess it's true.

Oh, lights flickering -- going to post and come back.

12-05-2007, 11:38 AM
I've been feeling like hibernating since the concert. :yawn: If only! I'd probably be slender by spring. But I can't so have to push self up out of rut and onward.

I hopped off the wagon yesterday. After my valiant and successful fight of the day before. I think then I was expecting to feel enthusiastic yesterday and when that didn't happen... Ka-thunk! Off the wagon. Working myself around to a better mood and 'tude today. Really, it's not so bad!

I was offline most of yesterday, courtesy of the storm. But here's what I saved:

So we're supposed to have a lot of snow and cold weather this year. I believe it! :rolleyes: We had no more than a flake or two of snow before December and now we're on our second snow storm. It's pretty out there and only around the freezing mark but wild. :snowglo: I'd better finish and get out of here. Hate to lose a post!

Kaylets, I love the image of you adjusting your tiara, raising chin and sweeping regally onward. :) Kudos! That's what we've got to do :yes:

WSW, thanks for "seeing" me at the concert. That means a lot, to have my sweet Royal friend in the crowd. :) At the concert, I felt a spirit come up to me and thought it was DH's mom. And then my mom, who was physically in the audience said that she felt Kate's presence throughout the performance, as if she was sitting with them.

Anagram, that is the :queen:ly attitude! Gosh, attitude really is everything. That's very inspiring! I've got nothing much holding me back but a less than queenly state of mind, so I'd better adjust tiara and attitude and make something of my day instead of floundering.

I remember the Feast of Stephen! :)

Going to see if i can post now... :crossed: I've saved to file though so you won't have to do without my immortal words :p should the connection be gone. Let's make this a good one!

12-06-2007, 05:44 PM
Ah, Wise Regal queen - smart enough to Save - something I should remember to do.

Things about same. Reading a tad more - going to look for other glasses in a minute. See if that helps. Probably not. Progress, progress but slow, slow. Our snow was pretty yesterday and not enough to last too long. Maybe until the day after tomorrow. Of course I have not been out in it.

Seeing surgeon tomorrow so decided to be laid back about it all today because I'm sure tomorrow will bring some changes. Good ones, I hope.

Forgive lack of more personal notations. Typing still a real problem.

12-07-2007, 10:27 AM
:candy: :candy: :candy:
Just back from WI where I found I have squoze off another half-:dance: Well, I'd love to be really motoring along but even getting anything off is progress in this, the traditional "let it go till after Christmas" food fest. AND I get to, finally, finally move that ticker.

I know full well that if I don't concentrate now I'll end up fatter after Christmas. Just in time for our company meetings :p
And I CAN step it up and lose more. :yes: All I have to do is make more of an effort -- get that little bit more exercise every day, watch portion sizes, etc.

Tonight's DH's office party. It's not too bad, usually enough good options for dinner -- chicken, salad, etc -- that as long as I forego the bread and dessert (which I WILL) I'll be ok. Then Sunday is our family Christmas party. Think I'll take veggies and hummus. Not the most thrilling but healthy and if I take them then I can count on them. Then Wednesday is choir reception, Thursday is writing group potluck and next Sunday... It's really an awful lot like a minefield full of rum balls and truffles...


Anagram, hope your visit to the surgeon brings all good things! I've got my first physical in ... I don't know how long on Monday. I'll be glad to have that over with.

Our snow seems destined to stick around. Minus 11 an hour or so ago and I'm sure it was colder than that earlier, when we were out. I've ordered a quilted, hooded coat and a pair of high shearling boots. I WILL be warm! I know I'll be able to get myself out for extra walks more easily if I know I'll be able to be comfy. It sure gets breezy -- ha! -- around the harbour.

K, Dollings, 'tis Friday and I've got oompteen things to do. Love to all (where ever you are!). Let's make this a good one!

12-07-2007, 11:15 AM
:hyper: It was really fun moving that ticker. Amazing how a single pound can seem so momentous. Nevertheless, I've lost over 10 pounds in the past six months and I could easily have gone further than that in the other direction.

Aaaaannnd... drumroll, please -- I tried on a pair of "new" jeans that weren't close to fitting before and got into them WITHOUT the shoe horn. Admittedly, they're snug. But a few deep-knee bends and they'll be swell. They're a nice dark pair in a size 15. I'm thrilled!

Truthfully, I had more pasta than usual last night and some parmesan and I'd been thinking I'd end up skipping WI this morning :o So this is all like a bonus, but very encouraging! Huzzah!

12-08-2007, 01:19 AM
Hello, my long lost friends! I am actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. (literally! I've had both my eyes fixed--cataracts removed--and am thrilled at how much I can now see...and amazed at what I couldn't see before!) :yikes:

Saturday morning, bright and early, I will be taking my certification exam for medical coding and then...then! I can get my life back. No more :book2: Time to get the Christmas train rolling and especially time to get back in here regularly and time to get back into the serious business of self improvement.

I've missed you all terribly and can't wait to catch up on all the royal shenanigans! :queen:


12-08-2007, 10:24 AM
Oh, kat, so good to hear from you~and both cataracts gone- wonderful. Good luck on exam! We know you'll do well though.

And Arabella, what wonderful news! Yes, it's much easier to have gone up ten pounds than down and I know how hard earned each ounce is. And "new" jeans- so great.

I know the old bod feels all out of whiz again after the last two weeks on drugs and laying around. All was well at surgeon - the worst is over (I tell myself) and now it's more patience and PT. I will be starting that (I've done a little at home to keep things at bay) this week - need to get it scheduled (and drivers). I'm bad at asking for favors and getting my drivers will be hard in that sense but so many people have offered, it shouldn't be too difficult. Have also begun to feel the isolation a bit but that, too, should leave his week. Thursday a friend came in with a meal (not too healthy but a fave) and before the surgeon visit, driving friend took me to a nice little place where I was able to get another fave for lunch. DD thinks I should be losing a lot of weight because I'm not eating all that much. Little does she know how untrue that will work out to be.

One little "chuckle" victory was that the day I checked in for the surgery and had to be weighed I came in two pounds under the wt I had listed on admission forms and that was wearing my men's velcro shoes (yes, Kaylets, back to them for a while again). And we know how we always "shave" things a bit when actually writing down a wt. So at least a little smile on my face at that moment. Nice scale.

Bad weather on and off again this weekend so I've decided to go with it. Played Christmas music so far this morning. Off to get dressed, do exercises (for shouilder - not whole body). Plan to make four long overdue phone calls this weekend, cleanout some emails before computer crashes from weight of them. Play family videos, old movies, tapes I've never gotten to. All the things I've been planning to do all along but didn't feel up to doing. It's this weekend, luvvies. Also had bought the book "You Staying Young" and that's calling out for me as I try to remotivate. Not promising me much since I'm still really limited but I CAN try to keep my spirits up.

Loving your active Christmas life, Arabella. Mine doesn't look good this year but am looking at possibly a luncheon this week. Have paid, reserved, set ride. Depends on how well I'm doing and how decently I think I'll be able to present myself. Fingers crossed.

Well, Tra La La, Regal Folk


12-08-2007, 01:21 PM
And the scale moved another pound! Probably, at least in part, because we were at DH's staff party last night and dancing like mad things (that was fun!) However, had I not been careful with what I ate, the scale would have registered a gain instead. So I'm taking it and running! :present:

No parties tonight -- it'll be nice to cozy up and watch a movie. Making brown rice pasta with a spicy scallop-tomato sauce and a nice, big fresh salad.

I've got a sound yoga class this afternoon as part of a benefit for a friend just diagnosed with an especially aggressive type of breast cancer. There will definitely be a lot of good energy there :yes: And DH has actually agreed to come with me. :)

Hey! :queen: Kat is in the house! Congrats on getting through all that studying. Guess by this time you've already aced that test...

Anagram, what a lovely long post! :) My bod's feeling a little on the pulverized side today and sore-footed but we did get in an hour-long walk and will have another half-hour to and from the benefit.

Your weekend sounds lovely! And nasty weather just makes that kind of cozying up feel that much nicer. I've sworn that I'm going to manage an evening over the holidays to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Carol." DH isn't as enthusiastic about watching them every year :shrug:

Hope all Queenly folk are having a wonderful weekend. Let's make it a good one!


12-09-2007, 01:21 PM
Not meanin' to skimp on greetin' everyone and givin' a huzzah for all accomplishments I see here since I've been kind of absent, but just in a hurry to meet someone for a walk ... noticed that since I've been gone I had not updated my sig to reflect a .8 gain of last week so current sig now reflects a .6 loss, not a gain from what it still showed but what was really not correct.

Sorry, I am a data freak.

I am still on my countdown to MY made-up holiday of National Diet Consolidation Day ... 7 days to go!

I have redesigned my goals to reflect the reality that I will not reach ULTRA GOAL by the end o' December and am moving that to some as yet undetermined date in January.

I like reality. It works best for me. No sadness, I have kicked some Diet Demon Whatever this season and am really on my way for the first time in a long time.

Must away!

12-09-2007, 01:22 PM
I'm back. Took myself to Weight Watchers bright and early this morning...I managed to gain 5# since the last time I was there. ( seems like an eternity ago) I had rejoined then and then things kicked into high gear with my dad and I never went back after that first meeting. I did keep up with it for a bit, online, but that also faded away. Speaking of online, I came upon my weight from last January on the WW site. *sigh* I'm 6.5 lbs heavier than I was almost a year ago. It could be worse, I suppose, but it's time to put a stop to poor habits and turn this juggernaut around and get things moving in the RIGHT direction!

That said, I did finally take the Leslie Sansone Walk Slim-4 Fast Miles dvd out of the Netflix wrapper that it's been sitting in for about two weeks now, and put it to proper use. It felt great to work up a sweat and move my creaky, flabby body once again!

One thing about my amazing new vision is that I'm suddenly aware of how OLD I look! Good lord, I frighten myself when I look in the mirror! And FAT? Oy. More than anything, I'm motivated to lose weight, not for health reasons, but for purely narcissistic reasons! I'm horrified at what I look like! How did I let myself go this far?

As part of my new regime, I'm determined to post my weight on a tracker and just put it out there. I haven't up til this point because I was always so embarrassed at being so much heavier than everyone here, but I've come to realize that you girls have some impressive stats and I will draw inspiration from all of your successes!

Yes, this was all about me, me, me. I have every intention of reading the entire thread and catching up with everyone's doings, but for now, I need a quick nap and then I'm off for a desperately needed haircut and some color. New stylist...I'm a little nervous about this...but change is good...and much needed! :crossed:

It's good to be back, I feel like I'm home!

12-10-2007, 09:13 AM
And it feels so much more like home when you're here, kat. I'm always amazed how much I miss our Royals when one doesn't post for a while. And those who have wandered afar and lost their way home.

No me, me, mes. Reading about goals and ambitions and plans helps me a lot in at least ntrying to keep up with the wagon. Huzzah on not kicking self re flexibility of goals. I'm a Real :queen: on that one. And dancing away a pound sounds like the best way to go.

Lots of discomfort this weekend. I think in my desire to get extra drugs out of my life, I went a bit too fast too soon and had to regress a bit yesterday. And my left arm is complaining that I am asking it to do so much more than has ever been expected of it. So it's a Fresh start Monday here again. I almost felt brave enough to try the scale yesterday. Today less inclined. Maybe Thursday - my regularly scheduled day.

I did manage some of my goals for the weekend. Watched one tape that's been here for several years so at least I know what it's like. Watched some schmaltzy Christmas shows, made at least four overdue phone calls. Will be hitting phones once "beautiful" for the day, trying to get the week setup.

Well, anyway, a Royal Shoutout to all :queen:s near and far, posting or not (we know we have some quiet friends out there and feel free to pop in when it strikes you).

I'm happy that at least typing has become less difficult. I feel better when I'm "home" in the palace too.

12-10-2007, 12:04 PM
:brr: And it's a cold one! I'm waiting impatiently for my high shearling boots to arrive at the door, followed closely by my quilted, hooded coat. I will be so much happier to be out there if I'm not freezing my kanoogies off. :yes:

I've got my first physical in, like, 10 or 12 years this afternoon. :crossed:

Kat, is that all -- only 5 pounds since September? And only 6.5 in almost a year? That's nuthin'! I think we'd have to call it maintaining, in fact. Which is pretty much what I've been doing this past year, too. If I hadn't been weighing myself regularly I probably would have gained about 30 because I can easily do that "without noticing." :shocksn:

No harm done and the perfect time to get going again -- 'sall good! Congrats on going back to WW!

Anagram, sorry you were suffering on the weekend -- how frustrating! You're wise to backtrack and go easier. I think I'm going to WI on Thursday this week too because my writing group potluck is Thursday night and I usually weigh in on Friday mornings. I'm going to behave myself but I won't be totally in control of what's available and will be eating later than usual so ... putting pedal to the metal to try to have a loss by Thurs.

I'm lazy today -- tired from too much activity on the weekend. I always hate to face up to physical limitations but the fact is, being out dancing on Friday night was enough for me for the weekend. Add in a couple of other engagements and ... well, I'm still pooped. Early night tonight, I think. I could crawl into bed right now... :yawn:

K, lovelies, I must be off and doing. Have a wonderful day! :dance:

12-10-2007, 07:57 PM
Thank you for the lovely words, my friends. It is good to be back, I have missed coming here so much! Gives me strength!

Today I had a wobbly start, if only because I was so darn busy at work last night that I never had time to fix the lovely oatmeal and walnuts snack I had brought with me. It's true what they say...don't let yourself get too hungry! I came home ravenous, gobbled some celery and low fat dip, (not bad), a couple handfuls of pretzels and a diet coke, (still okay) and then... the gigantic chocolate muffins from Costco that my husband insists upon buying that I can usually resist... called to me from the counter: "PSSST! Over here! Yeah, that's right, I'm talking to you! Don't I look delicious? Mmm hmm. Hey! It's okay! You haven't eaten all night and you had a really crappy night, so it really is okay! Whatya mean you're on Weight Watchers? Who cares how many points I am? What's a point, anyway? Come on, you know you want me! Don't forget the milk!"

So I did succumb to his charms. BUT! I counted the points, and have acknowledged that I can't let myself get that hungry again. The scale did show a delightful water loss number today anyway, so it's all good.

Moving forward...'s hoping that you are feeling better today... schmaltzy Christmas shows go a long way in the healing, nurturing process! I'm due for an "It's a Wonderful Life" viewing around one will watch it with me...grinches!

Arabella...I hope that your physical went well. And that your kanoogies have not frozen off! thrilled to hear of your diet demon's a$$ kickin'!

Kaylets...I love the image of you picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, readjusting the tiara, and climbing back up on the wagon! Put your seat belt on this time, honey!

ceara...Congrats on your win! :cp: I was actually thinking of you as I was watching the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving... How thrilling for you!

wsw, Eydie... :wave: Hoping that you are surviving the hustle and bustle of the season.

Time for me to make dinner...there's a gigantic salad and a walk with the dog in my immediate future.

Have a lovely night, faire queens!

12-11-2007, 08:27 AM
:brr: We seem to have run out of oil in the middle of the night, despite being on automatic fill. And the furnace was making some kind of weird knocking/humming noise that I kept waking up, wondering what it was, and trying to get back to sleep. Finally woke up for the night at around 2:30. Hope they're here to fill up the tank and get the furnace going again. It's COLD! I've got a little space heater in here so I'm not too bad but not what you'd call comfy.

The doctor's appointment -- as far as I know at this point -- went well. He said I seem to be a pretty healthy lady. Mind you, that's before any tests come back but... :crossed: We did have a weight conversation. He was trying to impress upon me that, even if you only eat really healthy foods, you still have to watch amounts to control weight. As he so eloquently put it:

Cows eat nothing but grass and hay and look at them. :moo:
So. I don't like it much but I have to admit the man has a point. :chin:

He also did a pap smear, so that's another nasty checked off my list. Now just the colonoscopy to look forward to :rolleyes:

I was hungry when I came home and I also succumbed to the chocolate -- a 100 gram bar. For the curious it was dark chocolate, a Black & Green Maya Gold (orange/spice flavored). Organic, fair trade -- only guilt is the 526 calories. Got to enforce that "only at the table" rule again. :dz:

Kat, I remember a friend of mine who was in AA saying that they heard, over and over, about the importance of the "HALT" rule: Never get too Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired. For me, the hungry and tired are the killers. Either one lowers my resistance something wicked.

On we go! I'd better get some work done before I fade out. Which could happen any time :yawn: Hmmmm... could be cozy in bed...

Let's make this a good one, Goilies!

12-11-2007, 04:27 PM
Sheesh - out of heat - no good except if it burns a few of those delicious 526 calories. And chocolate muffins (esp mocha but really any flavor) would be calling my name too. Have had more than a few during my recuperation. Only one left in freezer.

So why was I surprised when I stepped on scale today and rechecked it today because I couldn't believe the number? Up about 8 pounds from most recent lows. Now some I'm sure I'll lose when I'm up and at 'em but some I'm sure will still be with me.

Starting PT tomorros (ouch!). Still not able to drive so been calling on friends. I've scheduled appts. through Christmas and only need 2-3 more friends on board for drivers. Can only make so many calls at a time though. NOT looking forward to this. But DID manage to get back to contact lenses yesterday and today added compression hose to the mix so it's progress of a sort.

Rainy, damp etc still. Ah well = had no other plans anyway - see plan for weekend.

Deck the Halls.......

:wreath: :wreath: :wreath:

12-12-2007, 06:16 AM
Hello all!

Kat! Glad you've found your back! Remember, you are dealing with lots of NEW issues..... You really are doing the best you can right now!

Anagram! Glad to see you are seeing some progress, albeit, not as much as you want.... It'll come together!

Woodnymph! Hope you have heat by now! Its not that cold down here ( compared to your realm)....but I sure would miss my heat....

Its very raw..... right to the bone....Luckily, I found some teas that have been waiting for me.....

More long hours for me this week as next week is another week of vacation....
Use it or lose it.... I sure would be glad if they just would pay me for it BUT.... I guess it will be nice to have another week of no plans.....

TO all I didnt mention, I only saw the last page.... I hope you are all doing well in your kingdoms!

Here we go WEDNESDAY!!!!

12-13-2007, 09:45 AM
It's a beautiful winter day out there. This year's really putting the boots to any expectation of fall lasting until Dec. 21 -- long gone! We had a storm on the 1st and it's been looking a lot like Christmas ever since. Maybe this is the year I'll take up snowshoeing/x-country skiing... It could happen...

Plans to WI this morning instead of tomorrow went kaflooey. Weight up inst. down. I fear I'm going to have to concentrate more and use more discretion. Who knew the weight wouldn't just fall off because I wanted it to? :shrug: It's not that I'm not putting in an effort, just that -- clearly -- I'm not putting in enough effort.

The choir sang carols for a VIP reception at the arts center last night. My friend wanted to sing with the sopranos because she didn't know the alto parts and said the sopranos sing the melody. We needed more altos, I think -- will sit in that section next year. Now there's just the Sing-along Messiah and then we've got no more performances until Easter, when we're doing Mozart's Requiem. Lotta music to learn!

Kaylets, vacation sounds good to me! :cloud9: Enjoy! The house was warm again by dinner time. Just in time for a hot shower and dinner and then into bed. :yawn:


Anagram, huzzah for contacts! I like my new glasses but when I had to wear them all the time for a couple of weeks I got sick of it. Contact lenses are so convenient. Except at the end of the day when I'd prefer to be able to just take a pair of glasses off my face. I'm so lazy!

K, must be up and at 'em. Let's make this a good one!

12-13-2007, 08:11 PM
Quick fly-by amidst crazy christmas doin' much to do, so little time, such lousy weather! :rain:

Here's hoping all is well with all :queen:s, near and far....

Back to work, I was actually checking a price for a gift, on Amazon, when I felt the need to pop in...must pop OUT now.


12-14-2007, 08:38 AM
Hi all! Work has hopefully been resolved...a long process. Still waiting on test results for me....all's well otherwise. I'm still grinning from the Best in Show is not done...but hey! I've started it!

Have an early hair appt before a supply shift must boogey! Have a great day!

12-14-2007, 09:47 AM
Good Morning, all! I'm just waiting for my coffee to brew...have already been outside today, got a fair share of exercise in by doing some...gardening? Hey! better late than never! With all that went on around here this past fall, I never got around to doing a good flower bed cleanout. When a day came where I actually had time to get something/anything done, invariably, it would rain. So, everytime I'd walk in my front door, I'd feel so guilty, seeing all the floral skeletons yearning to be laid to their final rests in the compost pile. Hanging Christmas wreaths above these forlorn shambles really did nothing to improve the situation. This morning, after taking my son to school, barely awake enough to realize what an undertaking it would be, I started pulling out stalks and scooping out piles of wilted old hosta leaves, trimming back my chrysanthemums, some of which were still bravely blooming underneath their blankets of debris and snow. It only took about a half hour to do a decent clean up. Not only that, I got some aerobic activity in, fresh air, and such a feeling of accomplishment!

I'm looking forward to weigh in Sunday morning. I've actually been avoiding my own scale <unusual> because I don't want the added guilt/regression if each day doesn't show something amazing. Silly, when you think of it, how much we undermine our efforts with crazy mind games.

Coffee's done. Hopefully, I'll get a few cards addressed as I sip a cup or two.

I hope that all are well and happy and enjoying each day, not stressing over what needs to be done next!

Hang in there, :queen:s !

12-14-2007, 10:47 PM
Looks as though the queen gang's all here. Huzzah!

This is a bit o' a fly by till later as I am falling asleep. Did notice there are five stars on this thread. Does that mean something?

Sorry, can't stay awake. Shall go nap with puppy dog and cats!

12-15-2007, 08:20 AM
:coolsnow:Good work on the beds Kat! I must get my tree up...maybe.

Nice to see you Empress!

It is a busy time of the year...I have been picking up a lot of supply shifts lately and am so far behind on holiday prep that it isn't funny!

Dogs to feed this am...I will do some scrambled eggs for them on their kibble. I have to get out and walk before the snow :brr:...and a later shift, so ... :wave:

12-15-2007, 09:11 AM
Cold and sunny, so far -- -10 with a windchill of -20. But... my new shearling boots came, so my feet shall be toasty. And the propane fireplace instert people actually managed to get a quote to us so we'll get started on getting that in.

Dietwise... well, it's been a spotty week with a few spectacular spills and a few stellar days. I'm always amazed at how I can feel so totally strong and confident some days and then others... :shrug: If I could figure that one out and deal with it, I'd be thrilled.

One of the spills was the day of my writing group potluck. And then I was cranky and didn't want to go but went anyway. And it was so lovely -- everyone made it there and we all had a splendid time. Had a few chocolates and 2 teensy hazelnut cookies there, to add to the days total :eek:

But then Friday was perfect, no temptation. :angel:

Must get a handle on this. Tomorrow's DH's birthday and we're having people in for dinner. So I'll have to have my mind made up well in advance about how I'm going to deal with it. First thing is to be well-prepared so I don't go mad. I have found going mad to be deleterious to the diet plan :yes:

Amarantha! Happy to see thee back in the palace :wave: Ah, what a sweet picture, the Empress snuggled into nest of pup and kitties. :cloud9:

Kat, gardening! :encore: Wow. We've got a total winterscape here and have since Dec. 1. I'm starting to think about the urgent tasks in the garden come spring thaw. I've got magenta tulips and blue scilla that never made it to earth. Wondering about forcing them for the house...

Ceara, I don't remember what tests you were undergoing. Was it something medical? Yah, busy :yes: Do you get a good break over the holidays? I hope!

WSW, hope all goes well with you! :hug:

Well, I've got to run out to the store before it's a total madhouse. Love to all, mentioned or un. Let's make this a good one!


12-15-2007, 11:07 AM
Good's a beautiful, sunny morning...completely contradictive to all the gloom and doom weather reports of nor'easters and somesuch. I just might have to get the doggy out for a good brish walkie and take advantage of the sunshine before we get slammed.

Yesterday was a completely productive day...tree obtained, up and, well, it's not fully decorated yet, but the lights are on, beads are on, dh's Star Trek ornaments are on...yes, he's a geek, why do you ask? The boxes are out of the living room and it looks very pretty and Christmasy in there. Just don't look elsewhere...yet.

All major gift purchases have been made, those that need to be mailed are done and sent. I'm going to do some baking this week for family gifties and that's about it. I'm feeling strangely ahead of the control...very unusual for me! I like it.

I did a quick peek at the scale this morning...6# down. I will get to WW tomorrow AM come **** or high water, nor'easter be damned!

Must get coffee now....have a great day, kids!

12-15-2007, 11:56 PM
Huzzah to Ceara! Nice to see ye also, ye are a'doin' well! :wave:

Wood Nymph, the snugglin' hath continued on and off all day and be not the easiest thing in the world as pup is gettin' SO big but thinks she's still tiny!

Huzzah also to Kat, congratulations on the six pounds down! That is fabulous!

Going back to bed anon, just very off kilter right now. Greetin's to all, mentioned or un ...

Do you queens see the five stars on the thread? Or am I crazy?

12-16-2007, 09:03 AM

Somewhere on the site I saw a place where one can rate a thread - so I did. Maybe others too, have not found it again to check back. So yes, there are five stars.

Loving all the Christmas plans, doings, and general successes.

Icy on all the trees and looking lovely but oh so dangerous. Didn't get the big snowfall that had been called for (whew!). Ice should melt somewhat later in the day and I wasn't going anywhere anyway.

Bundled me up for a walk to the corner yesterday. Only about 15 minutes but very cold. First in 3 weeks and awkward still with one arm still slinged. Not the same "flow". Getting to the "antsy" part of not being able to take off whene'er I want. But I've been out 3 times (once to doctor's, twice to therapy). Little gains evry day.

Still trying to work out holiday plans. Must check w/therapist on perils of missing some therapy.

Have a warm cuddly one, :queen:s - heading to put on the seasonal music, read paper, lounge.

After all, I did give birth on this day many years ago - so I'm rewarding me. And HB to DH, Arabella. I think we noted before the dual birthday. Will call her soon. After my tea....................

12-16-2007, 10:35 AM
Just read your post, kat. Congrats - 6 pounds is a whopper loss.. I'd CRAWL in.

DS is a geek too and loves his Star Trek ornaments (as well as anything else in that realm). His bedroom in my house still sports a poster of The Triumverate (as he calls them) and two models hung from the ceiling. Did I ever mention the bedroomis STILL like that of an 8 year old and he's long married? Not my choice but I have so much else here that needs done that I just close his door.

Pick my battles,I do, and today's too peaceful a day to fight anything.

:wreath: :wreath: :wreath: :wreath: :wreath: :wreath:

12-16-2007, 10:58 AM
The star rating thingie pops down right next to the stars which are in the bar just underneath the page listing at the top of the page. I voted again :dizzy:
because I think it's a ten star thread.

12-16-2007, 02:58 PM
Oh, thanks, Anagram! I voted, too.

I never saw that before.

I love all your little elves this mornin'!

This is a flyby and sorry for the lack o' color but I need to get some work done.

On the side o' me-me-me, I managed to my surprise to lose 1.9 this week despite overeatin' ... always works out that way but must not be taken by self as a license to overeat as next week such a strategy would not continue workin'!! :up:

12-17-2007, 08:03 AM
Hello all!

First official day of vacation.... DH has to run into work quickly and then it is his first official day too.... ( He just has to submit payroll.... I am sure he's glad he remembered when he did than getting a call from management....)

Empress... congrats on your new low! Well done!

Katrina! Good for you too! 6lbs is amazing!

Anagram! You must be improving if you are starting to feel Cabin fever!
You know what they say about us might knock us down but we don't stay down!!

Ceara!! I can relate to busy! I left a monster pile that my guess will still be there when I return.

Wood Nymph! Brrrrrr!!!!


Here we go Monday, Here we go!

Here's my Goals for Monday!

Stay within food range.
More physical activity than yesterday!

Trip to the postoffice!


12-17-2007, 10:28 AM
Got the tree up and the lights on decorations yet...other than a couple streams of garland. We were snowed in....such a wonderful thing. A good excuse not to have to go anywhere!

Back to the grind today though!

12-17-2007, 11:15 AM
There is a Santa :santa: !

As it was Fresh Start Monday, I weighed in this a.m. (non officially) and through some miracle I was only .2 or .4 above where I was right before surgery. So that means the 7 or 8 I had put on is back in the nether world from whence it came and I don't have to work so much at losing it for the 99th time.

Yes, Kaylets, I am feeling much more normal and thought I'd start a little more work on the goal. Enjoy that vacation - can't think of a better time and a joy to have dh enjoying too.

ceara, we were iced in. Then the wind decided to attack the house with ice from the trees. Noisy but at least my power stayed on. Lots out. Looking bright and sparkly out there now and my driver du jour says she's already been out and all's well so we're go. Nice time to work on tree though. Perfect timing.

I tried my bed again last night and this time it worked for five hours. Finished up in the recliner but at least I'm gaining on it.

So a hearty ho, ho, ho to all Palace Pals and off I go to try to be productive in some small way - after another cup of tea, of course.

:wreath: :wreath: :wreath:

12-17-2007, 01:01 PM

And I need it a little bit after yesterday's festivities for DH's birthday. I had a few potato chips and a sliver of carrot cake. Good, but ... not really conducive to weight loss.

The party was very nice. The threatened snowstorm held off long enough to celebrate nicely and didn't seem to be too bad still when people were leaving. There always seems to be very nice energy for D's birthday party. :)

Did the circuits at the gym this a.m., walked there and back, ran up 8 flights (previous record was 7) in my stairwell and did a full set of yoga. Where's that patting self on back smiley? It's a long time since I've been in the routine of a full set of yoga. Was doing tai chi every day but it's not quite as stretch-y and I need the stretch. Old bod is starting to get achy. So, yoga returns :yes:

Ceara, we got our tree up and (mostly) decorated yesterday too. DH said "This is madness!" and I said "If it wasn't for my episodes of madness, I'd never get anything done." True, that.

Anagram, yay for the imaginary fluffies heading back to where they came from! :dance: :dance:

Bet you'll be snuggled back in your bed soon and the recliner only a good spot for naps!

Kaylets, enjoy your vacation!

Amarantha, huzzah for the 2 more fluffies gone! Like the "overeat to lose" strategy but I suspect you're right that the tactic wouldn't work indefinitely. (well, no, I KNOW you're right, having tested the theory numerous, numerous times)

Kat, SIX pounds! Hope you managed to get to WI. If not, it'll just be that much more next time. :yes: Your Saturday sounds nice. :)

K, my doves, I must be off. Going to head out for my Migun massage and then I think I'm going to give self a pedicure when I get home (I can work on the laptop and soak tootsies. Just need to be careful not to drop laptop into footbath. :lol: )

Let's make this a good one!

12-18-2007, 07:55 AM

Morning! I am all dressed to go out for a quick walk in a few just a fly-bye! :brr:

Busy day today...mostly work stuff....but it should slack off tomorrow. I have the tree up with lights and 2 lonely will come. Just so much to do!


'Tis the season of eating...I have not had too many extra opportunities...but since I can find/make my own, that hasn't been an issue. The issue has been to stop. So far I have 1 good day under my belt....I need to go onto #2 today!



12-18-2007, 08:15 AM
Ms Scale gave me a good day overall yesterday. Hope for same today. Not as much sleep - blah!

Bro who had gastric surgery early Nov has lost 86 lbs so far. I think that might include the 40 he lost in the pre surgery prep period but still rather impressive. He says he's down 2 shirt sizes, six belt inches but camera not showing losses yet so he's sent no pics. He's back at work too. Still not an idea that's at all tempting to me but may be lifesaving in his case.

Supposed to be a nicer day today with a high up to 40 - maybe a walk? Lots of business type phone calls - another blech. Must recapture my yesterday mood. Arrangements for holiday trip to Princessville shaping up. Will be glad to drive on my own again - so much easier. Therapist says maybe next week.

Glad party went well, Arabella. I'm sure you make a good bit of the "good vibe" re DHs bd. Are you still doing horoscopes? Do you always do a good one for the Sagittarians?

So Totally Terrific Tuesday :queen:s

:candy: :candy: :candy: :candy: :candy:

12-18-2007, 09:36 AM
I like that! Totally Terrific Tuesday!

Woke up usual time and stayed in bed...even fell back to sleep for a little really starting to feel more like myself......Funny how 2 long naps, and sleeping in will do that for you!

Dh suprised me with one of those remote car starters yesterday...... I am getting very spoiled but have to admit, in the mornings, its very nice to be able to just point and know your vechicle is getting warm. Really, if you think about it, its better for the car as too often, I won't wait long enough for it to get as warm as it should.

Today, hairdresser for highlights, the trip to the postoffice and then.....we'll see.....

Terrifc Tuesday!

12-18-2007, 09:40 AM
Now if only I could get me some :chin: Huge kudos to Kat, Amarantha and Anagram for those fab results :cb: :cb: :cb:

I know the banana isn't Christmassy, but dang the guy can dance.

Rough ride on the wagon the past week or so -- on again, off again, hanging by an ankle strap... Nothing drastic but Friday WI is coming up and I REALLY want to have a loss. Anyway, I've mostly been OP. May have to really push it these last few days. Yesterday was stellar. Haven't exercised yet today but will walk to sound yoga for noon.

We're booked to have our propane fireplace insert... inserted the first week of January. It's going to be so cozy. :ginger:

Anagram, thanks for the kind words! I try to get everything done ahead for the party, get the tree up and decorated and don't let people bring stuff. And I do think that all makes it more relaxed. People (read: women) feel like they're being treated and that makes them happy.

I woke up before 3:30 this a.m. and was up for the day. But so far I don't feel any ill effects. My nose is drippy too, but I don't feel ill. DH had the same symptoms a couple days ago. I seem to have skipped getting sick in the fall, which I often tend to do :crossed:

K, Dollings, must actually do some work. Let's make this a good one! :snowglo:

12-19-2007, 08:39 AM
Hello all....

Well, the boxes are packed and in the truck but when we got near the postoffice at 4 pm yesterday, we decided geteting there early this morning would be smarter.....


Its a big relief to know I only have a few tiny odds and ends.... so now I can put Nativity scene up..... Its more enjoyable when I don't have a million details running around my head.....

Dh has an errand w/ DS this afternoon so I am planning on finishing my "details' then.

Dh is actively journaling his food this week so I am uinsg that as my reason to do the same. I haven't even been chasing after the wagon, mostly hailing taxis going the opposite direction.....

But I am tired of the guilt, the clothes not fitting, etc, etc.....

In other words, the same old stories...

Looks like everyone is doing well. I will use that for inspiration too!


Wonderful Wacky Wednesday!

Thought of the day :

"One person working toward a dream is worth 99 people just working."
- Lani Kraus, writer

Question of the day :

"What do you think of tatoos?"


Here we go Wednesday, here we go!

12-19-2007, 09:48 AM
For, although some of our Royals are doing fabulously, I'm still alternating off/on days. This must stop!

"I haven't even been chasing after the wagon, mostly hailing taxis going the opposite direction.....

But I am tired of the guilt, the clothes not fitting, etc, etc.....

In other words, the same old stories..."

Oh Kaylets, me too! I was thinking, not for the first time, this morning that I DO control my weight. Obviously. It's not anyone else doing it. So why am I maintaining so high? :shrug: I think I'm going to go the make a plan and check it route. Today. Yes I will.

Tattoos? I find small and discrete ones kind of appealing but I doubt that I would ever get one. I can kind-of envision a tiny rose or a symbol of some sort in some out-of-the way spot like the back of my ankle or a shoulder.

"'Tis the season of eating...I have not had too many extra opportunities...but since I can find/make my own, that hasn't been an issue. The issue has been to stop. "

:lol: Ceara, I hear ya, Sister! Opportunities = me + food + (to be honest) nobody watching. :o I really want to beat this :devil: I spend way too much of my time and energy obsessing, ineffectually, about my weight. And waste too much of my life feeling not okay because of it.

This morning I realized that winter has a lot to do with it for me. I haven't been able to run in the woods since the first of December; it's just harder to get out in general. I'm going to have to really fight this tendency to settle into the doldrums. I need a battle plan, for this is war. I don't want to spend the rest of my life stagnating over this issue.

Another 3 a.m. wake up this morning. But I feel able to cope and cope I shall. Let's make this a good one!

12-19-2007, 09:48 AM
I like the taxi visual, Kaylets. Me too. My "loss" is, I think, more from being off painkillers and up and about a bit more. But I'm still grateful I don't really have to lose those same pounds again. I really lost the potential I had for actually losing more because when I'm sitting around and can't do much else, what's my fave thing to do? I know you all know that answer.

PT again today. Another driver du jour. I feel most appreciative of my friends and neighbors. Much as I'd like a smaller living space w/no real yards concerns, etc. I'd hate to leave my cozy little corner of the world. One neighbor has been putting my paper in the door everymorning before dawn, rain, sleet, snow, etc. But branches, etc. all over yard - nephew asked if I needed help with yard cleanup but I know he's working 7 days a week right now so said I'd wait for DS and what he couldn't get done, I'd save for nephew in better weather.

Several thousand in my area still w/o power, several roads still closed. I'm feeling lucky. Arabella, let me know how you like the propane fireplace one it's in. I'm considering same. Have been but this past weekend really brought it to forefront. Several have recommended them.

So, another cup of tea, then the shower. Still can't do hair, makeup with right hand but getting a little better with left. Need to find something fun to wear, helps mood. Wearing the weirdest combos at home. I'm sure once I can get back in a bra I'll feel somewhat thinner (skip the visual, folks, it's not pretty) - anyway.............

:ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger: :ginger:

12-19-2007, 09:59 AM
Now that's real simulposting, Wood Nymph. Down to the minute!

Re tattooing - not for me. I've seen a few discreet tiny ones that look good on some sweet young things but I'm against pain of any sort for any reason and never volunteer for it. One bro has lots of "art" but mostly not visible say at work. Has the Pieta on a whole shoulder, etc.

Gray outside so it's slow getting me going this morning. Just possibility of a few snow showers so I must move before my whole morning's gone.

Ta Da..............................:wreath:

12-20-2007, 09:58 AM
G'morning! No PT today, sort of a totally free day in a way so I hope to make the most of it.

Only another two days to the Equinox and WINTER - had enough already, still several hundred w/o power in immediate (more or less) area.

Travel plans for next week sort of worked out so now I must "list" what I need to do to be ready. Everything still so different, can't rely on past habits etc. MMM, that could be good.

How're those warm boots working out, Arabella? And how's the vacation going, Kaylets? Ready yet, ceara and kat? Hi, wsw and Amarantha.

Good vibes to all.

12-20-2007, 08:25 PM
I'm trying to tie up loose ends for work so as to get out of the office by noon tomorrow and stay out until Boxing Day (AKA The Feast of Stephen :) ). And have a surprise task to do, so I'm going to stay up a little later and finish it.

Tomorrow morning when we get up we will, with great pomp and ceremony, turn off the alarm for the next week and a half for DH is going to be off work. Oh it will be nice not to have the alarm go off at 5:10 every morning. Although I've been waking at 3 all week for some strange reason. Maybe I need to get up then...

I've been thinking I need a new festive top for Christmas and found one at the thrift shop today. Very nice irridescent dark burgundy silk shirt with gem-like buttons, a slightly plung-y neckline and a graceful fit. Yay!

Anagram, the boots are very cozy and I am bonding with them. They don't seem to be having ill effects in terms of lack of support -- maybe the fleece piled up under my arches offers some?

Seems like we've had a lot of winter here already too. And, after having so much snow, now it's supposed to be quite mild and RAINY on Christmas Eve! I am not in favor :mad: But I will get my mind wrapped around the concept. And, anyway, I do like a mild day. So... whatever!

Sleep sweet, Lovelies and may tomorrow be merry and bright!

12-21-2007, 02:25 PM
Yes, Arabella, it IS getting close and I can't seem to find my Christmas spirit this year. Oh well, it's not too late! :)
G and I have almost 2 weeks off together and I'm determined to stay healthy [yet festive!] throughout. I'm off sugar again; I tried a couple of brief waltzes with the stuff and have come to the conclusion that it's simply not for me. Still, people keep giving it to me for Xmas--what's up with that? Re-gift!:broc::broc::broc::broc:Love the new dancing brocolli!!!!

12-22-2007, 08:29 AM
Good morning, Sweetlings!
It's a beautiful clear morning out there, although I hear it's cold. I'm enjoying a nice big :coffee: and a visit and then I'm going to have a shower, do some yoga and stroll downtown around the harbour to pick up some little odds and ends. A package with one of the gifts for DS' GF has failed to arrive so I may have to find a substitute and keep the original for my self (turquoise necklace, not much of a problem ;) ).

I was very pleased this morning, to find that I have not gained any weight from recent indiscretions. I hadn't weighed myself since DH's party last Sunday. Always such a dangerous, slippery slope for me: I start out not wanting to WI after some event because I don't want to see the temporary bump up. Then I fail to get a good seating on the wagon and continue not to WI, thinking I'm going to lose whatever before I brave :devil: scale. Then... I wake up months later and 20 pounds heavier. Not going to do it :nono:

That said, I'm all for good behavior and am thrilled not to have to relose. I'll take it as a :present: whether I was a good girl or not.

We don't have a lot planned for the weekend. A few little purchases, an open house at our neighbours. I want to get my mom to the library to exchange her books (she goes through pretty much one a day, so keeping her in books is a challenge and a sacred trust).

Eydie! :hug: Well, you perked up my Christmas spirit just by seeing you in the :ginger: How about if you take some extra time to pamper yourself? I find that helps give me the mental space and spiritual nurture to revive. Sending love, love, love...

And same to all other lovely :queen:lies. Have a joyous Saturday!

12-22-2007, 09:44 AM
Well, 'tis time for me to send y'all most felicitous holiday greetings. I'm here today yet but prolly won't get time to check (tho' maybe briefly) before I head out for a few days.

DS and his Royal Consort arrive today and tomorrow will shuttle me half way to Princessville where I'll change carriages and be transferred the rest of the way by DD's RC. Christmas Day I'll be picked up by DSIs and DBIL who'll swing by (an hour out of their way) and bring me home (another hour out of their way). I'm feeling quite honored to be so regally treated.

So I'll be with my goilies for the Big Day and what better gift could I have? I can start thinking about driving again come Christmas Eve so when that occurs, I'm sure I'll feel considerably more like me. So - another Christmas gift! I have 2 drivers du jour lined up for next week with more available so I'll not hurry me onto the road as a gift to other drivers.

And Eydie in the Palace! Another gift. Merry hugs to you and G and what a wonderful treat to have so much time together. Your nice weigh in is a gift to me too, Arabella. Quite proprietary, I am. If it's your joy, it's mine.

Another special gift is that DBIL's tests this week show he is cancer free at the moment. He still has chemo to finish and surgeries to undergo once he's regained a bit of strength. Still it was good Christmas news.

I think I'll go turn off the news and turn on the Christmas music. Little things to be crossed off the list here too. Again, not what I consider my "normal" Christmas but enough niceties here and there. Will cancel my "paperboy" (neighbor) and tell him I'll negotiate the driveway on my own and give him lots of Christmas thanks too.

So off I go to get ready for my Christmas journey and all my little hugs and kisses.



12-22-2007, 10:36 AM
:candy: :candy: :candy:

Have a wonderful, peaceful, joyous Christmas with your family and we'll see you back in the palace when you return!

12-22-2007, 12:14 PM
Fly by...Hi to all! I'm on my way out for the last of Christmas shopping. No browsing, I know right where to go and what I need to dilly dallying! :crossed: Still have some wrapping to do and a bit of baking, nothing extravagant.

Arabella, word for word, I am right there with you: Always such a dangerous, slippery slope for me: I start out not wanting to WI after some event because I don't want to see the temporary bump up. Then I fail to get a good seating on the wagon and continue not to WI, thinking I'm going to lose whatever before I brave scale. Then... I wake up months later and 20 pounds heavier. Not going to do it Amen, sister!

Anagram, sounds like a wonderful family gathered round you holiday...can't beat that! Have a warm and wonderful Christmas in Princessville!

Kaylets...:wave: Tattoos, huh? daughter wants to take me for one (she has two, eh) I like to think I'd be brave enough to get a tiny unobtrusive one, but I probably won't. My brother has his wife's name tattooed on his right butt cheek! That's LOVE right there! :love:

Okay, I'm not getting any less tired sitting here clacking away...must finish up before I lose my get up and go!

Greetings to everyone else...I should be back later for a good long post.

Have a merry weekend! :mrsclaus::xcheer::tree:

12-23-2007, 04:32 PM
It's mild here today, just at the freezing mark right now. Supposed to rain tomorrow and get even warmer. I still can't quite figure out how it's gotten to be so close to Christmas already :rolleyes: Does it every year though...

I had a big NSV yesterday. I was headed for the kitchen to get some of the carrot cake from the freezer, warm it up and slather in ice cream. And said, ok, I'll just do Reiki first. Did Reiki, didn't eat the cake. There's 700 or 800 calories I kept out. Fought off chocolate successfully today (Note to self: Keeping chocolate for the stockings in my office might be something to avoid in the future.)

Kat, we shall fight on and we shall be victorious! :queen:

Hope all Queenlies are having a stressless and restful weekend!

12-24-2007, 12:32 PM
Hey! Where did my post go? I left (or so I thought) a nice Christmas-y message, bright and early this morning, as I waited for dh to get home from work...we had a date to do some stocking stuffer shopping. ($$$ = ouch!)


:candy: :tree: :clause: :candy: :tree::clause: :candy: :tree: :clause: :candy::tree::clause:

My very best wishes to one and all for the merriest of Merry Christmases and the happiest of Happy New Years!

:candy: :tree: :clause: :candy: :tree: :clause: :candy: :tree: :clause: :candy: :tree: :clause:


12-26-2007, 06:33 PM
Ah, the day after. I dislike that after December 25th the world considers Christmas over, but I'm going to keep it going for a while longer!

Funny, the thing that got my holiday spirit going was having my annual Xmas baking binge! I always comfort myself by saying that the things I bake are all whole grain and sweetened with maple syrup, brown rice syrup, etc. and have got be better better for you that the white stuff. Maybe it's true, maybe not. I think it's a good compromise.

Indulged in just a few sugar-y things Xmas Eve and Day. Just enough to remind me of why I stay away. Someday it'll sink in.:o

How was everyone's Christmas? Any New Years resolutions?:newyear:

12-27-2007, 06:29 AM
Aaah = she staggers after the wagon -

Nice Christmas w/the princesses who are now coming to my house today, leaving tomorrow, DS/DDIL returning, etc.

Unfortunately, same NY resolutions -

Be better person
Live healthier
Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy (forgive plagiarism)

Back to bed. Good to hear from you, Eydie.

12-27-2007, 11:26 AM
hi royal ones! have been missing you. hadn't been feeling too well, but feeling better now-bronchitis-which knocked me on my derriere. trying to catch up on posts. know that i have been thinking about you in spirit, even if have not been here in royal court. hi eydie, katrina, arabella, kaylets, anagram, amarantha, ceara, and to all our queens, hope your day is a good one. i'll be back when have a little more energy. take care, all.

12-28-2007, 08:30 AM
I hope a Merry Christmas was had by all! You seem to be hanging in there!

It has been a rather busy week but I have survived! Again no one in the family has died an untimely death by a relatives' hands, so all is well! I am working some supply and tomorrow, and then travelling up to visit a dear friend overnight on Sunday, back Monday for the festivities GF and I just figured out the menu...roast beast, hash brown casserole, yams, salad, my eggnog tarts and the baked goodies she does every year. Plus booze and nibblies. A food fest....that would be why I am being so diligent throughout this week and behaving!

So, hope to be back shortly...:wave: to all....hope you feel better wsw!

12-29-2007, 12:13 PM
I did it! I drove today. First a little spin around the neighborhood to see how much it would hurt. Then I drove to drug store and had a script filled. i'm not going to go tooling around a lot yet but I'll be able to get myself to PT and to go out somewhere without asking someone else. About time as I was feeling a little depressed last night. I really was planning it for this weekend and it worked out very well. One more step in getting back to "normal" - my favorite non-functioning word.

Door still swinging around here. DS coming in tonight, leaving tomorrow. DD coming in tomorrow - not sure when she's leaving. She just left yesterday to go to in-laws-just an overnighter here. But it's been busy and so has my wagon-falling.

So I will need the next challenge for sure. I think I'm going to be lazy the rest of the day though. Just finish up a few little chores. Maybe a little walk (after I do at home PT) while the sun is shining. Going to be cold after the 1st of the year if forecasters know their stuff. Maybe will have to take up mall walking for a while. I think the economy is going to pick up once I get out to stores again. Hated missing all those good bargains even though there isn't much I'd really need or want.

Vroom, vroom.


12-30-2007, 11:35 AM
:wave: :queen: Merry days-in-between-Christmas-and-New-Years!

I have been suffering from severe sluggishness and general malaise directly attributed to the over indulgence of Christmas cookies, lack of exercise, and post Christmas letdown.

This morning, I laid in bed and had already declared it a non-Weight Watcher kind of day, since I KNEW that I had gained that which I had lost. Why rub it in and feel worse?

WHY INDEED! Some glimmer of something, somewhere deep within, sparked to I jumped out of bed, into my clothes and scooted on over before I could talk myself out of it. I did indeed gain that which I had lost, but felt like I had really accomplished something worthwhile just getting there and facing the music. That's what I need to strive for. The fact that this is a constant effort, not just when I do well, but especially when I'm doing not so well. I cannot face another New Year heavier than Last Year. :no:

With that in mind, <raises fist to the skies> I vow to do the following, in order to face December 31, 2008 in a much happier, healthier fashion:

Walk daily, to the point of obsession, as though my life depends upon it. It does.

Eat well. Stop clogging my system with unecessary junk. Fresh. Unprocessed. Pure.

Rest. Getting enough of it.

Spiritual sustenance: Read more. Take time for me. Enjoy life. Don't sweat the small stuff. Realize that this is it and make the most of the time I have.

That's it.


Here's to new beginnings!



12-30-2007, 12:11 PM
Will make this brief and hope to be functional for a full post later.

I did pretty well through the holidays until last night when I had lots of crackers and dip, etc. :shrug:

Gearing up for NYC (New Year's Challenge)...

Hope all are still festive!

12-30-2007, 07:43 PM
Hi, me again. I have a friend who's interested in joining up with a nice group here at 3fc, but a little hesitant about just jumping in anywhere. I told her about our little neck of the woods here and have invited her to join us. I think you'll like her, she's fun! I know you'll make her feel right at home in the palace, won't you?

May I go prepare the Royal Guest Suite?

thanks, :queen:s!

12-31-2007, 08:08 AM
hi katrina-your friend will be given the royal treatment, naturally! hope she will join us. you inspired me, by the way, to get on demon scale this morning, though was dreading it. even though it did not read as i might have liked, i too am glad i did it. thanks for the inspiration.

hi ceara-i am starting to feel better now, thanks. it's definitely slower than i would like, but better counts.

anagram-so glad to hear you are able to drive now. that must feel very liberating.

hi arabella, amarantha, eydie, kaylets, and to all our royal personages, mentioned or -un, hope this is a happy new year for one and all, filled with much good health, joy, and contentment in 2008!

01-01-2008, 11:02 AM
Traffic is very light around the castle...everyone must have been off, making merriment, ringing in the New Year. Myself? Fell asleep on the couch, watching "The Simpson's Movie" with my son. He woke me in time to watch the ball drop, wish me a "happy new year" and then he went to bed...or, just upstairs to get away from my snoring! The party never ends around here!

I'm so glad to have been your inspiration, wsw! Some days I just dread the scale, knowing that I won't like what I see, but I'm better off seeing it and doing something about it before things spiral out of control! (how well I know about that!) Thank you for the kind welcome for andria, I know she'll appreciate it. Now if she'd just show up!

While folding some laundry yesterday, I happened upon this TV show, I think the name was "You are What you Eat" or something like that. It was on the BBC channel. Each episode featured a person who had contacted the show for help changing their eating habits and getting healthier. Some "Food ****," as they called her, shows up and starts berating the person for their vile eating habits, with all their great British expressions: "What are you stuffing into your gob now?" "You've already got the butter butt!" An account of all the bad stuff eaten in a week is taken, and then actually piled up in front of the person. Of course I was repulsed, but it got me thinking, what the heck would my week's pile look like? The "bad" pile is replaced by what they should be eating, lots of pretty fruits and veggies. Lots of water and exercise added to the mix and we watch the transformation throughout the show. Voila! Happy ending!

I want to keep that image in mind...that of the two different piles of food. Which trough do I really want to be eating from?

I'm off to find some :coffee: and plan my week's menus, using WW Kickstart...

Happy New Year, my friends! 2008!

01-01-2008, 11:42 AM
Happy New Year! :coolsnow:

Yes, it has come and gone...and with it all those temptations...although I still have a full fridge! I've had my oatmeal and yogurt brekkie, a couple coffees and I'm off for a walk! :brr:

The kitchen is clean, the dishwasher unpacked...we had 8 for dinner last wonder I'm so full!....and the house is almost back to normal. Tree is still up and it will be for a while...I like admiring it!

After the walk, I have a ton of grooming to best be off! Have a great first day of the New Year!


01-01-2008, 11:47 AM
Wo welcome your friend, kat. Yes, do just pop on in. We've lost so much weight collectively that there's always room for one or two more.

I too tackled the dreaded scale this a.m. just to prove my good intentions. Awful - and my trough of recent food would be too. But I tell myself I'm so experienced at this" that I'll be back on course in no time. I hope.

You worded my goals so excellently, Your Excellency kat, that I just say "ditto". I'm reminding myself that I was doing fairly well a few weeks ago and I can do it again. Freshly, of course, for our brand new year.

I slept through the ball drop as there was no one here to waken me (though a friend had offered to call - my plan had been to go to bed early).

I woke up way early again this morning so did a lot of "organizing" of plans, lists, etc. More to go but at least I'm feeling on top of the pile at the moment.

Huzzah! 'Ray for 2008! Our Golden Year of Opportunity to Be All We Believe We Can Be.

01-01-2008, 11:56 AM
Happy New Year, :queen:lies! Time to establish goals for the year. Which we shall surely accomplish. :yes: I'm going to be at goal at the end of this year, I am.

We've got a positively silly amount of snow down there, Winter Wonderland to the nth, and the sun is shining so I'm heading out for a walk soon. I got in almost 12,000 steps yesterday, plus the circuit at the gym. So far today, just yoga. But I'll do some shovelling and some walking and 'twill be all good. I feel ready to eat lightly. The times I (over)indulged were enought to remind me of how much better it makes me feel.

I'm online for the moment, anyway, and hoping that the connection will stay up. I don't know what the issue is but I've wasted an awful lot of time in the past week ineffectually plugging away at it. Ugh.

Ironically, I've got a great new laptop that I'm itching to use but we're afraid the network's compromised so have kept it offline.

No big stuff here last night. I finally managed to watch the first part of "It's a Wonderful Life" but we couldn't stay up to see the end of it, let alone to see the ball drop :yawn: Sadly, it was also our 13th wedding anniversary. Hoping to be -- magically -- younger at the end of the year.

Katrina, love your vows for the year! And we'll be very happy to welcome Andria to the Palace. Which I guess we're going to need to freshen up for the new challenge. Hmmm...

I know that show. Gillian is a little nasty. And a little poo-obsessed -- she has a photo of "the perfect poo" in her loo. But she gets results. And all she does is change the foods people eat (no limits, in terms of amount) and make them exercise.

I really like "X-weighted" but it might not be available there.

Anagram, how terrific to be on the road again!

You owe it to your country to get out there and scoop up -- or at least scope out -- some of those bargains. Bet they're still out there. :yes: Toot toot!

Ceara, v. glad to hear that kith and kin have survived without undue violence over the festive season. :lol: Same here, and DH goes back to work tomorrow so we may just make it...

WSW, good for you, getting on the scale! I can't do without, myself. I bet I'd have gained a good 20 pounds in the past year if I hadn't (mostly) weighed myself every day. Glad you're feeling better. Remember to take good care of yourself! :hug:

Eydie, there's a world of difference between your wholesome treats and those white sugar, white flour things! I know (from extensive experimentation) that one can overdo even the better choices but they're great to have when one needs a treat. Thinking I'll make some cocoa-date balls and put them in the freezer, because they really do it for me when I need a sweetie...

K, :queen:lies, must post and go offline again. Have a fabulous day and if no one beats me to it I'll put up a new thread -- Valentine's Day, maybe? -- tomorrow (knock wood).

01-01-2008, 11:57 AM
Almost simulposting again, Anagram! I love to think of us both typing away at the same time. :)

01-01-2008, 03:30 PM
Kat, you darling woman, thank you for the introduction. I've been trying to get even my toes back in the water, but you gave me a great big push--thank you :)
Hello to all you lovely Royals. I can hardly wait to get to know all of you and share some of myself as well. I'll probably wait just a bit for that part since you are starting a new thread soon, but the basics are: female, 41, two daughters, one new husband (7 months), and a new career as a teacher just ahead of me.
I've been staring longingly into the distance for a while now as the weight loss wagon trudges along without me, but it is really time for me to get my life and my priorities all back in order.
The family is going to start wondering where I've wandered off to soon, so I'll leave it at that for now. Nice meeting you all, and thank you for the welcomes!


01-01-2008, 11:49 PM
I just realized I chose an awkward day to begin introducing myself. My family and I are heading out of town until the 7th, and I can't guarantee I'll have internet access while there. This is the first time we'll be spending a significant amount of time with my in-laws. I'm kind of nervous!
If I can, I'll be on. If not, I'll be watching myself and figuring out how I want to get started.
Until then!


01-02-2008, 10:32 AM
We'll look forward to your return, Andria. And think of our support when tempted while with the in-laws.

As for me, I've started blockading the road to make sure I catch the wagon and get firmly reseated. Oatmeal for breakfast. Saw a segment on GMA where someone from Prevention magazine talks about a diet they've tested which encourages dark chocolate, olives, healthy oils, and nuts. They have a four day "start" period and then it's 1600 calories a day spread over four equal meals. Supposed to target belly fat with which I am adequately endowed. Each meal is supposed to have a certain amount of one of the above four categories.

Going to look at it a little closer as soon as I get some basic stuff accomplished today. Ready for more tea and a little enthusiasm. Ra, Ra, Ra.........:broc::carrot::cb::broc::carrot::cb:

01-02-2008, 01:33 PM
Me: --> :snowglo:

Crazy amounts of snow, and now the winds up and blowing it around. I just had a phone call from DH, telling me to stay off the roads because it's gotten so much worse than it was earlier and not safe to drive or walk out there. We did go 'round the harbour, early, when the snow was falling more gently and there was no traffic to speak of.

I woke up at four and saw it was storming and there was a decidedly reddish cast to the sky. "Peculiar," I thought. And then, an hour or so later there was thunder and lightning! We don't often get that with snow.

I'm tired and am going to actually tuck self into bed for a little rest. I caught myself thinking "Oh, I'm tired" followed by "Oh, I'd better get some work done" followed by "Oh, I've still got those four Godiva chocolates in the cupboard and chocolate cinnamon rolls, fruit cake and cookies in the freezer." I tell you, it's almost automatic. I decide to push through fatigue, instead of giving myself the rest I need and the next thing I know I'm grabbing my favorite substitute for... EVERYTHING. And, you know, I'd be much further ahead with the everything. :nod: So I am, seriously, tucking into bed for a cozy reiki session and maybe a snooze.

Qsilver, welcome, welcome! I think it's quite wise of you to introduce yourself before you head out because now we'll send a search party if you don't return. ;-) Hope you have a great time with your inlaws!

Anagram, that plan sounds good! Does it have nuts on it too? I'm trying to do something similar. Love your fruit & veg chorus line! Much better than:
:burger: :cookie: :hb: :burger: :cookie:

Gee, they just kinda sit there, don't they? Wonder what's the connection? :chin:

Thinking on a new challenge. What thinkest thou, Oh :queen:lies?

K, I'm off to my bed. Love to all! Let's do this thing! :dancer:

01-03-2008, 08:49 AM
Hope you got your rest, Arabella. It's something I must learn to do too as when I'm tired I inevitably overdo junk type foods. Even though I KNOW that won't change anything and only make me feel worse.

Yes, nuts are a major part of that diet. Did ok yesterday but PT was only exercise other than carrying things up and down stairs. Was so tired after PT and a little store trip for some necessities that I was pretty much a couch potato after I came. Eating wasn't bad as usual though. I really need a decent night's sleep.

Weak sunshine at the moment= to be bitterly cold again today but no snow. And we're warming up a bit tomorrow with some highish numbers promised for next week. Maybe even an outside walk?

So off I go to ho ho ho.....................................

01-03-2008, 03:38 PM
Anagram, I don't think we're alone. But somehow we tend to discount the importance of getting enough rest and try to push on. So much better to cozy up on the couch with a blanket or tuck self into bed than to try to keep going and end up stuffing my face. I'm going to work, work, work on that one...

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